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One small family wants to go San Francisco, California in United States. But all of a sudden of excitement and staggering of happiness, their smiling faces became bitter. The man of the family, Brian Cruz, feared that this dreams will become a bitter to them. Together with his wife, Cynthia and their only child, Stephanie, who turned 4 years old lately last month.


As the only child heard the news, she mocked away her parents and locked herself up in her lonely room full of teddy bears and stuffed animals. She only played her stuffed animals because her mother thought she won’t give another baby sister or baby brother. Then her father knocked on the door and said, “Stephanie, let me see your face and I am pretty sure you will excited to see this.” “No, and no thank you, papa. How many times you lied to me all the time? You said that I will have baby sister or baby brother. How many times will you carry your promises,” as she said and crying in the corner of her room making her lonely child. Then her mother Cynthia came by and unlocked the door.


When Cynthia suddenly froze at her fright, Stephanie would put her feet at the end of the door as she kicked hard the door every time it opened. But her mother also knocked on the door and asked and said, “Stephanie, are you still mad at me?” Then at the very moment, she opened the door looking teary and weeping her eyes. She embraced her mother so much and said, “Momma, when will I have baby brother or baby sister? You said you will give me a baby sister or baby brother so I could take care of her or maybe him.”


“My dear Stephanie, you look very sad,” she looked Stephanie and wiped her child’s eyes and said, “mommy is trying to make it one. But dear, patience is always the best outcome if you are waiting for it.” “Mommy, when will we go to Disneyland in Los Angeles? I want let see the baby for our quest for adventure. So we can go running and take a children’s ride, just what you said to me,” as she stopped crying and held up for her chin and said to her mother then she continued and said, “Why are you crying, mommy?”


“To tell you the truth, my dear Stephanie, your mommy is no longer giving any babies anymore. Are you still mad at me, little Stephanie,” she also can’t stopped crying as she asked Stephanie looking to their eyes. The little Stephanie looked again and also cried with her weeping mother. As they both stopped crying, they put their heads in the pillow and went asleep. At the door looking sadness and bitter, Brian didn’t know what to do his life together with his wife and his daughter. He went back to his room and fixed back his things to the drawer. He gasped and gave a sigh when he saw the family picture left to his bed. With the happy Stephanie in his back of the neck and his wife shouldering him made him happy to live alone with his life.


Brian was a car insurance dealer where he worked every day and night just to live for his family. He sold three cars a day every day making him a top insurance dealer of the month. But when Stephanie came into his life, his luck changed and stayed at his position. Until he met Cynthia who also wanted to buy a car where they for the first time four years ago. Cynthia came to look the beautiful red Porsche car and said, “Wow, I’ve never seen so red and beautiful. How much of this car, mister?” “Not unless you give me a price and I will sell it to you. We have quarterly, monthly or yearly basis for the car prices of the month,” he answered with his bright and brilliant idea when he still looked to Cynthia’s eyes. Then when she goes for a seat to try, she pushed the car horns making everybody surprised and amazingly to his breath and said, “I take this car no matter what the price is.” “Ms. De Leon, are you sure getting to buy this car? This car costs 1,117,000 pesos. For the yearly interest basis is very simple, it costs 223,400 for five years to pay. And for the quarterly, it costs 55,850 pesos for a year to pay with 5 years plan. And lastly, for the monthly basis if you want to pay, only 13,962.50 for 12 months pay basis for the whole 5 years plan making to the top of 1,117,000 pesos,” the top car insurance dealer explained the details and said. But when he turned around to the lady, he looked drop dead as the lady run to the cashier and paid with the amount Brian said to her.


In the next five days, Cynthia was delighted to see his beautiful red Porsche car in her garage. She drove for a mile per hour every day just working hard for her salary to come. Cynthia De Leon was the top insurance manager when she sold 5 cases every day making her 100 cases a month for becoming productive when she joined in the insurance company. What she didn’t know that Brian kept quiet and sold a car for expensive costs. Eventually Brian received for a highest gross of her commission basis around 223,400 pesos. He kept his money to the bank and allowing him to buy some moderate prices food from various restaurants. But he only went to the restaurant with the cheaper prices. He still craved for fried chicken or burger restaurant making him the filthy rich man of the company. Just when he turned to be a car insurance manager, he never lost to any dealer or manager that still keeping from his job. As he saw Cynthia again, this time he was around in KFC restaurant. He ordered a meal and went closer to Cynthia and said, “Is this seat taken?”


“Yes, and who are you, young man,” she asked politely and said. “My name is Brian Cruz and we met already. Did you remember me in the car showroom where you bought the luxury expensive red Porsche car?” he introduced himself making a gesture and said. But the lady said, “I remembered you. You are the fat man who sold me a car. That is why your stomach wants to eat my meal.”


“I am so sorry about that,” he apologized to the lady as their food went messy when they tilted their heads, their lips have met and kissed. “Your name was Brian. My name is Cynthia. I am sorry too,” she also apologized and said as they continued to eat their dinner together. As their dinner have reached their level, they never leave the restaurant yet but they exchanged their stories inside the restaurant. As they built their relationship in a year, they thought they won’t have a baby. But when Cynthia coughed up from the toilet bowl and spitted some blood, she exclaimed and said, “You there, Brian, what have you done to me?” “Doing what? I never do anything so mistakes lately. Please, I am so sorry, honey,” he was scared to death seeing Cynthia getting mad as he covered his face from the throw pillow. But she gently removed the throw pillow from Brian’s face, kissed him on the cheek and said, “Thank you, too. I am pregnant, honey.”


“A baby! Noooooooooooo!” he shouted from his lungs as he ran outside from the room making everyone to see him so happy and suddenly froze from his dreams that will shatter in his future. He went back sad to the room where Cynthia became clueless and said, “What’s wrong, hon? Did your tongue get bite? Did I do anything wrong?” “I don’t have money to marry you,” he silly said to Cynthia and cried over to his knees. Then she gave Brian to get up and answered and said, “No, silly billy Brian, you don’t have to pay anything to marry you. I have parents who have a chapel in their hometown. I will ask them.” The excitement brought them alive and happy when Cynthia answered to their problems.


As they got married in the month of Valentines, Cynthia’s parents Joshua and Celeste gave blessings to Brian and Cynthia making the bride to become married with Brian. But for Brian, he received many blessings from his family. His brothers Carlo, Andrew and Jeffrey and sisters Joey, Ryan and Sarah gave many gifts to Brian. As Brian and Cynthia lived together in an apartment, they happily exclaimed that they have their own house to live in an apartment. Just when they thought they were happy, Cynthia runs to his room one time after she gave a baby girl Stephanie on October 18, 12 days before the halloween day. She over heard Brian got promoted from the telephone she was talking to her husband. But her baby girl kept still crying and crying because she was hungry wanting to drink milk from Cynthia. She lifted up Stephanie out of the crib and breast feed her baby girl. She went back to the telephone and said, “Brian, come back here at once. Stephanie is crying again over and over. This is stupid. We have to hire someone to take care of our child.”


“Relax, honey, that is our baby. You should be there to comfort her. I’ll be soon to join with you,” he politely said to his wife when he was kissed in his neck by his beautiful naked boss. As he hanged down the telephone, his beautiful CEO pulled down her dress making Brian to make a move with her. Cynthia on the other side didn’t know what to do in her life because her salary was dropping rapidly. Her bank book became four digits left from the last month she have had six digits. Soon as Stephanie have slept over on Cynthia’s arms, she put Stephanie down on the bed and slept and cuddled with her baby. Just when the baby woke up again, Cynthia stood up from the bed looking the mess that her child made some spilling from her diapers. She shouted and instantly broke down and said, “I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE!”


After a month have passed, Cynthia returned to his work and explained to her boss why she have been absent so many days to miss working from her home work and work in the office, instead going back to her work, her boss have terminated her already. Cynthia looked sad as she lost her job. Many of her days became zero performance. Her accountability of work became relentless. Her ability going back to her home have missed to take her opportunity to ride a home. Instead, she took a taxi. Just when she missed the house, she went asleep inside the taxi. When she woke up, her taxi bill went up as much of four digits. Cynthia lost some money again from paying her expenses taking a taxi. Every day she went home penniless and still did her best looking up for a job. Just when she found the right job at the mall, she instantly grabbed the opportunity and took as a saleslady in the department store. Her money didn’t going to bankrupt, instead she steadily gain from her work. She sold some fifty shoes and twenty clothes everyday making her again as the top seller inside the department store. Her bank book became seven digits again making her richer than her four digits from her bank. She regained the trust from her husband Brian. Brian didn’t leave his baby alone in an apartment, instead he took the child in his work. Stephanie became a lucky child to Brian’s career. He sold now five cars a day making him as a competitive player around the nationwide car companies. But when every time Cynthia saw Brian was happy, their baby Stephanie was taking care from his office worker who loves children.


Two years have passed, Stephanie turned two years old. Their lives became bigger. Brian have bought a house for Stephanie’s dreams and Cynthia’s dreams. He was now the president for a year already. From his success as the top car insurance dealer, competitive player, he became first as the first man of the car company going as the first male president. Cynthia, on the other side, became the floor manager inside the department store of the mall. It was the highest position that can be held inside the mall. But when Cynthia’s life was broken in the past, she instantly regained the status as a mother to Stephanie.


NOTES: I have made this Road to America Chapter 1 around three days and two nights. It is very hard to imagine writing this novel in day and night basis. It really amazes me somehow since I started to write The Sun, The Star and The Moon in 12th of July. The next novel A Sailor’s Code came in 21st of July and the third longest short story was Winter Islands came in 28th of July. After nine days, I made this Road to America Chapter 1. The first one The Sun, The Star and The Moon I wrote about, it takes me six days and five nights. The second one A Sailor’s Code, it takes me three days to complete. And the third one Winter Islands took me one day and one night to write it the whole day and night.


Everyone in the island makes so dreamy and sleepy. Everyone were not very happy of the weather. Snowing everyday in their land, they didn’t know what to do. One of them was a little boy Summer who wants to see the sun during the day. But none of the people weren’t to believe there was coming hope in the island.


Then one afternoon when the fall of snowing came bigger and the land covered with full of white fluffy snow, Summer went outside of the house and wanted to play with the water in the ocean. But her mother Autumn didn’t want him to go near in the ocean because it was too far away from their village through the ocean waters. There was twenty miles away from the ocean. Their village was in the top of the mountains which it is why the mountain was covered with snow. People have never reached the bottom of the mountains because there was no passage going to the beach. Their only hope to survive was to reach in the ocean waters. None of them really wanted to go down but neither them has a courage to go down.


Summer pulled his mother’s blouse and said, “Momma, where was the ocean?” “The ocean was down under the mountains, dear. But you cannot go there. It was very dangerous to go down alone,” her mother said and she was afraid and trembled in her voice answering of her son.


As they went down deeper in the forest, they went for their children to learn in the school. At the school, Summer left his mother alone and went inside the classroom filled with other 17 kids. Ms. Winterbourne was their homeroom teacher. And Ms. Winterbourne asked Summer and said, “Summer, what do you want to grow up?” “I want to be a courage man to go down the mountains and seek the ocean waters,” the brightest and smartest kid Summer answered back to his teacher.


“But Summer, no one of us would go down the mountains,” she replied. “Then I will be the one person who would go down the mountains someday, Ms. Winterbourne,” with a quick courage answer from what Summer said. But of his classmates threw something pieces of paper into his face. Then Ms. Winterbourne stopped the malicious kids who threw some pieces of paper to Summer. After their class finished after the lunchtime, Ms. Winterbourne accompanied the brightest kid Summer out of the school and was waiting for Summer’s mother to pick him up. But because of Summer’s mother was busy, Ms. Winterbourne dropped Summer from the school to Summer’s house. With a wide smile from Ms. Winterbourne, she said to Summer, “You’re a good kid, Summer. Someday, you will be an explorer.”


“So you are now believing me if I can make it someday,” the happiest kid Summer said in his excitement attitude. “I am sure of it. Now, go inside of your house. Make sure you do the home works,” Ms. Winterbourne replied to the kid and held Summer’s chin. She left the house.


After fifteen years have passed, Summer became a courage man who was now in his age of 19 years of age. His mother became ill when she didn’t take her medicine because of the winter in the mountains. “Momma, I’ll be back in a week,” he said to Autumn, his mother was in the soft and cuddly chair and was taking rest of her day inside the house. “Be sure you go back in a week,” her mother said and coughed up from her voice. Trembling with an illnesses, Autumn survived in five years already because of her illness. Summer has packed his mountain bag with a things that he can survived going down to the mountain and scouted the area where he can go.


When Summer was in his way going out of the village, Frost, Dream and Iceman were there teasing Summer again. “Hey, Summer, where are you going? Are you still coming out of the village and still have to find medicine down of the mountains? Come on, man. There are no miracles,” the tallest guy in the group Dream was teasing Summer and said, “Come on, Summer. Talk to us.”


“You know what, Dream. I am pretty sure Ms. Winterbourne would be proud of me today. Because I am going to do whatever I can help to this village. And just like the rest of you don’t do anything and bragging what you are saying. Be responsible to yourself and grow up as a man,” he stopped to Dream, Frost and Iceman as he confronted the three guys were still teasing and bullying Summer right from their childhood days. Then he left the village without a word of it. Frost scooped an ice from a ground and threw the snowball just right from Summer’s back neck. But Summer didn’t want to fight and threw anything. Because fight for him was useless. Summer went through the forest and passed the crows right from the wood branches of the trees. He kept studying the forest when he was eight years old. Summer was the only child Autumn have had in her entire life. When Summer’s father was still alive, his father didn’t return to the village. Because Autumn knew that Summer’s father was already dead.


“Come on, Autumn. I’m leaving in the village and wanting to help the village for their lives. We won’t be living this winter all the time here in the mountains,” the courageous Chill said to Autumn when they were still younger and married. They have had now with an only child Summer that time. “Make sure you come back, hon. I will miss you if you get died in your way down to the mountains. Make sure you drink the medicine. And please pray all the time,” Autumn was chilling outside of the house that can’t control of the heavy snows and said to Chill.


“I will come back to you no matter what, Autumn. I will and this will be the best for everyone and for our baby son Summer.”


Autumn woke up from her dreams and remembered her husband Chill was traveling down the mountains. Just like father and son, Summer have never heard yet the story of his father because he thought he will be gone forever. Autumn practically coughed a bit from her trembling arms and prayed and said, “Please bear with my son, Chill. I know you are still alive. Please keep away Summer from any danger.”


Through the first forest down to the mountains, Summer already passed the first forest and saw again the second forest he was about to enter. Then along in his way, he saw a wooden house cabin right from his eyes. He knocked and no one was answered in the house. So he entered inside the empty wooden house cabin. He pulled some of the medicine from the right pocket of his mountain bag. He drank the medicine with the hot water he just boiled. After the few hours, he went to sleep in a comfy stray bed. Around at almost dark in the night, an old man entered in his wooden house cabin and saw a young man with a mountain bag and woke him up and said, “Wake up, boy.” Then Summer rubbed his eyes and said, “Who are you and why are you doing here?”


“I am asking you the same question. This is my house and get out of my house,” an old man said with a grumpy voice scratching his back and sat in the wooden chair. As Summer goes up from his sleep apologized and said, “I am sorry, old man. I didn’t know no one is living here in the house. I must go now.”


“No, silly young boy, you can’t go outside of the house. Traveling at this time will cost your life in danger. You stay for a night here,” an old man said with his eyes was covered by his long white hair. He pulled off of his bonnet and dumped away his boots on the floor. Then he managed to massage his feet with his fingers and asked and said, “Are you from the village, young boy?”


“Yes.” “I was living here for about 19 years of my life already and no one was going down the mountains except me,” the old man said and pulled off his socks and said, “Are you here for a journey going down?” “Of course. My mother was so sick now. She can’t get up from the chair she was resting there. I guess this is my responsible to get a medicine down from the mountains and get some sea water to drink,” with a brightest smile he came up and answered back to the old man’s question. “I was in your age when I went down to the mountains and yet I never went back to the village because I found out that the mountains was dangerous to go down. But there was another way to go down. It will take you for about a month to go down,” he explained the situation when he was still rubbing his foot sole.


“Old man, I have mountain bag. And I have lots of things I can survive for about five days to go down. But because Ms. Winterbourne gave me a map, I will be there for about four or five days,” he gave his best answer to the old man as the old man slammed his hand down to the Summer’s head and said, “You fool, young boy, no matter what you have, don’t go down. Where is your map anyway?”


“This map of Winter Island will guide me going down of the mountains. In this directions, I will get easily pass the second, third and fourth forest to the right of the mountain. There will be a cave passage down through and I will find out what kind of medicine I will get,” Summer gave a best answer and the old man gave a silence treatment for the 19 year old teenager boy. He stood up from his seat and walked from left to right. He sat again to his seat and asked, “Did you say Winterbourne?”


“Of course.” “That girl is the grand daughter of Mr. Pandemonium. Pandemonium was my teacher. And yet he never gave me a map before so I could go down easily from the mountains. What is your name, boy” he asked again to the teenager and the teenager replied and said, “My name is Summer Plymouth, son of Autumn Plymouth. Autumn was my mother’s name.”


“Boy, you really grow up so fast. But be careful down there, my son. The wilds of the fourth forest is very mysterious place. I have never passed that final and fourth forest. That Pandemonium is a heck of a genius making about this map. Now get catch some sleep. I will cook nicely for you before you go on your journey,” the old man gave a pat in his son’s shoulders and Summer didn’t know that the old man was his father. With a six hours of sleep Summer had in the morning, he woke up when he smelled the dish what the old man said to him last night. “That was my favorite dish, old man.”


“So am I. This is called the pumpkin soup. I taught this one of my girls in the village that I have almost getting to marry. This soup is happen to be a summer dish of the village,” the old man said in his explanation about the soup and Summer thought the meaning of his name. He then realized and said, “That dish is a summer dish, how come?” “I just named it a summer soup because it tastes so good and it’s very hot to eat. This is a perfect dish for everyone in the village,” the old man said and sipped a soup from a ladle. Then later after a breakfast, Summer packed up again his mountain bag and said, “Thank you for the breakfast, old man.”


“Summer, the name is Chill Plymouth. Call me pops instead,” the old man said to him as Summer left the wooden house cabin. He passed easily the short second forest down to his right of the mountain. As he almost entered to the third forest, he saw a cliff from a view from the mountain. He saw an ocean nearby down slopes of the mountain. He pulled up his camera from the second pouch pocket right to his pants and pictured the view. As almost getting killed, Summer went back to his track and almost got killed that he stepped the slopes of the cliff. He continued to walk down the third thick forest from the left direction of the mountain. He stopped right inside of the third thick forest and camped for a night. As he slept for another day in his camp, he continued to go down the mountains and finally went out of third thick forest. He saw again closer to the ocean as he saw across, it was almost there for him. He saw a cave passage right after the fourth forest he was talking about to the old man.


Back in the village, the resident doctor went inside the Summer’s house when the villagers helped out Autumn to go out from her soft and comfy chair. They transferred Autumn to the medic house as they got Autumn in a critical condition in the bed. “Where is Summer” the medic nurse said to Autumn. “He was in a mission to get some medicines to our village. He was now in the fourth forest.”


“How would you know that? You were not in his place. Autumn, get some rest here and I get some medicine you can drink,” the medic nurse replied and said to Autumn. “Because I can feel through his presence before I can go happily rested,” she coughed up more in her trembling voice.


“Autumn, do not speak more. Get some more sleep” the medic nurse said. “Thank you, Yvonne,” Autumn coughed up more as she got sleep in the medic bed. When Summer already got inside the fourth forest, he chipped the trees so he could remember on his way to go in and out of the forest. He camped again in the night inside the fourth forest. On his way outside of the forest, Summer finally achieved going out of the fourth forest. He really saw the closer to the ocean as he burned the fire in his long wooden stick with a little gas. Then he entered the cave passage right inside the deeper mountain. The bats inside the cave flew outside of the mountain as the bats glared from the fire Summer made. What Summer didn’t know in his back, the old man followed secretly and discreetly away from Summer. Summer went out of the cave passage for about two hours travel inside the cave passage. He finally reached the horizons of the ocean and collected some sea water from the ocean. He saw across the island with another Winter Island. Summer said to his self, “Wow, I’ve never imagined I can reach here down in the mountains. And we have crabs and fishes also in the ocean. This is a great journey. I will camp here for about two days and will go back in the village in the mountains.”


“Congratulations, Summer, you did a great job,” the old man surprised in Summer’s enthusiasm and said to him, “Are you really sure you want to go back in the village? We have lots of crabs, fishes and lots of medicine to live here down the mountains.”


“Old man Chill, what are you doing here? I thought you never know the directions here in the mountains,” he asked to the old man as he already closed the bottle with a sea water inside. “I followed you from your journey. This is not the place you really want to go here. This place is very dangerous,” the old man got off his wig and the voice inside of his throat began to change. His walking became normal as Summer was. Then the pirate slaves came near to him and grabbed his arms as they surprised Summer.


“Who are you, people? And what will happen if I do not give some money to you, guys,” he asked and then he knocked down in his stomach. The next thing he woke up, the sea water already splashed his face floating away from the Winter Island. He just turned as a slave as anybody else in the ship. He saw some from the slaves really torn, beaten and were almost naked. The pirate captain saw the newbie in the ship and asked to the young boy, “What is your name, boy?”


“The name is Summer Plymouth,” he answered. Then the pirate captain said, “Another Plymouth from our ship. You know, kid. You really look like just like your father. What is your father’s name?” Then one of the men have kidnapped Summer and said, “Chill Plymouth, I guess. Boy, you really are clueless.” The men have kicked once again in Summer’s stomach and the next kick was caught from Summer’s hands. He slipped the man down to the floor and he snatched the sword right from the man he was almost kicked. “Don’t call me if I know this Chill Plymouth. I am the daughter of Autumn Plymouth and I don’t know much of my father. He was already considered dead person.”


“Stop right there, boy. You have no rights to kill that man. I am really your father, you wicked fool. Autumn Plymouth you said. Do you have another Winterbourne’s map? Everyone has in the ship. All of the men we captured was really come from the Winter Island. And we are going to the paradise–” the pirate captain said as he almost slashed from his neck when Summer almost knew about the ship’s about. “Ms. Winterbourne was a good teacher and she taught me well how to fight some of the pirates. And I knew all along about this pirates long ago. I heard all about from the elderly. This trick you are saying is no longer true to me. My father is really dead long time ago. One more step from you, or I really kill your captain of the ship. Turn back the ship now to the Winter Island or I shoot the ship to sink,” Summer answered all back to the men staying in the ship but none of them really wanted to challenge him. As the angry commandeer stepped out of the ship cabin and shouted and said, “What are this all loud and noise going on? You boy, lower your sword.”


As Summer put down the pirate captain to the floor, he rushed to the commandeer with two swords. But the commandeer pulled up shotguns from the cupboard and shot the wielded sword torn and said, “You seems saw a ghost before, Summer.” “Who are you and how do you know my name,” he asked and scared to go against the commandeer.


“Your left birth mark was in your hands, boy. Your name was Summer Plymouth, daughter of Autumn Plymouth and your teacher was Winter Winterbourne, the grand daughter of cruel man of the Winter Island, Mr. Spring Pandemonium. Yet you found your way just to say your father was dead. What is this, Kirby and Gerald, I thought you are already killing all the people in the village with a poisonous food,” the angry commandeer knew all about the Winter Island and Summer dropped the broken sword and the perfect wielded sword to the floor. The slaves just started Summer to change his clothes into a slaves’ clothes. Summer didn’t know anything long about the Winter Island. It was a mystery after all in the village in the mountains of Winter Island. And soon as the mountains covered with snow, everyone in the mountain were proclaimed dead including Summer’s mother, Autumn Plymouth. He saw the tiny island right back of the ship as one by one it disappeared in his sight.


The next day Summer woke up from his nightmare, he was still in the wooden cabin house. He saw a vision in the future and yet, he was still in the Winter Island going down to the mountains. The old man pretended to be an old man when Summer pulled up some gun from his mountain bag and said to the old man where he was cooking the pumpkin soup. “Who are you really? Don’t pretend you are the old man that builds this wooden cabin house. Speak,” Summer said in his angry voice then the pirate slave pulled away from his wig and the voice he was trying to speak different and said, “I am Dream. Sorry, Summer. Orders from the pirates.”


“I am going back to the village. You are so damn that I didn’t know this all about. You will be dead once I see you again,” Summer pulled up his boots to his feet and packed his mountain bag going back to the village for about five hours. He rushed to his mother’s house when he saw mother praying in the chair. Summer asked his mother and said, “Momma, what are you praying?”


“Summer, I thought you already left the village. Is there anything wrong? Where is the medicine the village asking for,” she asked too many questions to Summer but he refused to answer his mother’s questions. He then charged to his teacher’s house where Mr. Winterbourne was there stopping Summer to go in with a gun in his hand. “Mr. Winterbourne, let me in. Let me speak with Ms. Winterbourne,” the angry Summer said in his voice and Mr. Winterbourne said, “Do not go inside with a gun. The officers inside the house also has the guns and might kill you instantly. Drop your gun and enter the house without a firearm. Please, Summer.”


As he handed the gun to Mr. Winterbourne, the father to his teacher Ms. Winterbourne. He began barging to the house and asked his teacher about the map and said, “Ms. Winter Winterbourne, where did you get this map?”


“Summer, what are you doing in the middle of our meeting? You should not be here and go look for the medicines,” the teacher replied and said, “Look, we can speak this later. Don’t do this to my father and my grandfather.”


“And how come? I dreamed about this pirate again and the commandeer. The dreams are keep repeating in my mind. I am sorry to break up with your stupid meeting, Mr. Spring Pandemonium. This is useless for the rest of us. I am already seeing vision you the rest of the village will be killing by this vicious man, Mr. Spring Pandemonium with a poisonous food,” he explained the situation of the village and Mr. Pandemonium stood up from his chair and said, “How did you know all of these actions, Summer Plymouth. You must not know all about this plot. Winter, get out of your student right outside of the house.”


“No, grandpa. I want to hear his story as well. He kept telling me this since he was still a kid. Is this true, grandpa?”


“Yes, I am also the head of this village and I want to dissipate some crawling pests of this village. We are no longer safe here and we will be transfer to another island where we can be safe and go around with our another generation,” the elderly head of the village explained the plot against the village. Then Ms. Winterbourne and her father Mr. Winterbourne stood up from their chairs. The remaining officers also stood up from their seats and left for the meeting and Mr. Winterbourne said, “You are no longer our elder head of the village, father. Your plot against the village won’t happen anymore. You and your stupid mouth must stop of all this. And I am no longer your son.” When Mr. Winterbourne and Ms. Winterbourne finally went outside of the house with the officers. Summer stood up from the middle post of the village and asked all the people to come closer to him. Ms. Winterbourne also stood beside of him and said, “Everyone, our elder head is vicious that he almost kill us. My grandfather, Mr. Spring Pandemonium, are no longer your head of this village. As of now, we are now looking for a brighter future. This means also to Summer’s mother who is very sick. We must stop this sickness that also my mother died from the same sickness. Who is with me to punish my grandfather?”


Everyone in the village raised their hands to help to capture Ms. Winterbourne’s grandfather in the house. As they arrested Mr. Spring Pandemonium, the death sentence was the only one can punish who are wicked and dirty. When Mr. Spring Pandemonium was came for his death sentence, his head was cut off by a blacksmith. Few months passed, the village was safe again. The outsiders were no longer to reenter the village and the trespassers were brought to the death sentence if there was something happening in the village. Summer’s mother, Autumn, returned normal in her life. Her only son Summer helped a lot in the house, as her son was cooking about the village’s favorite dish, the pumpkin soup. Some of the villagers scouted the first to the fourth forests as they were responsible to capture some trespassers in the village. Ms. Winterbourne’s father, Mr. Ashley Winterbourne was proclaimed the next elder head of the village. The crimes inside the village dropped to zero. The tension between the Winter Island and the island outsiders were near in the war.


Summer’s vision became true. The commandeer and the pirate captain called the reinforcements from other islands to capture all the villagers. But they ended up beating in the fourth forest. No one island outsiders were passed through the fourth forest. Summer became the intelligence officer of the village at the age of 19. With his intelligence, he created and built a barrack that some of the villagers were willing to train under the command of Summer. Summer trained some archers, priests and knights in order to protect their village. In five years time, the village became the fortress and was called Winter Village. Summer and his former teacher Ms. Winter Winterbourne became a new couple. Autumn gave blessings to her son Summer. And Winter Winterbourne became Mrs. Winter Plymouth. One year past, they have had a baby son and was name Forest Plymouth. Autumn became a grandmother already and Mr. Winterbourne also became a grandfather to their first grandson to be born, Forest Plymouth. Their romance didn’t last about three years to come when Summer turned 22. He offered Winter to get married with him. Then Winter Winterbourne answered yes to him and they got married under Mr. Winterbourne’s request. The new commandeer of the outsiders became furious about the Winter Island. The long lost of the native of Winter Island have returned and revenged to his fate fearing turning her down of the Winter Island. Her eyes was covered with a black patch eye. She passed the cave through and the three forests up to the mountain. As she stopped from the fourth forest, she saw some archers from the towers and said, “You get out of the tower.”


The archers both from the towers fell off when the mystery native lady have finally entered the fortress. Summer held up his hands with two swords including the archer’s bow in his back and asked the intruder entering the fortress and said, “What are you doing here? You should be dead now by one of our best archers in the tower.” “Oh, really. Two of your best archers were already dead. Let’s begin the test how real tough you are,” the island wanderer taunted Summer and said to her fuming voice. She pulled one large sword in her back and summoned an element of fire that turned her sword with fire.


“You are the only one I can be dealing with your powers, Summer Plymouth. You have the powers to visualize the future and have keen in battling,” she explained further in their fight as Summer slashed of his two swords to the intruder and the intruder evaded his attack by dodging and jumping. “Can’t slash me? My turn, Summer,” she said as she exploded flames from her sword that almost killed Summer. But Summer reflexed his moves by turning around with his moves. “Who are you anyway? And how did you know my name? You are not here from our village,” he asked the intruder. When she pulled off the fire from her sword, she casted off his sword to her back and introduced herself and said, “My name is Ingrid Plymouth, your father’s stepsister. I have the powers of fire and visualize also. I can see how you handle the fortress. Don’t worry your best archers. They weren’t dead. They thought I was dead.”


“My mother didn’t mention about my father’s lineage. And you remind me something. The one in my dreams in the ship, you almost kill me there and but instead help me. Is that really you,” he asked to Ingrid as they entered Summer’s house. Winter came by and held the weapons of Summer out of his body. Ingrid and Summer went to their couch and sat. “Who is your friend, Summer,” Winter asked in her sweet voice as she grabbed Forest in her arms from the crib. “Ingrid Plymouth she said,” he said to his wife and the stepsister to Summer’s father said, “Ingrid Plymouth. I was once here in a long time. But they captured me instead when we were still younger. We were five of us, including your father Chill.”


“I already killed my father in the battle down from the mountain slopes. He was not considered my father anymore. And how come you didn’t return through these years? Where were you when the village needs you? Sorry for all the questions I brought up to you,” he asked politely when Ingrid answered and said, “I was capture by these pirates. I was two years old back then and your father was only five. The remaining were Asylum, Chess and Shadow. Asylum was six. Chess was seven and the last was our sister Chess who was ten. Chess helped a lot from all of us away from danger in the village. Mr. Spring Pandemonium was the only person in charge killing all of the children in poisonous food. So instead, Chess helped us to escape from the village. We were starving in the seashore.”


“Shadow, our sister, came near from the waters. She saw this huge ship. Chess, Asylum and Chill were building some straw house near the shore. As Shadow was the only escaped from the five of us, I didn’t know where to find her. That is why I come back here in Winter Island. Maybe you can help with me finding Shadow,” she favored and asked Summer to come in her journey, then Summer thought he could never leave his family back and his village. He politely said, “I can’t leave my village and my son Forest. But thank you, Ingrid.”


“You are the only one who equip with best abilities in the battle. With my fire sword alone can’t defeat our enemy is closer to come here. Forest will be another of you when he grow up. I am sure of this, Summer. Please,” she asked more to Summer as she really didn’t know what to do. When Winter sat beside Summer and said, “If you are ready to leave, my father and I will take care of this village. Your mother will be safe too.” With the surprised voice Ingrid knew about and said, “Your mother is still alive?”


“Why do you ask about her? Yes, she is still alive.” “Ask your mother, silly Summer. I can’t believe that your mother is still alive. And I am sure that she haven’t told you anything about her background and your father is,” Ingrid said and gave enthusiasm wanting to meet Summer’s mother. When Autumn showed up from the door she entered Winter and Summer’s house, Ingrid and Summer stood up from the door when Ingrid saw Autumn from the last time they saw each other. “Ingrid, is that really you,” Autumn surprised with her voice as she saw Ingrid talking to Summer. “It is me, Autumn,” she answered as Summer’s mother joined in their conversation and sat beside Ingrid.


“I still can’t believe you are still alive. I thought you are already dead. Where are Shadow, Chess and Asylum,” she asked the names supposedly Ingrid knows about. Then she answered and said, “This is why I come back here in Winter Island. Autumn, let your son knows about you and your father Chill is.” Then Summer’s mother told everything she would know about her and Summer’s father. When Summer knew about everything that his mother explained her life back then with his father. He now realized why the village had very mysterious about the behind of Winter Village. Winter Winterbourne, daughter of Mr. Ashley Winterbourne, has only the power of ice when Winter and Summer has different powers. They can’t controlled the weather and that is why Mr. Spring Pandemonium stole something from the pirates before. Each of the villager has their powers but they won’t use it because they were too afraid to use it.


When the story was ended, Autumn realized she had also mistakes in the past and said, “Summer, you must go with Ingrid. I take care of Forest. Winter will be coming with you.” “But I cannot go with them, I should take care of our child Forest,” Winter asked for that she cannot go with her husband.


“Go and pack the things you all need,” she said and advised when Winter was forced to come with Summer and Ingrid in order to find Summer’s sibling was Shadow. Summer and his wife Winter went to their room that they packed their things into one. Summer got the whole pack from his back while his wife Winter have to carrying their weapons they have need it in case of emergency. As soon Summer, Winter and Ingrid embarked to their journey, Summer’s mother has left in the house where she had to take care of Winter and Summer’s son, Forest. As the villagers gave their blessings to Winter and Summer who have had helped the village before that turned now as a fortress. And it wasn’t called village now but as Winter Fortress. When Winter was gone in the Winter Fortress together with Ingrid and Summer, the weather began changing without they were afraid about. It was all along with Winter’s powers that can controlled the village’s temperature everywhere she went. But things went worse when Summer was attacked by the two other siblings of Ingrid. Asylum and Chess at their old age jumped out from the forest where they were in the fourth forest down to the mountains. Summer and Winter dropped their mountain bags as Winter  threw two swords to Summer when they were about to attack Asylum and Chess. But Ingrid stopped between four of them to get attack and hurt each one another.


“Stop right there, Asylum and Chess. They are with me. Winter and Chill’s son, Summer. They are not the enemies,” as she said to the oldest sibling of the Plymouth family, Chess. Then Chess have asked and said, “So you are Summer. Nice name. Who was that girl, Summer” “That is my wife, Winter. I got married with her when I turned 22,” he answered as his hair swayed to his right eye. As they took the different way to go around, Summer then asked to Chess’ direction in whereabouts to find Shadow around the Winter Island and said, “Where are we going anyway? This isn’t the way to the shore.” “This is the only way the last time we saw Shadow running away. We have to go up around the other mountain of Winter Island. Why is it chilling anyway? This place isn’t snowing,” Chess was curious and asked about the place they were going.


Then Summer answered in the part of his wife Winter and said, “I think Winter has doing something with the island. Are you?” “Don’t look me that way. Of course, I can’t control my emotions. That’s why I never got off my mind to control this winter all along with me,” his wife Winter argued and said to Summer and his father’s siblings Chess, Asylum and Ingrid. Then Asylum with his black paired arm support in his arms and weird looking with his red bandana in his head also asked and said, “How you come Chill didn’t know that he have his son long ago?” “Silly Asylum, he knows that before he leaves the village in his back,” his sister Chess answered politely as they were climbing around the cliff wall in the mountain. As they reached the top of the hill, they found another cave passage going up of the mountains. But Winter and Summer stopped what they were doing and dropped off their mountain bags and got their weapons up. Chess and Asylum didn’t notice that someone was following them. Only Winter and Summer knew they were someone following them from inside the fourth forest. As Summer stroke his two swords swaying like a double neck, Shadow showed up for the first time to Chess, Ingrid and Asylum.


From the looks of Shadow, she have dressed in forest look-a-like tarzan in the hills. With the coverage in her cleavage, Shadow spoke in a different language and said, “What are you doing here in our place? You are not here from our territory. Get out of here or my friends will come to kill you.” But Winter knew about this kind of different language and said, “We are here looking for Shadow. Is there a small tribe near your place?” When Shadow led Winter, Summer, Asylum, Chess and Ingrid in her tribe, some of the men and women were suddenly felt the chill in their tribe. Winter alone left the tribe when Shadow have followed Winter out of the tribe when Shadow asked again in different language and said, “Why are you leaving in our tribe? We haven’t done any worse yet to you.” “I have to control the chill around the village above in the mountains, that is where I come from and wanting to look for you. You and your tribe won’t like to feel the chill that I bring,” she said in her worrying voice that made Winter about her husband and Summer’s relatives.


“Do not worry about the tribe. They have been in your village a long time ago. I was younger when they adopted me here. But things are different now. The outsiders you have seen in the forest bottom of the mountain, we have killed some of the intruders going in your village. We also want to visit your village. But none of us have a courage to do that. Please come with me in our tribe,” Shadow finally spoke to their language as Winter and Shadow joined in the tribe where Summer, Ingrid, Chess and Asylum was there. As they spent the night with Shadow, Shadow and Chess went outside of the tribe so they can speak away from the tribe and the siblings as well.


Clothed in torn leaves, stripped as a naked plant, Shadow really asked some of the questions she could remembered about her siblings. She asked to Chess and said, “Are you really my sister?” “Yes, we are looking for you. Your real name is Shadow Plymouth. We are the real siblings of Plymouth of Winter Village. Please bear with me if I ask you something,” she asked politely to Shadow as Shadow and Chess sat in the wooden plank. She continued and said, “About you are four years of your age, we were together in the seashore. Remember Chill was with us. He was the only bravest brother we had. But since he was already dead, we have another mission to finish if you are coming with us. Shadow, please if you still remember us. Do not hate us. We didn’t want–“


As her sister stopped talking, Shadow stood up and have listened through the woods as if someone was really coming. But it was only the deers running across the fields. Then Shadow suddenly looked to Chess’ eyes and said, “I understand you, Chess. I still never forget your names. And I was the one killing our stepbrother Chill down to the mountain slopes. I am sorry to tell you that, Chess. It’s that I never imagined in my life seeing you like this. But leaving the tribe is all means to me. I am welcome to help you. I have been forty years of staying here in the woods. I learned how to beat the wilderness. And I know how really dangerous mission you have. Is Winter coming with us?”


“I believe it is,” she answered to Shadow and said, “Here are the clothes you can borrow to wear. We have hid our transportation just to travel with us. Thank you, sister. I know you are very good sister to us.” As she hugged Shadow, it all means to be a final mission for Summer, Chess, Asylum, Ingrid and Shadow. Three sisters, one brother and one nephew were together to beat the dangerous enemy in the land of the enemies’ territory. As they joined in the tribe and Shadow had been dressed to kill in action, they spent for a night to sleep with Shadow and the rest of the tribe. Just early in the dawn of the morning, Shadow was up already. She woke up her two sisters, one brother and their nephew to come along with Summer’s wife. The fate came to kill their final enemy, just only to defeat the final judgment of their time.


They embarked to their journey as they walked again through the another island. Winter and her husband Summer gained some knowledge of their island where some of the small tribe was living down slopes of northwestern of Winter Island. They never thought someone was living down of the mountains. As Summer, Winter and Shadow stepped in a floating vehicle Asylum was driving. Chess and Ingrid helped to carry a heavy mountain bag used to carry with Summer and Winter. When they traveled about two hours in time in the nick of morning, Asylum drove off and stopped their floating vehicle to the volcano island. Winter and Summer went out for the first time of their lives outside of Winter Island, that also came for Shadow’s first time visit in another island. Asylum have stopped Summer, Winter and Shadow and said, “First rules of this island, no one or anyone of you should do any kinds of trick. Or else we are doomed to kill. Remember when we are engaging to a fight, always prepare to carry a weapon. Summer, you don’t have to carry your mountain bag anymore. Your mountain bag stays here. And this floating device transportation is invisible. No one will see us just right of time. We need to focus to retrieve Chess’ valuable information and we are about to finish Chill’s minions in this island. Remember this island is protected by all pirates, commandeers and necromancers.”


And they just started to step down the vehicle, Summer and Winter went for a duo killing as they already mastered their killing combo against any kind of enemies. Shadow in her part have to strike on her own style of killing combo. Ingrid, a large sword master with a fire element to her sword, have the best combo killing spree in a seconds. Asylum, the most intelligent male of the group, have nasty habits of earth element who have the power to control any kind of nature earth. And Chess, the fighter with a speed and strength she had in her skills, is the leader of three siblings. She was once a strongest leader of their generation but now as an older 49 years old and still have the agility of speed and strength. Chess has still guts to kill any kind of enemies she will confront. One by one in the island made the group killing any enemies in their way. As they reached to the bottom trench facility, Summer and Winter blew a deadly combo that sent 75 enemies down to death. Asylum haven’t seen the courageous and the bravest male they have ever seen. Summer was Chill’s son after all. Summer and Chill had the same perky attitude who have guts to kill anyone. When they reached the gorge, Chess already retrieved of the map location where the final judgment was waiting for them.


But when the leader of the enemy’s clan appeared all of the sudden in front of them, Summer didn’t get any frozen as the others were freeze not to move on their owns. And the leader who was the necromancer spoke and said, “Welcome to my Island of Doom. Thanks for all of you are here already. What we have here? Asylum, Ingrid and Chess are back in shape to kill me. Who was that pretty girl?”


In a second of teleportation, the necromancer have introduced himself and said, “My name is Darkmouth. And I am proclaim as one of the strongest necromancer of the world. And you are not part of the group.” “I am now, you bloody Darkmouth in your head with a slight of itch, I will really kill you with my wife,” the courageous Summer said in his angry voice wanting to kill Darkmouth. As he stepped Summer out of the group, he grabbed the two swords in his back and Darkmouth’s hands fell to the floor as the two swords were heavily arm only to Summer.


“I see you have the power of strength, guts and compassion to kill. This is the right time to say–,” as Darkmouth said and began trembling in his position when Summer strikes his kick to Winter. Then Winter finally began to move as she flew the two swords to Summer and Summer caught with his two swords. Winter and Summer almost killed Darkmouth in their fashion of killing the enemy but the vigilant and violent villain evaded their attacks as well. “Fight with fair and square, you cowardly blind fool. You never think you can kill us that easily. You are already got Chill and yet, he died. What’s wrong with your partners anyway,” as the angry Ingrid said and fumed into her voice and rushed to her diaphragm. Then Darkmouth allowed all of them to move when he already disappeared in their sight and said to them in a loud voice, “You have to come inside the volcano’s core. We will settle this battle once and for all, greedy Ingrid. Wahahahaha!”


Soon as they moved, the embattled every single enemy in their way, Winter and Summer gave all their best way to defeat all the enemies. Their frontrunners were Summer and Winter as they slashed in the front, to the left, to the right and sometimes on their back as well. Numerous kinds of stamina they have had, it was all because they drank the special medicine that Winter made for their battle remedies. When Winter, Summer, Ingrid, Shadow, Asylum and Chess made to the volcano’s core. the redness flare coming right from the volcano made Winter terrifying but Summer said, “Don’t worry about it, Winter. This battle will be over soon. And the intense fight will be over.”


When Darkmouth heard about Summer’s voice, he suddenly appeared in front of Summer and said, “Winter Winterbourne, the granddaughter of Spring Pandemonium, is one of fleshy lady I’ve already thinking about her. You know what, your body is fleshy and I want you to be my wife.” “You won’t do that. Because she was already my wife,” he answered back to Darkmouth. Then with of all sudden, Darkmouth transported Summer alone in his kingdom lava seat have asked and said, “Who are you, young man?”


“My name is Summer Plymouth, son of the deceased Chill Plymouth. I am worthy to kill you with my wife. We won’t be staying with you for this moment, we want to get ready to fight all of us,” as he taunted and provoked for what he said to Darkmouth. When Darkmouth collected again with the souls of his henchmen, his arms began to muscle. Summer have transported back where he and his relatives was staying.


“So be it!” The angry of the leader’s clan began to kill of them. Shadow made her move on her own right behind of Darkmouth as she went faster to her first strike to Darkmouth but evaded. With Darkmouth’s evasion, Summer and Winter went for a ballistic move when Summer threw a multiple ranging fire arrows to Darkmouth with a massive pulling up his two heavy swords and Winter began to move as she summoned the white beast out of nowhere and sent the volcano to rest the lava to cool down. Then Asylum and Chess started to make their combination attack when Asylum summoned a earth core blast to Darkmouth’s left arm and Chess went for a deadly blow but was knocked down away from Darkmouth. And the villain’s left arm was cut down by Asylum and grew back to regeneration. Summer and Winter again went for another rounds of threw a deadly chilling ice arrows with Winter’s element. Darkmouth again evaded their attack and summoned a volcano beast right behind of Summer. But Winter gave her freezing below point that killed the volcano beast.


Darkmouth have never seen a longest fight he could fought with all four were attacking him. With added Winter and Summer in Plymouth’s family, they were considered the part of the family history as well. But Darkmouth breathed in and out as he almost gasped from his fight. All of six of them were still have the breathing stamina up. “What are your strengths that I could never kill you one at a time,” he asked all of them but Summer stopped Winter on his way and said, “I was the one who drank the stamina elixir back in our Winter Island and I just saved it from the rest of the group. They all drank it and we are stronger and planning to kill you right here in your island.”


“Noooooooooooo——” as Darkmouth almost gasped from his breath, Asylum, Shadow, Ingrid and Chess saw Winter and Summer in brutal finishing attack. Summer have unleashed  his almighty earth style combo attack from his two swords to Darkmouth with a massive pulling deadly bomb arrows from his special attack from his bow. Winter on her part summoned a white beast again as the last man vanished into thick air. Darkmouth had finished all of a sudden of their final mission. Winter and Summer worked hard for their combinations when Summer and Winter slapped their hands together and jumped their excitement that they hugged together. Shadow saw a tremendous victory in their part of success. As they went back to Winter Island by two hours have passed, Summer, Winter and Shadow went down to the mountain slopes as Chess hugged her sister Shadow for the last time and said, “Take care of yourself all the time, Shadow. And I will visit again here in Winter Island. But our home is in Mekala Island.”


“What is Mekala means to you, my big sister Chess. I owe you one of this biggest battle I have ever join,” Shadow rejoiced and said to her excitement voice and Asylum explained and said, “Mekala means Mechanical Lost Repair Items or MLRI. That’s why the people in Mekala was called. Are you sure you won’t joining with us?”


“I am okay here, big brother.” When Asylum closed the closure hatch, Asylum, Ingrid and Chess were already gone in a bit of nick of time. Winter asked Shadow with her another smile she have in her smile, the winter in the island was already gone as her Winter’s emotional feelings was gone and said, “Shadow, are you coming with us in our village? We would want you to be part of the celebration. And I am sure our son is waiting to meet you.”


“Really? I guess this is the happiest of my life joining with you,” Shadow said in her brightest of her life have finally paid. When they arrived in the top of the mountain in three days, the celebration have started immediately when Winter and Summer entered the Winter Fortress together with Shadow. The whole community inside the fortress have finally saw the sunny in their lives as Winter was finally happier with her former student and new husband Summer joining in the community. Shadow in her part built a construction in her tribe that they sent some construction needs at the bottom of northwestern of Winter Island. The success of growth began finally growing the population around 100 families with 5,324 people living in the Winter Island. The danger will come again in the future but the history won’t repeat again.




This part of Winter Islands is considered the longest of my Short Story Article. Word by word is formerly made from my hands. I just worked this for about two days and two nights just to finish this. And finally in my part, I consider that I really love writing down any kind of stories I want to share with you. Considering this is not my best work piece, I will say a two thumbs up to my work. What is your rate anyway? Please rate my work, so I can hear a feedback from your voice. Tell me about something you like in my story.

There was a soldier who came from France. And his name was Sir Andrew Julien. His name was not popular by some many soldiers out there, yet he still want to build his name in the history of France. Together with his friends, Sir Howard Cullinger, Sir Thomas Aldrin and Sir William Gunningham, were part of his journey.


Sir Thomas have stepped inside to his straw house made in wood and blocks that can be sheltered for him. Then he amazed what he saw from Sir Andrew’s bed, a messy bed filled with full of anything unimportant things in his bed. Sir Andrew have been reading of his favorite book called, The Lion with his pride roar. As he sits on the stool chair and asked Sir Andrew, “What can we do to help for you, my old friend?” He stopped reading, put his book to his right and sat up straight and said, “I come to look for a job in a next town but there is no one offering me for their services.”


Sir Thomas, with his a mustache in his face have flickered, stood up and said, “get up, my friend. We have assignment to protect the princess that someone is really need our help. And that’s William, Howard and I came to look for you to join us in this assignment.” Sir Andrew jumped off his to his bed and pulled out his boots to wear in his feet. Then he exclaimed and said, “Okay, my partner in crime, let’s do the assignment.” Sir Andrew, Sir Thomas, Sir Howard and Sir William left Sir Andrew’s house with their horses they were riding have strolled through the forest. Coming off from two hours of travel alone going to the kingdom, he looked each of people in the marketplace, filled with beggars, chemists, physicians and some vendors were asking to help them. One old lady have stopped the horse where Sir Andrew pulled the strap of his horse and stopped his horse where the old lady stood by and said, “Come on, old lady. Can’t you see we are coming to the castle?”


“My boy, you are really grown up well. Is Lady Serena have told you to go here,” the old lady asked Sir Andrew and he went down to his horse and answered, “You knew my mother’s name. And what did you know about my mother’s name?” Then at the height of many horses were coming through behind Sir Andrew and his friends. His friends also went down to their horses when the king has arrived with his daughter, Princess Elizabeth, going to the castle. They bowed down to the king and Princess Elizabeth have stopped her parade’s arrival in the kingdom just to see Sir Thomas. She opened the curtain and asked Sir Thomas, “Where and who is the man I am looking for?”


“My highness, Princess Elizabeth, this is the man you are looking for, Sir Andrew Julien, our bravest and strongest friend we have,” Sir Thomas answered to his fine voice. “Sir Andrew Julien, please come with us to our castle,” Princess Elizabeth have favored to ask his friends and Sir Andrew to come to Princess Elizabeth’s castle together with her father, King John V. As Sir Andrew and his friends went up from their horses, they have been followed the parade and the highness of the kingdom. As they reached to their castle, King John V, the fifth king who followed the footsteps of his deceased father, King Leon II. King Leon II and Sir Andrew’s father were once a friends a long time ago to battle the brute force in Lyons. But upon Sir Andrew’s knowledge, his father haven’t told his wife to speak about him. Less about Sir Andrew didn’t know that his father and King Leon II were friends before. When Sir Andrew and his friends entered a full of golden room where Princess Elizabeth and King John V were waiting for them.


Sir Andrew and his friends have knelt from their knees just to honor King John V and his daughter Princess Elizabeth. Then King John V waved his hand to let them up from their knees. King John V asked a favor in his well-mannered voice, dressed in red coat, golden crown in his head, and have two golden rings in his middle finger and ring finger both of his two hands and said, “My boy, you grown up well. I know your father very well here in our kingdom. He is once also the bravest and strongest man in his time together with my father, King Leon II. My daughter, Princess Elizabeth, have offered you to get the job and just to protect her with your all mighty shield.”


“Of course, majesty, I will be the honor to grab the opportunity to protect her with my shield and my father’s sword as well,” Sir Andrew answered properly in his voice looking to Princess Elizabeth’s eyes and Princess Elizabeth blushed her cheeks with a little reddish in her cheeks. “Can you stay for our dinner have to prepare tonight and I am willing to pay your services,” King John V asked again to Sir Andrew’s attention. “Yes, my majesty, I would be honor to stay,” he answered with a mild voice. He and his friends walked down the aisle where the guards and the butlers guided to their room to stay. As the guard opened the door, Sir Andrew and his friends have finally entered the room filled with golden things. The chandelier in the ceiling lit up well the room. The cabinets were filled with trophies and the pictures of Sir Andrew’s father were still there. Sir William looked to the picture and said, “What a dazing handsomest father you have, Andrew. This is your father’s room before. I cannot expect we have the room where your father used to stay here before.” “Maybe you haven’t told us your real father is. I am sure of it you can-” Sir Howard suddenly stopped with his husky voice when Andrew held up his green shirt.


“Did I ever tell you that I did not remember my father well? And of course, I can’t remember my mother also,” with his angry voice, Andrew tucked his hands away from Howard’s shirt and kicked down the stool away from the table. “I never knew you along you have to say all of this things, Thomas? Why did you ever tell me this has to be our first assignment where my father never told me about.” He kicked again the stool and finally stopped when Thomas calmed him down. Andrew sat to the bed and Thomas brushed his mustache and said, “Look, my friend. I also don’t know this first assignment. One of closest friends of Princess Elizabeth came to me and asked our services just to look for you. After all, we have been friends through 33 years from now.”


“I really love to see Princess Elizabeth now and nobody stop me here. And don’t come near me, or your throats will cut off from your heads,” Andrew fumed to his voice as he opened the door and closed the door slamming to the walls. Sir Andrew have stepped out of the castle and strolled down the garden looking for anyone who can talk to. And finally, he stopped getting angry and sat near the fountain where his hands touched to the fountain waters. He began to hum and sang, “It’s a beautiful night and coming home from the forest, I sleep and lay down to the fountain nearby. And I hope I can meet another human to fall in love with me. Together with my heart, and I feel alone.” He suddenly stopped when the princess came by and heard Andrew’s voice and continued to sing Andrew’s song, Together with my heart and, I feel alone. Singing my voice gazed off the beautiful birds. The night sings my day all alone.”


“How did you know the song I was singing,” he stood up from where he sits when Princess Elizabeth held Andrew’s hands and said, “Your mother was once my maid before. But I didn’t know where she is now.” From Andrew’s eyes filled with loneliness, the princess swayed Andrew’s long hair and he asked, “I guess I never know my parents a long time ago. Have you seen her lately?”


“She was in the market buying for the needs for the castle. You must stay here and protect me. Your mother is the one order you to go here to meet with you.”


“I was right, my highness. It’s okay not to tell other details. Maybe I will be the one who will tell you what really happened to King Leon II and your father, Sir Arthur,” with the old voice coming from the bushes came in the light. Princess Elizabeth, Sir Andrew and long-lost Andrew’s mother were closer to walk in to their conversation and said, “We have met already in the market, my boy. You just looked like your father.”


“Mother, how come you never go and have to look for me,” with his confused voice and he constantly brushed his hair with his hands. He stopped brushing stroking his hair and asked, “If you are mother, when is my birthday?” “Can’t you see King John V is preparing the feast for your celebration today. And today is your birthday. Let me tell you your story a long time ago when your father and I met,” the old lady told her story between Sir Arthur and Anne, Andrew’s parents. Arthur was once an apprentice soldier in the front line making to wave with his wooden sword together with his friends in the forest. When Arthur and his friends stopped practicing their swordmanship, they heard the poor girl screaming for the help. Three bandits were after Anne just to play with her. When Anne saw five young men, she hid on Arthur’s back and asked for help and said, “Please help me. These three horrifying men are after me.” “Okay, my lady. We will do the honor for you” with his braved voice, he fought three bandits together with Leon. Leon and Arthur were the best apprentice soldiers in the town and defeated the three bandits.


After a fight with three bandits, Anne looked to Arthur’s eyes and asked, “Thank you for rescuing me. May I know your name?” “My name is Arthur, the best apprentice soldier in the camp,” he answered Anne’s question and bowed down to Anne. “Stop it, Arthur. You don’t have to do that. She is not princess,” abruptly with the childish voice Leon have said. “Actually I am Anne, daughter of best knight of this town, Sir Garfield.” With Leon’s ears began filled of joy and excitement and said, “You are Sir Garfield’s daughter. I am glad to meet you, Princess Anne. My name is Leon.”


“Don’t call me princess. I’m just an ordinary maid who taking charges of the daughter in the kingdom. I should go back now,” she said as she left Arthur, Leon and three of their friends. But all of them embarked to their first assignment to do is to protect Arthur’s future wife. Ten years fast forwarded, Leon was pronounced as the best knight of the kingdom where he proclaimed the next king to the throne of the kingdom. Sir Arthur, the best knight, became the elite soldier battled with his bravest and strongest sword he have wielded from the blacksmith. He got married with Anne, a few years later, then Anne gave a birth to their first son. She named him, Andrew, the next strongest and bravest soldier who will follow his father’s footsteps someday. But a tragedy came closer to Leon and Arthur when their enemies were closer to their kingdom. Leon, Arthur and their three friends have fought with the enemies. Struck down from the horse, Arthur fell down with a wounded left chest. Leon in his part helped his friend to recover from the wounds. Then days after, Arthur lost his life in the infirmary in the kingdom when the day Leon proclaimed the king of the kingdom.


“And that’s what happened between your father and King Leon II battled in the battlefield just across two miles south from here,” the old lady have finished already her story when Andrew felt alone and disarrayed from his life. He never thought he would see his mother again. He asked and said, “When is the time you are not looking for me?” “I asked Thomas, your friend to get you and took care from you with his mother in the next town. I never want to look you with my handsome child I have,” she explained further when somebody called the old lady to go in the kitchen. “I must go now and we will speak again, my child,” she gave a wide smile and waved her hands to Andrew when the old lady went to the kitchen behind the castle. Then Princess Elizabeth have asked a favor and said, “Andrew, I want you to marry me for my father will be dying soon in the next battlefield.”


“Of course, my lady, I will be honor to marry you. But in these terms the next war is coming. I won’t promise I won’t live furthermore, for this is my sailor’s code with my friends, Thomas, William and Howard,” he explained with his grin smile in his face but Elizabeth offered one more to Andrew and said, “Please reconsider this as the engagement. We will be married the next day. I already made my decision and asked from father’s advice.”


With the promises Princess Elizabeth have asked to Sir Andrew Julien, he knelt down to his knees and accepted the princess favor. Then the next day, Sir Andrew and Princess Elizabeth got married in the chapel where Sir Thomas Aldrin, Sir Howard Cullinger and Sir William Gunningham were also there. The old lady, Anne, Andrew’s mother, gave blessings to Princess Elizabeth and Sir Andrew. King John V also gave his blessings to her wonderful daughter, Princess Elizabeth with Sir Andrew. The next few years, Sir Andrew also became the chief soldier where his first baby son was born that Princess Elizabeth gave their first baby son to be born. Sir Andrew and Princess Elizabeth agreed to their first baby son’s name and that will be Charles Andrew. At the very day, they cherished their moments together with a wonderful family. Following a year after, Princess Elizabeth gave another to a birth, their first born daughter, Alyssa. People in the kingdom celebrated their celebration when they found out that Princess Elizabeth gave another birth, their second child Alyssa. The repeat of the history have followed, King John V died in the battle field where Sir Andrew held King John V to get up. Not knowing that King John V is already sick in his old age, Andrew proclaimed the next king the next day.


People celebrated for King Andrew and Queen Elizabeth with their children, Charles and Alyssa. Anne died shortly after King John V died when she rested in her bed. Many people have rejoiced that the new era of generation have finally accepted to create their barrack’s name, Sailor’s Code. From King Leon II have died before and King John V have died in the battlefield, King Andrew was the 19th king of Lyons together with his family Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Princess Alyssa.

It all started long ago when Marina settled in the hundred islands in Southeast country. It was said the islands soon will start to become the archipelago country. With the massive 7,107 islands, Marina and Diego set foot on the island of the heart of Cebu islands, the Mactan island. Marina and Diego was sooner to expect their first baby to be born. But since their baby was expected to be born soon. Diego and his friends spent in the woods logging in the trees. Day and night, they built a house around the island. It was said that it’s the first house to be build in the island.


When the Cebu natives of saw the magnificient house near their sight at night, one by one crawled and sneaked in the house. One of the natives, the son of Datu Saman Hya, is San Hya looked in Marina’s eyes. When Marina drew shocking in her tone, Diego and his friends went back quickly to the house they were building. Diego and his friends came too late when Diego’s wife, Marina, was captured by the Cebu natives.


As quickly in the deeper forest, the half-naked natives were quickly in their feet to run capturing one of the foreigners in the Mactan island. Marina gazed down in the hill as she saw some a tribe natives dancing in their beautiful huts built in tree branches. One of the head natives was Datu Saman Hya, who looked down to the captured foreigner in their land. Datu Saman heed his members to come closer to the foreigner. As Marina spoke, the natives didn’t how to speak with the foreigner.


Days and nights, Diego and his friends went looking for Marina in the deeper forest. Then Don Andrew Lapid, a Portuguese trader, came in the island to search together for Marina. As the month passed by, Marina gave birth to a baby boy and she named her baby boy, Mark. But the natives learned their language when they sneaked out from the foreigners. San Hya said that the boy shall called the Star. Every time Marina and San argued Marina’s baby, they spent together in the wooden house. San Hya ordered to his father that Marina needs her husband in her side. But Datu Saman can’t answered from San Hya’s wishes. Soon after Don Andrew searched in the lower hills, he saw once in the night that there’s fire near the water. And the natives were found by his exploring.


Don Andrew and Diego found their way going down to the hill with the exploring team and Diego’s friends. As the foreigners were closer to the tribe, both parties came closer to a brutal fight. Then Marina stopped the fight between the natives and her husband as well. Instead, Diego, Don Andrew and the exploring team were captured in the hands of natives. Their hands were hanged in the trees as the the head tribe chief came closer. Datu Saman asked them why they are here for this island and what elements are they looking for. Don Andrew, on his part, knew Datu Saman’s language which it’s Malay language. He said in a Malay language, “We are looking for Marina to return. And we are deeply want her by Diego’s side and raise his family as well in this island of Maktu.”


Datu Saman said, “This is not the island of Maktu. We are the tribe natives of Mactan. And we are proclaiming for you to leave this island.” Then Don Andrew answered in his appropriate voice, “Sorry, my highness. But I cannot do that. We have found the way to cooperate with you. We will trade you our knowledge and teach you the values under the religion we have.” The tribe chief swayed to the left and to the right. He ordered to the native tribesmen to hang down the foreigners. Soon after Don Andrew and Diego were untied to their hands. Don Andrew taught the native tribesmen to understand their language the very next day.


People in Mactan island were said to be the generous people they have found. Don Andrew, Diego, Marina and Diego’s son Mark were settled peace with the tribesmen. After two years later, Mark played with the chief’s daughter, the five year-old Lau Seen Hya. Lau and Mark played together near the tribe. When San Hya were hunted together with Don Andrew, their knowledge in hunting became a bonding friendship. As the sun goes down, the moon lit up in the night. The natives were happily watching Lau Seen Hya and Mark dancing around the fire. Marina stayed near from her son Mark together in the tribesmen.


When the war broke near the Mactan island, another Portuguese explorer and his men fought with Lapu-Lapu in the year of 1521. Marina’s son, Mark, was already a teenager already at the age of 14. Datu San Hya became the next datu when his father died five years ago dying in his sickness. Datu San Hya helped with Lapu-Lapu defeating the Portuguese sailors in the island. Ferdinand Magellan saw his friend, Don Andrew Lapid. But because of the war broke, the other islands were colonized by the Spaniards and Portuguese traders. Lau Seen Hya and Mark became more than friends but as the lovers instead. Mark and Lau Seen saw what the battle near the hills. One by one dropped in the sand. As the Portuguese were defeated in the island. Datu San Hya and Lapu-Lapu became winners in the Mactan island. But what they didn’t know that other Spaniards already colonized the Cebu already and ready to colonize the Mactan island in the future as well.


Mark led with the exploring team together with his father, Diego, in the Cebu island. They saw the improvements of the island. But what they saw is their relative, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. Don Andrew, Diego and Mark sighted the land with rich in soil plants. They discovered the beautiful Cebu. But when Don Andrew and Mark went back to Mactan island by the raft boat they built, Mark saw his mother’s illness lying in the tribesmen’ wooden house. Mark and Lau Seen Hya became worrying their start of the changes of the island. As they became each other, Mark and Lau Seen Hya became a newly-wed couple. Mark was already at his age of 22 and Lau Seen Hya was at her age 25 years old. Two of them became the sun and the moon of the island. But their problems between the tribesmen and the foreigners were not enough to fight each other again.


Soon Diego fell to the tribesmen’s trap, he was caught dead with the poisoned arrow stuck in his left arm. Both parties of tribesmen and the foreigners exchanged in the brutal fight, Don Andrew was the only survivor in their camp near the hill slopes have left the island. Mark was left all alone with his new wife, Lau Seen Hya in the tribesmen’s wooden house. Both of them knew that Mark won’t be lasted in the island as well. As soon as it goes, Lau and Mark have fled away from the Mactan island. Their lives became peace in their minds. As they reached the Bohol’s soil, Mark built a better home for both of them. Lau Seen Hya was the only daughter of Mactan’s hope but eventually left the island for the hope she joined with her new husband as well. But the driven anger grew every day and night in Mactan. Datu San Hya searched for his sister’s safe with the Mactan’s hope and destiny.


Mark replaced his wife’s name from Lau Seen Hya to Laura Cecilia Ruiz when he baptized Laura in the river. Laura and Mark became silent and peace in the land of Bohol as they raised their little three children. Their eldest son, Anthony became their cook for his family. While the two daughters of Laura and Mark were Celestine and Maria, after Mark’s mother died surviving in her sickness of unfound sick. Mark and Anthony were scouted the area near their home. Laura became relentless when the father and the child stopped for the while and returned to their home. When the Cebu was settled at peace and also the Mactan island, Datu San Hya ordered his tribesmen to scout in the southern island called Bohol. Five years later, Laura and Mark grew their family into six wonderful children. Anthony was already in his teenage years and Celestine became the maiden of the house. The six year old Maria did her part as she cleaned around the house. Two sons, Brian and James were born after Maria’s birth. Then another daughter Sarah was the last child Laura could bring for the family.


When Datu San Hya’s tribesmen found Laura in the settling house along the public dirt road, they quickly recommended Laura to return in Mactan’s island as Laura discovered her brother was already sick. Mark and together his six children, Anthony, Celestine, Maria, Brian, James and Sarah were stopped before Laura’s decision to come. But Mark and his children also came with Laura in the Mactan’s island where the tribesmen also accompanied them. At Laura’s sight, she saw Datu San Hya was joking for his illness that Laura came. Datu San Hya was the chief’s son after all. But she explained why she left Mactan for good to raise her six children. Datu San Hya saw his beautiful nieces and handsome nephews as well. Although he’s not agreed to his terms, Anthony, the eldest child of Mark and Laura stepped in as he said to his tone of his voice, “If my mother won’t allow with such of your foolishness, I will not accept either of your funny jokes that you are sick. You are the father’s son who raised to be just like him. We will go now.”


Datu San Hya was impressed to Anthony’s attitude. Anthony got from Mark’s father attitude to be burden from the mother’s promises. Then Mark, Laura and their six children left the Mactan island and went back to Bohol. Laura became older in Bohol when Mark learned the illness from Mactan and Bohol. He quickly told his Don Andrew’s friends to go in Bohol. As the Portuguese traders came in Bohol, few of them cured Laura’s illness. But eventually Laura died after six months with her illness spreading from her body. Mark and his six children went back to Mactan island to return to Datu San Hya’s sister to them. But the six children remained in the island as well. Datu San Hya accepted the knowledge that Mark will allow to teach other tribesmen to their teachings. As the community of Mactan island grew and grew, the star was already born because of Mark’s six children. And because of that, Mark’s children gave another birth of another generation.


Anthony became a friar becoming the first priest of Mactan island. Celestine gave birth to five children, Celina, Jose, Leonardo, Samantha and Philips. Maria married the richest man of Cebu, Don Antonio and gave birth to four children, Sandy, Mark Jr., Nympha and Ferdinand. Brian was also given as the friar’s apprentice and also became as the priest. James married the Portuguese politician, Ingrid Vasquez and Ingrid gave birth to five children, James John, Joshua, Isabelle, James Jr. and Indielle. Mark’s youngest child, Sarah died at the age of nine because of the sickness of unknown sick. The future of star’s generation lies between Mark and Laura that will come the new generation as well.


Many people believes that the friendship between the foreigners and the tribe natives are not becoming one of us as Filipinos today. But we learn the value of friendship. Many of us have betray in their homeland. And some of us returns to their homeland. One shall go and one shall return. The value in the lessons of this story comes to an end. It is how we encounter new friends and we make enemies. We do not make enemies at first, but instead they become our friends in the end. Many of us didn’t enjoy the happy ending. But what I write here in this story is the value of the friendship between the foreigners from Portugal and Spain and also the tribesmen that we called it the Filipinos of the Philippines. These fictional characters are not intentionally to get in your real lives. In fact, I have added Magellan, Lapu-Lapu and other historical names as the only true people who discovered the Philippines. I, the author of the short story, come up with a little short story with these fictional characters.


(Note: It takes me six days and five nights to create the short story and that it finished today in afternoon lunch. This was started last Saturday and finished today.)

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