When I was a kid, I always dreamt having to be an artist or a writer or a dancer. But it never crossed at the back of my head that it came to my life will come more blessings to me. And yes, no matter how small details of blessing will come. I will always accept what I have today and ask for anything will come.


I’m a dreamer who always thinking at the back of my head will do anything to succeed more. But being having with Down syndrome for me was not an accident for me when I discovered during my sophomore year in high school. I just came home and told my parents if it was real or not. But it was more 17 years already. Since then, I never knew it came for me for the last two years that I’ve had to accept my condition. Little by little, I saw once my light again at the end of the tunnel. It was always I was dreaming about chasing my wildest dreams to enter in the entertainment industry. It is now still one of my wildest dreams today.


But I rather change my mind and change to choose my personality in a different path. Since I love writing, drawing, dancing and photographing all the good imaginations I have at the end of my head. And it is a good advocate that I choose today – to become a role model in the Philippines because no matter what career chooses you, I still choose what makes me happy.


Blue clear skies

Blue clear skies


The last two years was a rapid change for me. And the only thing changed me for good was the last thing I removed from at the back of my head was being a negative. Instead, I always look forward and always think at the back of my head is being a positive and optimistic mind. I took a glance and glimpse from my past that I was always be a humble, down-to-earth, friendly and always be an everybody’s friend. It was then that my first employer I worked with said that to me. I overcame being having with a disability, changed my visions and became thinking at the back of my head no labels as Down syndrome inside of my mind.


I deserved to have a special parents who always have been there for me to support me. And from the start of my birth that I didn’t know myself, I always said to myself that I have to exceed more for my limitations and be always a limitless person all the time. And the wonderful blessings will come in your way to bless you more. And the last thing I’ve received last Christmas was revealing that I’ve had a crush to our special education teacher in a school where I worked. But it was then that I chose my commitment to continue my work in the school instead go after her. It was my first time that I told myself it won’t happen to me again that I have to go after her. It was my choice and there were sacrifices that built in my life.


But then, there was a small bit inside at the back of my head that I still have had to change myself. And so I am to build my character to change little by little. All of my blessings will come at the right time for you when you are doing a good deed for something that will change you.


And what’s new this year? For this year of 2014 will open my another chapter and an empty pages will be fill in notes, quotes, stories and success in your life. The more you always do thinking at the back of your head being as a positive mind and having to be optimistic person is the more dream will come at the right time for you. Since I always do practicing at the back of my head that I don’t want to be hurry all the times. Instead I always open at the back of my head to sacrifice all the things you always do to your life. And I always do the right deeds than the bad deeds that I am still doing.


And so, for the next month which it will start tomorrow the new month of February of 2014. It is a month of valentines and also a month of my birthday lies ahead of 19th. And I’m aware that being getting older is a new sign, a new chapter and a new blessing will come in your way to your door.


The gift I’ve receive is being having with Down syndrome. It is not a hindrance. It is a gift that chooses your daughter, son, brother or sister with special needs. It is always a dream when you are as a chosen special parents. And the best blessing will come your way to have a better life for you to come.


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