Life has boring to know what depths are meaning to use for us. Without a penny in our pocket, why can’t we feed to ourselves or to our children? Without earning will be hard to feed for our stomach needs. But nevertheless, the job will suit for our needs to fill it in.


It always aimed for me to get a job in the past. Now that I’ve mention a job, it always have the main source we could get for our needs – to pay for our bills, to pay the rent, to buy grocery needs to fill our stomach needs and to buy what we need to have in our daily basis. But it’s also can use for the leisure creating the source we can enjoy for ourselves. Just a little will hurt your pocket, but too much will cause a headache when paying the bill on the wrong note.


Last two years, I spent saving all my money to get have a business in the future. But having with a cellphone loading business wasn’t an effort to save all my centavos in my pocket. I’ve searched from the newspaper, job website, talking to someone if I could get in or maybe some a drive campaign that I would be a volunteer. Nevertheless, it always counted on my serving basis of money – without a money to earn.


Two years have changed me as well. Two years have seen my future. And two years have crossed my mind what I’ve been doing right now. Well, of course, it is always be a countless times seeking for a right opportunity – to find a job. Earning money from a job will help increase your mood, thus also creating income from your job. I’ve had been naughty for sometimes in the past. Lurking my money to waste was all my concerns. Diving for collections served me right to have lessons to learn. But not the leisure that I’ve had before. Leisure have been bought for me – buying magazine collection, book collection, music collection and other things from what my imagination thought me up well.


I’ve guessed that I was wrong. It was always that I didn’t know what is right and what is wrong. Deserving to know to have a job is a must. I’ve seen people going in and going out from their job in their routine of 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Like a rat race, you’ve been chasing like a gold mine on your job. Putting your health on risk is also number one priority. But mention to yourself that money could buy a lot of things. But not for putting yourself in danger might ask your thoughts to rethink what is going on for your pocket needs.


Love your job. Love your partner. Love your boss. Or love your dog at least to keep at the back of your mind that taking care of things are all means necessarily. People will forget how gold mine could check on your deposit slip, your paycheck or from your bank account. How high can you save your money? How seldom you spend your money on your leisure time? Does have you to be having a good time with your money? In the real society, money can buy anything. But money sometimes can be a root of evil when you use it for a wrongdoings you have at the back of your mind.


Let me check your job routine:

1. You always check your kid, your partner and your pet to have least to eat their meal. After that, you are going to your work.

2. At work, you always have time to get arguments with your boss.

3. Or at work, you always have to spend your partner hallucinating with all brainstorming ideas all day.

4. Or at work, you always have at least at the back of your mind thinking all the good promotion you are doing for a day.

5. And after work, you are punching your timecard to get it out quickly and rush your home to cook a meal for your kid, your partner and your pet as well.

6. Then at the end of the day, you spend your time checking how money is used the whole day at your journal expenses through the year.

7. You, at least, do this everyday and every night. 


But if you’re unemployed but you are a boss, this is what happens to your job routine:

1. You go off early from your bed mostly early than at your normal time.

2. You check your kid if it’s sleeping and the assignment is already done.

3. You cook ahead. You feed your pet. You wash your car. And you do a lot of things by multi-tasking.

4. Before going to your job, you check your belongings so you wont’ come back again to your house.

5. When you are at work as a boss, you check your employees as if they are doing performance well.

6. You praise the employee by making it how far does it go to pay at the end of the day.

7. When at the field, you mention your day what looks like in the meeting.

8. You meet your client, your friend or your someone who has been looking for you through the years.

9. After work as a boss, you come home earlier at least saying, “I’m home.”

10. Your kid is always happy. Your pet is always ask for playing or for feeding the pet.

11. Then at the end of the day, you spend your time checking how money does it good from your pocket in your journal expenses through the year.

12. You, at least, do this every weekend. Because your partner is always doing the part-time as your financial partner of the family.


Why would bothering if you can’t buy some thing you like? If there’s none, there’s always a catch at the end of the day.


Synchronizing your job might be good to change for your daily needs. And picking a job and a good place will also enhance how many points you get for your job purposes. But feel free if you ask me. I’ve been jobless for about 7 years and 7 months. But at least I’ve maintained 10 months already, my longest employment from me resume. Right now, I am in one month vacation before starting to a new job already that will start on the month of May. What else makes me new? Grabbing an opportunity having a job will definitely solve your problems in financial. But how many can it take? It would definitely take you many years for achieving the longest time.


Don’t patronize yourself getting pumping your job in 12 hours, just at least grab 8-10 hours of working. Health is most important for your wealth needs. But don’t force yourself in a little disaster you’re making from your graveyard shift.~Referring to call center career.


Building a new team consists how many foundations you will build. New little favors can make turn you patience, determination and a will of burned desire to get your team to be done.~Referring to networking career.


Highlighting your day with a best performance will help increasing your production in a day. But never dream letting down of your partners, as always saying that there is nobody will leaving you behind but help each other is like a mighty team.~Referring to business career.


Saving lives are most important. But never underestimate the life worth saves your day. But if your patience runs out, the life you are taking will have deal with entering the heaven’s path.~Referring to medicine career.


Mighty as a rock and a distance of helping is worth taking your day to lend. But never dream of bigger opportunity helping your enemy’s path by crossing a boundary.~Referring to lawmaker and lawyer career.


Kids are helpless at home when they need knowledge. But at the end of the day, the kids are full of energy helping themselves to study more and to reward a better opportunity from their parents.~Referring to teaching profession career.


As a foundation builds at the center of attraction, the visitor also attracts from a view of an eagle. But the view of beautiful angle must have a beautiful career ahead of them.~Referring to architect and interior designer career.


Never underestimate with the word, phrase, or an adjective that uses an appropriate meaning. Because without it, it never holds a true meaning of a purpose story.~Referring to journalism career.


The art of savior could have been good. But the art sometimes is underestimate of an naked eye. What about the nude art? It is not a simply art, but sometimes other is mistaking giving a wrong perspective mind.~Referring to artist career.


Mind the business of protecting the citizen’s needs. But the traffic also comes with a different directions. Sometimes there’s a whole lot mess if you don’t discipline the nation.~Referring to police, security and high professional career.


Having a faith profession in your life sometimes have a full of knowledge. But sometimes taking a sin won’t comfort us. Asking forgiveness is an act of contrition. But don’t let yourself doubt even more.~Referring to priesthood, sainthood and sisterhood career.


Firing a lot of determination will prove your quick response. But it costs a lot of sweat and confidence having your dish to taste it better.~Referring to chef and baker career.


If I miss some job career to quote the message, just leave or give a comment below this article. I respond to this article.


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