Mikki derives from the name of Mickey, but since I love anime. I turned the Mickey into Japanese version, Mikki.

Why itsmikki, the name? Simple. When you say “Hi, Mickey,” you utterly say it also as “Mickey, how’s the weather there?” He was referring to another guy. In that any case, the purpose of its name about itsmikki, it has the meaning of itself. Their qualities like determination, perseverance, dedication, optimistic, dreamer and a positive thinker. I don’t think other reasons to make it out of point, like for instance, that were my thoughts are negative.

The other meaning of Mikki derives from my real name referring to the name of Simeon. The third letter M I put it out then added as a cheerful and happy person. Since I was a boy and a teenager, now I am in adult years already. No matter what people said to me about negatives, it don’t bother to me anymore.

And a world is talking about anything, a limitless above all from headlines, technology, local news, entertainment, sports articles, art services and among many others I haven’t mention above.