The world shows how we care for each and every of us. And I, included here, will also know how I am learning through all the stages I’ve been through. Determination shows me how I am really going to my dreams. Dreams are not that away from me. Although there are many clues in my life today that is showing in this year of 2014, and all that I am going to do is acting to my knowledge and learn how to get there in that stage.


More each and every day I see myself in the distant future. If I am not here today, I wouldn’t be going ahead  to my dreams. But sometimes I also need how life is also important to our daily lives. Appreciation is all I need where I can stand on my own. And sometimes when I feel lonely, all I need is to pray in few minutes or more and ask what is hidden in my confession prayers. Prayers are also important for each problems we have in life. We need a lot intentionally prayers through intercession.


Too much asking from God sometimes doesn’t give right away in your place. Praying in a long time-frame will have a process and it has to be constant for you to understand. It don’t give in and also it doesn’t count how many reasons or chances will have to go in your place. If you have too many reasons in your life and you want it right away. That doesn’t count. It gives a long sacrifice and silence when you are giving yourself with Him above.


Build an foundation in your place is also part of growing up in your life. Acceptance is one of the building processes to believe in yourself and it’s also part of growing matured of your life. It doesn’t count the way you can say that you’ve move on already. Acceptance is also part of growing who you are right now. Building yourself to other’s shoes doesn’t build you up. It has to be you. Don’t count or don’t rely to others. Help yourself. And always be conscious what you are doing good choices and replace it from bad choices you have in your life.


Today what I have now is a foundation of yourself to build up your character. When you find yourself in the distant future, trust with your life and submit yourself to Him above. Confidence needs a lot of practice and it takes time to have patience in your life. When you don’t have them both, then you are not ready to face conquering your fears and doubts. Racing through your life, when you are in trials or problems you are right now, gives you more to understand in your situation. I may be not a perfect person, but says the Lord that you are perfect to Him because you know of yourself than any person knows you well. He alone knows what you are doing and what you give back the situation you are in. Because the bigger confidence you have now with Him above, you believe in yourself to Him.


Every life is about changing everyday and night. It has special meanings in occasions. It don’t bring good or bad karma in your life. But it says that you underestimate it your own self. Believe it more to Him and it begins to believe it in your self. Every challenge in your life is a temporary shelf life. Don’t bring yourself to hatred. Hatred may bring you to frustration, depression or even in trouble times in your life.


Every life is new when you face yourself near the future. You cannot see yourself in the future if you are not doing it actively. Unless sacrifice some things you don’t have like gadgets or something that is valuable for you. When you enter your life in second life, all the things you have now are temporary things in your life.


Every life is new when you know the dreams are waiting for you. It doesn’t create the shortcomings. It creates new imaginations or a cloud of full dreams above your wildest imaginations. It also creates your confidence, acceptance, appreciation and determination in your life. Because when you believe for yourself. You adore your life even more better and you will guide even bigger dreams to fill in your own shoes.




Every Life is New is the second anniversary article this year 2014. It also marks the 493rd year of Philippines history since March 16, 1521. This is also the third book covering new chapters, new series, new wisdom quotes and there will be a lot new articles coming this year.


The new second series Assistant’s corner will starting soon after it ended from the first series Assistant’s desk with 13 pages in its first chapter. Also the second series of Living in my own shoes being as Down syndrome  will also starting soon after it ended from the first series Living being as Down syndrome with 10 pages in its first chapter. Living in my own shoes being as Down syndrome will tackle more interesting topics and new experiences that it will take place bringing back the life before when I am still in denial stage.


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