I suddenly felt nothing was changing me so far. But at least I felt being like a friend that I treated her. On this article will be the last article for the span of 5 months. But there will be more other addition of this continuation of articles in the future.


I’ve been promising to myself that I won’t be committing to have a girlfriend as long as I am working in the school. If I’ve even to have, then I would be able deep in trouble between my work and my status also. I won’t be able to stand of my business, my work and my life also. I don’t know why I am doing this to myself for the past year and this month of January. But this January, it’s rocking my month because on the next month, I’ll be celebrating my birthday soon. What else will be the same if nothing can change to my limits instead? But the limitless mind I have at the back of my head always remind me that I have to continue my life.


I’ll be forever been blessed for the past two years already. Because since I’ve had joining in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines 20th Happy Walk the last two years ago, it was beginning to have pouring down of my blessings. On this day, it was incredible. I’ve received two blessings. But that is another story to be written on the next article. Wish I can fly above the clouds right now as if I am a superman wondering the skies to help someone to the rescue. But at the end of the day, I seem so happy right now. Because the past five days, I’ve been thinking too much. Now my migraine starts to settle too soon so I will be able to write article after article. I love writing, what can I do?


To cut the story short, I’ve been blessed that I was been a friend to my wonderful special education teacher who was nice, bubbly and the best teacher we’ve had in our school where I was working. Not because of that, I was also starting to see her personality on the first day I saw her on my work in the school. Her personality rocked my world. And she also smiled all day long just for her students and also for me. Because it reminded me to her traits. My traits was also like her. I am also a bubbly personality person. I love to smile. I love to joke. I love to have friends all day long with me. And I love to talk to anyone I could talk to. The one thing I love in my life is drawing, writing and dancing. But in the future, I know what it waits for my dreams so far. I cannot wait although I don’t know what it is. It’s reminding me that I have to continue what I am doing so good to myself.


And to cut the story long, when I saw her before, it always reminded me what I’ve been looking for a girl to know me better or to have a girlfriend. But whenever I asked to myself, “should I continue to date with her?” But at the back of my head was telling that I couldn’t continue because I’ve had a poor financial and accountability working status also. Right now for what I am offering to myself are to have a good life long-life working with the school, get a good record of doing good deeds, passing to achieve my achievements in my life and to have enjoying my life even to the end of my life. Because it is nothing claims for me but for the lord bringing me here down to the earth. And I’ve been a wonderful special adult.


I’ve been doing a lot of good deeds the past year. And this year would be opening soon the new achievements in my life today. And that’s another story will be opening to a new book also. I’ve been publishing every page of my new chapter. But on my second anniversary of my studio site on March 16, there will be a wonderful achievement to come along the way in my life today. What I’ve been doing right now is taking myself to another level – joining the Special Olympics. If I can search from my heart where I really love to do a right sport for me, it would be my determining for me and it will be more diligence working hard for me also.


My special education teacher and I’ve been doing a lot for the school today. And soon if the time comes she is leaving, I will give something another friendship gift to her. The gift I gave it to her two days before was a friendship flowers which were my token of my friendship with her. Because if I continue to date with her, we will be dealing some issues. And besides she will be working also in California. If time permits, then I would be definitely seeing her again in the future. Right now what I’ve been doing is being a friend to her. With my sport attitude, I should realize that a friend is in need then I will be on her side even if she has problem or an issue. There will be someone waiting for me at the end of my heart if someone is willing to take my offer to her becoming my girlfriend. Right now, the number one rule is being friends forever.


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