When there is a person really wants to learn something new, it will value the living of its life. But somehow along the way, I never think at the back of my mind would be possible looking for some new lesson in life. This Philippines should learn how to cope many problems whether it’s political, entertainment, sports or any kind of division would they be. Why would you learn?


I put it out three words – ride a bicycle. No matter how far you go, you see the glimpse of running limitless blue skies above. No matter how small distance you walk, you always force yourself riding in an air. In a thick mostly clouds above would form a little oxygen, hydrogen that may float you in the air. But you can’t have the wings unless you become like a bird, an eagle or some aviary to fly around the globe. How is it high you achieve your goals? For me, it’s limitless. No matter how smaller they are, medium they may be announce or bigger goal reaching out to their achievement, it is how you step moving forward and not moving backwards.


Stepping or moving backwards means you have need to rearrange yourself a bit of complaining. You always want to be what you want to be. You always seem carelessness. But you are always frustrating yourself that you cannot do. Sometimes, it’s how you control your emotions may be. But in a free will of content of your life is possible to change. Stepping or moving forward means you are ready to face conquering new problem, a trial may await for you. Some positive note along the way in your life has come your valuable lesson you have from your heart.


Ride a Bicycle is a form of my little project. But somehow it may be a little detail that you will leave here. If you have comment, suggestion or anything that you have in your mind, please feel free to adapt new idea. I’ll be thinking to form little project this year. Maybe so, if it succeed, time will frame new idea hoping some people what’s a form having with Ride a Bicycle project.


I need people to start this a little project. If you have a moment from your free time, just leave a message, suggestion or anything has common at the back of your mind.


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