Living around inside the fears you always have pain, is it okay to move forward? But sometimes, I always listen to my conscience and think three times before doing anything not so good. But living around inside the doubts you always have inside of you, you can’t move forward a bit because you are afraid something you can expose the truth. Doubts can set you free when you know you believe yourself. Nevertheless, the world we have today is not a perfect world. We always have to conquer what we can knowledge for ourselves. And today it’s a perfect words to say that you can do it rather doubting yourself more.

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Conquering your darkness might control more in fears and doubts. When we are scared we cannot move on and hurt someone else, there is something inside of you cannot free yourself. In the past experiences what I have had, there was always an explanation why we were always doubting ourselves even in our abilities or skills that we’ve acquired. But the experience that I’ve had, there was nothing to do but to blame always from somebody else, or to yourself also. Thinking at the back of my head thought even more greater than lesser to think. But lesser thoughts I’ve had inside was a belief. Knowing myself was not good. Acceptance was still going on before. But nevertheless, it always happened for me before that I was been in denial stage.


What can you make decide that you are going back to the light?


There is always one option and that is something to change, an acceptance. Freeing yourself from any doubts and fears inside from your heart will blossoming you more even blessed in any ways of believing. I don’t have fear that can control me. But my emotions will always ask at the end of the day, ‘what I have done positivity today and not to think negativity.‘ It is always a formation to have believing yourself.


The story of Growth success: Going back to the light


The darkness of betraying of yourself could lead to suicide. But it never happened to me. I was once doubting myself in the past years for not believing what I can do more as much as I can do. I dared to myself to experience in electrocution once more or to get an accident again. But it never did. Those two incidents in the past happened when I was in my childhood days. It was during the summer before entering fourth grade and before graduating sixth grade in elementary moving at least to high school. When I was after my third grade in my elementary days, I was once electrocuted. And before graduating in sixth grade in my elementary days, it happened to me that I got a transportation vehicle almost hit it me. But it was a minor injury in my shoulder bone.


I always looked for an answers everywhere I could go to. But when at the end of the tunnel, a white light would have been asked me and said, ‘are you ready to go back and wanting to go in the trials you would have pass?‘ And I answered to my doubts and said, ‘I would never destroy my emotions but yes, I would test myself to pass all the trials in my life today.


Regardless to say that I would been success rather conquering my fears and my doubts. Doubts would climb to your fears. And fears will feeling you out if you could continue to your life. Life is always a mystery when or where you could think, but almost every seconds in your life you would be a thought if you would be a burden or as a mistake in your life. Being having with my condition as Down syndrome is not a mystery. It’s a gift. And I put myself in the right place. Being with my disability is not my hindrance to me anymore. What I could feel right now if somebody would fill in my boots? You couldn’t say to yourself a success. But look for the right community if they could please you and believe what you are doing a good place you are never been.


My world is not a perfect place. And it’s not anybody could understand the meaning of being as a disability. Going back to the light is one small step that will replace to a bigger step achieving you more to a greater heights. I’ve been afraid in 14 years before from the year I knew I have Down syndrome since 1997 until 2011. Grieving from my mistakes, I would seek more from my experiences and replace with a happiest thoughts in your life. Living in a fear and a doubt in your life would give a greater lesson in your life. But whenever I tell myself if I am not success or not, I would lose a single sight if I am not mistaken. Tell me if it’s wrong to say. Doubtless thoughts are good chances to survive longer in this part of this world. And numberless word quotes would never give you a perfect meaning.


I share my life to the beginning of this blog. But whenever I share my life with, it should have been whatever I need to be in a right place to be as a friendly person. And I would surrender my life to the Lord he has given to me.


With this so many experiences in my life, in this part of article of Growth success: Going back to the light, it would been better to share my truth and honestly words I’ve been putting together to form a greatest experience – an acceptance.


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