Eightieth-Fifth English Quote:


It’s all about unconditional love

when young or old has to meet

in many ways of forming

the new meaning of being special.


I see thousand of letters sending

to the mailbox where most of the

letters said that we have to be

stronger, understand and be

kind to each and every another.


Each of us whether you are young

or old that we are different,

it is not forming another group

but rather forming a group of

people who understand you more

because being a disability

doesn’t mean to be uphold,

but to carry in our hearts.


Little or many of us have faith

to each and every another,

a person with disability must

be to respect not to say any

other form of words but to

understand them.


One world, one planet

one word, one strong bond

and one carrying to each another,

you always have to see,

to listen and to speak that

being each of us has one voice,

we are love for who you are.


Eightieth-Sixth English Quote:


My heart says that I need a love

but it doesn’t need to have loved

for what I stand, I walk or I talk,

loving you more is more important

than the rest of the action words.


I speak the truth and the world

speaks the truth,

people who taking care of us

as also a person with disability

who commonly wants to work,

to have fun and to able enjoy

the rest at the end of the day.


You smile to us unconditionally,

you help to us emotionally,

you carry to us physically

and you act to us spiritually,

for we encounter the love

around the world we know,

this is a better place we live

with you in one big happy family.


The joyful of bringing wide smiles

and the laughter we create happiness,

this is what we cannot suppress

to look forward instead helping us,

love me for what we have disability

and we love you as a special friend

to one whole wide world to see

each of one kind has no label,

we look alike just you as we love you.




I have been writing quotes lately through facebook, android cellphone or any forms of social networks or either I am writing to my own notebook telling that I’m not still stopping. This is a quite journey for this month. Next month is a month of love and a month of my birthday falls on 19th. I am quite that I am turning old. It is who I am now. I’m brave, stronger and an optimistic person who always looking forward what challenge is awaiting for me. But it is a quite for me to understand that I have to be stronger in physical, emotional and spiritual.


Being as an assistant teacher that I am always helping out with my bosses, my teachers who needed my help and assisting the kids or parents. I am always happy to help and assist. It’s been seven months for now and still holding for many promises to carry and to help my friends at the school. In this set of new quotes I write, it’s all about unconditional love, respect, understand, patience and helping to each of special child or special adult. And I’m always reminding myself that I have to be better this year of 2014. It’s always to remind that we can’t live with normal people. But we can share our stories to people that we can still live for what we can do. And we stay for a long-life.


85th English Quote:


The eightieth-fifth english quote is about the person with disability who have to respect and remember how to take care of him or her. It’s about the society telling us to remember what we are really about. Whether you have disability or not, always remember for who we are and to be honest all the time. Or otherwise, it won’t be recognized. People should know the meaning of the word disability. And disability is all about for who we are taking care of. This 85th english quote is all about unconditional love, respect, responsibility and taking care of disability’s needs.


86th English Quote:


The eightieth-sixth english quote is also about the person with disability, but it has a deeper meaning in this quote poem. What you are looking for a person who don’t have respect sometimes takes an action of being as a responsibility person. And this person should realize that you can’t pursue what is going to have about. The journey of this quote also signifies the importance in the society that all of human in this planet should realize how the importance of being having with a disability. This 86th english quote is all about the knowledge of no labels and creativity of each and every person with disability.


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