I was bad writing my sentences when I was young as a child. I had always pretending to be as a writer when I was a kid. In the past when I was younger from range of five years old to seven years old, I began writing. But my words were longer to cut in phrases, sometimes in difficult writing when I was a kid. My speech was also poor and it was delayed. But being having with Down syndrome wasn’t difficult for me because I knew in my heart time will come, heal and to accept my condition. And so I did.


Whenever I always saw comics, I always thought also to become a comic artist. And I always wanted to become an artist when I was a kid. But things were different when I was a kid and when I was a teenager back then. But I didn’t know how difficult I triumphantly did what I can do for this years. When two years ago, my writing began calling to write it again. And somehow I did. The last twelve years ago, I also began to write in different social platform, blogger.com. But the site wasn’t improved during that time and so my writing also.


I never thought I can do this to write and to write until I always practice everyday just to memorize how small details can make bigger picture creating more structure sentences. But the picture there when I was a teenager when I started to write poetry, my classmate who was always have been topped in the school. She always had been intelligent in our class. But I’ve had to say that she was better than me writing those sentences good and structured. I didn’t want to make arguments. But sad to say, I lost my many entries to be included in the school paper. But she was the head of the school paper during that time.


Our valedictorian was always being as a top class in our school. But he was near in top 3 in the class when other of my high school classmates were my formerly school mates before. I was alone in seventh grade but somehow I never thought I can have chance writing was all of my accomplishments.


My motivation to my writing is continuously improving but somehow it’s not always have to be perfect hundred percent. It is always been 8 out of 10 rate. Because there are more rooms to improve my writing skills. But my proficiency in filipino somehow also have been in 7 out of 10 rate. I always have to compete my writing to my past days. And what I always see around is my inspiration in my bank at the back of my head. I didn’t know much of english writing when I was young. And I didn’t see much of myself in the past. From now what I am writing.


My motivation is always everywhere. I’ve been getting a lot to inspire me. I’ve always watch some english movies, english television shows and some english books to improve my writing. But I’ve never thought that this writing is how I motivate myself.


When the times are not right, somehow I skid myself in a piece of paper and start to write in an empty paper with a pen or a pencil. And I thought at the back of my head would be making easier, but it was also difficult to structure the sentence. What I did the last two years, I’ve attended again in call center training which my english would become improved. I did completing the 100 hours of call center training and gained the certificate of call center training instead going in call center career.


It was supposed for me going in call center because of my certificate. But I said to our english instructor that this training would benefited me for my english to become better. And so I did. After few days, that was why I decided to put back my studio to name it after my game online character name, Mikki and also after my youtube account, itsmikki. It was decided to put the name of Itsmikki Studio in the social platform, wordpress.com, because someone was recommended me to use the platform. And so I did. And later that year, I also put up my facebook page and name it the same, Itsmikki Studio.


There are many reasons I motivate myself to write. One was when my first love I sent my letter before sending to Illinois, the state of United States of America. And then I began also been in love writing when I entered in high school writing in poetry first. And I never thought that I can also have been in love writing in songs, stories and at the end, practicing to write in quotes also. What is my motivation? My motivation is how I write to my life and this is my testimony.


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