In every beyond the borders or casting around the valleys, the true talent you are seeking is already in your heart. And that leads to your passion. It finds where you are doing purposely. In your heart alone, there are always a struggle in your life. But those between your struggles, in your past times you are doing in your heart what you are doing for the sake you loved. Putting you to the test is another challenge. And a challenge is a greater responsibility to change from your heart.

~Status message in facebook, March 27, 2014, Friday, 1:13 p.m.


Living in a daylight that you are doing for a purpose. You live actively in 24 hours a day. You sleep 8 hours to recharge your stamina, your strength and your endurance. But seeking from your heart, you release 15 hours to prepare your day is. Your purpose is your choice. And your choice is what you are seeking from your bottom of your heart. Many of us deal a problems. Some in the society has their own family already. Some in the society don’t dwell to other problems but to seek for themselves looking a right job for them. Some in the society don’t ask to somebody who didn’t know them. We already alert for ourselves. We divert to some many things we could look to. But many of us are seeking for a right time and a right talent is.


You question to someone that he or she is really proud from his or her talent is. Then you already are envying him or her. Isn’t an obvious that you don’t have like him or her? It’s because deep inside of your heart, you question to your skills and your talents to someone else. Deep inside at the back of your mind tells you already what kind of questions these are.


Seeking the right opportunity, seeking the right job and seeking the right unknown talent for you, you realize it’s already one of seven sins that leads you right there. My advice for you is stop envying him or her talents or skills that they have. Flourish your talent or skill that you already have. Stop making sense what people tells you more. To say it from your heart is sometimes taking you to lead somewhere. Are you getting my sense? Well, obviously of course not, because you are my reader here in my article.


If you sense the right question and the right answer, I might ask you only two questions below. Honestly from my heart, these two questions will only question at the back of your mind what’s in my head by the way. But I believe it will find you there to flourish what you have now.


In all kinds of job anywhere around the globe, the country or the place you are living for. Yet you find another interesting establishment right beside your neighborhood. You are curious, of course. So what kind of job is it? Is it taking your skill or talent that will flourish there?


Here is my answer for you. In many job experiences that I’ve had before, there were only four job descriptions that I’ve had so far. My previous first three jobs being as a chef or a cook, it took me a while what it was really acquired to do or flourished your talent is. The truth was, being a chef was the only thing I couldn’t do inside the kitchen. Instead, I am best making the nutrition in each and every dish it would come out from the kitchen.


Like this ordinary carbonara with bacon and cheese, the recipe contains more calories. Plus the bacon has higher calories. When you added the cheese above, it is also consisting more calories. Was it nutrition dish you could eat? This recipe is above high calories dish. If I direct you to eat more valuable dish, like pasta with olives, capers, tuna, sweet chili sauce and pepper-flavored. It contains less calorie contents. Because it doesn’t have cheese, the tuna has omega-3 and sweet chili sauce is basically low calorie content.


My talent in the kitchen doesn’t measure well. But I can tell what kind of dish I should eat properly for my right diet needs. That’s one of my strength talent I have. Being as a nutritionist for my position can only flourish one at a time. And I can practice every day so I could eat more nutritional dishes in the future.


You come across the counter and say to the cashier, “good morning, what kind of job you have? I would like to get knowing of your job.” Then at the thoughts at the back of your mind saying that you want to apply the kind of job you need in the future. So you think at the back of your mind, you ask yourself and saying, how would you take in this career you choose?


Here is my answer to you. I’ve been said that I’ve been in culinary career before. Now I chose another path of different career – to be an inspirational person as a role model. Well, of course, I didn’t choose taking the path of teaching. But the path of teaching became attaching with me. My great grandfather who was once a teacher before has became my inspiration. But that was on my father’s side. On my mother’s side, my grandmother was once a teacher in a school teaching major in filipino and minor in history. Both sides were shown that I’ve yet to follow them on my own too.


I’ve decided to choose what was best for me. So I continued flourishing my talent helping the kids to grow their talents. So someday, they will be the ones thanking me in the future. So my heart felt to them. Being part of 10 months as an assistant teacher, I’ve seen myself as an icon in the future.


Choice of your career somehow will find you in the future. It couldn’t tell at the back of your head. To tell you the truth honestly, career as an educator to those students will take me to another career. I didn’t choose the career as an educator. But it chose me instead. It flourished my passion for these kids to grow on their potential talents. Like I was before, I was beginning to like on science. So I am still practicing as a nutritionist instead taking part as a chef. I was also beginning to like history, economics and literature. So I become part of my talents.


Talents such being as an entrepreneur isn’t hard for me. In fact, I begin to enjoy flourishing more of my talents. It becomes part of my life. Liking history and economics, it’s a big interest for me although I have politics blood running both to my family sides. But I said that I won’t use it for bad decisions. In literature, I begin continuing my career to write more on simple poems, sonnets, songs and stories. And eventually, I also like to write quotes on my own. Creating them on my own is a basic talent that I have.


So choosing your own path of talent can take you higher career. Do it practicing every day and have patience yourself. And also one word of advice, take yourself to talk more about yourself alone. When asking alone, it boosts your charisma then eventually take you talking to other people. Charisma is a big plus personality. That is what I also have on my own instincts of talents.


The story of Growth success: Believing more to your talents


I have fond of many talents that I have. To share with my success is something I could give a little advice before the article ends here. But showing for you might give you a clue. Look around yourself inside of your room. What makes you motivated more? Is it what you are making proud of yourself? Or something that you can’t do in the past, now you can do a lot of better today.


I loved how to count from 1 to 100 when I was a kid. But growing up like a mathematician, I wasn’t be going that far. I liked more that I can get information like in NBA statistics from points, rebounds, assists and a lot more to recite in statistics. It’s obvious you can’t have a lot of talents you have now.


But when I was still in sixth grade, I was already in loved with science. Being as a science lover, I didn’t get a chance growing up to be a scientist, a dentist, a field where you can excel or something that you really love for. This was what made me proud of. I’ve enhanced a lot both in science and in arts. When I was starting to draw physically in traditional arts in science. My teacher would’ve graded me a higher score, but I couldn’t remembered how high I got in those I.W. (individualized work). To explain furthermore, I’ve ended up loving more in volcanoes and someday when I got a glimpse of a volcano. I will become to call as a volcano photographer. It didn’t come to me as well. But I flourished a little in photography talent that I’ve had.


And I also didn’t notice that I can do improving more on arts as I’ve passed on. To become to an end, someday I also ended up like an artist. And it was real. I became excel both in traditional arts and in digital arts. As an artist, you always have to practice every now as then. For me, being as an artist makes you more vulnerable in all aspects. But I never give up. Practicing makes you growing forward and flourish every time you make it.


Dancing or acting to dance was my mighty in-born talent. Despite my disability being having as Down syndrome wasn’t my hindrance anymore. I began widening my eyes to see looking forward and moving forward as well. I was then called my parents going to the front of an audience. Then I started to dance as well. Dancer as it called when you flourished your dancing acts as well. An in-born talent made you worth to practice every day of your life. Even at my age, I might catch up to the latest music from this generation to old generation as well.


Success of being talent you’ve shared through all of your life will measure your strength to change the world or your nation that is. But being alone hones you make practicing even more higher height. It will become your backbone of your talent someday.


Aside from my talents I also have was writing. My writings before was really that bad, or to make it worse in a wrong sentence, or broken phrases might be. Deep inside my heart, I also wanted to be a writer. Making a novel, or a comic story will shine of your career. But the problem was nobody believed on my talents. Not aside when I grew up stronger enough to stand on my own.


As a writer made you deciding what kind of words you would show up in a group of sentences in a paragraph. In a climax near ending of your story will show your strength if your characters build well enough to create a good story. But I’ve never done a story before when I was a child. I grew up as a poet first way back when I was in high school years. That was the time of my birth. And a birth became my passion to write. I wasn’t aware of that. But I was glad to have flourishing my own talents.


Literature was among my favorite subjects in high school. And so the name also began appeared before graduating in college. And the rest of the history was written already. Science, literature, music, economics and science were my top subjects in my elementary days up to high school years. And I am using my talents up to now, even to date itself today.


Your story will be written if you are believing more to your talents.


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