I always see the beautiful life on a big flat green planet where there is always a beautiful animals, beautiful creatures, and beautiful living inside and out. But what can you do to make it your past something to do for your present now? To think that way at the back of my head seems losing the ground itself. To tell you the truth honestly, every life today is beautiful. You can either go to the dreams you are going. Or you should stop and try searching around the globe. The globe itself has a big 4 billion population. One small world makes you beautiful when you find out that there is someone you know is connecting to one common friend you have.


Well, it commonly does the same thing when you are meeting someone and if you find some connections, eventually you and the person you are referring to connect for one common friend you have. It’s a big deal. Our planet is always full of surprises.


Of all things in the world when there is inseparable dreams never seem to happen, there will be always a place to count for your dreams to continue. One dream seems to happen. One goal has to achieve some your smaller details to grow bigger. And one inseparable dream might come back where you are coming from – your future is. People as they speak dreams are not real and some people don’t speak the truth but they continue that their dreams are real. One big question – how you will change your height of your dreams? Nevertheless, it counts how small vision can turn you bigger vision of dreaming higher.

~Status facebook message, March 25, 2014, Tuesday, 7:19 p.m.


Here are some three weird explanations you want to find in this article:


1. Myth: You don’t like family tree or genealogy when you’re still a child. But as the old sayings says that if a first child in the family is favorite’s grandparents’ grandchild. The first child knows everything about the family tree or genealogy.

Fact: It didn’t come to me as I knew when I was still a child. In fact, when I grew up and finally knew where I came from. I started to like family tree or better known as your genealogy roots from both sides of your families.


2. Myth: It said that if the youngest child is spoiled child, it will get anything from the parents or siblings. And it has a greater intelligence quotient but it has a lesser emotional quotient.

Fact: Youngest child doesn’t consist as a spoiled child. It lacks of information getting the child or the person is. That if the child is the youngest, he or she would be intelligent. It doesn’t need to be intelligent or emotional, it needs discipline and behavioral test at home.


3. Myth: The middle child is always a miserable child. A naughty child that needs attention or a clown that attracts from the society as their relatives.

Fact: I was a middle child, third sibling among five siblings. Being as a middle child, it doesn’t consist that I am a miserable child. To count that is not miserable, it consists a variety numbers of gifted child. It materializes what it needs to be finish. It can also multi-task some things to do when it needs to do.


Despite of all things that God create in our living world planet called earth, it would have a beautiful life. And there is a mountain of hope, a valley of faith and river that streams your trustworthy in the land. No matter what it says, it always has to be said and says, “every life is new no matter in the beginning that will do in the present and it will last for the future upbringings.


One question has come to my intentions and there is always one answer needed. What do you need to know accessing from the past? The answer would be and says, “Go back where you come from and tell me about your past. So I will know what your character is. And for your background check, it will find a new meaning from accessing from your past.


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