There are many reasons why I should celebrate this year of 2014. But before that, may I include here in the article that may varies any post will posting soon here in studio I am making. Way back before I made a big comeback for my writing, it was dull, devastated and frustrated. There was a big adjustments. But that was before. Now I am making a chances to make grow the opportunities that I have for now:


1. Make healthy living for 2014.

Either I go as a vegetarian or not, there will be a slight adjustments because I won’t be able to eat meat this year. The main reason why I am doing this to make myself healthier rather go wasted when I am rush going to the hospital. Plus an advantage of making yourself a healthy living is to make yourself first to have regular exercise, and make a habit checking up yourself to a doctor or to a nutritionist instead.


2. Make yourself an active life.

I make sure of myself that I have to be active all throughout this beginning of this year 2014 until it will end at the end of this year. Put yourself a whole activities in your calendar to make sure you won’t miss the occasions on your saved dates.


3. Get out and make a living life.

I was jobless in the past seven years and seven months from 2005 until May 2013. But narrowing down for my unchosen paths, the teaching profession has chosen me instead choosing the right moderate jobs that I know – chef, artist, photography or writing instead. But I give my life today to be as an assistant teacher so I will myself a living life.


4. Mark your calendar which you do want to go as your vacation spot.

My summer has been mark already as my active months because the students will surely coming back to the school for their summer activities. And I am sure they will love their summer vacation instead going back to school. The school program may varies to activities such as arts and crafts, music, swimming or too many to mention some summer program activities in our program.


5. Make my book active more to write.

The new book chapters will coming out soon here in my studio site. As you will see, the articles of What I Know About will surely missing your articles to read of. Starting from Lorna Tolentino and Taylor Swift last month, you will be reading more about celebrities successful stories. And the Inspirational Quotes and art of literary quotes book will be issuing to be publish. This is my first book project to be release this year. And I hope it will get publish some time in the middle of the year or before the Christmas will come. Because some of my novel books are sometimes hard to finish those stories that has no ending to come. Hopefully it will come.


6. Activate your life with more organization meetings.

If you have join in one or two organizations already, then this is your chance to be part of them and grow your talents with them. In that case, I should do my active life as well joining and participating in more events as well.


7. Make a Christmas gift list before the month of December.

Oh, the rush of Christmas gifts of sharing is more to come to wait for this year. Make sure you top some of the gift items in supermarkets, malls, or anywhere you go, just buy in advance and make it sure that you store it properly then you wrap it in a gift that you’ll give it to your loved ones.


8. Make a habit of yourself celebrating your birthday of your month is.

When my family and I went for Thailand before, the big celebration was upon the three of us. My mom, my youngest brother and I have to celebrate in one week. Because my brother and I share the birthday dates. Plus my mom’s birthday is three days earlier ahead of us. That made the three of us having big celebrations in Thailand and in Singapore. But the theme was a birthday week-long. And I change it to a birthday month-long because you’ve to celebrate your birthday the whole month. What if you have more than three birthdays in one month? That would be great. But to make it short, make it sure you prepare for this financial bogus to make it your birthday month to spend your holidays.


9 but at the least. Make a habit creating more than just your ordinary hobbies.

Try making some have to learn some cook in the kitchen. If you discover your passion in the kitchen, that would be your new hobby. But what if your new hobby makes an active lifestyle the whole year, it will grow the opportunities to sell some of your products such as home-grown pies, knitted clothes or any kind of ordinary hobbies.


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