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The biggest encounter for my life sets my goals to a higher level is being committed something you really love in your life. Don’t let it go and it will reward you at the end of the day. The eternal sunshine at the end of the day will give you more inspiring stories you’ve ever told in your life.



Little by little and faith by faith, life is always having achieved what you need to know about. Life is clinging to some promises you have. A small detail may always carry surprising factor. But you never know what it is inside. Is it the power to change or power to protect? You always have know what is inside at the end of your brain thinking to change some important small detail in every success you actually needed. At the end of the day, I have always to think at the back of my mind encountering many choices in your life but to choose only one. It is a decision but not a will to change.


The course you have at the back of my head swiftly changes to a new responsibility being as a role model. The mindset I have on my mind sets to discipline myself on every decision I will make. But of course, the new ideas will not change if it’s not properly address at the back of my mind. When I always make conditions to revise, I always think at the end of my mind if I can make it in good condition. And that’s always have to be myself.


I prolong always have to say about this but I am proud what I am doing my best in all corners in my life. I am not alone in my journey. I have my family on my back. I have Down syndrome and the fact is that I’ve accept what my condition tells me to do the good deeds in my life. Life is not always unfair. It is always fair that in fact to be honest, God will show your true colors in each and every day what you are doing right now.


Do you know the life is always a blessing for all of us?


When I am setting my goal for some reasons, it achieves in some many ways. The shapes of inspiration may corner around the world from you. But yet it is inside of you that you need the attention what you are doing right now. How would you know if some parents will follow you? Because you are drawing the attention in the society that you are creating the good deeds in your life. I may be not an expert. But I am a human. And when it comes from the mistakes, I learn from it and act from true love in life.


I see the distances from my past to the present times. I didn’t want to compare from my past what I am today. In fact, some changes here right now are made from the truth that you are stronger than in your past. Think about some knowledge you gain from your experiences. Those experiences in your past will teach you how some actions to be made what is wrong and what is right.


Determination is a fight to change in your life learning from your experiences. When you are in deep trouble, you seek from your frustration and depression. You cannot go further more. But unless you act from what you are doing, it is wrong. Decisions are always there for you to change.


Have you seen your naked eye behind the imaginations?


When you are seeking the dreams you prolong always to remember and have to fight from your will to change your destiny, it might come true in your life when once you have to believe your own self. One set goal can make change your life different from your past. Some other people will call it as a jinx. They are saying it won’t come true in your life. Ambitions are real. Dreams are much more you control of your wishes you really want to believe in your self. Why? I always see myself through the mirror telling at the back of my head that I always want to be seen in the television some time in the future. I don’t know why but it seems there are many roads that I have to take before going in a good path.


Self-sufficeint and independent is always around inside of my life. When the time my parents will be gone and my sisters are still in Toronto, I will be staying for good here in the Philippines. Being having with my condition of Down syndrome doesn’t make me to stop working in other countries. In fact, the nationalism inside of my life will go on if I am working to other countries like in Canada. The experience I have in Canada is different. But the weather there I cannot prolong is the winter. Philippines is my home country and it’s a tropical country. Some of the tourists are the most attraction in the world expanding more businesses to build.


The social platform have been created in 2004 but it expanded on 2008-2009 because of the population users wanted to use the internet usage. To tell you the truth, I always want to fulfill some of my dreams. It acts from my will and the imagination from my brain department will boost my emotions down and the limitless will seek more in the future.


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Living around inside the fears you always have pain, is it okay to move forward? But sometimes, I always listen to my conscience and think three times before doing anything not so good. But living around inside the doubts you always have inside of you, you can’t move forward a bit because you are afraid something you can expose the truth. Doubts can set you free when you know you believe yourself. Nevertheless, the world we have today is not a perfect world. We always have to conquer what we can knowledge for ourselves. And today it’s a perfect words to say that you can do it rather doubting yourself more.

~Status message in facebook, March 12, 2014, Wednesday, 7:13 p.m.


Conquering your darkness might control more in fears and doubts. When we are scared we cannot move on and hurt someone else, there is something inside of you cannot free yourself. In the past experiences what I have had, there was always an explanation why we were always doubting ourselves even in our abilities or skills that we’ve acquired. But the experience that I’ve had, there was nothing to do but to blame always from somebody else, or to yourself also. Thinking at the back of my head thought even more greater than lesser to think. But lesser thoughts I’ve had inside was a belief. Knowing myself was not good. Acceptance was still going on before. But nevertheless, it always happened for me before that I was been in denial stage.


What can you make decide that you are going back to the light?


There is always one option and that is something to change, an acceptance. Freeing yourself from any doubts and fears inside from your heart will blossoming you more even blessed in any ways of believing. I don’t have fear that can control me. But my emotions will always ask at the end of the day, ‘what I have done positivity today and not to think negativity.‘ It is always a formation to have believing yourself.


The story of Growth success: Going back to the light


The darkness of betraying of yourself could lead to suicide. But it never happened to me. I was once doubting myself in the past years for not believing what I can do more as much as I can do. I dared to myself to experience in electrocution once more or to get an accident again. But it never did. Those two incidents in the past happened when I was in my childhood days. It was during the summer before entering fourth grade and before graduating sixth grade in elementary moving at least to high school. When I was after my third grade in my elementary days, I was once electrocuted. And before graduating in sixth grade in my elementary days, it happened to me that I got a transportation vehicle almost hit it me. But it was a minor injury in my shoulder bone.


I always looked for an answers everywhere I could go to. But when at the end of the tunnel, a white light would have been asked me and said, ‘are you ready to go back and wanting to go in the trials you would have pass?‘ And I answered to my doubts and said, ‘I would never destroy my emotions but yes, I would test myself to pass all the trials in my life today.


Regardless to say that I would been success rather conquering my fears and my doubts. Doubts would climb to your fears. And fears will feeling you out if you could continue to your life. Life is always a mystery when or where you could think, but almost every seconds in your life you would be a thought if you would be a burden or as a mistake in your life. Being having with my condition as Down syndrome is not a mystery. It’s a gift. And I put myself in the right place. Being with my disability is not my hindrance to me anymore. What I could feel right now if somebody would fill in my boots? You couldn’t say to yourself a success. But look for the right community if they could please you and believe what you are doing a good place you are never been.


My world is not a perfect place. And it’s not anybody could understand the meaning of being as a disability. Going back to the light is one small step that will replace to a bigger step achieving you more to a greater heights. I’ve been afraid in 14 years before from the year I knew I have Down syndrome since 1997 until 2011. Grieving from my mistakes, I would seek more from my experiences and replace with a happiest thoughts in your life. Living in a fear and a doubt in your life would give a greater lesson in your life. But whenever I tell myself if I am not success or not, I would lose a single sight if I am not mistaken. Tell me if it’s wrong to say. Doubtless thoughts are good chances to survive longer in this part of this world. And numberless word quotes would never give you a perfect meaning.


I share my life to the beginning of this blog. But whenever I share my life with, it should have been whatever I need to be in a right place to be as a friendly person. And I would surrender my life to the Lord he has given to me.


With this so many experiences in my life, in this part of article of Growth success: Going back to the light, it would been better to share my truth and honestly words I’ve been putting together to form a greatest experience – an acceptance.


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With every new chapter, there is always been a new life that blossoms around the corner. But it splits up to new every second of every that I breathe. It was then that I have completely blank my mind again thinking at the back of my mind dared myself not to think of her again, but to replace a new one. Was it hard for having complicated life that you have? I did.


The moment I took new breathing sounds like inhaling and exhaling from the bottom of my lungs. Both was working properly in my respiratory lungs. To tell you the truth, there is a new life has blossom my way in a new chapter. And what it triggers? It restores the new faith, my commitment to the special children and the regular children who are studying in the school where I am as an assistant teacher assisting the teacher to help educating the children. What I am supposed to handle with care? I handle with unconditional care with long patience.


Last month was astonishing moments in my life bringing back my moments after I stepped in Enchanted Kingdom after 14 years. The theme park of Enchanted Kingdom back then was barely new. But now, it came along with new ride attractions and I perfectly dodged with new ride attractions. First with the flying fiesta, I was all dizziness coming down from that ride. My mind would popped out if I could imagine puking all my food have been eaten. But it didn’t happen. And I supposed the long day I’ve had waiting was with the team I was with. Three special education teachers, the tourist’s grand daughter and our boss were with me riding some four to five rides. The last part of our trip was exciting to ride a bus again. It was because of the animation movie Frozen has been featured two times in our trip. One was when we went off from Cainta and one was when we left Enchanted Kingdom going to our home.


What were the songs that have been listening to my ears all the time? Name it: Do you want to build a snowman, For the first time and Let It Go. The ideal song of Let It Go was really capturing my heart along with a movie. And the movie went on and off whenever I watched the movie. It simultaneously played in my music player in android phone. It played at least five-to-seven times a day just to memorize the song. And I eventually did it. I already memorized it. Now it brought me back to sing my masterpiece song, My angels singing to your heart.


The song I always sang, My angels singing to your heart, I wrote it from the piece of notepad in laptop. Then eventually I sang it to memorize at least four-to-five times a day. Whew! Isn’t that how the singers memorize the songs everyday? Is it possible that I make it to the entertainment industry? Maybe it is calling to my heart.


And the new love life has restoring again to fulfill bringing back the articles of Assistant’s desk again. It was this time, a fulfilling restoration love life or shall I call as an inspiration. I wonder how many chapters will I able to make this time. I wrote twelve articles from the beginning of the month of August. But then with the capabilities making to restore the series, it would be a difficult for me this time. Or maybe I should contain with a new title series soon in different title rather restoring of Assistant’s desk series again.


To tell you the truth honestly, I always claim this series would be definitely a success in a future’s promises. What can you make a good story if you can’t write a good concept for a good ideas? I always thought of that at the back of my head thinking it would be fitted. But so, even I always say that this is a purpose in my life today making a promising articles.


Previous Assistant’s Desk article posts: forward/


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What is 10 happiest moments in your life? Is it what you achieve in the past 10 years of your life? Or 10 months of achieving to surpass in your life? What is your goal then? All of these questions may occur at the back of your head thinking it is going to be having in your mind.


Let start from the bottom 10 up to number 1 in my 10 Happiest moments:


10 was the new number that I got the months I’ve achieved in my life adding the longest employment in my life.


It was then I’ve realized that I can do leveling up to my responsibility disciplining my habits in my life. Working to discipline made realize that you do a lot of your independent life. But aside reasoning out of my problems before was my habits keep changing me. As of that I tested myself of how I can manage my time and discipline work-acholic time.


9 was the best numbers that I drew my emotions out from my previous relationship but committed something more important in my life forcing me to work.


You can see a lot of emotions in your previous relationship. But after I made my decision not to have conversation with my ex-girlfriend anymore, I made myself to promise that I do lot of my duties as my responsibility to have work. Instead making a lot of emotions, I started to make myself changing your ideas yourself rather depending to someone you don’t do to others. But on the other part, my family are always there for me. Depending not to committed again, I soon didn’t doubting myself in ways of committing a relationship to your partner.


8 days of relationship was over already.


I moved on after 10 months already and made my decision if I ever saw her again. I won’t make hesitations to start a conversation with her again. But as a friends, it could be a hint to take a small conversation but to evade a lot of questions.


7 times stronger than my emotional subconscious mind are giving me more important role in my life.


I built a lot of emotional stress points in my subconscious mind already. Depending what I react inside at the back of my head thinks if I can do it alone. I should choose what is right over the wrongdoings in your life. It is more efficient for me today what I can decide not to think of it inside at the back of my head knowing if I can do it more important in your life. Which it is not possible ideas could stress you more. Thinking more impossible and reasonable ideas are stressing you point that you exceed more happiest in your life. That was my goal surpassing my new heights.


6 less ordinary days are compiling my work ethic knowing that I can do more vital roles in a week.


I only have one day off and that is only a Sunday. If I can do it in Sunday, then it would be more efficient to think a lot of great ideas after your work is done in a week. This is my limitation that have been sets the entire week. Sometimes when it needs more attention to my days, choosing a day sometimes is giving me harder when I can give my day a relaxation and less stressful days.


5 minutes are better for relaxing your mind to sleep to boost from your stress or heavy ideas thinking at the back of your head.


I always gave myself a quick nap around 5 minutes. My mind was always setting to schedule new importance of your day. If you give yourself a quick nap in 5 minutes, you freshly start at your mind thinking at the back of your mind a new set of ideas in your brain department. What I usually do in my habits, writing is a better choice to give more relaxing at the end of the day.


4 is always a better choice to give yourself 4 D’s – discipline, determination, diet and demonstration.


What are the factors of 4 D’s? There are many types you can do at the end of your hectic schedule. Let go of your bad habits and change it for a good habits to make it exchange such as from sleeping shorter five-six hours to seven-eight hours of sleeping habits. Determining you to achieve is a vital role at the end of your day. You’ll write in your note if you achieve something new ideas in your list. Diet is an everyday goal in your body daily needs. Like exchanging from three meals in your list, make it cook two important meals either in lunch or dinner such as vegetables and fish only. And demonstration is most important at the end of the day. If you think at the end of your brain doing a lot of activities to be done, make at least demonstrate your activities to be check in your schedule to be done.


3 powerful prayers can make it happen at the end of your day – make at least 3 mysteries in a rosary beads to pray for your wishes.


I’ve done this in the year of 2012 before getting to know what will be your wishes to be granted. If you wait for your prayers to be done, it needs a time frame and a full of patience. A short time of patience towards of your one mystery in your prayer sometimes takes 15 minutes. Make it a simple habit of your time praying 3 mysteries. The more you pray and the more you wait for the right time frame and full of patience will grant slowly at the rate of your desired wishes. Those particular bad ideas won’t achieve because it won’t happen unless you do it more effectively at the daily needs of your time. Needing 45 minutes of your prayer will make sure you pray conveniently and waiting for your daily 45 minutes together with the Lord.


2 important people are better in your life are your parents and with God.


Mostly I wait for the right time if my parents are here. But sometimes when they are away from you, have always yourself with God. Take time to pray and communicate with God. He takes time listening you. He always forgive us what we do for the bad times. He always give the right time to acknowledge what we’ve done achieving our new heights. And believing with Him is the most important in your vital role at the end of the day.


1 wish is always believing what your dreams can tell you – grab always an opportunity or risk of your life.


I always forget what your dream can tell your wildest dream might it happen in your life. Doing a right decision, determination and discipline can make you more stronger each and every day. Testing your limits will break through in your life. What happened to me for the past 3 years was to believe what you can do for your talents is what you have right now. Today the more effective way I can excel to my limitless mind is to test myself to each and every hardest problem I would take at the end of the day. And at the end of the next day will solve one by one in your list. Thinking at the end of the day would test your strengths and weaknesses. One of your weaknesses will prove yofvu more to skill out of your problem needs.


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When I came to Happy Walk three years ago, it was me and my dad. That was when I wasn’t yet aware what I was doing to my childhood until adulthood. The world was intimidated me. Knowing that I didn’t know what I was capable of. But the fact I’ve enjoyed my life – being as a special adult.


Being having with Down syndrome, or simply no labeling with disability, doesn’t come to my fears and my doubts anymore. But I coped all of my problems when I was a child until I grew up maturely. I was hesitated to come in a big world. All my life has been depended in high school, college and frustration in the past years. Hiding from shadows cloaked me almost 14 years already but I came out from shadows that I became a light in 3 years already since 2011.


2011 was a big year changing me throughout all my hurdles. My burden heart poured down like a fire like I’ve been feeling loneliness, frustrated and depressed. I was all alone in one corner waiting for someone to tap me in my shoulder. Suddenly I woke up from my real dreams was waiting me all along. It was then one of my guardian angels told me that I have to follow where my heart is. And I did.


I was bored during my days waiting for me to have a work during those frustration and depression days. I was never satisfied what I was doing. I was shadowed of my pride and frustration began piling me up those days. And then I said to myself after I met Lapena family on February 15, 2012, days before Happy Walk begins on February 19, I didn’t want to go back where I was standing before. The boring days settled me down to my happiest times. My satisfaction grew up more as I wanted to look forward. And my pride and frustration began fading away. Looking up was a big step for me. I’ve always asked myself if I can still follow my wildest dreams to enter in the entertainment industry. I only allowed myself eager to be happiness all the time and my lips began smiling again.


The big three I coped up from my problems: 1) I’ve always allowed myself looking down no matter how small or big problems will come to your doors. 2) Noticing my real world wasn’t big enough but I only allowed myself as a frustration and depression during those days. And last 3) I looked in my past that I always wanted to change like in the movie of Back to the Future.


The big solved problems I made it so far: 1) I’ve entered DSAPI few days before the 20th Happy Walk. 2) I’ve joined my 1st Happy Walk back on Feb 19, 2012. 3) Blessings started pouring me down. And there were more plenty solved problems to been telling you the truth.


I’ve started to be walking alone in my own small two steps. Those small two steps were bigger chances to change my decisions. That year 2012 changed my whole life after I’ve entered Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines. I became a member last December 2012. And I’ve renewed my membership last December 2013 for adding two more years. Working was my first step priority those years. And I did working hard to earn my job last year. The roads today are more bumpy this year, because some of the roads I will take have risky chance. But those risky chances will prove my steadiness in the future.


The big three to my 3rd Happy Walk was a success. I’ve gained experiences. Some it might fall, but I have to stand up again for making mistakes growing to be stronger. Some it might to grow a little, the opportunity will knock me again those doors opening for me again calling that I will go back from my talents I’ve today.


Green shirt front

Green shirt front

Green shirt back

Green shirt back


No matter what problems are going for you, you have to knock it from your heart and change it for a good. I may be a special adult, but labeling me as Down syndrome is not my fear anymore or doubts. I will always surprising you in many ways, but to tell you at the back of my head that I have more greater ideas to create in the future. Waiting is not good, but to act from my heart will surprise you.


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The day swiftly made my debut running to my old form and it was my first time I joined in the fun run led by Ateneo’s No Speed Limit. For the first time of my life, I spent myself not indulging in computers but to health and fitness day. And I was satisfied. To tell the truth, I always spent my adulthood in computers. And as if there was no tomorrow for me, I’ve always asked myself if I can do it in my running shoes.


Front jersey: 3k

Front jersey: 3k

Back jersey: 3k

Back jersey: 3k


When I firstly knew about the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines two years ago, then it was my fate to change my fitness for a good change. I didn’t know what I looked like if I go back to my old form when I was in younger age. But I did. The fact I minimized my body 34 pounds now, it was a difficult to turn the table back to a form age. I barely could not reach on this. Although my numbers for this year might be slow my pace back to my weight.


Last year I trimmed down my weight from 180 pounds above to cut it 31 pounds. And I made it to make my body fitted in my coat and tie in my sister’s wedding in Toronto. And all of my relatives was shocking to see that I was cutting my image from my body before. My role has becoming more wider and wider as I am going to change my world to look fitness more.


When I joined Special Olympics team last month, I met Ms. Kaye through facebook social network. It was a fate when I firstly knew DSAPI also two years ago, the same time I knew also in facebook platform. Well, I was merely shy back then. But when first things first came out at the back of my head thinking if I was shy right now, I knew some names in the Special Olympics team. And so my shyness becomes no worries for me no more.


I firstly thought I could be a shy. But at the back of my head simply is not resisting me at all. I saw thousand of dreams I could catch from my subconscious mind telling me if I could still follow my greatest or wildest dream to get in the entertainment world. But the real world has changing me now, for real. I was not intimidating myself anymore. In fact, I even more challenge myself into greatest roles – to become a role model instead going to the entertainment world.


If I know more dream I could reach is to believe myself within myself also. Whether you have impossible things you could ever imagine will turn into possible things. You realize how important your vital role is. Or how you could put yourself into a good position. If I do that, I would not imagine myself changing myself in the future.


The first run to 3 kilometers I ran up to this day made me to realize that I could still catch for my fitness. And yesterday was a good deal. I only ate two meals yesterday which it was oatmeal in the morning and chicken at the end of the day serving me as my dinner. And up to now, my diet was changing to a pace. I am more beginning to strict myself not to eat in six days about more than a meat in six days. Chicken, of course, is also considering a meat. Because it is poultry meat, the fourth cholesterol in a food pyramid which it consists chicken skin as a fat.


As I always made my mind changing my views from my culinary days, it was beginning for almost one year having myself in a diet period. My diet has started last the first day of April 2013. And up to now, I almost gave up my eating habits not to eat meat but it is also hard not to eat meat. I only now eat meat thrice a week. All of my days are changing as my habit turning into a vegetarian mode. Once the month of March will start occasionally of Ash Wednesday, the vegetarian mode will be turning soon.


The lessons here are simple. Eat a right amount in your body not too many in a day but to eat moderate in right time of the day. Eat breakfast, the important meal of the day. Once you put in your diet at the end of the dinner time, you could eat less in the evening. The hard it will digest you will be hard for you to make up to minimize your weight is. Don’t get frustrated on your diet. Take a time to spend looking yourself in the weight loss program. Always be conscious by looking your weight in a weight tool. And remind yourself so you could discipline your diet is.


Right now, my ultimate goal is a STEWARD. What is STEWARD? S is for Sunshine, TE is for Tiring Exercise, W is for Water, A is for Air, R is for Rest and D is for Diet. The more you discipline yourself in weight is the more you could minimize your weight down and helps you to realize how value your life is. And also put the number one vitamin in your body is a happiness.


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I was bad writing my sentences when I was young as a child. I had always pretending to be as a writer when I was a kid. In the past when I was younger from range of five years old to seven years old, I began writing. But my words were longer to cut in phrases, sometimes in difficult writing when I was a kid. My speech was also poor and it was delayed. But being having with Down syndrome wasn’t difficult for me because I knew in my heart time will come, heal and to accept my condition. And so I did.


Whenever I always saw comics, I always thought also to become a comic artist. And I always wanted to become an artist when I was a kid. But things were different when I was a kid and when I was a teenager back then. But I didn’t know how difficult I triumphantly did what I can do for this years. When two years ago, my writing began calling to write it again. And somehow I did. The last twelve years ago, I also began to write in different social platform, But the site wasn’t improved during that time and so my writing also.


I never thought I can do this to write and to write until I always practice everyday just to memorize how small details can make bigger picture creating more structure sentences. But the picture there when I was a teenager when I started to write poetry, my classmate who was always have been topped in the school. She always had been intelligent in our class. But I’ve had to say that she was better than me writing those sentences good and structured. I didn’t want to make arguments. But sad to say, I lost my many entries to be included in the school paper. But she was the head of the school paper during that time.


Our valedictorian was always being as a top class in our school. But he was near in top 3 in the class when other of my high school classmates were my formerly school mates before. I was alone in seventh grade but somehow I never thought I can have chance writing was all of my accomplishments.


My motivation to my writing is continuously improving but somehow it’s not always have to be perfect hundred percent. It is always been 8 out of 10 rate. Because there are more rooms to improve my writing skills. But my proficiency in filipino somehow also have been in 7 out of 10 rate. I always have to compete my writing to my past days. And what I always see around is my inspiration in my bank at the back of my head. I didn’t know much of english writing when I was young. And I didn’t see much of myself in the past. From now what I am writing.


My motivation is always everywhere. I’ve been getting a lot to inspire me. I’ve always watch some english movies, english television shows and some english books to improve my writing. But I’ve never thought that this writing is how I motivate myself.


When the times are not right, somehow I skid myself in a piece of paper and start to write in an empty paper with a pen or a pencil. And I thought at the back of my head would be making easier, but it was also difficult to structure the sentence. What I did the last two years, I’ve attended again in call center training which my english would become improved. I did completing the 100 hours of call center training and gained the certificate of call center training instead going in call center career.


It was supposed for me going in call center because of my certificate. But I said to our english instructor that this training would benefited me for my english to become better. And so I did. After few days, that was why I decided to put back my studio to name it after my game online character name, Mikki and also after my youtube account, itsmikki. It was decided to put the name of Itsmikki Studio in the social platform,, because someone was recommended me to use the platform. And so I did. And later that year, I also put up my facebook page and name it the same, Itsmikki Studio.


There are many reasons I motivate myself to write. One was when my first love I sent my letter before sending to Illinois, the state of United States of America. And then I began also been in love writing when I entered in high school writing in poetry first. And I never thought that I can also have been in love writing in songs, stories and at the end, practicing to write in quotes also. What is my motivation? My motivation is how I write to my life and this is my testimony.


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The key of success life is to live peaceful, harmoniously, optimistic and free to open your mind to one of happiness times. I always think free flow at the back of my head never believe to sadness, sorrowful, hurtful or believing to negative thoughts. Seeing my future to unfold will realize how important trials or problems will test me. No matter what makes depressed me, I will stand way out that being having with Down syndrome will be no longer as my label but to act as normal. I am who I am. And I believe in happiness no matter troubles will bring me in.”

~Status message in facebook, January 27, 2014, Tuesday, 8:28 p.m.


It changes my life from the past to what I am standing right now. When I encountered more of my problems before stating I was in depression and frustration times, I was always looking myself down to the mirror before the typhoon in Manila hit last September 26, 2009, Saturday morning. It was then I looked always how I was unchanged looking myself in the mirror. I was thinking at the back of my head I was locking in the cave no wondering that I would ever come back to see the light.


When I saw a light at the end of cave, I always thought that something was missing about myself. It is a matter of acceptance giving myself to change more about myself and to the people who really loves me much. Giving a chance that I have Down syndrome, mosaic Down syndrome that indicates two copies of chromosomes are normal while another extra copy of chromosome has trisomy 21 Down syndrome.


Normally I always not study on my own how to base what is really have to have Down syndrome. When I joined Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines two years ago, the 20th Happy Walk on February 19, 2012. That was Sunday. One rare gift could send to me. And it was a real gift blessing I received from one of my angels I really believed. Angels are my beliefs. And somehow it changes me when they are seeing whether I am doing wrong or I am doing right. I am not perfect who I am used to before or even until now. But I am also a gift from God that He send me to see my visualize my purpose in my life.


I read Purpose Driven Life book before. It was then I realized that book was important to me. But the typhoon washed all the books I loved to read. And one of them is Purpose Driven Life.


My purpose in my life has beginning to change my visions. When I was not able to finish my second choice to digital course in 2006 and until now, I was somehow changed my mindset if I can study again. My third choice today is looking forward to study in special education if I can budget all my savings and turn it all good choice to able looking forward to have a four year course. But on the other side, I will still have my own business creating my unique line – creating more greeting cards in different sizes, pocket books, novels, quotes book and many freshest ideas to make more. And that is how the name of Itsmikki Studio change me as well. But the connection to my wildest dreams if someday will achieve. I will be able to make a movie somehow, or a television show, or something that creates my vision. So I can let other disabilities to work with me as well as the label says that there is no label of being disability allows here on earth.


God always says to me that Jesus Christ will be always our savior to change us, He will be remain to rescue us from the sins we make from him. But we always do what we can do to change us. But it will be my faith to remain as catholic no matter what. I am looking always no matter what you have religion you believe into, the relationship with God is most important.


Seeing no labels as Down syndrome will no longer be part of my life. But I always believe what I can do no matter trials or problems will come after me. The secrets will always open to the truth. And the truth will set you free no matter you have today. And you will see the light at the end of the cave.


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There is always a new height of new achievement. But sometimes there is always a pending dream still on your way to achieve. Looking forward to a pending dream somehow stop me for a while. I know it’s kind of hard. All the hardest part you always work for sometimes it falls to your knees. Well it somehow gets on a wrong turn.


I see a lot of positive sides of this year of 2014. I got my new barangay clearance and a cedula. And I am still way waiting for my renewed NBI clearance to get it on a few days left. It is somehow getting me stuck on my work. This work as an assistant teacher is really below the minimum salary I could get. But the experience gets me a roller coaster. Somehow I can’t imagine how things should not be lighter or heavier. It never breaks in the bank at the back of my head although it says to my mind that I should get another business, or an extra income, or to get another job perhaps.


2014 is always a new door for me. And I was starting to get on try-out practice last three weeks ago in bowling and cricket training. The first sport I’ve had trying on bowling was okay. But the bowling for me costed me highly not anticipating on my wallet. It really costed me that much aside from the golf I’ve always want to go back also. Because on my age, I should be now practicing my diet into maximizing exercise where I can get physical practice. But on the other side, cricket training was one tough ball-and-bat game like one in baseball or softball games.


Then another came to my place. It was one my closest to my dreams I should save more money for my own business in the future. Getting to open a new bank account as soon my financial basis is above 30 minimum or to 50, maximum already. Sooner or later, I should make more photo messages, create more greeting cards, quote books, make more a lot money from my freshest ideas. No one should get to my imagination but I am. Because on the way to my wildest dreams is getting on entertainment industry.


Entertainment industry is closer one of my goals as to film-making, animating, getting a new line of business or to create more stories as well for either television series, movies or in animation too. But so far, this is one I’ve been looking for a new heights.


And I can’t imagine how closer I am to, or maybe I am too curious what I am doing right now assisting children at the school where I am enjoying to my status to my work. But the problems are getting bigger. The financial problems are still on my shoulders. The expenses are also there. Maximize my potential skills are somehow exercising me as well. Maybe I should start to get on my own capital from my cellphone loading business to create another capital. But it seems reckless to me. Should I get to take a risk? Or should I not to get a risk? Somehow I always tell myself that my birthday is getting nearer and nearer. And I’m also getting old.


I’ve been locked to my wildest dreams up to now whether I like to go in or go out chasing another unexpected dream to create more financial basis. Hmm…it’s really hard to expect from me or to anybody else. And also speaking for entertainment industry, I should be saving also to build my own house in the future. I might want to hold on my wildest dreams just to enjoy what I am doing right now at the school where I am working.


Right now, I am planning to retire at least the age of 55. And I am starting to plan make business as late or make it worse it can happen in scenario. But the hindrance being having with Down syndrome is not labeling me anymore. I should be act like a normal person looking forward to a new heights.


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Age doesn’t matter what you are looking for a right job, right decisions to make, for the fitness you like and right attitude towards to your life. I can’t imagine how painful I’m in my fitness and my mental age. Many from my problems measures in many ways of life. But I redeem all of my problems lighter. Thinking at the back of my head just seems not awaking for me. Doubts can also fear what you are doing. But happiness is all of my success in my life. Reducing or minimizing my mood situations can take in different stages. But the matter of fact, last year was full of blessings. And I come knocking again for this year’s blessings. I never stop knocking and do all the stuff I’m enjoying my days. My number one resolution last year was minimizing my weight. And I did. And the last unquestionable resolution also came to me last year. And so I did have a work today. My goals have changed. My dreams never stop me dreaming. The last thing I’ve received two years ago when I’ve joined in DSAPI. The Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines was a gift that I’ve received. Things have changed me. Those days of my depressions and frustration was over.

~Status message in facebook, January 22, 2014, Thursday, 8:12 p.m.


I am crossing my fingers to this Year of the Wood Horse. But I never believe in chinese traditions although my lineage to my mother’s side has chinese. And I’m also have part chinese in my blood. But the things have changed today.


When I see the whole point of changing attitude sometimes can change you for good. Whether what you are doing right now is bad, sometimes it may sounds bit of misunderstanding. Otherwise, you may sound awful what you are doing unmeasurable. I always count myself one to thousand. If I lose one number, I go back to that number and recite it all over again. But I always say to me that if ever I may encounter in this scenario, I always know what to do in right or wrong decisions.


Giant footstep

Giant footstep


The story of Growth success: Two years


I was disoriented in my life if I’ve had really have with a condition of Down syndrome. To think of it, I never knew in my life when I was a kid having with this kind of condition. I’ve entered high school and found out that I really have had Down syndrome. But I never asked my high school teacher which one really I’ve had in my life before. Later in 15 years for now, 2012 was the success changing my direction in my life. I started to join Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines 20th Happy Walk last February 19, 2012 in SM North EDSA skydome arena where I’ve celebrated my birthday the day of 20th Happy Walk. On this marking event of this 22nd Happy Walk coming this February 23, 2014, Sunday will be my 3rd Happy Walk. My parents finally confirm that they are going with me. And I guess time will come too if ever my siblings in Canada will join too in this event in next years hopefully.


I have two more siblings where I am a third child in five siblings. I am an elder brother to my younger sister and my younger brother. Time heals if time permits. All of the conditions before are now changing this past year and this year also. I’ve been doing all the good deeds. But sometimes I also have the few bad deeds unchanged until now. I admitted it that I was wrong. Time heals from the scorned mind at the back of my head. When I joined the 20th Happy Walk, it was not all about me. But it was also for changing who I am today. The acceptance was there when finally in my life came changing to me. Back to those days were depressed and frustrated. I’ve asked my colleagues, my bosses and my friends in my workplace to look after me. If someone got wrong to me again from anyone who can discriminate me, they will rescue me in the first place. I didn’t choose this condition. But God chooses to give me this condition and I’ve to accept in reality and change the heart in the society.


Being having with mosaic Down syndrome I’ve had in my life that my mom told me. That was because when I’ve finally attended the early intervention seminar thrice just to understand the situation I’ve had today. Because two copies of chromosomes are normal but the third copy of chromosome is an extra chromosome, which it is explained that I’ve mosaic Down syndrome.


New parents or new friends in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines keep me asking what are my success in my life today. Just don’t be afraid of chances of your special child. Believe in whole-heartedly. I’ve ask myself to be better this time. Fears of rejection was one of my fears before. But now, I’ve now changed. Instead of fears of rejection moves closer to me, it begin with a belief in acceptance. Accept the special child has changing you. And the special child sometimes can find your emotions changing also. From fear of rejection, accept the reality and move on. I also have had encounters in my life before alone to my problems. But just that I live with my parents doesn’t mean that I’ve to stop. I also have to learn how to work independently, share my little story blessings and change emotions to happiness state in my life.


When asking too much from God, I’ve always ask myself too. Change yourself to a better person inside and out. I never work to myself alone. And God also works to my promises also. But I am helping myself in what some ways I can work independently. When asking too much supervision from my parents, sometimes I, alone, can’t work performing very well. Because they are always have the word of wisdoms saving to say it to me. When asking some words I can’t understand, that is the way I could ask from my parents. But not from financial basis, I work for my own. I also don’t ask money from them. But I could supervise myself with my money through my loading business whenever I could go to. Now that I’ve a work as an assistant teacher. Money is not an issue to me anymore, but an experience is already demand in my life today. Because if I rush to some thing, it would be helpless to me.


No money involves in networking companies where I am not working with them anymore. I already have fear from them changing their attitudes to a rightful way of thinking at the back of their heads. Their attitude sometimes when calling themselves as an abnormal, because they are talking about the money, their rich. That’s what the abnormal talks about in their head. And I am already sensitive in that word since I dissipate that word at the back of my head.


Since encountering with the networking or multi-level marketing companies for the last two companies I joined in the past, I already moved on and have to learn not to go back from them ever again. It was because this was the lessons I’ve learned. But I discovered Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines through one volunteer from my distant relative in Davao. I want to thank her and want to see her in real person. If I ever have a chance in my life to be wish granted, I just want to see her and that’s all I’ve in my life today.


This is my growth success in two years already. And this marks two years when I met one person in Clinica Manila, Megamall last February 15, 2012 and that was Agnes Lapena.


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I suddenly felt nothing was changing me so far. But at least I felt being like a friend that I treated her. On this article will be the last article for the span of 5 months. But there will be more other addition of this continuation of articles in the future.


I’ve been promising to myself that I won’t be committing to have a girlfriend as long as I am working in the school. If I’ve even to have, then I would be able deep in trouble between my work and my status also. I won’t be able to stand of my business, my work and my life also. I don’t know why I am doing this to myself for the past year and this month of January. But this January, it’s rocking my month because on the next month, I’ll be celebrating my birthday soon. What else will be the same if nothing can change to my limits instead? But the limitless mind I have at the back of my head always remind me that I have to continue my life.


I’ll be forever been blessed for the past two years already. Because since I’ve had joining in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines 20th Happy Walk the last two years ago, it was beginning to have pouring down of my blessings. On this day, it was incredible. I’ve received two blessings. But that is another story to be written on the next article. Wish I can fly above the clouds right now as if I am a superman wondering the skies to help someone to the rescue. But at the end of the day, I seem so happy right now. Because the past five days, I’ve been thinking too much. Now my migraine starts to settle too soon so I will be able to write article after article. I love writing, what can I do?


To cut the story short, I’ve been blessed that I was been a friend to my wonderful special education teacher who was nice, bubbly and the best teacher we’ve had in our school where I was working. Not because of that, I was also starting to see her personality on the first day I saw her on my work in the school. Her personality rocked my world. And she also smiled all day long just for her students and also for me. Because it reminded me to her traits. My traits was also like her. I am also a bubbly personality person. I love to smile. I love to joke. I love to have friends all day long with me. And I love to talk to anyone I could talk to. The one thing I love in my life is drawing, writing and dancing. But in the future, I know what it waits for my dreams so far. I cannot wait although I don’t know what it is. It’s reminding me that I have to continue what I am doing so good to myself.


And to cut the story long, when I saw her before, it always reminded me what I’ve been looking for a girl to know me better or to have a girlfriend. But whenever I asked to myself, “should I continue to date with her?” But at the back of my head was telling that I couldn’t continue because I’ve had a poor financial and accountability working status also. Right now for what I am offering to myself are to have a good life long-life working with the school, get a good record of doing good deeds, passing to achieve my achievements in my life and to have enjoying my life even to the end of my life. Because it is nothing claims for me but for the lord bringing me here down to the earth. And I’ve been a wonderful special adult.


I’ve been doing a lot of good deeds the past year. And this year would be opening soon the new achievements in my life today. And that’s another story will be opening to a new book also. I’ve been publishing every page of my new chapter. But on my second anniversary of my studio site on March 16, there will be a wonderful achievement to come along the way in my life today. What I’ve been doing right now is taking myself to another level – joining the Special Olympics. If I can search from my heart where I really love to do a right sport for me, it would be my determining for me and it will be more diligence working hard for me also.


My special education teacher and I’ve been doing a lot for the school today. And soon if the time comes she is leaving, I will give something another friendship gift to her. The gift I gave it to her two days before was a friendship flowers which were my token of my friendship with her. Because if I continue to date with her, we will be dealing some issues. And besides she will be working also in California. If time permits, then I would be definitely seeing her again in the future. Right now what I’ve been doing is being a friend to her. With my sport attitude, I should realize that a friend is in need then I will be on her side even if she has problem or an issue. There will be someone waiting for me at the end of my heart if someone is willing to take my offer to her becoming my girlfriend. Right now, the number one rule is being friends forever.


Previous Assistant’s Desk article posts:


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Page Seven

From bitterness to brightness, better life without a relationship


From bitterness to brightness


I’ve been in denial stage before. But now I overcome my bitterness days that is becoming to brightness today.


What is bitterness days you’ve?


I have bitterness days before. It was complicated. And I couldn’t tell what I should start from the beginning. It has something that I can’t change for what I am today.


Tell me about yourself in your present times. What is your work? What do you do the most for 2014?


I am working as an assistant teacher. And I almost love my work because I am committed to work with my bosses. My children are my life. They are the ones who bring me happiness the most of my centered life today. And for 2014, I want to do something bigger opportunities ahead of me. And I wish something bigger opportunities would come and I will grab it.


Better life without a relationship


If you can imagine yourself having with someone you really want to love for, it is something you can exchange back with your decision and what leaves you behind.


What is your better life without a relationship?


I have better life today. Now because I don’t have a girlfriend. But I am committed to my work as an assistant teacher and helping out the school needs even I don’t have a girlfriend today.


Would you have a girlfriend today?


No, I would not dare to excuse myself to have a girlfriend today.


Tell me about yourself what happened between you and your girlfriend. And what do you need the girls to know about you?


I have my girlfriend before. My first girlfriend. And I thought it was only a fling to me. My girlfriend and I’ve had similarities. But over some things, we could argue about only her. She couldn’t change herself much when the times needed. To overreact those small things, she would rather rule out what is good and what is bad. To tell you the truth honestly, I almost didn’t tell her that I still love her until today. But she has a boyfriend already. She can exchange me totally from anybody else. We were in the same age. But somehow, I almost lost count how many times I fell for her. And the girls have to know what is all about me. They have to know about me personally inside and out. I don’t care what their looks are as long they have beautiful soul inside and out. And the only thing I like from the girls are being simple, be open-minded, always speak out from her emotions, carries her emotion to open-minded and has not to be a liar. I could tell a girl if she is lying to me. Because I have intentionally feel something strange from a girl.


If you are ready to commit have a girlfriend today, would you marry her? Explain and why.


Yes, I would marry her. I am right condition to marry her even both parties from her side and my side would say yes. Then we would continue marrying to a fruitful life of relationship.


Have you dating someone else?




One last question. If there is some you really love yourself, you really decide what you love the most. But the regret is that you don’t achieve that first, because you almost wreck your limitations. But you already fall in love. Would you still regretting the matter even if you fall in love to somebody else? And why?


Maybe if I am regretting the matters because I already have to decide what leaves me the most. I would rather not to give my love life for something I am falling for. But in return, my relationship with her would do something to exchange to a better team. Better team means that I should build my relationship level with her, build my own family and live the utmost life we have. And I almost not to decide because the regrets would not matter to me anymore. Because she is all that it is important to me now.


How sweet you are. This man with Down syndrome is still single. And I hope you find some girl out there exclaiming how gentle and how sweet words you will explain. In this article of Fruitful of Happiness, I’m your host for the day and have a nice wonderful day to all of you and see you in a next article.


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Page Six

Maturity level

I’ve had never encounter with my dilemmas before that I’ve been so insecure. To tell you the truth, in the past articles I wrote, there were several cases in my life before. It was also that I’ve been experienced getting what was not mine, nabbing some thing I liked and getting an attention from my parents. But that was my past. It was because I’ve never noticed myself before that I’ve really had with special condition – Down syndrome.

Did you know it is never crossed in my life that I’ve achieve and move in my life before until now? Maybe it is time to speak up some of my fulfillment. But it never make my life understood about what is going on and what is wrong from right. I’ve asked myself too many questions and I’ve never answered directly from my own perspective point of views. But I was able to speak and cope up with my problems. But now that I know, I made clearly my decision that I have to learn.

Half of my life I knew myself from the beginning I’ve had my thinking at the back of my head when I was in sixth grade. Before sixth grade to my childhood days, those pages were empty. The pages written there was gone. It was because I didn’t know. Little do I know is that I have to speak with my parents and ask them what is really feels like to be a child again. I am born with immaturity age before. But I never speak in cases in this article before. I’m afraid to open up with this topic. But it’s never too late when you say it. I’m also afraid what it feels like to open-minded today. But I am willing to share with my success story.

I’m also obsessed with too many attachments in my life including the book collection, music tape collection and magazine collection. But I never get what I want today. I start being to become a matured person. I’ve never feel this way before, but it seems feeling right and doing some good actions. Whenever I get advices from my two bosses, my co-workers and from the parents also.

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Productivity to 2014

There are many reasons why I should celebrate this year of 2014. But before that, may I include here in the article that may varies any post will posting soon here in studio I am making. Way back before I made a big comeback for my writing, it was dull, devastated and frustrated. There was a big adjustments. But that was before. Now I am making a chances to make grow the opportunities that I have for now:


1. Make healthy living for 2014.

Either I go as a vegetarian or not, there will be a slight adjustments because I won’t be able to eat meat this year. The main reason why I am doing this to make myself healthier rather go wasted when I am rush going to the hospital. Plus an advantage of making yourself a healthy living is to make yourself first to have regular exercise, and make a habit checking up yourself to a doctor or to a nutritionist instead.


2. Make yourself an active life.

I make sure of myself that I have to be active all throughout this beginning of this year 2014 until it will end at the end of this year. Put yourself a whole activities in your calendar to make sure you won’t miss the occasions on your saved dates.


3. Get out and make a living life.

I was jobless in the past seven years and seven months from 2005 until May 2013. But narrowing down for my unchosen paths, the teaching profession has chosen me instead choosing the right moderate jobs that I know – chef, artist, photography or writing instead. But I give my life today to be as an assistant teacher so I will myself a living life.


4. Mark your calendar which you do want to go as your vacation spot.

My summer has been mark already as my active months because the students will surely coming back to the school for their summer activities. And I am sure they will love their summer vacation instead going back to school. The school program may varies to activities such as arts and crafts, music, swimming or too many to mention some summer program activities in our program.


5. Make my book active more to write.

The new book chapters will coming out soon here in my studio site. As you will see, the articles of What I Know About will surely missing your articles to read of. Starting from Lorna Tolentino and Taylor Swift last month, you will be reading more about celebrities successful stories. And the Inspirational Quotes and art of literary quotes book will be issuing to be publish. This is my first book project to be release this year. And I hope it will get publish some time in the middle of the year or before the Christmas will come. Because some of my novel books are sometimes hard to finish those stories that has no ending to come. Hopefully it will come.


6. Activate your life with more organization meetings.

If you have join in one or two organizations already, then this is your chance to be part of them and grow your talents with them. In that case, I should do my active life as well joining and participating in more events as well.


7. Make a Christmas gift list before the month of December.

Oh, the rush of Christmas gifts of sharing is more to come to wait for this year. Make sure you top some of the gift items in supermarkets, malls, or anywhere you go, just buy in advance and make it sure that you store it properly then you wrap it in a gift that you’ll give it to your loved ones.


8. Make a habit of yourself celebrating your birthday of your month is.

When my family and I went for Thailand before, the big celebration was upon the three of us. My mom, my youngest brother and I have to celebrate in one week. Because my brother and I share the birthday dates. Plus my mom’s birthday is three days earlier ahead of us. That made the three of us having big celebrations in Thailand and in Singapore. But the theme was a birthday week-long. And I change it to a birthday month-long because you’ve to celebrate your birthday the whole month. What if you have more than three birthdays in one month? That would be great. But to make it short, make it sure you prepare for this financial bogus to make it your birthday month to spend your holidays.


9 but at the least. Make a habit creating more than just your ordinary hobbies.

Try making some have to learn some cook in the kitchen. If you discover your passion in the kitchen, that would be your new hobby. But what if your new hobby makes an active lifestyle the whole year, it will grow the opportunities to sell some of your products such as home-grown pies, knitted clothes or any kind of ordinary hobbies.


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When I bought my first android phone, I thought at the back of my head thinking what I should do with my android phone. It was my first phone that I bought. I’ve had four phones already in the past. There were Nokia 6110, Nokia 3530, Nokia 3120 Classic, Myphone Dual Sim and the last was the Cherry Mobile Burst. But I am planning to buy another new phone in the future preferably iPhone I want to buy.


What was my newest hobby that I was always do? When I’ve downloaded the photogrid from the in my android phone, it became a popular for me although I was a lover making some stuff in Adobe Photoshop. When you said something you really loved, you really adored at your side. Then at the back of my head, I was thinking more creating photo messages. Because I never made it before when I was doing something in Photoshop before.


My first photo message I’ve created was this:


Photo message 1

Photo message 1


Down syndrome is not a disease, it’s Awesome!” At first when I created the first photo message, the views from my facebook page became a hit. It was then something I knew from my heart I should for my life. Then at the back of my head, I was thinking creating more of this to become a book in the future. When I thought of this, it will become something you really like for your book what it is best all about.


The second photo message:


Photo message 2

Photo message 2


You are not alone, because I’m like you…and today is Down syndrome awareness month.” But this photo message wasn’t used for my facebook page. I have to use for the Philippines’ Down syndrome awareness month this coming February 2014.


The third photo message:


Photo message 3

Photo message 3


“Life borrows us, and it’s worth to be happy. Smile everyday!” The figure from my face was showing how I was happy for my life was. Being having with Down syndrome for me was not a hindrance to me anymore. And at first, my point of views came at the right direction already. The world is giving me freely thinking of this at the back of my head. And I’ve been wondered how God was grateful to me after all.


The fourth photo message:


Photo message 4

Photo message 4


Each day I smile, each time I am happy, I’m always there by your side, I’m always have to smile for you.” This photo message delivered the happiness quote a big time. Why I posted of this photo message? It simply gives me a wonderful message everyday at the moment I have in my life.


This four photo messages delivered nailing from at the back of my head when I suggested myself what I could do for my facebook page. And to think of it, it never crossed at the back of my head that it will help easing out of my problems here. But to tell you the truth, I am even more happy because of this year of 2014 will come knocking at my doors what I should do to have opening a new book soon. Hopefully I can do manage something that I have to create more photo messages.


And the other four photo messages I’ve created:


Photo message 5

Photo message 5


Life is beautiful, so don’t waste it, because life is good…and the hardest time has difficult to understand…with or without disability, you are still beautiful inside and out.” The fifth photo message was creating a new different diversion for the disabilities who have been using their life without fulfilling their mission. But the reality here in the Philippines, it is one of the common practices that these people should realize how disabilities would allow working in a beautiful work environment. Like I do as an assistant teacher, therefore it won’t do much anything to do if there’s an action some to fulfill in the future.


Photo message 6

Photo message 6


Chromosomes are extra effort, but it’s extra care, long patience, inevitable laughter, gives you a long smile…and it’s worth to have a special someone…your special heart, a special child with special needs. Smile!” Oh, yes! This sixth photo message delivered a beautiful message. Although I’m not familiar to other abnormalities yet, but in the future if God permits me to study more, then I would study more about other abnormalities. Nick Vujicic has said, “if your disability is a hindrance, why would you live normally as any other else. It won’t matter if you act on your own and be an optimistic thinker.” He would say a thousand stories in his concert although I haven’t some of the words from his motivational conferences. Maybe I should do the right thing at the back of my head also.


Photo message 7

Photo message 7


My life without you…even in a darkest corners can change into brightest. I can’t help it thinking about you. I can manage, but there’s a possibility to change of what I am and to be frankly, I am stronger today that I am happier throughout with or without single love.@Single_quotes After breaking smoothly with my ex-girlfriend last 16th of May, I’ve decided if I still have time, then I would do this even without her already at the back of my head anymore. She was the one who pushed me for having a great and wonderful job I have today. To think of it, my ex-girlfriend and I became closer naturally because we have one common thought, it was Rico Yan that was at the back of our heads. And I’ve been normally doing what I love the most I can do for my life.


Photo message 8

Photo message 8


Down syndrome is not only as a genetically disorder, but they are positive and optimistic thinkers. They live fullest with wide smiles and live individual long life.” This was my eighth photo message I’ve created so far. And the message shows how people with Down syndrome creates more happiness. But sometimes like I do, I don’t think the word of stress or negative thoughts. It was a taboo already in our definition or in our dictionary terms. I don’t know of this but lately I’ve been thinking at the back of my head that I should do this each and every day.


And the last photo message I’ve created was for myself:


The Author 3 copy

The Author 3 copy


I don’t know much of myself in the past childhood memories. The only I’ve remembered when asking from my elementary friends, they were the ones who kept telling stories what I really did some naughty events in my life back then. But I admitted that I am really a happiest person. Because of them, I won’t be here today. And besides who would thought thinking at the back of my head that I would be successful today. All the while of this years, it is constantly changing my nature from bad things to good things. And the good intentions are creating more happiness memories and it will give exciting for me in the coming years to come. The public should know that I am aware what is happening to our society but not such said in religion or to any cases, it would be one goal I have: change the world in a good place where disability should act to do happiness in your life. It has something to do with our lives today.


One book I should create about: Inspirational quotes and art of literary quotes. You should be follow me here in my studio articles. And read among the articles I’ve create even each now and then. I should carry my own feet what life is telling me about that this life is beautiful even I have a disability. And in spite of that, I should know what is good from bad.


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Long before Rico Yan came in entertainment world, I didn’t know who I was today. Despite my disability being having with Down syndrome was not a hindrance to me anymore. But to tell you the truth, I have many troubles came when I was a kid.


1981 was a year when I came in. Pope John Paul II was having giving a mass in Quezon Memorial Circle when the time I was born already. But my parents gave me a nickname through Pope John Paul II and my real name came from my grandfather’s name and also from my father’s name also. To decide what was given to my life, I was also given to change the world in times of needed and supported. So I was given to be born here in the world to make it happen bigger.


And bigger opportunities when Rico Yan came around in 1994. I’ve remembered when he came in Master Eskinol commercial, his own very first commercial have ever been made. The longer it waited the opportunities, he also landed on his three film projects and two television appearances in 1996. That was his achievements. But my achievements wasn’t change the year of 1994.


It was the year 1994 that I turned a teenager. And when Rico smiled every angle at his commercial, I also smiled back on the mirror changing my opportunities if I could be also a model. Or if the time will come for me to grab an opportunity. It set my goals.


My dreams before was to become a photographer when I was still in elementary graduation. “If I become a photographer someday, I would get a glimpse to picture the scene of Mt. Mayon in Bicol where I love the area. It gives a beauty scenario,” that was at the back of my head when I said to myself.


Across at the back of my head, my high school dreams has changed through times of desperation what really my dreams were telling me about. Then I decided to tell my school mates, my classmates and my teachers that I will enter entertainment industry someday to become an actor. It was my biggest dreams that set in my mind way back before. It was all because I owe from Rico Yan who really me inspired so much in spite that I have disability. But a disability that I have before was a hindrance. My parents told me several times that I couldn’t entered in universities like University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas or in De La Salle University in Taft Avenue. But the dreams shattered to me when my parents told me that I won’t lasted graduating in my course I really liked was music in UST, theatre arts in UP or any courses in DLSU.


People have changed through times. And I didn’t know what to do. So I always gave doubts and fears inside at the back of my head thinking I wasn’t able coping my own problems. Because that time I was having a hard time on myself in denial stage before.


When I entered college in the year of 2000, my course was culinary arts and I studied in Center for Culinary Arts or CCA. It was a pioneering school who caters students studying in the field of baking or culinary. And at that time, I’ve had a few classmates who was also been a celebrities naming Danica Sotto and Diego Castro. They were my batch mates before. Diego was a son of late anchor man of ABS-CBN, Angelo Castro Jr. and cousin to Rico Yan.


Aside from them, I also have friends with cousin of Agot Isidro, Aljur Abrenica, Heart Evangelista and Rico Yan‘s female cousin. What else that I came in a reality? These cousins of celebrities, I was been blessed to have with them. Although I don’t want to name their names here in an article I am writing, it is about a privacy. Somehow I look myself in the mirror thinking at the back of my head if I could enter in entertainment industry someday and the question is, “when if the time comes?”


So I gave up my dreaming my goals to become an actor, a singer and a dancer. I was frustrated and depressed because of a hindrance that I have a disability. Knowing Rico Yan was not here anymore because when I heard the news that he died peacefully in his sleep in 29th of March, 2002. The news came viral everywhere around the nation. And so the followers and fans of Rico Yan have been giving their love for Rico. But my sides remained calm and peacefully.


Nine years later, it was already 2011. I’ve had a dreams recurring every night thinking at the back of my head because of him. Then one day when I posted some important to do was to set important details each and every day I have. The bad news came when I felt something strange inside of me. But the intentions were not in bad shape. Instead, my cousin invited me in networking in UNO. Literally I joined with her. I’ve lasted five months in multi-level marketing or networking in UNO from June to October 2011. But the acceptance was been made during I was working. So I thought myself having to know that I could do this on my own independent ways of earning.


Out of frustrations and depressions, I broke the chain and accepted who I was to be because of my disability. That kind of work of networking gave me a chills to my bones and my flesh. It was the time I’ve accepted my disability during July of 2011. Then later when I only lasted in October. I’ve joined and searched my genealogy roots both sides of my father and my mother’s sides. Knowing my side of my father, I was surprised when I was related to Pilar Pilapil, Dingdong Avanzado and Mark Bautista because they were all descendants of Veloso. Because I was also a descendant of Veloso clan. Wow, that was unimaginable thoughts inside at the back of my head.


Then at first, my dreams were coming back to me. So I’ve decided to bring my dreams again this time when I will enter the limelight of entertainment industry. With the likes of Danica Sotto, Diego Castro, Pilar Pilapil, Dingdong Avanzado and Mark Bautista, when will I become one of them at the back of my head?


At the end at the back of my head, I’ve remembered that I also have relatives who entered in entertainment industry. My two uncles Danny Javier and Dyords Javier were in entertainment industry. Danny Javier retired from the entertainment industry already, but his sibling Dyords Javier was still in the entertainment industry. So I make a classic move that I will become one of them, but on my definition to make my own name instead.


One year ago I joined with Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, or DSAPI, on January 2012. Then I also joined in their annual walk event of the year, the 20th Happy Walk, in The Block, SM North EDSA on 19th of February, 2012, the day of my birthday. I was enjoying walking with someone that I also have a disability being having with Down syndrome. Having with a disability was not a hindrance to me anymore. Instead, all I want to become is to make my own name whether the dreams is still leading me in the right choice or decisions that I have.


Then I became a member last December 2012 where I got my first membership identification card. And to top of that, I also have experiences to speak in the audience who invited to come over in University of Santo Tomas to speak a short inspirational talk about me. The students, the school organizations and the teachers were applauded at my first short inspirational talk. But I was nervous that time. Maybe I have to speak again in the future.


But the blessings didn’t stop pouring down this year of 2013. I got my passport on my own applying in Megamall in January 2013. That was also the month I got my NBI clearance and my police clearance as well. So to decide what I was going to do – was to apply again in the next few months. But the 24th Angels Walk came when I joined and supported the autism awareness month last January 2013. It was my first support with the organization I joined. I saw one of UST who invited me last November 2012. And then at the back of my head, I’ve realized it was important for me already attending those events every year.


Then the 21st Happy Walk also came in last February 2013. It was my second Happy Walk I’ve joined. To added, there was one parent who came over to me and said, “I read your blog and I am one of your follower reading one of your article posts. Good job! Continue to inspire us.” At the back of my head, it was barely one year old of my studio site already. My studio debuted on 16th of March, 2012 where I posted my two articles at that time. Then a facebook page came later on 4th of July, 2012. I guessed that I put the dates on historical dates.


It came upon across at the back of my head when I also applied my first PWD identification card last 19th of March, 2013. I also knew why I chose the date because I loved to remember the dates I was putting in historical dates. But then at the height of my depression again during of April 2013, I was hesitated to go out and not looked for another job. Because despite I already completed the requirements including my medical certification. This was already the time if I want to have a girlfriend or not. So the dreams might occurred that I wasn’t able coping it one of my problems.


Then it came the month of May 2013. When my parents traveled to Europe for their vacation, that was the time I’ve had a girlfriend. But then, it was someone who also liked Rico Yan. From her, I didn’t know how to figure out what went wrong from me and from her. I’ve ended up a guy accepting a relationship with my girlfriend. And she was the one asking my hand to have relationship with her. Then I said, “yes.” Soon when it lasted only eight days of our relationship on the day of 16th of May. Our relationship ended eight days of relationship from 8th to 16th of May. Then I was not glad it was not over yet.


When I saw Nick Vujicic for the first time in Music Hall, Mall of Asia, I was surprised what Nick looked like. Because after all, he had no limbs of pairs of legs and arms. And to my surprise, that involved my life I also have a disability. And being having a disability was not a hindrance to me anymore. That was when 20th of May, 2013 happened.


A the height of desperation of cooling our relationship with my ex-girlfriend, all I wanted was to go back with her someday. So I walked in a job of the school on the day of 21st of May. On the seventh day of going back, I was hired already. Knowing myself in a different pattern, I’ve landed on my fourth job with a different job description – as an assistant teacher.


Fast-forwarded to this present day, I’ve accepted a chance to look forward getting to know what it will become for me in the year of 2014. Today is a final day of 2013 and tomorrow is a new day of 2014. I’ve so much to tell looking forward of 2014. What if I walk-in again in different job description? Will it become my job? To tell you the truth, this job of being as an assistant teacher I never chose about of this job. Instead the job looked for me surprisingly. So the words were not scripted but it was a fate for me when I followed my grandmother’s footsteps to become as an assistant teacher.


My lessons I have learned for this year of 2013 was honoring my job so beautifully, getting to know what the surroundings would like to know me better and the world had a place for me to look forward. No matter how small dreams can be, sometimes it can be a bigger opportunity would like to be. When you know how small dreams can act, it can also set bigger dreams in exchange of your place. This was how Rico Yan changed me from time I was depressed and frustrated to have a better job, positive outlook in life, happiness and optimistic when looking forward to future with positive thoughts.


What about you? How Rico Yan would change your life?


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It was a great year for me for this year. I got a new job. I’ve had experience to have a girlfriend. I have to get know what is work relationship. I’ve managed to go to the events. Knowing me, I could do any greater expectations for me. The Year of Water Snake was been giving a new blessings. But on the other side what you are doing the most good deeds in your life have been expecting from you the most.




The success beyond from my story has been telling you the wildest dreams that I’ve ever did. Getting a new passport on my own was a success. Having my own PWD or Person With Disability identification card was a small step to create new independence. And beyond that, I’ve had experience to get date with someone else for a third time. It was not a date who you want to get date with your favorite special occasion. But it was a great experience to have a date someone who understand you much from her heart. And I guess this has been a blessing for me all the while.


When my doubts and fears came for me again around May, that was almost eating my pride again. That was why I didn’t know from the start that God gave a test to me when I’ve had an experience to have a girlfriend for the first time. Knowing from experiences, it had been exploring my world to have a girlfriend. But at the end of a day, she was the one who pushed me this far to get back on track to have a job.


Why? When a person needed a job, it was a need all the while in your life. Without a job, you would’ve have known that you couldn’t done for it for your life. You realized how work was really important for you and moved on your expectations.


Love life


God always gave plans to give me tests when He knew that I’ve to give up. But He didn’t hurt my plans although He gave my way to have a girlfriend to a test. I’ve been hitting too much on the wall why I’ve had a girlfriend on the first place. And aside from being to have a girlfriend, it was a good experience to have been a good relationship between your life, your work expectations and your world.


In a job, where I always got new inspiration was from our special education teacher. She was the one who pushed me to level up my responsibilities. She was always making up expectations for making waking up every morning just to see her smiling face. And she was the one who always gave smiling for every student in morning and in afternoon. Maybe she was the one I was been looking for. But I didn’t give up a chance to have a girlfriend in the first place. I gave up for two reasons: commitment and response to a negative thoughts.


Why? I was always thought knowing myself in the mirror and tell myself that I couldn’t do it. It was at the back of my head telling that I could do much better next year of 2014.




I have been recording my status from 2005 to 2013 when I’ve had been unemployed for a long time. It was seven years and seven months that I’ve had been unemployed. To the break the chain, there was always a doubts and fears to realize what good deeds have been made and what bad deeds have not been to be made. I’ve realized in a long term already that I would retire at my earlier age. But happily, when the career chose me to be professionally being as an assistant teacher was an honor already.


Teacher is a best profession in the world where you get to teach new lessons everyday in your every challenges you have. And yet, you gave the best all the way you can do to have good services.


In the nutshell


The Year-End Special: Story about success, love life and work has been giving new good results for me this year of 2013. The good success comes from you, the love life has been teaching you a good role model and the work gives you the chance growing up to be responsibility person. Without them, I’ve would known been better person today. And I was been blessed from heaven that I’ve been giving a new opportunity to get new rewards. All good news will come in and the bad news will dissolve the way you handle your own problems on time it will give your answers.


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June-July 2013:

New job description, making new friends in my work, nutrition month


After passing the interview evaluation, my two bosses accepted me as well as their sped assistant teacher knowingly that I can do much better than the previous assistants. But I didn’t want to bring some issues that I could do better. Which that I could not comparing to other assistants as well. But the fact I admitted to my fourth job. It broke the chain when I finally have had a job because I was been not doing very well in the past 7 years and 7 months which I didn’t have a job.


I was underestimated by those who can underestimated me at the start. The work was introduced me in parents and teachers orientation before the school year was started. As long as I was working part-time in livelihood project, my two bosses were kindly to say to me that I also can run my loading business which I have had been working my hiatus in money cellphone loading business for 7 years and 6 months already as of to date today.


Assuming that I was working progressively participating in the school and in the therapy center during Saturdays. The parents before was looking something to change me as well. But the fact I entered in a new job description – as an assistant teacher. I was in the slow progress. I couldn’t move when there was nothing to do. My dull days became longer hours during my stay in a livelihood project.


But the nutrition month came in the month of July. The interns were working harder to look for their children. In the afternoon, I worked so hard for taking care of special children. I knew some few students in the morning because I wasn’t working in the morning classes. My work was in the livelihood project in the morning and also in the afternoon was taking care of special children being as an sped assistant teacher. The face I’ve had enjoying myself in the field of being as an assistant teacher, my work was being issued by several parents for lack of communication. I was almost destroying my work environment when I was been terrified.


One of the two bosses was almost fired me as well. But the fact I couldn’t find another work was there was no room for me in the world working. When the employer was criticizing and discriminating because of my special condition, somehow I survived because of my work.


August 2013:

Moving to a new school relocation, love life, work relationship


Even I was not in the mood around the month of August. It was the last days of my work as a livelihood chef in a livelihood project. My work relationship with a preschool teacher and a special education teacher which they were both female teachers. The preschool teacher was too cute for me but the personality didn’t fit me as well. But the fact was why I joined along with a special education teacher, she was nice, bubbly and smiling teacher. And I began to like her the fact I joined with her the last two months.


The special education teacher didn’t recognize me somehow. But the issues from them against me sometimes misunderstood the situation as well. The school setting was small, the classroom was small but the love life began wider and wider to me as well. I couldn’t helped it when I was thinking about her all the time. But too cute teacher was also having an issues against me as well.


But the work relationship was getting bumper and bumper because of my moody hours. I began scrutinizing one of the employees in the convenience store when they were not selling sandwiches anymore and one of the staff in the school saw what I did in the convenience store. So I didn’t know what it will happen at the end of my work relationship in the school.


My boss called me several times already because of two warnings I did already. But the work was been spread like a viral. I didn’t know where I have had to search for another job. My job was to protect my name, my work and the children also. And my life would be the end where there was no one accepting me in another job hunting season again. I’ve been unemployed for 7 years and 7 months, but my business ran for a life-time already since I’ve had from June 2006 (7 years and 2 months already).


Then we went to another school relocation inside the village of Cainta Greenpark Village that we must focused to have working in the field. Another school setting, big campus, big classrooms and a convenient school setting as we were looking toward at the end of two weeks remaining in the school. But the storm curled down one week. We didn’t have much school days when the storm came in by the time we relocated the school already. Then we were cleaning the school as we were working hard for the school team as well.


September 2013

Cooling off vacation in Toronto


The interns was been getting riding from our necks. They were too busy for their names and their future jobs as well as an optometrists. Were they really working hard for their jobs? Or were they wrong for their job internship in our school? I didn’t knew that my hardworking days were over already. But I’ve been hating myself why I didn’t let my emotions eating me again. As the vacation in Toronto came closer and closer, the school, the teachers, the students and my two bosses were at the back of my head thinking I shouldn’t taking a vacation after all. I didn’t know what to do when I came back.


Then the vacation came over on 14th day of September in Toronto, the coldest night we’ve had arrived was 8 degrees in celsius. And I’ve had been getting chilling out in one of the coldest province in Canada. Was I the one who didn’t like the weather of Toronto? Maybe I thought about that. One week preparation for my sister’s wedding, I was been thinking my work in the Philippines. I couldn’t helped thinking what they were working so hard. Because of the test exams were in the week when I was in Toronto already.


The fact I’ve had enjoying from my work, I was almost getting in highest emotions of my time – being as a happiest assistant teacher. I loved my work so much and I couldn’t help thinking about it. But it broke the record because I’ve had surpassed my employment. In my three previous jobs before only lasted for two-three months, but in September, it was almost four months already. So I thought if I come back, my job will be over if they weren’t allowing me going back to work.


I was enjoying my vacation instead not to think about working in the school. I went in various locations in Toronto. But the place I didn’t like it was the CN Tower. I didn’t want to step in a glass floor because I almost died seeing down so far away that I was almost died seeing about it. In short, I have fear on heights. When I first rode in the airplane going to Toronto, I couldn’t slept the whole trip going to Toronto. Instead, I watched a numerous movies, listened to the music and played the computer games in a first-class business airplane.


We went to a zoo, apple-picking farm, shopping in groceries and do a lot of buying gifts for all the parents and the workers in a school as well. By the time, I went home in the Philippines after attending to my sister’s wedding and also taking a vacation as well. I went back to the school working again in 30th day of September.


October 2013

Assistant teacher, halloween party


After I’ve found out that the preschool teacher was been fired by the employer’s reasons, because the preschool teacher I knew. She had a difficulty mind not being as a committed teacher as well in the school. She did a big time almost destroying the work relationship we have had in time. But the good news came in because my two bosses have said to me that I can do as an assistant teacher from morning to afternoon classes.


I did all my tasks as well in the morning to afternoon. I was cleaning in the waiting area, completing the tables and chairs in accordingly and maintaining the cleanliness around the school. My heart to students was already in another level – teaching someday to them. Being as a teaching profession wasn’t in my heart before. I don’t have passion in teaching. The fact the field as a teacher is a high profession in the country. So you must have a big feet to fill passionately for the students and for the parents as well.


The Halloween party was around in the third week already. We’ve had an overnight days when the special education teacher, the third occupational therapist and I did a lot of hardworking days for a field working in halloween party. And the days were over when the halloween party came in. The success was proven good. And oh, I forgot the event of language of the month (or buwan ng wika) that was held last month of September instead of August. It was because the storm came in Manila and suspended a week in classes. That was why the language of the month came in first week of September as well.


The halloween party, third event of the school year calendar, was ended successfully. But the love life I have with a special education teacher even grew stronger and stronger. Because I was finally realized I couldn’t helped thinking about her. But I didn’t know how to invite a relationship between her and me.


November-December 2013

Love life again, new special education teacher, Christmas party


The moment every time I came in a school every day, each time I saw her. I watched her glimpse teaching special kids for her heart. Her smile was melting the special children sadness away, and was I also been melting her heart to me. But she didn’t know that I was helplessly thinking her every night and then.


Then a Christmas party had to come and wait for 6 weeks preparation. A new friend of my special education teacher came in for an interview with two bosses we’ve had. She passed. But she had been something hiding from ourselves. I couldn’t helped thinking it at the back of my head also. The thoughts crossed over. Then again, the Christmas was already three weeks preparation again.


The special education teacher has to leave around the month of December. But she extended her work as long as she taught the special children and the regular children. I didn’t know what to do when she was gone already. But I was already going to give her my first present last nutrition month. Then again, I’ve had something to send her again some important gift.


My boss told me if I have had a crush on her when she entered the room again, then I said it was a yes. She was blushed when she knew I had a crush on her. Eventually I didn’t want our friendship ended miserably. So I extended my smiles to her everyday I saw her in a school. The house before was my special education teacher’s home. But now, she gave her home that was been empty for four years giving us to have a new school setting – a big school campus instead.


Then the Christmas party came in. She was even getting beautiful in a day of Christmas party. I didn’t know how to invite a relationship again between two of us. But I knew I couldn’t take a risk. Instead I gave a words as “friends forever instead a relationship wrecker.


The illusions of love life was over. I didn’t like a word of relationship. I was focusing more on my work for my commitment long-term for my work. And I was surprised that I was already a regular assistant teacher in a school already. To tell a truth, this isn’t the last Year-End Special: Story about success, love life and work. This is just a new beginning to set new goals of achievement of the year of 2014, year of green wood horse.


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If there was no success, there was no overnight of dreaming for success.


This is a year-end special article all about me from the beginning of 2013 until this month of December. What can you do for success if you can do for your hardworking? Yes, then you have to believe in yourself and not anybody could replace but your story as well is deserving more.


Let me rewind you to the past of January 2013 where I tell my story:


Starting from January 2013:

Applying requirements, joining advocacy in special education


This month was my success getting my second NBI clearance for my future employment. But I was planning to think which job would prefer to get me on the first place. Should I continue get a career ahead for call center career? Or should I continue where I start in my culinary career? My place for a job seeking opportunities was ahead for me already. But to think of it at the back of my head, I should scratch for all job descriptions: animator, writer, chef / cook, call center or entertainment industry. There were all my opportunities which one I should prefer.


After two weeks of January, my parents forced to apply for my passport alone. And so I did applying for passport applications. But the requirements narrowed down to my plans: NBI clearance, police clearance and passport. All of my validation identifications were been shown off for my next plan: get a job ahead before going to Toronto in September.


I did all my requirements doing my job applications. But the questionable was getting where I should start. So I joined supporting Angels Walk 2013, where I also joined the side of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI, where a thousand of autism groups and various schools also have joined the said event in Mall of Asia, Music Hall in Pasay City. This was the 24th Angels Walk for ASP or Autism Society of the Philippines who parents, educators, students and thousand of autism angels were there for the said event. And I was happy supporting for their group.


All of my happiness poured down my promising career: writing while getting a job or writing when I’m already in success.


February 2013:

2nd Happy Walk, celebrating month, Philippines’ Down syndrome awareness


This month was also my big celebration and my promising birthdays to come in many years. So to said, but it was also an excitement for every words I will write. But the success wasn’t over. So I joined the 21st Happy Walk in The Block, SM North EDSA in Quezon City of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI awareness event.


My blessings poured down to my birthday month, my birth month of February. I still clearly remembered when Pope John Paul II came to Manila for the first time 32 years ago. I was born on 19th of February, the day when Pope John Paul II was having a mass in Quezon Memorial Center, Quezon City. So the history said it was from February 17-21 when Pope John Paul II’s visit in Manila. So that explained how the world was looking for Pope John Paul II for his papal sainthood.


And it was also for Philippines’ Down syndrome awareness event for the whole nation. My dad first joined with me last year in 20th Happy Walk on the day of my birthday, 19th of February which it was introduced me to a few parents. And I met the couple, the children and their son with Down syndrome which it was the Lapena family. It was my first experience meeting with someone like me like Jeremy was, And I was happy that I joined the DSAPI family.


March 2013:

Applying for 1st PWD identification card, 3rd prom, meeting the showman of GMA channel


This was also the third month of my success. March has explained my various blessings I’ve done so far for this year of 2013. Because this was my first official that I’ve had my first PWD identification card or Persons With Disability. But that was when I’ve applied on 19th of March, a month after of my birthday. I chose the date because it was my first time applying for my PWD id.


Then it came before the application of PWD identification card was my third experience of prom date. And it was my first experience for having date with someone else and not from my relatives whom I really have had a good time. Guess what whom I dated with? It was Antonio and Juan Luna’s great granddaughter whom I dated with. And I was lucky to have date the famous Luna in the Philippines history. What I have to tell that I need to say? It was the best experience of prom date in my life.


And the first celebrity that I saw this year was none other of a famous showman in GMA channel, German Moreno. Kuya Germs when they said a name to him. And it was my pleasure to meet a person from a different channel. Because I was glued watching all ABS-CBN shows from morning to evening. But I didn’t notice that I can do it. And so my experience having a picture with him was a pleasure for me.


April-May 2013:

Depression looking for a job, first relationship, watched Nick Vujicic, looking for a job


This months of April and May of 2013 was a depression months for me. All I thought at the back of my head was either looking for a girlfriend or a job description unable to look for. But the words scripted from at the back of my head has said to me, “when can I start working so soon, so I could have a relationship with somebody else I really want to date with?” It was my first thoughts that crossed at the back of my head and without even noticing it, I looked depressed for a whole month.


After a month, I came to visit Rico Yan for a fourth time last 5th of May. Then it came upon that I met my first fling relationship with someone else. Two girls that I met. One of them was a former special education teacher and one of them was a housemaid who was working for taking care of a child and look taking care of the house. It crossed at the back of my head that I was first to say I’ve accepted her for having relationship with someone else. And she was the first person who asked my hand to have relationship with her. It is normally for a guy who is asking for a relationship to a girl. But the opposite came upon the two worlds between of us.


My ex-girlfriend and I were only lasted eight (8) days of relationship. And I was formerly taking off my relationship with her. But my heart felt for her so sorry. But at the end of the day, on the 20th of May, I watched Nick Vujicic’s concert also in Mall of Asia, Music Hall in Pasay City. It was my pleasure to have experience watching someone who was also have a disability. Nick Vujicic was born without limbs of arms and legs. And I have had my third inspiration coming from him.


Then after a day that my ex-girlfriend was formally underestimated in our relationship, I went anywhere near our village looking for a job. So I went for my first walk-in job inside of Cainta Greenpark Village that was also near my home in Cainta. And the interview wasn’t my first. But I did passing my first application resume to the employer. But my intentions came crossing thrice at the back of my head. I should also applied to other opportunities: writer in newspaper, call center job and entertainment industry job where I went to Megamall on 23rd of May. I sent many job applications to various employers from newspaper jobs, call center jobs and entertainment industry jobs as well.


Fews day after on 27th of May, the call was unexpected I’ve answered from my cellphone around 11 in the morning. The secretary have said that I have to come around 1 in the afternoon. So I changed myself in a better suit of applying a job. When I met two of my bosses before, I was nervous and feeling annoying on my first interview of the year. Then around after 15 to 20 minutes of waiting, one of two bosses interviewed me and I passed the interview evaluation.


For continuation of Year-End Special: Story about success, love life and work in a next article, there will be a set of month stories to unfold for a second part of Year-End Special: Story about success, love life and work.


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I’ve never seen my heart so happy when I feel my heart seems to be single all the time. But to tell you the truth, this won’t be the last page of Assistant’s desk. There are more pages to come to tell in the future. As long I’ve been working as an assistant teacher, I’m still who I am and what I tell about my life inside the classroom, inside the school and outside the school also. The sped teacher have been reinforce telling me that I only want to seek with her as a friends after all.


Yes, I’m not ready for commitment with who any girls out there. But to tell you the truth, on this coming day of Christmas day, it will be another Christmas year for me again. It’s about who I will celebrate with. And it’s my family. My two sisters are in abroad. And my family still lives here in the Philippines. What can I do to live normally alone with my family? Is there any chances to become in relationship with someone else?


No matter how I am single looks like, I am still looking at my heart whenever I feel anxious about with. The person should understand about that. And last Christmas party, the event in the school was great. The parents, the kids, the helpers, the co-workers and my two bosses were also enjoying Christmas event for the year. It was not only for our Christmas. But to tell you the truth, it will become Jesus’ birthday. People have seen the Christmas even happier.


But unluckily for those who won’t celebrate Christmas, it will still touch many in the society the presence of Christmas spirit. Christmas spirit from the past, present and future will tell you how you feel about Christmas. And Christmas is all about exchanging gifts and celebrating family reunion. A big family reunion is also about forgiving people who greatly don’t have enough heart to celebrate. And it’s time for a big celebration.


And last Friday was also been celebrating great. The staff in the school was stunning to enjoy the lent of Christmas spirit. What if the things turn around? Is there any chances that the sped teacher and I will become part ways? But I’m not sure. Thing has to be done surely and occasionally the deadline also has to beat the date.


I was surprised when one of my two bosses celebrated today because of his birthday. I’ve had enjoying the Christmas spirit. The essence of Christmas spirit is also been a heartwarming for everybody. And what about? When I heard about the book of A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens, I almost didn’t how the Christmas looks like if there was no Christmas. But the story will tell you the great lessons of being forgiving for those who needs the essence of happiness, the excitement and the eagerness of celebrating Christmas. A Christmas Carol is about Ebenezer Scrooge who a man didn’t believe Christmas and all he wants is his fortunate rich. But at the end of the story, Scrooge gives bonus for his employee. And he also gives the money for those who needs the most. And one day, he will be recognize to anyone who wants need help from him. It’s a great lesson indeed.


But in reality, there are many kind of greediness rich people who won’t giving their wealth to share their success with someone who really needs the most. It’s for the unfortunate people who don’t have money. Power, money and all about fame are somehow source of not giving when the Christmas comes around. Politicians here in the Philippines are somehow not kind of someone that I know. But I won’t name of some names here in the article I’m writing about.


The essence of Christmas spirit is something you have to celebrate about yourself, share your success story and give some value who wants to hear from you. And it’s not all about that. It is also time for those who have been not believing Christmas.


My end of my point of view is that it’s okay to be stay single, enjoy yourself having free time with someone you’ve enjoy with your family time and your loved ones. The relationship between the sped teacher and me has been stay for friendship forever. I don’t want to go down deeper for relationship as long as she deserves someone, the she goes for her commitment that the time will come. The lesson between of two of us has no commitments, but to stay in friendship level.


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There are two possible things in life will change in my status – relationship or stay being as a single. There are no other choices in the world. Somehow along the way in my path, this year I should say it’s a blessing for me and for my wonderful life I have to give. What can you deserve to know better?


In my side, people would it say that I have to get it married. Soon? I guess it will be possible. But in ordinary days, I would give it a 60 or 80% percent to have a relationship with someone else that I would give my heart to. In our family clan, I am an eldest son in all cousins we have in a clan that I carry my surname with. Hmm…now that’s a stress for me already. Now that I know, I will stay single as long that I am happy although there are many speculations that I will have a girlfriend in the future. If the astrology says so, then I will have a girlfriend.


Love relationship? Or is it a marriage that follows after love relationship? What if someday I will be married to someone I’m really deserving to get married? There are a lot of questions still asked at the back of my head. If God persists giving me one, then I would allow to take care of my girlfriend and until then, we will getting married. Commitment is a long-term situation when you allow yourself to commit in a relationship. But a commitment sometimes allows itself to have a longer story first before getting into a marriage or relationship.


Being staying as a single is an easy task. When you are born in this world, you will start as a child. It’s a normal already for a child to have crushes to other boys or girls. When a child grows to be a teenager, then a teenager will become loving itself first then love to find a partner. Because all of us are getting to get married when we are getting old. But some singles stay forever. It doesn’t say that you have to stay but you have to decided for yourself.


Love relationship or being single is either way forms at the back of your head, a way of giving yourself in a commitment world. Or last to say, it would stay as a single or get a relationship.


Today is a Christmas, everyone. Happy holidays and enjoy reading other of my articles to read.


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I have no ideas where I will get new inspirations when my special education teacher is leaving so soon. The replacement has already working with us already. And there’s another new teacher inside the school. What if our friend has not to go in America? What if she doesn’t want to finish her work with us until March? What if the chain hasn’t stop us to change the good settings inside the school? All of these questions are too much to ask at the back of my head.


Then at the this point, our special education teacher has already settling leaving few days to go now. And the replacement of special education teacher is somewhat I’m not enjoying her company. Boy, time really goes by and fly by itself. The months are already been off in the calendar. And it’s almost finish for the rest of the year 2013. And the incoming 2014 is getting under way on its new level.


And we also have another new teacher which it’s preschool teacher. They are good teachers. But sometimes I miss the point missing two teachers have already pass at the time of height exchanging new teachers as well. But I don’t what to say to the two teachers.


I don’t want to name some names or putting their revealing the names inside at my article I’m writing about. To tell you the truth. What if time will not buy moving forward? What if time has to stop so I can have chatting with her a longer time? All of these questions are also made to have setting new answers. But sometimes at the back of my head, what can I do to stop her not to leave? I may forsake not to leave her alone with my side. And maybe I don’t know.


Sometimes, without knowing it, fearing it or doubting it, I will always ask questions inside at the back of my head thinking what moves should I do. To tell you the truth, the two teachers have no inside qualities to me after all. But this girl proves me providing with her knowledge for these kids also. I also love these kids. But in my heart alone, without this girl I know. There’s nobody I can share my inspiration with her inside at the back of my head.


What if she doesn’t need to leave and have to leave so soon? I can do something not losing hope with her. But I can do something with my little skills that I spare with my talents. At the end of the day, without losing hope is sometimes have to moving forward.


Moving forward is also hard to move on. But sometimes, there’s also an acceptance stage you have to carry out with your life. What if I really fall for her? Is there a chance loving me inside for her? Maybe these questions won’t bother this in the future.


At the end of this article, this 10th Assistant’s desk has already peak to its prime-time numbers. With 10 articles, somehow I already have to not write anymore if she don’t come back and work with us again. Hopefully if she reads this article I write for her. I really love you much even if I don’t know what to say really about for her.


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I appreciate my life today whole-heartedly as well. But consuming my time writing down of an article sometimes I often thinking at the back of my head, what will happen for me incoming new year of 2014? Is it possible to do your dreams when you are in the right track? What can I do next? My life today is being as an assistant teacher. And there’s a new special education teacher as well in the class. But I am going to say that there are more people who are willing to teach us in a real world also.


With my loading cellphone business on my back, my other option for opening business as well is also my concern regarding to my work. I don’t know if it will conflict my schedule next year. But I have to know and work it well starting in January 2014.


The plans are starting to open so soon. My greater opportunities are starting to pay me well next year. And that will be opening a new job details in my job position as well. I’m putting to make a banner for Angels Walk 2014 and Happy Walk 2014 in January and February respectively.


A new book sometimes opens for a new possibilities in life. When you say a new book, begin a new life and open a new discovery early next year.


Angels Walk 2014 will begin in SM Mall of Asia music hall on January 19, 2014, Sunday morning. The Angels Walk only participates in the morning from 8 am to 12 pm. And I am sure there are more to come years that I will support the Angels Walk. Because when a person starts to invite me, my opportunity will grab instantly to support and to share the secret story in life also. And why is it called an Angels Walk? It’s because you have to ‘Be An Angel for Autism.


Happy Walk 2014 will also begin next year on February 23, 2014, also on Sunday morning to afternoon that sets a schedule in a daytime program set by the organizers. Happy Walk is a walk for those who has Down syndrome. And why is it called a Happy Walk? It’s because you have to ‘Step Up For Down.


Both Angels Walk and Happy Walk does to do it every year. Angels Walk is from Autism Society Philippines who celebrates 25 years already in the Philippines history. And Happy Walk is from Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines who celebrates 22 years already. DSAPI started way back on 1992 but the ASP started earlier on 1989.


I have no motto already today, because there are numerous times already that I posted a lot of quotes for being having posting a motto in quotes. Mottos are also being written in quotes. Whatever I do, I begin a new life and open a new discovery.


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It’s finally reached at the highest mark of my job description and changed my entire resume. My outline today is regular employee. I’ve been dreaming about getting a regular job someday. And I did it on my best where I didn’t get easy jobs before.


Assistant teacher 003

Assistant teacher 003


Even my favorite huggable student has left from the school when the classes were over. But the classes are not over when she leave the school. I’ve been promising myself to visit her again but this time, in her home in the future. I’ve been crying last night and today also. I’ve been wondering what my tears say all about for me. But the good news don’t get me wrong.


I’ve been staying, enjoying and disputing my excitement everywhere here in my status: regular employee. But I must say no matter what my salary says in my resume doesn’t matter to me. All I want is a regular job. And I prove it in by making a history. It all tells the matter where I can stay and work for choosing a job before. It brought me back before when I was applying other than my three previous jobs before. I even didn’t get finish my second course – digital course. It made no sense before. But now it broke my tears today.


I’ve been sharing all my life with my success growth. But all I can say is growing up to be responsible person in each and every way in my life. New parent always asks me where I can get all my happiness. My answer is that I am getting my happiness from your child. Because the child is the one who carries more happiness than anyone else. But seemingly I don’t want to get assuming this so far.


New students as well, there are more students gaining in our school premises today. Even though we’re not look alike. I have mosaic Down syndrome. Each one of my characteristics still stay in my feature – my ears, my tongue, my hips and my legs. But my face isn’t normal with other similar conditions.


People says that I don’t have Down syndrome. But each time I said to them, I still have few characteristics of being Down syndrome. Then later on, they realized already about my features. People may deserve to know what I am doing today. But now I am proud to have a regular job. Today’s a wonderful day. And each wonderful day teaches me how to stand independently on my own. And I carry all my life to be the best.


Is that all makes sense? If you are correct, then let me now. If I am wrong, then also let me know. There are difference about correct and wrong. Sometimes I make perspectives wrong about myself. My two bosses are my friends now. Each time I laugh, they also laugh. Each time I make some funny comments, they laugh. Each time I bring my happiness inside the school, all the parents, co-workers and of course, the children come inside. I also bring some happiness to everyone. This is one who makes my day so far.


It’s the best job I’ve acquire in my job description today. Someday I also want to follow my grandmother’s footsteps – to become teacher as well teaching my subjects to them. But it seems that I’m relying on my weakness subjects. My strength subjects are science, arts, english and elementary math. But somehow the history also makes prove the best for me. All three subjects are normally my poor grades before and now it become my favorite subjects. But I seem relying too much from my perspective mind at the back of my head. And each time I’ve encountered is a little fortunate to my little ideas at the back of my head.


What it feels to be like a teacher when you’re not expecting? It feels good to be happy all the time.


And how it feels to be around inside the classroom? Excellent.


Being as an assistant teacher and being having with a condition of Down syndrome is the greatest gift in my life. It considers me making a new history in the map of Philippines and the same way goes to my life also. People will discover how the greatness becomes happiness of all time. What do I get? It is to become optimistic and limitless person. That’s why.


Previous Assistant’s Desk article posts:


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Should I move or not?

Day after day and night after night, I can’t sleep very well occasionally. But to tell you the truth, it seems my head hurts a little backwards instead getting steps forward. I can’t be confused easily. But I can confuse by daydreaming every now and then. What’s the matter from me?


Student after student, teacher after teacher and everything is getting losing in the school ground. Night after night, I’ve been repeatedly dreaming in sequences every now and then. And the bad is, I’ve been missing someone in the middle at the back of my head. Is it someone I’ve been reminding myself in the past? Or someone is nothing compare in the present times. What should I do? There are many times that I can’t be like this.


I may be dismay in my situation. But I can’t wake up in reality someone is missing in action. The teacher before working in our school is kinda cute, but I can’t have crush on her. I can’t explain, but I really don’t like her attitude. Is it because of me or is it because someone losing on the ground?


And the other thing is, when someone is leaving inside the school, there is someone who can replace the replacement of leaving student. I can’t tell what is going on. Is this the plan from above? Hmm…I can’t notice that either. Two students already and I can’t assume that I really miss terribly about them. They are already attach to me. What can I do to erase my attachments to the students that I really love them? Hmm….I really can’t tell either at the back of my head.


Then it come upon to my teacher who I’ve been assisting with her all day through the afternoon. I’ve been hiding my confessions to have a crush on her for a long time. And the terrible good news come. My boss said if I really do have crush on her, then I said it’s a yes. It was really weird and awkward for me really. But to tell you the truth. It was her amusing talent in teaching to those kids. She never expressed stress to me. Neither the way she exposed other things in her life that I began to have crush on her. And she is leaving so soon.


And nothing compares with my life before. I’ve been getting busier and busier in the school. And I’ve been lacking of my own services to get have an article on time on my studio site as well. And I’ve been getting a lot of stress lately. The problem is, should I move on or not with my life now?


Things are not getting easily as of now. I’ve been thinking at the back of my head to get another sideline. Should I move or not and get renew my status about that? I don’t know with myself either ways I’ve been thinking another business I could think of. My goals next year are getting closer everyday because of my existence of my work experience at the school. But the goals there are not getting that easily. I should do something with my body work out or my life will tear me apart.


My lifestyle also change because of my work ethics. I’ve been eating rice less nowadays because of my long-term diet, rice less and being as a vegetarian. Being as a vegetarian also proves you are really healthy. But there is some days I’ve called it – a meat day. Meat day for me have to expose my eating habit to explore to eat less about meat. But some of those unhealthy dishes are off from me. And I really meant that I can’t that dish anymore. I’ve been practicing for six years already. One dish after another one dish, this dish and that dish should not been eating anymore. I really have been practicing already.


But the other half of my ideas are really hard to consume eating less about meat at the back of my head. Should I move on or not?


Relationship, business, lifestyle and other options of my life that I’ve really putting at the back of my head thinking if I really have to move on or not. The plans are not easily to get rid of that. Just because I don’t want to, but there are some other ways also. You have to do some good points and have to replace the bad points in your life. People will discover your growth through your experiences. And I hope things are getting back in the right track. I’ve been losing my ground also in my life.


But I said earlier it cannot replace if someone is leaving so soon enough. People cannot change but yourself instead can make it a change. You have freedom to think at the back of your head and have freedom to have choosing either bad or good stuff also. And now I’m becoming nearly getting matured at my age. I have Down syndrome. What can you expect also?


In this part of my growth of my life, I’ve made moving on already with an acceptance being part of my condition. With my special condition, there are slightly changes in my life. And little by little is getting improving in my life. And I learned from my experiences also. People reminded me and advised me also. I’ve been getting new good feedbacks and I really like it. But there are some bad old feedbacks in my life also. And I’ve been teaching myself through my self-teaching about learning from experiences. If the right path chooses you the good stuff, the reward will come in each time of your life and believe it.


Should I move or not is an article about myself in present, past and in the the future. It reminds me to have been teaching myself in self-discipline, self-teaching lessons and self-determination. The various lessons come in different occasions. And I have to get myself in a good direction than getting myself in a bad direction in my life.


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