Eightieth-Seventh English Quote:


If there is nothing to beat me completely

then it’s nothing to be afraid of,

of who you are to be

of what you can be for your real life

or to regret something you’ll forget.


I notice the doors will open

the bursting ideas will keep coming in

the regretful, frustrated and

flawless pointless ideas are

keeping to sink at the bottom

of the depths inside of the ocean.


What bothers me to uphold all

the things that cannot bringing it back,

the hatred must not come at the end

or shall it be repenting the last

judgment of the last days’ will.


No matter what it says

or no matter what it does an action

it should be open by now

anytime or any day will come

that the future will waiting for you

knowing your frustrations as

your last day wishes.


Eightieth-Eighth English Quote:


The creativity of all the beginning

when the world is created,

Adam and Eve was the first humans

in the world but neither less to say

that we are becoming aware of

our four billion population is growing more.


The chest pain in our daily lives

we see all in our eyes every day and night

we gather informations all we can

completing our mission but only one

cannot be seen is about the disabilities.


Night seeks the day and

the day seeks the night

and every day we wake up

we also sleep in the slumber nights

we can do in our lives.


One or maybe two

or shall I say it more than

disabilities I can see in the road,

the blind risks to work needing our help

in order to eat their stomachs,

the mute cannot talk but understands

what we are saying to them,

and the hearing loss seems helplessly

in order to gain in our daily lives.


With Down syndrome,

kids or adults being having with those conditions

needs our help in order to see them

under our unconditional love.


With Autism or other abnormalities,

kids or adults being having with those conditions

seeks more your help in order

to grow more in their potential talents

but what we can see in daily lives

is a discrimination acts.


Discriminative tools are not to be said,

discriminative words are not to be used

unless we take care them in our

long patience, understanding the pain

in their hearts listening to them,

and the world needs to know

that we need them in our daily eyes.




Every day I sit beside my keyboard and the screen in front of my eyes, I always think at the back of my head what to write next for my English quotes 40. It’s about the time when I need to think the next freshest group of words will come out. The key of existence keeping to write in this kind of literature is all about the achievements. And the achievements will test me new challenges if I can it write more than a group of words. And to test all about my courage and my capability knowing my knowledge are all at the back of my mind.


The last English quotes 39 was dated six weeks ago and it was dated 26th of January, Sunday, 2014. But among of all ideas synchronizing inside of my mind keeps me playing what I can do to those words and what to write is all the best I can have.


87th English Quote:


This eightieth-seventh english quote is all about the frustrations keeping you not to move forward. But all the things you regret in your life is your family, relationship with your partner, your financial basis, your relationship with your boss or to any key of frustrations in your life. The bothersome in your life relies too much in the other side of the world needing to say it’s not worth it. But it’s worthless to know all about the knowledge. The last actions of your ideas keeps knowing about you, but it keeps you away from any distractions, a miserable life.


88th English Quote:


This eightieth-eighth english quote is all about the discrimination, the beginnings and the disabilities that we know for today’s generation. I long fought my life in denial stage way back since my sophomore year in my high school. Until I reached at the certain age of adult, I was becoming aware that I’ve had to accept my condition. Knowing the truth honestly kept my composure to the ground. The world started with two first humans and God didn’t get mistakes but gave gifted children with different disabilities. With different disabilities in our lives whether in any kind of human race around the world insists growing more advocacy in our lives – to know the disabilities are more capable than the rest of the society. But discrimination is not an option. To end the discrimination, it must be to stop, educate the society and learn the fact that we all unite as one human race in the world, more than four billion in population.


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