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Eightieth-Seventh English Quote:


If there is nothing to beat me completely

then it’s nothing to be afraid of,

of who you are to be

of what you can be for your real life

or to regret something you’ll forget.


I notice the doors will open

the bursting ideas will keep coming in

the regretful, frustrated and

flawless pointless ideas are

keeping to sink at the bottom

of the depths inside of the ocean.


What bothers me to uphold all

the things that cannot bringing it back,

the hatred must not come at the end

or shall it be repenting the last

judgment of the last days’ will.


No matter what it says

or no matter what it does an action

it should be open by now

anytime or any day will come

that the future will waiting for you

knowing your frustrations as

your last day wishes.


Eightieth-Eighth English Quote:


The creativity of all the beginning

when the world is created,

Adam and Eve was the first humans

in the world but neither less to say

that we are becoming aware of

our four billion population is growing more.


The chest pain in our daily lives

we see all in our eyes every day and night

we gather informations all we can

completing our mission but only one

cannot be seen is about the disabilities.


Night seeks the day and

the day seeks the night

and every day we wake up

we also sleep in the slumber nights

we can do in our lives.


One or maybe two

or shall I say it more than

disabilities I can see in the road,

the blind risks to work needing our help

in order to eat their stomachs,

the mute cannot talk but understands

what we are saying to them,

and the hearing loss seems helplessly

in order to gain in our daily lives.


With Down syndrome,

kids or adults being having with those conditions

needs our help in order to see them

under our unconditional love.


With Autism or other abnormalities,

kids or adults being having with those conditions

seeks more your help in order

to grow more in their potential talents

but what we can see in daily lives

is a discrimination acts.


Discriminative tools are not to be said,

discriminative words are not to be used

unless we take care them in our

long patience, understanding the pain

in their hearts listening to them,

and the world needs to know

that we need them in our daily eyes.




Every day I sit beside my keyboard and the screen in front of my eyes, I always think at the back of my head what to write next for my English quotes 40. It’s about the time when I need to think the next freshest group of words will come out. The key of existence keeping to write in this kind of literature is all about the achievements. And the achievements will test me new challenges if I can it write more than a group of words. And to test all about my courage and my capability knowing my knowledge are all at the back of my mind.


The last English quotes 39 was dated six weeks ago and it was dated 26th of January, Sunday, 2014. But among of all ideas synchronizing inside of my mind keeps me playing what I can do to those words and what to write is all the best I can have.


87th English Quote:


This eightieth-seventh english quote is all about the frustrations keeping you not to move forward. But all the things you regret in your life is your family, relationship with your partner, your financial basis, your relationship with your boss or to any key of frustrations in your life. The bothersome in your life relies too much in the other side of the world needing to say it’s not worth it. But it’s worthless to know all about the knowledge. The last actions of your ideas keeps knowing about you, but it keeps you away from any distractions, a miserable life.


88th English Quote:


This eightieth-eighth english quote is all about the discrimination, the beginnings and the disabilities that we know for today’s generation. I long fought my life in denial stage way back since my sophomore year in my high school. Until I reached at the certain age of adult, I was becoming aware that I’ve had to accept my condition. Knowing the truth honestly kept my composure to the ground. The world started with two first humans and God didn’t get mistakes but gave gifted children with different disabilities. With different disabilities in our lives whether in any kind of human race around the world insists growing more advocacy in our lives – to know the disabilities are more capable than the rest of the society. But discrimination is not an option. To end the discrimination, it must be to stop, educate the society and learn the fact that we all unite as one human race in the world, more than four billion in population.


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28 days of February quotes (Down syndrome awareness month)


Day 1

I was born in the world not knowing I have disability – being having with Down syndrome, I will be loved by anyone else.


Day 2

God created man and woman. He didn’t give mistake by giving an extra chromosome. He created with powerful to change on us.


Day 3

Pure of unconditional love and pure of understanding are the ways to love an extra chromosome.


Day 4

Life is inevitable. It doesn’t give an accidents. But it gives an extra chromosome to be share gifted child to someone else.


Day 5

I am loved by my sister, my brother, my mother and my father. I am loved because Down syndrome surely rocks!


Day 6

With an ingredient of long patience, deeper understanding and full of unconditional love, those are the words to describe why we love extra chromosome, kids with Down syndrome.


Day 7

Labeling me as Down syndrome, I am not alone. I am loved in the eyes of God.


Day 8

Of all the creations in the world, disability is only an ingredient that can change our life to love them.


Day 9

You see me as different. But see me as a person who loves you. Being having with Down syndrome, we have ability to love you more.


Day 10

I cry because I am hungry to love you. I laugh because I am tickle to see you laughing. With me for you, I am special child. I am blessed with special parents.


Day 11

Love me having with a disability, but with unloved, their attitude is not exceptional.


Day 12

Don’t cry for me, my special parents. I am stronger to be loved from you. I will be stronger even I laugh to my mightiest smile.


Day 13

I’m an special angel. I’m a super baby. And I’m super loved from you.


Day 14

You are not alone, because you are like me. I love who I am being having with Down syndrome.


Day 15

I’m rare, I’m special and I’m your friend. Don’t be afraid with me.


Day 16

I always look in the limitless skies thinking at the back of the head that I will be always a role model for everyone.


Day 17

Don’t say mongoloid, it’s not nice. Say an appropriate word, a child or an adult with Down syndrome or DS. Because we also are humans who love you also.


Day 18

Look me as your closest friend. I treasure and value each and every person I meet. I am your special friend.


Day 19

I was born with of full of capacity and capable to do making you happy. Happiest is one of my ingredients.


Day 20

People see me as different, but I see them equally. Down syndrome is not a disease, it’s an ability to share our unique characteristics.


Day 21

Take care of my heart as I take care of your unconditional love to me. I love you from my deepest mind at the back of our head.


Day 22

Notice me as your love of your life. Remind me as your soul mate. Because with disability, it doesn’t matter for labeling. I also love you.


Day 23

With a greatest gift, I only can make you my smile to melt your stress away.


Day 24

Nurture one of my talents are to share with my treasure. Bless those who love me.


Day 25

I never fail to see you growing up. First you learn how to talk, how to walk and how fast you can run. Second, you make us learn how to love you more.


Day 26

Believe me for what I can change for the world, that is one of duty to make you happy.


Day 27

An appropriate to make an ingredient is to adjust yourself who is someone born with Down syndrome. Love me unconditionally.


Day 28

The duty of a special parents for special kid or special adult with Down syndrome are helping to shine self-sufficient duties and creating to teach good morale lessons.


Why 28 day quotes of Down syndrome?


28 day quotes of Down syndrome start in the month of February, the Down syndrome awareness month here in the Philippines. It represents the day quote and half away to teach for new parents, building trust to take care of their special child with Down syndrome.


28 day quotes of Down syndrome will create more day quotes next year. Follow more about related articles and read more about How I overcome Down syndrome, Why Down syndrome, Is Down syndrome a fate, What’s wrong to have Down syndrome, My other friends misjudge me for having Down syndrome, No labels as Down syndrome and a series of Living being as Down syndrome.


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English quotes 39

Eightieth-Fifth English Quote:


It’s all about unconditional love

when young or old has to meet

in many ways of forming

the new meaning of being special.


I see thousand of letters sending

to the mailbox where most of the

letters said that we have to be

stronger, understand and be

kind to each and every another.


Each of us whether you are young

or old that we are different,

it is not forming another group

but rather forming a group of

people who understand you more

because being a disability

doesn’t mean to be uphold,

but to carry in our hearts.


Little or many of us have faith

to each and every another,

a person with disability must

be to respect not to say any

other form of words but to

understand them.


One world, one planet

one word, one strong bond

and one carrying to each another,

you always have to see,

to listen and to speak that

being each of us has one voice,

we are love for who you are.


Eightieth-Sixth English Quote:


My heart says that I need a love

but it doesn’t need to have loved

for what I stand, I walk or I talk,

loving you more is more important

than the rest of the action words.


I speak the truth and the world

speaks the truth,

people who taking care of us

as also a person with disability

who commonly wants to work,

to have fun and to able enjoy

the rest at the end of the day.


You smile to us unconditionally,

you help to us emotionally,

you carry to us physically

and you act to us spiritually,

for we encounter the love

around the world we know,

this is a better place we live

with you in one big happy family.


The joyful of bringing wide smiles

and the laughter we create happiness,

this is what we cannot suppress

to look forward instead helping us,

love me for what we have disability

and we love you as a special friend

to one whole wide world to see

each of one kind has no label,

we look alike just you as we love you.




I have been writing quotes lately through facebook, android cellphone or any forms of social networks or either I am writing to my own notebook telling that I’m not still stopping. This is a quite journey for this month. Next month is a month of love and a month of my birthday falls on 19th. I am quite that I am turning old. It is who I am now. I’m brave, stronger and an optimistic person who always looking forward what challenge is awaiting for me. But it is a quite for me to understand that I have to be stronger in physical, emotional and spiritual.


Being as an assistant teacher that I am always helping out with my bosses, my teachers who needed my help and assisting the kids or parents. I am always happy to help and assist. It’s been seven months for now and still holding for many promises to carry and to help my friends at the school. In this set of new quotes I write, it’s all about unconditional love, respect, understand, patience and helping to each of special child or special adult. And I’m always reminding myself that I have to be better this year of 2014. It’s always to remind that we can’t live with normal people. But we can share our stories to people that we can still live for what we can do. And we stay for a long-life.


85th English Quote:


The eightieth-fifth english quote is about the person with disability who have to respect and remember how to take care of him or her. It’s about the society telling us to remember what we are really about. Whether you have disability or not, always remember for who we are and to be honest all the time. Or otherwise, it won’t be recognized. People should know the meaning of the word disability. And disability is all about for who we are taking care of. This 85th english quote is all about unconditional love, respect, responsibility and taking care of disability’s needs.


86th English Quote:


The eightieth-sixth english quote is also about the person with disability, but it has a deeper meaning in this quote poem. What you are looking for a person who don’t have respect sometimes takes an action of being as a responsibility person. And this person should realize that you can’t pursue what is going to have about. The journey of this quote also signifies the importance in the society that all of human in this planet should realize how the importance of being having with a disability. This 86th english quote is all about the knowledge of no labels and creativity of each and every person with disability.


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English quotes 38

Eightieth-Third English Quote:


I have no boundaries,

I have no scars to leave behind,

I don’t have labels

but I can describe myself

as a special person

with a big heart to change

and a big surprise of

changing your special mind.


I cross out my mind

to see a beautiful sunrise

coming right over the skies

and lifting above is a sun.


When I’m closing my eyes

I always think at the back

of my head

what is special all about

me and my parents

is through guidance,

pinch of patience,

dash of love

and a wonderful blessing

that we are as a special.


Eightieth-Fourth English Quote:


No one believes what I can do

no one believes in what capable I made of

and no one takes care what is good

from wrong.


I see the glimpse of running water

in the faucet saying it’s full

of unconditional love,

full of laughters we bring

and full of blessing we have.


But the real score above

is not only the one,

there are many reasons

why all the special children

have the same spirit

is to reach their highest dream

to be ever achieve

is their mightiest dream.




I am turning to be advocate of special education nowadays since the losing the labels I’m quite saying here in my literary works. Thus, it’s only the beginning of a new chapter series of english quotes 37 and so forth – to become inspirational quotes as well. It’s different from making photo messages which are the best quotes I am making from my android phone. But it don’t click all the rest of my photo messages. I must say it’s not yet a one hundred percent. But there’s a equality among the special children, special teenagers and special adults with their special needs.


Like I do, I also have mosaic Down syndrome. But it don’t matter me anymore because it’s not a hindrance to me anymore. It really feels that I’m still new in the world full of surprises. But being having with my condition is a role key of acceptance, honor and respect. I love what I am doing in my job today as an assistant teacher assisting regular and special children in a school. The rest of what I am doing when I’m at home is writing. I was enjoying writing since I was in high school that improves me through years. It took me years to practice, but it’s not that fast. You have to be dedicated and full of passion. You also have to take what you are love doing mostly in your life. And I accept for who I am today.


83rd English Quote:


The ingredient of eightieth-third english quote is interesting topic according to the word of a special. It creates a whole new perspective of changing quotes today than in the past quotes. But I am more focusing to create and to make new meaningful quotes this time. On this eightieth-third english quote is all about losing the labels, no barriers and big change of acceptance. It’s about special people with special needs. Like I do have being having with Down syndrome won’t matter if I can make it through my years right now. But I must say that I will continue what I am inspired to do a lot of things.


84th English Quote:


The ingredient of eightieth-fourth english quote is another interesting topic about the special children and a glimpse of full of blessings. It is how we are building our lives to be normal as we can and live up to our expectations breaking the barriers also. Being as a special adult today, I am more welcoming the new world of hope, new creativity of acknowledging special children and getting to know other people who have special needs. But right now I learn my lessons is to wait, to respond and to act as one person who loves everything given as a blessing. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.


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Eightieth-First English Quote:


I found nothing to redeem today

but there is something lost,

and for the day it counts,

it shall deem what it is lost

or it shall deem what it is found.


Don’t delay from me, my queen,

I therefore count my everlasting love

that my child is not between

yours neither it is not mine,

it is picked where

we both have found

underneath the tree of blossoms

and I shall behold

the truth that the child

is a special child.


Eightieth-Second English Quote:


I laugh when you laugh

I cry when you cry,

but it seems that you’re lost

I’m winning of all kind of cards

and there is nothing to feel

and I shall walk away.


Don’t betray all over me

don’t prey all over me

don’t sway all over me

and I can’t resist all through your life

this is just the beginning.


I’m like a impersonator

don’t make me cry all for you,

do you think that I’m impersonator,

or make me cry all over for you again,

we cry, we laugh, we satisfy

or we hustle all the time.


This is nothing but I shall say

I laugh when you cry

but you cry when I laugh

and you give me all nothing to beat

that you’re a real impersonator.




This is my comeback literature that I haven’t writing for eight months already. I’m been revising all that I have resources on my back. To tell you the truth, this revising all my knowledge is therefore changed. Why? I should be added one prior to be change and that’s a special articles also about this literature. What do you know about literature in the first place? To be quick open-minded, you shall think about what’s perception and digesting all new ideas in the first place.


81st English Quote:


In this particular of eightieth-first english quote, this is a medieval quote. But added to another change, I’ve added the nature of special education quote also have been arrived here. In the story of quote, there was two characters. One was knight and one was queen. The queen was conceived a special child who a mother can’t decide if they let the special child be lived or not be lived. Because the knight suffered a trial when his mother conceived a special child. But the queen said that she can’t bear a special child because she have no experiences to taking care of a special child. But the knight insisted to take it, so he grabbed the opportunity to raised his stepbrother, a special child. The queen didn’t need the special child anymore for her throne. But months later, the knight gave a special token to his life that he must took care of his stepbrother. Soon after he found that his stepbrother had a heart disease when he carried his stepbrother to a wizard. But the wizard also doesn’t know how to determine if a special child was really a special child. For months and months looking for a cure, this wizard found that this special child had one real ingredient that changed the kingdom, the heart of a mother. When the queen ran a kingdom for a long time, years passed by, the knight and his stepbrother was barely eight years old limping to one left leg going to the castle. So as the story went by, this queen saw the knight again for a long time along with a little boy who have been limping to his one left leg. But she noticed that she looked as if she lost something. But the knight didn’t introduce the little boy to the queen. And the knight was re-assigned to another contract and served again as a knight. But a few days after, a little boy with one left leg limping came to offer something for the queen to eat and gave something it can offer an excitement laugh to the queen. One thing that queen was happier about the little boy with one left leg, she didn’t know that the boy was her own son. When the knight returned to the kingdom after five years, he saw his stepbrother well-grown man and was not limped already because he was helped by the queen. Then the knight revealed to the queen that once a little boy with one left leg limping she took care of was her own son. A queen saddened to her tears and didn’t notice that was her son a long time ago she dispatched. The lessons for this quote, don’t let your special child ruin on their own life, instead take care of them full whole-heartedly. And it is something to give it in return for an exchange – a reward from heaven.


82nd English Quote:


In this particular of eightieth-second quote, this is related-song lyrics from Miley Cyrus from her song of Wrecking Ball. Her idea making some of a good new meaningful lyrics made a new genre for this generation. But I feel for her sadness that her boyfriend couldn’t take much pain and hatred. It was much awful when you heard some meaningful lyrics in the same way. What it may feels the same way if you can’t feel the way she could feel from her emotions. Just hear and listen carefully to her lyrics. It was before I misjudged about her video song about Wrecking Ball. But the idea for her song was catchy. It has meaningful lyrics. And by the way, some one little boy who was blind sang this Miley Cyrus’ song in youtube. If I may not mistaken, this Wrecking Ball made a different tune, but it also have a deep painful lyrics when you listened to. But here in this quote, I remake it and made as a title of Impersonator instead of Wrecking Ball. Interesting topic, but somehow it is lost somewhere at the back of my head.


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Line to Heaven

Line to Heaven

Line to Heaven


Calm down, my friends

it shall never come back again

in a new chapter,

in a new life

and in a new tomorrows.


Well, shall we begin

to look forward and

we can begin the highlights

what we have doing,

it may come new blessings

it may come new hopes

it may come new gifts.


Tomorrow shall not wait

bring henceforth to new beginnings,

to new love of our bear fruits

can bring more offerings

from above,

don’t forget to pray

don’t forget to kneel

and don’t forget not to pledge

but to act kindness for

other’s needs also.


I shall seek new hopes

for better nation,

I shall not be a meek

when it comes for

new hopes,

but it overcome a

new situation to the day

it comes to be a brighter nation.


People are grieving,

people are starving,

people are unknown

to many emotions they have

and people are willing to give

that the day shall move forward.


I shall never be a thief

I shall never be a mischief

I shall never be unloved

I shall never be a sentimental

and I shall never be look

someone who is not willing

to give.


Be courteous

be friendly

and be always humble

for the kingdom will have no

end for us to enter,

we shall rise again

from a better nation to become.



It’s been six days already when people need it most: the food, the shelter, the medicines and the care for their homes. For what I have seen from television, countless people I have seen sleeping everywhere in Leyte. People are starving when they need it most to eat. Every hectares of land have been swept about our agriculture needs. How less can it be to become new hopes? Not only our entire nation is weeping and mourning to us, but it’s also become the center of everywhere you have seen. Countries are sending many shelter and food for every Filipino needs in the Visayan provinces. People are most matter to be need. And I also take my part to have hold for my prayers and for my beloved country, the Philippines.


Countless smiles they have shown to us, countless food are coming in and countless of joy they are smiling to us when we are giving relief goods. People are already needed to be most. I shall never be the one when I am before. But it’s becoming myself in tears of joy. People will remember us to be resilient, humble and smiles we have. And we are always kind for someone who needs it most.


Don’t come near to me, but instead come to the presence of Line to Heaven. It always bring more hopes, more strengths and more compassionate hearts that they need it most. Ask directly from Line to Heaven and He will guide more furthermore in the future. And for He has plans, He won’t forget about us. He will make a better choice of living that we are standing together as one and only planet that has breathing heavily in and out.


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Seventieth-Ninth English Quote:


I ask a little favor

then I think

that is a doubtful question

of what I lose a ground

and where I should

standing now.


Maybe it doesn’t fall

or didn’t count the way

it matters, it speaks

and it think for itself.


You laugh for no jokes

to get serious

or cry for not sentimental

but I guess,

it’s not really meant

to be that way.


Two hundred hurdles,

and one lap takes you

more to discipline

and to mind over heart.


It’s officially there is

an answer

and I won’t take it away,

for you to know

is a better quality than quantity.


Eightieth English Quote:


Well done, my friend

for I am not here for you

then I am nothing as a

fiercely beast you can see

and prove it if you’re wrong.


You seek the land to see

better reason to ask me

as an ugliest answer,

better not tell me if you

are not really ready to battle.


Fine, as I say to you,

for I am here to battle you

and tomorrow

there will be no war

between of us and I don’t care

for your utter words.


And I create the fiercely wind

when you don’t know how

to speak the emotional feelings

for your wife don’t know

about the meaning of kingdom.


People of this land won’t

even care for your speech

for you’re not a king,

but you’re a worthless man

who doesn’t know the pride

and courage to stand.


So better to speak and truth

will come out eventually

that you are the same man

as you are in the past

and leave the kingdom to me.




The well-known quote poems are better to read in short. Sometimes when you read some longest quote poems is sometimes hard to understand. It seems a few quite invisible lines are hardest to get to understand. Somehow in my way, I also, too, can understand my feelings drawn in my literary works. Maybe a few poets have manage to make and create some popular quotes, poems, and sometimes a sonnets. One of my favorite writer is William Shakespeare. Somehow he draws my feelings whenever I write it down the poems, songs, sonnets and even the quotes. I’ve a hundred literary works but until now I’ve never found a single literary work to publish here. Maybe in the future can manage me to open the new door of opportunities for me. Luckily, all my literary works were kept secretly in my friend’s house. Hmm…if I could only go there and retrieve all my belongings one by one.


79th English Quote:

One of my biggest inspiration in my life has written in short quote poem. But in the same way, it has same feelings whenever I write new one. But this 79th English quote poem was a year older already. So I’ve decided to write and publish here in my studio. In this quote poem, it describes the pattern of emotional quote poem. This particular lines are pretty well written whenever I’ve encounter one of my past life. The way how I feel and whatever I feel sometimes makes me comfortable when writing an older version or creates new ones. And I believe that every sentimental in the world is really exists. It has something material or memories that you collect in the past. Maybe you don’t want to forget the memories in the past. So the last line was, better quality than quantity have said, “it is something that you receive your innermost feelings than to count the blessings you can count.” It’s a bit strange of feeling but I can tell you it’s the way of feeling I can tell.


80th English Quote:

This is the medieval quote poem. And it is my first time to write screenplay that turns into a quote poem. Somehow it excites me. But in the same way of feeling, I’ve undergone through my emotional patterns that it’s eager me to write new one. And this quote poem is exactly I’ve made it today. First of firsts is the first feeling of expression you want to write new quote poem. But in order to have that, you must have to clear your mind of nothing to think. Just be yourself and clear your thoughts. Somehow it is better to write new quote poems of new meanings of new life. In this medieval quote poem, it’s also have an anger management issues. There are two people in this quote poems. One was the king and one was the right-hand knight who is able to sacrifice to rule the kingdom in case the king dies. They were both arguing the kingdom to defend against enemies around the kingdom. In their neighborhood countries have strongest forces in weapons, but in their last hope was to defend and honor their kingdom as well. Both king and right-hand knight have had the same feelings in king’s wife. well of course the right-hand knight have relationship with the king’s wife. It is similar to the story of King Arthur and Sir Lancelot in Arthur stories. But the king knew that his friend has relationship with his wife. He have seen them getting in sexual intercourse, but both of them didn’t bring up the issue of sexual intercourse. But in the end, they won their territorial disputes against three countries who wanted to claim their land. The king died in his old age and the right-hand knight became the king. The right-hand knight have four sons that his friend’s wife conceived with his relationship. So the good ending was truly happily ever after.



This is the newest addition for my quote poems, AT THE END OF THE DAY. AT THE END OF THE DAY is similar of IN THE NUTSHELL. Well of course, it proves me something that I could write a different version of my quote poems. Here in 36th part of English quotes have different point of views. And of course, the 80th English quote is the new version of series of medieval quote poems. It will be added something that has to change in my literary works. And of course, my inspiration in writing comes a bit of new generation poets and writers. And I’m not a good writer. I just love to write.

Seventieth-Seventh English Quote:


The sadness wept tears away

thinking a new day would come,

but somehow my sadness turns

like a drop of water from the faucet.


Tears comes a new way of joy

when I am too overexcited

to see the everlasting smile

and the joy we have share

is the last thing

we would do.


No matter how happy you are,

I am always be with you

even the eternal life

is at the end,

we would be together again

in the next life.


Seventieth-Eighth English Quote:


Shape up for the things

you always love the most 

and I fill your day

to be the wonderful

and happiest moment of time.


Every breath I take

and every time

I’ll need love from you

is what I keep in my heart.


Love breaks in time of suffering

and only time will tell

that I am needing you

for eternity

and I will be watching you.


Don’t you see

until my heart aches from you

and I keep hating you

if you blind me too much

from each corner of my life.


Please go away

if I don’t need you anymore

but to tell you the truth

that it really hurts for me

to leave you alone.


Then if I am with you

that sometimes I feel

in a hundred ways

I am still in love with you

from these years.


And sorry that I

keep worrying you

for me it doesn’t

feel too much

I never take it seriously

if I fall in love again

and just to say

it is never too late

to be in love again.




Love is essential when you are making quotes, sonnets, songs or poems. If you don’t have what it requires, it is sometimes you don’t feel anything. You are like a normal human who doesn’t have experiences. Well I do normally have, but telling in secrets won’t give you a hint here in my quote poems.


The first one I have to discuss you is the 77th English quote poem. This is a short sadness quote poem. It normally requires you to cry but sometimes it doesn’t need to be have one. Well of course, if you feel the way you can feel. It occasionally happen in real life.


The most important tip you have to make is to express something inside of you and something it has to have feelings outside of you. People are sometimes pin-pointing the views of your life. Maybe I am little to guess but sometimes a big crazy poet. Yes, I am not-perfect poet. But to tell you the truth personally, I write anything. When writing something like this quote poems, it feels me the way I am telling the conclusion or the story about the quote poem. Sometimes it doesn’t have stories. But when writing includes the characters, it involves the quote poem into a larger scenario.


This 78th English quote poem is love quote poem. This one have painful, love, sadness and complicated sections of this quote poem. Why? If you find one quick line, you will recognize the sadness, love, painful and complicated sections. Maybe a little misinterpretation give you a complication explanation. That is why when writing comes a second-hand in your life, you will find in your life sometimes it really requires emotional. Love is always there and every time love exists, it requires physical feelings. Well not all of them, but a little few I guess.


If you love literature so much, you will find yourself in a dark room where you can express your feelings. Then a little you know sometimes finds you bigger explanations.

Seventieth-Fifth English Quote:


Come forward and let it go,

come backward and let it flow

but things are not

the same anymore.


Come slowly and let it move,

come faster and let it stop

but things are not

the same anymore.


Look right and find someone,

thinking of you

makes me worrying

but I’ve never fall

in love twice in my life,

cast me and shadow

me to your heart.


Bury me in deep

of your artery,

leave that to your scar

and I open the wound

to leave my message

to you.


Don’t come to me

moving closer and go forward,

don’t come to me

moving slowly and go backward.


Pierce me with your

deadly knife,

and I take the chances to cut

and open the new scar

inside of my heart.


Show me the way

and I will get to you

when I lie and sleep

for the rest of my life,

and this will be my

last breath

to take another day.


Seventieth-Sixth English Quote:


Quiet as it come,

true silence somehow breaks

in the night

but noise is much happier

to share

than being a dull and silent.


Life is too short to tell

but you never know

how it tells,

life is mystery and

there are full of surprises to come.


Can’t you tell that I am existed

if you’re ever thought

it would never be a hero,

then a man shall stand

to his mistakes.


Never doubt the weakness

of a man where

the person makes more

than to realize and to expect,

what more can it become

rather to be selfish

or to be alone.




Becoming a poet somehow makes harder to think what to write in a paper or type in the computer. Well it makes me stronger somehow when thinking at the back of my head tells me what to do in the paper. I remembered during those days I was writing non-stop in the day. I could write three times a day or five times a day. That makes me doing literary works in a month with a total of 90-100 literary works. During those times are the peak of my life. Sometimes when I am that emotional or feelings I always feel the same intentions I have.


In 75th English quote poem where it said, “Look right and find someone, thinking of you makes me worrying but I’ve never fall in love twice in my life, cast me and shadow me to your heart.” It really defines the line what I’ve said in that line. It makes me consciously thinking when I am talking about the love. Of course not, I won’t be able look like William Shakespeare in this literary works what I am doing. But in the other hand, I would like different from him. Maybe a little Emily Browning I am working on my own perspective works. 75th English quote poem tells about crazy and love poem. It makes sense when you are writing one. And this is one of the quote poems I’ve ever done before.


76th English quote poem is about short love and short-tempered poem. If you notice one of the lines are somehow having one weakness. And that one weakness seems to be lost and unweary. But in the same way, I feel I like really lost. Well not everybody I know is lost. If your heart somehow loses of any directions, it gives way to go back from where it starts. Nobody really knows the secret of directions. Street smart if you ask? This is not really about where are you going to your direction. It’s about the spontaneous love when you are seeking for the right partner in your life.


And perhaps it would be like more different and more perspective in your life. I write of this way making quote poems is just like you are writing forever in your life. I love writing and nobody stops me to write. Because writing somehow never stops me going to your passion driving to your success.

English quotes 33

Seventieth-Third English Quote:


The world is not for the pride

even I am weak inside,

but you ask me

how I survive this,

it is because I stand alone

what I am proud of being Filipino.


Every chance has actions,

every step has more directions,

every million has every heart

and I do my part as a Filipino

to be inspiration

and to everyone.


The world is now freedom to think,

to talk, to give way

and to act,

as a knowledge that

history gives us chance

to be part of every pride

of Filipino.


Life has unique vision,

life is authentic

and life has more to ask

what you look to a brighter future,

a destined world of

talented Filipino.


Seventieth-Fourth English Quote:


You are the sun

of which you are giving the light,

you are the star

of which you are giving dreams

and you are the moon

of which you are the shield

that glows in the night.


I speak the truth

and I always want you

to be the star,

one hope and one faith

that combines a great compassion

to your heart.


Do you think I will ever

give up,

do you think think I will ever

shut up,

or sometimes I don’t have

the problem

over the clouds.


May two stars shine

together in the night,

one above and

one under

as much as I would not

to think too much problem

and I will always think

you will be the best

among the girls I met before.


You are the clouds

of which you are giving worries free,

and you are the skies

of which I think of you always

in my heart,

I love you eternally

in my heart.




When I wake up every morning, each time I dream some the quotes I am writing about. And each time it broke my heart smoothly, sometimes I was inside the dream land. And I was there for a purpose. Each time I woke up each morning, it made realizing that it was for the conscience that I have to put something new and different quote poems I was making. Well I don’t perfectly well in my grammar. But I am still practicing until someday somebody has to realize what I am potential writing my own literature. Literature has evolve me through years I am writing this for long already. It has 14 years, 2 months and 12 days already that I am doing this repeatedly in my life.


The purpose I wrote about 73rd English quote poem, it was more about the Filipino’s dreams has to be written and have to be fate. Well of course, every Filipino is making their dreams worldwide. Let me explain this in a different situation. Manny Pacquiao was our Filipino living champion although he lost to Juan Marquez and to another American boxer, Timothy Bradley. Of course, sometimes we fall in our losing grounds. But we make practicing to prove to be better in the future. Jessica Sanchez in American Idol season 11 lost to Philip Philips where she was a runner-up. Of course, I understand that Americans have to choose their winner in their homeland. But the race we have right now is not the issue I have to discuss. No matter what English or American or Australian or any other races are meant not to discriminate to each other, we are still one human world. If there’s an alien world, we are doomed. But that’s not the point. What I mean here that we have to work together because we are alone in one planet we are living. We are still growing population about four billion and more. But to exact, I don’t know exact the numbers. But we have to prove that any kind of races, we could be friends in terms of one lonely planet.


And lastly the quote poem I wrote about was 74th English quote poem. This quote poem was all about the girl I really loved about. No matter what she is, I am still in love to her. But the question is, “will she love more than I can expect the love I can give?” Maybe somehow it crosses my mind whether I have to give up to have a relationship with her. But to tell you the truth honestly, I have never have a girlfriend before. But I am willing to risk to love a girl. Maybe I am too much to move what my actions are. But considering it, I will win her heart no matter what I am and who I am really. “To love or not to be love“, sometimes that William Shakespeare was telling about that quote. A well-written love quote is a perfect note to give a gift to my girl in the future.

English quotes 32

Seventieth-First English Quote:


Growing up with you

is not the least

I have expectations,

but in times somehow

it becomes a darker version.


It is that you love me

more than anybody,

for I am weaker

and you are stronger than I am.


Maybe the last time

we separate,

we look in different path of living

and I know my life isn’t perfect

for I am different person

from everybody in the world.


It’s hurt to be telling

you the truth

that we have different lives

and I want to be with you

if you love me

more for who I am

and I will love you

if I can still live with you.


Seventieth-Second English Quote:


Keep me 1 day

to loving you,

dance with me today

and 2 makes you smile

when 3 steps are allow

to keep it you warm.


Suddenly I have never forget

4 you to keeping me

then 5 more songs

to rescue you.


6 nights I have

been judging you

when 7 letters are still

sealed in the box of love.


8 letters contained to say

I love you,

the 9 yards I am running

so fast

then you are dearly

to be with me

in 10 more months

to loving you.


Go back from 10

to 1 more day

as you will discover

that I am the richest

person you love me more.




When writing quotes are sometimes is written in short or even longer contained with a large number of words. But to tell you honestly, I always write in longer group of words. So instead of quotes is short, I make it like a quote poems. This is the way how I am simply writing literature on my ways.


The 71st English quote poem is a romantic-versed quotes. Versed paragraph lines are sometimes written longer. But writing on this way may look like a poem. And this is one of the saddest quotes I have written about the one couple. When the man married the lady of his life, what he didn’t know was the lady have had sickness she kept for longing years. But this lady he married is 6 years older than him. She gave a birth to two children before she married her second husband. Then later on when she became ill, this man doesn’t want to burden that she will be gone too soon. After four more years, the lady died in her illness in leukemia and leaving her two children to her second husband.


It’s not from the television series that I picked up this story. This story is different any from others have written already. But what you can see the last testament that the wife he married leaving him rich with her one son and one daughter where she conceived from her first husband.


The 72nd English quote is a number-style quote poem. Well you read it carefully, the numbers are shown in each line and paragraph. I’ve already done this before. It really amaze me when it comes writing anything I can express at the back of my head. Except that I don’t express something I really don’t like. And that’s a bad habit for me.

English quotes 31

Sixtieth-Ninth English Quote:


Coming through the night

windows are opened,

now it’s time thinking of you

and you never know what

is life all about.


It is hard to open the issue

whenever there’s nothing

to explain,

and all it is about

the music.


Maybe I haven’t get

a chance to eat,

coming through again

from the night windows,

it is not my choice

to get something.


It is really hard to

cope in the lessons

whenever I am not running

in the fields

filled with full of hope and faith,

and there is nothing

you can be a whirlwind

in your life.


It is over all again

that spends our time

when I swallow the

whole pride I have,

now go and leave me,

this has nothing to do with you.


Seventieth English Quote:


Changing me

if you want to erase me,

falling me

if you want to keep me,

then I think about myself

if I can survive through

all of these.


I am flying,

I am swimming,

I am diving in the air,

so you can catch me

if you fall in love again.


No more hard feelings,

no more crying

like a rain falling apart,

then you trust me

if you ever need me

to your life.


Don’t come out yet,

don’t go near me,

then you should know

that I am hard to get to you.


When I salute you,

when you remember me,

you should carry my name

forever and everywhere.


Then I go to sleep

if you can’t pretend

to be no one

if you fall in love

to me again and again.




It was seven months old already that I have ever written this kind of quote poems I listed down. Well in the first place, why quote-poems? Quotes, according to the dictionary, (1) is to repeat a passage, phrase, etc. or (2) to enclose the quotation marks. But quotes from writers, inspiration, or other aspects in life sometimes as differ to write down as of the quotation marks. Whenever I get a chance writing down on my own version, sometimes it feels like I am different from the rest of the human society. I hear some from the artists, poets, writers and many others to mention. But what I like the mostly is writing down in the very-long paragraph as if I am telling the quote in a manner way of thinking and paraphrasing the words together. Somehow it’s exquisite to many of us, few among to believers is a common term to hear. But I realize the more I write is differing another example of literature. Literature amongst ourselves sometimes needs to understand and to realize how the world needs the language itself. Each nation has one language or sometimes as many of cultural languages. Aside from being having that, poems, maybe songs or other literary may combine a look-a-like quote poems. You might not consider me as a new age of generation poets. But I am willing to open a new generation. And I really like writing down as if there are my own writings of diversion of literature.


The sixtieth-ninth English quote poem discloses a new emotional feelings. But to considering of that sometimes takes places. And places sometimes never exists or exists in real life. Maybe a little non-fiction or fiction I have saying of it. The question there in the quote poem really takes time and place. And the answer somehow is losing in the battlefield. What you don’t know in the story is about the soldier. And the soldier finds no places to hide. In span of five years, he struggles and survives of mishap events. Then a young lady saw a dying soldier trying need for a help. The family of a young lady took him under their care inside their home. She found him  25 miles northeast where he lost in his way as a soldier. Two weeks have passed, the soldier was cured and already have had motion to move. Then the soldier wanted to marry the young lady in her age of 18. But the family refused his offering. Instead he left. He struggled and survived again. Somehow the family were that not generous. About a month later on, they found him lying in the ground filled of smelly clothes in the road where a flock of sheep roamed him. Little they knew, the soldier in the end married the young lady in her certain age and accepted the fact he found his adventures with the young lady he loved.


And lastly the seventieth English quote poem is about the young man’s fate. He always want to be a poet or a writer. But on the negative side, his emotional feelings began to blur. Somehow, he didn’t react the way he always wanted to receive. Anyway, this quote poem is different the rest I have written before. It is much of painful, regretful and a lot deceitful quote poem I have ever written. Well of course, this young man is very timid towards of his actions. And his actions sometimes delivers the wrong perception of his life. Fate that is called sometimes takes place of being responsible and discipline, but he lacks of his standard traits. He was stubborn and hard-to-get coping of his problems. Sometimes, he always want to get what is best for him getting the girl he love. But the girl’s family is refusing him because of being irresponsible in his life. He also refuses what the girl’s family wants him to change. He was also a hard-to-get hard-shelled man. Full of regrets, full of undisciplined actions and full of inattention are his traits. Somehow this young man wants marrying he always get. But the other side, this young lady is considering his actions. She learn how to understand, care and respect of his feelings. Both of them are like a repelling magnet as if they are not meant to be each other. Well of course, I am also aware in the human society happens in this kind of situation. But considering the fact I don’t know all of them sometimes takes place receiving a good points of your life.


I suppose that this won’t be the last English quote poems I write about. When it closes to a maximum of a hundred quote poems, then it is considering I am already thinking at the back of my head making them into a compilation into a book. And there is no the fact I am stopping here because I still am improving the way how I write, where to write, when to publish and what to achieve the challenges someday.

English quotes 30

Sixtieth-Seventh English Quote:


I’m happy in my life

but you make me happier

if you can make me laugh,

the world consists full of surprises

that you need is a happiness.


What you don’t know

that your life is so vulnerable,

look at the brighter side

and look in the mirror

that you are the happiest person

in my life ever lived.


Sixtieth-Eighth English Quote:


Freedom if you want peace,

justice if you want truth.

prayers if you want dreams,

it is just things you can’t

compare to others.


People are selfish when you

know you can’t share,

people are kind when you

know you compare,

but life justifies if

you cannot win

between unfair and reality bites.


Laugh all you can,

happiness tears down

inside your personality

but life makes no future

if you can’t plan or dream

your life.


It will give you break down

inside and out,

give yourself a lot patience

that you know life

can be ordinary

if things will go smooth.


What is in the past,

just leave it behind

and make another

chapter of your life

or make another bag

of hopeful beginnings,

it will come your way

in your life eventually.




It values each and every quote in each paragraph. When you notice the section of each paragraph, it classifies each own line. Well, this is what I called on my own version, a quote poem. Without a line somehow doesn’t represent a quote. But each time I write it down, it really represents what I really write about.


The sixtieth-seventh quote poem is actually a two-versed happiness quote. Happiness makes me thinking what I deserve to be happy. It explains why people is struggling in their own problems but they think more positive in their own. Finding a hard to explain is not much difficult to say. It is what you think about difficult and you are saying it’s difficult. I find it very challenging to me each and every day. Well of course, I have my own problems too. But the way I see my own problems, I overcome how to handle it and there is more opportunity to come.


Happiness is all about things you think small happy thoughts. Happy thoughts are easy to find everywhere. When you think the world is laughing, you also laugh. When you see the happy thoughts, that is why the happiness comes.


In the sixtieth-eigth quote poem is an emotional quote. What you really decide in your life is sometimes what you are looking for. Well, I can’t refer one thing in life if you can’t choose. Between hatred and pain or laugh and tears sometimes refers to one person when he or she thinks about loneliness or selfishness. It’s very emotional in that way, but it needs more time to understand the situation you are in. People are sometimes judgmental but you can’t differ what is right or what is wrong. Don’t understand them as you are trying to make it in your own. When you decide one thing in your life, that’s your situation coming in.


Each of these two quote poems are understand to explain, but somehow it’s really hard to explain when I am the one who is explaining it. Well it’s not that difficult, it is more like a situation you are in.

Sixtieth-Fifth English Quote:


Friends that is not

breaking apart,

lovers that is not

quarreling apart,

soldiers that is not

fighting apart,

but no else the same

if I’m coming home to you.


Selfish love don’t

bend the time

if only you

can remind me,

what else the same

then tomorrow

never comes to an end,

or should I know

to remember our

good times.


Sinners that is not

saying the truth,

saints that is not

doing to be martyr,

enemies that is not

be backing apart,

but no else the same

if I’m going now.


Selfish love

don’t bend the time,

if only you can

remind me,

what else the same

then tomorrow

never comes to an end,

of should I know

to remember our

good times.


I love you more

than just a lover,

then I should be

going now to be

part ways with you.


Sixtieth-Sixth English Quote:


Tame my mind,

find my name,

don’t forget for who

I am,

believe my faith,

hope will come

and now I join

to another day.


And to find me,

you never come,

run along to

another road,

take my hand,

walk with me

keeping me for a while.


My friend,

my only friend,

you do share with me

and I’m always be

with you,

thinking the last time

we talk,

is our true

friendship over the years.




This is might kind of funny when you are thinking too much of the lyrics and hearing a lot of times everyday that stuck in your mind. Well of course there is no lyrics that can stop you to remember then have to sing all the time. Remember the song of Carly Rae Jepsen who sings her upbeat melody song of Call Me Maybe. That is true, and the funny thing of that song reminds me how I sing this ridiculous song that stuck in my head all the time. When you sing it once, you sing it in double or twice. Or maybe until you remember the song repeatedly everyday, every hour, every minute and every second of everywhere you go. You heard from the radio station, from your iPad tunes, or maybe from your favorite list of pop melody. It’s nothing to beat when you really come to memorize all of this lyrics.


In this series I am writing about the episode of quote poems I made about four months ago. And I’m kind to surprise you that it might stuck in your back of your mind and read this all the time whenever you open my article site. Then of course, you will remember my name. And please, I will  name this to be disclosure since this is my real lyrics from my mind that I have made.


To come with this surprise, in this 65th English quote poem an actually a song poem. Did you see that lines of: “Selfish love don’t bend the time if only you can remind me, what else the same then tomorrow never comes to an end, or should I know to remember our good times.” It really repeated in the second and fourth paragraph of the quote poem. It usually reminds of this song, but it’s an actually a love poem. This is more like an upbeat love song added of a soul flavor. When you sing this, it will soothes your mind to remember. So you will love eventually.


While in 66th quote poem is also part of the song poem. And it has the element of friendship poem that has something to do with the lyrics. Well of course, you will not notice at the start of the tune. When I sing this and I will record this lyrics in the future. And I will make it this the help of music therapist who will come to help me. Aside from that, this song is also dedicated to Rico Yan who really inspired me a lot until now.


Rico reminds me how he talks when he was still alive. And this morning, I shared some of my success story to the audience. The audience there was the special education teachers, the music therapist and some of the founders of the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI in short. And I believe what I can promise to this kids with down syndrome which I can help them in the future. My advocacy now will change the benefits for my own and for the kids also. I met wonderful people. And I met again Rico’s 3rd cousin who was the president of the DSAPI and he is none other than Elmer Lapena. He and Tita Agnes have a child with down syndrome. And there it is, I need to explain this in the future.

Sixtieth-Third English Quote:


My eyes soak in wet,

my lips tastes like cherry,

and my ears listen to

your beautiful voice.


Sometimes my book covers

with beautiful words

and pictures that amazes us,

the book may be not interesting,

but in the end you understand.


My life depends to open

like a chapter,

pages tear down on you,

when mistakes is vulnerable to you,

but when you go back in the page,

you may not redo what you did.


Times in the past

that corner you to the depth

of an ocean,

times in the present,

that finds you to modern age,

and times in the future

that your book will complete

the true meaning

the good inside of you.


Sixtieth-Fourth English Quote:


One dream

one star

one hope

and one everlasting wish,

people who find you attractive,

only from outside

but people have to understand you

if only from inside.


To meet

to walk

to be with you

and to have time with you,

people wishes you to know

you personally

only to walk with,

but people misunderstand clearly

if only few steps to come forward.


New chance

new faith

and no one come to steak

new beginnings,

people find a whole lot

about you

only you are nice to them,

but people might be aware

if you are jealous

what you accomplish.


Don’t forget two things

in your life:

to be someone’s else

and to be need to be loved.


Now you are feeling me

if I do telling you

that I am more welcome

to be in our group.


Be loved

be an everybody’s friend

and be like the shepherd.




There are two things in above: to be in loved or to be independently loved. Either of these two things are exactly the same. But it has different meanings. Although I really love to dictate how to compile the beginnings, I always have to think that there are more love about this.


The more you give is really meant to receive for the unfortunate people who all don’t deserve to their lives. Every time I open my heart, I always think about the people when and where to begin to help them. From this series of English literature, I have open another two of my best English quote poems which it open to another cycle of series.


In 63rd English quote poem, it is said there, “my life depends to open like a chapter.” Which it means you are deciding whether you can open or not your chapter to some people you really know. Like mine, it is much different. I want to share to some of you if I have meet all of you. But in that case, in Sunday I will be going to San Carlos Seminary which I have to decide to share my story in front of all parents which they have special children. Like me for all the parents they know, I just want to give some of my life details in case anything they would like to know about me.


Anyway back to the quote poem, “sometimes my book covers with beautiful words” have said a lot of different meanings. Meaning that I will become more to be responsible and getting ready for the adulthood. Because I wasn’t ready for the adulthood when I turned 21 years old before, it was the hardest challenge that comes to me. Of course, my life won’t change if it changes for something different. Instead, I already accepted my conditions last year. It was really hard for me to move at the start. When I found that I have down syndrome before, I really don’t know what to do. Even after the high school days, some of my batch mates teased a little about me. And I don’t know how to explain to them. As they grew from their maturity age, I also grew for my maturity age when finally I really have to accept my conditions last year. I am not a normal person, but an extraordinary person with extraordinary talents.


While in 64th English quote poem, it is actually a song-like poem for me. When I read them carefully, it really sounds like that I am really singing this poem. It really turns something like a christian song for me. Read the last paragraph of the poem and it said, “be loved, be an everybody’s friend and be like the shepherd.” It really sounds like a christian song, but to tell you the truth, it may sounds like a christian song. It contradicts the verses when I wrote this two months ago. It wasn’t that old much and not new much. When it comes for me writing like this kind of literature, it really literally comes out of my back of my head and starting to write a pen or type in the notepad. All of that really comes from my cellphone stored inbox where I placed for the inbox waiting to send it again for another batch. People I really find some of their colors, sometimes it may touches in their hearts and tells me if it’s written from my mind and my hand of course. Then yes, most all I write is come from my heart and my back of my mind as well. This is much of my type I’ve really like to write it down.

Sixtieth-First English Quote:


When two souls are combined

half across the universe

is where we met,

far beyond ours reach

to the limitations,

and I can’t be hope

where I come from.


I stood what I want,

and never collapsed in

own feet,

for sometimes I can’t

tell every single detail,

that each day, month or year,

I can surpass each stage

I can do.


Every second that I breathe,

every moment that it takes,

no matter what shape it was,

no matter what you are,

the goodness is still

inside of you,

and it remains a good heart.


Smaller or taller,

old or young,

wise or stupid,

it’s neither them how to

step forward nor

whatever it takes.


The love still impacts,

inside of your heart

and forever that loving

is mutual understanding,

it is eternal life

that He chosen us to live,

that we sacrifice for Him above.


Sixtieth-Second English Quote:


The love serves no right to justify,

whether it’s dignity – 

hope or faith,

love maintains to secure us,

neither to hate nor to humiliate.


You care me,

take me unconditionally,

laugh with me

when sadness tears goodbye away.


I stand in the door waiting patiently,

that’s what I really understand,

the meaning of true love is.


I’m bound to seek a new faith,

then to love one another,

and have a great plan

to prosperity life,

with a new family that creates,

in God’s care and

unconditional love we have now.




“Love can take us apart, love sometimes tears us breaking apart, but somehow we grow in our maturity heart in terms of loving unconditionally.” Sometimes when I pray, I pray for the goodness we have today. When I also love to beloved, I grow my heart with a deeper relationship with Him above. In this two episodes of greater love, the perspective point of view of life will grow our relationship as friends, or family, or relatives.


In 61st English quote poem, it tells us how to grow up in our emotional, physical and integrity we have with Him above. Basically it’s none of us how to begin with the love we grow today. But somehow I create new love together I have discover, and that is how we teach ourselves building our lives away from insecurities or envying from others. It is just how we teach yourself to be a better person. To be a better person is how we create our inner self to be an outcome in outside as well. Which it reminds me when I was in high school, I was usually alone and not to be friendly for anyone I can talk to.


Years later when I found the true love is, somehow I connect myself with Him. And I open myself with a brighter version of new doors to open. When I realize, somehow I look myself in a better positive life. That means that you have to build your personality to be a positive person. Without it, somehow I lost myself in the way I cannot look myself in a better road.


In 62nd English quote poem, this one is a better example to create yourself a relationship in a new life. When I create relationship, somehow I loses my way to be friends with some of my old friends. In the past, I have enemies. When I forget that I have enemies, instead I give themselves a special relationship building a new friendship.Yes of course, anyone can have enemies. But somehow when you have enemies, you create a new diversion to love them unconditionally. It is better way in a new life as a better person.


And I really like what I am now today. Stress-free with no worries about worrying enemies, I feel somehow that you cannot grow another hatred in your life. Well, of course, I have problems. You don’t have to hide your problems too. You pray your problems to fade away. But sometimes a smaller problems can create a new bigger problems. Let me give you an example behind that. Have you seen the video of Senator Miriam Santiago saying all her enemies not to molest her, instead she calls them with a m word? Which it’s exactly creating a new problem is still problem for her. She doesn’t know how to handle her enemies as well. Creating a new enemies, of course, finds you a new problem. And that’s how you need to find yourself not to recreate another set of problems.


This is the kind of two episodes of either the powerful explanations I could bring about. For me, it doesn’t give that worries. Praying is also one of the powerful to give for the Lord that can exchange you for good. But sometimes not all of our prayers doesn’t answer right away. It needs you to be patience waiting for you in the right time. For an example, when you need a job right away, it doesn’t need to be answering right away. It is just you have to wait for the right time and right place. It is because He will guide you in a prosperous life as well.

Fiftieth-Ninth English Quote:


You count the night

filled with hope of everlasting dreams,

every count of endless sleeping sheep,

the way it sparkles the stars,

it won’t go away.


One dream has to stay,

two people wants to wish

all the way,

three never ending wishes

it needs to say.


Three kings following the shining star,

dreams are forever since the day

and night has formed,

man and woman has made

in the soil of love by God,

and the dreams won’t fade away

that has to be remained a mystery.


Hundred of every day’s dreams,

people come and go,

people work for their dreams,

sometimes it needs the better

hardworking or the

dreams will work in your way

to earn-

-the everlasting dreams you are working.


Sixtieth English Quote:


Believe in some many ways

that you want to believe,

dreams never last in some occasion

that sometimes it’s a matter of fact.


Dreams are everlasting forever

that you need to remember,

as long it’s far as I can run,

to take another leap of lifetime.


You count when it seems it’s

cannot hold on,

as if the life time cannot give up,

and you know the dreams are sure,

when you believe.


And yesterday is your part

that becomes what you are today,

and tomorrow never lasts.




You never know what it likes has to be same, sometimes I get carried away in my dreams. Who never knows if I stay more in the line that has to make. But in some other words, it can make a shorter version of quotes. Many poets in this generation doesn’t know how to create a poem, a sonnet or a song that has to be have a story. But in my side, it always have a story version. It always has to be same meaning and always have to be in many other sayings.


Dreams are forgetting when you know that it is hard to believe. But somehow I am forgetting dreams sometimes are unreachable. You have to know what it feels like to be uneasy and not difficult. Sometimes it mixes with your emotions telling anything. In this part of episode here in quote poems, I can explain how these wonderful quote poems are made since February.


In 59th English quote poem, this poem tells you about the hopes and patience of your dreams. When you are making a plan, sometimes you need an extra little effort to create a little plan. Smaller dreams somehow are creating a wide vision and it can tell your dreams how will work out. Dreams like how to get the expensive cellphone. You don’t have to ask your parents or your godparents or to any of your relatives and siblings as well. My life before is very example to this part. I don’t have computers and cellphones as well. My two sisters have it to work for their dreams. Then after they have done, they are rewarded to get it. Once you get something you like, sometimes you need to pray over your dreams to work and ask if it’s really important for you.


I do have cellphone before and it’s way back since college days during from 2002 to 2003. Before I was graduating, I always told myself that I have to hold my dreams in the long term. I do not have my own computer as well. I don’t go to work after my college and that is because it’s really hard also to get in a new job you have to keep. Sometimes I got 3 months contract in a job or less 3 months as well. So I don’t even get a nice and expensive cellphone. My life is very odd but it has the meaning. The meaning of how to get your dreams as well.


Now in a long term, I have my own temporary laptop and my permanent cellphone. But dreams made when I have to wait for the christmas wish I always have to wait. Wishes sometimes didn’t work that way. You have to pray and to work for your dreams as well as mine.


In 60th English quote poem, it always have to be a meaningful dream quote poem. When you know it’s very hard to reach sometimes you really have to grab the opportunity in your hands. Likewise what I have else earlier, dreams are somehow worth to be waiting. The more I want sometimes it’s always there but somehow it breaks when you don’t grab it. Like something you want to earn the car, now that’s a long term dreams. Dreams are sometimes when you are looking for the important in your life, somehow it changes the time when you need it one. And besides, it always look to be positive way.


When you know you believe in positive ways, you always believe the dreams will prove in your way. Like me, I am always positive in my life and always ask myself in the mirror if I can get the opportunity in the future. And it did happen to me. When you believe the dreams, the dreams are worth to take the risks for anything you like. Like last year, I was this in conquest. I joined in the bandwagon of networking, somehow it lost me in the way to get my dreams in track. It breaks me somehow in the way. But when I came back in load business, somehow it restarted my life in dreams.


This year is very lucky year to me. But somehow it loses my chances to get opportunities as well. In the start, it’s very hard to believe. But in the long run when you always believe in positive and dreams, it always get you in a better road of dreams. Some of my dreams proved that I got opportunities as well. I got my own domain name without asking from anything. I didn’t ask the computer or laptop to exchange what you need to do. Somehow I always get excited.


Now you all need to do is to dream more. And dreams are always possible to achieve. When it comes to a relationship, to get a job, to your family or somewhat you are believing into your hopes. And hang on to it your dreams. And always believe.

English quote 25

Fiftieth-Seventh English Quote:


Approach the skies,

lit the stars one by one,

and let all the night animals

sing at night.


For two stars collide

praying alone in the darkness,

seek the answers inside

and let all the courage inside

of you to sing.


Wish upon a time,

wish upon a star,

wish upon the night

until you come out in the dark.


I held in you tight

and embrace with nothing,

don’t fear with me

don’t lean on me

and forever I count

the stars one by one.


Wishing you were here

far away from here,

I close my eyes and

thinking it was a dream,

that night of countless shooting

stars fell in the skies,

and hoping it will come back again.


Maybe this time,

maybe it won’t be another night,

maybe this will be the last goodbye,

my falling shooting star is

right inside my heart,

rest now,

my friend.


Fiftieth-Eighth English Quote:


Take me away

when the old times gone and

by the ends,

hold me away

where you can tell me

that I am old for you,

then I take the chances

between the two worlds around us.


Forget I am,

forget you are,

then you lose the sight

between the bonds,

think I am,

think you are,

and we are finally not

chasing the dreams it should be.


Have it your way

and I don’t think that would

happen again,

life is so cruel

then you hit the road

when you’re far,

so don’t abuse it the deal

we’ve made.


Flying across the oceans

dreaming like a rocking boat,

then off to me,

when you’re free

and I am free,

and the fate hasn’t change.


Believe in yourself,

and I am locked in love

with somebody else,

then you still were scared

to find a new hope of love,

times has change,

my old friend.



Two worlds in life sometimes appeared in our sights, then I would know that has something changed in society. Friends that we have old and new ones are sometimes there in our sides. In times of despair telling your secrets, your friend advices you to get stronger and that I am able to find my own answers. But what I mean is that sometimes your friend leaves us for looking our own answers in times we are in troubles. When we need them, we usually find ourselves in a desperate measure in life.

Considering this two English quotes are still the same meaning but there’s always a conclusion of happy ending stories. Sometimes it ends us to be hurt and pain when they already passed on. Sometimes we need to be stronger in times of faith and hope. Understanding our situation is always we look in the brighter future. But many times, we cannot depend anyone but them. When we also need our family in our back, sometimes they are not there for us. But that’s my fault when I also need a friend when I am so weak without them.

In this two-part different quote poems, there is always life and death. The first one is a tribute for our beloved departed Rico Yan. And the other one has truly meaning for our sides.

The 57th English quote poem is always reminding myself to Rico Yan and to my favorite aunt who died recently last year. I recently went to the church last week just to celebrate my aunt’s death. She survived from the stroke that have had on her for the past years. Then later it weakens her, and that is why she lost the battle. I overcome the pain and hatred. But sometimes I am always looking forward to our new height of faith and hope. Bringing some joy and excitement sometimes is harder to explain when we need them. Unlike Rico Yan who died in bangungot (nightmare) in Los Palmas, Palawan. I always remind of him thinking if he is still alive. He would be part of new projects of ABS-CBN. But to think, there is always new actresses we have now. We have Sarah Geronimo who would like to pair with him. Or that I am thinking that he is good to be paired with Julia Montes, Empress Schuck, Kathryn Bernardo or even Andi Eigenmann.

But I didn’t think Rico would live that much longer when I heard the news. It was so shocking for everyone including me. I would be the scriptwriter if he let me in the job he is in the project. And I love writing scripts. Since writing becomes part of my life, I always know that there’s a good ending for everyone. And that is, he leaves us for a better future and a better example for everyone. Looking for him in his foundation, I always think that I am also part on it. But distance keeps us apart. I know him personally from my batch mates and some of the friends I know in later life that I have meet. There is always a brighter side and I hope that I would bring one just like him.

In the 58th English quote poem, there is always a different story in each of quote poem I have made. Sometimes I didn’t take a chance to write a new background on it. It is because what I want for the best story line for my quote poem. I am long ago, a certified quote addict since 2009. Since then, I also write the best lines what I have read and what lessons I have learn. You always have to know that you have to apply the knowledge behind the reason why the quote is not best or is not worst.

From my part, anyone can be an example. But a friend you are taking care of him or her. It is because you are too much in love that your life depends on him or her. Sometimes we need a friend. All we know is to talk them forever in times of trouble. Like myself, I am not rich in many friends that I have. Few of my friends knows me better, but some of them are sometimes picking on me instead. That is what happened when I am taking a call center training in Ortigas (in People2Outsource). I have made some new friends. Sometimes, I don’t want them to know that I am not choosing which side I am going to. Instead of that, I go home. Life is hard when you know your money can’t buy their happiness. Happiness is what we are looking for when we need to talk with them. In either side of any case, I lost someone and I gain some of the few. Always look a better option in your life when you know you need them. Load yourself in your cellphone, then scan all the numbers in your directory if someone is still active and have time chatting with you. In my case, I don’t do that. Texting a longer version of chatting conversation sometimes takes my time away.

But sometimes you really need a conversation when you really need a friend. No one in this world has no friends. If you have no friends, then you are mad and alone in life. I have encountered that already when I was in my stage. I am waiting for my time when I go out and meet new someone that I don’t know him or her. But I always take precautions when I meet somebody I don’t know. Sometimes I look in their eyes if something intuition happens in my feelings. No matter what that is always happen to anybody else, also.

English quotes 24

Fiftieth-Fifth English Quote:


Unconsciously I fall

to my conscious dreams,

deep in the slumber dreams,

surrounding by high walls

covering the ceiling and walls

so white,

my eyes has been drowsy

and my lips begins to turn to dry.


Running around everywhere,

a non-stop running without

inhaling problems in fatigue,

the white turns black surrounding,

there it was,

and I begin to pump

my lungs to breath.


Hard to breathe,

like I was under

in the ocean swimming,

then I woke up suddenly

in my weirdest dreams

into my reality world,

and to think

I love my family,

my relatives

and my friends.


Thank God for

choosing me to live

that every breathe I take,

I am blessed.


Fiftieth-Sixth English Quote:


Can you tell me

how should I forget about you,

when times comes and run by,

I feel empty and alone

by what I need is

all about me,

you can’t escape

and despair,

and I need the time

you shall need.


Every time how

and when,

don’t come here all


and pass my empty glass

when I am weak.


Soon that I

become my fear into joy,

when I come here

and hesitate,

I don’t want pain

and hate,

and I don’t want waste

and be full,

because I need you

more than my life existed.



In life, there is always possible for us to meet our dreams. But sometimes we need to concern our health.Life is always depend on us for what we are doing in our lives. You may know or maybe I may know in second life is our eternity living. What I mean here is that you always have to believe in God. He chooses us to live and to sacrifice Himself that we have to live longer in order we achieve in life.

That is why in this section of English literature, I may not know that they are always a given chance for us to read my blog articles. I will explain furthermore about this.

The 55th English quote poem tells about our unconscious dreams we are living for a better life. It is for us to choose what we need to know in the future. For my experience, I always got in troubles somehow but to stand again on my own. You never know that I have down syndrome. That is always the question what people are babbling about the true meaning of down syndrome. But in other words, I am always believe that someday I will meet my expectations if ever I will marry a girl or not. That is another story.

In 56th English quote poem, it is about the weakness. Let me explain how simple things sometimes goes wrong. When I eventually lost something valuable in life, sometimes I always look in the wrong person. Whether it’s young or older, but sometimes there is nothing to blame about you. It is always about you.

In my case, I have down syndrome. But I never show this to anybody whether I like them or not personally in life. Few among in the group knows about me. But nevertheless, I never question them if what they see about me. I always believe that there is something goes wrong in my behavior. Sometimes before, I always act like a child. Then in my thoughts, they were right. I may look like a child, but deep inside that they never know that I have down syndrome. I was immature adult before. Well, that is another story. Perhaps, I have to tell you about myself in the next blog articles. Because what I am mentioning here is the weakness about in 56th English quote poem.

“I feel empty and alone by what I need is all about me.” This line tells about me. Of course, I wrote about this. It means that I have to be stronger just in any case what happens in the next chapter of anybody’s lives. Meaning that I have to be a stronger independent adult man. There is no excuses when my aunt died last year. She also gives me strength until now. She knows what I am doing. She loves my art and literature works as well. I always think that she will be around for us. Now that she is gone. This is better for us to move on without her, but to remember how faith she have for us. Maybe my life isn’t that great, but I have better life when she becomes my angel. And I always believe in angels.

English quotes 23

Fiftieth-Third English Quote:


Once you draw your fear

the strength becomes weaker,

when it weak your heart

you melt inside and outside,

when it comes to love,

pain and hate.


The moment it breaks

the life turns like the table,

when the fears subsides

you open like a scar

turning like nothing happens,

and I assume that was you.


Waiting here and there,

I hate when it comes

a long silence,

I feel that I do not know,

and I feel you are someone

when I need to talk one.


Life changes so fast

and I am here for

the world to tumble down,

it’s so slow when

it revolves around the city.


You are you,

and I am me,

it speaks the truth so soon,

and I fall in love

when the world is sleeping.


Fiftieth-Fourth English Quote:


It’s a beautiful night

when it comes to stars

shining down,

when it glitters the river,

it’s brighten up on you.


Then I can’t stop

thinking about you

oh baby,

I think I’m ready

to fall in love with you.


Then my heart never

stops beating

running across the park

that my heart beats

like a drum,

falling in the skies

that my heart

pumps like a horn,

oh baby,

I think I’m ready

to date with you.


Tonight is my night

and your night becomes

one sweet kiss,

tasting you like an

apple plum,

I simply kiss you

and I think I will marry you.




It never lasts my breath to take away when it comes to a heartfelt welcome. But in my way, I never conclude my ending story. This is when I am talking about the culture of my literature. On this part of my journey, it always bring new stories, new hope and new future that will open new chapters. There is always one in a lifetime that there is always a new beginnings. Where I can open one, sometimes I need to tend opening two or three instead. Maybe it wasn’t my fault. It’s the only thing in the world I only want to do.


Anyway, in this part of two-part of love quote poems, it is really very intriguing what these two stories will unfold on to you. I guess it’s better to be told than to be hiding secrets. No matter what it is, it is going to be interesting for you, my fellow readers. So before I will tell this, don’t hold back.  Don’t jump on your chair or don’t let it go of your computer, laptop or whatever iPad you have there.


In 53rd English quote poem, it always end here as love and hate situation. And it’s not a love poem. This is between love and hate quote poem I have created. This is how it goes like this. There are many people in the world: caucasian, Asian, Chinese and some other races out there. When Chinese and Filipino aren’t alike in each other, there is always black American against White American. You have to know there is always a couple who wants to mix of their culture. Many Chinese went for our nation, the Philippines. In the past, we have historians who are partly Chinese as well. They were called as Chinoy (Chinese-Pinoy). Others don’t want their family to mix other culture. We have different kinds of view in life.


But instead of that, there is one young Filipino male and there is one older black American female. Many others really don’t want to talk about this. This is purely discrimination and I don’t want to do that. This two people are very different. This black American female went for a business here in the Philippines. Then she discovered the young Filipino male who worked very hard for his family. She came to him and asked why he is doing all of this. Then this young male only want to bring food for his family who are very poor in their barangay or barrio. Then the American female brought so many food to this very hardworking young male. The family are very pleased to welcome the black American female.


Then the American heard the word “negro,” she quickly went out for her way. The young Filipino male asked for the apology what their parents said. After 8 years have passed, they met again in Manila. This young male became the entrepreneur and already a college graduate. He has huge business he built for the benefit for his program. Then the black American female came and asked for his name that she must rarely saw a young man turned entrepreneur. He said that was his name. Then he remembered the black American female that now a single mother for her two children. They became friends in a long run and eventually became part of our culture.


The lesson there is don’t judge what their looks are. They even knew the term what you are talking about. We are also part of their culture which we also have that in the past. Spanish came later when their culture mixed with these culture we have. Thus we became mestizo and mestiza.


The 54th quote poem is a love poem. It was a song by the way. But I don’t know where I have to put this in the category. You realize the oh, baby is very lyrical. I found this very interesting poem I have made. By the way, there is always come from my heart. And I realize how longer the version is, there is always a shorter version. And I am making sure of this that you will falling in love with my quote poem song-like.

English quotes 22

Fiftieth-First English Quote:


Undo your mistake

and I won’t be here beside you

when you build your world,

then I fill my empty life in lonely world.


Asking me why you shouldn’t

know me better than nothing,

but you take me on your wings,

and I couldn’t fly with my careless fight,

then I stand for nothing to prepare

a long battle.


There is a sunshine

but it didn’t give me an early warning

than I am losing my own

battle in a battlefield.


I am annoying like you said,

I am a loser who always fail.


During the times, it take

me to a long break,

then I’m prepare my life

even you have someone you love,

I risk my whole life

than loving you whenever

I do mistake.


Goodbye my cruel world

than to hurt you,

in biggest mistake I love you,

than to die in your lap

so be it and I fail.


Fiftieth-Second English Quote:


All is on by nothing,

all is on you by what may,

all is on by with or without.


Can you pretend that

we are not together,

can’t you,

can you look at me

as if you’re nothing,

can’t you?


Whatever I choose,

whichever I care,

who do you think you are,

and I walk away

from the sand of time.


All is on the day you walk,

all is on the night you said it,

all is on by with or without.


Can you say it without pretending,

can’t you,

can you shout if all

from your lungs,

can’t you?


Whatever I choose,

whichever I care,

who do you think you are,

and I walk away

from the sand of time.


Each minute,

each second,

you don’t want spend

your life with me,

all is on by who you are,

all is on by each day passed.



Living in a world with cruelty and hatred is very common for among of us. We are living in a fear. Fear that you cannot control. But for me, it’s not common to me anymore. Because I always think that there is always a positive way in life. If you think that country Syria wouldn’t find a cure for peace, it is because they are always fighting for the peace. But from what I have heard, the unrest society of Syrians would have protest for the hatred and cruelty. I always know there’s hope for everyone like in the Middle Asia where many countries want to their countries to be independent just like us.

The two quote poems I have made today is about the hatred and pain. That’s for the first quote poem. Then for the other one would be likely a song poem for me. This is what I have written about since I wrote this last seven months ago.

The 51st English quote poem is all about the negative signs going to be positive ways. Many people argue about the country false hopes. In my part, I always do brining my part to be a better man. But instead accusing to some politicians and also goes to government sectors, I may say this but this is the truth. You are all in your pride doing nothing, while on my part, I always do whatever happens in our country of the Philippines. If you are talking about the way PNoy said, some of them don’t believe in hopes. You have to do your part, not just arguing and rallying in front of government offices. Being as an activist, you can’t step up without a fight. This is not about the democracy.You have to be free whatever you want to help. Be a part of society and be a part of being Filipino.

You may be a Filipino, in some parts you still forget what your parents taught you all about. Yes, I am proud to be Filipino. If you are talking as a Filipino, I, on my part, suggests that you have to start any scratch in the beginning. In that way, you can invest money and time to be full part of Philippines economy. We are rich in culture. We have more summer time than other countries have. Some of Europeans and Americans are looking for summer which that’s our tourism should have. Business is the second part of our trade and industry. Invest your time and your money if you have still your life back.

In the 52nd English quote poem, it is about this song. I may be not telling you about the name of the girl I am talking. It is because for the security reasons that is. This girl I am talking about is my crush. She is way beautiful, and unlikely the intelligent. I am so attractive when I still see her in some ways. Because she is somewhere in the United States and I am residing here in the Philippines. Maybe this quote poem says about something love.

I choose her to set by day I love. Then I think myself why, it is commonly you are not asking me why. Well of course, I don’t want to explain anything. She might  be reading my blog article anyway and thinking that I am still talking about her. Maybe or maybe not is all about. She always smiles in my cellphone. Because I store her picture in my cellphone. I may be not excused, but I still love her no matter what. This is about already 17 years I am thinking her up to now. We are getting older. I don’t know about her love life and she doesn’t know my love life either. No matter two worlds collides somehow a great obstacle about the love fair in my life.

English quotes 21

Fortieth-Ninth English Quote:


When the world is starting to turn,

the life begins anew,

this is your world,

full of hopes and surprises

to follow your dreams.


When the world tumbles down,

you survive the test given,

as it’s waiting for you,

then the two worlds collide

when we fall in love.


You are the superstar

and I am your hero

rescuing the test of this world,

as we know,

this is your world

and that would be the destiny,

yet a kaleidoscope word,

it’s amazing.


Seek the pain,

seek the lonely world

and see the beautiful light,

when I dance and sway with you

your palms of your hands warms my heart,

as I soon become the flower,

it blossoms anew,

when it grows,

you love me and

I love you back

in this beautiful world,

you are my life,

my soul and my heart.


Fiftieth English Quote:


June smiles on me,

her sweetness kills my loneliness away,

when I dream of her,

I start to cry

when I need her beside me

then I surrender my heart to her

and I miss her all my life.


Maybe this way,

in some far away from home

I really miss her kiss,

her hug,

her dance with me,

her sweetness smile and

I want her all by my side.


Going back in the summer side

raining fall on my face,

and I need some time in my life,

then I start to think again,

who keeps my heart in thorns,

then you know the truth.


I watch all day and

sleep all night,

covering my tears away from my eyes,

then you know that

I miss you and

I really love you forever in time.



Life is vulnerable, but when I think life is very easy for us. Think again. Life sometimes is difficult. All of us have problems. There are no person in the world without having a problem. When you think of one, there is none. So that’s the reason why I must put this to the test.

Again, it is time to discuss what I write about more blog articles in English literature. This is far I am so concern so far. It is because it’s already surpassing the 50 quote poems under the English literature. I am really in love when doing this so far. But nonetheless, somehow I can manage to write when I am in the mood or not. Sometimes I write in the space of nothing, thinking I could write again.

The 49th English quote poem says it all there. It is more likely a positive sign of nature. Let me say this straight to you. This a lovely daughter of heiress to the throne couldn’t find her true love. But instead, she found the right man that she can loved. Instead in the palace she wants to get married, the lovely daughter of heiress finally get married in the church. So as the story is happily ever after.

In the 50th English quote poem, it was this girl I long loved for the first time I saw her. This poem is relatively for her. But judging from the facts, I won’t name this girl. She might unfriend me in the facebook, because she was in my friend’s list. I guess this is a matter of fact I can tell you later in the next blog called, First inspiration of love.

English quotes 20

Fortieth-Sixth English Quote:

To dream,

you see how to believe,

to dream,

you see how you do your present.

What more you do

is the least action you can’t do.

Maybe I find too hard

many mistakes  in the past,

no wonder I passed all the hurdles I have.

Parents are not there for you always,

they are the guidance you can ask.

Brothers, sisters or relatives,

you don’t ask them to help you.

If you can ask them,

they cannot answer,

it is you make the decisions,

this is your life.

Your wildest dreams is somewhere

in your heart,

not in the mind.

Ask again,

to dream or not to,

it’s your dreams.

Fortieth-Seventh English Quote:

There is nothing you can claim,

when you surrender,

your soul,

your heart,

not my everything,

but I ask you all for nothing,

and you…will last for more than I am.

Thanks for everything,

you share your inch of your life,

the measure of my heart never ends,

your mind,

your eyes,

and I don’t won anything,

when I sleep.

Five in the morning,

I wake up early,

and seeing through the pictures

of two of us,

I slam the door behind

after leaving the house.

Soon ten years later,

time has changed,

we met again,

you have a family on your own,

but I don’t have what you are today.

I’m still burdened after

what you done to me.

Soon than you expected,

I got rich and had a blessed wife and children,

you were now in troubles times,

and we are now in different lives,

back through all the years.

Fortieth-Eighth English Quote:

When the world is starting to turn,

the life begins anew,

this is your world,

full of hopes and surprises,

to follow your dreams.

When the world tumbles down,

you survive the test given

as it’s waiting for you,

then the two worlds collide,

when we fall in love.

You are the superstar,

and I am your hero,

rescuing the test of this world,

as we know

this is your world,

and that would be the destiny,

yet a kaleidoscope world,

it’s amazing.

Seek the pain,

seek the lonely world,

and see the beautiful light,

when I dance and sway with you,

your palm of your hands warms my heart,

as I soon become the flower,

it blossoms anew,

when it grows,

you love me and I love you back,

in this beautiful world,

you are my life,

my soul and my heart.


Dreams, love and pain are much different world to come, whether it’s very kind or unkind. I will discuss the different topics in this blog article I have made here again in English literature. Of course, there are so many to change in the world but somehow you have to believe.

The 46th English quote poem is more likely the song of Impossible Dreams. But it’s not what you think. This is more likely a dream of your own. When you are dreaming some short term or long term, you have to make plans ahead. Maybe it’s not a decision to make another goal, but you have to write it down in your dream board if that’s what you like. I am not assuming there are some of the things you can find in the future, but you can get it if you play it safe.

In the 47th English quote poem, it is clearly said there are so many changes in the world between the one couple where they have been challenged to themselves if they can love again. As you see there, it is said clearly the guy married to another girl then have three kids, two girls and one boy. Then the girl is unhappy marrying her childhood boyfriend. When the two world is really colliding, maybe you are not meant for the partner who are dying to love you. But in the end, the guy seems happy and the girl died in vain whether she can love her husband too much in pain to see her beloved partner.

The 48th English quote poem is a love poem. I can hardly imagine if I am like this. But since I still don’t have a girlfriend, maybe I can make changes a little for her. Maybe it’s not a chance to tell her how much I really love about her. It is not really hard. But you see when you find a perfect match, you can love her or him. You have to give and take relationship in terms of exchanging secrets to each other. If you don’t, the chemistry of your love really don’t mix.

Fortieth-Third English Quote:


Loose my pain,

loose my mind,

loose my heartache,

when I need you most

for everything I do.


Come to me closely,

come what may it comes,

and it depends in my heart

to accept and to win.


For behind,

faraway from yesterday,

far from my heart,

far with the days counted by,

it’s for you and for me,

when we are not together,

I’m jealous and

it’s for the unconditional love.


Believe in me,

believe in my faith,

believe in my trust,

but sometimes it may

take a while

to cure you heart a whole.


Fortieth-Fourth English Quote:


I simply put out my pen

in the table and I start

it to write a simple letter

then I say that you would

get out of the house,

and starting all over again.


May I guess,

then you would that’s true,

how would you know

a great guy would date

you in sweet dinner.


Hold me,

shoulder me,

and I sway with you,

dance me,

kiss me,

and I dance with you.


All over and over again,

if it’s you,

if it’s me,

that I surrender my heart

to love you so,

maybe my heart will

sail away with you,

then I will travel with you

in a thousand miles,

and we will die together

even we have white hair.

Fortieth-Fifth English Quote:


Promise me when you are here,

promise me where you will go,

and promise me

how I will love you,

then I go to the promised land.


There is a time when

I think about you,

when I am walking to

the street-lamp park,

and you guess the truth of

how the two lovebirds

fell in love.


Through the white clouds

gazing up in the skies made

me worrying about you,

finding time in a cold

lonely night,

I found a special one

who can love me back,

then I found my heart

belongs to you.


Reaching out to my destiny,

but sometimes it fails me

when you are alone,

I cannot keep my secret alone

so I could tell you,

that my world revolves you

twice in my lifetime.




No matter what I have said, this is how I write about my literature. Today literature would be having three best English quote poems I will release it today. I am revising all my quote poems all from my cellphone that has been stored in a long time. I am really love to writing down this far.


43rd English quote poem is a sweet longest love quote poem I have ever been written in my life. Well of course, this one is newer than it’s look like. This has been dated last February. Maybe it wasn’t for anybody heart who I am in love for. I don’t know why who I will dedicate this for. But I know I will still find a perfect girl who will love me someday.


The 44th English quote poem was all about Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto. I will have no clue why I am adding Claudine here. It is because I am still picturing them together when they were still in the movie of Got 2 Believe. Why? There is no need to have an explanation. It is simply that I don’t want to forget about Rico in the first place. He always still inspires me all my life, if that is a point taken.


And in the 45th English quote poem is all about a promised poem. The scenario there would be the beach. And I have guess two people wants to meet their halfway in their lives. The guy lives in Paris while the girl lives in Hawaii. Yes, there are two different people in different direction, from 12 hours of time zone that is if I am correct. They have simple lives back then, but when they meet in the Philippines for a vacation, two people met in a hotspot destination was in Boracay. After they met, they went back to their countries. Then for about 12 years, two of them met again but not in the Philippines but in Vancouver. The guy was married already but have no kids yet. But the girl is a single mother. She is still looking who did this to her after 12 years. When they found that her child is the guy’s kid. Different lives and different world collided together again in a happy ending story. They have been got married, then later the guy announced that he wasn’t really serious with the marriage in his second girl of his life. He opted out of the marriage and it became divorced. Eventually the kid, the lady and him were giving a lot of time of their family. And that was the happy ending story.

Fortieth-First English Quote:


24 hours a day to search

low and high,

in 7 days I must wait

to search you.


In 12 hours a day

I am beginning to stay,

5 moments a day

in mornings,

afternoons and evenings,

there is only 3 sweet words

when you love someone,

and if you say “I love you”

than rather leaving you

behind all alone.


Fortieth-Second English Quote:


Big dreams shows the

true meaning of hardworking,

small dreams never count

the less fortunate of working,

but with success, will

and action brings

the farthest dreams

to be chosen talent.


Why would you think

it could fair to nothing,

think first before you act

like an initiator,

be ahead and notice,

that will be a huge

deficit of success

of a true debt of

gratitude in life.




Two small worlds thinking richer or poorer is nothing to say that in this article I have to discuss from here. Well of course, I have no place in the world whether I want to be in poorer or richer. Think again. Maybe it is not a big deal in the society or the reality. So here I am saying that here in article I have made written as well.


in 41st English short quote poem, it is rather a success or maybe a little fortunate experience will come in your way. What I am saying here is that all of us have falling in love with the partner all the time. A lot of parents have kids. When they get old, their kids will also get married in their legal age or wanting in their lives to be involve in relationship. So much to say that I am still single, hoping someday if I find a right kind of a girl to me will eventually getting married with me of course. But somehow, it is intending to be not to be serious or to be jealous.


While in 42nd short quote poem, it is said there that your success might get ahead along your way. Maybe I haven’t get experience that much yet, but I am trying to express myself to be a successful person someday. Many people use to believe dreams are not real or real in their lives. Well not everyone has hope to be in success lives. For me, I have never notice in myself yet. It is because they haven’t see my success what I am doing in life. I am still fighting whatever I want in my life. Like many others has money, power or anything in their lives, but what is missing of them is their success story. If I have mistaken some of the point, just let me know.

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