It was a great year for me for this year. I got a new job. I’ve had experience to have a girlfriend. I have to get know what is work relationship. I’ve managed to go to the events. Knowing me, I could do any greater expectations for me. The Year of Water Snake was been giving a new blessings. But on the other side what you are doing the most good deeds in your life have been expecting from you the most.




The success beyond from my story has been telling you the wildest dreams that I’ve ever did. Getting a new passport on my own was a success. Having my own PWD or Person With Disability identification card was a small step to create new independence. And beyond that, I’ve had experience to get date with someone else for a third time. It was not a date who you want to get date with your favorite special occasion. But it was a great experience to have a date someone who understand you much from her heart. And I guess this has been a blessing for me all the while.


When my doubts and fears came for me again around May, that was almost eating my pride again. That was why I didn’t know from the start that God gave a test to me when I’ve had an experience to have a girlfriend for the first time. Knowing from experiences, it had been exploring my world to have a girlfriend. But at the end of a day, she was the one who pushed me this far to get back on track to have a job.


Why? When a person needed a job, it was a need all the while in your life. Without a job, you would’ve have known that you couldn’t done for it for your life. You realized how work was really important for you and moved on your expectations.


Love life


God always gave plans to give me tests when He knew that I’ve to give up. But He didn’t hurt my plans although He gave my way to have a girlfriend to a test. I’ve been hitting too much on the wall why I’ve had a girlfriend on the first place. And aside from being to have a girlfriend, it was a good experience to have been a good relationship between your life, your work expectations and your world.


In a job, where I always got new inspiration was from our special education teacher. She was the one who pushed me to level up my responsibilities. She was always making up expectations for making waking up every morning just to see her smiling face. And she was the one who always gave smiling for every student in morning and in afternoon. Maybe she was the one I was been looking for. But I didn’t give up a chance to have a girlfriend in the first place. I gave up for two reasons: commitment and response to a negative thoughts.


Why? I was always thought knowing myself in the mirror and tell myself that I couldn’t do it. It was at the back of my head telling that I could do much better next year of 2014.




I have been recording my status from 2005 to 2013 when I’ve had been unemployed for a long time. It was seven years and seven months that I’ve had been unemployed. To the break the chain, there was always a doubts and fears to realize what good deeds have been made and what bad deeds have not been to be made. I’ve realized in a long term already that I would retire at my earlier age. But happily, when the career chose me to be professionally being as an assistant teacher was an honor already.


Teacher is a best profession in the world where you get to teach new lessons everyday in your every challenges you have. And yet, you gave the best all the way you can do to have good services.


In the nutshell


The Year-End Special: Story about success, love life and work has been giving new good results for me this year of 2013. The good success comes from you, the love life has been teaching you a good role model and the work gives you the chance growing up to be responsibility person. Without them, I’ve would known been better person today. And I was been blessed from heaven that I’ve been giving a new opportunity to get new rewards. All good news will come in and the bad news will dissolve the way you handle your own problems on time it will give your answers.


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