With every new chapter, there is always been a new life that blossoms around the corner. But it splits up to new every second of every that I breathe. It was then that I have completely blank my mind again thinking at the back of my mind dared myself not to think of her again, but to replace a new one. Was it hard for having complicated life that you have? I did.


The moment I took new breathing sounds like inhaling and exhaling from the bottom of my lungs. Both was working properly in my respiratory lungs. To tell you the truth, there is a new life has blossom my way in a new chapter. And what it triggers? It restores the new faith, my commitment to the special children and the regular children who are studying in the school where I am as an assistant teacher assisting the teacher to help educating the children. What I am supposed to handle with care? I handle with unconditional care with long patience.


Last month was astonishing moments in my life bringing back my moments after I stepped in Enchanted Kingdom after 14 years. The theme park of Enchanted Kingdom back then was barely new. But now, it came along with new ride attractions and I perfectly dodged with new ride attractions. First with the flying fiesta, I was all dizziness coming down from that ride. My mind would popped out if I could imagine puking all my food have been eaten. But it didn’t happen. And I supposed the long day I’ve had waiting was with the team I was with. Three special education teachers, the tourist’s grand daughter and our boss were with me riding some four to five rides. The last part of our trip was exciting to ride a bus again. It was because of the animation movie Frozen has been featured two times in our trip. One was when we went off from Cainta and one was when we left Enchanted Kingdom going to our home.


What were the songs that have been listening to my ears all the time? Name it: Do you want to build a snowman, For the first time and Let It Go. The ideal song of Let It Go was really capturing my heart along with a movie. And the movie went on and off whenever I watched the movie. It simultaneously played in my music player in android phone. It played at least five-to-seven times a day just to memorize the song. And I eventually did it. I already memorized it. Now it brought me back to sing my masterpiece song, My angels singing to your heart.


The song I always sang, My angels singing to your heart, I wrote it from the piece of notepad in laptop. Then eventually I sang it to memorize at least four-to-five times a day. Whew! Isn’t that how the singers memorize the songs everyday? Is it possible that I make it to the entertainment industry? Maybe it is calling to my heart.


And the new love life has restoring again to fulfill bringing back the articles of Assistant’s desk again. It was this time, a fulfilling restoration love life or shall I call as an inspiration. I wonder how many chapters will I able to make this time. I wrote twelve articles from the beginning of the month of August. But then with the capabilities making to restore the series, it would be a difficult for me this time. Or maybe I should contain with a new title series soon in different title rather restoring of Assistant’s desk series again.


To tell you the truth honestly, I always claim this series would be definitely a success in a future’s promises. What can you make a good story if you can’t write a good concept for a good ideas? I always thought of that at the back of my head thinking it would be fitted. But so, even I always say that this is a purpose in my life today making a promising articles.


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