Food pyramid

Food pyramid

There is no perfect habit of eating. First of all, there are many kind you can eat in a food pyramid. And it’s a good thing for me this summer that I can eat less of meat. But it doesn’t mean that I can pull off the meat from my chart. Here’s a reminder tips you should not do this in your healthy body:


1. Always schedule your meal ahead.

2. Cook what is right for your stomach needs. (Like vegetables, meat, rice, fruits, breads, sweets and dairies.)

3. Don’t pull out one food group from your food pyramid. Once you do that, your stomach will go rebound.

4. Always buy fresh fruits.

5. Eat less sweets.

6. Do a regular habit of exercise work-outs.

And 7. Talk to your health consultant.


Last Sunday, I’ve invited two health consultants going in my house. What I’ve really found out when you have had a diet, don’t go inside the diet pyramid that might cause your body to go fat again. Maybe that’s why when I’ve done already with a crackers and a bottled water everyday in three months. But to tell you the truth honestly, it wasn’t healthy for me. It was time when I’ve joined in multi-level marketing or networking company. It was just a waste of time and effort when you already done that. The lessons I’ve learned is that don’t force yourself to go in a diet. Here’s the diet you should not to do this:


1. South beach diet

Relation: No carbohydrates (bread, rice, dairy and potatoes.)


About this South beach diet is exaggerate your at the back of your head thinking if you’re really in time of shaping your body. Potatoes for example are in the group of vegetables. Don’t let your body craves more other than this carbohydrates. It really requires your body on the go when you have regular energy training. This diet is not good for you. And it’s not healthy.


2. Apple diet

Relation: No eating other than food except for apples


Do you think you can eat apples for the rest of your life? It’s not really healthy. When you’re hungry, your stomach will go rebound again as you go turning fat. Here’s an advice, follow your food pyramid.


3. Liquid diet

Relation: No eating is required, only water you can drink (sugar drinks, coffee, milk and other liquid drinks)


This is not good also for you. I’ve heard from my friends about this liquid diet. And it’s not that you’re Catholic or whatsoever. You’re not like someone who wants to pretend not to eat. Liquid diet in three days, that’s really absurd. You know you’re killing your stomach too much. Growling and craving gives you more intentionally to eat rebound. Unless you’re eating a cereal drink, it’s not safe also. Commercialized cereal drinks are bad to your health. Don’t do ridiculous in your body.


4. Fruit diet

Relation: No eating other than the food except for fruits (This is related from number two.)


You’re exaggerating again. Unless you want it to make to the hospital bills that might cause your financial crisis. Eat a right food and a healthy way of food pyramid.


5. Crackers and liquid diet

Relation: No eating other than food except for crackers (This is also related from number three.)


I’ve done this before. But to tell you the truth honestly, it really gave me a neck in the pain. Eating in the public with this kind of food made you really sick at the end of the day. And it always crumbled your feeling of little low amount of food. Unless you want it to make to the hospital.


There is no perfect diet pyramid. If you really want to make it simple, follow the food pyramid plan. Eat lots of fruits, less carbohydrates, less meat, drink little diaries and eat less of sweets. And I might overhear this from my friends unless you’re making in to wrong decisions. You’re feeling your stomach needs with an attention to your healthy living of eating food. Here’s another option you want to know about the cooking methods that I’ve learned from my culinary ways.


1. Simmering, boiling and poaching methods


This two cooking methods are safe to use to your day-to-day dishes. Instead frying your vegetables in the pan, do it and don’t say to try it. It’s different. Chop your vegetables in right sizes. When you poach or steam your vegetables, do it for 5 minutes or less. As much as possible, don’t let your vegetables juice out their nutrients.


2. Braising, stewing, sitr-frying, deep-frying, sauteing and pan-frying methods


When you’re cooking your dishes, be sure to study first what to use for your equipment. If you have olive oil or palm oil, it’s better to use it. Don’t use ordinary oil. Ordinary oil are for the ingredients you are frying for fish, chicken, pork, beef and game meats.


3. Grilling and broiling method


This is also safe for your cooking methods. It’s highly recommended when you have a griller in your home. If you don’t have griller at your home, improvise your equipments to use. Always leave your meat with an X mark in your ingredient to be grill. Any of the vegetables and meat are safe to eat.


4. Oven method (Roasting and baking methods)


This is one classic method that is used for European countries although some later in years, Asian and American countries also use this method. Always put a safe temperature in your cooking dishes. If you don’t know how to use, consult from your friend or a family member who’s expert to use the oven. Always close the oven door when you’re cooking. Wait for the time when you leave for a limited time. Don’t leave the place unattended in a long period of time. If you overcook the dish, the dish is already burnt and not safe to eat.


5. Stock method (use for making soups and sauces)


This is the perfect opportunity to master the stock method. It’s every chef’s dream to master the soup or sauce to make it good. If you’re really master in this method, you can create any dishes with this method. Perfect blend and perfect taste will win your customer’s satisfaction needs.


If you haven’t know of this, you should ask the person who’s good at the kitchen. Unless you want it to study, enroll yourself in the nearest culinary school. The good thing I’ve learned from my culinary days is to keep your knowledge intact. Don’t forget to practice at home. But for me, I’ve stopped practicing because I give my attention to my hobbies in writing, drawing and dancing. Well most of that I’ve learned come from the good chefs in the culinary school. I have good friends who are already in the showbiz industry like Chef JP Anglo who is part of Pinoy MasterChef Edition, Chef Joseph Filamor who is a guest chef in Kris TV and Chef Rosebud Benitez in Channel 7. And I’ve seen of my friends before in one of the television channels who sister-owned by GMA-7. And it’s really quite for me though I still love watching cooking shows. To tell you the truth honestly, it’s really never been in my life that crosses in my hobbies and cooking at the kitchen. It doesn’t fit in my description. But at least, I got my culinary certificate back when I was in college.