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Art and Literature 5

Here comes my continuously part five for my Art and Literature article. This time around, I will be discussing what I write about here in my studio. Considering what I really like to write about is about more in literature or some part of the series. What I am talking about the series of English quotes, Tagalog quotes, Spanish quotes, Summer Sonnets, Sunday Sonnets and What I know about of a person’s name. It’s either foreign artists or local artists.


One of my favorite I’ve been writing about is the entertainment. What I know about series is my considering favorite articles I’ve been writing about. It’s not about the negative issues. Negative issues are for the paparazzi. But my opinion in my writing proves more in positive issues like their achievements or positive views in life. Well of course, I’ve been writing in foreign artists like Beyonce Knowles, Britney Spears, Carmen Electra, Dakota Fanning, Katy Perry, Mandy Moore, Marie Digby and the late legendary singer Michael Jackson.


And in local artists I’ve already written were Alodia Gosiengfiao, Coco Martin, Jodi Santa Maria, Julia Montes, Kathryn Bernardo, the late young actor Rico Yan and Toni Gonzaga. It was difficult at first when I wrote about them. With a lot of brainstorming, creating more ideas and more sufficient resources are the most important writing in an article’s contents. It could have that you can inserting the picture or when it possibly makes in a good review of an article.


Writing eight foreign artists and seven local artists were my most priorities that I written at the first. But there will be more foreign artists and local artists I will be writing in the future here in my studio. So I might be talking about the studio contents.


And also part of the studio contents are literary works such as Summer Sonnets, Sunday Sonnets, English quotes, Tagalog quotes and Spanish quotes. It will be more interesting series to come here in my studio when it comes.


Sunday Sonnets began on February 3, 2013. I thought one Sunday Sonnet in one day it will last. Until it came to the very point that I rarely added one sonnet at time in February. I wrote two Sunday Sonnets already in February, three more Sunday Sonnets in March and three more Sunday Sonnets in April. There are four Sundays in a month. Sometimes when it’s luckily having five Sundays, I will be writing more Sunday Sonnets. Prior on that, sometimes when writing sonnets is one of the hardest you can brainstorm of the contents. Sometimes when you lack of this, you will going crazy or going gaga all the time in your room. In my past experiences when writing sonnets in my life were much harder than I thought. It was only the moment because I really made my day falling in love.


But today when writing sonnets are making me hardest to the point because I never feel the love inside my heart and at the back of my head. Sometimes I look to the views of life, or somewhat I read about medieval stories, or may the heart wins over my mind when writing sonnets at the finest work.


Summer Sonnets was launched already last April 24, 2013. It was purely different from Sunday Sonnets. Sunday Sonnets were exclusively written in a specific day and it was only Sunday you have to brief yourself and write your sonnet at the chosen day. But the different part of Summer Sonnets are much different from Sunday Sonnets. Summer Sonnets are only having specific time and date. It has to be a summer time. Summer here in the Philippines always start early in March and it ends two weeks before of May. Because the rainy season will start around of that month. If I were living anywhere in the world, I would be surprised to live in Canada, Japan, Australia or Europe where there was always a four seasons of the country. Because when I always hear about the four seasons in the year, I always read about the four seasons.


English quotes started earliest here in my studio when it launched on April 22, 2012. It have had 80 English quotes already and it was divided equally in each form of English quotes. So it was 36 English quotes already that I wrote them. English quotes to me were like much equally meaning with the poems and sonnets about. But the different part was having with a long written quotes. When you write something shorter quotes, sometimes it reminds me of a poem. So I’ve decided to make a longer quote poems.


And the craziest part of my studio was the Tagalog quotes. Tagalog are the Filipino language here in the Philippines. So you might even knowing about what it feels about being as a Filipino. Tagalog quotes were also launched here in my studio on March 31, 2012. Tagalog quotes or Filipino quotes were much different part of the English quotes. Because it has different meanings from English quotes.


And the last part of the series are Spanish quotes. Spanish quotes are the hardest reach to study of a Spanish language. Because it was only time to time when I have had a feeling to write about them. It was because of my auntie who I really liked about. She was my mother’s sister and she was the eldest sister of my mom’s sibling. I really loved about her. The way she speaks and acts, she really gives us a gentle message in each of us. Well of course, mom was different from her sister who I dearly liked my auntie.


Spanish quotes were launched on June 22, 2012 and it was only have had 12 Spanish quotes individually of 6 Spanish quotes. It was driving me only when I have a chance to write about the Spanish language. Besides from the part of writing in nature, I always have the same feelings of my articles.


When writing an article, sometimes I felt about that I belonged to the article I wrote about. How do you feel when you write an article? Me. Sometimes I do have feelings even at the highest peak of the mountain I rarely do. What you are reading about my articles sometimes it wishes you to be inspired. Because that it was have a meaning of my studio.


Art and Literature 4

There are many reasons why I am putting up in a new template of my Art and Literature and Literature works. Well of course, you simply have to put your contents to work it out your working habits. I know I have been struggling last month as my computer is seems struggling with me. With the windows popping in and out and the keyboard is staring to unlike me. I don’t blame for that. This is why it has been so harsh between the computer and me.


Let me get straight to the point of view. I’ve been checking out why I have been writing down so far here in articles. As you can see that I already have 28 English quotes, 19 Filipino (Tagalog) quotes and 3 Spanish quotes. I have to compile them if I have reach the 100 quotes each of them and eventually I will publish. And of course, my old notebooks are somehow that I need them to restore them for good to publish them easily. To obtain from the course of Literature works, I also gain the 3 releasing short story books which it is already publish in my site as well. They are Winter Islands, A Sailor’s Code and The Sun, The Star and The Moon.


The first short story book The Sun, The Star and The Moon is written from the history where it all started in Mactan Island away from the mainland Cebu. A Portuguese trader went with her wife in the Mactan Island after they have discovered the fertile to raise their family. Then from there, you could read through my Short story article menu where it keeps my other short story as well.


A Sailor’s Code is all about Sir Andrew Julien who never thought he could be the king of Lyons, France. He is the knight of western France together with his friends, Sir Howard Cullinger, Sir William Gunningham and Sir Thomas Aldrin. Thomas have kept away Andrew from his homeland of Lyons against some many enemies wanted to kill the son of Sir Arthur who became the elite knight of Lyons together with the late King Leon II. King John V later announced that his daughter wanted to marrying the son of Sir Arthur to regain their kingdom as well. But Andrew didn’t know about his past and returned to his homeland. Princess Elizabeth later have spoke with Anne, the wife of Sir Arthur and the maiden of the kingdom who served for King John V. Anne was the daughter of Sir Garfield. Sir Garfield was the best knight during Leon and Arthur’s time before they have met Anne. But when the kingdom deceived King John III, they dethroned King John III and later King Philip IV took the place from King John III who have killed in the castle. And King Philip IV wanted to kill all the sons of the kingdom and have to keep his position in the long time. When Arthur and Leon became men, King Philip IV thought the sons of Lyons have killed already. Many of the sons became the best knights outside of Lyon and wanted to regain the kingdom as well. King Philip IV have dethroned and been sentenced to death upon killing some daughters and sons of Lyons.


Later Leon became the 16th king of the history and it repeated again in the next generation. Sir Arthur have reminded his friend, King Leon II not to repeat the history again, but they ruled in the country just to save away from the enemies. Crucial and torn, battles went on and on. And that’s where Sir Thomas, Sir Andrew came in when they Thomas heard that Andrew’s father have killed 8 years ago and returned to Lyons again. This is a quite epic of knight’s tale although I admit it that it has to be longer version of my short story. The name of A Sailor’s Code have been renamed in their barracks of Lyons, France and thus it became the famous name in the story.


While the third short story book Winter Islands is very genuine story. It all started when the story begins five centuries ago. When Winter Winterbourne has been born and raised by Mr. Spring Pandemonium. Since when Winter has been born, the mountains have started to cover with snow, little Pandemonium knew his grandchild has come something with the mysterious power of being name of Winter. As Winter became a fine young girl, all the villagers started to dislike the elder chief’s granddaughter because of the mysterious snow in the mountains. What they didn’t know that the girl can listen to their voices away from them and somehow whenever she wanted to speak with them. The villagers have been started to keep away from the girl because her powers has been ranging from what she can hear from the people.



The elder chief of the village, Pandemonium have started to warn the villagers not to harm his daughter Winter of all the troubles have to come. When Winter heard the new baby boy born Summer has been kept in the warm and cozy home, she started going in the house. Chill and Autumn Plymouth have been worried about their son baby boy who have been array with both of them. When Winter and Summer have stayed together, the mountains have been started to getting warmer. But when Winter was out of her grandfather’s mansion, the weather have been started to snow again. The mysterious of the baby boy Summer could bring the fate between the elder chief’s granddaughter of the village and the baby boy as well. When Chill embarked to his journey to search the medicine to cure his wife and his son as well. Chill have asked from the elder chief to go searching for the medicine for the village. As Chill left the village in the top of the mountains, he never knew that the four forests he could enter was very dangerous to enter.


Down from the second forest, he began to build his wooden cabin house inside the second forest to keep him safe and sound. He stayed around fifteen days inside the forest just to get the forest. As he discovered the cave passage after the fourth forest, he never wanted to go inside because of the bats kept going in and out of the cave passage just to protect their home away from the humans who could enter the cave passage. Little the world knew about the Winter Islands when someone came out from the cave passage and have started kidnapping Chill, their first victim. Through the years Chill has spent away from Winter Islands, his promise from his wife began fading away and joined the camp of the pirates, bandits and commandeers. His hatred began filling up his emotions and killing some of the children in the next island. But Chill, inside of his emotions, have never told that someone have been living in Winter Islands.


One day, Chill drew fear and fear from his emotions. He wanted to kill Winter of the Winter Islands just to keep away the winter from his son and his wife. But when they came back, Shadow and the tribesmen have been encountered with the pirates and bandits. They lost every time they entered through the cave passage and never returned. As Winter grew as the young lady who became the teacher of the village, she saw the young boy wanted to search some medicine for the villagers away from their sickness. Because of her passionate of working hard as a teacher, she taught Summer all the time in the school spending some lessons just to keep Summer track. When she became in love with Summer, she knew that she believed him so much that the island will go back again in normal. It was only way to retrieve the medicine but their fate has been come forever.


I have been imagining Winter Islands all the time in my head as the same short story A Sailor’s Code also come to my attention. These short story books I have written is all my gift possessions that can be written. And I know how much I work for the book stories. But there is a lot of book names have to release soon in my site. I will name it for you once you read them carefully and give a little feedback from my publication stories.


Academy Girls is the largest franchise story I will write soon as you will discover these eight best friends since their childhood. The first book, Academy Girls, is about the friendship of six neighborhood girls Nina Kyle, Rose Richards, Kaye Queens, Ashley Young, Caroline Cashew and Krista Trevor when they learned about the school has coming up in the block as they received the scholarship to get in. As they discovered the Academy Private School for Girls Only, they thought they could go in just to learn the basic and principles of the school. As the story goes, they discovered Sarah McAdams, a British girl from Great Britain came to study in the Paris. The setup of this story is located in Paris, France where I have been dying to get traveling around the world. They befriended her and Sarah instantly became their part of their group. As they discovered another girl has been bullying and brutally in the aisle. Sarah and the girls came to the rescue the tallest girl who have been bullying since she was a child. Belle Lyons, the 5’6″ tall girl, who have been played in the volleyball field all the time and an adopted child of the rich family. As they left Belle for good, they never noticed Belle have been left alone in Paris and transferred in San Francisco, California. But when Sarah and the six girls have reached Belle from their hands. Belle joined the friendship of seven girls. Their friendship became a little known as the best series I will write about.


Then the second book Academy Girls: Trip to Tokyo is about the eight girls who have been traveled alone without their parents. Belle, Sarah and the five girls: Nina, Rose, Kaye, Ashley, Caroline and Krista have been consented their parents them to travel and embarked their adventures in Tokyo. When they went to Tokyo, Ashley and Kaye went part ways from the group where they went in Osaka, Japan. Ashley and Kaye traveled for their own as they discovered the twin sisters, Kara and Keira Inoue have been abandoned from their family when they have been left for good. Ashley, on her part wanted to keep the twin sisters. But Kaye didn’t want to adopt the sisterhood again in Japan as they didn’t know how to go in Paris when Keira and Kaye have to go with them. But when Ashley, Kaye and the twin sisters went to Tokyo, they found the twin sisters’ real family. Sarah and Belle teased a lot with Nina, Rose, Carolone and Krista. But when they learned Ashley’s intuitions to help the twin sisters’ adventure. They eventually joined to find the family resemblance. As they finished their adventure in Tokyo, the eight girls returned in Paris and the twin sisters have been finally found their friendship with the eight girls they have been received.


The third book Academy Girls: Lost in Wilderness is another their adventure when they went to camp in the wilderness together their PE teacher. Their PE teacher was their camp leader when they found they all have to go in summer camp. It is the prerequisite camp to go back in Academy Private School for Girls Only when they learned they have to pass the summer camp or else go to their community service around the Paris. Belle and Sarah became the tent leaders while the six girls is divided to join them. But the new two teams were sent just to pass the summer camp as well from the different school. The two teams led by Sarah and Belle have been together all the time when they clashed again with the new teams in the summer camp. The camp leader didn’t know the other school teams just to ruin the Academy Private School for Girls Only. As their new adventure set in the wilderness. What they didn’t know that their boats have been a little water inside their boats. Their boats went as far as the river flows. Sarah, Belle, Nina, Rose, Kaye, Ashley, Krista and Caroline were stranded inside the wilderness and was hoping for their survival mode. Ashley, the former Girl Scout led as the new team leader as they wanted to survive in the wilderness. Later the camp leader knew and discovered the other school’s mischievous tricks. Then later, she announced she have to rescue the two teams lost in wilderness.


The fourth book Academy Girls: Asian Cruise is a tale about of Nina Kyle‘s story as her grandparents were actually Filipinos. As another adventure goes with Ashley, Nina, Rose, Krista, Caroline, Belle and Sarah as they joined Nina in a cruise around the Southeast Asia. Their first stop was Thailand when they learned the history and the facts of Thailand. Nina never knew her grandparents all about, just because her mother died earlier when she was still four years old and her father was busy working in the mail station in Paris. Her father didn’t tell about her mother was a Filipino but she has been raised in Paris for all most of her life. Nina Kyle was the only Filipino in the story knowing that the fact of this story will allow you to unfold the story goes on. Belle, on her part, didn’t know how to swim when the girls found out that they need to teach Belle in swimming. On their second visit of the country went to Singapore when they learned the country is all about discipline and responsibility in their lives. No one in Singapore went goes with the mischief until Caroline caught walking off from the road that hit her by the taxi. Caroline has been hospitalized for about two days just to heal her broken bone in her right arm. But the rest of the girls wanted to learn the mystery of Nina’s mother. As they went to Philippines for their first time, they thought Manila was the same as Paris. But they never knew the Philippines have all historic facts since the 15th century. They went from Manila, Cebu and Davao. And their final place they could ever find was the Palawan. Nina have noticed the picture behind from her mother’s background was an actually from the Palawan. They finally revealed that Nina was part of Filipino race. Their final in Asian Cruise was Malaysia. Kaye Queen’s great grandfather was full-blooded Malaysian until she learned Nina was a Filipino. Then Kaye realized Nina wasn’t the only Asian in their friendship but she was also part of Asian blood by from her great grandfather was a great traveler that went to Paris.


The fifth book Academy Girls: Sweet Sixteen is a tale of Rose Richards and Caroline Cashew who will turn sixteen in the month of November. With Belle Lyons, Nina Kyle, Ashley Young, Krista Trevor, Sarah McAdams and Kaye Queens embarked to another tale when Caroline and Rose were the first ones to turn sixteen in their group. As they went out of the Academy Private School for Girls Only after school, they found Caroline fighting with another school girl from another school. It was only Caroline’s cousin, Jayne Cashew, who wants badly to give a sweet sixteen party to their house. But Caroline insisted from her parents that she wanted to celebrate with Rose, her one of the best girl friends of the group. Jayne, in her part, lost temper and stowed away. As Jayne left in Paris, Caroline’s responsibility has to convince Jayne going back with her and reconcile to have party with Rose. Belle, Nina, Ashley, Krista, Sarah and Kaye joined their adventures as Caroline and Rose have convinced Jayne going back to Paris and have to partying with them. Jayne Cashew was the only child of Caroline’s father of father’s brother who has only two of them carried in their names os Cashew. Nevertheless, it wasn’t fate between Jayne and Caroline. But Caroline, in her life, didn’t want to be part with Jayne all the time. Soon and later, the eight girls went far in Lyons, France as they discovered Jayne was dancing in the pub club just to survive on her own. Caroline and the seven girls found out how to win back of her Caroline’s heart.


In the sixth book Academy Girls: Love Chemistry is about Krista Trevor’s tale. When Belle have found Krista’s ex-boyfriend was one of the boys teased her a lot before. Belle insisted Krista doesn’t want to involve with James Cleveland. James was the leader of the boys before when he was the one found Belle in the aisle and beating up before. Nina, Ashley, Sarah, Kaye, Caroline and Rose joined what James have to do with Belle in the past. Belle’s other ex-boyfriends Sigrid Courtney, Justin Blooms and Patrick Adams were also there in the group as Krista gained the relationship with James. What Krista didn’t know that James played with Belle before and left Belle with the other boys. One of the group, Kevin Tishdale have been went out from the prison and returned to James’ group as the boys returned for the revenge with Belle. Joseph Bell returned as well in Paris as he was the one informed the group to resurface in Paris. Joseph Bell, James Cleveland, Sigrid Courtney, Justin Blooms, Patrick Adams and Kevin Tishdale came up with the plan as James played innocent and have met Krista in the park. When Krista fell in love with James, she never stopped visiting James in the park every day and every night as she was the only one of the group went for the relationship. Belle came to the rescue when she saw James and Krista in the park knowing James was playing to date Krista and regained with James’ intentions. But in the end, Caroline and Ashley have called the polices allegedly that the boys group return to get revenge from James’ intuition to kill Belle. The police eventually detained all of the five men in the jail but Sigrid Courtney was the only one who have been plead from the court making him going to Spain with his family.


The seventh book Academy Girls: Young Massacre is all about Ashley Young who have been killed together with her family. Sigrid Courtney returned once more in Paris as he traveled to kill Ashley’s family making him as to return for his favor to kill Ashley because his notorious mean was all for Belle Lyons. Sarah McAdams, Kaye Queens, Caroline Cashew, Rose Richards, Nina Kyle, Krista Trevor and Belle Lyons have to find clues or evidence the means of notorious group led by James Cleveland. The nightmare returned to Belle when James insisted Sigrid to return in the country to kill Ashley and Caroline as the only ones discovered calling the police to arrest all of them. Sarah played her part as the lead detective when her father was the former police who have been killed in the robbery chase out in one of the biggest bank of the Paris. Later, Sarah have discovered that James’ father was the one who have killed her father before. Caroline, Kaye, Rose, Nina, Krista and Belle gave another their adventure with Sarah leading some of the mysterious stories have to be resolve. Later, James Cleveland was sentenced to death when the court found out that James’ father was the one who have killed Sarah’s father during the robbery chase out before.


The eighth book Academy Girls: Dance Battle is all about Sarah McAdams‘ former school, St. Anne’s International School. When Belle Lyons, Rose Richards, Nina Kyle, Kaye Queens, Caroline Cashew and Krista Trevor joined for the school dance battle with Sarah, it was another adventure for them. Sarah faced her fears and have to overcome with her former friends in St. Anne’s International School. Between Sarah and her former friends, Ariel McLachlin, Sophia Rivers, Madeleine Queens, Harriet Shields, Vanessa Woods and Patrice Bearson came up with the vengeance to settle in the floor. Madeleine, the former best friend of Sarah, left Sarah in the summer camp when they were still kids. She didn’t notice that Sarah would have find her own group together with Belle, Rose, Nina, Kaye, Caroline and Krista.


The other fourteen books of Academy Girl series were Academy Girls: New Teacher, Academy Girls: Kaye’s Parents Divorce, Academy Girls: Father and Daughter, Academy Girls: Soiree, Academy Girls: Summer Camp, Academy Girls: Pajama Party, Academy Girls: Campus Queen, Academy Girls: Transferred Student, Academy Girls: Belle’s Death, Academy Girls: Sarah’s Baby, Academy Girls: Forever Young, Academy Girls: Living Dreams, Academy Girls: Last Summer and Academy Girls: Graduation Ball. The eight books Academy Girls, Academy Girls: Trip to Tokyo, Academy Girls: Lost in Wilderness, Academy Girls: Asian Cruise, Academy Girls: Sweet Sixteen, Academy Girls: Love Chemistry, Academy Girls: Young Massacre and Academy Girls: Dance Battle were all the eight books that I wrote since I have been productive this early of the year 2012.


The other books I have written in series are Aaxau: The Dreamer in four books, Age of 22nd in seven books, Allison’s Dreams in four books, Alonette: Last Guardian in nine books and still counting, Aquos: New Breed Aliens in four books and still counting, Barcodes in five books and still counting, City of Sea in seven books, College Girls in thirteen books, Crying River in six books and still counting, Dagger Denver in three books, Dormitory 312 in three books and still counting, Dual Card Master in three books and still counting, Escape Gear in nine books and still counting, Eternity in four books, Evening Ghost in three books and still counting, Fraternity: School War in five books, Game Hackers: Ambush in five books and still counting, Born of Half Beast in three books and still counting, Highwind Village in eight books and still counting, Island Kingdom in 18 books, Island Prince in six books and still counting, Jasmine in eight books, Job Galaxy in 12 books, June in 10 books and still counting, Key Backers in two books and still counting, King of Pearls in five books and still counting, Kung Pao, The Southeast Cook in two books and still counting, Lantern Girls in four books and still counting, Lighter’s World in two books and still counting, Magic Earth in four books, Mahjong Wars in four books and still counting, Mechanic Raider in two books and still counting, Meltdown in five books and still counting, Merchant Tales in nine books and still counting, Mighty Axe in four books and still counting, Mystery Diary in six books and still counting, New Earth Angel in two books and still counting, New Hood in five books, Nicanne in two books and still counting, Oil Gear in four books and still counting, Orb Galaxy in three books and still counting, Orb of Volcano in three books and still counting, Pearl Princess in three books and still counting, Pendant: Warrior in four books, Pilgrimage in seven books and still counting, Plus and Cross in two books and still counting, Powerfield in four books and still counting, Quadrant: Life in six books, Red Cross in two books and still counting, Restless Paradise in two books and still counting, Reunion Massacre in five books and still counting, Roulette: Las Style in two books and still counting, Sacred Angels in seven books and still counting, Soft Cross in two books and still counting, Soul Prince in 15 books, Sunnyfield in 24 books, Tablet of Gold in two books and still counting, Tiny World in four books and still counting, Tower of Earth in 10 books, Ubaro, The Floating Island in three books and still counting, Ulysses, The Last in two books and still counting, Undead King in six books, Under Earth in six books, Useless Magic four books and still counting, Valentine Seekers in three books and still counting, Valle El Hunter in six books and still counting, White Rose in seven books and still counting, Xaegan, The Beginning of in five books and still counting, Yaxa Caxa in three books and still counting, Year Book in five books, Yellow Pages in three books and still counting, Your Game World in two books and still counting and Zone World in two books and still counting.

After telling some of the stories where my based project is, there are more comic novel books that I have to tell you about. First of all, I won’t get any trouble by any you can steal my project anyway. But to tell you the truth, I always hand over my articles to somewhat things are getting difficult to say.


Alphabeds is the fourth book I am writing the comic novel book. But I haven’t start them to draw. Yet the explosive act is the story itself. I know some of you are addicted playing Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII and XII. So to say, all of them have own story but the pattern of game playing are still the same. Well of course, if I am not a game addict before. I won’t be writing for all of these. The productive months will coming soon to have my hands to work it out in the story line. Better yet, it will be soon that I will create another massive character designs as well.


Speaking of character designs, of course, I will tell you about more of my Immunity cast in trilogy of The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Firelava. This is from my portfolio in my where I place some of my character designs. Please tell me if you really like it or not. Besides some of my drawings are a bit of older drawings. Please bear in your mind this is already old drawings. So you might get me in trouble in feedback. It’s okay for me by the way.

Sergei Ratsche aka Rumber

Character design # 1 background:


The first character design I will tell you is about this Rumbler aka Sergei Ratsche, a German native born on November 11, 1989. He is the son of Weigen Ratsche, a famous wrestler who joined the famous wrestling federation or WWE. Upon his resistance to follow his father’s steps, he hopes to create skills on his own. But in the other side of his parents, he never found that he really have had a mother, Ophran Jaschke. Because her mother died in the mountains of Himalayas where earthquakes killed 50 trekkers alone in 1990. That is why he never saw his mother in his entire life. He is torn between his blood, human or being as an Immune. Never he knew that his mother was also a Immune, but it never registered in the history as well.


Weigen was so disappointed to his son, Sergei. He really realized that pointing out that his son is not normal. Despite as a famous in his younger years at the age of 5, his antics wrestling made him famous. His favorite skill was splitting sommersault. But he didn’t know that he already killed the opponent who is younger as him. Sergei realized his fate was wrong. Despite he sent to New Zealand with his grandparents at the age of 6. His living there was quite unusual for him. He never knew his father well despite of the hectic schedule as a wrestler. But his father wanted him to do some other to do rather to follow him as a wrestler. Sergei insisted and kept continuing to enhance his skills as well. When his father heard Sergei was training in Okinawa, Japan, he never knew his life as a normal person yet born to his techniques were earthquake, splitting fire and water and also lifting or throwing ground rocks. Japanese feared the earthquake might come back. But they didn’t know that he all did for the purpose for his training. He transferred to Western China to continue his training, another earthquake came also in 1995.


When he thought about his own name and decided to call himself as a Rumbler. Everyone was thinking what are the real causes of human disaster in China and Japan, but it was all doings of Rumbler or himself. It led to thousand people alone died in 1995. Despite of his father has been hospitalized, Sergei visited and met his father again in June 1996. Weigen decided to forgive his son before it’s about the time he was dying because of colon cancer he have in his life. Three weeks later, his father Weigen died at the cold day in July 1996 when the day was almost for him.


Through his life wasn’t so sure for him to tell but despite his talents as a Rumbler, he always told himself he won’t give up in his career. That’s where he joined the ranks of Psychic‘s group, the anti-Fireice group who despised her cousin and wanted to destroy some good forces of immunes in 1997. He also participated in the 1998 war where many people feared dying in millions because of the brutal war in 1998 against Fireice and other good forces of immunes. Despite of this, it has been ritual for many immunes for their immunity survival in the world. Causing from each mechanic immunes and materialized immunes were arriving in the planet Earth just to blow the humanity and immunity race as well. Facing the extinction is their fear to survive. What will be the rage of humanity and immunity will face in their own?


There will be many character designs in the future but this will be my first entry to be devoted to post under Art and Literature category.

Different meanings of the Art:


Art means (1) the quality, production, expression, or realm, according aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance, (2) the class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria; works of art collectively, as paintings, sculptures, or drawings, and (3) a field, genre, or category of art.


Different meanings of the Literature:


Literature means (1) writings in which expression and form, in connection with ideas of permanent and universal interest, are characteristic or essential features, as poetry, novels, history, biography and essays, (2) the entire body of writings of a specific language, period, people, etc., (3) the writings dealing with a particular subject, and (4) the profession of a writer or an author.


(Reference from


Literature describes me the best deal of my life, for somehow reasons why I cannot explain I am doing this. First of all, I’m not that kind of good writer or as author as well. I’m writing because I love what I am writing down each word by word from every sentences I make. But to tell you, literature for me is a good practice for all of us making to improve my sentences every time I write about an article. Being a writer is not an easy job, then you have to make the perspective point of view, or some juggling ideas out of the back of the mind. For somehow, writing for me is easily done with my fingers.


I like literature from the start of my journey way back in 10th December of 1998, Thursday lunch break afternoon. It was so dull and boring day. Then I have to wait for my classmates to go back and our subject teacher as well. And of course, somehow when I am looking for something I want to look in the blackboard (the green blackboard, not the white board), easily my eyes imagine some words are popping out of the blackboard. Then one word comes out of mind and that is the poetry. Poetry makes me interesting to learn in our daily lives or our routine as well. Without literature, we won’t make fuss about the newspaper everyday delivering in our doors, in the gates or sometimes to the person they are reaching. Simple tasks as a poet makes so simple. You have to make some paragraphs and a shorter lines. Then out of nowhere you have to think another verse of a poem’s paragraph. Sometimes I write about where I can think about from songs or a particularly subject I am thinking. That subject is a person.


When I think of one person, I simply amazes her talent, her beauty or her profession because of her intelligence. The intelligence somehow discovers me if she is really that smart enough. Or was it she thinking about me, it’s like vice-versa thinking of creating the poem. In the sonnet when I am making, it started during my summer time. On the day of 27th of May of 1999, a week before the school year starts our graduating senior year class, that very day of Thursday, I simply got out of piece of paper and started to make some words from the back of my mind. One by one and word by word, looking in a boring day with the sun sets to my room and breezing branches of a tree somehow came to my mind, then I finished writing down a sonnet. It was my first sonnet. I have had managing to finish my first sonnet waiting for the school year starts. Then it comes to my amazed mind, it dreams for me suddenly I wake up. The girl I am chasing for is that she is already taken. Somehow I lost my way, and to create another sonnet, a devastating sad sonnet.


Wide awaken from my eyes to think, looking for a change subject creates me another set of words. I write about of this song. Then I thought about it is to write a song. I was a music lover listening to the music every time I open the radio loudly from my room. Sudden from the burst out of nowhere, our maid downstairs suddenly said to me that I have to lower down the volume I was listening to the music. I laughed to my sickness laugh. With that laugh somehow it whispers me back to think about of that song. And that song is about the hate and love. I often know what to do and what to think about. I cry for somehow reasons why when I am creating the song. For about a half of an hour, I just finished my lyrics song without a tune. I simply create with my own lullaby and of course, the tone of my song. There it was, sometimes it amazed me of my life being as a singer or a songwriter.


To tell you about, this is the crazy of my journey as a poet. I didn’t realize that I have talents in writing. After so many years passed in the year of 2005, my life was dull, boring and never to do anything so stupid about it. But to create another mischief of my life, I suddenly stopped thinking playing of nonsense of online games. But I was timid and stubborn as I continued to be an avid online gamer playing some of the online games, which it’s the Khan Online. From out of nowhere when I came home, I pulled out of blank sketch pad and drew the character from the Khan Online. I drew about the assassin and of course, without notice I made some of numerous character designs for my trilogy comic novel books The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice.


When I was creating them, I was knowledgeable about the literature. Literature comes crossing to my artworks of character designs. Then to think, without a good story of a character somehow cannot complete with a perfect idea in the literature as well. I laughed to my ideas and instantly I said “Yes, I can!” I brought my artworks in to the life. In the very start of the story, I have to think about the past. Then to think my venture about volcanoes, I have started to write my own version in japanese anime characters against the X-men series, the western drawings. What a laughter I started to write, somehow I created them in the first place. Without an idea can’t cross from the story.


One word from another and one move to create the perfect character design comes to a writing contest. I created the finish version of the first comic novel book The Anthology of Firelava in the paper. Then I transferred them later in the computer to be rewritten as well. I can’t imagine my whole life just to finish the first comic novel book. Then when about the underway of my second comic novel book The Anthology of Fireice comes of another adventure after the death of Firelava giving birth to Fireice. The moment I was waiting for me is to create another waste of story and that it came to me the version of Dragon Ball anime in the television. I called them, the game platform look-like anime comic novel book Negaza. The word Negaza came to my attention and where the hell of that word came from. I started to write 10 chapters, then drew some of the character designs as well. When my mother told me about some negative thoughts all the time during 2007 to 2008, that word of negative transferred to my back of my head. From the root word of negative, means nothing or zero, I deleted the letters of -tive from the negative word. Then to add from the nega is the letters of za means zero. The letter a is out of nowhere as it looks like the word from the Japanese dictionary. And then I called it on my version of Dragon Ball series, the Negaza. It is way look stupid that it is.


Negaza came across to my attention the year of early 2008. From the game character names I used from the online game of Flyff Online game, three of them comes alive in my story of Negaza. As the story unfolds in the next 10 chapters, I stopped right there just to add some elements and that is the mix of the alchemist story from Full Metal Alchemist. The story there is about two brothers. Well, in my story revolves with the twisted insane story, with the cloud riders as well. From my idea of making The Anthology of Fireice, that characters from there double my imaginations as if it happens the cloud riders in real life. Zooming in and zooming out and flying down or flying up, and of course my imagination goes unimaginable things in the story as well. Sweeping from the clouds or just diving from the skies suddenly appears her clouds to her feet creating a cloud riding. Then to think about that, I came up with a simple game platform version of it. That is why it never makes a dull and boring story if there is no twisted or another come up of ideas as well. Negaza is about the three sisters plus their mysterious brother who comes up for the rescuing part of the end of the story. Aside from the story there is the cloud riding girl and her long-lost brother who is the next alchemist of all time. The legendary cloud riding and the legendary alchemist are also added in the story elements. Which it’s really hard to explain how to create a massive perfect story.


And of course, if it’s the same for me to continue the longer version of chapter of Negaza series. The containing of the story is very peculiar although it has the elements in Dragon Ball and Full Metal Alchemist series. Laugh all you can if you are not serious to read my comic novel books. It will take me for few years to complete or months maybe if I am more productive this year. And for the trilogy comic novel books, The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice will be there in no time. The first two books are already done, but it has to be added some of few infamous characters in the trilogy comic novel books. When I am about to finish all of four comic novel books in years or months (if I am more productive), I will update you. This is the first books I’ve written about since 2006 up to the present times.

My own comic novel book sequels The Anthology of Firelava and The Anthology of Fireice comes an epic ending of Firelava’s death which it is composition of story written ahead of drawings since back of 2005. I find it hard to believe this will come to a brighter world in my site as well. But it’s not finished yet. It has to be improve a lot in story, and of course I will add some elements of the plot.


The Firelava, The Fireice

The Anthology of Firelava and Fireice


And have you heard the Magayon which it is literally the legend name come from Mt. Mayon volcano? I am fondly of Science facts and I have decide it to write down to my version of X-Men series. But I write it on my own concept of Immune instead of X-Men. My concept here is much different. The drawings of X-Men are western comics. Which I have to find a way to create the series. Which I called it on own my comic novel book series, Immune. Brotherhood of Magneto is different in my story although it conflicts so many villains and some added version of Transformer series is here also.


A lot of Science studies comes into my mind. Although it’s not comprehend to know about it, then I am the one you can talk about the series. I come up with this version. A group of Immune are called to be known as Immunity. In added to Transformer series, the humans here are bind to transform into a greater machines which it’s the epic story for this story. Some of the few characters I have come up in this line of Immune. And besides, I am not plagiarism here. It’s the Japanese mad anime drawings anyway and it ends up somehow my version of drawings as well. It doesn’t end up there either.


The Anthology of Firelava is the story of the immortal Firelava. When her mother died in the foot of the volcano lava, it sprouted her new immune powers and becomes the fire-lava, that’s why I am calling her as Firelava. When her mother (in alter-ego name Nonious) becomes a legend to among Immunity around the world, many significant events happened worldwide when it starts to born the new Immunes in 20th century. Many believe among the old Immune are old and immortal as well before Nonious. With the found of physics and chemistry in 15th, 16th and 17th centuries, among some of the immortals have fail to survive but somehow manage to revive later when Firelava died bringing her baby to come.


This is supposed to be my secret story. But somehow, I already tell you the plot of The Anthology of Firelava. Whether it’s not real characters behind my works, some few characters I put in are coincidental names. Such as Tungsten, the name of the Immune character, the person here in the story is the same version in real life. I am using some of my love life names in my past before. Whether it’s some different or not, somehow I don’t want this to publish. Because it has many conflicts to some Marvel readers as well. My version here is very different, in fact I enjoy drawing them and writing them in their backgrounds as well. I even do not how to recreate again the new story in Immunity story. Because the fact I write them in trilogy comic novel books, I create another one comic novel book which it is span more than 1,000 characters in one comic novel book. That would be hard project for me. But I am willing to do that, as for the sake of my story to be whether it’s published or unpublished.


While in The Anthology of Fireice is much different of story of Firelava, she continues the conquest of her mother’s death to overcome the evil wicked on her side. Fireice battles her twin clone every time she engages to every battle. But to conflict that, Fireice and Evil Fireice comes into brute fight in the future as well. They are more Immunes to appear here in the version of the story. As the story goes on, the fallen villains somehow divided in three groups and fear to be the greatest villains in the story. Much more stronger Immunes than Fireice are many believe to fear to be lost but to compete to survive in human race.


Also in the story, the series of Transformers are here also. But in my concepts, the human-alike mechanic robots can transform into huge mechanic form and embattle to Immunes. Whether some of the villains are engage to fight mechanism Immunes, somehow they are lost to them and much stronger. The Crystal planet are also in here, the version alike in Superman series. The sisters and relatives of Supergirl are hated much of Mechanism Immunes. They battle into generations as well. They can resurrect anytime they like just to fight them. But the worst part, it generates more Immunes in the planet Earth. As the stronger Immunes collects and has to be in alliance, somehow they are conflicting the war much worse.


The human race and the Immune race has to stop the invading other Immune planets as well coming to the Earth. The sudden death is awaiting them to survive in the future. With some more than 1,000 Immunes in planet Earth, they cannot kill all the Immune planets outside the universe. One of the deadly planets are Plasma planet and Black planet.


The story continues in The Legendary of Fireice when Fireice comes to battle her health bearing the same mistake of her mother as well. And that she has to give birth to twins. Fireice and Evil Ice comes to different version of original Firelava and original Fireice as well. Both of them has to work together, otherwise they won’t face together to battle the mechanism Immunes. The story hasn’t stop yet it has more room for storyboard, story plot and character designing as well. It is really conflicts with my few materials. It might take months or years to finish the final version of my story without the help of financial projects.


These trilogy comic novel books The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice comes a big budget project deal. I have to create more characters to add the twist and epic in the story as well. This is the first project that I have to finish first. Since it conflicts some other of my comic novel book series like Negaza, Alphabed, The Legend of Fora and some many comic novel books to come. I have many worth of dreams to create, and that’s why the name of Itsmikki Studio comes in the first place.


The main base name I have to use is F.A.C.E. and it stands for Filipino Animation Center Enterprises. But I choose the name of Mikki, since it has the history of the name as well. That’s why putting up a studio name doesn’t come up alone a studio site. It has to be always an surprise element which that’s it added to the frame categories such as news articles and other articles as well. But in the same time, I am still working for my based projects which I have to promote.

What is the difference between art and literature?


The difference for me is the best examples of Jack Kirby writing for his drawing workshops, then Stan Lee came in to help. Basically, it’s really different at the start. I may be too excited for this to work it out. Since I am also an artist, that is why I am promoting my site different from others. Being in literature to mix up in arts is the best way to conceptualize how your story will flow in the art making.


Art means the quality, production, expression or realm of what is beautiful, or of more than ordinary significance while literature means the writing regarded as having permanent worth through intrinsic excellence. (Through the dictionary as my reference.)


Without art and literature have no life telling how you can be manage a studio without a concept. Somehow I am running as a one-man show here in my studio site as well. The real concept here in Itsmikki Studio is to mix arts and literature. That is why I am putting some of my efforts to add some elements in my site as well. There’s literature category which it falls for my english literature, filipino literature, short-story article and spanish literature. Since my profound talents is more in literature and arts as well. I may add some elements for this.


Well some of my studio contains a lot of expressive articles such as news articles (business, history articles, music article, news, science article, specific article, sports articles, technology and my tribute article for Rico Yan), special article (family tree, my small project of my autobiography Insensitive side of me, remembering her, another small category of special article and wish list), and another element of other articles (agriculture articles, book articles, education articles, family articles, fashion articles, food articles, game articles, garden articles, holiday articles, movie articles, relationship articles, television articles and travel articles as well).


It sounds serious to me. Well in the first place, I wouldn’t think of this way if I cannot name as the studio writer. Since the name of my site Itsmikki Studio: An inspirational studio writer is serious that I am taking my part. This might be sounds like a running CNN, or somewhat social writer to me. In the first place, I am never to dream to this in my life. In fact, my interpretation in field of arts and literature is very conceptual. But what I mean is to follow my heart. No matter what the smaller challenges will come to me, whether failures are coming in is that I will accept the defeat or loss. Because that’s the nature of this reality. No matter how you are greater, you are always winning in your dreams. No one can take my dreams alone. So in fact, I’ve never imagine that I have my own laptop. I never ask my parents to give me something to return. This in fact is already my fate, or destiny that is called.


Dreams can really wait for me. Although the journey of my literature started when I was high school student. I was terrified and shaking in the classroom. Without trembling in my feet, I started to grab a pen and start writing a poem in my one-arm desk chair. That was Thursday lunch time. After the day it was, it all began a long time ago since the birth of literature of 10th of December 1998. Well most of it, I really love literature that it starts my whole life. Imagine this, I couldn’t talk of much when I am 2 years old. My parents, of course, are worried of me. I cannot write of much longer sentences. In this reality life, yes I do have down syndrome. I do have developmental problems when I am still a kid. That’s where it all begins at my earlier life. I’ve been through therapies: including reading, writing, talking and anything you can think of therapy. Until today, I’m imagining my life what will be exact moment if I cannot control my life today.


Arts is a perfect talent for me. And it started before my life discovered as a down syndrome teenager. I am so special about this. It always referring to my head whether I have to continue about this. I was going in to the 4th grade, months ago I came from an incident of electrocution. That was summer. My parents explained this to me, so I have to tell you a short story of my life. After a bicycle fun from Quezon Memorial Circle, we went home but it’s still dark that time. It was still Corazon Aquino period of her presidency. Then it came for me without knowing about it. I stepped in a cold and wet area when I plugged in the charging florescent lights. It is still somehow, a big hit that time. With some charging lights, you can still plug everywhere you can charge. But I held the plug metal to the wall and poof, my parents carried me to the hospital. That was the time of my first incident.


Before jumping to another story, I sat this to table sitting beside another classmate of mine. We shared the desk-table which it only occupied two persons with something you can keep the things inside the desk-table. Then our homeroom teacher is also our Science teacher. I became in love in Science as well. Without knowing how to study well, I learned eventually on my own through the teaching of our teacher. After two years when I was about to graduate in elementary in sixth grade, many of my classmates really amazed of me. I became sociable and very reliable to society as well. Because of that, I instantly knew how to draw well in Science projects. I draw a lot in advanced drawings. In fact, I realized that I am born talented in arts.


Before graduating in sixth grade, I am supposed to go in high school already at the age of 13. But another in my life came unexpected, I have to cross in the road with my half-asleep mind and half conscious mind as well. And bam, I was hit by this transportation (jeepney) that breaks a little in my shoulder bone. Then I was rushed to the hospital again for the second time. This time is the road accident. I even didn’t know why but somehow I managed to survive. It is because my angels and the saints inside my mind telling that I have to go back in real world. I still have unfinished business. I have to do something serious for my life though. It comes to my mind that I’ve really graduated in sixth grade, but to moved as lone seventh grader.


(True facts of education: In America alone, they have the education system which they have also eighth grade then coming in high school as ninth grade, tenth grade, eleventh grade and twelfth grade which are suppose to name as freshman, sophomore, junior and senior high as well. That’s why also the Philippines have to follow the good education as well in America. Which I believe many talented students will shine in their own of talents.)


Well of course, it happened already for me. Then little I know, I started to like basic mathematics in elementary, but in high school math won’t applying in my head. I am more like a Science-art-history-literature geek. But my average grades that time improves a lot. I’ve never made to the top of the list although I am an improved special student that time. So here I am, full of surprises to wait. I am still eager to work for my site although it lacks of my articles in different categories and semi-categories as well. I might never be a great writer, but I am willing to change to society to follow the dreams to make. Dreams are really important when your career might be shifting or changing courses as well. I like writing of course. During my college years and after that, I’ve never imagine to write this a not perfect article. Although I realize I can still manage to study again in literature more of it and the history as well.


Of course, arts and literature are my semi-realistic life. When you write something, then you have to write something different in your site same as my other elements have added in my site as well. I may never know what life will be coming for me. When you hear something different and this is the one. Although I am no ordinary person, I am the extraordinary special person who happens to be that I have down syndrome. With this special skills and talents I have, this is only way to express and to be inspired as an inspirational studio writer.


Kindly like my page as well in my facebook page: More surprises will come in my site as well to wait.

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