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Shall I begin with the test,

underneath the twilight skies opening up another day

or should I begin with the answers

revealing how many questions will be there

that you will never see the question in the skies.


Look around you,

how many people will you displease with their kind

or should I count how many people

will tell you unpleasant things that

never reveal their own answers,

is it about their related in their own lives

or is it about something that triggers at the back of their mind.


See how many special kids will be there around you

see how many will you take care under your angel wings

see how many clueless pictures will be there in front of you

see how many roads will you take there in a longer road

see how many disabled will you care for

and I reach the dreams of their own

and I remember tomorrow never lasts real.


Tonight I begin with my own kind,

underneath the morning skies lighting up one by one

or should I open up another one

revealing how many questions will be there

that you will never see the question in the skies.


Open up again,

what kind of a person you will be there for me

or should I not remember

times will change over the things

will not revealing

is it about me, is it about you or someone else

or is it about something that triggers at the back of their mind.


See how many delivery boxes will arrive

see how many letters will you read about like us

see how many sadness tears will dry up from your eyes

see how many people will touch of your lives

see how many disabled will you care for

and I reach the dreams of their own

and I remember tomorrow never lasts real.


Tomorrow never exists tonight

tomorrow never comes for another day

tomorrow never ceases for another story has falling

and I come rescuing for you,

tomorrow never reaches another road to take by

tomorrow never dies for another patient who’s never caring for

and I come rescuing for you,

since the whole day of my life thinking

the special kids watching their own skies in heaven

and I really hope they reach their age

telling how many questions in your mind

opening so many clueless spot on your mind

and I come up running and walking by the sand.


See how many smiling faces will see you around

see how many messages will come reading by

see how many people are here caring for you

see how many big pictures will reveal your dreams

see how many disabled will you care for

and I reach the dreams of their own

and I remember tomorrow never lasts real

that tomorrow is today’s your special day.




The song is something I come for the special children and including me, of course, the special adult. And I keep running across to my mind when I will achieve many parents come looking to hear my success story. My boss says that I am influential right now. No wonder how many words I should bring for. Or no wonder how many things I should keep up with this things. I am happy right now that my red tears should be happier. Tears of joy. Yes, I am hoping for someday some of smallest dream will achieve reaching to my wildest dream. Maybe it will come the right time and right place. Or sooner it will come.


Why Tomorrow never lasts real?


The song realizes like the remedy songs of Jason Miraz and Bruno Mars. This song likes me that much. No matter what or how many will come up for different ways. I begin writing since 1998. To this day, I am looking forward that I am doing right now and right place. Tomorrow never lasts real is a song about someone who is dying, someone is reaching for a dream, someone is hoping for their heart and someone is revealing. It touches like an inspirational song. Interpreting a song somehow exists inside at the back of my head but I couldn’t release it. I want to express in a piano or in a guitar. Every some day I am reaching a guitar just to practice the rhythm, the note and how to play well. But the song somehow loses around inside of my voice telling I want to be there to express around the stage. Maybe or may not comes for real. But I’m looking forward and positive is always around inside at the back of my head.


Can you make more songs in the future?


I will continue to inspire songs written by myself. A songwriter may be. An expressed poet that I turn out to be. And a whole package might come in the future. Let’s hoping that I still continue to write.


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Looking forward to what it may seem

but unknowingly in the future to wait

sometimes find me bored to look backwards,

it lacks of me inside at the back of my mind,

although I never find true meaning of what it may find.


I look to your eyes deeper and deeper

but nothing I don’t find suspicious to your mind

you are always seem blank, nothing to read

I’m always say that I can’t go further looking around.


Finding an unusual moving object in faraway,

it may find abstract to me but it’s nothing,

it never crosses at the back of my head

knowing that there are many clues anywhere

whether is it true or not, I lack of true love means.


Withering from the back of my mind

I found losing control of what I was capable of,

it didn’t mind me after all, so easily

or so to amuse something it was really bothering me

but I can’t found anything the way it was used to be.


It may have scars to my chest,

scars that may hard to heal in a long time

scars that it find nothing but pain,

knowing that I’ve seen it all, it shutters me

after all by kicking out of my mind.


I came knocking to your door

but you said it was nothing

I still came knocking to your door again

but you rather stayed alone

whatever may caused a little hard to control.


I saw visions, many kinds of vision

hard to tell it was bigger or smaller

knowing it was something have a detail

inside at the back of my mind

it was really hard to control it.


Pushing back or pulling it away

may find unusual interesting to do

around the visions whatever it may find us

nothing to lose, it’s really nothing there,

but I can’t explain if it’s you or me.


Going back from the beginning,

in the present time may finally solve

a problem to be seen, I finally find

some dream to catch in the future

waiting for me reaching for it.


A hollow block, a huge of explanatory question

an unusual torn of paper, a big pitch black

or it may find nothing I would solve it on my own

knowing there is something to look forward to.




Anticipating to chase a dream is a poem about a man chasing his dream. And his dream might be unfold in the past telling it would be nice to look forward. It’s inevitable experience for him. Unlike me, there’s some complicated situation. It would be nice if it turns to big dream to wait. And not until the end, he found something interesting topic of his life – changing visions of his life.


Day after day, he opened his small box that contains with a dancing girl chiming with a beautiful note. It may finds for him that he may search his love life. But until the end, he find interesting more of himself rather marrying to someone else for his position.


Anticipating to chase a dream is about the tale of dream world between illusion and real world. It has deeper meanings. But I don’t know which one it is. It lacks me to differentiate which one I should prefer to do. But it consists a wonderful poem where you can find more lessons to be found. Now tell me, are you willing to anticipate to chase a dream?




It has been a months for now that I haven’t write a single poem. Although summer is a best time to write more about in literature. Summer is also about pleasure writing in some of my ways. But in the coming months, there will be an added literature of the month. I don’t know which one is new, but it’s an interesting one to read for. You may follow me, read anything or find an interesting topic of any literary works I should be writing about.


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Seventieth-First Tagalog Quote:


Saan ang Pilipinas kung dako tayo lalakbay

sa mahabang panahon o mahabang oras,

saan ang Pilipinas kung lahat tayo lalayo

o kung saan tayo dadalhin sa tamang teknolohiya,

aasenso na ba o kailangan itulak ang pansin

natin sa sarili walang nangyayari.


Sa tao may gawa, sa tao din may paraan,

tao din may grasya, tao din may panahon

titingin sa pinanggalingan natin

pero aabutin ba natin kung tayo’y

aakyat sa ating pangarap.


Lilipad ka nga pero minsan

kailangan din natin bumagsak

para tumayo tayo sa ating pagkakamali,

sa ating mali, tayo’y babangon.


Pagbangon sa ating mali,

babangon din tayo kung saan

tayo’y dinala noon,

babalik din tayo sa ating nakaraan

at doon tayo magsisimula ng panibago.


Seventieth-Second Tagalog Quote:


Langit ka, nasa lupa ako

lupa ka naman, nasa langit naman ako,

bakit tayo’y pinagtagpo sa isa’t isa

pero kailangan pa rin magbago

sa mga nakaraan natin na mali.


Oo, masakit aminin na lumayo ang

pangarap ko hindi dapat tuntunan

oo, masakit aminin din na tayo’y

babalik sa ating ginawa natin noon

pero hindi kailangan natin bumangon.


Sapagkat tayo’y may pagkakataon

umangat sa ating posisyon

lalaki ating alam sa ayon ng pangarap

lilikha ng panibagong yugto at pahina

sa hinaharap nating kailangan abutin.


Doon tayo madadala ang sikap natin

ang sikap ang magsisikat sa araw

nating kinabukasan at pangarap

may naghihintay para

sa ating kinaroroonan may hangganan.




This is the first time I write four quote poems of Filipino Literature in a day. Making a four Tagalog quotes in a row makes me even happier. It makes me how I feel how I write about it from my heart. But deep inside of my heart somehow is even growing and growing. Getting stronger everyday is a plus advantage. But the way around making quote poems are making me creativity and allow me to follow my bigger dreams to follow.


The day it was born, 10th of December 1998, that was Thursday. It marked the birth of my literature. Now it leads me to a brighter future, a brighter hope and a decent of happiness that awaits me in the future. What it needs to know? It’s still growing matured and keeps going moving forward.


71st Tagalog Quote:


The seventieth-first tagalog quote tells about heroism quote and a dream quote also. Moving forward to brighter future is fast approaching. But never forget the day you were born is having your future lies in. The more you are seeking is the more eagerness from your heart will achieve. Someday you will be filling up to my quote poem that what I am saying all about.


72nd Tagalog Quote:


The seventieth-second tagalog quote tells about consequence quote and also has dream quote. Whatever you may lead to your passion, you always have to remember what you are going through to your life. Your life needs to know the value of essence of love, truth and patience. If you don’t care enough to say this, then you will be longer how to use your emotions free. Freeing yourself from your expressions make you stronger. Of how you can control it, your emotions will never put to the test of hope. And that hope will set you free.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Sixtieth-Ninth Tagalog Quote:


Kung ang taun-taon nagbabago

bakit pa natin kailangan umaksyon

sa pangangailan pero hindi naman

nagbabago sa wastong ng gamit,

kung sumasaayon ka,

hindi namin aawatan ka.


Oo, sumasamba sa maraming bagay

oo, sumasamba sa ibang gustong makamit

pero sandali ay nawawala kung

hindi nakikipag-isa sa anumang bagay

at nakalikha ng hindi dapat kailangan.


Marami sa atin hindi nagbabago,

iisa lang o kakaunti gumagawa

sa lahat ng populasyon ng maraming

Pilipino na maging bayani,

o isa ka sa mga hindi gumagawa.


Kahit kailan, kahit saan ka magtrabaho

nagtatrabaho ka nga pero ang padala

mo ay para sa pamilya at

hinda sa bansa,

mahal mo pa rin ang bansang Pilipinas?


Tayo’y nakikipag-isa kahit

saan tayo pumunta sa dulo ng mundo

pero ang yaman natin ay hindi

nakakamit sa kailangan

kundi kahulugan sa bansang Pilipinas.


Marami sa bansa maraming aktibo

marami sa bansa maraming hindi

dapat kinakaawa natin sa dugong Pilipino,

pero ang tanong kung sang-ayon ka

imbes para sa pamilya mo ang pera

gawin mo ang nasa puso

para sa bansang Pilipinas.


Uunlad nga ang Pilipinas,

pero masakit aminin hindi tayo’y

likhang bayani nagliligtas sa

bansang Pilipinas na tayo’y kailangan ng bansa

kung sama-sama sana mga proyekto

uunlad nga ba o maiiwan sa

mahabang panahon hindi makakamit.


Seventieth Tagalog Quote:


Pusong nagugulat sa isip at sa gawa natin

pusong marunong tumingin sa ating mga sarili

pero minsan sa tao hindi marunong

makitindi ng isang batang espesyal

na tumatayo walang alam sa bayan.


Iilan sa Pilipino marunong tumingin

iilan ba sa atin marunong tumulong

sa iisa o sa maramihan na espesyal

na bata na kailangan ng serbisyo mo

para gusto nilang makarating sa pangarap.


Maaaring hindi ka tama, maaaring sang-ayon

ka sa karadapat tulungan sa pangangailan

ng tulad ng isang taong may kapansanan,

likha ba tayong nakakatindi o sadyang

hindi marunong tumingin sa mga kapwa

tulad ko hindi makatingin, ako’y nagkukulang.


Kung ika’y nasa lugar ko, ano kayang

nararamdaman mo kung ika’y hindi

marunong tumulong, sumang-ayon o

sadyang bang nagkakamali na maling paraan,

makikinig pa rin tayo sa mali o

pararating natin sa hinaharap.




One day at a time, there’s always a space for making or creating quote poems. But how can I make it so fast whenever I have get a chance making from my cellphone? It’s a simple but not so easy. It is random thoughts at the back of my head thinking some of the words creating in a paragraph. But being written in Filipino language, sometimes I may fail or lack how I will translate to English language. It’s sometimes overruling to some matters whenever I get a chance writing my own quotes whether it’s Filipino or English.


To make it quick and simple, I’m always thinking at the back of my head what to do first in first paragraph. If it connects to second paragraph, there will be a quick response at the back of my head. What would you think if I will not be able to make it this so far? It’s already sequence Tagalog quote 34 and has two sets of quote poems. To make it last and far beyond the tales of these quote poems are beyond my imaginations or my creativity set in my subconscious mind.


69th Tagalog Quote:


Not at least once or twice, it’s sixtieth-ninth tagalog quote has turn another nationalism quote again. To make it quick explanation, this quote poem recites more than previous quote poems. It has seven paragraphs and tells more about the story of heroism of Filipino’s pride. If it’s telling a truth or not, there’s always been a martyr at the end of the story. On my brighter side, I will be glad to make it on my truth. Thinking at the back of my mind, I would do the same thing as a hero. Getting a job in another country and invest all the money you earn from the country you work. And it’s an investment to make a new business back to original country of our Philippines. Now that’s my role if I get a chance to work abroad.


70th Tagalog Quote:


Not at least once or twice, it’s seventieth tagalog quote. And it tells more about special inspirational quote. This time on quote poem says it all. The truth is always telling a truth, but no matter how you judge the person is not right. To make it right, you must prepare to make an adjustment. That adjustment is yourself to make a room for people with disability. People can change, people can help and people will adjust the way we are now today. For who you are, you stay on your side of your life.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Sixtieth-Seventh Tagalog Quote:


Maiksi ang panahon pero mahaba ang buhay

mahaba ang panahon pag ang buhay

hindi marunong pinanggalingan,

kung tao din hindi marunong makisama

sa kabilang buhay ay hindi madadala.


Lumiliit ang mundo natin

pero malaki ang kakayanan

likas man magkakilala tayo sa iisang

planeta ginagalawan natin,

likas sa wastong gamitin ang salitang Pilipino.


Kung ikaw ay marunong magsalita ng Tagalog,

ikaw ay Pilipino,

pero pag hindi ka marunong magsalita

ikaw ay galing sa iba na hindi marunong

bumalik sa bansang tinatahakan.


Iisa lang ang bagay ginagalawan natin

tayo ay makapag-isa sa ating

ginagalawan nating mundo.


Sixtieth-Eighth Tagalog Quote:


Mahal kong espesyal na bata,

ikaw ay marunong magbasa

marunong magsulat sa papel

gamit mong pangalan at

bilib ako sa ginagawa mo.


Mahal kong espesyal na bata,

ikaw ay marunong maunawain

sa matatanda pero ang iba hindi

marunong kang tumulong

pero ang tangi wala ako ay ikaw.


Mahal kong espesyal na bata,

pinapaligaya mo ako ng tawa mo

pag nalulungkot naman ako

ikaw ay nagpapatawa sa akin

salamat sa iyo na mahal kita sa puso ko.


Espesyal na bata ay marunong

tumulong sa kusina, sa kapatid nangailangan

at sa buong bahay maaasahan pa,

mahal kong espesyal na bata,

marami ka pang matutulungan sa iba.




If there is one day ahead, I would like to create more filipino quote poems in the first place. Creating more flowing at the back of my head makes a whole day for me to think random quote poems. What it feels like to be a poet? It’s not easy as it may seems to say. It’s only a random thoughts. But to tell you the truth honestly, I could think as much as I could possibly doing inside at the back of my head.


In this another set of quote poems, it will diverting your mind in two sets of quote poems. One was ideally again as a nationalism quote and another one was special inspirational quote. It represents how much ideas could go inside at the back of my head. It would tell how much I am preferring to these quotes. On the other side of the day, I would say that it is best to say this.


67th Tagalog Quote:


The sixtieth-seventh tagalog quote has been reaching to some Filipinos that I’ve been doing to research what would be life is. So I thought one to make another nationalism quote again. In other words, the culture we have now. We should take care of our heritage, our culture and our language also. It brings me back how I talk this from our student’s parents the past weeks. I’ve been recognizing the Filipino traits if how much it will test to some Filipinos out there. You should not conceal, but to feel the emotions how much I write on this quote poem.


68th Tagalog Quote:


The sixtieth-eighth tagalog quote has quite interesting love quote for me and also part of being special inspirational quote. The special child is telling how much unconditional love will bring. But to take in this occasional quote it brings for me, this is how much effort I put here in quote poem. Thinking this at the back of my head, I’ve been realized that I’m really sticking to my advocacy as well – to become as an educator and as a role model to some parents who have heard from me already. In this continuing part of special inspirational quotes will bring more here.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Sixtieth-Fifth Tagalog Quote:


Mahalaga ba tayo sa buhay sa iyong mahal

o mahalaga ba rin tayo sa kinabukasan natin,

hindi ba tayo maramot sa nakaraan kung

tatakdin natin ang puso sa hinaharap,

papalitan kung hindi man

pero puso mong mabait ang hindi mapatawad

sa iisang katulad pusong bato.


Minsan sa tao hindi marunong lumingon

minsan sa tao hindi marunong magpasensiya

meron din tao hindi marunong makisama

at meron din tao hindi kaya tumagal sa trabaho.


Bakit nga ba tayo naging Pilipino

kung hindi natin papahalagan ang ating kultura,

kung magtatrabaho sa ibang bansa

kusa gusto tumira na lang sa hindi natin na bansa,

ang sa akin marunong ako lumingon,

at ibabalik ko ang yaman ng pera sa ibang bansa

para makagawa ng panibagong trabaho sa bansa.


Tunay na bayani o pekeng bayani ba

ang tinitingnan ng maraming iniidolo natin

o sadyang bang ganito tayo sa ibang kapwa’t Pilipino din,

malungkot at masakit aminin

malihim at hindi marunong balikan ang kultura

kaya ang kulturang Pilipino ay dapat suliranin.


Sixtieth-Sixth Tagalog Quote:


Masaya ang bata tumatalon at

masaya din tumatakbo sa paligid

pero bakit karamihan sa ibang tao

hindi marunong magsabi na turuan

ng espesyal na bata sa tamang disiplina.


Tama ba o mali ba,

kusa ba o kaya ba natin,

malihim ba o kayang gawin sa tama

pero lahat at nasusukat lamang

sa tamang edukasyon ng espesyal

na bata marunong tumingin sa sarili.


Okay na rin sana kung kaya

naman turuan ang kabataan sa

tamang salita at sa gawa

pero kung hindi, sila din

ang mahihirapan.


Likas ng yaman sa mga Pilipino

hindi marunong makitindi sa mga

kapansanan tulad ng espesyal na bata

pero dapat turuan ang buong bayan

ang tunay ay nasa sa sarili natin.




It’s been a while since I start logging down the Filipino Literature again. It has been 8 days passed already. And it’s not quite new for me anymore. Because right now what I can do is hoping someone would understand my effort that I am typing and writing Tagalog set of quote poems again. In this journey of Filipino Literature, hopefully I can make it up to 75 at least before the year ends.


The usual days have been gone for me already. Since I’m jobless for a while, I can assure that I will be spending my days or time requires me to do writing and typing all the Tagalog quotes. But this time it won’t needed anymore coming from my cellphone quotes. I will be spending more on brainstorming ideas how to create faster to make a quotes to be done. This is my brainstorming department as you can see that I’m a creative thinker and a creative writer too.


65th Tagalog Quote:


The quite interesting sixtieth-fifth tagalog quote is very alarming to any Filipinos could read this quote I’m writing to. This is a nationalism quote. Meaning there are no more patriotism to be mention. Neither you can be martyr or a hero that you could save the Philippines from the economy or the government. Shame for the politicians who are using the money on their wrongdoings. All their minds filled with bad karma. To tell you a truth honestly, I’m an economist and an entrepreneur. And I’m also active in one of the organizations that I’ve been doing for a year now.


66th Tagalog Quote:


This quite interesting sixtieth-sixth tagalog quote is also alarming to all Filipinos and any races to any countries as well. This is a special inspirational quote. It means this quote is dedicated for those who have been disabled. But not as a disabled, they are talented and unique special children. Each of them has a unique talent. Each them has a unique characteristic. In the real world, there are more ADHD, the leading population in special children. ADHD is not a disability. It’s a purpose that sets their will to fight on their uniqueness. Autism is second in population among the rest of special children. Down syndrome is third in population among the rest of special children around the world.


A special child has unique heart in their potential talents. Like what I’m doing now, this is my true strength making a new goal achieving even higher heights. I may have mosaic Down syndrome but it’s not a hindrance to me anymore.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Sixtieth-Third Tagalog Quote:


Mahalaga ba isip matalino,

mahalaga ba isip hindi tumitingin sa papel

o ano bang meron sa iyo

sa loob ng kaisipan mo,

pero bakit nga ba meron tayong

isipan na puwedeng tinatakda.


Lumalalim ang gabi

padilim ng padilim sa gitna

ng kalagitnaan ng gabi

pero sa isip mo parang takot ka

o sa iyong kaba lang ang nasa

isip mo tumatakbo parang takot.


Oo, takot ako, pero sino nga ba siya

nagpapahiwatig sa akin,

pero hindi ako takot tumingin

sa pinagalingaan ko

o anumang inuutos sa malalim kong isip.


Marunong ako sumama sa isipan ko

pero matalino man o hindi

pare-pareho lang ang nasa gitna ng

isipan natin kung kailan tayo gagalaw

sa gitna ng gabi o sa gitna ng araw.


Sixtieth-Fourth Tagalog Quote:


Lusot ka ng lusot pero

pumapasok ka ng pumapasok

sino ba si Juan o kailan ba siya

ipinanganak sa utos ba o

sa kabilang buhay tinawag ba siya.


Tawag ba siya ay magaling

o tinatawag pa lamang mukhang dukha

laging tamis, laging lambing

kinuwento ni lola ay laging nakatawa

malungkot o masaya

hindi nagsisinungaling kahit kanino man.


Kung noon ay laging walang internet

kung ngayon ay laging walang luma

saan ka lulugar sa may mali ba

o sa may tama parating may mali naman,

ikaw masusunod sa bagong henerasyon

na puro gawa-gawa ng maraming imbentor.




It has been a longer right now than as usual. But it really takes to rebuild new quotes. In the beginning, there are many quotes. But in the seconds coming, it’s getting to take slower pace. Making quotes is inevitable. But the force at the back of my head takes time to imagine what kind of group of words will write it down to the paper or to the computer else. But it’s not a design, it’s always have been brainstorming ideas will come after for.


63rd Tagalog Quote:


The sixtieth-third tagalog quote must be really painful quote. But it means that you don’t have to worry more, because they are lot to come when you are moving forward. In this quote, the man is scared what he will choose to the side of intelligent or to the side of an average person. It’s all the matters what scares him the most. The lessons are here to challenge you more. It has to be quick response. Because when you do, you decided what is really right or wrong.


In this quote, you would feel also numb as you get. But the moment it directly hits to your heart for your emotional sides, be careful. It usually contains with high emotional hit that stimulates to your brain. It has only minimizing or maximizing of your talent inside of your brain.


64th Tagalog Quote:


The sixtieth-fourth tagalog quote is all about Juan, his mistakes that rotates his life all about. But this quote is not as you are seen what it is. This is a hatred quote. No matter what it relies about, it’s all about the internet or the past existence what it is written in the history. And it’s true that the world pass from the past to the future where you always rely too much on the internet. But the history will not be written if the internet has come not-so-seen in the future itself.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Eightieth-Seventh English Quote:


If there is nothing to beat me completely

then it’s nothing to be afraid of,

of who you are to be

of what you can be for your real life

or to regret something you’ll forget.


I notice the doors will open

the bursting ideas will keep coming in

the regretful, frustrated and

flawless pointless ideas are

keeping to sink at the bottom

of the depths inside of the ocean.


What bothers me to uphold all

the things that cannot bringing it back,

the hatred must not come at the end

or shall it be repenting the last

judgment of the last days’ will.


No matter what it says

or no matter what it does an action

it should be open by now

anytime or any day will come

that the future will waiting for you

knowing your frustrations as

your last day wishes.


Eightieth-Eighth English Quote:


The creativity of all the beginning

when the world is created,

Adam and Eve was the first humans

in the world but neither less to say

that we are becoming aware of

our four billion population is growing more.


The chest pain in our daily lives

we see all in our eyes every day and night

we gather informations all we can

completing our mission but only one

cannot be seen is about the disabilities.


Night seeks the day and

the day seeks the night

and every day we wake up

we also sleep in the slumber nights

we can do in our lives.


One or maybe two

or shall I say it more than

disabilities I can see in the road,

the blind risks to work needing our help

in order to eat their stomachs,

the mute cannot talk but understands

what we are saying to them,

and the hearing loss seems helplessly

in order to gain in our daily lives.


With Down syndrome,

kids or adults being having with those conditions

needs our help in order to see them

under our unconditional love.


With Autism or other abnormalities,

kids or adults being having with those conditions

seeks more your help in order

to grow more in their potential talents

but what we can see in daily lives

is a discrimination acts.


Discriminative tools are not to be said,

discriminative words are not to be used

unless we take care them in our

long patience, understanding the pain

in their hearts listening to them,

and the world needs to know

that we need them in our daily eyes.




Every day I sit beside my keyboard and the screen in front of my eyes, I always think at the back of my head what to write next for my English quotes 40. It’s about the time when I need to think the next freshest group of words will come out. The key of existence keeping to write in this kind of literature is all about the achievements. And the achievements will test me new challenges if I can it write more than a group of words. And to test all about my courage and my capability knowing my knowledge are all at the back of my mind.


The last English quotes 39 was dated six weeks ago and it was dated 26th of January, Sunday, 2014. But among of all ideas synchronizing inside of my mind keeps me playing what I can do to those words and what to write is all the best I can have.


87th English Quote:


This eightieth-seventh english quote is all about the frustrations keeping you not to move forward. But all the things you regret in your life is your family, relationship with your partner, your financial basis, your relationship with your boss or to any key of frustrations in your life. The bothersome in your life relies too much in the other side of the world needing to say it’s not worth it. But it’s worthless to know all about the knowledge. The last actions of your ideas keeps knowing about you, but it keeps you away from any distractions, a miserable life.


88th English Quote:


This eightieth-eighth english quote is all about the discrimination, the beginnings and the disabilities that we know for today’s generation. I long fought my life in denial stage way back since my sophomore year in my high school. Until I reached at the certain age of adult, I was becoming aware that I’ve had to accept my condition. Knowing the truth honestly kept my composure to the ground. The world started with two first humans and God didn’t get mistakes but gave gifted children with different disabilities. With different disabilities in our lives whether in any kind of human race around the world insists growing more advocacy in our lives – to know the disabilities are more capable than the rest of the society. But discrimination is not an option. To end the discrimination, it must be to stop, educate the society and learn the fact that we all unite as one human race in the world, more than four billion in population.


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28 days of February quotes (Down syndrome awareness month)


Day 1

I was born in the world not knowing I have disability – being having with Down syndrome, I will be loved by anyone else.


Day 2

God created man and woman. He didn’t give mistake by giving an extra chromosome. He created with powerful to change on us.


Day 3

Pure of unconditional love and pure of understanding are the ways to love an extra chromosome.


Day 4

Life is inevitable. It doesn’t give an accidents. But it gives an extra chromosome to be share gifted child to someone else.


Day 5

I am loved by my sister, my brother, my mother and my father. I am loved because Down syndrome surely rocks!


Day 6

With an ingredient of long patience, deeper understanding and full of unconditional love, those are the words to describe why we love extra chromosome, kids with Down syndrome.


Day 7

Labeling me as Down syndrome, I am not alone. I am loved in the eyes of God.


Day 8

Of all the creations in the world, disability is only an ingredient that can change our life to love them.


Day 9

You see me as different. But see me as a person who loves you. Being having with Down syndrome, we have ability to love you more.


Day 10

I cry because I am hungry to love you. I laugh because I am tickle to see you laughing. With me for you, I am special child. I am blessed with special parents.


Day 11

Love me having with a disability, but with unloved, their attitude is not exceptional.


Day 12

Don’t cry for me, my special parents. I am stronger to be loved from you. I will be stronger even I laugh to my mightiest smile.


Day 13

I’m an special angel. I’m a super baby. And I’m super loved from you.


Day 14

You are not alone, because you are like me. I love who I am being having with Down syndrome.


Day 15

I’m rare, I’m special and I’m your friend. Don’t be afraid with me.


Day 16

I always look in the limitless skies thinking at the back of the head that I will be always a role model for everyone.


Day 17

Don’t say mongoloid, it’s not nice. Say an appropriate word, a child or an adult with Down syndrome or DS. Because we also are humans who love you also.


Day 18

Look me as your closest friend. I treasure and value each and every person I meet. I am your special friend.


Day 19

I was born with of full of capacity and capable to do making you happy. Happiest is one of my ingredients.


Day 20

People see me as different, but I see them equally. Down syndrome is not a disease, it’s an ability to share our unique characteristics.


Day 21

Take care of my heart as I take care of your unconditional love to me. I love you from my deepest mind at the back of our head.


Day 22

Notice me as your love of your life. Remind me as your soul mate. Because with disability, it doesn’t matter for labeling. I also love you.


Day 23

With a greatest gift, I only can make you my smile to melt your stress away.


Day 24

Nurture one of my talents are to share with my treasure. Bless those who love me.


Day 25

I never fail to see you growing up. First you learn how to talk, how to walk and how fast you can run. Second, you make us learn how to love you more.


Day 26

Believe me for what I can change for the world, that is one of duty to make you happy.


Day 27

An appropriate to make an ingredient is to adjust yourself who is someone born with Down syndrome. Love me unconditionally.


Day 28

The duty of a special parents for special kid or special adult with Down syndrome are helping to shine self-sufficient duties and creating to teach good morale lessons.


Why 28 day quotes of Down syndrome?


28 day quotes of Down syndrome start in the month of February, the Down syndrome awareness month here in the Philippines. It represents the day quote and half away to teach for new parents, building trust to take care of their special child with Down syndrome.


28 day quotes of Down syndrome will create more day quotes next year. Follow more about related articles and read more about How I overcome Down syndrome, Why Down syndrome, Is Down syndrome a fate, What’s wrong to have Down syndrome, My other friends misjudge me for having Down syndrome, No labels as Down syndrome and a series of Living being as Down syndrome.


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English quotes 39

Eightieth-Fifth English Quote:


It’s all about unconditional love

when young or old has to meet

in many ways of forming

the new meaning of being special.


I see thousand of letters sending

to the mailbox where most of the

letters said that we have to be

stronger, understand and be

kind to each and every another.


Each of us whether you are young

or old that we are different,

it is not forming another group

but rather forming a group of

people who understand you more

because being a disability

doesn’t mean to be uphold,

but to carry in our hearts.


Little or many of us have faith

to each and every another,

a person with disability must

be to respect not to say any

other form of words but to

understand them.


One world, one planet

one word, one strong bond

and one carrying to each another,

you always have to see,

to listen and to speak that

being each of us has one voice,

we are love for who you are.


Eightieth-Sixth English Quote:


My heart says that I need a love

but it doesn’t need to have loved

for what I stand, I walk or I talk,

loving you more is more important

than the rest of the action words.


I speak the truth and the world

speaks the truth,

people who taking care of us

as also a person with disability

who commonly wants to work,

to have fun and to able enjoy

the rest at the end of the day.


You smile to us unconditionally,

you help to us emotionally,

you carry to us physically

and you act to us spiritually,

for we encounter the love

around the world we know,

this is a better place we live

with you in one big happy family.


The joyful of bringing wide smiles

and the laughter we create happiness,

this is what we cannot suppress

to look forward instead helping us,

love me for what we have disability

and we love you as a special friend

to one whole wide world to see

each of one kind has no label,

we look alike just you as we love you.




I have been writing quotes lately through facebook, android cellphone or any forms of social networks or either I am writing to my own notebook telling that I’m not still stopping. This is a quite journey for this month. Next month is a month of love and a month of my birthday falls on 19th. I am quite that I am turning old. It is who I am now. I’m brave, stronger and an optimistic person who always looking forward what challenge is awaiting for me. But it is a quite for me to understand that I have to be stronger in physical, emotional and spiritual.


Being as an assistant teacher that I am always helping out with my bosses, my teachers who needed my help and assisting the kids or parents. I am always happy to help and assist. It’s been seven months for now and still holding for many promises to carry and to help my friends at the school. In this set of new quotes I write, it’s all about unconditional love, respect, understand, patience and helping to each of special child or special adult. And I’m always reminding myself that I have to be better this year of 2014. It’s always to remind that we can’t live with normal people. But we can share our stories to people that we can still live for what we can do. And we stay for a long-life.


85th English Quote:


The eightieth-fifth english quote is about the person with disability who have to respect and remember how to take care of him or her. It’s about the society telling us to remember what we are really about. Whether you have disability or not, always remember for who we are and to be honest all the time. Or otherwise, it won’t be recognized. People should know the meaning of the word disability. And disability is all about for who we are taking care of. This 85th english quote is all about unconditional love, respect, responsibility and taking care of disability’s needs.


86th English Quote:


The eightieth-sixth english quote is also about the person with disability, but it has a deeper meaning in this quote poem. What you are looking for a person who don’t have respect sometimes takes an action of being as a responsibility person. And this person should realize that you can’t pursue what is going to have about. The journey of this quote also signifies the importance in the society that all of human in this planet should realize how the importance of being having with a disability. This 86th english quote is all about the knowledge of no labels and creativity of each and every person with disability.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Sixtieth-First Tagalog Quote:


Inakalain mo bawal umibig

sa maling oras

sa maling lugar

sa maling hindi dapat ginagawa

pero minsan masakit

na tingnan ang malasakit mong puso

sa ganoon pa man,

mananatili pa rin ang nakaraan

ko sa iyo.


Pinalitan mo na ako

pinalitan mo ang puso ko

pinalitan mo ang galit

sa awa na magmamahal punong-puno

ng kaligayahan pero buo pa rin,

sa akin pa rin ang balik mo.


Malas sa kanya hindi ako

binalikan niya pero sa huli

mararamdaman pa rin niya

na mahal ko pa rin siya.


Masakit pakinggan na nagseselos

masakit pakinggan na pinalitan na,

at masakit sa damdamin sa habang

panahon ay may iba ka na sa

puso na may-ari sa puso mo.


Kung titingnan ang iba’t ibang

lahi, tinitingnan ko ang sarili,

saan ba ako nagkamali

o ano ba ang meron sa akin na mali,

papalitan mo rin ba ako

sa diwa’t merong nagpapasalamat.


Sixtieth-Second Tagalog Quote:


Madali ako man sa dako ng mundo

madali hindi nagpapasakali

tingnan ang kapaligiran

sa kung saan meron o wala

ang tiwala nagbubuo para sa iyo

o sa akin parang hindi totoo.


Bawat lahi, bawat kulay

bawat edad, bawat laki

o bawat sinuman tumitingin

malay ko ba tinitingnan ang

iyong sarili sa bawat tao

may sarili ng kaligayahan.


Lumalalim ang panahon

lumalamig ang bawat segundo

lumilingon sa bawat kanto

o konti na lang ba sa atin

ang wala may sala.


Parang hindi nagbabago

parang hindi gumagawa

o parang malabo na ang

mga tao hindi nagkakasundo

sa bawat tingin ng maraming

tao na populasyon sa

ating bansa lumalaki.


Likas sa yaman tayo ng ganda

sa kapaligiran pero sa

kultura hindi bumabalik sa atin

tayo’y mga Pilipino

dapat angkinin ng likas

kung ano meron tayo sa ating bansa.




This is my comeback writing Tagalog quotes performing what is written in these days. It is whether at the back of my head performing what is right and what is wrong. Did you have feeling that I’m not writing quotes anymore? Guess what, think again at the back of your head. This time for sure, if time permits, I will be writing all over again. And not this time from my cellphone, it is what in my brain department thinks of me and what is writing all about from the bank at the back of my head.


You laugh always at the back of your head whether what is funny all about. Then sometimes you always cry sometimes at the back of your head what is crying all about from the story. Maybe it’s not from the television series you are watching or reading from the book that you might want to know about the story. It’s a long way that haven’t tell my sides either. And today’s 2014. The last Tagalog quotes 29 I wrote was dated back on 13th April of 2013. So here comes Tagalog quotes 30 will keep knocking your hearts to read what is written this time. And what is about this time? The forecast of quotes for this year is already changed. It’s not from the cellphone anymore. But it is written this time from the bank at the back of my head already. I stopped sending too many quotes in cellphone to someone I’m been in love before.


You know what it seems wrong from me last year. Because I was been in roller coaster last May 2013. I’ve had been in love for quite of 8 days relationship. And what is good this time. It is now what you are been waiting for you to read my quotes again with stories or explanations as well.


61st Tagalog Quote:


In this particular of sixtieth-first tagalog quote, this is a revealing love quote I’ve made it for a long-run. I say that this is real. And it made a painful way that I can’t continue. Instead going on and moving on, I wrote this for this day and made it clearer that I’ve had a girlfriend last year. Loving her with all of the blessings I could get was just from her. From where I’ve been running along anywhere I could go, at least I made it an effort not going after her. It was said that my parents at least they told me not to get closer with her again. Even she is also getting married on 12th of June, the day of Independence. Could you imagine if I could still going there? Certainly I’m not going. But still deep inside on my heart, I regret if I am coming on that day. This 61st Tagalog quote is all about hatred, love and understanding quote. You might want to know in the future quotes I’m writing.


62nd Tagalog Quote:


In this particular of sixtieth-second tagalog quote, this is about a culture, love and caring for mostly Filipinos today. I might not consider that all Filipinos might understand this. Yes, I am proud Filipino. But it contains my heart writing explaining in english details. I may be not forbid to write but I am willing to risk to write in filipino language. Most of my concerns is written here in this quote. A natural way of living might counteract most of living Filipinos here and abroad. And they said that if you go other country and reside there, you are still Filipino no matter what you change your nationality because you are still born here in the Philippines. But I understand the side of consequences of a role of every Filipino in other countries. Don’t get mad at me. I’m not a sinner. We all make mistakes. But yet in particular day, most of us consider going to other country either for good, permanent or temporary, or going for a vacation. But if I might go working to other country, I invest the dollars to pesos and might open another business in the future. This 62nd Tagalog quote is consider a nationality quote. This might a new, perhaps not the first but it will be more of this in the future.


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English quotes 38

Eightieth-Third English Quote:


I have no boundaries,

I have no scars to leave behind,

I don’t have labels

but I can describe myself

as a special person

with a big heart to change

and a big surprise of

changing your special mind.


I cross out my mind

to see a beautiful sunrise

coming right over the skies

and lifting above is a sun.


When I’m closing my eyes

I always think at the back

of my head

what is special all about

me and my parents

is through guidance,

pinch of patience,

dash of love

and a wonderful blessing

that we are as a special.


Eightieth-Fourth English Quote:


No one believes what I can do

no one believes in what capable I made of

and no one takes care what is good

from wrong.


I see the glimpse of running water

in the faucet saying it’s full

of unconditional love,

full of laughters we bring

and full of blessing we have.


But the real score above

is not only the one,

there are many reasons

why all the special children

have the same spirit

is to reach their highest dream

to be ever achieve

is their mightiest dream.




I am turning to be advocate of special education nowadays since the losing the labels I’m quite saying here in my literary works. Thus, it’s only the beginning of a new chapter series of english quotes 37 and so forth – to become inspirational quotes as well. It’s different from making photo messages which are the best quotes I am making from my android phone. But it don’t click all the rest of my photo messages. I must say it’s not yet a one hundred percent. But there’s a equality among the special children, special teenagers and special adults with their special needs.


Like I do, I also have mosaic Down syndrome. But it don’t matter me anymore because it’s not a hindrance to me anymore. It really feels that I’m still new in the world full of surprises. But being having with my condition is a role key of acceptance, honor and respect. I love what I am doing in my job today as an assistant teacher assisting regular and special children in a school. The rest of what I am doing when I’m at home is writing. I was enjoying writing since I was in high school that improves me through years. It took me years to practice, but it’s not that fast. You have to be dedicated and full of passion. You also have to take what you are love doing mostly in your life. And I accept for who I am today.


83rd English Quote:


The ingredient of eightieth-third english quote is interesting topic according to the word of a special. It creates a whole new perspective of changing quotes today than in the past quotes. But I am more focusing to create and to make new meaningful quotes this time. On this eightieth-third english quote is all about losing the labels, no barriers and big change of acceptance. It’s about special people with special needs. Like I do have being having with Down syndrome won’t matter if I can make it through my years right now. But I must say that I will continue what I am inspired to do a lot of things.


84th English Quote:


The ingredient of eightieth-fourth english quote is another interesting topic about the special children and a glimpse of full of blessings. It is how we are building our lives to be normal as we can and live up to our expectations breaking the barriers also. Being as a special adult today, I am more welcoming the new world of hope, new creativity of acknowledging special children and getting to know other people who have special needs. But right now I learn my lessons is to wait, to respond and to act as one person who loves everything given as a blessing. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Eightieth-First English Quote:


I found nothing to redeem today

but there is something lost,

and for the day it counts,

it shall deem what it is lost

or it shall deem what it is found.


Don’t delay from me, my queen,

I therefore count my everlasting love

that my child is not between

yours neither it is not mine,

it is picked where

we both have found

underneath the tree of blossoms

and I shall behold

the truth that the child

is a special child.


Eightieth-Second English Quote:


I laugh when you laugh

I cry when you cry,

but it seems that you’re lost

I’m winning of all kind of cards

and there is nothing to feel

and I shall walk away.


Don’t betray all over me

don’t prey all over me

don’t sway all over me

and I can’t resist all through your life

this is just the beginning.


I’m like a impersonator

don’t make me cry all for you,

do you think that I’m impersonator,

or make me cry all over for you again,

we cry, we laugh, we satisfy

or we hustle all the time.


This is nothing but I shall say

I laugh when you cry

but you cry when I laugh

and you give me all nothing to beat

that you’re a real impersonator.




This is my comeback literature that I haven’t writing for eight months already. I’m been revising all that I have resources on my back. To tell you the truth, this revising all my knowledge is therefore changed. Why? I should be added one prior to be change and that’s a special articles also about this literature. What do you know about literature in the first place? To be quick open-minded, you shall think about what’s perception and digesting all new ideas in the first place.


81st English Quote:


In this particular of eightieth-first english quote, this is a medieval quote. But added to another change, I’ve added the nature of special education quote also have been arrived here. In the story of quote, there was two characters. One was knight and one was queen. The queen was conceived a special child who a mother can’t decide if they let the special child be lived or not be lived. Because the knight suffered a trial when his mother conceived a special child. But the queen said that she can’t bear a special child because she have no experiences to taking care of a special child. But the knight insisted to take it, so he grabbed the opportunity to raised his stepbrother, a special child. The queen didn’t need the special child anymore for her throne. But months later, the knight gave a special token to his life that he must took care of his stepbrother. Soon after he found that his stepbrother had a heart disease when he carried his stepbrother to a wizard. But the wizard also doesn’t know how to determine if a special child was really a special child. For months and months looking for a cure, this wizard found that this special child had one real ingredient that changed the kingdom, the heart of a mother. When the queen ran a kingdom for a long time, years passed by, the knight and his stepbrother was barely eight years old limping to one left leg going to the castle. So as the story went by, this queen saw the knight again for a long time along with a little boy who have been limping to his one left leg. But she noticed that she looked as if she lost something. But the knight didn’t introduce the little boy to the queen. And the knight was re-assigned to another contract and served again as a knight. But a few days after, a little boy with one left leg limping came to offer something for the queen to eat and gave something it can offer an excitement laugh to the queen. One thing that queen was happier about the little boy with one left leg, she didn’t know that the boy was her own son. When the knight returned to the kingdom after five years, he saw his stepbrother well-grown man and was not limped already because he was helped by the queen. Then the knight revealed to the queen that once a little boy with one left leg limping she took care of was her own son. A queen saddened to her tears and didn’t notice that was her son a long time ago she dispatched. The lessons for this quote, don’t let your special child ruin on their own life, instead take care of them full whole-heartedly. And it is something to give it in return for an exchange – a reward from heaven.


82nd English Quote:


In this particular of eightieth-second quote, this is related-song lyrics from Miley Cyrus from her song of Wrecking Ball. Her idea making some of a good new meaningful lyrics made a new genre for this generation. But I feel for her sadness that her boyfriend couldn’t take much pain and hatred. It was much awful when you heard some meaningful lyrics in the same way. What it may feels the same way if you can’t feel the way she could feel from her emotions. Just hear and listen carefully to her lyrics. It was before I misjudged about her video song about Wrecking Ball. But the idea for her song was catchy. It has meaningful lyrics. And by the way, some one little boy who was blind sang this Miley Cyrus’ song in youtube. If I may not mistaken, this Wrecking Ball made a different tune, but it also have a deep painful lyrics when you listened to. But here in this quote, I remake it and made as a title of Impersonator instead of Wrecking Ball. Interesting topic, but somehow it is lost somewhere at the back of my head.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

When I bought my first android phone, I thought at the back of my head thinking what I should do with my android phone. It was my first phone that I bought. I’ve had four phones already in the past. There were Nokia 6110, Nokia 3530, Nokia 3120 Classic, Myphone Dual Sim and the last was the Cherry Mobile Burst. But I am planning to buy another new phone in the future preferably iPhone I want to buy.


What was my newest hobby that I was always do? When I’ve downloaded the photogrid from the in my android phone, it became a popular for me although I was a lover making some stuff in Adobe Photoshop. When you said something you really loved, you really adored at your side. Then at the back of my head, I was thinking more creating photo messages. Because I never made it before when I was doing something in Photoshop before.


My first photo message I’ve created was this:


Photo message 1

Photo message 1


Down syndrome is not a disease, it’s Awesome!” At first when I created the first photo message, the views from my facebook page became a hit. It was then something I knew from my heart I should for my life. Then at the back of my head, I was thinking creating more of this to become a book in the future. When I thought of this, it will become something you really like for your book what it is best all about.


The second photo message:


Photo message 2

Photo message 2


You are not alone, because I’m like you…and today is Down syndrome awareness month.” But this photo message wasn’t used for my facebook page. I have to use for the Philippines’ Down syndrome awareness month this coming February 2014.


The third photo message:


Photo message 3

Photo message 3


“Life borrows us, and it’s worth to be happy. Smile everyday!” The figure from my face was showing how I was happy for my life was. Being having with Down syndrome for me was not a hindrance to me anymore. And at first, my point of views came at the right direction already. The world is giving me freely thinking of this at the back of my head. And I’ve been wondered how God was grateful to me after all.


The fourth photo message:


Photo message 4

Photo message 4


Each day I smile, each time I am happy, I’m always there by your side, I’m always have to smile for you.” This photo message delivered the happiness quote a big time. Why I posted of this photo message? It simply gives me a wonderful message everyday at the moment I have in my life.


This four photo messages delivered nailing from at the back of my head when I suggested myself what I could do for my facebook page. And to think of it, it never crossed at the back of my head that it will help easing out of my problems here. But to tell you the truth, I am even more happy because of this year of 2014 will come knocking at my doors what I should do to have opening a new book soon. Hopefully I can do manage something that I have to create more photo messages.


And the other four photo messages I’ve created:


Photo message 5

Photo message 5


Life is beautiful, so don’t waste it, because life is good…and the hardest time has difficult to understand…with or without disability, you are still beautiful inside and out.” The fifth photo message was creating a new different diversion for the disabilities who have been using their life without fulfilling their mission. But the reality here in the Philippines, it is one of the common practices that these people should realize how disabilities would allow working in a beautiful work environment. Like I do as an assistant teacher, therefore it won’t do much anything to do if there’s an action some to fulfill in the future.


Photo message 6

Photo message 6


Chromosomes are extra effort, but it’s extra care, long patience, inevitable laughter, gives you a long smile…and it’s worth to have a special someone…your special heart, a special child with special needs. Smile!” Oh, yes! This sixth photo message delivered a beautiful message. Although I’m not familiar to other abnormalities yet, but in the future if God permits me to study more, then I would study more about other abnormalities. Nick Vujicic has said, “if your disability is a hindrance, why would you live normally as any other else. It won’t matter if you act on your own and be an optimistic thinker.” He would say a thousand stories in his concert although I haven’t some of the words from his motivational conferences. Maybe I should do the right thing at the back of my head also.


Photo message 7

Photo message 7


My life without you…even in a darkest corners can change into brightest. I can’t help it thinking about you. I can manage, but there’s a possibility to change of what I am and to be frankly, I am stronger today that I am happier throughout with or without single love.@Single_quotes After breaking smoothly with my ex-girlfriend last 16th of May, I’ve decided if I still have time, then I would do this even without her already at the back of my head anymore. She was the one who pushed me for having a great and wonderful job I have today. To think of it, my ex-girlfriend and I became closer naturally because we have one common thought, it was Rico Yan that was at the back of our heads. And I’ve been normally doing what I love the most I can do for my life.


Photo message 8

Photo message 8


Down syndrome is not only as a genetically disorder, but they are positive and optimistic thinkers. They live fullest with wide smiles and live individual long life.” This was my eighth photo message I’ve created so far. And the message shows how people with Down syndrome creates more happiness. But sometimes like I do, I don’t think the word of stress or negative thoughts. It was a taboo already in our definition or in our dictionary terms. I don’t know of this but lately I’ve been thinking at the back of my head that I should do this each and every day.


And the last photo message I’ve created was for myself:


The Author 3 copy

The Author 3 copy


I don’t know much of myself in the past childhood memories. The only I’ve remembered when asking from my elementary friends, they were the ones who kept telling stories what I really did some naughty events in my life back then. But I admitted that I am really a happiest person. Because of them, I won’t be here today. And besides who would thought thinking at the back of my head that I would be successful today. All the while of this years, it is constantly changing my nature from bad things to good things. And the good intentions are creating more happiness memories and it will give exciting for me in the coming years to come. The public should know that I am aware what is happening to our society but not such said in religion or to any cases, it would be one goal I have: change the world in a good place where disability should act to do happiness in your life. It has something to do with our lives today.


One book I should create about: Inspirational quotes and art of literary quotes. You should be follow me here in my studio articles. And read among the articles I’ve create even each now and then. I should carry my own feet what life is telling me about that this life is beautiful even I have a disability. And in spite of that, I should know what is good from bad.


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Troubled Mind (Sacred song)


Feel about time and

phase out the stress,

feel about sorrow

and phase out your sadness,

tell me what’s wrong

in your troubled mind.


I get lost and weary

and I get depressed,

I get surprised and anxious

and I get frustrated,

I get in love and busted

when I feel about you,

there’s no time between us,

there’s no time between

the longest time we ever have.


In this quite journey for me

I long to tell you

that I’ve my condition,

in this quite journey for you

you long to forget

that you must pray and tell.


Feel about time and

phase out the stress,

feel about sorrow

and phase out your sadness,

tell me what’s wrong

in your troubled mind.


Oh, I am lost (I am still lost)

oh, I’ve been forsake (I am still forsaken)

oh, there are no miracles

oh, there are many doubts

oh, there are many fears

when I seek out at the end of the day

I almost get out of my troubled mind

that I almost forget about

is Him above, the sacred king.


He who will never give

forsake about you,

He who will give

miracles for you everyday,

He who will never give

fears and doubts

and I surrender my soul to Him above.


The story:

What is Troubled Mind (Sacred song)?


This was all about me who have been troubled mind in a longest time period in 14 years. And there was a time that I’ve had been in denial stage for a long time. And yet for about 7 years and 7 months, it broke for my emotions. It was all because that I’ve never stayed for a work that I all wanted. Being as an assistant teacher or as a teacher didn’t choose me. But it is a fate that chooses me. There were many hindrances in my life before. I’ve never thought or crossed at the back of my head becoming as an assistant teacher. I’ve never helped myself. I almost tripped out of all my problems, my trials and my challenges that awaits for me. What else can you become if you have a part of being having with Down syndrome in your case? It’s really hard for me. My parents didn’t tell me. My sisters didn’t tell me either. Or my relatives or my friends had never been telling me each time I’ve faced my troubles.


I am surely that I am matured already becoming to face what’s reality or not. I guess there are many trials and challenges that await for me to handle. And late last year or this year when 2013 came, my sister told me that I have a brother who has ADHD. At first, I don’t know what to do. But at the end of the day, I always ask God what plans he would rather chooses me the best. I came from a place where people celebrated from a church who listened to the word of God. Then I give myself a better chance to change my life.


When I visited for a fourth time in Rico Yan’s place, I’ve met someone who really loved me the most. In a span of 8 days, we enjoyed ourselves becoming my first relationship with her. She was the one who speaks to have handling relationship with me and I said yes. But suddenly with a range of disillusions, we partly changed ways and I broke her heart momentarily. Because my parents said it was not a time yet for me to marry her. This was all about doubts and fears that surrounded my thoughts before. There were no what-ifs that time and there were no second chances backing out. We were talking about marriage the way she said it to me. All she wanted to have a marriage to someone she really loved so much. What can you do all about the troubled mind? I guessed it was already the song chooses me after all.


Troubled Mind (Sacred song) is a song of life-breathtaking story about me. This is my second chance to fall in love and commit with God alone to focus what plans has been made and set it for me. And I declare my words to tell you that I”m ready to face another chapter year for the year of 2014.


Troubled Mind (Sacred song) is another one of my composition songs that I made it for today’s literature. And I guess if the time has come, it will be a big celebration if there will be a time someone who deserves me the most because I choose the right girl for me. When will it come? Sooner I think at the back of my head.


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Sunset on the East

Sunset on the East

Untitled Love Song


I am not the person

who would like you

the most in your life

I am not the person

who would you care

in span of years

and I am not the person

if I lose my ground

just to be with you

all the time.


I can’t break in,

I can’t choose one,

I can’t take it

but I’m willing to

sacrifice if I want to

fall in love again

but at the time I make

myself smiling again

then I would be

the happiest just to

be with you in my life.


Then I will be a chance

that I’m a guy for you,

it’s for you that I’m ready

it’s a miracle in life when

I finally recognize myself

deserves you the most,

then it would be a day

I would be ready…

then again…

to love you more easy

to this day.


I am not the person

who would come in

your doors and knocking

I am not the person

who would serenade you

and sing my song for you

and I am not the person

if I lose my ground

just giving flowers and

chocolates then

you turn me down.


I can’t break in,

I can’t choose one,

I can’t take it

but I’m willing to

sacrifice if I want to

myself smiling again

then I would be

the happiest just to

be with you in my life.


Then I will be a chance

that I’m a guy for you,

it’s for you that I’m ready

it’s a miracle in life when

I finally recognize myself

deserves you the most,

then it would be a day

I would be ready…

then again…

to love you more easy

to this day.


I fight my life

just to live with you

I fight my own path

just to continue my dreams

but I can’t fall for you again

if you’re not ready with me

then I will be a wasted

just to try falling for you

I would be ready if

you’re doing for deserving

me the most in your life

then it will be a day

for us to get walk

back one more chance…

soon to get in touch with you.




I write this medley love song just today. I don’t know when I will get a chance to get married. The pressure in our family roots is trying me to get falling in love again. Is there any chances that I would falling in love again? Maybe it’s not a time just to say to the girl that I will marry her instantly. That’s already a fairy tale to me. And it’s not a story who would two persons are ready to fall in love just to get married in one, two or maybe in four years ready to get married. That would be an awful one experience.


And it’s Untitled Love Song. But the main concern in my life, who would inspires me the most?


People will ask me when I will be getting married. My friends say to me it would take time to reveal who would take me to get married with me? And some others say, what are your plans if you’re married already? These are the chances to get ask in questions. And there’s always a doubts and fears whether I like to get married or not. And things are not the same before.


I have relationship with a girl who broke my heart. And after that, I don’t know if I may find another girl who really deserves me the most. But she is younger than me. At the same age, sometimes I find myself lacking one trait in my life – trust. Of course, every girl wants a trust from a guy they really want to get married. But at the end of the day, is there any chances to think at the back of their mind if they are backing out in their marriage? Infidelity is the worst. Even the unfaithful is also worse. But the bad thing is when you will get to say to your partner if you’re not ready – to have commitment with you.


They are prettiest faces I would see every day in facebook. They inspire me the most. And I drive myself to get inspired again from them. What if I turn down? Or what if I will get married? Who would love to get inspired about me? No one girl seems want to get close with me. And I don’t want myself to get relationship with another girl who would break me easily again. My last relationship should be the one who deserves the most. And I want to be her with my life to have commitment, relates to someone with my own story and who will deserves me the most.


There are numerous names at the back of my head if I have a given chance to get a date from each of them. But if I’m lucky, then she would be the one for me and not hurting me again. I just don’t love from their kindness, but I’m looking who will deserve me the most of who I am today. And I’m giving a chance for her to get know about me and to get respect about me.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Line to Heaven

Line to Heaven

Line to Heaven


Calm down, my friends

it shall never come back again

in a new chapter,

in a new life

and in a new tomorrows.


Well, shall we begin

to look forward and

we can begin the highlights

what we have doing,

it may come new blessings

it may come new hopes

it may come new gifts.


Tomorrow shall not wait

bring henceforth to new beginnings,

to new love of our bear fruits

can bring more offerings

from above,

don’t forget to pray

don’t forget to kneel

and don’t forget not to pledge

but to act kindness for

other’s needs also.


I shall seek new hopes

for better nation,

I shall not be a meek

when it comes for

new hopes,

but it overcome a

new situation to the day

it comes to be a brighter nation.


People are grieving,

people are starving,

people are unknown

to many emotions they have

and people are willing to give

that the day shall move forward.


I shall never be a thief

I shall never be a mischief

I shall never be unloved

I shall never be a sentimental

and I shall never be look

someone who is not willing

to give.


Be courteous

be friendly

and be always humble

for the kingdom will have no

end for us to enter,

we shall rise again

from a better nation to become.



It’s been six days already when people need it most: the food, the shelter, the medicines and the care for their homes. For what I have seen from television, countless people I have seen sleeping everywhere in Leyte. People are starving when they need it most to eat. Every hectares of land have been swept about our agriculture needs. How less can it be to become new hopes? Not only our entire nation is weeping and mourning to us, but it’s also become the center of everywhere you have seen. Countries are sending many shelter and food for every Filipino needs in the Visayan provinces. People are most matter to be need. And I also take my part to have hold for my prayers and for my beloved country, the Philippines.


Countless smiles they have shown to us, countless food are coming in and countless of joy they are smiling to us when we are giving relief goods. People are already needed to be most. I shall never be the one when I am before. But it’s becoming myself in tears of joy. People will remember us to be resilient, humble and smiles we have. And we are always kind for someone who needs it most.


Don’t come near to me, but instead come to the presence of Line to Heaven. It always bring more hopes, more strengths and more compassionate hearts that they need it most. Ask directly from Line to Heaven and He will guide more furthermore in the future. And for He has plans, He won’t forget about us. He will make a better choice of living that we are standing together as one and only planet that has breathing heavily in and out.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Trap in a Daylight

Trap in a Daylight

Trap in a Daylight

Reposted from the facebook notes, July 2, 2011


Enjoying daytime shifts

never come in my way,

doing nothing like it’s wrong.

Live by itself in the past

every time I cry or laugh

so much to say and

so much to do.


For giving twilight dreams,

it is said to end it now.

Good or bad ones

how many times it goes

then you guess it’s true.


Enjoying night time shifts

never come in my way,

doing hopelessly to be burden.

Lonely it was,

every time I sit or stand

so many things to say and

so many things to do.


Love is a noun word

on the simple love letter

never says ‘I love you’

every time you cry you love

love is the pain

yet hopelessly it matters.


Never been hurt before,

it is times you go

grieving in the floor clutching.

Hours passed by

then I have to be better

so you”ll need to be strong.


Going far away from home

instantly gives me frightened,

very much frustrated

every time I cry so hard.


Myself in the mirror

enters my mind so jealously.


Matters it said

only you bring the wrong side,

remember the lady said,

‘Exit the word unforgettable.’


One by one,

pen and paper get

punish on my hands.

One by one,

reloading the world

then it must let it go,

under the daylight

never gets me lonely

it is true to be said,

then I have to go

in the weary, ordinary world

every time I sleep

so endlessly.


First letter in each line of the paragraph:

Endless fight, endless lonely nights, give me more opportunities.


The lesson:

Don’t be burden to yourself in a reality world. When you step outside after high school days, learn to be humble all the time and don’t be over professional all the time. You might be trap in daylight like I did in the past.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

When the sea crosses from a far

it always remind how two love birds have been humming,

never tell anyone what’s the true love means

then it has a meaning,

every new and old hearts have always

remembering what the endless love brings stronger.


Is it already over

so it seems there’s a little melodramatic.


Again when you say it all

let the love shout from your lungs

when it’s not over

always tell yourself that

you’re the strongest of them all.


Because you get what you want

each and every vein has been deserving

every time it grow the mutual understanding but

never underestimate the bond of love.


All you don’t know is the endlessly love.


So when the night is over

undying love is always the

mightiest bond of love,

maybe you can consider the true love means

each time you always have said,

remember the true love is always inside of your heart.


For the ending

only one of us have to stay and one of us has to work

remember the true meaning of friendship.


Unless something for the change gives the

sincerest gratitude of your love.




There’s always been a face of new love in this generation. No matter what it looks like, it always have been a love for everyone. What is love for you then? Love for is like an unconditional love you are giving to me. The undying and continuously love have always been told for everyone to understand. Well of course, there’s a purpose for finding a true and right time of love.


What is Endlessly love? Endlessly love is something you would continue to build your relationship and friendship to your partner or to your friends. Endlessly love is also bringing the same faith of level of confidence. What can you do?


1. Don’t let your relationship ruin over your friendship. Friendship is the most matters when you have trouble in relationship. 

Many in the society have troubles in relationship. Thus it always bringing the wrong relationship.

2. Don’t let your heart win over to your mind. There’s always a brain in the relationship. When you think that you are wrong, think about your relationship what it will go beyond over the years.

3. Don’t build relationship into twice or your relationship will go wrecked or busted it up. Sometimes I feel it that way too. Mostly of my friends have always encounter the same problems all the time. What matters most is your friendship between your friends and to your partner.


Since the Endlessly love is always been the talking about the relationship and friendship, it always encounter what your problems talk about. Sometimes of what you see always don’t count the way you can think. Think twice and talk about it. And come closer to your friend. Ask for the advises. Sometimes for the record, marriage is always be the winner between friendship and relationship.

How many ways have to educate

all the times I’ve been manage

remember the things have to rate

dreams are the last to go out in a cage

even three or four times of rapid

scores the last field of goal around

then it will go back to you in the ground.


To one and true love has to be a cupid

only have the best to beat the clock.


Maintain your life time and have not to be blast

all around in your life makes so fast,

keep your profile low and not lock

even the lowest score to beat the splash.


Dreams are sometimes not been made in cash

each and every way don’t loose to cut,

chasing like each turn of pain

it is hard to break in full of chain,

so it might like a dying zombie to shut

in terms of feeling to faint.

On life and death, I could be handsome

not to be someone to pretend having a chrome

since I really like one life just to paint.


In life and justice, there is no canine

since there is a mouse and a computer just to click.


If there is nothing to do or to kick

never underestimate the person just looking fine.


You are hoping to look invisible

only of inside but not as a visible

unless you are hiding from me to be bummer.


And since when you have to show

never look backwards just to flow,

dreams are just like winter and summer.


There was a time in the past when you were the best

how two partners were only what to play

even the things were working in a day.


Please don’t bear too much of being a bummer

all it is known for the love to do whatever

remembering in our lives to be like

ten times of love boat can’t be done to unlike,

never look down in yourself but to live forever

even myself won’t be like a metal

rather I look like a flower that falls of a petal.




This is the second Summer Sonnet. And yet it is more like an explosive ticking in a seconds. Well of course, I’ve been worrying too much of my work lately. Today is a Labor day here in the Philippines. But unlikely to someone I know, my role here is writing a sonnet that cannot be undone to do. I have so much to do with the Summer Sonnet series.


Summer Sonnet II is about the relationship between the man and the lady he always want to court for the lady’s heart. But the story down for this Summer Sonnet II is nothing to be compared in Sunday Sonnets. Summer Sonnet II shares a lot of misunderstanding, hatred, and sometimes a mistaken identity. There’s really a third party of this story.


A man, a lady and a third party – another lady who wants to play with the man. But it seemingly doesn’t do with the relationship. What the another lady does in the story is creating a mistaken identity towards to the man. She always wanted to give the man’s pleasure in sexuality. But this man have given a love potion where this another lady playing as a witch doctor. So when he was in deep love, sometimes he always look to the same girl he always want to win for a lady’s heart.


But next day, the love potion was gone and wore it off already. The man have sleeping with the wrong lady he was having with a sexual affair. So he have gone in a faraway place where he could not found by this wrong lady. He tried many things to kill himself for a suicidal things like electrocuting himself, tying his self in a wrong branch of tree or drowning in the sea. But the suicidal for him didn’t it work it all. Instead he was giving a chance to live for life.


He always wanted to hand a marriage for the lady he always wanted to ask. But he gave the wrong lady a sexual pleasure because the another lady was a stalker. In life, there was a mistaken identity, hatred and misunderstanding. Whenever you have troubles in misunderstanding, you are hoping to have strong bond with your partner.


There is always misunderstanding and hatred everywhere. But your problems didn’t stop there. Always seek for an advice or to consult in a doctor where you can find something you really like to solve it in your own. There are always problems everyday. And everyday sometimes have to solve on your own problems.


I do have my own problems too. I didn’t accept my condition before having being with Down syndrome on myself. With that curious case, I finally solved on my own and eventually, everything landed on its own the right place and right time. For 14 years I hoped to understand, there was no excuses where you can’t solved it on your own. But for the last two years, I’ve received many blessings on the right time and the right place. Everything will come in order accordingly to your dreams.


In this story of Summer Sonnet II have lessons to understand: to solve it in your right time, not to please to everybody, and be yourself what you really need for your own life. This man gave up his own life for his true love. Instead, he went as a single in his status. And in the end, there was always a good hope and a good ending.

When are you going if you’re still in heaven

how could steps to have going that will lead

every way of your dreams have to be hollow,

remember, my dear, don’t follow

even the little steps backwards could leave you dead.


Is it night time already, even

so everyone is sleeping, let me go and say please.


Tonight is your chance to cross

however we have time to follow and across

each of stairs have numbers allowing you to sell the lease.


Love is always not the perfect answer, it’s always a game

only one song has chosen to play and have to be hand

velocity meter to get you below and give you a band

even the might can’t give you a fame.


Then when you’re in the ground, you begin to numb

how will you follow your adviser never to see you again,

all it says that it’s always a thumb

then never to see the heaven again but leading you in the future to gain.


But along the way tomorrow

enters your world with full of surprises, you’ve been knockout by a punch

grieving your chin that has a scar, borrow

in each time you could eat the crunch

never see the world of heaven or leave no sting.


I’ll always taking care of myself or else I’ve been looking for a love fling

never see tomorrow again and I don’t want to hear anybody.


My scar leaves right there

yet no one will know in this place I could enter here.


How can I start my own world if I could look for my own heart

even myself can’t look for one thing to beat

and nothing I could to consider the lady I have to feat,

remember me, my lady, it is I who owns your love to have in greatest art

then it’s nothing as usual as the paint goes blurry.


Not a single item of number has to calculate

even I don’t like it but to hate,

vain in my heart could seize as a flurry,

every encounter I make or that I could been

remembering that I have to turn the wheel.


Each far I could see you or to feel

never underestimate me, I’ve always seen

dreams that never fades like a dream

so I could ask something I would like to stream.




Sunday Sonnet IX is a ninth installment series of Sunday Sonnets. This time, I would like to tell you something different from the past sonnets I’ve been writing about. This Sunday Sonnet IX is about the angel from the skies wanting to wander around below the heaven. So he could search from his hopes and dreams what to do feel like a human. It’s much like that I want to tell you the story. In this sonnet, it’s very wide knowledge that one angel always seek to discover his own assignment. And oh, by the way, this angel is not a female. It’s a male.


You have been fearing what to feel like a human. So he decided to go down from the stairs of heaven. But each time he passed from the gates, there was always a question and answer in each gate. He might be in trouble or he would go back again in heaven. He decided himself wanting to do what humans were doing in the land. So one night as he was already in the planet of humans. One girl he saw, he felt the agony inside the girl’s heart. But he realized he wasn’t ready going to be as a human. He was still an angel. But this magnificent angel have bright ideas. So he managed his own human form like God said in the book of Genesis. From the soil he made, he already looked like a human.


The more he seek for his own assignment is the less going back to the heaven’s gate. Because someone was already getting fume at the back of his head. Nobody left the heaven’s gates without knowing an answers from the questions he made. So the God locked and changed the questions. Thus the angel won’t back anymore because his angelic face begins to form like a human’s face. What he realized on his skin, he was already informed won’t going back anymore in heaven’s gates. But this angel has a mission. It was all along he saw the lady was in trouble. So he decided to help the girl’s problems. It was the lady’s heart broken she always wanted to get married with the man she always wanted. But the more fierce she gets, sometimes he also feels the same way she feels.


And at the end of the story, the lady won in man’s heart and so they were married. But the angel looked tired and sleepy. He didn’t feel sleepy and tired before. But now he realized that angels from heavens above always don’t get tired or sleepy. Because angels and saints were always awake whenever the humans were always have problems on their own. So he decided to go back to the heaven’s gate.


But the main problem in the story, he won’t going back to the heaven above anymore. So he asked from God if he could entered the heaven’s gates. But his mission was not over from the lady he resolved already. So the God firmly resolved that he will be going old in his age. As the time his age is old, it is the time he would return from the heaven. The lessons here in the story was, “don’t ever let yourself doubt to anyone to put yourself to the test. Always ask your conscience and let your decisions to make. And follow in your heart.”


Sunday Sonnet IX is about the angel’s mission from the human problems. It’s about frustration, depression or mixed emotions that you really fear about. Never let yourself to doubt anything to yourself. Always ask someone if you are been told not to do the decisions you are making. Thus, it makes to anyone as you know the terms of the rules in life already.

Summer Sonnet

You are in my word that has thorn

only one have to be born

unless you want to be cast.


All memories have dreams and have to deal

remember one more thing, you have to be fast

even us can’t perform to heal.


My only child has only I have left to be one

yet you consider the world needs life.


For every time you seek and can’t cut from the knife

it’s only one memory that can’t call from the phone,

reconsider your son have to knight so he can cut

since he can’t look anyone but to shake

then nobody could replace a prince from the fake.


Love screams in the air but cannot be shut

only one loud noise sometimes can break a stash,

vain is not considering to be fear

even one look cannot have a tear.


Against from all odds that cash

never buys anything but the wind

gain momentarily so it can’t break the wall

even a highest jump of ball

leaps so high but cannot be bind.


Our love cannot be stir around or punch

for one blow but it cannot build.


Let your love speaks or you go to the guild

in times of living that cannot be crunch,

for mighty sword and shield, you must jump

even a knight cannot be lose or to bump.




This is a new series of sonnets which it’s harder than I could think about from the Sunday Sonnets. Summer Sonnets are considering the hottest sonnets you could read it about love, relationship, commitment and sometimes it can lead to any various shapes of emotional stages in your life.


The first series of Summer Sonnet is about the man’s pride. He could ever imagine what life can be borrow from anyone else. His mother is a queen. Both of them lost a family member which it’s their king of their life. A knight’s tale is like something about the Summer Sonnet but it something can be exchange from the good to evil. And the evil is lurching around the forest and their villain is not a witch. Their villains is a group of elves. And the group of elves lurk in the dark looking in their village and destroying they don’t really like about the humans. But when the queen conceived a baby. Their king restored peace from justice but the death called upon his life. So the elves killed the king and enjoyed their food which they ate king’s human flesh. And you know what? This sounds more like a fairy tale to me. It seems be.


So the elves ruled the forest and expanded their territory in five forests. When the prince was born and have trained in the kingdom. The elves were worrying too much of the powers from the prince. Because the prince was a gentle and kind of little things he can see. So the elves have eleven neighborhood forests. Apart they were building an army. The group of elves were also planning to attack the kingdom again and looking to eat and to destroy. But when they lurked again in the night, so the prince sensed the danger and protected the kingdom at night. The group of elves have didn’t chance from the prince’s powers. Because the prince all did was smiling to little creatures. So the group of elves never went to the kingdom again at night.


But after few months have passed, the new guests have arrived in the kingdom. The group of elves saw the beautiful princess. It might be the weakness of the prince’s powers. So they kidnapped the princess but the prince came to the rescue. The group of elves were frightened again in prince’s powers. So they decided to recruit one person from the mountains and that was the most evil in the country, the mighty Black Eye. The Black Eye was very huge from the rest of the group of elves. He stood seven feet tall and could stepped the little minions of elves.


As the Black Eye summoned the beast from the caves, he let the beast goes to the kingdom. But the mighty prince and his beloved princess who turned in a beautiful sorceress. The prince and the princess killed the beast in one hour. So the Black Eye summoned five more beasts from the caves. But the prince have weakness in numbers. So the beasts almost killed the prince but the princess summoned two angelic valkyries in the skies killing five beasts.


And in the night where the Black Eye and the group of elves have worked together as they spawned in the kingdom. The prince have never seen the madness of the evil from the forests and the mountains. The princess have called her friends from their neighbor country and arrived that night. Three sorceresses killed the group of elves and the beasts continuously but the evil grew and grew from the mountains. So the Black Eye recruited the Golden Eye. Thus the Golden Eye called sea creatures from the sea. In numerous of evil creatures from the sea, the mountains and the forests, the prince grew weaker and grew weaker. So the princess and her friends feared it would be the end of the prince’s kingdom.


But the queen was never been mad before. She turned to a light goddess when the prince never thought that his mother would come from the neighbor country. She killed the sea creatures with a summoning of sun-crypted creature. The Black Eye, the Golden Eye and the group of elves have turned into the fear as they stopped spawning in their kingdom. The evil’s weakness was the sun-crypted creature.


The queen was once called half-beast and half-human. Because the queen was conceived from being having evil and so the evil have stopped killing humans.

Soar the skies and sound the bell

all it matters you don’t have to be look like a prank

vain was not the answer you need to rank

even what you took sometimes you don’t need to fell.


Tear the skies when it shine

how the world will look to be striving

even where the couples are living.


Let my heart hear you to be fine

against one person who is almost forgotten

since the beginning will have to be please

the fate is to live but it’s not worth to be a lease.


Love is only the ending and not as a rotten

only one pair has chosen to open the gate,

vanish from where you have been and fate

enters the world where you can’t think but to read.


The last time I have time to eat

howling from my stomach that I finish to eat the steak

all it matters to me now is a bread

that I won’t getting an illness or I will be get to beat.


You may never know that I may turn like a freak

only you can change me and love me eternity

unless you will be going to my place to come.


When times you will come in a city

igniting the lights that you will be heading for home,

let the love sometimes to feel the fear

love won’t be disappearing or else you’ll be a hater.


Garden in a beautiful nights that you need to see to bear

only everlasting true love will come it later.




It happens in one night where you can see a thousands of candle lamps each and every night it counts. The way how it works, sometimes I feel like a crowning of sparking lights in the skies. Where you imagine your relationship becoming a morning from the evening glows in the night.”


Sunday Sonnet VIII is a powerful relationship sonnet you can imagine read of relationship growing each and every night. It tells you like a story where you can imagine one ordinary man looking for a right princess to get married. But it’s not obvious. Sometimes you have to make it feeling in a story, or you can’t imagine a little of bit imagination that can fly you everywhere you want.


This love story I will be telling you from Sunday Sonnet VIII is something you can make it feeling in a beautiful and enchanted place. Something you can’t dream one ordinary man you always wanted. But sometimes it ends with a bad feeling you won’t get. It won’t get a long relationship if you are not working your progress with your love interest. But in a same way, it felt me when I was in the story. But the story was too impossible to think. So it might a little of bit thinking at the back of your head, a wonderful quick love story you might be guess of. It happens a little dreams that I have in my dreams in my past. But it gives me more enchanting in this story whenever I feel like I am opening a fairy tale book. In the end, there are no more part two neither the sequel it will create another of story. It lacks of a precise story whenever it can predicts no matter how it comes.


Sunday Sonnet VIII is the eighth sonnet of Sunday Sonnets. And I believe it is really growing steadily each time I write each Sunday it comes. And to be honestly, when it comes to sonnets, sometimes I find it hard to write it down. Especially what words can be using in the end of the lines and form the perfect sonnet. It really excites me that much but sometimes it is eager to form a new sonnet. Well of course, not everyone can formally do this way the way I write. How many words can you use? Or maybe sometimes, how many it can performs a better one?


The trivia first letters for this Sunday Sonnet VIII is: Save the last love that you will go.


Sunday Sonnets are much more bolder to comprehend than it looks to become like in a poem structure. However, when it comes to have becoming a sonnet and not the poem structure. It’s entirely different from sonnet, song, quote, poem or whatever it makes you feel to make new one. But I suggest that you have to make more practicing in a good way. I’ve been writing since my high school days. But I am now in my early 30’s. The way I love making sonnets is how I feel about making them. It is how you can carry your emotional feelings or better to write it down the perfect way of a sonnet.

Fallen Angel

Many times I’ve been falling

yet I never give up in times I see around because of you.


From when I feel anything

all it matters to me

love doesn’t give me so much in pain,

love don’t encounter me, but

every time I seek for the answers

nobody tells me that I’ve never be the same.


Awkward when I come for you to ask

never question my doubts of my feelings,

gain me with an attention of love and pain

each time I look for the answers,

love is lost when it breaks inside gently.


Is it really about you or is it just me

since we’ve never been told we’re the same.


So when you feel that you are blushed

only you can make me feel that I look crying,

my face sometimes looks red

even my cheeks aren’t the same before

where I can see your feelings, the same

how it feels inside of me.

Enter the world with full of mysteries

roaming angels where they can feel the ground

each time they step just like an angel.


It is either you or me

never feels the same like a saint.


Might consider my feelings to be like 

you but it really appreciate me that much.


Heart is where you can play

every tune in the rhythm

and it plays the sound of music of

reminiscing sound of joy and happiness,

then love is where I put my fallen angel inside of me.




Fallen Angel is a perfect catch for the day. I’ve been writing all day long and this is my second literary work I’ve been working for the day. My second thoughts was that I wanted to post this first, but it came second poem for the day.


My undying love in literature have once coming it back for me. This Fallen Angel is the story of a person’s one true love. It has something that you have been searching for your angel. Sometimes it points out at the back of my head thinking if it would be the angel looking for the right time and the right place. It is something you wanting to be longing to search for a perfect opportunity.


But of course, the blind item is still unknown. Unknown that you may searching for a long time. Sometimes it’s in front of you already waiting for your move. Or maybe when it’s something it can wait for someone falling in love with someone’s else. And yet you feel unchanged for this person you really want to express your feelings. I do have feelings. But everyone has also feelings. One common feeling we have is the doubt we feel inside. We feel we can’t do it alone. We can’t feel what we have inside just to express it loudly. Or maybe that it has really something worth to be bought. And the item is given to you someday.


Trivia: The first letters in each of the paragraph says, “my fallen angel is somewhere in my heart.”

Angelic image

Angelic image

When there’s a wind, there’s a light

and nobody can teach me how

nobody knows me in times I am willing to fight

dreams are never been the same before

even the darkest hours have to say goodbye.

Remember, my lady

it’s not really about you

nobody can teach me how

grieving me in pain and I feel.


My heart is open wide and 

yet every time I tell you it’s whole wide world.


Heart can teach me how

every time I seek below to run ahead

all around in one corners.

Reach me one more time, or second time

then tell me now what you’re looking for.


Today it’s not the best to see you

only my heart can provide the unconditional love.


See this question, my lady

each and every kind have the same answers

each and every hope have the best it comes.


Dreams are real, my man,

only your heart can’t look but your pride is,

never doubt me with your questions

then answer me with all you have being as a man.


Leave my heart closed and tight

only you can tell it’s nothing

only you can’t achieve what’s inside my heart

keep me in the distance and tell me now.


Are you sure, my man of my life

remember this day for you have to know

only the open heart can arouse from above

unless you say something to me and

never underestimate my feelings for you,

dreams are real and it’s an open heart.


All things are open

since you are really been a lover to me.


If one heart can teach us to love

foolish love can tell we are not that close.


Tell me now, my darling

however you seems mesmerizing of my looks

even my prettiest eyes are existed to beauty you

remember me, my darling

even today is the last day you see me around.


If there’s only one hope

since you are my shining armor of my life.


Never, never ever tell me

only one heart proves for us to stay

then it has nothing to be with us

how can you say it’s real,

in times like this

never question my doubts for you, my darling

give me the last meaning of hope.


Since you are my lady of my life,

every girls are running after me

everyone of them that I’ve said no to them

keep my heart for you the longest time.


Marriage is my offer to have open with you

even my hands would reach for you.


Fine as it is, my lady,

only one heart can teach us

reaching for the last star to fall in the skies.


Then I wish that star

hopes for us to dream the

everlasting one heart for us.


Let me give one more time,

all I can ask is to marry you

so, my beautiful lady

today’s my luckiest day with you.


Then I will open my heart

in one palace we could live

my lady, you are my green of my life

each of my words is only for you.


Alright, my darling

since you ask me for a marriage

keep my heart only the best for you.


My man of my life that you

enter my world full of brightest colors.


All my living days would be always with you

gain me to touch you,

are you now the happiest man of my life

it will be raining so soon then

never see the clouds to open for the sun.


Only my heart will ask you

please open yours so

even whenever I see,

nobody could tell us to consider to stop.


How the worlds can look for us

even your family is ready for our happily marriage

all their happiest faces melts us to kiss each other

remember this day that I really love you

then we are ready for another chapter.


Is your father ready for us

since we are both happily getting to ready to see him.


My brothers are also happily

yet they are ready to be part of our families.


Let the heart reads their mind

all I can ask is something that I could give

so this wedding rings for us is perfect opportunity

to keep our one heart to be loved.


Only for you I am ready

never let someone ruin our days

let them to speak

yet our days are ready to be get happily each day it will pass.


Hope it’s the last thing I can ask for you, my lady

open heart is for us to keep relationship in private

please tell your heart

each time I would say this to you that I really love you eternally.




This poem is supposedly written in short story article. But it just turned me lately that I want it to be look like a poem. It’s not also a poem for me. But there’s two people are in this story. Well, the story is set in the place of romantic place that you have never been. I really love making of this kind poem. But it turns like a script writing poem. Oh yes, it’s definitely a script writing poem. It really sounds crazy for you and for me. To tell you honestly that I really don’t know how it will turn in a good way. In this poem of Open Heart is the story of one romantic couple. They are really questioning their faith, hope and their marriage. And they are questioning their doubts of false hopes. It seems a lack of misunderstanding could be the main ingredient of hate, but it turn out the important words to say that you really love the partner the way it is.


Okay for now, I tell you the secret ingredients how I perfectly combine the longest love poem I’ve ever made. It was, “wandering my heart to see, don’t look around as if there is nothing, seek me for the last time, ask me again, open heart is my last hope.” It was there really the encrypted words in each first letter of every paragraph. The first line wandering my heart to see is the man that he speaks for the first five paragraphs. Then for the second person is don’t look around as if there is nothing are all the words that the girl speaks for her heart. Then the next person is the man again for his words of, seek me for the last time. The fourth person is the girl again with the words of, ask me again. And the last person is the man again with the words of, open heart is my last only hope.


It was something like I wanted it to look like a script play poem. It seems there’s a lack of ingredient that I have use for this poem. But it seems going pretty well. Of course, there will be a time for me again to create another perfect opportunity of another poem. Hope it will turn out a good review of what I made it. Honestly at the back of my head something tells me it’s not really quite good for me. It is not really a precise poem for me. But it turns out like a script play. And it seems there’s a black cloud passing at the back of my head thinking if I have black mind again. There’s a good reason for that. And of course there’s every question at the back of our heads thinking if there’s really a good ending.


Oh and I forgot. The good ending for this poem turns out like a happily ending. The man have already married with his lady that he really courted the girl for their nine years of relationship. Then of one year going to have engaged is something you really want it to hear from the good story. And so, the good news was that they have four healthy children: three daughters and one son whose they are having problem with the boy. Because that boy has disability of being having with autism. And there’s nothing to have afraid for. Because their daughters are good example taking their brother pretty well. And they teach their children to be good. Which it’s the best ingredient in the story is unconditional love. Keeping the love so much in their family makes a beautiful family they can provide for. As the story goes on, the first person who have died in the story is their mother who have died of cancer who have experienced of pain. It was really a good story because the father stood the mistakes into learnings. And sometimes when we left the best person around the world was our mother.


Open Heart is not only the story of one romantic couple, but it’s also a story of having with someone with special condition. And there is something we can learn from our battles. We intended to hurt for sometimes, but we grew our love to be stronger relationship. And a stronger relationship is something we learn from our experiences. There will be a time of misfortunate events that happened in other places, but we also love the world we really love each other. Open Heart is about the relationship, hardship of denial stages, hard to cope our family keeping bond, learnings that we lose our loved ones and the stronger unconditional love we grow each other.




Open Heart is one of the hardest poems I’ve ever made. Although some of the days I was thinking about the short story article, I was clueless and completely drained. To tell you honestly, this one particular title have been a week already in one that I will suppose to create in short story. But it seems it has to be changed in one of my standards. Well of course, I am not a writer. I am not also a poet. It’s just that I really love to write for my passion in literature. Keeping this for myself something tells me that I can determine to be an actor someday. Because it’s one of my longest and only dreams to be dreaming for being as an actor. I was in high school before thinking if I could pass my own intelligence. Because of what I felt in my past years have changed me now and then. The year of 1997 have broke in my life when I have learned that I have being with Down syndrome. And in the same time, for the longest of 14 years I kept the silence, 2011 was the year of my acceptance stage. Well, I’ve even asked my parents what it was really difficult for me through the years was my frustration and depression.


It turn out looking a great year for me this year. Because I really believe of what I am capable for my actions and my responsible of what I can act for. And my biggest dreams is to becoming an actor. Right now, I am not spending too much of my money from my business. I would love to get interested to follow one of my dreams – to be an actor. It is keeping me how I love my life. And I am ready taking advantage of what I have. And I am ready to get happy endings.

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