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Last week of summer

Dreams are sometimes hope. And hope is everlasting promise you would do for your own good. Well I finally got a new job that enlisting new description in my resume. Sometimes when I make a wish, I make a good wish if I could do my job very well.


In the past, my hopes to be chef literally gone. But my knowledge was still there. It wasn’t enough that I got experiences from my job description. As a chef before, a lot of pressure came into me. I mean – a whole lot. My relatives asked me if I can cook for them. But deeper inside of my thoughts, I never thought or crossed at the back of my mind that I would do that for them. I lack of executing. And executing means practicing. Where could you get a skills when you have already in your own skills?


I may be not intelligent as Brina Maxino. But my heart tells me something important more. In the past, I always told   myself that I could never done anything. I always want what I needed for most of the time – to be my own skills. And skills that I have, drawing, writing, singing (maybe), or doing a lot of activities. Maybe I was not so sure about multi-tasking before. I love my life. And life to me teaches how to control your activities and your lifestyle.


Brina Maxino was like me. But upon from her, she was a valedictorian in her class during her high school time. Now she is entering a college. I may be have accomplishments, but she have what it takes to be as a special child. I know sometimes that I don’t accept myself in the past. Hoping someday I would do something just like Brina. Maybe Brina and I could do anything for the accomplishments. But my milestones is getting ready to add some more blessings in my life.


Last year I’ve joined Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI. But before that year, I’ve already accepted the fact that I was different from the rest of the society – as a special adult. I have mosaic Down syndrome. And my age is already in my early 30’s. And so to hear Brina Maxino last year, I was amazed when I saw her the last 20th Happy Walk during my birthday on February 19, 2012. It was Sunday. And I’ve told my dad if he can invite some of his friends along side with me. Maybe just a little big change. I guess. But that is predictable. It can happen anytime.


Accomplishment to another accomplishment, I’ve done any particular accomplishment in my life from last year and to this year. Last December during Christmas party of DSAPI, I finally have had my first DSAPI ID. To tell you the truth honestly, it was something that my angels was telling me where I could find some good community just like this. Well, here what I got some more blessings to come.


To added from my accomplishments, it was my first time in my life that I’ve completed the paper requirements for getting a new job: barangay clearance, four certificates of TESDA training of call center agent and fundamental of computer applications, certificate of communication skills training program and a certificate in culinary, community tax certificate (or cedula), SSS, medical record and NBI clearance. My police clearance got an expiry ahead of time. It was only two months valid. And the results of making complete for my paper requirements. I already got a new job.


My new job was assisting special children in Reaching Our Children for the King or ROCK Integrated School where I landed my new job. Thanks for the effort that I already got my complete paper requirements. And added to my lessons in my life – never get a girlfriend when you are not ready. I lack precisely to get a girlfriend. And my first girlfriend was just a paper. She was my fling. My first girlfriend that I’ve ever had. It was only 8 days relationship. And it ended so soon. I wasn’t a type of a guy who would get to know dilly-dallying for the purposes to have a girlfriend. I never wanted that.


And of course, my journey as an assistant teacher became my part of new life. And I hope more blessings will come in my door and keep knocking if it’s real or not. Sometimes when a door you’ve answered, it was a fluke or a fake that is.


Life as a special adult makes me extraordinary person and I am always proud of who I am and what I am excel to my skills and my talents.” – quoted from Itsmikki Studio


What will be my life tells me next? Should I come to open the door? Or should I not to open the door? It always tell me some surprise questions just like in mock interview questions or critical thinking questions in contact centers. Hmm…but I like the new sound of my new job. And the new description for my new job will unlock more opportunities in the future. I’ve never dreamt to be as a teacher. But God places me to this type of job description. And I hope this opportunity will last for me. I’ve always be what I’m always aiming for – to be the best of who I am.


And my new song I’ve created last week was undeniably challenging me to memorize the lyrics I’ve made. Wish someone can sing that song for me. Maybe Dingdong Avanzado or Gary Valenciano would do the honor to sing for this song. It’s called, My Angels Do in Your Heart. That song is dedicated to the special children that included me in that song. I love the rhythm and the beat of the song I’ve create. I’ve been always humming to that tune. I don’t have piano or any instrument. But I can tell it will be a song for this generation. And I will get you a sample for the last lyrics of my song:


…what else my angels do in everyone’s heart.


I love the lyrics so much. I don’t know why I always keep humming and singing the song I’ve created. Maybe I have to re-edited or to play for the tune. Hmm…if I only have an instrument, I could play a better song for the cause  of special children. And I hope my foundation will get to this project of this song.


Oh, it’s taking me so long to write an article again. It is too long again. I fall in love again with writings. Oh, I love what to write and to write. More articles please? Sounds interesting. Yes, I will write soon again.


Alternative job

I haven’t get into real job yet. But as soon I’ve accepted the deal being having with Down syndrome, it was the fate that chose me to go to.


I have mosaic Down syndrome like most of mosaics do a lot common. But some of us can’t do anything like similarities. Well mostly some of myself can’t do. I can draw. I can sing. I can write. I can even walk. But I am surely can talk. When I was younger, I’ve had a hard time to talk in straight in english. Like most of you can do and some of others won’t. Trisomy 21 Down syndrome is a different pattern in genetically disorder issues. I’ve met few people in my life when I joined Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines. That was when I’ve decided to add my advocacy to help special children to reach their talents.


My talents were sometimes a little different. Because some of you don’t notice what are my talents. I could be an artist. Drawing a lot of occasions in different patterns makes me part of growing up. And I remembered my most important of my life was the drawing of the sun. It was difficult at first learning that stage of knowing what to do in your talents. Maybe a little of perspective of your kid might have a chance to grow in their talents.


Now I am facing the fact, that I want to join as a teacher like my teachers did it to me. I learned so much well from them. If I’ve never been in occupational therapy, physical therapy or speech therapy, what would the field will choose me? Chef, maybe. Because I chose that field to learn of all nutrition of all meals. And of course, I didn’t regret choosing culinary course. Because I learned the knowledge of culinary and the basic concepts of culinary was. Artist, maybe. There was a little chance if I was given to graduate in First Academy of Computer Arts. But there was always given me a wrong decisions in my life.


Maybe this was a guess. An artist. Yes, I love the face of being an artist. Being an artist makes different from all the aspects in life. It can learn you from different perspective views or animate the feelings of a human. Well like most of the animators do are to create some humans involving with the things they can work it to. I guess if I make it right the good views.


A singer if I was given a chance with a good voice. Unlikely, I don’t have a beautiful voice. But I have beautiful talent writing lyrics of a song. Maybe for a lyricist for example, I can make different tunes for a song. Well most of the composers and lyricists did that for their field.


And of course, I’ve given a chance what to do in my life is to be a teacher. In the past, I always want it to be as a teacher. But most likely of the teachers do came from the education they have. From early childhood education, special education course, or being as a teaching course you would like to take it. But I don’t have teaching background. So I am ready to take a challenge to be part of teaching a class.


Special education is what I am aiming to teach about. Because this is where I learn so many different lessons. From the fact I learned how to read properly, how to speak properly, how to respect properly and every lessons you can make it the special children grow in their talents. And now my advocacy will start in special education. And I will make it happen to teach this children how to prompt their duties in their lives.


Teaching is the most profession in any countries. If you don’t have teacher or professor in your school, what would you can learn from them if you don’t know what are the principles of being as a teacher? Teacher is a remarkable position you can handle it to. Like I want it to make discuss what’s the down syndrome looks like. Some of my teachers were still in my facebook. And one high school teacher I knew in my life was very sweet to me. Because I was sweeter to make her good to me.


I hope the school I am applying to will simply going without a mistake. I want to dedicate myself as a teacher if I want it to make happen. This is a small step of my journey as a teacher before going something bigger step if it will make something bigger dreams.


And I was very proud of where I’ve been gone from my school. My journey as a student before ended. And now my journey as a teacher will make it something smaller to take. Teach them with your unconditional love you have. I love myself and I want it share in the world something smaller. Smaller dreams are sometimes a bigger opportunities to grab. But opportunities will grow eventually from your heart.

Back to reality

My girlfriend and I were over already. We spoke in a minutes. I spoke in a well-mannered and soft conversation with her. So the life we used to have, our lives begin in a simple journey again.


After we’ve had 8 days relationship, my girlfriend and I still remain friends for just now. Maybe in the future, I will be learning some new lessons in my life about love stories. Love stories in the movies sometimes exists with hopeful romantic. But some of them are not existed. It’s true that “love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres.”


My sister told me about that. And it was my first time that my sister told me about that quote. Love is always waiting for me anywhere or everywhere I would go. Sometimes in life, you’ve to accept what’s the reality and what’s not. I hope it will come for me to find a-not-perfect girl just like my first girlfriend. She was one of the reasons why she could read about me.


When we were at the mall, my girlfriend and I’ve talked sex, but we were never wanted to do that. Unless she wants and I want it too. But my parents told me if I do something to her, then I would definitely leave the house and create my own living in different situation. Life being married sometimes takes advantages of being responsible in life. When you are responsible enough to take your family on your back, you would find different lessons in life. I find it hard for me. Because relationship for me is barely new and we’ve had only 8 days relationship. What’s that enough? I just waited in my entire life. But to tell you the truth, it tells something valuable in my life that we have to find ourselves in a different situations.


I just came back in reality again. I barely miss some of my writings already. From literature, my love story and even my life story, it tells you how to get stronger each day and how you find your own happiness in each way of your road you are walking on. Besides, my life being ordinary and being having with Down syndrome is not an exceptional. I, like anybody else would do, am also an ordinary human who would do your own activities in life.


People love me very much. And I love my relatives, my friends, my high school teacher and everything in my life accordingly. To tell you the truth honestly, I am happy again and back with a big happy smile in my grin. I barely lost in my way when I have relationship already.


Today, it’s back to reality again. Games for fun, I play only one application game in facebook and that’s farming. And it’s Farm Town. It’s not actually a fun game. But you will find it your way. I find farming in reality makes you profitable for your farmers to do in your farm. Well mostly some of my one hour of playing game in facebook makes me relaxing. But playing in longer hours makes you addicted. You will never do your own responsibility.


My weight now is getting me on my list. I weigh 164 pounds after I’ve gone from the rest room. Last month, I over weigh about 180 pounds. After I’ve called my own health consultant, it was the time to say goodbye to my weight.


Life is hard. So don’t waste it enough to take on your own back. Try to learn many things in life being responsibility. And friends are there for me. Little by little in my life, I have good girl friends in my life. They are not my girlfriends. But they are true listeners whenever I have my own problems. They listen carefully for me and support me. Whenever I have friend, I value each of them. I have few crushes where my friends were trying me to put me into relationship with my crush. But she dumped literally. That was okay. Because she still was my friend.


Whenever my own life is back now, I can do my stuff free anything I would do. Free what I love to do. But watching television series makes me something that I missed. Because whenever I watch, I love to write it down the short synopsis. Being not as a good writer but I love to write is more anything I could do in my life. I may never get paid for anything for the articles. It’s just purely my passion in writing. Anything that falls in my dreams will do accordingly. And I still love my life today whenever I am doing right now.


For my first fling relationship with my girlfriend, I still love you as a friend no matter what. Because friends are more important for me. And I put God in my life before my worries do.

Blessings in life

I was born in the world being having with mosaic Down syndrome. But to tell you the truth honestly, it turn out that I am really a blessing that God sent me here. What’s all about me?


I am now at early 30’s. I’ve discovered that I have being with Down syndrome. Sixteen years have been passed when my biology teacher said that I was different from the rest of the class. At first, I didn’t know what to do. I became clueless and disoriented. So I came home and told my parents if I really could have the special condition. The day it became closer to me. I was always telling me if I really have that kind of case. My intelligence was being pushed and pushed as I considered one of my favorite subject was Science. Therefore, I learned the field of genetics where it falls in the branch of Science.


Genetics, according to the dictionary, is the science of hereditary, dealing with resemblances and differences or related organisms resulting from the interaction of their genes and the environment. (Reference:


And at the same time, I fell in my own hands determining that I couldn’t accept my fate being having with the special case I have. I have been 14 years to heal that I could accept myself. Although a long period of time couldn’t take to heal in own self, there was a time I couldn’t take my chances. And chances it was really hard to heal. One of my hardest regrets in my life was my decision to make. So in 14 years I couldn’t take hearing from the society that I am not belong to. It was a blessing. And my biggest achievement in my life was to accept my condition.


Two years ago when I finally accepted my decision to make was the hardest decision to let it go. And I guess being having with mosaic Down syndrome, I am a blessing disguised in heaven. With my doubts on me, sometimes I couldn’t take serious on my own. To tell you the truth honestly, my parents did all their best just to raise me well. And they did. I didn’t go to the physical therapy. But I did going in occupational therapy and speech therapy. My mom spent years for me to study in one of the speech therapists before. And I went a whole lot more before. Each time I wanted to remember, I asked my parents what was my condition before.


Speech therapy was one of the expenses my parents spent on me. And on part of that, occupational therapy was also that I considered also one of the expenses that my parents spent on me. Honestly I couldn’t remembered one bit of memory before. I have the longest long-term memory that I could remembered. But the thing was I also have short-term memory which I forgot my entire childhood memories. But whenever I asked from my classmates, my cousins and even from friends, they told me their stories about me.


In grade school, I’ve graduated in high colors graduating two times already. One was during my sixth grade before entering high school but I’ve ended up finishing seventh grade in the school in 1995. But the school have had still accepting me to study although I was the one and the last seventh grader in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. So I was the happiest student back then. And one was during seventh grade before going to high school in 1996. My biggest dreams back in elementary days was to become volcano photographer because I loved volcanoes very much until now. Although I have cellphone camera, I still want to earn more money to buy the expensive camera. It will be one of my blessings in life.


And in my high school life was entirely different from the elementary days. Before I became aware of my own self, I looked around to my classmates when I was in fifth grade. My heart have still the beat that I have a new crush back then. It was only the word of crush meaning, “the admiration in life.” And did you know that I was becoming aware in fifth grade? Now you know me already.


And of course when I was in high school prime years, the freshman year was challenging year for me although I didn’t take elective subjects as my teachers and my parents have agreed to. But I still have managed to attend the elective classes. Then of course, I also went up and down during my sophomore year. Some of my schoolmates thinking that I was a freak or maybe a word of “sped.” That word was already a derogatory word for me. Because the meaning of the word itself was translated to “retarded.” Around in junior year, I also discovered one of my talents before was writing. It was a blessing from the skies. And I enjoyed very much that year because of the junior prom who I dated my auntie, a year younger than me. And in my senior year was also my memorable moments in my life. I have said to my classmates and in my school if want to be an actor, I would still dreaming and hoping to be one in the future. It was one of my higher colors that was included blessings in life.


I may be graduated already in high school but the college was one of the hardest to cope to study on. Despite I chose culinary certificate course in Center for Culinary Arts in year of 2000 over the hotel and restaurant management diploma course in Montessori College. I got the passing grade in the other school with 88 but I chose to enter the culinary school with also the passing grade of 75. It was the hardest education in my life but still a blessing in life. I also finished in one of the pioneer culinary schools in the country which was the Center for Culinary Arts. I finished in three years in culinary but the course was 2 years course. To tell you the truth before entering in college, one of my dreams was to finish college. Because I believed some of you may not finishing college years in your life. And so I did my best. I studied and graduated in one of the pioneer culinary schools, the Center for the Culinary Arts. Although I moved four batches already, I have had and made some wonderful friends in college totaling numberless. It was a blessings in life.


After I graduated from the culinary school, it was a huge desperation to get the big check in my life – a salary. I was aiming for the salary raise. During that time, my family have had in financial crisis and my dad sold their family company on someone’s else – the car-making pipes industry. It was there already, but I believed it was a fate chance that gave me a wonderful life.


Before 10 years to this present, I was now a graduated jobless person thinking what job will fits for me. I was very choosy in terms of seeking a job. And so I ended up as a chef consultant which where I worked with my mother’s friend in front of the St. Jude nursing school in Sampaloc, Manila. And it only lasted two months. It was a desperation move for me although I’ve been hooked and addicted playing online games in the computer. But I give my chances to learn more in the future. And the second job I took was being a chef in Sacocina Catering where I worked in Robinsons’ Fairview in Teletech call center branch. Everyday I saw some of agents talking in English, none of them became unaware for me. Because all I know have to learn more in English language. Running later in 9 years, I gave my chances to train myself in call center training in Ortigas where I massively learned the basics of English language. I really wanted to learn so much in English language. It was one of the blessings in life I’ve received.


And at the time I knew about myself, two years ago when I stepped in one of my biggest regrets, joining the multi-level marketing or networking company where I joined at least one. One was enough for me and I learned and tired listening to the rich people screaming the derogatory word of “abnormal.” And so I claimed myself that I finally accepted who I belong and went back to my own feet again. Last year was full of blessings in life.


I named the categories that I was blessed about:

1. I’ve entered call center training because I wanted to learn more about the basics of English language. It was not that I really wanted to go in one of the exclusive call center jobs. It was that I really wanted to learn more of the basics.

2. I’ve joined the organization of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI where I learned that I wasn’t alone in the country being despite with Down syndrome in February 2012’s Happy Walk. That Happy Walk day was also my birthday.

3. My loading business paid off well in the charts and boosted my financial savings as well.

4. I’ve applied on my own applying for my first postal ID on September 2012.

5. My first short-inspirational speech talk have became part of my life and I was invited to talk in University of Santo Tomas (UST) on November 19, 2012, Monday morning.

6. I’ve applied in one of my first organization PWD ID which it was the DSAPI ID in December 2012’s DSAPI christmas party.

7. I’ve applied numerous applications in re-applying of NBI clearance and barangay clearance last January 2013.

8. I’ve applied my first PWD ID last March 2013.


It was all blessings in life. Although I am ready to go independently thinking if I could do it on my own, I am thinking to follow one of my biggest dreams – to become an actor in entertainment industry. If I do well in life, then I am ready to face the entertainment world. It was also thankful that I saw the wonderful movie of I Am Sam which it was about the father being having with Down syndrome and his normal daughter who never thought he could raise on his own.


Being having with my own self that I really love about is writing, drawing, acting if I could do it on my own and be part of the society also. I love being with myself. Without the blessings in life wouldn’t keep my ground off from the chart. But I am still looking for my dream board – to have my own house, to have my own business, to have family and to have helping other special children. And so if I do this on my wish list, I could far places such as Leyte, Bacolod, Cebu, Bohol, Davao and many parts of provinces of this country of the Philippines. I really love Philippines so much. And I love being with myself as a Filipino.


One of my biggest dreams now today is to become an actor if I could do it on my own earnings without a help from my parents. And I want to help my parents so much because they really raise me well. I decide to make it good in health and for the people I really care about.

How to live like me

There is really something that bothers me every week and now. Although I didn’t tell you about this, it is generally something that I usually write about entertainment, my literature – sonnets, quotes, etc., and some of the articles here in my studio. It is quite interesting for time to time. But didn’t you know that I become more a little sensitive when it comes to writing? Of course not, you didn’t know me about that much.


Writing for me works perfectly just fine to me. I wrote my own first words scribbling just like a trivia when I was a kid. First I started about something I really described myself much as a witty, talkative and funny kid I was. But honestly, this is something I want it to share about this. I’m a music and entertainment person. Maybe that’s why some of my article posts are entertainment and music that is something related to me. And the song goes like this:


I’ve been gone through the walls

that haven’t see me a while ago

but you never see the exact moment

so here I am,

clueless and mesmerized,

so when I talk to myself is about you.


I can explain this in my own version. But to tell you honestly, I’m a Filipino. Being having with special condition of Down syndrome expects my whole image as a different level to any of the special adults and special children. Why? Sometimes I am expressing myself that I really, really want to make it to entertainment world. Writing in Filipino sometimes makes me difficult to express my feelings although I’m a Filipino. Taking of my serious side of this paragraph that I write have said, it takes a while for me to pass through the challenges and the problems. So maybe that’s why it seems a little bit of musical of being I am.


Now to the brighter side, I have showbiz royalty although I want it to make my own name aside from my uncle’s name. His name is Danny Javier, first cousin to my dad. They were really the first born males in our family tree. Although I am a little advantage of myself but I don’t consider as I am talented be. First I have heard about his name was sixteen years ago when my dad and my family have occasionally saw each other with my uncle. I didn’t know at first that my uncle was a singer of APO Hiking Society. And the song I want it to express is:


So here I am nothing to know

what I get to know about you

is a little bit of confusing times

and I don’t know about you

often times.


Exactly I didn’t know about him. But it was an opposite of my feelings although I was a bit of star-struck because of my uncle was. During my high school years, I was bit glued to entertainment and basketball world. Me and my dad have had sometimes we played about the golf in Southwoods. And I’ve remembered quite of fifteen years ago when I was in Southwoods, I saw Angel Aquino in my own eyes. She was there where I was swimming in very early morning around of 7 am. She wasn’t seeing me exactly because she was taping about for the show. I didn’t know about the entertainment of local back then. I was glued in entertainment of foreign artists. But it was Antoinette Taus that I really liked about in local celebrities. Then later in my life when I have entered in college, I saw Antoinette all the time back during my culinary years of college. And then we came move to another place where I saw Angel Aquino for the second time but in our residence area. And so she was lived in the same village I was resided about.


Maxene Magalona for example, she was the child actress when was still a child. Blooming like a princess, Maxene grew potentially becoming more actress when her father died of leukemia. Her other siblings made it into the showbiz such as Saab, Frank, Elmo and Arkie. Arkie was the fifth child of Francis Magalona who gained his name in the showbiz of GMA-7. I knew so much of Maxene’s background. She studied first in Maryknoll (now as called as Miriam College) where she and my cousin were studying in the preschool. Then she transferred in another school of Assumption Antipolo where my sisters were studying and my two cousins also. And of course, my school of Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo became the school ground where the Magalonas studied in the same school I was attending. It was later in my life that I knew about this then. Then she graduated in Ateneo de Manila University where she finished her education. Four schools I knew about Maxene were quite that I was not a stalker. It was that accidentally where my cousins were studying and my sisters were.


How did I know about Maxene, Saab, Frank, Elmo and Arkie Magalona? Because my teachers said during my high school years they were studying the same school I was attending to. But it wasn’t that I was a stalker. It was that I really knew about them. And here goes the song I have perfectly for them:


How did you know the names in my life

where all the times goes by

and the nature of places I’ve been to

in all of my life and

I would take my hands to know about them.


Hahaha, it sounds like that I am running like Martin Nievera’s show in ABS-CBN Martin Late @ Night. It is that I am aware what I am writing about in this article. Although I missed a lot of article postings I really love to write.


How to live like me? Sounds interesting? Of course, you do the same feelings I want it to write it down. But not of all of it, it’s just that I really need to express what I have inside and out. If I really want a song perfectly to be tune, it would be some of the songs I really believe into. It was the song of I Believe I Can Fly where R. Kelly sung the song for the movie of Space Jam. Space Jam was about of Michael Jackson to return to the basketball world.


This article post is about something I really want it to perfectly fit for entire post about lyrical of music and entertainment world. I just want to share because this is how I live exactly. I already wrote about Alodia Gosiengfiao, Beyonce Knowles, Britney Spears, Coco Martin, Dakota Fanning, Jodi Santa Maria, Julia Montes, Kathryn Bernardo, Katy Perry, Mandy Moore, Marie Digby, Michael Jackson, Rico Yan and Toni Gonzaga. I wrote 7 celebrities to name of. But did you know why I exactly write about them? It was because they have something returned me a favor. Now it’s time for me how I can execute of how I can earn my money to be able auditioning one of the training dates in the future in ABS-CBN’s Star Magic Circle. Toni Gonzaga is my ultimate crush of my all time now. But it was Antoinette Taus who gave my light to see more for Rico Yan and Toni Gonzaga. And why Rico Yan in the first place of all the names I wrote about? Because he was the first actor who gave insights of becoming an actor. He showed his achievements so much. And I was really adored the way he handled his self. He now became my part of my life. And he inspired me a lot if I really want it to continue my dreams becoming like an actor just like him.


And why six foreign artists that I wrote about them? They have several answers at the back of my head. Michael Jackson inspired me a lot of dancing and so the dancing became my part of my routine how I dance well today. Britney Spears was the first come into my life. It was that because of her music and her songs were really inspired. Now that nobody knew her very well in her music life that was today. And Dakota Fanning was the perfect example kid in the movie of I Am Sam where she played as the daughter of Sam who was having hard time for himself because he have special condition of Down syndrome. Sam played a lot of common interests in my life and so was I. But in terms of reality, it seems that movie is a perfect movie for the family who have special child partly in the family. And I have a perfect few lines of lyrics that I created a while ago:


It hurts me when you said it’s different

now I know the sense of

nobody knows about me

and I guess that it is perfect time

to say that being down in yourself

proves nothing but to say

the world that I can do this

for my family and my friends.


Hmm…it’s a little bit of melodramatic of lyrics. It was perfect timing that I wrote this for those who have special children or special adults related to you. Being having with my special condition of Down syndrome have said that we can also do the same feelings as the normal people does. Do not be afraid of who you are. Stand up for your good reasons why you are not giving up. Well, it’s almost about the time. I am referring about this article post about me and the world I know about.




Independent comes from the dictionary meaning, adjective 1) not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc., thinking or acting for oneself, 2) not subject to another’s authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free, 3) not influenced by the thought or action of others, 4) not dependent; not depending or contingent upon something else for existence, operation, etc. and 5) not relying on another or others for aid or support, noun 1) an independent person or thing, 2) a small, privately owned business, 3) Politics. a person who votes for candidates, measures, etc., in accordance with his or her judgment and without regard to the endorsement of, or the positions taken by, any party 4) Ecclesiastical. an adherent of Independency and 5) British. a Congregationalist. (Resources from


Trivia: Independent from 1610’s, from in- “not” + dependent (q.v.) Fr. independent is arrested from c.1600; It. Independente from 1590’s. Noun meaning “person not acting as part of a political party” is from 1808. (Resources from


Life is hard as you even thought to become independently. What is it to become independently in your own? Do you really have what it takes to become independently? Sometimes I feel the same. But in my experiences, I didn’t become one to be independently before. It was really hard to cope with in your situations. I did become rebellious when I was a child. Back then when I was 16, when I heard from my Science teacher how my condition was, being having with Down syndrome. It really took me time to understand through the years of experiences. And yes, sometimes I was almost reached to become independently before. It was a mistake really. But it takes me time to heal on my own.


So what’s the story you have to know about me? Becoming independently is not as easy as you think about. I was silly really when I was a kid. No matter what I walked away from home numerous times before, but still I didn’t know how to become to be independently. I lack of experiences of it. But the way I see around the house is how you will flow your life in the future. Becoming a mother in early ages sometimes takes you advantage to become independent. And yet, in some of the terms, independent makes you stronger. Why? It really shapes your identity to become one.


How to become independent? Let me give you some six examples:

1. Learn how to cook.

(It really gives you more time in your early age and practices your skills in a long time. And practice is the best example to give your patience with practicing to cook.)

2. Learn how to clean the house.

(The school have to provide economic studies around your lifestyle. It has to be you to practice your skills to be clean. When you’re skilled enough, then you are ready.)

3. Learn how to take care of the dogs.

(It doesn’t need to have improvise in your studies. It has to be you. When you know how to take bath of your dog, walk your dog, feed your dog and pet your dog. It gives you practice to take care of yourself to become one independently.)

4. Learn how to go to the place you want to go.

(Practice yourself like a sense of direction. If you have lack of sense of direction, you can’t practice wherever you want to go. Always give your time with two extra hours going to your location. When you almost lost in your direction. Always have sense of time and sense of seeing the places, so you can’t be lost in your sense of direction. Practice yourself going not only once but three times.)

5. Learn always have to cure yourself in case of emergency.

(This is important in your life. Learning how to take care of yourself is one of the main reasons of your health. When you have colds, headache or cough, always have extra medicine in your bag whenever you go or staying at your place.)

6. Learn how to educate your money.

(Are you already bankrupt? Learn how to spend your money well in times of emergency. When you are feeling low in your money, always have enough to carry money in your pocket. So you can’t be caught by a thief stealing you a big cash. Learn always how to budget your money and how to extend your expenses in a month. And learn to write it down your expenses in a diary, so you can see how your money flows in a month and in a year.)


I feel independently coming in my age. I am already in my early 30’s and I have a special condition being having with Down syndrome. Being having with my special condition doesn’t mean that I have to rely on my sisters or on my parents. And my parents are already in their early 60’s. What do I have to expect? I practice myself in a manner whenever I am ready to go as independently. I already have my own registration of applying in passport, tin card, SSS card, PWD card, postal card and important files such as NBI clearance, police clearance, barangay clearance and cedula. With my knowledge in varieties of life comes every shape of your life. And so here I am ready to go independently. And the big question is, “when will I have to start?” Being on your own practices your life independently. With six examples that I give above practices you more to become independently and it gives everyone to practice these six examples. It gives you more importantly, but in a same way, it gives you more time.

Without a day to earn

In the past, I’ve really not thinking about the loading business. But as long as it goes in my life, there’s no easy business or work you’ve really get into. You finally have to understand the feeling being pocketless in your pocket. Why?


Sometimes I feel guilty inside my mind thinking about the things I’m really get into. But inside at the back of my head, it is something that I don’t want to get pass into. To have what’s inside sometimes I lead into wrong answers. Of course I felt guilty in the past. I’ve been running into circles in my whole life. I jump to another conclusion that I really don’t know the answer. Whenever what’s inside at the back of my head, maybe somehow I’m considering my whole life to consider what’s best for me.


After I’ve had graduated in college in Center for Culinary Arts (or CCA), things were around the circles. Working outside was really a difficult choice. Whenever what you got a job, it considered that was your biggest risk. My biggest risk that I had a choice was working in different places. I’ve considered my biggest fact was choosing culinary. I didn’t listen to my own opinions. My opinions were to choose University of the Philippines or University of Santo Tomas. But none of them failed in my own hands. Because I wasn’t to educate myself to enroll in highest universities in the country. It was my mom if I didn’t have to pass. But she was right. Choosing culinary certificate over theatre arts in UP or music arts in UST was worth to pass in my level.


But it became one of my facts that I dealt the wrong feelings, a doubt. Yes sometimes, we allow to doubt to ourselves. It doesn’t really considering me the fact I was really enjoying the culinary years. I met a wonderful chef instructors and have met their expectations. Sometimes I felt the guilt inside my feelings. After I’ve graduated in culinary years, my first job I’ve landed was a chef consultant and chef assistant to my mom’s friend. It considered my biggest break, but it only lasted two months in front of St. Jude Nursing School at Sampaloc, Manila. During that time, I was addicted playing online games. In fact, I lost my effort and time to choose my decisions being as a chef.


Whenever I have another job, there was always a question at the back of my head. It was a doubt again. But I’ve never stood of my feelings were. My second job I’ve landed was working in Sacocina Catering owned by Ignacio family. It wasn’t a perfect job for me. But I stood for my feelings in my work. So I’ve worked in my second job for only three months. It was dealing me between my feelings and the job itself. But then, she have said to me that this job wasn’t meant for me. Maybe she was right. In fact, I was already quitting culinary at the top of my depression years. It was during 2005.


Upon that, maybe it felt my feelings crossing in my veins and at the back of my head thinking if I was doing right decisions. I’ve quitted culinary years for almost 8 years being not practicing my culinary skills. But my culinary knowledge haven’t gone out at the back of my head. So I kept my knowledge whenever I have learned from my culinary years. But I kept mum and silent in 6 years.


When loading business have entered in 2006, my mom enrolled me to have my own loading business. I found loading business as a boring business at the start of few months. But I’ve never thought it was good for my addiction in games. So I’ve enrolled in different game online platforms like Ragnarok, Khan Online, Flyff Online, Perfect World and Ran Online. They were the only online platforms that I was really hooked on before. But I have said to myself it was good to get rid of my stress during my first year in loading business.


Stress was my feelings to get rid of my depression times. I grew my hair in three years. I was melodramatic and emotionally stress at home thinking if I was worthless, not accepting of who I was, or if I was an adopted child in the family. It was really emotionally depressed and frustrated of who I was. During that time, I’ve not decided if I really have Down syndrome as one of my special condition. I wasn’t aware because of that. It was a pain at the back of my head.


After long of waiting two years later on, my loading business grew larger in numbers when we moved to another location. My addiction in games haven’t kept me off. I kept my online accounts alive. But after we have experienced a flash flood that in Cainta, it was a greatest fear of my life. My depression and my frustration somehow brought me back inside again. But it kept off me finally from my addiction in games. I’ve learned my lessons. But my loading business kept me alive after I’ve learned many lessons in life.


In 2009 when I went back for my biggest dreams have keeping me alive. Drawing kept me stronger. And so was the writing. Writing for me was my biggest passion of my life. I’ve kept my writing skills throughout the years but it didn’t stop me to improve my skills in English language and English literature. Loading business was the one who have kept me alive in six years and ten months already. As I’ve got out from my depression and frustration in 2011. I’ve joined in multi-level marketing or networking bandwagon. It was UNO have kept me hopes bringing out my depression and frustrations in my life. Everyday, I spent my money from my loading business in five months. I’ve shredded my long hair bye-bye in 2009 when I’ve enrolled myself back in digital school.


Then one moment came in to my life. It was the biggest fact that I’ve finally learned my special condition to be accepted in 2011. It was the end of my depression and frustrations that year. And of course when I learned where I was belong, I found the organization or group of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI. In fact, I began to become a member last December 2012. And there were many blessings came in to my life last year and this year.


I’ve enrolled myself to have my own and first postal ID last September 2012. Then another milestone that I got was to get in front of the audience becoming a guest speaker. Being having with a special condition of Down syndrome was my biggest blessing for me. Because if I wasn’t able to learn what my special condition was, I won’t able to write here in a long story. And in fact, I got my first passport that I’ve enrolled myself in DFA Megamall. I’ve said to my parents that it was already a milestone for me. One step to another step was considering the fact I was following for my dreams – a writer + an artist (and + an actor as one of my biggest dreams).


And so I got also my first PWD ID last month. Now I was finally getting to my independent stage ready for my age with a help of my loading business for six years and ten months that kept me alive. This loading business is worth saving my financial crisis without a day to earn. In the past years of my life, it really saved me much. Now I am aiming to get 12k from my loading business to enroll myself in an audition in Star Magic Circle auditions next year or this year.


As I’ve always said to myself that I would never give up of my dreams. And one of my biggest inspiration icon who also saved me was Rico Yan. My dreams is waiting for me, now I’m facing my dreams waiting for me to gain exposure in the public television.

Holy Week 2013

It had been numerous times I have visited Bay (Poblacion), Laguna when I have visited last Thursday. Bay means “Bah-ee” from the three ladies of Maria Basilia, Maria Angela and Mara Elena. Their first letter of their names were taken out thus it called Bae. After a long period of time, now it is called as Bay.


When I have visited the Bahay ni Senor (House of Senor), it was said that it didn’t burn by the Spaniards and even the Japanese soldiers during the period of time. The house have been built since late 1800’s. The surroundings were fields and among around the Barangay San Agustin (Poblacion) was the Saint Augustine Parish Church. The church was near from the place I’ve used to stay. It was around 3-5 minutes of walk going there to the church.


And so I thought, I would like to write an article about the chapel house that built in 1900’s during the Spanish reign. Owned by the Salvosas, Dr. Felipe Salvosa came from Polilio, Quezon and he was attended Boston University where he finished his studies taking up Bachelor in Science of Forestry. He married then, Felicidad Leon Salvosa where she was a native of Bay, Laguna. My grandmother was eldest daughter of Dr. Felipe and Felicidad. Up to now, we went to Bay, Laguna just to attend Good Fridays and sometimes in All Saints Day in November.


I grew up not knowing of my family roots before. But when I realized my family roots after I’ve graduated in college taking up a culinary certificate. Two years after when I finally knew my family roots, both in my father’s side and my mother’s side. My mother’s side were most coming from Bacolod, Negros Occidental and Kawit, Cavite. And my father’s side were most coming from Javier, Leyte (formerly Bugho, Leyte) and Bay, Laguna. Even after two years, everything went smooth for me. I’ve been granted to accept my condition as a special adult (my condition was Down syndrome or trisomy 21 chromosomes).


My father’s side have a hugh lineage coming from Veloso, Salvosa and Javier. Most of the Velosos came from Cebu, Bohol and Leyte where it began the civilization of Velosos. But it seems all of the Salvosas came from Polilio, Quezon and Bay, Laguna. Well my side of Javiers were coming from eastern side of Visayas which it was Leyte. The part of Leyte have a hugh part of civilization and gave a history behind of it. But then, in my mother’s side were also have a hugh lineage coming from Nartea, Sian and Torres. Sians were originally came from the mainland of China, the Szechuan. The Narteas also came from Carigara, Leyte but it was confirmed originally also came from Kawit, Cavite. And the Torreses came from the Romblon islands and Bacolod, Negros Occidental. Of which I know, some of these surnames I come up with sometimes may lead into wrong places. I mean it was not originally came from. But it was my  opinion.


Throughout of my knowledge, Bay sat and have said the oldest town of Laguna. It have been founded in 1500’s. And it was a wide vision when I knew this today. So far, it was one of my favorite places I’ve used going to this place aside from Javier, Leyte, Kawit, Cavite, Cebu and Bacolod, Negros Occidental.





Jesus Image

Jesus Image

Jesus Image 2

Jesus Image 2

Candle lighting

Candle lighting

A Day to Remember

Going to Rico Yan’s place made me to move. But somehow, a strange white thin air just like a flash appeared in your eyes. It doesn’t have to be in shape, but somehow a restless soul wander around inside my room. Yes, if I sound crazy, I hear sometimes an eerie voice inside at the back of my head. I would like somebody to hear sounds crazy.


When I was younger as a kid, I used to get scared at horror movies like Chucky, Halloween stories or like Shake, Rattle and Roll series. But now, whenever I hear something, I will keep my secret that I can hear and sense if there is really a spirit around you. If there’s really a compound of air, a sudden rain, or something that it can fall, it reminds you that is something get strange in your way. We all have sixth sense, the intuition. Intuition reminds you not to do it anymore. Or maybe it reminds me not to do it anymore. I used to get something when I was a kid and not returned to the item’s owner. Somehow along the way in my growing period, it really stop in my stage that I learn my lessons. Lessons along your road to success sometimes makes you growing stronger.


Well, this is definitely the part three about Rico Yan. Rico Yan is the shape of my inspiration in all corners of my life. He really shapes me up. He somehow build me up from my wrongdoings. Whenever I never think of him, he reminds me to think of him. For somehow at the back of my head, this guy is something to do in my life before. Of course, I watched his movies before. He have had 12 movie appearances and 10 television appearances including where he worked together with my uncle in ‘Sang Linggo nAPO Sila. It was really amazing for somehow in shape of universe.


Okay, let me talk about the heaven. You haven’t see the heaven yet. But for somehow, my dreams are like big heaven sequences. And this is not the psychologically answer to your thesis or whatever it is. I’ve had two accidents before. It was when before I entered fourth grade. It was summer. During that time, it was President Corazon Aquino years. Those times were having difficult in electricity. And we’ve had florescent lamps before. Or if you could remembered the generators. Those things were lighting inside of your house. When we were together, me and my siblings were playing around the house. But when we were going out occasionally to Quezon Memorial Circle, that was where we used to play bicycles. Honestly, I didn’t know how to drive bicycle in two wheels. So my parents made me to rent a pedicab that had three wheels. Then at the moment we were at home, I rushed down to the dining room and the area was dark and wet. But my feet was cold as an ice. I threw my slippers or shoes, if I could remembered during those times, in the living area. And of course as I almost could reached the plug to the socket, the plug had a broken issues. And there, I’ve been electrocuted in my first accident.


Rushing to the hospital, of course, I woke up inside the hospital room but it was definitely a total blackout mind. It was a blur, dark and nothing to remember. Those times, I heard some angels speaking in our language in Filipino. I’ve already explained to my parents but they refused to believe that I can see spirits in my mind. Everywhere you go, somehow there are no signs or nothing to see to believe it. But in my case, I keep my secrets. Here in the article, let me remind you that this is no longer a secret because I’ve already explaining what is going on to me. That was my first accident.


And there was a second accident before going to enter in high school. I was in sixth grade. Before graduating in March 1994, I saw Rico’s commercial already. If I made it clearly or not, just comment me if I am wrong. Rico’s commercial was Master Eskinol facial product, his most first commercial. Of course, everyone have laughed at me because I haven’t get a pimples yet. But I was teenager already as I’ve passed my birthday in February. So I’ve made it clear.


Rico’s legacy grew bigger in my life. He might be in heaven or he might be reading my article as I am writing down this article down to my fingers. Believe me if I am wrong. And I might get confused or misinterpret if you are going to tell something to me. But this before graduation in elementary, my mom and I’ve supposedly going to AISA (formerly Academe School) to get an entrance exams. She have been my great mom. She was. And she was my support all throughout my years until now. It was because she conceived a birth and that it was me. I am a third child in five siblings. After all, throughout these years made it clear with Rico’s legacy.


But there was a terrible accident along the road of Sumulong Highway. And I thought that it was near in Cogeo or Lower Antipolo. My eyes were shut. And I couldn’t resisted to sleep longer in a long trip to Antipolo. And our home was in Quezon City. So I was going to have photo shoot in the studio to get one-by-one identification photos. And one moment I woke up, it was when I’ve ended up in hospital again. The truth was when the jeepney bumped my shoulder bone to break. So that was why I’ve ended up in hospital. My classmates were worrying about me because I didn’t attend graduation practices. It was days. Or maybe a week less before graduating made it clear to me. So I’ve graduated twice during my elementary days. One was when I was in sixth grade. And the last one was during my seventh grade. Honestly being having graduating twice from elementary days, it made me clear and stronger. Because when you are going to high school, you have to get ready. High school days were tougher. It means you have to get study more. Less peer, more study. But I was not as an intelligent as a valedictorian was.


I’ve graduated with highest colors in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. So if you don’t get study in Grade 7, it means you jump and don’t want to get part of finishing part of the school. Most of the private schools have seven levels in elementary. But some of that I know have six levels. Don’t make me wrong. This is my explanation. Seven levels are more important in life than going to six levels. Because complete education of fourteen levels from preschool to high school made you tougher and stronger. And I really loved my schools I went to. Tough education is my home to hone my knowledge. In face, I’ve missed my school a lot. Since I’ve got graduating from high school and college, things were different. Tough chapter I’ve been through was the backbone in my life.


As I’ve telling you about this, this kind of illusion of crazy moments went at the back of my head again. They were blurry, dark and crazy feelings that I saw some angels. And this time, I saw some reflections of my past loved ones who already passed away. It was both in my father’s side and my mother’s side. And I didn’t know which one was my relative in my father’s side or mother’s side. It was a bit of complicated. And I think you wouldn’t believe me either I am going to write this craziest thoughts.


Back to the Rico’s subject, it was morning. I woke up around 5:45 am in the morning. But I’ve managed to get some sleep. Because I drank coffee before going to sleep. It was around before midnight. And I couldn’t get to go to sleep. I’ve opened my computer and surfed a little in facebook. Finding out there was a little active users in my list. Some of my relatives were in Canada. Most of them I think at the back of my head. To tell you the truth honestly, I really don’t know. Just because I was awake, I’ve been trying to get awake in the entire trip going to Rico Yan’s place in Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque. And I’ve been told my mom that I will be going a week before. Or maybe that was two weeks ago. Because some of my dreams have said to me, Rico was reminding me that he needed to say, “thank you for visiting me. Please visit me again in my birthday.” It was because I went there alone last month. And that was February 10, 2013, Sunday morning. I’ve lasted for around 45 minutes. I put down some two candles and prayed over him about 15 minutes rosary. Then later, I was telling what it was going on my life right now.


Then at the back of my head, I was telling him, “I will visit you next time.” That next time was his birthday. And that was last Thursday, March 14, 2013, the fruitful first visit in his birthday. Because of the firsts became my first visit in his birthday. I gave him whole day just to think of him and speak of him. I’ve spent two or maybe one and a half hour just talking to her. I also brought candles again and lighted them up. And I prayed a fifteen minutes rosary for him. Just a strange white thin compound air or white gust quick flash light appeared in my face. Then I’ve been realized there was no white butterflies anywhere. And I thought it was really of him. He made me thinking of him again. In my thoughts, he have been said again, “thank you for visiting me. Please bring some of your closest friends and I will return some blessings to you.”


Quite amazing. But somehow it didn’t click my thoughts. So at the back of my head again telling me, I’ve been dreaming of him again. Last March 1, 2013, I went to Enchanted prom night. And it was so memorable prom I’ve ever been experienced. That girl was the same lineage where Juan Luna and Antonio Luna was in the lineage, the famous historic names in the Philippines. So I’ve guessed it was right. And I’ve asked her the right question. During that night, I’ve said to Rico Yan, “thank you for bringing me to this wonderful association. It made me clearer one step at a time to become one of the artists just like you, Rico.” So the next day, I’ve asked my mom if I can go to his place in his birthday. And I did.


I went home sailing in my mind and dreaming of him once again. If there was a chance to visit him again, I would probably go to visit him again. Countless times and countless days are the moment to remember.


March 14, 2013. Thursday. His birthday. And I would probably not write this if I am not stronger to become a perfect human. Well, not as a perfect human, but I am doing this on my own. I am fixing my life from the scratch to the top of my success story. Believe me if I am wrong. He once said to my dream sequences, “John Paul, I am proud of you of being standing out of your own. You did your all expectations this year. You proved to everybody that you are the perfect example person somebody have to look on. If you are following me, allow me to say this. You will go there in your dreams just like I do in my years in showbiz years. Just believe in your dreams. If you are still following your dreams, follow in your heart. People are sometimes in the world of entertainment industry will look to you as a perfect example. And perfect example that will change the government and the entertainment industry around the world.” After he said it to me, I’ve becoming thinking clearly at the back of my head.


When will I become an artist to hone of my talents in acting? Of course, I love music. I write my own songs. Sometimes I write for the artist who can interpret my lyrics. When I heard the Himig Handog music contest, I almost lost my way but I didn’t want to have affected to me. There will be more distractions along the way on my road. Distractions somehow are the big examples of challenges I will confront later in my life chapters. And I’ve still remember my first huge crush, Antoinette Taus. If you are reading my article, Antoinette, I would hoping to meet you someday. It was when I saw you in Thai restaurant in Katipunan area. And I don’t have guts back then. This time or somehow, someday I will meet you. And of course, my ultimate celebrity crush today is Toni Gonzaga. I really love her. Although I’ve met some artists before from Nikki Valdez, Giselle Toengi and among others I’ve seen it already.


This sign for you, Rico, I would dedicate my article just to share to my fellow readers and followers. And I hope we will meet in eternity life. Thank you for compromising me to become success someday. And this is where I must to say goodbye for now in this article. And I write again in next topic.


This article was not about the Enchanted movie in the theatres. The word Enchanted claims at the back of my head is a prom about being having Down syndrome with their La Salle partners. Let me give you first an introduction for my past two proms I have it before.


I have had my first prom when I was in my junior year. It was a junior prom and it was a month of February during that time. And I have had nothing to do asking a girl. So I was afraid not coming to the junior prom. Instead not going to the junior prom, my mom asked some of my relatives and it was my beautiful auntie who was a year younger than me. Then I thought I would came after all in junior prom. Our venue was in Walang Hagdanan restaurant in Antipolo. And I was quite remembering that place. I was with my auntie when I came down in our blue Pajero car that time.


As we came down to the car, we looked for our seats to sit on. Well I really looked fabulous. Then it came to my attention I was wearing that time. I have had with a black necktie, white polo long shirt and my dad’s americana coat. Then I have said if this was okay. Those times, technology in computers were less technology and also the cellphone numbers. But it came to my mind where I can find a camera. Finally after we introduced to my classmates, all of my male classmates were amazed of me because I brought a beautiful and petite lady in our prom night. That was Saturday. And of course, I wouldn’t forgot that I won a best dressed man. If we were on the prom set that night a little earlier, we could have an early bird awardees. So I thought and be the man I was going to be.


After a year, here it goes again. A prom night has arrived again. This time was 2000, our graduating year and the senior prom has come. Glittering in the night with beautiful stars was the brightest evening we ever had. The bad news was that I didn’t bring my prom partner who I have had dated her during my junior prom to my senior prom. Because of the conflict schedule came in good terms, it was turn of her sibling that I have dated with. Her younger sister whom I think was four or five years younger than me. And during that night, we haven’t done chatting each other. And my partner, whom was my auntie, asked and said, “can we go now?” I gasped, gave a sigh and said, “yes.” Then at that moment I realized my auntie didn’t enjoy that night. So I came home a little earlier because we didn’t enjoy that night. It was miserable and teary for me. I’ve never had to say, “I am sorry or a simply gesture of ‘thank you’.” After two days have gone, I came back to school to attend my classes. All of my classmates gave a nod and one of them said, “what happened during the prom night we enjoyed?


At the back of my head thought and said, “it would come better if I have a guts asking my crush in her freshman year start of the school.” But it didn’t happen quickly and it was like a disappearing of a bubble. Then I guessed it was a senior prom. And what was the memorable that year 2000? Instead of our valedictorian in our class gave a loud applause, it gave an outstanding standing ovation inside the entire theatre hall. It was when I stepped in the stage when I received my high school diploma. Being having with Down syndrome really made proud of who I was. And of course, nothing beats me like a simple gesture of “thank you and you’re welcome.”


It was during the hot and timid day around 2 in the afternoon. I was last checking my facebook and at the seconds in the clock stopped me what I was doing. I ran off to the comfort room to take a bath because of the hot weather today. Then it came for me a fresh bath for the second time of a day. I completed dressing my clothes. After that, it was when I left my home around 3 in the afternoon. I rode a taxi going to the venue where I was supposed to go to. Then I thought it might be a lucky day for me. And I thought I remembered the past two days if I cannot come. One of my close friends in the organization have asked me to go to the Enchanted prom where with special children above their age goes with prettiest girls and handsomest men. I was excited last night. And at the same time, my mind was blanked about what I was going to say to my partner.


And our maid have said to me if I might have a partner whom she was 60 years old already. I dare I can do that. But it was her joke. Then at the same moment when I came at the venue, I gave a long sigh and a long pause of my breath. Then I loosed out from my breath. Was I relaxing too much? Or was I stressing about what I am going to say? And at the start of the program nearly started, I thought I will be having partner with another special adult. Then it came along with prettiest girls and handsomest men in an hour. I posed a strike pose in the photo booth. And I might get a lucky shot with my cutest and wacky shots.


Then I met a few prettiest girls in the Enchanted prom night. Among them I met was the indian girl I really liked the most. It was merely that I might fall in love to her. Her looks being as another native makes me an awe for me. Then I thought she will be my partner. Instead one of the prettiest girls I rarely picked came to me. Her name was Ricci. This girl was stunningly beautiful. And I might get also attractive to her. Whatever my mind ran off to, it was like there was running horses around the white clouds telling me if I can ask her number. Then I did nearly before the prom night ended. And I got a chance to meet the indian girl, it was actually her name, Rashmi.

Enchanted prom night

Enchanted prom night

Enchanted prom night

Enchanted prom night

Enchanted prom night

Enchanted prom night

To tell you the truth honestly, this was the best prom night I have enjoyed so far although this was my third prom I went to. My last senior prom was during my senior year, the year of 2000, the graduating year. It was sadly for me not seeing some of my classmates anymore. But it was a challenging role for me to give a kick start career. For unlikely reasons, why I couldn’t landed a good stable and financial job for almost 13 years? It was the denial stage that I held for myself being having with Down syndrome. Keeping that was a mortal sin I have ever had. Thinking in the past years of my life, I’ve realized it was time to let it go and accepted the conditions whatever I have had. 2011 was the good start of my another chapter although there were some bad pages and good pages in my life.


Let me give you a straight answers at the back of my head. The bad pages were that I have joined in the networking job deals, the networking or in another term of multi-level marketing. But I’ve learned my lessons. The good pages I was talking about the knowledge of the product description. Selling products maybe have a little effort work for me. But I’ve decided not going to the company again after 5 months of staying there nothing to do. Giving a hard-knock at the back of my head was my best lessons I’ve ever had. And the other good pages I’ve found out was that I studied about my both family roots in my father’s side and my mother’s side. It was that really great. Meeting with some good community makes you more comfortable. And having the most of my entire life came back one by one of my memories.


The reason why I found this interesting organization of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines? It was another chapter have entered in my life. Giving a whole new blessings came towards to me. February 2012, the month of my birthday and the month of joining the Happy Walk, were among the blessings I’ve received. After a year, this was the most blessing I’ve received most of my life. To enjoy, to live, to breathe, to be happy all the time and to have a positive life are the most important ingredients in my life. This kind of organization to join is worth of all happiness you will receive.


What do I wish for my birthday last month? Simple. But you have to work your wishes together with strong prayers you have to pray. Well, I am going to say it. I just want following one of my dreams. The last wish I’ve received was the camera cellphone. But I am looking towards to buy a 50 grand pesos expensive camera. For going to work of one of my dreams, I am looking for my brighter dreams. Nothing becomes impossible in your life is believing in yourself 100%.


Let me give you a trivia. What is the name of the famous school where Francis Magalona’s children attend? And there is only one answer. It is Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. The same school I went to where his children attended the same school I was in.


Having Enchanted in my life was the most memorable of my life. Being having with Down syndrome was not exempted in the society. It has no barriers and there are no boundaries. One of that I honor myself being having with Down syndrome simply gives me an excitement to bring. Meeting a new partner and having to meet new breed of prettiest girls in the planet are simply Enchanting me.

Enchanted prom night

Enchanted prom night

Learn from experiences

When I was in some places, people sometimes found annoying. And sometimes they took you for granted. I may have had encounters of this before. But I realize that too much of attention from them may find you a disturbing facts, “they really judge you for nothing.” Well at least something I come up some interesting issues I have to discuss for today. It’s about discrimination and some of the advices you will listen to my article today.


1. Elementary / High school / College


Normally I didn’t know the word of “sped” when I was in school days before. Schoolmates and some others called me “ahahaha, sped siya, ahahaha, sped siya! (ahahaha, he’s retarded, ahahaha, he’s retarded!)” But because I stood the wrong intentions, I came home crying and I have said it to my parents. What was this “sped” word? The word “sped” was short of special education. And I didn’t know the word throughout my life. But when I was studying in high school years, I have found out that I was feeling not okay. Everyday I walked in the classroom just to put down my bags and kept my things ready to study. Those times I was carried two heavy bags. One of my bag has contained school books and my other bag has school supplies. Well normally I did carrying my pens, notebooks, intermediate pad and some important things you should carry. I was not the type of a normal school teen who would carried a handbag materials (referring to the girls’ things like foundation and powder) and I have said to myself that I wasn’t giving myself an attention. I found it later during my sophomore year. My schoolmates still teased me somehow, normally all the lower levels than me. Because we were the first batch of high school have to graduate in the year of 2000. Then they realized that they stopped teasing me when teacher passed down the hallway and have to remain silent. The community back then was very small. Our batch in high school only consisted 18-21 students. And we were the only one section. Three years below have started two sections. And they have two batches during that time.


What I normally don’t stop knowing it? Because it keeps me going what I learn in the school. School provides education and education needs us to study in order growing up mentally, physically and emotionally. When we are finish in the education in the span of 18 years, we move up to the second level. That is where we have to start doing our job in return for our parents. After being that, we become adults and we are giving children to educate them. It’s a life cycle processing in our daily lives. And the country needs help from us in order to grow our education and the jobs have to provide us to sustain our needs. Back then including outside the school, the crowd saw me differently and judged mentally. And I was still remembering one grumpy old woman staring down on me in the church. I didn’t know if she was old woman but it was a lady. I was still 10 years old. And she said it to me, “How old are you?” Then I answered and said, “10.” “Really?” she asked again. “Yes,” I said it again. Then she nodded and gasped and asked firmly in her low voice and said, “You really should act like a 10 year old. But you are acting like a 2 year old kid. You are not toddler anymore.”


Those times I asked myself what I did that for a purpose. And during that time, my childhood entered a different direction. Entering fourth grade for me really gave me a goose-bumps. I looked to my pictures. Wearing eyeglasses in my eyes, my pants up to my waist and my shirt tucking up inside my pants really gave look like I was a nerd. And I kept repeating myself that I was really look like a nerd. Because of this show in television I saw keeps me remembering. That show was my favorite during my childhood and the line was and said, “help, help, I am falling and I can’t get up.” It really looked like a 70 show or something. But I really can’t remember the name of that show. There was something black pitch inside at the back of my head and I can’t remember. So after fourth grade came fifth grade. During fifth grade, my vision and my head started to pick up differently. I still remembered who my first crush was in my class and the first celebrity crush I have before.


Now I know what the term of “sped” is. It means retarded in english translated dictionary. People really start judging me at the same time I really don’t know. But I am glad that I know of this meaning today. Don’t ever call to the special children or special adults a derogatory word. It’s really that bad. If you can manage saying to other community, then you’re still wrong. Good company finds you good on you. If you go to the bad company you are going with, they are not referring you as a good person. Because that’s what I feel it about during my times. And I will discuss that later.


I have many good friends in college. This is not like any kind of university, it’s a small community school. This was Center for Culinary Arts or CCA where I enrolled to study culinary arts. Well of course, you cannot expect if you are not good enough. So my parents enrolled me in this small community school. Everybody I talked inside the campus and everyone I knew the names were the same treatment giving to me. But I didn’t expecting that too much. I took it whole-heartedly to finish the course but I wasn’t seriously getting to the top field like any honors do. I have made friends with two celebrities I have met in my life. One of them was a girl. And that girl was the daughter of Vic Sotto. So I thought giving me a best shot I could do. Nevertheless, I found later the right company for me, the batch I kept finishing together with them. They were some good and some others were not looking me seriously. But I said to them that I was different from the rest of them. And I have told my best friend in college not to judging me.


The lessons I learned:


I was afraid to accept who I was being having Down syndrome or special needs in my life. The friends I am making with them makes me comfortable. Don’t be afraid of who you are, instead give your chance to understand of who you are. As I have said earlier, “good company finds you good on you.” But later in my adulthood, I learned the fact this was not too late saying who I was and accepted the terms of who you are. Of course, everybody finds you different. Stand to yourself and be a true to yourself and say, “I can do this.” With the good strength, you will face the future with a good attitude. Strength considers your goal as your courage to stand up and face the reality.


2. After college years / in between jobs


I was curious at this level finding too much of difficulty times. And I have saying myself, “I can do this.” Sometimes I feel unknowingly feeling weaker. Yes, weaknesses finds you depressing and frustrating. You don’t have a job at the start after the college. Let me give you an advice, keep your position ready before your graduation starts. Have yourself with a good record, good performance and good attendance in the school. In the same way, you will manage have a job before your graduation ends. That is where your recommendation comes in.


But I don’t have a regular job the way I use going in and out at the end of the day. My jobs only lasts around 2-3 months. My first job was a chef assistant. Being as an assistant to my mom’s friend, we always have had a good time cooking and talking about the food stuff. Back then, I used going to Sampaloc, Manila where I traveled for one hour travel ahead of time. I was there early at the start of the morning. When I stepped down in Lacson Avenue going from Roosevelt-Quezon Avenue route, I managed walking down to the street for about 15-20 minutes going to the front of St. Jude Nursing College near the Dimasalang Street. I woke up early at the most of 5 am, then kept myself ready leaving the house before the school started. Because the school started normally early in the morning. My friend and I was already ready for the preparations for the cooking techniques what I have had in my mind. At that moment, I was already serving college students with fresh meals that has to be cooked. Of course, I made new friends that time. But the social media facebook wasn’t introduced to the Philippines yet. Only the communication tool of cellphone have already introduced during that time.


And I kept wondering myself why my friend put a store in front of the college. It was all nurses, midwifery and doctors who were studying there. And I have said to myself clearly. If I have a girlfriend someday, she might be a nurse for me knowing my conditions is. But I consider not looking for a love, I might reconsider her as a friend. During that time, I was scared and lost for somehow. Because commitment is where it starts for relationship to be last. The community was normally good. Of all the places I was been through, it was a pleasure to work somebody has to understand me. But I didn’t last to have a job there. My friend said to me that it was time to let it go. Somehow I couldn’t understood. After taking a job in 2004 and 2005 for about two months job again, it wasn’t place for me. Maybe I have to find a place to regain my strengths. I lost three times to make it longer. The last job I got only lasted in November 2005. After my boss ended up my contract at the half of my day, she instead gave me a look that I couldn’t got lasting my job enough. Instead going home earlier around 2 in the afternoon, my job ended around 6 pm in the evening. I watched a movie in Robinson’s Fairview. I needed to relax my mind and things were not easier for me to say to my parents that this could my last job.


The lessons I learned:


I was afraid taking jobs during that time. And I have guessed for me staying at home was better for me. People may have judged me but during those times, it was terribly bad and gone. Learning from my mistakes in the past doesn’t make you stop. It grows your heart to be stronger and mind to relax. But for me, I take it for years to practice going back to have a work again. I guess jobs are more challenging roles to sustain your income. And I finally learn that whenever I have mistakes, problems or challenges, it is possible to ask from Him above. And with Him above makes you stronger and immune from getting negatives. He makes you more positive to face your problems in the future.


3. Digital school / interests / networking


After I have been through my problems before, there goes another features of my life. I began loving to draw characters, simply watching television cartoons and animations. Then same goes to my problems. I need it how to draw like in animation does in the same way. Then I asked my parents if I study digital school in Makati. After what I have done not doing practicing with my culinary skills for a long time, I have managed to get another course in my life – a digital arts school. The interests in my past gave me another way studying what I liked most of my time.


I have done few characters, main characters I drew most of my time. But I didn’t know how to draw a Japanese character. So instead, I adapted my habits drawing in different way. Mostly I called them of my unique drawings. When I entered digital school since October 2006, I began studying the human anatomy and the digital aspects including where I watched most of the digitalized films. Since then, I began a game addict again. I stopped playing online and browser games since the 2009. Somehow I learned the basic adobe softwares back when I was in digital school. But one software I really liked most was Adobe Illustrator where the calendars, greeting cards and brochures were made in the Illustrator software. I also liked the Macromedia Flash where you can learn how to draw comes alive in animation. Giving you the best you can makes you comfortable. Normally I didn’t get a perfect score back when I was in elementary, high school and college years. But I didn’t know I can make it a perfect score. With an astounding score of 100, my Valentines greeting card got an awesome perfect score. Our computer instructor gave me a score, but the school records doesn’t want gave me a transcript record. Somehow I lost interests finishing the course. Because I both lost two flash drives. One flash drive lost somewhere when we moved to Cainta. And one flash drive lost when my friend incidentally lost my flash drive.


I stopped studying in digital school when I learned I also have had migraine. It was the July 2007 making me stop. It really happened so fast. My parents have said to me after we watched Die Hard 4 in Promenade, Greenhills, I became epilepsy. I wasn’t aware that I could gain some of unexpected illness. Migraine was the last sickness that I have had during my life. And after that, I became stable and okay doing what I was usually doing in my daily life.


It wasn’t keeping me stopping there when I went going back to the digital school in August 2010. I regained my knowledge doing digital stuff in my best what I can. I learned now how to use the Adobe After Effects software where you can learn how to use the magic digital effects either in movies, television shows and commercials. My flash drive items were the items stored in the second flash drive that lost in my unbecoming friend. So somehow, I lost my interests gaining back to draw. That friend was a cousin from my cousin’s side.


Going to networking or multi-level marketing company made a wrong move. Besides on the good side, I have gained new friends again. Some of them became my friends until now. Some of few didn’t last. I gained the knowledge how you will work the money multiplying (or leveraging). June until October 2011 made me realize how my family was more important than my job in networking. Their attitude was not good in terms for the big community. Their derogatory discrimination words used in networking were mongee (short for mongoloid) and abnormal. I also learned from their community where you managed how to keep good people from bad people. But at the back of my head stopped thinking about their thoughts were bad enough telling me. But of course, I still believe what I normally do.


The lessons I learned:


Don’t go to the bad company makes you miserable. And somehow they will erase your mind not going home for their entity of their bad deeds. At least I learned from my experiences. And don’t go the community where you can hear the derogatory words. People like them are not your community in your daily life. Choose good company where you can see how few people will treat you good. Not as people like them somehow erases my mind to think about. Maybe a little less or mostly none, but you need to be extra careful choosing friends.


The conclusion:


After networking, I found right and good community. I learned that I have relatives in each side of my parents’ family roots. My father’s roots has Veloso lineage. My uncle Danny Javier was my father’s first cousin. He has also Veloso lineage. Other relatives I have are Mark Bautista (from Cagayan De Oro), Pilar Pilapil (from Cebu) and Dingdong Avanzado (from Siquijor) in the same Veloso lineage. And I discover that I also have politics blood. President Sergio Osmena‘s relatives also have cross to Veloso lineage. In my mother’s side, I also learned that I discovered First President Emilio Aguinaldo was our great grandfather. Lolo Miong that he was being called in the movie of El Presidente. The person who found me way finding Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines was a friend of my cousin in the side of Veloso lineage. It was January 2012 when I found out that she was a volunteer student from Davao chapter of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines. And a month afterwards, I was aware accepting myself having with Down syndrome since 2011. So last two months was a success when I finally became a member of the organization. I love of who I am and what achievements I have. Be the best of who you are and never give up your success story.

My 2nd Happy Walk

Two years of my age, since when I started to talk and to walk from where I learned in Cupertino Special Children School. It was there where it shook one of my memories breathing in and out of my mind. Then I started thinking what dream sequences were made it real for me. The early intervention made it possibly for me loud and clear. Something in my head tells me if I can’t write or talk, I rather do the same interests exercising my daily life. I could paint if something tells my dreams what’s inside of my brain. I could dance if there is no tomorrow living a daily life just like any ordinary dancer. I’m not born from boom box dancer, but I really love to dance just to exercise. I could walk a thousand miles if I could make it any kind of history.

Cupertino Special Children School

One clear memory, there was a swimming pool and I was afraid how to swim there in a swimming pool. And there was a monkey bars like clinging each bar you could hang on with. Well, there was also a basketball court. And I was pretty sure I also remembered that place. Filled with memories exactly came to my mind each time I still remembered and each time I held on to my dreams.


And one community specially came to my mind, the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI. Full of my dreams were not scattering anymore. Full of hopes came back alive. Full of each memory came back one by one. It was this one occasional when I finally opened my facebook account looking for someone I could talk and share with to. One year already, February 15, 2012, Wednesday afternoon around 1 pm, I came inside and went to Clinica Manila in SM Megamall. Two of the hosts spoke, it was Ate Agnes and her daughter Patricia. It clearly came to my mind that I was also a special adult.


16 years of my age, I was not aware what I was doing in my life. Unaware looking for a clue or a piece of dream doesn’t come in my way to achieve. One way to another when I was in elementary days before graduating, I was dreaming to become one of the volcano lover-photographer who loves seeking out and picturing places with wonderful volcanoes. That was my biggest dream up to now. Yes, I may be have a cellphone camera in my hand. But I don’t have evidence to see the volcano explosion because that is too dangerous to watch it from a far.


People have asked me, “what stops you from achieving your dreams?” And I have stopped sighing and said, “well, there is no hope for me anymore.” So being there from a position of the person countless of dream sequences somehow amazes me, that I could think where I should be going now. I was in the world knowing unknowing what I was to be. Being despite having with special needs doesn’t stopped me there when one day I knew in my heart that I was having a little problem, to accept who I was to be and where I should be going now. When I was around in my sophomore year in high school, I learned a little facts. It was me who I found myself later, having with Down syndrome. I was not in my mood during my times were helpless when I needed one friend listening to me. I was having curious what I have to do in my life.


Before back from the times during my high school years, I finally enjoyed my life back then. But it was a black-pitch right there at the back of my head. Thinking I shouldn’t gone dating any girls in my life. Every teenager have had rights to date the partner during my age was. During that time when I was in junior year and senior year in high school, it was memorable for me. I fell in love of my passion what I still did my best that I can, to write and to live in each form of life. I have gone dancing two of my aunties during my junior and senior year. The junior year was when I danced my partner who was my auntie dancing with. I thought of myself that I can do for my best. And I just won award, the best-dressed man of the junior prom. Little knowing in my life have said in myself later during my senior year, I was there hoping I could bag for another award. But my auntie and I have left the prom. But I wasn’t devastated. It was the best I can do to enjoy my life.


14 years that have been passed of my life, I was now 30 years old when I finally knew that acceptance stage was the best for me. From there, I learned the fact I wasn’t ordinary like any other people in the crowd. I was less likely to feel out in the world. But from where I stand, I step right inside the crowd telling myself and said, “I can do this no matter what challenges will come in my way.”


And yesterday it was a huge blessing for me that this organization was also a success to be held in SM North EDSA Skydome, the 21st Happy Walk 2013. This was where I was always go when we used to live here in Quezon City. I have noticed some of the places that I used going here have many improvements. There was no Trinoma before and there was no pedestrian bridge that connected from Trinoma and SM North EDSA. Feeling like that I came home was perfectly coming to my attention, I was very happy. The feelings inside my mind and my heart something have changed a lot to me. And that was I loved and valued my life just to stay single. Being as a single with over 30 years of age is a new chapter, a new hopes and a new challenges will cross in my life. Since I’ve been joined in the organization last February 2012 (this was my first Happy Walk I’ve joined in my birthday, February 19 and the fact I’ve already accepted who I was to be,) and being active since August was all blessings that I’ve accepted.


Love of who you are and accept the blessings that have fate in you. Don’t break it and just wait the blessings to come.” ~ quoted from ItsmikkiStudio

There are many confessions to be discuss from my experiences. Or better yet, somehow I feel to express out of my experiences from before up to now. Well, there are many topics that I will be discussing about bullying, temptations and something bothering you since your childhood. My number one is bullying. I’ve always get beat up from my bullies. But since my childhood becomes a little blurry. One of my classmates that were bullies before became my friends. We ended up some child issues that we ended up fixing our problems in our own.


What can I do when somebody picks up a problem and bullying you?


Well, that’s a fact of a problem. Bullying in my life before took a little problem for me. Honestly from my experiences after we have fought a little problem, our homeroom teacher told me once before and said, “no matter what you have been fighting for, please shake your hands gently and sincerely.” Yes, I sometimes take that seriously. But I sometimes offend the person for somehow reasons why. But at the end of the day, we became friends as well. My elementary classmates were very pleasing personalities towards to me. Because they knew that I was a special child student inside the classroom. In fact, I didn’t know that I have had Down syndrome. Until I learned, during my sophomore year (second-year high school), the issue of Down syndrome. In the first place, I have should know that I have to tell the person that I have the case. Whenever I get to disclose the problems, we become friends.


Fast-forwarding to the present, it was last year when I got a chance to have a call center training with other normal people around me. It was my relative (who in my father’s side was relatively helping me a lot) who invited me to come and see if I can pass the training. During that month of February 2012, I got curious about the Down syndrome awareness for the month. And I did celebrating my birthday during the Happy Walk 2012. There it was, I never noticed that I enjoyed the show. I saw some of the special children around me besides me. And there it was none of my feelings. My feelings towards the society somehow I’ve already overcome the bullying factor. Little by little, the society already accepted the feeling I have inside. Then little thoughts at the back of my head have said, “everything is possible.” And after I’ve joined the networking for only five months during June to October 2011. I’ve said to myself that I’ve never quit when there was a problems to myself. In other words, always look for opportunities and open your doors to overcome your problems.


What can I do when I have temptations? How do I overcome?


There are many temptations in our lives including when your special child is tempting something not to do really bad temptations. There were many incidents in my life. I have said to myself that I won’t do it anymore in the future and control your temptations. Well said for me. But to tell you honestly, it is really hard to break the temptations.


1. Games / Technology


I am not still aware why the technology comes first in our education. But the community where we are seeing the temptations really hard to control, and somehow I might overcome it already. During after my years I finished the college life in 2003, it was already there in front of my eyes. I hardly controlled myself playing Ragnarok during that time in 2002. And I have said it that it was really hard tempting to play it again. I played 3-4 hours daily before in online games. There were times that I overplayed the console games for hours not doing anything. Somehow my mind have said that I really didn’t want doing the household chores before. It was really bad for me back then. Awful and hard to control were not meant to break. But until I learned the issue that I have to grow up and be responsible in my life. Maybe that was the reason why game creators and animators were creating the society for being miserable and have poor conditions in health.


Lessons to be learned: discipline and be responsible


2. Television


Cartoons are always there anywhere and everywhere. That also includes the shows from morning, afternoon and evening. Speaking of television evolution, the first channel I hooked on before was Animax. Yes, I loved animation so much. But I didn’t learn anything from the television. What you learn from the television was the language and other to mention issues. Honestly, I become aware about the shows from morning to evening. Whenever you are not watching, please refrain doing something while you are watching. Yes, this is an issue of temptation. But I learned the fact that I have to be responsible for the time and family issues. I always broke the family issues before. But somehow, I managed to fix my own problems. You see that you have to follow your parents’ decisions. Because whenever there’s a household chore to do, finish that part. Then do some routine of physical activities. Physical activities would develop your body to find your exercise everyday.


Lessons to be learned: time management and physical activities


3. Bad deeds


There are always comparisons of temptations between games, technology and television. But somehow when you are watching not good, always tell your child or special child not to do this. Because bad deeds are always finding in your punishments. And punishments have consequences. I learned from this issues numerously in my life. And at the end of the day, you will realize how important that you have to change your actions and be responsible for your deeds. When you find some good deeds, that is the way how to get rid of bad deeds.


Lessons to be learned: attitude, actions to be learned and be responsible


Overcoming the problems somehow finds your way how to become success someday. And I find this issues very clearly and precise. And years that I practice this issues makes me how to handle the issues. And being having with Down syndrome or any genetically disorder you have will find your way how to become behaving yourselves. Because this is what I look myself every time I confront myself in the mirror. And the problems that I see is where I learn from my confessions.

Three decade years have been passed. From when the martial law has been lifted during February 17 to 21, 1981, Pope John Paul II have visited the Philippines for the first time. His second visit marked during his stay during 1995. And I could barely remembered during the times he was visited the Philippines. Despite President Ferdinand Marcos was still running as a president during my time of my birth, I couldn’t stood the fact that I was conceived from my mother. On the day of 19th of February, 1981, Pope John Paul II have had his mass around 8 am in the morning in Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City.


Many people have believed the blessings from Pope John Paul II. After six months, Music Television or MTV gave a debut on August 1, 1981. And many events happened in the year of 1981. Including have parted from NBA Finals 1981 when Boston Celtics clinched their 14th championship ring in the span of 34 years of NBA. With 595,444 of attendance in Boston Garden, Larry Bird led 21.9 in point percentage, 14.0 in rebound percentage and 2.3 in steal percentage and Tiny Archibald led as many in assist percentage in 6.3. Alongside with the Boston stars were Cedric Maxwell, Robert Parish and Kevin McHale.


Then after two years later, the dreams almost broke when my parents found out that I was having Down syndrome earlier in my babyhood. I was two years old back then. It was almost as if they were given up about me. So they decided to send me in Cupertino Special Children School in La Vista Subdivision, Quezon City near Maryknoll (now Miriam College) and Ateneo de Manila University. Mrs. Macapagal was the school directress back then and now. Somehow Ms. Tina Maraviles, the school administrator, still remembered me and I still didn’t remembering anything because I was still a baby back then. The teachers worked on very well for the early intervention to grow my potential talents. Then my parents tested me in Philippine Children’s Hospital for my continuing my early intervention. I was a mosaic Down syndrome.


Early of my childhood was blurred and I couldn’t remembered anything. But to clear my vision made me very clearly. So I thought having to write what was written according from the stories and events. And my family went to United States with me as still as a child. During February 1986, it was horrible during that time. Because the Philippines was facing a People Power revolution where President Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino made clear as a next president of the Philippines during the snap election when President Marcos lost a bid running for presidency against Cory Aquino. It was all because Ninoy Aquino was assassinated during August 21, 1983 in Manila International Airport where he died on the spot stepping down from the airplane.


Fast-forwarding to the teenage years when I was already 13 years old. It made clearly for me that I could now talked, listened, heard, touched and felt the senses that I was now. It picked me right up where I learned from Science, Arts and Music during my high school years. I was 13 years old when I was in 6th grade turning right to be graduated in the year of 1994. But it lost the way when I got an accident from a jeepney that bumped my shoulder bone break slightly. So I stayed one more year in elementary for 7th grade and all of my classmates before were all in 6th grade. I was the last and only 7th grader back during that time in school year 1994-1995.


Upon entering the high school in 1996 in freshman year (first-year high school), my interests grew and gained more knowledge as I loved History and other favorite subjects. But the Recess and Lunch subject was all my classmates’ favorite. I was different from them. Then I have said to myself that I could achieving some lessons to be learn soon. But during sophomore year (second-year high school) was the year that I have found having with Down syndrome case in my life when our Science teacher told me so about the genetically disorder. But it wasn’t that bad or good. The good news came later in my life. But the bad news also came in my life. I’ve asked my parents after I got home. They said it was true. It was turning not bad or good but that I’ve to accept the fact of being having Down syndrome in my life.


People have found me different and I found them challenge in my later of my life. So I was chosen to be pick from God’s creation as an instrumental. And yes, many challenges came later in my life. I’ve even danced my auntie (a year younger than me) during my junior year and I was claiming my best dress title back then. Being despite having with Down syndrome doesn’t gave some troubles that year. I also loved Literature during that time. That was when 10th of December 1998, Thursday lunch afternoon I’ve decided to make my first poem. And I was petrified back then because my classmate turned down my literary work been almost to be published.  But I’ve never gave up.


As I graduated from high school from the year of 2000, the two schools out of four of my choices gave me a passing grades in Maria Montessori College or MMC and Center for Culinary Arts or CCA. I’ve never got a chance to get an entrance exam in University of the Philippines or University of Santo Tomas. I’ve almost gave up between my years in culinary. But I gave a fight fulfilling to graduate in prestigious first culinary school in the Philippines, the Center for Culinary Arts. I have had celebrity friends back then. It was Danica Sotto and Diego Castro (first cousin to Rico Yan). There was also some two near showbiz personalities I almost have had connections with. It was Rico Yan‘s female cousin and Agot Isidro‘s cousin during that time.


After I’ve graduated from my attending college of Center for Culinary Arts, I thought I almost gave up. But during that days in summer 2002 and 2003, I’ve also joined in summer dancing camps in Airdance. Before the Philippine All-Stars dance group was not yet introduced yet, some of them I’ve knew were my dance mates and instructors. I’ve almost becoming a dancer back then. All of my choices were turning down as if my dreams almost gave up. I’ve pushed myself after a longing five-years hiatus from being having addicted in games. I’ve been hooked in games ever since I was graduated from my college days in five years. It was 2006 when my mom gave some business that I still have had business up to the present, the cellphone loading business in D-Loads. I’ve also entered in First Academy in Computer Arts studying in digital arts but haven’t finished in digital school yet because of the incident of losing of my two flash drives.


In the span of doing the loading business in 6 years, 7 months and 19 days have given a way for me pursuing what dreams may come true in the future. To live and to accept is my two keys of existence fighting to achieve my dreams. Despite having with Down syndrome wasn’t an issue in my life. It was already a year and a half that I’ve accepting myself having with Down syndrome in my life. So I thought I challenge myself to a brighter future living and accepting the facts today.

Best examples to learn

One of my biggest challenges I’ve never complete in my life is improving where I am excelling from subject to another subject. I am not telling you to hear from this. But I guess I give a little shot in my life. Sometimes in the world really needs to know where you are excelling to the subject. Let me give an examples:


Science is the best example that I learn there from biology, genetics and any other form of the branch in Science. What I really like Science? Science is my best friend subject since 4th grade. I don’t know why. In the first place, things were changed. When I found I can learn from Science was more better to explore in any kind of environment, somehow it gave me more interesting topics. I learned how to draw difficult drawings such as the anatomy skin, plant skin or an animal skin. It gives me exciting to create more any kind of forms in Science. Then I found out later when I was in 6th grade that I really talent in Arts as well. Apart from where I was excelled from my subjects, my other subjects fell to me. I’ve got lower grades in other subjects. I’ve even didn’t know why. But somehow, exploring in my talents gave my break. I first got tasted into acting when I was in 5th grade. I loved giving jokes and acted as if I don’t care to other grade schoolers. Back then, I’ve used to be anybody’s friend. It means that I was supposed belong to my grade level but somehow I joined other grade schoolers. During our time, we’ve used not having high school back then. The only we have before was one section in each grade levels. We were the third batch who would graduated in elementary. I didn’t know why how I got this memory. But the sad thing, I really didn’t remembered what I did in the past.


As far as I knew, the teachers somehow always got my attention. Strolling around the campus made me a jolly person who would loved to do a lot of things just not like any other kids in the school. But I guessed it wasn’t the same until high school. Back from where I was saying from Science and Arts made me difference from the rest of my classmates. I used love any kind of games from hide and seek, running across the basketball court and the patintero or harang daga (in english definition: tagging). I’ve used to love that game. Each team consists of five players and there is only two teams in the court. You may choose which you are in the water lines or parallel lines. When the person touches you, he or she will call you “it” and you’re out of the game. But when one player passes all the hurdles either in your back, front or beside you, your team of your player will win the game. Or else when all the players are touch, the game is over. And there was another game I’ve used to love before was agawan base. There are two teams with two bases. Each team of their how many players was in your team decides where you can run and hide, or else your base is caught losing the other team. Oh, I really loved that game. I wonder if I can still play that games. By the way, this two games I have mention were the two Filipino traditional games here in the Philippines. You might know what I am talking about. It is different from your country. But I really want to discuss what is my favorite subjects. Traditional games we loved playing together.


But once in my life crossed at the back of my head was playing with my cousins were the games of chasing-the-rabbit, it was similar to agawan-base game. But this game we loved doing it. All of my cousins and my three other siblings worked this game through our ages. But the game is slightly different from agawan base. It consists 6 players in each team. Agawan-base game consists of how many players you can choose. When somebody sees you and dearly you have to run, or else the player will be caught and cannot return. So another player will have a chance to rescue the player who is caught. But if it’s caught, you are deep in trouble. But when the player is rescue, the player will return to your original team. I loved this games. I’ve never wondered why I was saying this. Those times were happy memories. Including the other games of my cousins and my siblings used playing the games. But the memory going other countries, that is another topic I’ve to tell you next time. Because it was really that long story. I might have end in this article a very long discussion article.


Aside from where I started telling you my subjects to tell was History, Literature, Music and Economics. Then later after graduating from high school was the huge deficit a little change of my life, I began wanting my English to improve more. Because back then when I was in high school, my skills in language test in English and Filipino were terribly bad in my grades. Somehow I really can’t much to improve more. I can’t even say the hardest words that I can’t excelling to remind myself. But even so, after so many years it takes me to another level to improve. Likewise, I am not even an intelligent person which I can excel to all subjects I want it to. A simple gesture of “please” or “thank you” would give me determination to improve more. I fell in love in Literature back when I was in junior high (or third-year high school). So the literature gave me a break. It really challenge me everyday as if there is no tomorrow for me. But I do importantly in my life throughout the years I have experience it. Then one of my nerves is telling me when I can publish some of my unpublished works. Which there are so many to revision some of my works. But then I decide to myself I can do better more.


History in entrance exams back when I was in senior year (or fourth-year high school) gave me an outstanding grade of 88. I didn’t know I can still remember some of the historic facts I have learned back in elementary to high school. Surely, I was challenged to a better school. Failures back when I was in elementary, I learned some of important review tests because I got a chance to get a NEAT (National Elementary Assessment Test) exams. I really don’t remember well some of my scores. Somehow I survived it. But the incident happened. I was so sleepy going to Antipolo with my mom. But my mom said to me that I would get a photo ID of 2 by 2 or 1 by 1. I really can’t remembered properly because the victim was me. Then somehow, I saw some vehicles going towards me. But what I heard from my mom’s story was that I was walking sleepy in Sumulong Highway going to cross to another sidewalk in the street. Because it was in the left. So I assumed there was no vehicle going through to me. But what I saw was the stars in my vision as if I was the cartoon character seeing the stars. Anyway, my mom gave me a lift going to the nearest hospital with the jeepney driver. So I guessed that was the end of the story I could still remembered.


The huge difference today is that I am still studying on my own without getting to the school anymore. Because I am older already. And I got a high school diploma from the school I’ve been attended for almost 11 years. And the school accepted me as the only and the last 7th grader who got a chance to study together with the 6th graders as my classmates in my high school. That was 1995 when I entered 7th grade and after that, I already was in freshman year (first-year high school) in 1996. Of how many challenges crosses back of my head, I am still learning of how the events is still on-going. That is the Philippines history although my mind is still sharp just like a grade schooler. Because of what I believe one of sayings, “Don’t stop learning of what you can learn. Always have empty-glass in your mind and you can learn as much as you can.”


I’ve remembered some of the important places I’ve been going to was the Assumption Antipolo where my three sisters and my two cousins were attending the same school they were going to. My classmate transferred from my school, Montessori Integrated School, Antipolo to my sisters’ school. I saw some of the prettiest and sexiest girls in the private school. Somehow, my jaw dropped as if I can court a girl. But I was torpe (meaning you somehow lack to say the girl you really love or to say something important) back then until now. I saw the soccer field, the chapel and every time there was a school fair in my sisters’ school. I loved to ride some of the rides and enjoyed as much I loved. But the different back then, I was even can’t say that I wasn’t proud as before despite having with Down syndrome. So much to say and so much to be scared somehow mixes my reaction. You somehow can’t say something important in your life if you are in my situation. Well, I was also a speechless whenever encountering talking some of the high schoolers which were all the girls in the private school. And I lost my count who I wanted to have a girlfriend. I was afraid and lost somehow in the road thinking some of the girls might saying to me, “are you from the school you are attending?” Maybe a little bit of worried I was.


In fact, my sisters were always there for me. And I’ve understood the feelings they have on me. It was because they were transferred to another private school in Antipolo where I was also attending to my school in 11 years. Somehow in 11 years made my adolescence and childhood a better life for me although we resided in Quezon City. We provided a car where we have had a driver giving us a ride to the school attending to and fetching us at the end of the day. Also back then, my father used to have a business together with his siblings and his parents also. So much to say and so so much to be not to say are also my reactions. The only exams I didn’t get was the NSAT (National Secondary Assessment Test) exams. So my teacher advised not to get in because I might can’t finished the test in time. The level in high school and elementary test exams were different despite the high school math also got me in trouble. But I managed to get a good grade in my senior year.


What I liked mostly of all high school subjects was the Biology. In one of the topics came to my head was Genetics. With some of chromosome and other mentioned names like Down syndrome and trisomy 21 crossed at the back of my head. That was the time our biology teacher said if I knew about the Down syndrome subject. I was a little of bit emotions of curious, anxiety and scared. Somehow I lost how many days that was passed already. Although in the past made a very clear to me that it was the time in 2011 I have to move on. I was somehow not working in my networking deals with my friends, my up-lines, down-lines, cross-lines and of course, the mentors or leaders. Despite I hated so much of the word abnormal that crossed in my back of my head. It was a turning point that I made clear being abnormal wasn’t good enough to say to all of the people including the society if I may include. But I jumped to another networking company which I really can’t to say the company’s name. Their service was also bad as the other company I’ve joined. The crowd was crazy and I don’t know why all the people were crazy. Some of the traffic enforcers I’ve encountered was telling the driver to move the vehicle to a better place to park. Somehow the driver disobeyed the traffic enforcer and said something bad towards to the traffic enforcer. At the back of my head was saying that I have to, “not doing of kind of work anymore.” It really crossed at the back of my head I can’t continue this anymore but applying in the future might help me about this kind of knowledge. Other universities have the course, the multi-level marketing course. Or it also known as the networking. I might dismaying about this but I discourage to continue it.


The half of my decade felt something strange to me and I realized that something I have to deal in the future. With the knowledge I gain is something to do applying in the future. This present times is telling me that I have to do something I can work with my financial. Because someday I might settling my own family. And the reason to live purposely has a mission for me. It is something I want to return my blessings to some people I want to exchange it. And I’ll be starting next week to do this because my birthday is coming in eleven days to countdown.

Friends that can last

Friends are sometimes that you can lean to and ask for their advices. But sometimes when you ask too much, they intend not answer you back. I feel that their agony when they don’t realize how I am important to them. In the world where there is a seven billion population not to be exact, there are countless decisions that can be split. Well, I don’t know how I explain this. But every time I make friends with them, sometimes they lack to knowing me better. And better not to judge how I am standing who I am.


Facebook, for instance, is a social networking system. And there is a countless social networking that you can encounter in the internet. Some of them may react how I may sound intriguing to them. I am not judging them to suppose knowing me better. It’s just a surprise that sometimes in the world needs to know who you will be making friends. And the eye ball, for a particular example, is a social interacting between the two people. The two people haven’t meet each other but they are chatting over the cyber space. The social networking is a huge different from the person you really meet. Each networking society means to you it is a different. But too much that you are stalking to the person may end your relationship with the person you are encountering.


Decisions are not meant to be breaking your heart with them. It is just on to them. I may be not a perfect human, but I always make mistakes. Then back of my head sometimes thinks a little judgmental. Maybe somehow, I realize I lack of communicating with the person who can trust. The communication tools you have right now are the cellphone, the internet, the landline, and other things that can interchanging with. But believe me, sometimes I don’t intend to hurt feelings as I am hurting them. Losing a battle means like losing a friends. You can’t win them if they don’t like you to be friend with them. That is why social networking comes in the first place and very handy.


The first thing I don’t have in my category is not having communication with them. Well I lack to be precise. But to tell you the truth, unfriend in facebook doesn’t mean that you are not friends anymore. Sometimes in the world of making of friends means a lot to you. Anxiety that is somehow it called as a social anxiety. Fears that might not can change you. But because I bring this topic to my article is something that can guide you in the future. First, be sure you are ready to exchange a little know-me-better conversation with the person you can exchange with. But I don’t know if this will work on you. And secondly, don’t interexchange with your secrets to them. Sometimes they feel about you in your position. They will give sympathy on you for example. Dearly I lost making friends before and I won’t do it before. That is why I am confessing to my article who might reading this in the future.


Maybe I am too overacting the way I am expressing the truth for somehow I don’t know why. Well, there are not many people I know. Few people I guess little they know me. In the world of full of strangers sometimes exceeds my back of my head, then I guess nothing is wrong what to choose friends in the first place. I may have a bad tongue. But to tell you a truth, I can control it. Sometimes I am supervising myself the way what kind of behavior I may release be. So in terms of friendship sometimes takes time to heal.


I have a lot circle of friends from my elementary days to high school days, college days and even to my colleagues. I ask them generously what is Down syndrome in their dictionary if they really know about it. Doctors, nurses and teachers are the people in the world know exactly what is Down syndrome in the first place. My trainer in contact center world says to me that I will be successful someday. I don’t know what he is really saying about it. But I guess I have to wait for a particular day to receive more good news in the future. Future means a lot to me. I have third chances in the world. Because He, the one above, gives me to live for a better life. And He will prosper me in time I need financially in my future needs. And He is the only one who can tell me when will I get a chance giving me a partner if I am really getting ready to get married.


Somehow when I need a little time to have conversation with them makes me to excuse to have time with them. I can’t argue if they are busy to do something important. We, humans, need a time to work in our own time and place to interact. But the mostly important thing you have to learn is having to understand them and place in your heart if you are doing uttermost in your life.

Difficult finding a better job

Of all the interviews I’ve encountered before was all that I was thinking about doubts and fears. Maybe it wasn’t my intention to get in. I have had 12 interviews last year nothing to beat my fears before. Maybe I already overcome my fears in the past. It wasn’t not that difficult. Or it wasn’t that much more easy. I’ve visited nine contact centers and none of them was accepting me. But I considered my business as my biggest asset. Without doing in life may not realize to me what I am doing lately. But I decide to put up some more business to create more of my financial. I really don’t have financial basis aside from the business I am doing for almost six years and seven months. But I really want something different to work it out. Since my loading business is doing well, I might try another business to put it up. So I won’t get bored enough to work my loading business. I lose some of my money before because of the networking deals. I guess I learn something from the networking deals. So I am planning to decide what business to put up with a little capital I have. None that I want the networking to get it back. But I want to grow my money to be leveraging.


What should I do? Should I go for convenience store to put it up? Or should I go for another way of way of living? A way of living means a lot of me now than before. Since this is hard to decide and I don’t want to get burden easily. It is because I want to impress my parents and of course sooner, I want to settle my own family. It is not that easy or hard. Everyday I have been thinking the money when it will grow. Money, money, money, it always that I am thinking about. Hahaha! I am more like the financial adviser in The Incredibles. Maybe the world is looking for a talent, and I hope I would get to apply for my talent. Maybe it won’t work for me.


I guessed the last time I was in the interview, maybe I hoped to get in to the job. It wasn’t getting me through there. I have more road to improve in my life. My skills to speak in English isn’t that good enough applying in a contact center. Maybe I will try more better more in the future. See if I can do it again. I have complete papers for now, but instead I want something to face it in the future.


Being having with Down syndrome is not an issue for me just to work somewhere. In the last 14 years, it was really hard to cope for me to work somewhere else. It was always an issue for me all the time before. But right now with the right attitude and right time makes more comfortable. Should I go to look working in a fast-food restaurant like in McDonalds? Or maybe should I go looking for a job in the mall? There are many options in my back of my head, but I don’t know which one I would pick.


There are days that you would fill in for your life. But I never think that anymore. I usually have in my head what is best for me. What if in your life must always go for a better life? And I am not type of a person who would always spending more money than you are earning more. I always need to earn for my living life. And the earnings would always pick for a certain day to spend just a little. And I am not that rich either. The way of earning in life must always where you always strive to earn. And earning a trust means a way of earning your life better. I hope in the future will always find me to look for a better job. And better job means a better earnings.


I’ve been a lot of jobs before. From the work I’ve been working as an assistant cook, a line cook, cook, sales assistant to load retailer. Working in my field right now as an entrepreneur, this is the hardest job I take in as a load retailer. It’s always been a hardest for me ever since in my life. Without an earning somehow makes me a little poorer to earn. Sometimes I’m earning 30 pesos a day from my loading business. But when the jackpot day comes, there is a certain day that makes me earning of 50 pesos a day. This is very much of lower income I have earn everyday. Just like when you are working your food cart business, this is much more like you are having a business. And nothing beats to earn money makes a difficult finding a job just to get in. When you are earning in the job, you don’t think that much of an income.


Nowadays you can’t think of 10 thousand of bucks you can earn that quickly in your job’s income. Sometimes in your everyday job takes a lot of patience and understanding. Without lots of patience makes you more inconsistent in the job. And inconsistency makes you invaluable in your job. I guess I won’t have to think that anymore. Maybe it’s not for me finding a job. There will be a time and a place that will take me putting me in a job someday.

Series that I watch

The new show Juan Dela Cruz or John of the Cross is coming showing on Monday. But the things are going sad for mostly young generation today. But the television viewers don’t have to be sad anymore. It’s because not only Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo have to say goodbye in the very seconds last night. I wasn’t worrying about Dasho Jao portaying by Enrique Gil. I knew in my heart he won’t die that easily. What a typical story that Filipino made from their hands. If I am a writer who will write a good story, I would probably knowing without a doubts. Any kind of character would come up to that story.


Many I have heard last night were: was he really getting dead so soon? Particularly when I heard Enrique’s voice. He was exactly speaking as a narrator. But speaking of which, my favorite actor Coco Martin would welcome to your television screen as the new character in Juan Dela Cruz. I am fan of Coco Martin if you would not know about me. I watched his shows in ABS-CBN from the moment he was paired in other veteran actors. I saw Coco Martin for the first time he was paired with Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson in the television hit series, Tayong Dalawa or The Two of Us. And it was a shame when Kim died in the end, and not each of them.The final character was very charismatic. The supporting cast in Tayong Dalawa were very extreme acting together. The synopsis of the the series were revolving between the two brothers portraying by Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca. And I don’t think they really included Coco Martin for the main cast. Because he was introduced to the series. Coco played as brother to Gerald Anderson. Both brothers were soldiers. But in the scene was very intense in the final episode which it really prompted to one hour.


Then in the next television series when Coco appeared as the next promising veteran actor. Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu were working again with Coco Martin for the second time in the series. This time was in Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo or If We Were To Be Apart. Unfortunately to his character there was not good for me. He died in the story. And I’ve really hate to bug about this. But in his next third project with ABS-CBN, Agimat: Tonyong Bayawak or Water Monitor Lizard. I watched his series until to the end. His charisma was doing something with his act. And he was good on any kind of character he would play.


But the series I would never forget was Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin or I Will Only Love You Once or in short, One Great Love. The series was relatively great. Although I haven’t watched from the beginning because of my work conflict before. He played two characters, Alexander and Javier Del Tierro. The series ran 118 episodes which it was hardly to doubt the series ended so soon only 5 months. I was never curious about that. And I haven’t watched the ending either. It was a shame for me. But someday when I have that copy, I would love to watch all over again because I haven’t watch the series yet. Coco have had two leading ladies, Andi Eigenmann and Maja Salvador. I was awe with his acting skills. I hope I will be acting so soon. I am curious with my talents. I wonder how many talent scouts will search for me. Anyway, it’s not important for me now to be an actor as them. Coco is really a good person personally. Some others says that he was down-to-earth and humble. And I would love to meet him soon. I am turning out not-so-good writer, but someday I would love to work the production events.


In the new coming series, Juan Dela Cruz is the one I’ve been waiting three weeks ago before it releases so soon on Monday and I really can’t wait to watch the series. I hope this series would end in August or otherwise, I won’t able to watch on September. Because I have to go to my sister’s wedding. Probably I would put my family first than the television. Television in my life somehow respects my responsibilities. I really don’t watch unimportant series when it comes to social events. Whether it is important, I really love to go. Maybe I don’t know why. My essence as an adult comes in a way that I need to do something first. Well not exactly that I want to be responsible, but I am ready to be responsible just in case my time that I will be marrying so soon if I could find a-not-perfect partner. I also want to know that every series of Coco acts is every episode I fully want to watch it.  Not exactly, sometimes in my life crosses in my back of head wants working a production. I am eager to work with huge network. If only my dreams could follow it, then it is better to believe it than sorry.


And the good news I want to say that this month is worth waiting for it. Not that I mean it is a Valentines month, but because it’s also my birthday month. Other countries like Thailand, they celebrated your birthday in a week. But I also have a brother sharing my birthday day. So speaking truthfully, I won’t waste my birthday to spend day with him. Unfortunately until now, I am hoping my brother and I reconcile so soon. We haven’t talk that much yet. So the year gap is between 10 years for him and for me. And someday I am assuming everything works properly for now.


Also, I am hoping my articles would turn great sooner. I am waiting for more reviews to come reviewing my articles. I write anything, a limitless I must say. The good news in my life would always come in a positive way. Maybe somehow I would look a better person. I love to work on my own and earn my hardworking articles in a profit ways. Maybe sooner if I am thinking positively. I always see myself in the reflection mirror all the time. As if there is something another day to do. I am still fat, but to tell you the truth that I am healthy. I rarely get colds nowadays just to prevent from the cold season. For you to know what I am really writing about is the inspirational I could get from somebody else. Firstly, I get inspirations from the television I could get watching from it. Somehow I am eager to write a different story. But it seems I am still many roads to accomplish. I haven’t finish a novel yet. Because it is still under construction or so much to say, an improvements for my story to come. And at the back of my head somehow sinks on me telling what to do next and probably ends with a good story. Hmmm…I wonder why. By the way, the synopsis of Be Careful With My Heart, I will be posting soon in May if the series end so soon. I just love watching television series and turning them to the synopsis I am writing about. And still, I am not-a-good writer. That is whatever it takes me no matter what problems will come. I will be turning a good writer someday, because there is still more rooms for my improvements to write.

I have difficulties before I come up writing down one of my experiences. Each of my experiences will tell you how your special child surpass through like challenges can come up with.


What if your special child running away and end up going back to you again?


I did this many times before. Although being an independent special adult I am now today, this gives me a wild answer. I don’t know how I overcome right now. Each time I recall one of my experiences before, I really don’t how to explain this. But to tell you the truth, it comes out naturally for me. Yes, I tried many times before. This one little experience when I was getting to know myself more. There was one night before. My parents scolded me for a reason why in the first place I was still living with them in a first place. Back then, I even didn’t know myself that much as I do. I didn’t know in the first place what is Down syndrome. Not until I learned back when I was in sophomore year (or second year high school), the Biology teacher taught us in one branch of Science which it was the Genetics she came up with. With trisomy 21, I even didn’t know in the first place that was genetically gene disorder. Or somewhat called as down syndrome. So I realized I have some issues with other special children I met in the association. Parents with their special child with special needs came up to my point that he was having problem the same way I do before. I found this problem by solving my own. It was last year that I learned from an organization.


It was exactly that I have in my mind. In the streets in Manila from the place we used to live Quezon City before, I even didn’t know to do with 100 pesos before. I’ve managed to pay 5 people out of 100 pesos. But I didn’t receive the change of money. So the jeepney driver stopped by at the end of his journey said that it was the time I have to go down. I didn’t know where I was going to. By the time I’ve reached in Makati area, the area I’ve used to go before with my family, I went to. So I was dressed like a student. With brown pants and white polo shirt without logo on my shirt, I was hiding myself under a loose white polo shirt. The staff inside the shop came out from the area and saw somebody sleeping outside the shop. The shop I was sleeping in the street was my father’s running business before, the car repairing shop. He said to me that I have to leave. But then, the roaming town official guard (barangay officer in other words) came towards to me. He was beating me with his black wooden stick (the baton). Then as he grabbed my loose white polo shirt off my head, that was the time the staff noticed me already. He said to me that I was a son of the owner’s shop. Then the barangay officer left. The staff let me in through the shop.


It wasn’t my first experience that I was beaten up by barangay officer. I’ve beaten up before by the bullies before in the school. I did several times this before. Including when I walked away from the house to go looking after the girl I’ve used to fall in love. That was the time when I was in college. I knew at this time I already knew my curious case.


This is my first time I bring up with about my experiences to confess about who I am before and now. The truth slips out. And I guess the answer to the question I bring up. You have to know the limitations of the special child. Somehow he or she will cry about your advices not to walk away again. You have to know that every special child or special adult I am now has feelings or emotional state of their own. My lesson here is not to do it again. Because I learn so much of my experiences before. What I did wrong is absolutely wrong.


What if your special child gets tantrums all the time if he or she don’t get the things he or she wants?


This is the perfect opportunity I want to answer on my own question I bring up. Yes, I get a lot of tantrums before until I learn something I want to discuss with.


When your special child gets annoying about his or her sibling, it simply he or she is jealous about the attention that your another child has own things to take care. I’ve even notice that to myself. I’m always envy or jealous about that. Including before when the technology was introduced in the society, the computer was owned by my sister. I simply messed up with my sister, She sometimes scolded for a reason not to touch her things. Then she said to me if time comes, she would allow me to teach how to use the computer. But I guess I learned on my own through computer lessons in the school. Eventually after high school, I’ve notice myself that I can use computer for long hours. Not to mention that I used to be a computer addict before. I played console games, online games and Lan games. Every kind of game in the world I knew before, I used to play outside of our house playing online games through the business I have before. And the business my mom gave me was cellphone loading business. Which is until now, I still have that kind of business. I’ve been running the business for six years and seven months already.


Until I’ve discovered one of my talents which I grow my opportunities to come. I’ve been a lot of tantrums before. But I guess I’ve overcome up already before I am already a special adult with a certain age. Certain age means that I am much more mature, more thinking to solve of my problems and more responsible of what my actions do. And the things I don’t have before is to have my own computer. I’ve gain my blessings that I have now. Except I don’t want to download a game or something that it would distract me. Computer games are the distractions in your life. Whether you like to move him or her outside of the house, he or she would definitely get a tantrum. Except to the people who are still young and a stage to move on.


For me, tantrums are no longer new to me. I’ve get a lot of lessons to learn before. It’s the best example I have to answer the question I bring up with.

Back when I was in elementary days, I always walked out in the door and banging the doors every classroom. It really kept me busying to get an attention to other grade schoolers. Our school in Antipolo doesn’t have high school yet. So I hope that I will be discussing what do you want to hear from me.


My first favorite hobby back when I was still a child was writing. Doodling or drawing on the counterpart of my life also represents me. What I like in my life is something I have to do different from other children. I didn’t know myself that the fact I always begin is writing. I kept one notes from my bible. Paraphrasing a group of words is what I consider my slowest improvements through all years I keep writing. Then in other part, I always thought that I was the slowest student in the class. I didn’t know my talents back when I was a young student. I lack of skills and improvements. Because I didn’t know later in my high school years that I was having a little problem in my life was challenging being having with Down syndrome.


I was getting more an attention to my classmates, picking a fight against my fellow male classmates. Then later in my life we became friends. Surely if your child was getting an attention from school, maybe the school administrator was trying to contact you in cellphone or maybe in landline or office line. That is why in the first place maybe it’s the way I get more attention to my parents. I was envious because of my siblings or other relatives. Then it comes to the point today I’ve really challenging myself not to be envious to other people. Sometimes I got jealous too. Jealousy and envious are both sins. Well it matters to me mostly today.


From going to the school everyday before, it was exactly one hour traveling time from our place to Antipolo. That time we lived around in Quezon City then going to Antipolo City about one hour or less, or maybe it depended in traffic time. From the time I woke up around 5 past in the morning, I usually went on my own to the bathroom, brushing my teeth, getting dress already after taking a bath. Afterwards I really got to have my things to get ready before getting to the school. During my high school life, I’ve discovered that I’ve been taking the time seriously being as an punctual student. I was never a serious student wanting to finish all subjects to be that good. I still got lower grades lower than the passing mark. This wasn’t like Ateneo or La Salle or any schools I’ve been attending to go to the school. We have line of 9, line of 8 and line of 7. That was the time I’ve remembered when I was in high school and elementary days.


I was hoping to get higher grades in high school with all my subjects should be line of 8. The final year or the senior year high school was the hopeful year you’ve always wanted to go to the college level. I was curious and challenged. I didn’t get a chance to have entrance exams like in University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, La Salle University or other university schools to be named. But I’ve landed more passing two entrance exams in Montessori College and Center for Culinary Arts. I was even surprised getting a grade of 88 in Montessori College nearby from our home. The university I’ve supposed to get in was less 5 minutes away walking from our home. But my sister said the university I was getting in was more difficult to cope it. So I’ve really challenged myself to choose culinary certificate in Center for Culinary Arts.


Instead going to a normal university, I’ve landed going every morning classes to CCA if there was a morning classes and every afternoon classes if there was an afternoon classes. Life in university or college was really that hard. You can’t imagined how tough I was getting a good grades in college days. The school directress in college and my mother talked about my grades. I was coping to get a good grades in Applied Mathematics or Entrepreneurship subjects. Both subjects were dropped. I was grinning my teeth hoping to pass the school. Instead, I clung to my hopeful prayers hoping to graduate. Then they wanted me to stay in the school as long I’ve completed my attendance. I’ve completed my attendance in college.


After I got out from the college and graduated, I was entering another chapter in my life. Being a unemployed graduate from college, I’ve seen a lot of troubles ahead. Being having with Down syndrome, it was hard to cope in my life. With a lot of challenges I’ve been through was the hardest to see a job and have employed to somebody else. Because what is more important today, that is I’ve already accept who I am and why do I have Down syndrome.


Yes, I am more exceptional and extraordinary. I’ve remembered in my life when I was in high school. The highest grade I’ve ever gotten was Economics with the grade of 88. Maybe if I was in Ateneo or any kind of schools I’ve been attending, it would be B+. I don’t know about the grading system in any other schools. But my favorite subjects back when I was in Grade 4 to 6 was Basic Math and Science. I’ve never got a chance to glimpse to be interested in other subjects. But with a little improvement in my life back when I was in high school, I grew more interested in other subjects. I began to like Literature, History, Arts and Music. Then later in final or senior year, I grew more interested in Economics. That was why my grade in Economics was an average grade. I never knew in my life in other subjects I grow interested.


But still if I wasn’t able to meet my expectations, I wouldn’t done with this writing in my own domain name in the internet. Someone in the organization I’ve met was the person who has a child with the same condition I have. I couldn’t believed all the blessings pouring on me. Maybe if I wasn’t able to find an organization, I wouldn’t find who I was today or I never got to accepted myself. Being having with Down syndrome is not an issue. It is a gift that God chooses me to use it. He chooses me to be an instrument. And as an instrument, I will be able to message every and each parents with children who has special needs like I am today. With every article I will write is something to be important that you have to know is me. Nothing matters. No barriers like exceptional, because I am proud who I am today and the next generation will follow to know about me.

Changing lives

Yesterday I enjoyed so much to visit the Angels Walk 2013 in SM Music Hall, Mall of Asia where they celebrated their 17th Autism Society Philippines in 17 years. I saw an endless smiles of hopeful special children. Their eagerness to participate was one of the extravagant event in the day. But I didn’t last for a day there to enjoy. I loved the special children as much I loved myself. Being as an extraordinary and special was not an exquisite to my personality. But I looked to them as if I were really belong to the society. Any kind of insults bring to them may end not bringing a blessings back to you. But the more you love the special children or special adults are the more bringing blessings in your life.


I remembered when I was in elementary days. Back to those old days, I saw one, two or maybe three special children roaming around the elementary building. Sometimes I felt that I didn’t belong with them. Each some of the grade schoolers treated them as a dirt or ended up as a bullying. Don’t bullying the special child. You have to love them as your own brother, sister or as a friend. With an equal love and care, I also see this children in the future as the successful adults. I may be don’t know one name. But I know in my heart that is equally respecting every and each of them would be the products from God. We are different, but sometimes we need to close our eyes just to dream if they are okay. Being okay is not enough. Treat them good properly and teach them how to love and care. When patience takes responsibility, sometimes we lose focus and attitude. We tend to shout them, or maybe we can teach a little love to them to understand.


Two things I overcame in my life are tantrum and attitude. Each time I brought up my attitude, sometimes my parents didn’t see me as I created an attention to them. I also learned how to cope up each time I have problems. It really hurts me sometimes when some things don’t bring it to me. Jealousy sometimes takes place in times of problems. I took envy and so much jealous from my younger brother. But without knowing it, I also tend to make another mistake. Sometimes in our lives we lost our attitude. And aside from one of my problems before was my tantrum. I always made tantrum before. But growing up as a religious, I learned so many things in my life. Being as a religious makes you more to understand. And I’m always believing in myself no matter what mistakes are keep going. You always have to believe.


And after that I knew in my heart I have down syndrome for almost 16 years. I’ve already accepted who I was and being as friendly person. One of my closest friends before where I worked with him, he said to me that I was an everybody’s friend. Yes, I admitted for being that. But I realize I have to look on myself if one day my parents are not here anymore. A lot of my friends and relatives said if one day time will come and I have to look a lady can really understand me then I can marrying a lady. But sometimes in my heart says that I am not ready for a commitment.

What is Down syndrome? Down syndrome is a mental retardation to some of us. Not many but to the 1:1000 ratio of every 100 parents have their child with Down syndrome. It is sometimes a malformation. Some of the kids I saw before have difficult with speaking straight. But I can talk straight. Why? I also don’t know why in the first place that I talk so fast. Maybe God gives me a special medication, to message every parent with their special children that I can be an inspiration for each and every special child in the world. I never know that the world is huge for us, especially the world now has seven billion of human population. That includes the human deaths in seven billion. But in the count of population today is four billion and still counting.


Dr. John L. H. Down, an English physician, first discovered the syndrome in 19th century where he described to mongoloids (now as Down syndrome) to some of his patients with the same cases. With a difficult to read, sometimes a difficult to speak or different cases that includes the case. It was during Jose Rizal’s time if I may recalled. Dr. Down tolerates people not to burden the children with special needs. In some of few cases I have read, he didn’t realize what was the cause of Down syndrome. Unusual as he may recalled for the case. But he saw the same symptoms where he studied the conditions. Other kids with the same case before died earlier at the age of 10. As the generation passed, Dr. Down now didn’t know the life span of Down syndrome today will be living up to their lifestyle of other humans also.


Jose Rizal was in the world already during Dr. Down on June 19, 1861 while his mother conceived bearing him on November 18, 1828. Rizal died on December 30, 1896 on the same year Dr. Down died on October 7, 1896. Rizal died in a young age of 35 while Dr. Down died in old age of 67 years old. Abraham Lincoln on the other part was already in the world on February 12, 1809 and died on April 15, 1865 at the age of 56 years. Lincoln was the past of Dr. Down and Rizal was the during Dr. Down’s life. Emilio Aguinaldo was also in the world of Dr. Down when he born on March 22, 1969 and died in a old age of 94 years when he died on February 6, 1964. Three of the greatest names, Rizal, Aguinaldo and Lincoln were living during Dr. Down’s life.


How I overcome Down syndrome? It was when I was in second year high school at the age of 16. Barely enough I didn’t know my schoolmates and some of my classmates teased me as abnormal. Not knowing at the start of my life, it was part of my growing up. People really didn’t like me before. I was little curious when I was young. I was very talkative, dancing and shouting names as if I don’t care to some people. I don’t mind them because I was happy at that time. Not until when I entered high school, people were now curious looking at me around the school. Little they knew about me, they were defining me as a successful person in the future if I overcome. Then in the Biology when our Science teacher taught about genetics. And Down syndrome have discussed in the class along with the other genetic problems in human lives. And there she was pointing me as if I knew the Down syndrome case I have had. I did coming home after classes. As I came tumbling and didn’t care about chores and studies, I bothered my parents. I asked them why I did having Down syndrome partly in my life.


There was a times that my world would driven me out a little cause. Dismantling my mind would become a disaster or maybe I should forget myself and denying all the time. My feet trembles and my eyes soaks full of tears that night. I banged my head sometimes to the wall. I kept denying and denying. Until later of my life during 2011, my cousin invited me in some kind of business she was doing. I was, on the other hand, having my cellphone loading business. During my peak before in my loading business, I was now curious if I took a chance getting a job. And I’ve entered multi-level marketing or such as networking business. I’ve discovered that I have potential. And little by little, every seminar I’ve listened many times. The word of abnormal came out every time the speaker spoke many times. And I seized that very day when I finally nearly stopped doing the mlm business. After leaving the business in October 2011, I finally took and wore off my last medicine I was taking. It was the last powdered vitamin C medicine I swallowed in my throat and drank with water. Without knowing it, I’ve discovered along the road with my family roots both in my father’s side and my mother’s side. Both sides were rich in history. And I came from a middle-class family. Without building myself having Down syndrome, I finally learned to accept who I was. The lessons I have learned is to be better among the rest of population either in Philippines or the entire planet as well.


Fourteen years I kept denying myself having Down syndrome was the sin I kept myself for that too long for me. Then I realized that I was more blessed. Keeping me by my parents with an attitude, the ethics, the gesture and everything kept me stronger along the road of journey I was in. So here I am, more happiness and more likely to receive more blessings although I’m a bit of surprised of generation today. I am even more aware of what road I will taking in the next chapter. Since I love science, literature, history, elementary math, music, arts and dancing, I’m even surprising parents with their children with special needs. Other people little they know about me begin to ask, “How do you overcome Down syndrome?” And I simply answer their questions in this kind of article I am writing about me, Dr. Down’s discovery and the life within the world.


I’ve just to rephrase just a little quote about this: “Life is success in every shape of the world” to “Life corners the world with every and each success in each of human living in this world.”

Autobiography Chapter 1

Without a knowledge of a parents doesn’t know their child that needs a special attention, sometimes I use to think it before that I am alone. But when I discovered an organization last year, the day of Wednesday, February 17, 2012 around 1 pm in the afternoon, I listened one of Ate Agnes’s talk about what is down syndrome all about and where it does come from. I was curious. So I came in Clinica Manila in Megamall that special day. And I met a wonderful family, it was the Lapena family. I’ve had introduced myself to them that I have down syndrome. Ate Agnes was really surprised and does her daughter Meimei and her special child Jeremy.


I threw all my emotions away from negatives that I knew from the start. I started to think more clearly of my positiveness. Then I said myself that I was not alone. Being with Down syndrome was not that I am hiding anymore. But because of that, I became aware of what being that I have. Instead, all the blessings came in when I started to become active around in the month of September. I was not afraid anymore. In fact, the more I begin to face the reality is the more I am beginning to tell the truth of who I am now.


Being despite of ups and downs before, I didn’t love my life. It was hatred, pain and misunderstandings. The misunderstandings I take is the pain I get more from my emotions. Because it is my fate that I love writing from the start. I love drawing from the start. I love anything I put it down from my emotions. When I am not thinking emotions, I write it down to my paper with a pen. Somehow it really eases out from my problems and stressful days. Life was mysterious for me all the time before and until now. I seemingly disagreed with myself before. It was my parents who taught me how to build stronger and to be independent someday. Here I am now standing in front of the audience, the parents with their special children. The last time I was around building a character from my speech. It was in Alberto Magnus Building, College of Education in University of Santo Tomas. From one school I began to study was Cupertino, the special school reserved for the special children, she invited me in UST. It was Monday of November 19, 2012 around 10 am. I’ve delivered my short inspirational talk awareness about my Down syndrome life. It was nervousness at the start and I even sweated. I looked every person in my sight. Then I thought it about myself that I can do this the next time someone will be inviting me to talk.


All of my nervousness afterwards disappeared. Miss Gan really brought a tissue so I can wiped off my sweat after my speech deliver. So I thought that was a relief after all. This was the beginning of all the positiveness of my life. And I don’t know where I can start or even when I can go. Here I am talking some of new parents, maybe I can share of this in the next coming of early intervention seminars. Or maybe somehow in the future that I can be a sharer someday. I don’t know but maybe God plans me to put me on this kind of what I have feelings. Maybe an instrument I am, can determine that I will take my place to one of my occasional plans to my life.


So last month I was officially a member of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI for short. I was so happier than I thought I could be lonely. But my loneliness was already disappear. Being as a special adult, I can use my my PWD ID for medical purposes, free hospitalizations and some of the benefits for transportation like MRT and LRT. With it comes for the benefits, the ID I showed to the security guard, they let me went to the special lane and took 2 pesos discount if from MRT and 2.50 pesos if from LRT Cubao to Santolan. But I won’t use it for other purposes of what crime was all about in the Philippines. I moved in and behaved more like just the same as the adults was. And I am aware that being as an adult, I always look precaution and regulations if I may follow the strict rules have to be follow. Maybe I am now thinking how I will start my journey in another adventure in my life.


A new chapter and a new page will uncover to unfold the story about my life. Then how’s my life begins in a new page.

Resolution for 2013

I never think that I could do something I can prove for this year of the snake, the 2013. It’s nothing really special for this year. But I consider this year should be a great start for me. When I write my resolutions the past years, I couldn’t done it quickly. Somehow I always fail considering this is my first time I could done with actions properly.


What’s my best resolution for this year 2013? It’s not that easy or not that difficult. It has sometimes to put your mind quickly to do rather writing down to the note that you need to do this and to do that. Well of course, everybody has resolutions. For me, resolutions doesn’t need to be accordingly. It should be done and executing the same situation. When I realize myself that isn’t really me, I mean I don’t pretend to be someone who is willing to do your stuff. It is you that you need to do properly, and again not accordingly. It’s just a precise question with an appropriate answer, or to simply to put out your system that you need exactly what to do.


What can you do if you are not doing properly? I don’t mind other things above all things I have to remind myself. It’s not that easy or difficult, it has to be you. One thing that troubles you is to clear your mindset. Do the exercises in your mindset. First thing in the morning, give a little exercise about inhaling and exhaling. It eases out your stress. Then an exercise can do a little minutes after. Don’t go to the activity if you are not functioning properly. Like you are doing right now, writing and typing in your computer is not really helping you. Give yourself a habit, no computers in the morning. I do that regularly and disciplining myself. And of course, give yourself a physical exercise, just go for 10 minutes. If you are doing everyday, the time limit you are doing physical exercise will go higher. And the excess calories you are burning is the faster to go in a diet. Don’t stress your body too much. Don’t do one hour or two hour in a gym just to sweat out your body. Sometimes I read or listen carefully other people’s mindsets about this.


And do less watching television if you are doing the computer work while watching the television. Somehow I can see the future with many of these features in my dreams. Many people will suffer in diabetes, hypertension and some other to mention. What I can see in the future is our lifestyle. Lifestyle changes in our lives accordingly. Maybe it’s not that too hard to change although I am not that person just to remind you, it has to be you have to decide. And of course, the lessons I have learn without computer during the span of five months last year, it is only that you have to discipline and sacrifice your time that you really don’t computers in your whole life. Of course, this is our generation. The generation of technology really hypers us the same we do lives everyday. I mean I am not into sports, but I can do little brisk walking. When I needed to deposit the money in the bank last year, I was always reminding myself that I have to sacrifice. I walked out from our village to the mall in Sta. Lucia mall. And it really takes me about one hour to do it. Then after that, I walked home without going to ride the transportation. I’ve always spent 24 pesos a week to do that if I can. But to sum it for a month expenses, times that for four then it became 96 pesos.


That wasn’t really bad for a start for your day. In the afternoon, I am allowing myself to use around two or three in the afternoon. Without supervising me around in the house, I always need to follow my simple rules. If you are going abroad, you do the same I will do. Your bill will surprisingly go up. Maybe that’s why I really don’t go to other countries just to earn your living life then sending money to your loved ones back here in the Philippines. I wouldn’t do that. I live in a tropical country and I really enjoy the weather here except if the rain showers in the day.


I often post article topic nowadays here in my site. Maybe I am too much confident building new business or career a way ahead for me. I hope it will begin a year of the snake for me this year 2013. And I am praying that I can enjoy my living life without stressing myself from getting a new job.

First Appearance

I felt the very first time in my life when I spoke my first Down syndrome awareness speech of what I have now. Being despite if I really have this, I don’t think or look to myself if it’s willing to take my place to a pride. November 19, 2012, Monday of course, it was the day my friend from Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines invited me two weeks ago before the day started to me that I’ve to speak in front of the audience. At first, I was afraid. But now that I am thinking about myself, maybe I can do this one more time or usual times if I can make it. My nervousness now didn’t matter for me. When you speak in the audience for the first time, you feel the awkwardness and maybe a little tension inside my body. As if I am falling from the smaller stage that is there standing in my feet.


I looked and met a fourth-year students who were graduating two months from now. Thomasians of University of Santo Tomas were really nice and very approachable to me. As if I were the inspiration for every parents who want to meet me. Then one month after this, I will go again in the Happy Walk awareness in SM The Block dome again in the coming event in February 24. Then I thought about myself if I am willing to take another try to be the first appearance to everybody else as I am.


What if I were the celebrity? Or the famous person on the planet everybody was chasing after me? Maybe somehow I don’t think that way. Or somehow a little bit of tense inside of me really feels me this way. Do you think I will be the one who can stand on my own? Or just a little bit inside of me can do that whatever you can do. One person I would like to do if I can act on my own. Because someday, I might go out everyday in the television or movie somehow. My dreams will always following me wherever I go and whenever I think of my own dreams.


My life will be always that not really bad of course, but I try to be nice and still be humble all the times. Not as bad as Justin Beiber when he was here in the Philippines, he became snob at every fans want to be photograph with him or even autographed his signature. Every dying fans would like to do that. Being a humble all the time won’t accept the society who really want you to be nice. Somehow I understand the way celebrity was. If I may correct, people deserve to know what or who they want to know better. And halfway on my mind, I am always saying to myself, “be gentle, be nice and have smile every time you encounter frowning faces of every person in the planet.”

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