When I came to Happy Walk three years ago, it was me and my dad. That was when I wasn’t yet aware what I was doing to my childhood until adulthood. The world was intimidated me. Knowing that I didn’t know what I was capable of. But the fact I’ve enjoyed my life – being as a special adult.


Being having with Down syndrome, or simply no labeling with disability, doesn’t come to my fears and my doubts anymore. But I coped all of my problems when I was a child until I grew up maturely. I was hesitated to come in a big world. All my life has been depended in high school, college and frustration in the past years. Hiding from shadows cloaked me almost 14 years already but I came out from shadows that I became a light in 3 years already since 2011.


2011 was a big year changing me throughout all my hurdles. My burden heart poured down like a fire like I’ve been feeling loneliness, frustrated and depressed. I was all alone in one corner waiting for someone to tap me in my shoulder. Suddenly I woke up from my real dreams was waiting me all along. It was then one of my guardian angels told me that I have to follow where my heart is. And I did.


I was bored during my days waiting for me to have a work during those frustration and depression days. I was never satisfied what I was doing. I was shadowed of my pride and frustration began piling me up those days. And then I said to myself after I met Lapena family on February 15, 2012, days before Happy Walk begins on February 19, I didn’t want to go back where I was standing before. The boring days settled me down to my happiest times. My satisfaction grew up more as I wanted to look forward. And my pride and frustration began fading away. Looking up was a big step for me. I’ve always asked myself if I can still follow my wildest dreams to enter in the entertainment industry. I only allowed myself eager to be happiness all the time and my lips began smiling again.


The big three I coped up from my problems: 1) I’ve always allowed myself looking down no matter how small or big problems will come to your doors. 2) Noticing my real world wasn’t big enough but I only allowed myself as a frustration and depression during those days. And last 3) I looked in my past that I always wanted to change like in the movie of Back to the Future.


The big solved problems I made it so far: 1) I’ve entered DSAPI few days before the 20th Happy Walk. 2) I’ve joined my 1st Happy Walk back on Feb 19, 2012. 3) Blessings started pouring me down. And there were more plenty solved problems to been telling you the truth.


I’ve started to be walking alone in my own small two steps. Those small two steps were bigger chances to change my decisions. That year 2012 changed my whole life after I’ve entered Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines. I became a member last December 2012. And I’ve renewed my membership last December 2013 for adding two more years. Working was my first step priority those years. And I did working hard to earn my job last year. The roads today are more bumpy this year, because some of the roads I will take have risky chance. But those risky chances will prove my steadiness in the future.


The big three to my 3rd Happy Walk was a success. I’ve gained experiences. Some it might fall, but I have to stand up again for making mistakes growing to be stronger. Some it might to grow a little, the opportunity will knock me again those doors opening for me again calling that I will go back from my talents I’ve today.


Green shirt front

Green shirt front

Green shirt back

Green shirt back


No matter what problems are going for you, you have to knock it from your heart and change it for a good. I may be a special adult, but labeling me as Down syndrome is not my fear anymore or doubts. I will always surprising you in many ways, but to tell you at the back of my head that I have more greater ideas to create in the future. Waiting is not good, but to act from my heart will surprise you.


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