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Discrimination is always a number one enemy in our mind at the back of our head. It’s an unusual word for me although it lacks an information for those who haven’t heard from that word. Mongoloid is also a negative derogatory word. And other derogatory words, I would not mention anymore. Because it has deeper meaning to us also.


What we can do to change the world?


1. Stop using the word of Down syndrome kid. It’s an appropriate word. Use the words properly: person with Down syndrome, a child with Down syndrome and an adult with Down syndrome.

2. Create a small group, a small organization or a sibling support system. With this, you can change the community in a small occasion manner.

3. Start campaigning on your neighborhood with this kind of project.


These three small steps I’ve created at the back of my head will be my project in the coming months. And I will be changing the town into a greater town. So anyone could acknowledge that people with Down syndrome has more unique characteristic talent and flourishing more on their talents which they could be independent like me.


Understanding the child with Down syndrome has become part of the society. But growing up with them has also alarming in the society. Some people as it may seems, they don’t consider the person with Down syndrome to become part of them. Other people in other establishment or organization take part of their role, they are considering person with Down syndrome to be needed in the society. Take your action today and not tomorrow, because a fight for the rights of people with Down syndrome have no fear because they are no barriers anymore. For me, it would also take part of new role in the society – moving forward in positive world.

~Status message in facebook, March 28, Friday, 9:32 p.m.


Finding a new words for your right decision of your little brighter ideas will make a change in your neighborhood. Small group, perhaps, can make a change. Or it should start somewhere else with some schools around the town. And I believe there are more seven special schools around the town here in our area. I don’t have specialization career here. But being as an advocacy drives me to get a higher role – is to become a role model. I may be not a perfect leader, but I can be a follower to anyone who can manage to listen at my good sides. I may be not a perfect writer, but more than words can attract more parents to read about this article. Campaigning is not also easy as it may seems to look. But rather, I’m focusing more in this small country we have here in the Philippines.


Two years until now, I became an active member here in the Philippines’ Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI. Showing my guilt in the past became lesser and lesser as I continued flourishing myself in positivity sides of the world. Changing might be good. But starting from the point will change higher if I continue spreading the good news.


I’ve been also in denial stage before. But I continue bringing more good news from my stories. In this imperfect world we have now are our guidance to improve more to ourselves. Starting from our special parents who helped us to grow stronger, we also know how to care of ourselves. In this journey of my story, I will still continue to bless my story.


No greater success comes from a little story. But a greater story comes with a positive side at the back of our mind. Greater care, greater patience, greater unconditional love and greater guidance have more flourishing from the special parents to take care of us. I am even blessed that I still have grandparents on my side. Continuing to bless sharing my story is my honor. Spread about all the love I take to you.


Fights for the rights: Changing in denial stage to acceptance stage to fighting stage

Fighting stage

We always have to be sensitive every time there is an issue against anyone who wants what is right and what is wrong. Tell them that they are wrong. I’ve been in denial stage before. Now I accepted the things that it was no going back to the place I was before. Looking forward to the future is always what we are going for. Honestly, there are many ways to stop the discrimination around the nation. And within the nation must comply honoring these special children with their capabilities they are unique and creative.


Look for this example, one of the best fighters is Michael Phelps. He is diagnosed as ADHD. All of his competitors are already on their best. But Michael is not still finished yet. He continued to fight for his freedom. What is freedom? Michael has freedom to express his nature despite he has ADHD. But he is no longer labeling him having ADHD, he has to live normally what we are. Like Michael Phelps, there’s Enchong Dee. Enchong Dee was a swimmer before. And he is already an actor in this generation. Stopping them is not an option, but to fight for their own good.


In my field, I may have an option, looking forward without turning back anymore and not stopping where I am going to my success. That is the fighting spirit, the fighting stage we are also known for our capabilities. We are unique. We are creative. We emphasize the world we are looking for the brighter future. And there is no tomorrow. Because fighting for your own child might change the society in a better world.


What are your concerns for your special child with Down syndrome?

There are many types of your concerns with your special child with Down syndrome. Like in my case, my parents said that I don’t have to worry for my heart problems. But I’m worrying about my health issues. Lesser to think at the back of my head only can make having problems with pulmonary, pneumonia and other health issues also.


Taking care of your special child with Down syndrome has many types of heart problems. Before turning to one year old, have your special child to go to the pediatrician or to your family doctor. Consult if there has an issues. With heart problems, parents should worry about their special child despite what they are having problems. Take a good look, God give you a special child. Does have you to be worry? He sees you to take care of special child He has given to you. The kingdom has pass down every special child in each family. But looking forward with positive attitude, you will always have to say bye-bye issues already.


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The signs of Down syndrome:

Hyper mobility

What is hyper mobility? Have you check his or her legs and arms? Children with Down syndrome have flexible arms and legs that can stretch than normal people except for talented ballet dancers. When they are starting to flex their muscles in their arms and legs, try to reduce their stretching arms and legs by doing some stitched pants and stitched arm supporters. In this way, it will lower their flexibility.



What is hyperthyroidism? Normally, children and adults with Down syndrome will eat their infinite eating habits. As it grows, their muscles in their body will become an issue among us. Like doing a physical exercise and eat a right amount of diet will slower their appetite. If you start to an earlier age of months, try to discipline your special child with Down syndrome. If not, try to consult to a pediatrician what it will can do to your child with special needs.


First toe finger to second toe finger

Normally, a child or an adult with Down syndrome has their unique characteristics other than who’s also has Down syndrome. To mention that their first toe finger is slightly far a bit from their second toe finger. That is one of the characteristics of being having Down syndrome. You cannot change the fact that they could change. But to accept their condition, you also have be a role model as a parent to take care of your special child with Down syndrome.


Slant face, short nose, wide tongue, unsized ears, height

What are the other characteristics of Down syndrome? Normally some of those who have not all have slant faces, short noses, wide tongues, unsized ears (meaning their both ears are not the same height) and height, they are already characterized as Down syndrome. Like in my case, I don’t have slant face and short nose. But I do have a wide tongue and unsized ears. Unsized ears are usually have not the same height in different angles.



1. Physical therapy

At the earlier age, I started at 2 years old by sending me to the physical therapist during the early 1980’s. Many doctors don’t know how to prepare their medications towards among us, children and adult with Down syndrome. I was diagnosed with mosaic Down syndrome, trisomy 21 chromosomes.


In my early age of 2, I sent to the school to have physical therapy. But it was quite that I didn’t remember very well. But that was another story. Sending to your therapist of your special child with Down syndrome as earlier as 4 or maybe 6 months, babies should start crawling by now if I am correct or not. If this didn’t work with you, consult a pediatrician and a doctor to get a results from them.


2. Speech therapy

During my those days I was having troubling to speak directly from my mouth, I wasn’t handling my speech during my childhood days. Some of my schoolmates were bullying because of my speech. I may have had a condition, but I was recovering through all manifesting years. Speech therapy is the most important therapy. Having your special child with Down syndrome take to the speech therapist. The therapist would welcome you a happy child. Because normally with those Down syndrome, we always have to be happy all the time.


In my condition, I was sent to a therapist when I was a child. Normally, I didn’t know all the troubles my mother would sending me to the therapist. So one hour packed filling with the therapist, the child should nourish their lessons to be learned in one-hour session. And to regret for the days I didn’t remember, it was time to let it go for me when I’ve entered the high school because I’ve had to learn on my own. After college, I still didn’t know how to write the sentence properly. After taking up the certificate in call center training last March 2012, I’ve ended up working in a special school being as an assistant teacher who assisted among special children with special needs last June 2013.


3. Occupational therapy

Behavior is always the main problem when reaching to your special child with Down syndrome. Sending your special child with Down syndrome to the therapist would fit to change the results.


In earlier age of 2, physical therapy and occupational therapy were the most improved therapy that would’ve done me today. It took me one year as I heard from my mom. But I learned from my mom. And mom knows best.


4. Vision therapy

Checking your special child with Down syndrome to the optometrist has a bit problem although I also have undergone too when I was entering the school before fourth grade. Seeing is hard to see what is blurry to your mind. To check the condition, consult first to the pediatrician if the special child with Down syndrome has problems in eye vision. Today, there’s already a vision therapy, a new therapy that was introduced to the world. Not only the children with special needs will benefit this but also the adults with special needs also will benefit this. If your neighbor, your brother, your sister, your parents, your relative or to your friend might have eye vision problem. Try consult with a vision therapist just in case you need a help.


5. Audio therapy

Your special child might having a problem with their hearing despite of all noises. Did you that the more decibels you are hearing might cause a little problem? Did you know that the fourth pollution was noise pollution? Sending your special child to the doctor will help you to determine if it’s having problem with hearing problems. To indicate if it causes, try to consult to a pediatrician if they allow your child send to the audio laboratory.


The most powerful tool we can allow to change the world is to show them our showcasing talent we have. Or the livelihood project that starts with all. Or to test the life skills we can show to the world. With this knowledge, people with Down syndrome will be flourishing their life to share their story in the world where you will go.


No barriers: The livelihood project, the life skills, the talents


The livelihood project

What is livelihood project? Livelihood project is based to your special child with special needs that is more likely to help your child to increase their skill and talent. If they learn very well, they could earn through selling some of their skilled efforts. For example, your special child learned how to bake the cookie and eventually sold them in a quantity. The community in their role would understand the benefit for the children to grow independently.


I was given a chance to run a business which my mom gave me a cellphone loading business. The loading business I am still doing running up to the present since June 2006. Creating your special child or special adult with this kind of livelihood project will giving an opportunity your child be given to work in a community.


The life skills

What are the life skills? Life skills are basically types of what you can do around your house. It can also take part in the community where your special child will learn new life skill. Like doing a household chore is already a life skill. Practicing your special child at home doing some household chores will increase the special child to motivate on their own independent. Increasing your special child with special needs about the things to learn around the house should know how to take care of themselves. Like having difficult making a bed neat and clean or the room has been filled with mess, practice your special child to take care of their own living life. Teach them how to take care of the bed, how to take care of their little brother or little sister, of teach them how to grow up how to be a good special adult someday. But teaching a special teen with special needs how to drive, that is another story. Take a good look around the community and tell me what’s their story all about.


The talents

The talents vary on one thing – their passion to carry throughout their life. If your special child is good at sports, send him or her to the nearest community where your special child is already learning their talent in running, swimming or any sports they could do. If your special child is very talented in singing, send the child in music ministry in the church, or in music therapy. Your special child will learn eventually things are going well in the community. But if your special child is well talented in other things, let them grow, teach them how to enhance it, encourage them to a positive mind, and grow positively through their hearts. Your passion is to support your special child to grow to their potential talent.


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28 days of February quotes (Down syndrome awareness month)


Day 1

I was born in the world not knowing I have disability – being having with Down syndrome, I will be loved by anyone else.


Day 2

God created man and woman. He didn’t give mistake by giving an extra chromosome. He created with powerful to change on us.


Day 3

Pure of unconditional love and pure of understanding are the ways to love an extra chromosome.


Day 4

Life is inevitable. It doesn’t give an accidents. But it gives an extra chromosome to be share gifted child to someone else.


Day 5

I am loved by my sister, my brother, my mother and my father. I am loved because Down syndrome surely rocks!


Day 6

With an ingredient of long patience, deeper understanding and full of unconditional love, those are the words to describe why we love extra chromosome, kids with Down syndrome.


Day 7

Labeling me as Down syndrome, I am not alone. I am loved in the eyes of God.


Day 8

Of all the creations in the world, disability is only an ingredient that can change our life to love them.


Day 9

You see me as different. But see me as a person who loves you. Being having with Down syndrome, we have ability to love you more.


Day 10

I cry because I am hungry to love you. I laugh because I am tickle to see you laughing. With me for you, I am special child. I am blessed with special parents.


Day 11

Love me having with a disability, but with unloved, their attitude is not exceptional.


Day 12

Don’t cry for me, my special parents. I am stronger to be loved from you. I will be stronger even I laugh to my mightiest smile.


Day 13

I’m an special angel. I’m a super baby. And I’m super loved from you.


Day 14

You are not alone, because you are like me. I love who I am being having with Down syndrome.


Day 15

I’m rare, I’m special and I’m your friend. Don’t be afraid with me.


Day 16

I always look in the limitless skies thinking at the back of the head that I will be always a role model for everyone.


Day 17

Don’t say mongoloid, it’s not nice. Say an appropriate word, a child or an adult with Down syndrome or DS. Because we also are humans who love you also.


Day 18

Look me as your closest friend. I treasure and value each and every person I meet. I am your special friend.


Day 19

I was born with of full of capacity and capable to do making you happy. Happiest is one of my ingredients.


Day 20

People see me as different, but I see them equally. Down syndrome is not a disease, it’s an ability to share our unique characteristics.


Day 21

Take care of my heart as I take care of your unconditional love to me. I love you from my deepest mind at the back of our head.


Day 22

Notice me as your love of your life. Remind me as your soul mate. Because with disability, it doesn’t matter for labeling. I also love you.


Day 23

With a greatest gift, I only can make you my smile to melt your stress away.


Day 24

Nurture one of my talents are to share with my treasure. Bless those who love me.


Day 25

I never fail to see you growing up. First you learn how to talk, how to walk and how fast you can run. Second, you make us learn how to love you more.


Day 26

Believe me for what I can change for the world, that is one of duty to make you happy.


Day 27

An appropriate to make an ingredient is to adjust yourself who is someone born with Down syndrome. Love me unconditionally.


Day 28

The duty of a special parents for special kid or special adult with Down syndrome are helping to shine self-sufficient duties and creating to teach good morale lessons.


Why 28 day quotes of Down syndrome?


28 day quotes of Down syndrome start in the month of February, the Down syndrome awareness month here in the Philippines. It represents the day quote and half away to teach for new parents, building trust to take care of their special child with Down syndrome.


28 day quotes of Down syndrome will create more day quotes next year. Follow more about related articles and read more about How I overcome Down syndrome, Why Down syndrome, Is Down syndrome a fate, What’s wrong to have Down syndrome, My other friends misjudge me for having Down syndrome, No labels as Down syndrome and a series of Living being as Down syndrome.


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This has been 14 years already when I was struggling to my problems before I knew that I have Down syndrome. It was then, a miserable life. But I always have had to ask myself what I’ve had done in my life? Was it good to have experience this way or was it bad? Some of the thoughts at the back of my head thinking if I was overacting to my thoughts. The real solutions came later in my life. Those 14 years from the year of 1997 when I learned that I have had Down syndrome, was one of the hardest times I’ve never achieved back then.


Learning from my experiences in the year of 2011, the year of changing of views came and exchanged stumbling to my thoughts at the back of my head if I was correctly myself. Then I said it to myself, it was time to let it go and accepted who I was. It was the Disney movie animation theme song from Frozen, Let It Go, when I felt the same way I always sang it to my heart. It was really painful that time, and I felt that it was something in my heart that I wasn’t a perfect gift. After I saw and heard Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines last January 2012 in the social network platform, it was then I felt that I wasn’t alone in the country knowing that I was feeling this way. But in my heart alone, the coldness and the numbness inside of my heart were melting one by one inside of my painful memories. It was the song I also learned that past is the past. So I moved on.


What can I do to be in my life today? Should I wake up? Or should I move on? Those repeating questions always have asked in my head until today. But I said to myself that I can do this through a lot of hardship relationship with God. I said to myself that I will be always loyal and be obedient. When I hear a lot of comments at the side of my negative side at the back of my head, I always block the negative sides. And to think of it at the back of my head, I will always allowing myself thinking more positive sides inside of my brain.


Journey of Down syndrome

Journey of Down syndrome


If I can do allowing myself to do more than I can do anything, I will claim all myself to Him alone. But the gift inside of my heart will be always cherishing inside of my life. The country Philippines should learn one by one of the facts that being having disability or not, people should be aware what they are doing against some of the special people and disability people. Because in reality, there are some people who can’t trusted what the words they are saying from their mouths. It’s their attitude is what their disability all about.


I may be have being having Down syndrome, but my heart is pure, sensitive and always understanding. I will always have to be calm all the time. And I claim my life to the Lord because everything here in the land are all temporary shelves in life. With two copies of chromosomes are normal and an extra copy of chromosome is called Mosaic Down syndrome, based on trisomy 21 chromosome test led by Dr. Jerome Lejeune and Dr. John L. Down who learned and discovered about Down syndrome, respectively.


Life is always have been as one of toughest of journey. And a journey is waiting for me in the future will unfold to me. With a lot of unquestionable questions they have hiding in the future, it will wait for me to test it. But along with powerful believing myself is all my strength left. Because all things are possible no matter what you are dreaming in your life. With a help from my promising life, I always seek to my unique talents and use it for my purpose doings. I will achieve in small things. And every smaller details of smaller things will deliver the message for me waiting to achieve. So the power of believing is one of my optimistic thoughts.


Two years have passed by from the year of 2012. 2012 was the perfect opportunity year to change me as well. And the blessings from 2012 was still continuing to bless me last year of 2013. Last year was a little bumpy to me. I have had experiencing with 8 days of relationship with my ex-girlfriend. It was a fling actually, but it counted as one anyway. Then she was the one who pushed me that I’ve had to wake up from a reality that I needed a job anyway. When I walked in for the first time in my life in a school, I grabbed the opportunity and continued the battles I’ve had today. This month was my eighth month anyway in my job.


The passion from my heart when I felt from the special children, it felt me that I began to like as a role model and a brother to most kids with Down syndrome. We also have kids with Autism and ADHD. Kids like them are gifted children. When I learned everything I could learn from my two bosses, I always wanted to be a teacher when I was thinking at the back of my head before. But I didn’t have an special education course diploma neither that I’ve had an education course diploma. I always asked myself everyday before when the time I was in depressed and frustrated times. I couldn’t do it. Because I was still in trauma years. It was years to build my courage back in reality. Fourteen years (14) that I always counted from 1997 to 2011. After building 3 years from 2011 until today, it was a difficult trial to me but I’ve had to accept it.


Then I suddenly woke up in reality and I said to myself that I can normally do what other people can do mostly in their lives. Applying, getting a passport and completing the papers was the first priorities that I did last year. And I did have a job. I’ve completely to be honest that I can do this with normal people. People with bad attitude are their disability. Somehow I don’t want them to judge, but they have to look us as our abilities what we can do. We may have unique intelligence in one, two or more fields. But we are capable trying to absorb in normal lives everyday in life struggling in a real world.


Being labeling having with Down syndrome is also one of greatest gift and a journey has more to tell you more stories.


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When I was a kid, I always dreamt having to be an artist or a writer or a dancer. But it never crossed at the back of my head that it came to my life will come more blessings to me. And yes, no matter how small details of blessing will come. I will always accept what I have today and ask for anything will come.


I’m a dreamer who always thinking at the back of my head will do anything to succeed more. But being having with Down syndrome for me was not an accident for me when I discovered during my sophomore year in high school. I just came home and told my parents if it was real or not. But it was more 17 years already. Since then, I never knew it came for me for the last two years that I’ve had to accept my condition. Little by little, I saw once my light again at the end of the tunnel. It was always I was dreaming about chasing my wildest dreams to enter in the entertainment industry. It is now still one of my wildest dreams today.


But I rather change my mind and change to choose my personality in a different path. Since I love writing, drawing, dancing and photographing all the good imaginations I have at the end of my head. And it is a good advocate that I choose today – to become a role model in the Philippines because no matter what career chooses you, I still choose what makes me happy.


Blue clear skies

Blue clear skies


The last two years was a rapid change for me. And the only thing changed me for good was the last thing I removed from at the back of my head was being a negative. Instead, I always look forward and always think at the back of my head is being a positive and optimistic mind. I took a glance and glimpse from my past that I was always be a humble, down-to-earth, friendly and always be an everybody’s friend. It was then that my first employer I worked with said that to me. I overcame being having with a disability, changed my visions and became thinking at the back of my head no labels as Down syndrome inside of my mind.


I deserved to have a special parents who always have been there for me to support me. And from the start of my birth that I didn’t know myself, I always said to myself that I have to exceed more for my limitations and be always a limitless person all the time. And the wonderful blessings will come in your way to bless you more. And the last thing I’ve received last Christmas was revealing that I’ve had a crush to our special education teacher in a school where I worked. But it was then that I chose my commitment to continue my work in the school instead go after her. It was my first time that I told myself it won’t happen to me again that I have to go after her. It was my choice and there were sacrifices that built in my life.


But then, there was a small bit inside at the back of my head that I still have had to change myself. And so I am to build my character to change little by little. All of my blessings will come at the right time for you when you are doing a good deed for something that will change you.


And what’s new this year? For this year of 2014 will open my another chapter and an empty pages will be fill in notes, quotes, stories and success in your life. The more you always do thinking at the back of your head being as a positive mind and having to be optimistic person is the more dream will come at the right time for you. Since I always do practicing at the back of my head that I don’t want to be hurry all the times. Instead I always open at the back of my head to sacrifice all the things you always do to your life. And I always do the right deeds than the bad deeds that I am still doing.


And so, for the next month which it will start tomorrow the new month of February of 2014. It is a month of valentines and also a month of my birthday lies ahead of 19th. And I’m aware that being getting older is a new sign, a new chapter and a new blessing will come in your way to your door.


The gift I’ve receive is being having with Down syndrome. It is not a hindrance. It is a gift that chooses your daughter, son, brother or sister with special needs. It is always a dream when you are as a chosen special parents. And the best blessing will come your way to have a better life for you to come.


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The key of success life is to live peaceful, harmoniously, optimistic and free to open your mind to one of happiness times. I always think free flow at the back of my head never believe to sadness, sorrowful, hurtful or believing to negative thoughts. Seeing my future to unfold will realize how important trials or problems will test me. No matter what makes depressed me, I will stand way out that being having with Down syndrome will be no longer as my label but to act as normal. I am who I am. And I believe in happiness no matter troubles will bring me in.”

~Status message in facebook, January 27, 2014, Tuesday, 8:28 p.m.


It changes my life from the past to what I am standing right now. When I encountered more of my problems before stating I was in depression and frustration times, I was always looking myself down to the mirror before the typhoon in Manila hit last September 26, 2009, Saturday morning. It was then I looked always how I was unchanged looking myself in the mirror. I was thinking at the back of my head I was locking in the cave no wondering that I would ever come back to see the light.


When I saw a light at the end of cave, I always thought that something was missing about myself. It is a matter of acceptance giving myself to change more about myself and to the people who really loves me much. Giving a chance that I have Down syndrome, mosaic Down syndrome that indicates two copies of chromosomes are normal while another extra copy of chromosome has trisomy 21 Down syndrome.


Normally I always not study on my own how to base what is really have to have Down syndrome. When I joined Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines two years ago, the 20th Happy Walk on February 19, 2012. That was Sunday. One rare gift could send to me. And it was a real gift blessing I received from one of my angels I really believed. Angels are my beliefs. And somehow it changes me when they are seeing whether I am doing wrong or I am doing right. I am not perfect who I am used to before or even until now. But I am also a gift from God that He send me to see my visualize my purpose in my life.


I read Purpose Driven Life book before. It was then I realized that book was important to me. But the typhoon washed all the books I loved to read. And one of them is Purpose Driven Life.


My purpose in my life has beginning to change my visions. When I was not able to finish my second choice to digital course in 2006 and until now, I was somehow changed my mindset if I can study again. My third choice today is looking forward to study in special education if I can budget all my savings and turn it all good choice to able looking forward to have a four year course. But on the other side, I will still have my own business creating my unique line – creating more greeting cards in different sizes, pocket books, novels, quotes book and many freshest ideas to make more. And that is how the name of Itsmikki Studio change me as well. But the connection to my wildest dreams if someday will achieve. I will be able to make a movie somehow, or a television show, or something that creates my vision. So I can let other disabilities to work with me as well as the label says that there is no label of being disability allows here on earth.


God always says to me that Jesus Christ will be always our savior to change us, He will be remain to rescue us from the sins we make from him. But we always do what we can do to change us. But it will be my faith to remain as catholic no matter what. I am looking always no matter what you have religion you believe into, the relationship with God is most important.


Seeing no labels as Down syndrome will no longer be part of my life. But I always believe what I can do no matter trials or problems will come after me. The secrets will always open to the truth. And the truth will set you free no matter you have today. And you will see the light at the end of the cave.


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As life went on to another stage, another scenario and another life book chapters, I was looking forward to a brighter days. But I will tell you how I am lucky where I am going to the right path today. Soon but not so sooner, it will take time to me leading my new future. Probably I am not looking for a work in entertainment industry but staying good working here in the school as an assistant teacher. Well probably, it might knock my doors if I can go to entertainment industry or maybe I will go modeling career instead. But I am assuming that I still have a work in school.


Seven months that I was working as an assistant teacher already. It was meant for me to follow my own dreams whether I shall not breaking my promises as a dancer, as an artist, as a photographer and as a writer too. I may sound an ambitious person, but I am as well as an optimistic and limitless person who have dreams to follow on my own.


Let me a recap in the past three years already from 2011. I was beginning to accept my condition having with my disability. July 15, 2011 was the beginning to open my eyes I was able to hear some networkers (who were working in multi-level marketing companies such as 1Bro, VMobile, Forever Living, UNO, etc.) calling themselves as an abnormal. But their term to call themselves as an abnormal, they were referring to become successful and rich people. It was against all odds when I lasted working with UNO days from June to October 2011. Then after a few months later, I also joined to another networking company the defunct VMobile for selling their load products indicating that they were still recruiting some people to add their money to go rich. What can you do if you are selling those load products? But mine was different.


After I went back to my old provider in July 2012, the D-Loads. VMobile gave me an another lesson never to go back to the networking days. Because I heard some millionaire in VMobile referring to some mongee as ngongo (ngongo means as in english as an inappropriate term for speaking verbally to Down syndrome and other disabilities as well). He was a selfless person who was using a word deriving from as a shortcut from mongoloid. Ouch!


The time I was already subsiding my life going back to reality. I’ve attended my first seminar of Early Intervention Seminar in August 2012 who was then the wife of a president of DSAPI introduced to some new parents in the seminar as well. I was shocked when new parents was amazed from I became today as a high-functional intellectual disability person. To tell the truth, all of these blessings kept coming in for me, I was always to accept what was right from wrong. Whenever it was wrong, I’ve never made to accept it. Rather I’ve accepted the right blessings coming for me.


Hence, the new membership identification card was made during the Christmas party 2012. I became a member of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI. My angels told me that I have to fixed my life today. And so also, I made a new historical date to my name that I’ve decided to becoming a special adult advocate for Down syndrome. But before the Christmas party, I was also invited by an UST student president who I talked my first short inspirational speech in their school. To become a new special advocate, I was aware that this was the track helping myself in a brighter future.


Last February 2012 was my first Happy Walk to attend the event and was also my birthday. But my second Happy Walk 2013 was even getting to know in a community better and better. Some new parents had to meet me. And I was amazed someone finally recognized my talent in writing an article here in my studio as well. I became also as an aspirant to many parents who have had their special child with Down syndrome just like me. I was working alone independently without a knowledge my parents knew about me. But at the end of the day, I told them honestly where I was going to this place.


Last year was a huge blessings from me. When I’ve applied in many applications from NBI clearance, passport, police clearance, my first PWD identification card and a medical certificate. And I didn’t know along the way that this was my girlfriend proved me that I have to push myself having to get a work ahead. Even if I did, then it probably both of us have had to decide to go back in any ways of living to work. My ex-girlfriend right now don’t have work. But I didn’t know myself either that I became a regular to the school where I was working as an assistant teacher.


The next thing it is approved for this year of 2014, I will becoming to sign a contract for having another year extension to my work hopefully as a productivity person as well. And to this day very moment, last two days I have had a tryout in bowling of Special Olympics hoping I will compete someday in Special Olympics. But I am determining to have my way of my path to success growth of my life.


That was my part accepting my condition having with mosaic Down syndrome. It doesn’t take me who I am, but I am happy for what I am today. Having part of this society makes me challenging. What challenges are telling me today, they are for my future, present and the past. What past is already past? I’ve been in denial stage before. And now I’m ready for my blessings to come moving forward for me.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

When I published my stories of How I overcome Down syndrome, Why Down syndrome and What’s wrong to have Down syndrome that posted in my studio journal diaries.


After three successful different pattern stories, this time I will tell you how I feel from my friends. When I asked my new friends in a new place that I met them, what would you have feel if you have a friend with Down syndrome?” My instance at the back of my head if I could give them a right answer. But at the end of the day, they asked me again. And I’ve accepted whole-heartedly being having with my condition of Down syndrome.


Melissa Riggio who also has Down syndrome just like me. But I’ve managed to overcome my mind about having my condition throughout my life. And I know how I will explain what the world Down syndrome is meaning all about.


I have mosaic Down syndrome. And being as a mosaic Down syndrome, two pairs of chromosomes are normal but another extra chromosome which it contains 47 chromosomes and why it has an extra chromosome in the first place. Which it is only mean that I really I have Down syndrome.


Then I’ve asked myself again when I got my first PWD card (person with disability), I saw upon myself what the term of chronic illness is.


Chronic illness is the long-life disability in your case to case scenario. Which it means it can’t be off with me. It only means that I still have chronic illness is. But at first, when I heard about chronic illness, I’ve started giving myself having with a strict diet. I’ve been doing since 1st of April without eating a rice. And I’ve been practicing before with three times already. They were successfully. But at my fourth time I’ve given myself a strict diet, I’ve begin to have giving myself being also a vegetarian. I’ve never done that before. Salad is always my favorite meal every time I eat and also goes to vegetables.


But to tell you the truth, chronic illness to me has gone to my mind. I only remind myself that I have to put myself enjoying my life. I don’t have other illnesses.


To date today, I have a work and I work as a hard worker. And I work consistently. I also have passion to the children which it’s my duty serving, assisting and helping regular and special children in the school. Here in my work, I am happier than my three previous jobs. And I love my new community as well – to parents, to my bosses and to my co-workers as well.


Those who also have same disability like me


Now that I’ve accepted myself with being having as a mosaic Down syndrome, I’ve overwhelmed when I speak my success story to new parents I meet along the way in my road. What’s the meaning to have condition like me?


It’s just to be like you as normal as everybody does. I love drawing, singing mostly, dancing mostly, writing and directing some animated short films. Or maybe I also want to try some other options as well – to become as an ambassador to Special Olympics or in the country also.


Work environment


My work place is different setting, different job description and different passion. My other three job descriptions were in the field of culinary. But I’ve never enjoyed inside the kitchen. So, what’s your passion? I’ve also been thinking someday if I can cook again. To tell the truth honestly, I miss cooking in the kitchen and practicing with my knife skills and culinary-minded also.


I also landed to get a certificate in contact center agent in training program. And I’ve successfully got it within 13 days. My attendance was perfect. And I didn’t know my english will getting improving. At the back of my head, I’ve been practiced trying to complete sentence to perfect sentence throughout my life. I am not a good writer to tell you a truth. But it seems I’m telling a story already.


Dream job: Dancer / Artist / Songwriter / Photographer


I’ve been dreaming to get in entertainment industry in a long-run dreams already. And I think it’s my long-term dreams to get attaining my dreams. I really love to dance and follow all songs I love to hear. What’s my passion? I also love to write poetry. Poetry means a lot to me since December 1998. And I’ve made a hundreds of poems, sonnets, songs and stories to date itself already. To added, I’ve also beginning to like writing quotes and making picture quotes as well.


One day in my life today, what will my world looks like in the future? Would I still continue to dream as a dancer, artist making animation short films and at the same time, photography? There a lots to me doing actively in my life today. And I’ve earn buying my first cellphone in my life – android phone. It was my first hardworking money.


You see yourself but what about me?


I see around myself everywhere in the world already. But I want you to know that you don’t have a right to look at me having with a disability. Look at me as a normal person. I am always happy to get around with my friends, my family, my relatives and looking for a girlfriend today.


Don’t look at me. Look at me as your friend. And I’ve always want you to respect me. Having a condition with intellectual disability doesn’t mean stopping you to be friends with me. Think and hold your thoughts.


What is Down syndrome?


Down syndrome is an intellectual disability in the Philippines. Around 500 to 1,000 babies in the Philippines are born each year. A person with Down syndrome has 47 chromosomes. A normal can only have 46 chromosomes. Extra chromosome is an extra care, full patience, capacity of understanding and a lot of love. Physical characteristics of a Down syndrome has similar structure in ears, slant face, tongue, slant body and other characteristics as well. Down syndrome has a nature of being as down-to-earth attitude and can manage to give you a long happiness in a day. Those who are similar with Down syndrome have unique characteristics and unique intelligence.


In the nutshell


If I leave this world behind me, I want everyone has to focus not only being as a disability, but I want the whole world to look me as a normal friend who can chat with you all day, have a long walk and have enjoying your life. Being having with Down syndrome in my life is not my weakness anymore, but my strength is to give everyone to understand what it feels to have disability in the first place. I want to live longer if I can. Each of us with Down syndrome live long-life individually. It’s not a comprehension whether you have a short life span or a long life span. It’s about a legend who gives a true meaning of Down syndrome – being having with an awesome syndrome.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Sixteen (16) years ago, I found myself in the classroom studying in a biology class during my sophomore year in high school. I was relaxed at my chair dreaming when I was able to graduate high school. Because I knew in my heart if I’ve had ever achieved in a long term – graduation.


The Author 3

The Author 3


It was during 1997, the year of being sophomore year in high school. I looked like a star in the school. But I never realized something has changed throughout my life. I was never bullied when I entered in high school. But somehow, I got ended up in a isolated room with my homeroom teacher. At the end of the day, I came home late because of my behavior in the class. Every time I ended up with my homeroom teacher, I always asked myself, “what have I done wrong at the end of the day?


So I assumed it was different from the beginning. I was lost and somehow I always looked pale. But somehow when I faced in the mirror, things went wrong. Inevitable incidents happened so easily. But my favorite subjects during my sophomore year was science and arts. I also had poor grades on my other subjects. I was never been tutored with someone else at home. I always got low grades. Somehow I always mesmerized with my drawings instead.


All things everyday I always prepared and I always woke up early. Most of my siblings got up late and prepared for their school work to bring. Every day, we always went to Antipolo attending for my school work, where also my sisters came with me but different school environment. But I thought clearly at the back of my head I was alone. Something got hitting back of my head where I usually brainstormed what to do for my things to prepare.


Fast-forward in time when my biology teacher told me and asked me to go to the front. I looked nervous and already pale in the front of the class. She said, “your classmate has Down syndrome. Whether you like it or not, he will be successful someday.” And she was right. Being having with Down syndrome wasn’t easy treating that way. I have disability. But the word of disability or Down syndrome came across at the back of my head, I wasn’t coping up with my problems. I was terribly pale throughout the years.


Being pale, nervous and uncomfortable came together when I had to enter college, the culinary course I was studying in a culinary school. The setup was small scale of community, not unlike in universities had big scale of community. So I stood up for the rest of culinary history in culinary school. And I was graduated not having with culinary degree, instead I came home graduated already with culinary certificate in three years span studying in culinary school.


The hopes, full of patience and brainstorming had failing me and also fell down across in my life. I was worrying about my future. All I wanted before was to study in big universities with a bachelor degree. My life fell. And so my depressed and frustration came together also after my college life. I was never been happier. But being having Down syndrome after I have found out during my sophomore year, I kept thinking where I should go now. People will underestimate me. And I always fail to get stronger.


In times of frustration and depressed years from 2003 to 2011, many trials and problems came to me. I almost attempted suicide but my sister stopped me for thinking getting suicide. I also got experiencing having with a demon going inside my body and controlled me. My father said I never said in different language before. So he was the one crucifying the demon inside of me. But I was glad that I was safe already. My intentions grew paler and paler. So my thoughts at the back of my head went full always in a glass. I didn’t want more experiencing more problems.


After I attended networking seminar in a networking company last two years, thing has changed me completely. I have joined two networking companies but I didn’t want to join the networking anymore. Because it wasn’t healthy for me anymore going annoying-so-called-names like ‘abnormal.’ Months later, I realized that I have to accept my condition and asked myself again, “what’s wrong to have Down syndrome?


I have been in denial stage before knowing I was already having my world full of hopes, patience and brainstorming ideas as well. But I have never been cross at the back of my head thinking I was able coping all my problems before up to now. Two years today, all the blessings poured down like a rain to me. I was able getting my passport on my own, getting to renewing my NBI clearance and have registered to have PWD ID for my first time. And at the new chapter, new pages have been starting to write my history – to have getting back my job on my status.


And it was my first time on my job now that I was enjoying on my work as an assistant teacher assisting regular children to special children for the whole day. For my three months of my work, I always seemed getting to rev up a little. I have studied the child’s behavior because my two bosses were both occupational therapists. When I returned to the Philippines after I have attended my sister’s wedding in Toronto, I’ve received as a full pledge assistant teacher. In my first three months of my work, I was only as an assistant teacher only in special education class. But now, things got different. My daily routine became my part of my life already cleaning the classroom, assisting children from morning to afternoon and helped out my co-workers as well. I’ve never been so happier than my culinary status in my three previous jobs. And I’ve decided to get working properly according to my dream plans as well.


***What’s wrong to have Down syndrome?***


I’ve asked myself many times before during my in denial stage. But it seemed things getting a change in my life. I got my fourth job which it was being as an assistant teacher. No more dillydallying to me already and no more as slouch anymore have gone from my life already. And I learned so many greater lessons in my life from the time I was born and to the present times. I am still never giving up for my dreams to be successful someday. And I am hoping for a greater opportunity – to be as an inspirational adult to have Down syndrome.


Parents always have been asking me now, what I had been through my experiences to have what it feels like to have Down syndrome. Being part of being having with condition doesn’t take me seriously. But instead I am enjoying my life to the fullest whenever people feel to have someone in the community who has Down syndrome like me. I have grow circle of friends, new acquaintances and close friends as well. People will like me better if I feel happier to see me around working in a school ground making a lot of happiness inside the school. Parents have always seen me so happy. I was able to get frown easily when things I didn’t like. But the important one was to have – being as a happiness adult to have Down syndrome. So, what feels wrong to have Down syndrome?


In a new chapter in my life today, I always welcome new challenges, new problems and new worries to me. Because without it, I won’t become to be happy having a condition being having with Down syndrome. New people will follow me anywhere. I post new quotes as I’ve been recalling more happiness in my life. Because this is what is becoming me to able to put some wonderful some new posts. And I am glad to meet new parents with their child who has same condition like me or other such as autism, ADHD and other abnormalities. I’ve never been searching a new place to conquer my life. Being having a condition with Down syndrome takes me with a different level today. I love who I am and no one could replace or take my happiness away.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

I never thought I can talk to special education students in University of Santo Tomas, Alberto Magnus Building a year ago. It was a year ago, 19th day of November, 2012, Monday. I woke up every morning talking myself in the mirror when can I have a work and the question was, ‘where?


I was talking one student who was a president in their UST organization where I met her in DSAPI Support Sibling group. One glimpse of dream could never been discovered. Or one simple piece of puzzle could have been spotted somewhere in my studio journal. And there it was, it was only my greatest smile.


And I delivered a short inspirational speech around 10 am in the morning. It was hot by then. And I was nervous by then. Just like Brina Maxino delivered many speeches in many occasions, but it was my first in my life in front of the students. University of Santo Tomas was my second university choice that I could enter before aside from my first university choice was University of the Philippines.


An atom is the smallest particle of an element that can exist either or in a combination but as an assistant teacher is the smallest dream in my life that can be achieved today. Wow, talk about the science. I really love science since I was in 4th grade until now. It was then I realized how my life was important for each student, teacher, educator, parent and as a friend. I have special condition being having as a Down syndrome. And I’m not afraid. I accepted with my honor being having with my condition.


I can endeavor my life enrich full of my talents: loving children unconditionally, helping others’ needs, entertaining a dance number, writing a hundreds of load literary quotes, poems, sonnets or even a songs and teaching the society the term of people with disability.


I seek like more Brina Maxino, who was only 17 years old studying in her first year of college and like Nick Vujicic, who was a year younger than me that he has no limbs – without a pair of legs and arms. I am inspired both of incredible personalities. To tell you the truth, this is only a beginning. And a beginning will never last to inspire you more.


My journey began after I’ve found out that I’ve had Down syndrome since my sophomore year in high school. I was never accepted my fate having with my condition. But to end my journey was to accept it with whole-heartedly. After 14 years, my journey have been reseted and began a new chapter of my journey. I’ve accepted being having with my special condition. Smallest dream after smallest dream I was able carrying to finish on time. Was I able to cope it before? Yes. To be honest, it was hardest to accept in your life. Whatever I will do, I will still continue what my dreams are telling me.


Assistant teacher001

Assistant teacher001


What’s my next smallest dream could achieve? For reading my previous articles, you can browse below the links:


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

It's Awesome!

It’s Awesome!

Down syndrome is not a fate. It was chosen that God gave us a condition. Somehow along the road, some people misjudge the way we look. Judging from our features: our facial, our body structure, our language, our voice or our behavior; it is not a choice. It is a genetically disorder.


You can look up for this articles and read:


Why Down Syndrome


How I overcome Down syndrome


I always thought Down syndrome is something else. But I already overcame how good condition will look better outcome. When it discovered by Dr. Down, he really studied the condition of Down syndrome. It could be name as Awesome syndrome instead of Down syndrome. Because Awesome is better to hear from our ears. Well we only what we read and listen. But somehow along the road, for my condition, I didn’t choose it. It attached me.


When I was born and diagnosed from that condition, my parents kept it for 17 years. And that faithfully sophomore year of high school, I really remembered that my Biology teacher have said that I really have that condition. Along the way, I’ve sacrificed so much. Then after 13 years later, I’ve already accepted the condition and never looked back from my sadness again.


For me, Down syndrome is not only exceptional. I’ve call it still as Awesome syndrome, although it only brings back the old times before. And other abnormalities will be not for long to be tell. Whatever other disabilities may come way, we are still exceptional. Whether it has Autism, ADHD, Hunter’s syndrome or any other abnormality disorder, we are still in one priority group called People With Disability. Well, it’s enough to be said.


You may also read my other articles as well:


Living being as Down syndrome Part I


Living being as Down syndrome Part II


Living being as Down syndrome III


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

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