What is 10 happiest moments in your life? Is it what you achieve in the past 10 years of your life? Or 10 months of achieving to surpass in your life? What is your goal then? All of these questions may occur at the back of your head thinking it is going to be having in your mind.


Let start from the bottom 10 up to number 1 in my 10 Happiest moments:


10 was the new number that I got the months I’ve achieved in my life adding the longest employment in my life.


It was then I’ve realized that I can do leveling up to my responsibility disciplining my habits in my life. Working to discipline made realize that you do a lot of your independent life. But aside reasoning out of my problems before was my habits keep changing me. As of that I tested myself of how I can manage my time and discipline work-acholic time.


9 was the best numbers that I drew my emotions out from my previous relationship but committed something more important in my life forcing me to work.


You can see a lot of emotions in your previous relationship. But after I made my decision not to have conversation with my ex-girlfriend anymore, I made myself to promise that I do lot of my duties as my responsibility to have work. Instead making a lot of emotions, I started to make myself changing your ideas yourself rather depending to someone you don’t do to others. But on the other part, my family are always there for me. Depending not to committed again, I soon didn’t doubting myself in ways of committing a relationship to your partner.


8 days of relationship was over already.


I moved on after 10 months already and made my decision if I ever saw her again. I won’t make hesitations to start a conversation with her again. But as a friends, it could be a hint to take a small conversation but to evade a lot of questions.


7 times stronger than my emotional subconscious mind are giving me more important role in my life.


I built a lot of emotional stress points in my subconscious mind already. Depending what I react inside at the back of my head thinks if I can do it alone. I should choose what is right over the wrongdoings in your life. It is more efficient for me today what I can decide not to think of it inside at the back of my head knowing if I can do it more important in your life. Which it is not possible ideas could stress you more. Thinking more impossible and reasonable ideas are stressing you point that you exceed more happiest in your life. That was my goal surpassing my new heights.


6 less ordinary days are compiling my work ethic knowing that I can do more vital roles in a week.


I only have one day off and that is only a Sunday. If I can do it in Sunday, then it would be more efficient to think a lot of great ideas after your work is done in a week. This is my limitation that have been sets the entire week. Sometimes when it needs more attention to my days, choosing a day sometimes is giving me harder when I can give my day a relaxation and less stressful days.


5 minutes are better for relaxing your mind to sleep to boost from your stress or heavy ideas thinking at the back of your head.


I always gave myself a quick nap around 5 minutes. My mind was always setting to schedule new importance of your day. If you give yourself a quick nap in 5 minutes, you freshly start at your mind thinking at the back of your mind a new set of ideas in your brain department. What I usually do in my habits, writing is a better choice to give more relaxing at the end of the day.


4 is always a better choice to give yourself 4 D’s – discipline, determination, diet and demonstration.


What are the factors of 4 D’s? There are many types you can do at the end of your hectic schedule. Let go of your bad habits and change it for a good habits to make it exchange such as from sleeping shorter five-six hours to seven-eight hours of sleeping habits. Determining you to achieve is a vital role at the end of your day. You’ll write in your note if you achieve something new ideas in your list. Diet is an everyday goal in your body daily needs. Like exchanging from three meals in your list, make it cook two important meals either in lunch or dinner such as vegetables and fish only. And demonstration is most important at the end of the day. If you think at the end of your brain doing a lot of activities to be done, make at least demonstrate your activities to be check in your schedule to be done.


3 powerful prayers can make it happen at the end of your day – make at least 3 mysteries in a rosary beads to pray for your wishes.


I’ve done this in the year of 2012 before getting to know what will be your wishes to be granted. If you wait for your prayers to be done, it needs a time frame and a full of patience. A short time of patience towards of your one mystery in your prayer sometimes takes 15 minutes. Make it a simple habit of your time praying 3 mysteries. The more you pray and the more you wait for the right time frame and full of patience will grant slowly at the rate of your desired wishes. Those particular bad ideas won’t achieve because it won’t happen unless you do it more effectively at the daily needs of your time. Needing 45 minutes of your prayer will make sure you pray conveniently and waiting for your daily 45 minutes together with the Lord.


2 important people are better in your life are your parents and with God.


Mostly I wait for the right time if my parents are here. But sometimes when they are away from you, have always yourself with God. Take time to pray and communicate with God. He takes time listening you. He always forgive us what we do for the bad times. He always give the right time to acknowledge what we’ve done achieving our new heights. And believing with Him is the most important in your vital role at the end of the day.


1 wish is always believing what your dreams can tell you – grab always an opportunity or risk of your life.


I always forget what your dream can tell your wildest dream might it happen in your life. Doing a right decision, determination and discipline can make you more stronger each and every day. Testing your limits will break through in your life. What happened to me for the past 3 years was to believe what you can do for your talents is what you have right now. Today the more effective way I can excel to my limitless mind is to test myself to each and every hardest problem I would take at the end of the day. And at the end of the next day will solve one by one in your list. Thinking at the end of the day would test your strengths and weaknesses. One of your weaknesses will prove yofvu more to skill out of your problem needs.


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