There are many times when we are doubting ourselves. Even as we cannot conquer to our fears. As I embark to another chapter of this success of Living being as Down syndrome series. There are many parts of another set of stories will come and knock at your hearts. If you are having hard times with your special child with Down syndrome, it is something you can give some extra care for him or her. It would be a special love you enjoy the most you are taking your own special child.


Living in my own shoes being as Down syndrome is another part of my own series. But in my own shoes will tell you how many journeys I’ve been experience throughout all my life. If it’s something to discuss, I would be part of redeeming myself to the Lord that He chooses us to live throughout His holy spirit.


Part XI

Knocking your doors will exchange your depression state of mood to excitement that you submit to the Lord.


When you seek yourself to the better unknown perfect world, you desire the most you want to seek. But the state of your mood tells how you are thinking wrong at the back of your head. If you know something to share, feel free. But during my state of depression mood, it never recalled how many things I regretted to my life. I asked many times for the questions of how, why and when. I felt the presence of my wrongness before.


But let me to tell how many journeys I’ve been experienced in the past here in 4 quote stories:


Quote #1:

Many people want you to destroy your feelings, mostly your innermost feelings. Whether it has many things to do your life, it creates unpleasant feelings. But it forced me how I behaved.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I was a little odd but mischievous in my own ways when I was a child back then. During my childhood, all I thought was playing and playing. And I was very happy to see everyone I can knock to their hearts. Nevertheless, I was easy to please my relatives also. When the times I grew up already and not knowing myself completely, I became miserable and most of my times before, I was really depressed.


I found myself in denial stage. I’ve even learned that I’ve had being a condition of Down syndrome when I was in sophomore year in high school. I kicked out of my conclusions and told myself and said, ‘I’ve been doing this all the time and not even myself I didn’t know.‘ My family knew behind. My relatives also knew. But I was the only one who didn’t know about my condition. I seek depressed too many times before.


I was even careless to myself. Then I realized one thing I learned in my experiences was to accept my condition. That was three years ago already.


Quote #2:

Don’t force me to learn how many possible lessons could teach your life in greatest experiences you have. To tell you the truth, you never believe yourself. You never seek to your potential talent.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I’ve had a greatest potential talent – is to write, to draw and to think positive things in life. I saw myself miserable of my life before. But I learned how to do the math lessons, the science lessons, the language lessons and the history lessons also. But I didn’t acknowledge myself having with a condition being having that I’ve had Down syndrome. That was before.


Now I learned how to cope with my problems. To see is to believe. To acquire is to require your innermost feelings with the presence of the Lord. And to seek how you react is to see yourself a positive way of thinking at the back of your head. The talent you’ve had were the greatest lessons you’ve ever learned. But I never thought that way before. To loop the everything in the past, we couldn’t redo all what we’ve had done before. It was unexchangeable. But it never seeks to my heart. It was only until then, one passion led me to reasons – go back to basics.


Basic teachings, basic knowledges and basic wisdom of life are here to teach your life how you believe yourself more in the future. But the more I acquire in my life is to believe in God alone. Because in God alone, you will receive blessings from Him above.


Quote #3:

Ask how many times you’ve been chasing after your dream, it always have been failing. You always allow yourselves what is need to be done and what is not to be done when it is wrong.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I’ve been chasing my dream every time I always allow one dream to achieve. But I felt it was wrong. Feeling you are depressed all the times in yourself. You allow yourself that you are doubting yourself. But one lesson I’ve learned throughout my life, I learned how great possible dreams will change after you succeeding in different ways of living of life.


Learn how to value your life. Learn how to see your life in different lessons you want to learn. Learn what is given talents you have. Learn what is righteous dream you always have to follow. But the most lesson I’ve learn is to believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself one hundred percent, you will eventually follow even your expectations to grow bigger. But it will also that you learn how to succeed your limitations higher than your normal limitations. It is how you feel within your emotions and emotions will never be the same.


Quote #4:

Just because you cannot do what the others can do, you always fail. And feeling that you’re not from the field as them, you feel the same way.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I’ve been in denial stage before. But it was the greatest fear I’ve conquered. And sometimes when you feel the same feelings I have, you will encounter how positive ways will come in your way. Somehow along the road, I’ve been feeling lonely and depressed.


But along with the journey I have today, I have surpassed many trials or problems today. Each problem will solve how many rocks you will collect on the road. When you know how to get rid of many rocks on your road, you will see the light in your journey. What lessons did I learn? Learn how to be humble what is given to you and learn how to place what your journey tells you so.


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