Eightieth-First English Quote:


I found nothing to redeem today

but there is something lost,

and for the day it counts,

it shall deem what it is lost

or it shall deem what it is found.


Don’t delay from me, my queen,

I therefore count my everlasting love

that my child is not between

yours neither it is not mine,

it is picked where

we both have found

underneath the tree of blossoms

and I shall behold

the truth that the child

is a special child.


Eightieth-Second English Quote:


I laugh when you laugh

I cry when you cry,

but it seems that you’re lost

I’m winning of all kind of cards

and there is nothing to feel

and I shall walk away.


Don’t betray all over me

don’t prey all over me

don’t sway all over me

and I can’t resist all through your life

this is just the beginning.


I’m like a impersonator

don’t make me cry all for you,

do you think that I’m impersonator,

or make me cry all over for you again,

we cry, we laugh, we satisfy

or we hustle all the time.


This is nothing but I shall say

I laugh when you cry

but you cry when I laugh

and you give me all nothing to beat

that you’re a real impersonator.




This is my comeback literature that I haven’t writing for eight months already. I’m been revising all that I have resources on my back. To tell you the truth, this revising all my knowledge is therefore changed. Why? I should be added one prior to be change and that’s a special articles also about this literature. What do you know about literature in the first place? To be quick open-minded, you shall think about what’s perception and digesting all new ideas in the first place.


81st English Quote:


In this particular of eightieth-first english quote, this is a medieval quote. But added to another change, I’ve added the nature of special education quote also have been arrived here. In the story of quote, there was two characters. One was knight and one was queen. The queen was conceived a special child who a mother can’t decide if they let the special child be lived or not be lived. Because the knight suffered a trial when his mother conceived a special child. But the queen said that she can’t bear a special child because she have no experiences to taking care of a special child. But the knight insisted to take it, so he grabbed the opportunity to raised his stepbrother, a special child. The queen didn’t need the special child anymore for her throne. But months later, the knight gave a special token to his life that he must took care of his stepbrother. Soon after he found that his stepbrother had a heart disease when he carried his stepbrother to a wizard. But the wizard also doesn’t know how to determine if a special child was really a special child. For months and months looking for a cure, this wizard found that this special child had one real ingredient that changed the kingdom, the heart of a mother. When the queen ran a kingdom for a long time, years passed by, the knight and his stepbrother was barely eight years old limping to one left leg going to the castle. So as the story went by, this queen saw the knight again for a long time along with a little boy who have been limping to his one left leg. But she noticed that she looked as if she lost something. But the knight didn’t introduce the little boy to the queen. And the knight was re-assigned to another contract and served again as a knight. But a few days after, a little boy with one left leg limping came to offer something for the queen to eat and gave something it can offer an excitement laugh to the queen. One thing that queen was happier about the little boy with one left leg, she didn’t know that the boy was her own son. When the knight returned to the kingdom after five years, he saw his stepbrother well-grown man and was not limped already because he was helped by the queen. Then the knight revealed to the queen that once a little boy with one left leg limping she took care of was her own son. A queen saddened to her tears and didn’t notice that was her son a long time ago she dispatched. The lessons for this quote, don’t let your special child ruin on their own life, instead take care of them full whole-heartedly. And it is something to give it in return for an exchange – a reward from heaven.


82nd English Quote:


In this particular of eightieth-second quote, this is related-song lyrics from Miley Cyrus from her song of Wrecking Ball. Her idea making some of a good new meaningful lyrics made a new genre for this generation. But I feel for her sadness that her boyfriend couldn’t take much pain and hatred. It was much awful when you heard some meaningful lyrics in the same way. What it may feels the same way if you can’t feel the way she could feel from her emotions. Just hear and listen carefully to her lyrics. It was before I misjudged about her video song about Wrecking Ball. But the idea for her song was catchy. It has meaningful lyrics. And by the way, some one little boy who was blind sang this Miley Cyrus’ song in youtube. If I may not mistaken, this Wrecking Ball made a different tune, but it also have a deep painful lyrics when you listened to. But here in this quote, I remake it and made as a title of Impersonator instead of Wrecking Ball. Interesting topic, but somehow it is lost somewhere at the back of my head.


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