Eightieth-Third English Quote:


I have no boundaries,

I have no scars to leave behind,

I don’t have labels

but I can describe myself

as a special person

with a big heart to change

and a big surprise of

changing your special mind.


I cross out my mind

to see a beautiful sunrise

coming right over the skies

and lifting above is a sun.


When I’m closing my eyes

I always think at the back

of my head

what is special all about

me and my parents

is through guidance,

pinch of patience,

dash of love

and a wonderful blessing

that we are as a special.


Eightieth-Fourth English Quote:


No one believes what I can do

no one believes in what capable I made of

and no one takes care what is good

from wrong.


I see the glimpse of running water

in the faucet saying it’s full

of unconditional love,

full of laughters we bring

and full of blessing we have.


But the real score above

is not only the one,

there are many reasons

why all the special children

have the same spirit

is to reach their highest dream

to be ever achieve

is their mightiest dream.




I am turning to be advocate of special education nowadays since the losing the labels I’m quite saying here in my literary works. Thus, it’s only the beginning of a new chapter series of english quotes 37 and so forth – to become inspirational quotes as well. It’s different from making photo messages which are the best quotes I am making from my android phone. But it don’t click all the rest of my photo messages. I must say it’s not yet a one hundred percent. But there’s a equality among the special children, special teenagers and special adults with their special needs.


Like I do, I also have mosaic Down syndrome. But it don’t matter me anymore because it’s not a hindrance to me anymore. It really feels that I’m still new in the world full of surprises. But being having with my condition is a role key of acceptance, honor and respect. I love what I am doing in my job today as an assistant teacher assisting regular and special children in a school. The rest of what I am doing when I’m at home is writing. I was enjoying writing since I was in high school that improves me through years. It took me years to practice, but it’s not that fast. You have to be dedicated and full of passion. You also have to take what you are love doing mostly in your life. And I accept for who I am today.


83rd English Quote:


The ingredient of eightieth-third english quote is interesting topic according to the word of a special. It creates a whole new perspective of changing quotes today than in the past quotes. But I am more focusing to create and to make new meaningful quotes this time. On this eightieth-third english quote is all about losing the labels, no barriers and big change of acceptance. It’s about special people with special needs. Like I do have being having with Down syndrome won’t matter if I can make it through my years right now. But I must say that I will continue what I am inspired to do a lot of things.


84th English Quote:


The ingredient of eightieth-fourth english quote is another interesting topic about the special children and a glimpse of full of blessings. It is how we are building our lives to be normal as we can and live up to our expectations breaking the barriers also. Being as a special adult today, I am more welcoming the new world of hope, new creativity of acknowledging special children and getting to know other people who have special needs. But right now I learn my lessons is to wait, to respond and to act as one person who loves everything given as a blessing. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.


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