There are lot of people asking if the doors within heaven and hell are true. Maybe if you can’t imagine how painful it was in the doors of hell. But the doors of heaven sometimes awaits you to be a good example for everyone to see. Everyone in the world is seeking second life – beyond the doors of heaven.


But let me give you my story when I’ve had a encounter between those doors of heaven and hell. You won’t imagine how the doors of heaven and hell will look like, but the images inside won’t capture you because you are in your subconscious mind telling at the back of your head it is true or not. People will still asking you why, where, when, what and how. Those five questions will keep giving you more questionable in some many ways and few ways.


The doors within heaven and hell

The doors within heaven and hell


Why did I bring up an article about The doors within heaven and hell?


Normally others say it isn’t their job to post this article. But other says it won’t benefit to others as well. And the 50-50 has believers who believes in the doors of heaven and hell. Angels and demons do exist in some our subconscious minds. But in reality, when we are born in this world, normally babies who are born as early in their age. They are the ones who can see angels and some unexplained things they have seen.


Like me, when I was born before at the certain age of a baby. I was afraid to take any chances when the demons will strike anytime in a day or night time. When the baby turns old around 5 to 12 years old, normally the child will grow inheriting whether he or she is doing and participating some good lessons in life. When it turns bad habits, the child will inherit to learn what their parents tell them what is right from wrong. As a child grows, the child turns to a beautiful human being to adolescence stage. Teenagers as we may call them. Teenagers are often to see their parents whether it is a fight or an adults’ talk. But instead, some cases are said that the teenagers will grow normally what their parents do in a reality day-to-day basis everyday.


Where are The doors within heaven and hell?


We can’t see in daylight or night light. The sun varies sunshine image in our planet. It tells how the beautiful planet we have is when we use them for a beautiful purpose – to live peacefully. But everything will come disaster in demons’ hand when you are about to change your attitude and your life perspectively in reality world. I’ve met many people already from time I’ve had graduating from college. They were too speculations from right to left and right from wrong. Could you tell the spot of a difference? Maybe not. It is too obvious to tell in many ways.


The doors within heaven may come in your subconscious mind when times you’ve been harder than you thought at the back of your mind. It tells your mind that you are heaven but you are not. You are given to go back to the planet of earth and do it purposely what is right from wrong. There are some eternity to rest and that’s beyond the doors of heaven.


But The doors of hell may also come from your subconscious mind telling that your attitude changes and the demon lurks already in your mind. Talk about the experts and the paranormal will say it is inhibiting your mind that is manifesting your mind from day or night when the time is not correct.


When it can imagine?


It varies from any various occasions – location, time, altitude and numbers. It forms any occasion in our daily lives. Later I will explain to you why I write this article in the first place.


What it becomes your mind that there are some angels and demons beyond the doors of heaven and hell?


Angels and demons really exist in many occasion ways when we are doing in our subconscious mind. Maybe it comes also to many places when we die or we live longer enough in our day-to-day daily basis. To tell the truth, I’ve already encountered nearly entering the doors of heaven and hell. This will also explain later why I write this article.


Demons sometimes live in a darker places or darker minds of some people have behavioral problems. It can explain from paranormal experts, doctors, or some other professional services like priests and servants from God. In a bible, angels and demons are said in a bible. But I don’t know which bible verses will come out which one it is.


How it happens to all of us?


You may encounter by now, or in the past already. Or by doing in our subconscious mind, people says it is a reckless to do at the back of our head telling it may be sounds seriously or doing it by a purpose. Angels are always there everywhere in our places to go. They are telling us to pray the Guardian Angels creed all the time so they can protect you from any dangers. But don’t tell some who knows you already that you can possess demonic voices like I do.


Demonic voices may alter in our day activities such as getting lazy around in your body or somewhere else that you are already a lazy to somebody as well also. Who can do that anyway? Anyone who can do that.


My story in the past telling about the doors of heaven and hell:


When I was a kid, normally I was enjoying do some kid stuff to do. Making some noisy annoying sounds, dillydallying some duties you can’t trust you can do or doing some unfinished jobs to do in your room such as not cleaning your room properly.


Before I was going to school the time before 3rd grade. We were doing some family activities one time in the park of Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City doing some riding some tricycles and bicycles. But I wasn’t the one who can practice bicycle because I’ve had still more catch up to do some learning how to bicycle. But at the end of the day when we got home, the house was black-out. There was no electricity around the neighborhood. As I grabbed the florescent lamp to open but the lamp won’t work properly. I didn’t know at first when there was no light. So I’ve grabbed the end of the wire and put in a socket. The electricity hurriedly open up the lights when I put in on the socket. Too late when I was already doing it and I was been electrocuted. Later on, I was rush to a nearest hospital in Capitol Medical Center. But it was an overnight sleep, I think. But I didn’t remember properly because of my parents told my incident at my past. That was my first incident it happened to me. But the doors of heaven didn’t have a chance to me open my eyes because it was too bright to see and I can’t remember it all.


I went back again in another incident before graduating in 6th grade. So the story told me in my past when a jeepney (transportation vehicle in Philippines) almost crossed me but bumped me a little on my shoulder break. Then it was a long white bright side of doors of heavens. I saw thousands of angels singing, saints talking in our language and some loved ones almost I’ve seen it all already. But it was already if I was dead already. But one angel said to me, “it was not your time yet to die, go back and find your purpose in your life what you really love to do mostly in your life.


So my life returned to one place when I woke up. But I ended in a hospital again in Capitol Medical Center. So my head really hurts and I can’t move a muscle because of my shoulder bone not badly broken but a slight injured my shoulder. Few days before my graduation, I’ve already practiced with anybody else with my classmates. Then a summer came when I didn’t get to high school when new school year have to come. And I’ve entered 7th grade. That was my story about angels beyond the doors of heaven.


But the doors of hell when I tell you, don’t scream, don’t believe when you are not supposed to believe me and don’t expect any further questions. Because a long time ago when I was a kid, I’ve watched a horror movies such as Child’s Play, Friday the 13th and many local horror movies as well. But those movies that time scared to my bones easily. But when I watched them again at my certain age, those horror movies were only a story tales that have been told, created or told by the legend folklore.


I was in depression and frustration mood when I didn’t get a chance to have entering my mood that time. It was during after my graduation already in college and somewhat in my age of 24, 25 or 26. I didn’t know when it happened to me differently from any other stories. The demon spoke to me and when I’ve encountered with him, I spoke in a different language which it was spanish or portuguese language. I didn’t know which one language told me so to tell. But my father prayed on my head carefully to wash away all the demonic from any other ways. And my parents have said that demons were real. They were the ones who told us that demons also stayed with us in this cold planet of earth. They are speculations but it is real ones. They have to crucify the demons away from the person who can inhibit the demonic soul.


LIke one you can watch any horrifying movies, you can’t watch by yourself in a movie house, but rather you watch with somebody else and scream out from the bottom of your lungs. Expect the merciful scream when you watch horrifying movies.


The lessons:

Don’t possess two souls inside of you. Instead, learn to control your attitude, your temper and your emotions. So that the angels will guide you and not the demons will guide you.


Choose one of the daily activities that might help you to ease demon’s activities such as getting lazy, envy some others and other 6 habit forms of sins.


Forget about the past, do it now and start moving forward and pay it forward.


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