The biggest encounter for my life sets my goals to a higher level is being committed something you really love in your life. Don’t let it go and it will reward you at the end of the day. The eternal sunshine at the end of the day will give you more inspiring stories you’ve ever told in your life.



Little by little and faith by faith, life is always having achieved what you need to know about. Life is clinging to some promises you have. A small detail may always carry surprising factor. But you never know what it is inside. Is it the power to change or power to protect? You always have know what is inside at the end of your brain thinking to change some important small detail in every success you actually needed. At the end of the day, I have always to think at the back of my mind encountering many choices in your life but to choose only one. It is a decision but not a will to change.


The course you have at the back of my head swiftly changes to a new responsibility being as a role model. The mindset I have on my mind sets to discipline myself on every decision I will make. But of course, the new ideas will not change if it’s not properly address at the back of my mind. When I always make conditions to revise, I always think at the end of my mind if I can make it in good condition. And that’s always have to be myself.


I prolong always have to say about this but I am proud what I am doing my best in all corners in my life. I am not alone in my journey. I have my family on my back. I have Down syndrome and the fact is that I’ve accept what my condition tells me to do the good deeds in my life. Life is not always unfair. It is always fair that in fact to be honest, God will show your true colors in each and every day what you are doing right now.


Do you know the life is always a blessing for all of us?


When I am setting my goal for some reasons, it achieves in some many ways. The shapes of inspiration may corner around the world from you. But yet it is inside of you that you need the attention what you are doing right now. How would you know if some parents will follow you? Because you are drawing the attention in the society that you are creating the good deeds in your life. I may be not an expert. But I am a human. And when it comes from the mistakes, I learn from it and act from true love in life.


I see the distances from my past to the present times. I didn’t want to compare from my past what I am today. In fact, some changes here right now are made from the truth that you are stronger than in your past. Think about some knowledge you gain from your experiences. Those experiences in your past will teach you how some actions to be made what is wrong and what is right.


Determination is a fight to change in your life learning from your experiences. When you are in deep trouble, you seek from your frustration and depression. You cannot go further more. But unless you act from what you are doing, it is wrong. Decisions are always there for you to change.


Have you seen your naked eye behind the imaginations?


When you are seeking the dreams you prolong always to remember and have to fight from your will to change your destiny, it might come true in your life when once you have to believe your own self. One set goal can make change your life different from your past. Some other people will call it as a jinx. They are saying it won’t come true in your life. Ambitions are real. Dreams are much more you control of your wishes you really want to believe in your self. Why? I always see myself through the mirror telling at the back of my head that I always want to be seen in the television some time in the future. I don’t know why but it seems there are many roads that I have to take before going in a good path.


Self-sufficeint and independent is always around inside of my life. When the time my parents will be gone and my sisters are still in Toronto, I will be staying for good here in the Philippines. Being having with my condition of Down syndrome doesn’t make me to stop working in other countries. In fact, the nationalism inside of my life will go on if I am working to other countries like in Canada. The experience I have in Canada is different. But the weather there I cannot prolong is the winter. Philippines is my home country and it’s a tropical country. Some of the tourists are the most attraction in the world expanding more businesses to build.


The social platform have been created in 2004 but it expanded on 2008-2009 because of the population users wanted to use the internet usage. To tell you the truth, I always want to fulfill some of my dreams. It acts from my will and the imagination from my brain department will boost my emotions down and the limitless will seek more in the future.


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