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Maturity level

I’ve had never encounter with my dilemmas before that I’ve been so insecure. To tell you the truth, in the past articles I wrote, there were several cases in my life before. It was also that I’ve been experienced getting what was not mine, nabbing some thing I liked and getting an attention from my parents. But that was my past. It was because I’ve never noticed myself before that I’ve really had with special condition – Down syndrome.

Did you know it is never crossed in my life that I’ve achieve and move in my life before until now? Maybe it is time to speak up some of my fulfillment. But it never make my life understood about what is going on and what is wrong from right. I’ve asked myself too many questions and I’ve never answered directly from my own perspective point of views. But I was able to speak and cope up with my problems. But now that I know, I made clearly my decision that I have to learn.

Half of my life I knew myself from the beginning I’ve had my thinking at the back of my head when I was in sixth grade. Before sixth grade to my childhood days, those pages were empty. The pages written there was gone. It was because I didn’t know. Little do I know is that I have to speak with my parents and ask them what is really feels like to be a child again. I am born with immaturity age before. But I never speak in cases in this article before. I’m afraid to open up with this topic. But it’s never too late when you say it. I’m also afraid what it feels like to open-minded today. But I am willing to share with my success story.

I’m also obsessed with too many attachments in my life including the book collection, music tape collection and magazine collection. But I never get what I want today. I start being to become a matured person. I’ve never feel this way before, but it seems feeling right and doing some good actions. Whenever I get advices from my two bosses, my co-workers and from the parents also.

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