Each of inch has a success to your life whether it is love life, financial or something you could withdraw your life better than unusual things you discover to yourself. I see many top conclusions that never ends a happy ending, but it ends with a sad ending. You focus yourself to your past and redo it all over again. To satisfy of yourself must stay enduring yourself.


To tell you the truth honestly, at the back of my head thinks what it comes around inside of my life. For the remaining details in your life takes back anything, you wouldn’t take care of everything. It was something to do what you really want to do. First, you always have to discipline yourself in greater responsibility. And second, there are many times you will succeed but never give up. Giving up is a failure. And a greater success will bless you more.


The moment you realize is the more you get success points you can get. In my experiences before, I usually can tell that I really never give up. Giving up on one occasional habit makes you stepping closer to get you up to success ladder.


Let me give you some of my pointer tips what I have:


In my skills alone, I can multi-tasking with my skills doing to draw a 30-minute traditional drawing, making a lyrics in 10-15 minutes longer depends how it’s long about, writing an article in 15-25 minutes depends on brainstorming event, cleaning the room depends how it long will you take and making a habit disciplining closer to success.


Let me rephrase that. Since I’m not a perfect writer, I also can happen to dance in a few dance moves I have, can reciting a song to practice in one whole day or possible in two hours, can also think what’s inside at the back of my head. I’m not a perfect leader also. But I can take you there. It happens that I’m a skilled person as everybody has said to me that I also have a potential talent – which is a leader.


Being a leader makes you important to lead your role. You can never go back the way you can be. You always practice yourself in a first step ladder – as an apprentice. Being as an apprentice, you can practice what field you can get and have experience all the way to the top. But being as an apprentice is one of the hardest role because it takes time to practice. It may take days, months or even in years. More importantly, you learn the valuable lessons as an apprentice.


Apprentice is also one of the bridge role that can make you shifting to one another skill or talent that you have. If you have potential talent, in that case you can go higher roles you can land on.


Those days it saved me from the past before and I’ve learned my lessons. On which I’ve had experiencing three jobs that I’ve landed only two months each apart. But on my fourth job, it successfully got me lessons to be learn. And I also happened that I got 10 months already. It was already surpassing my longest employment history. Well, it is a fact and not as a joke.


What else you can tell? When it comes around, there are many excuses in your life.  When you’re saying an excuse, you always complain that you don’t learn that much. It means that you’re limiting yourself in knowledge terms. Always have a empty glass at the back of your head so you can learn something new what’s inside of a new knowledge. With a limitation lessons, you always find the key importance of lessons. And that way you can also find yourself in your skills and talents.


Talents are in-born talents. When you say it’s a skill, meaning you learn some new skill that it added to your life skills. Life skills such as you can knitting a cloth with a various colors of knitting, or earning an important skill like learn how to cook, learn how to prepare things for making important life skill. Life skills is more important than talents. But as such as talents, you can also learn how to provide your materials. Materials can make you more resourceful in a way that you can make life earning skill.


This is when it comes around your skills and talents you have. Don’t waste with your energy and time. Because if you do that, you will need your body to recharge at night as well.


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