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First of all, when it comes to business, you have to be business well-minded being. In case you don’t have one mindset, then you can’t go in the business as well. I have been experienced and exposed to some of the businesses today. So what do I need is the list that I can enlisted down for my tips of “where to shat to have business?”


1. Study the place first.


If you are coming in the right of the market, make use if you can spot somewhere you can put the store you want. Don’t make use of it since this is the first step.


(a) Location – When you are making the location’s map, make sure the public market is very huge. If it’s little public market, don’t make to hesitate to put the shop there. For example, the shop you put near the hospital is very profitable in the area. That means the hospital guests are getting to buy your food products. If it’s in the village, for example, of your shop, it will eventually drop from your shoulder bill of electricity, the rental fee and the water bill also. You will end up losing your business in the area.


(b) Time – Time is essence for the business. If you can take a look of many people passing of your store and buys from your product. Then that’s the peak of the hours that many people rushes to get to buy the product purchases. If the time is off-peak, that is very crucial since it is very few people are passing from your store and hardly to get to buy your product purchases.


And (c) Peak / off-peak season – This is one of the crucial and very important for every businessman, retailer, owner or you can be anything in your position. This is because I’ve experienced when I am still a high school student. Many people come and go just to buy your product. For example, from July to November is wet season, so that means people are in the mall, getting off from being wet and will buy your product (your product for example is coffee). Then if it’s December to February, that season is already a cold season which it will take part of your chance to know your products is still moving purchases. And from March to June will be the hot season. You will have a chance to experience the lowest fraction of lowest sales for your month.


2. Study the management without helping from your supervisor.


This is the best example if you are getting to started to get the business well done. After all, I’ve been experienced this too when I was still in college years. Being as a commonly young college entrepreneur selling some food products is the crucial for every business success. This is about your relationship between you and your supervisor (more or less this is your boss or you could be in the quality supervisor or could be the floor manager). The bond of between of you doesn’t end here. Because he or she is giving you a test if you could do it by own yourself without of his or help. For example, two weeks my boss went for his province vacation. Then some of the products were spilled, some of them were overpriced and some of them were too exact from your petty cash voucher to be good to exchange with your money. Never ever leave the shop alone if it’s there no one to help you if you’re alone in the store. After my boss came from a vacation, I have explained the details of situation. He was surprised from my satisfaction of my job, meaning that I can do it by all alone. Then the next day, he already hired another one so I can train the new employee he hired.


3. Study the value of your money.


This is what I am telling about my mother of things cannot go worse. I have been selling stuff from her store which it’s the scent candles. Then suddenly, her money is about a large sum that cannot go to be exchanged in a smaller money. Money is important for the business. Always have an exchanged cash in the petty cash. Or else, you will have to look for your friend from other store just to exchange the money in a smaller bill. That is because I have been studied the value of the money. For example, your products are expensive shoes for about 3,375 pesos.Then your customer has only 4 thousand pesos for her wallet. When the saleslady found out that they haven’t exchange the amount of the money, the customer eventually loses her patience and went away. Your value with the customer have been getting away from your cashier drawer. HOT TIP: Always exchange your bill with the smaller amount of money in the bank before you are getting to your business premises. No matter what the cashier says that your business have finally paying off your shoulder bill.


4. Understand the situation of the business.


The situation of the business is always happening everywhere in the area’s location. For example, your shop is in the mall and the store you are in is beside the bank. Do not hesitate to wait the robbers are coming in the bank. Close the shop immediately, lock with it padlock  and leave the mall premises. This is not my first time to explain this since I have been telling to my friends also about the situation of the business. And I’ve experienced also this from Harrison Plaza in Manila. My maid is our the employee in the store. We heard the gunshot from nowhere inside the mall. She said to me, pack all the things inside your inventory’s list, lock with the padlock and just in time, we left the building already. The history is already there. It was the hoist from the bank. They are stealing some money that the thieves are after. One example is from the island of Boracay, my cousin told me about this since they have a business there. Then there’s a tape-shooting in your resto-bar. The time they have been held is about five hours. Your business is very quite expensive to take the shoulder bills. You should have to exchange the communication with the director, producer and the writer as well in the set. The moment they have been set in your area, you should have already an extra people just to buy the time of the tape-shooting. And there’s another example of the situation of the business. No matter what it is, don’t exclude this from your list. You should know the whereabouts of the matter’s problem as well.


Well, there are the main four tips for to start the business. First of all, I’m no writer to tell you about this. Just in fact, I have notice in small, medium and big businesses have happen already from the past. I was just a high school student before, then my mother asked me if I can work for her just to gain the exposure from her business. I called it, “tiangge” or just simply called, the flea market. The flea market before is really tough in situation. Many people are buying for their wants and needs for their children, relatives or friends just to show they have gifts to them. I have many experiences, in fact of them were true real stories when I was in Harrison Plaza. It was so real scary to me, just to fact many people are fleeing the mall too. Whatever it happens today is what I have seen already in the past. Or maybe it’s not a coincidental that many incidents happened today. My main goal here also is to help some of the young entrepreneurs today whether how young your age is. I was seventeen years when I got exposed in my mother’s business and yet, I helped just to gain the experience also.


My life before was much different than today. The generation has begun to started to have computers. Then the cellphones on the part just to show up that you are rich. No matter what you are, don’t compare to others what you really have. Envying is one of the seven deadly sins. Back then, I used to buy some pirated cd’s in the flea market. As the time flew by, I already stopped buying pirated. It is because I believe when you are pirating for something else, that’s already a crime whether it’s cyber crime or any crime that is. For me, being an artist and a writer is much very appreciate what I have in my talented. I never run out of telling stories. In fact I don’t know why where the imagination from the back of my mind really come from. People are understanding why the money is also the value in the business. Have you seen already the fast food restaurant gone for a short money? Just it is because they have larger bills. The area manager always asked to the rescue, in fact I noticed to some of the restaurants I go to.


Life is always money whether it’s business or work. But all I can say is the matter of the business. After my college years, my jobs were just more like a contracts for me. A group of information you have in your resume may not satisfied in the employer’s mind. But to tell the truth, many employers are somehow I find is very discrimination. Let me you a story about this. I got five friends in our batch just to apply. All of us went from directions from the school. One of them is from La Salle, Ateneo, UP, FEU and UST. And I was just come from the culinary school. Being part of that, we went to the same room. The interviewer sometimes is listening to the voice instead from your performance in your story. Somehow you don’t have to be a full-story answers. You have to come up with best answers, a spontaneous answers. Just like somewhat this, “what are your shorter dreams?” Then I said in an appropriate answer with a spontaneous kick, “I’m able to work in your job just because I want to prove everybody to respect me as well.” In my thoughts, maybe that wasn’t my best answer but I did. When the interview part is done, we, the six people, stepped in again in the interview room. He just said that you have to work harder to find a job. This wasn’t for you. Maybe the instructor before told me before it’s a matter of luck. For me, it’s not a matter of luck. Somehow I find curious answers from the interviewer. So I left the building with my six friends. After being from the work before, this inside of me somehow is calling me to get up and go back where you come from.


Then I realized something it wasn’t worth to wait for. I looked options for other opportunities. Then I asked myself that I will write up about something I like since I’ve been stop writing for about seven years already from blogging. I asked myself then I made a start-up blog in wordpress. But I know that I realize something deep inside of me, I can do write about anything. A world is talking about anything, a limitless. Business from my experiences and my knowledge found my deeper relationship with my unique ones. I started to revving up some a good idea for my site as well. Then I thought that someday the time is willing wait for me. Business alone when you are starting to make one, just to make sure you go to the area. Observe people at first. Secondly, scout the area. Look what kind of market you have. Is it a students? An office mates? Or just simple commuters everyday? Besides when I started my own business before, I was lack in knowledge also in the past. Just because I’m new in the industry as well in the business. Business is bigger opportunities, a variety of any kind of business you can go in. But be careful when you go in, don’t go in a wrong direction. I used some of my time just to make another interesting business tips. Well of course, being as an entrepreneur became my knowledge as well just to learn the basics and the principles that I learned from my experiences. I just didn’t get this from the success of John Calub or Chinkee Tan. I’ve never attended the seminars in the first place. It’s just I’ve been through multi-level marketing experience attending free training sessions.


Somehow that business-minded is worth to be gain to be a knowledge in the first place. But I didn’t agree for something that doesn’t related to the business. Also one more thing, be more productive and be more to market your business as well. Marketing is also part of the nature of the business. Without marketing, the business will fall just like the pieces of paper burning. I am not telling just to scare you off. It is just only a reminder. And I think the worth in the business will make you more knowledgeable. Let me know if there is more you can ask me, just feel free to comment anything. And I will be gladly to help my best answers just to help you.


How can I find a job

The job sites are very not accurate for me sometimes. But to think when you are looking for a job, sometimes I have to look in the newspapers to correct if there is a job available as well. Maybe I wasn’t lucky enough in my recent years a jobless person. Things you can remember how to do find a job perfect that suits for you. Remember there is always an opportunities everywhere.


TIPS to look for a job:

(1) Always chin up your head first before planning and looking for a job.

(2) Be always positive and look ahead your plans.

(3) When looking for opportunities in the newspaper ads, always cross the article you are reading and review in the website also.

(4) As you’re done reviewing from the website (If you don’t have computer in your home, try asking for your friends about the company details), dress smart. You don’t have to dress a casual or semi-formal for anything to show your employer. If the employer calls you up and tells you to dress in casual, always do a casual. If it’s semi-formal, do it what he or she says.

(5) At your employer, do not cross anything from your fingers or don’t do any small gestures. (Pray in your way going to the employer or sing a song so the stress will go away from you.)

(6) Do not say uhms or any some pauses from your conversation.

(7) Always calm and give your best answers. Do not let them eat in your words. Otherwise you end up cannot go in the employer’s building.

(8) When you’re not get in the job, do not give up for the next employer. As always said, “There are many fishes in the sea.”

(9) Then again, be more productive for your ethic gestures like “good morning if it’s morning daylight, etc.” and some “thank you for having time with you and I would like to chat with you the next time we meet.” It’s more appropriate way to impress the employer as if you’re already a professional getting a job in the first place.


TIPS to look other opportunities:

(1) Always be positive at the start of your new day.

(2) Be again with your ethic attitudes like “What a wonderful day ahead for me.” That will be impact for everyone looking at you are giving example as a positive person.

(3) Start planning if you are not getting a job, and the door is always open for opportunities such as business or home-blogging as well.

(4) If you are an addict to computer, start making a blog site you are planning to get started to write.

(5) If you are needing to have business, ask and consult with your family and friends first. Let them know if you are ready for this.

(6) Start a new small capital business. Do not go to the risky business like going ahead looking for a networking business.

(7) Always remind yourself that you are always to welcome to some work and business at the same time.

and (8) Do not afraid to commit your goals in life whether it’s long-term or small-term, ex. like getting a plan to buy a cellphone.


When I first encountered out of college years, I always thought I never dream to get a job. Looking drastically and dying to get a job is not necessarily to enjoy there. For somehow reasons why if you are not getting to a job, go look for another opportunities as well. I was loaded in my years before when I came in the first place in my culinary years. And when I agree for something I really like, I do it properly with a perfect positive life. There are no short-cuts in getting a job. In fact, I have experience already that. It really hurts for me and for you to get in your way. But for somehow, I always tell myself that I am not giving up for my dreams not doing properly. I always tell that I have to stand up no matter what I kneel to my knees or fall to my knees as well. Giving up without a fight is a win-win situation. If you are losing something, then let it go. It might lead you to a deeper portion of your life. When you are handling to something a bigger opportunity, go for it and grab it instantly.


When I fail in networking business or the multi-level marketing business as well, it ends up for me not working properly. I used up for my most time chatting every day waiting for the person to get in the business. People are greedy sometimes in money. When the money is buying for MLM, it always says to me that money is not buying my happiness. So I come back and wake up in my life that this is not meant for me. So I never say that I quit, I always tell myself there are more possibilities in life you are getting a new line up for opportunities to come for me. Why didn’t I enjoy from there? Because that was my biggest lesson in my life. When I learn something, I gain knowledge from my past behind and work it properly in the future as well. The informal settlers for example, they are arriving here in Manila and looking for a better life. When they are here in Manila and stop for what they are doing, they end up already in shanty homes. I don’t grow up in shanty areas instead I gain knowledge from my friends as well. There are my friends when they need one just like me. I am not choosing rich or poor in my life. I divide them to the equality attitude. When Jose Rizal died, I weeped. When Rico Yan also died, I also weeped. When no matter what life chooses us, I instantly never give up for my life waiting for another opportunity to grow.


Instead of that, I always look for a better option and that is the better doors to open in the future. What about you when you need a job in the first place? We always want to help someone they need for money. I do not want to be greedy as well in the money. I always tell if I am going to be richer someday, I will put them in a good condition just like in your foundation program or something you can donate your money. When you are dying, money won’t bring you in the heaven. It always end up in the land feeding for some unfortunate people. Many people are jobless, well some of few that I know. I give you an example one more time, this time it’s from my knowledge as well.


Remember when you are encountering people are leaving in the Philippines because they are looking for a better option to leave the land where you are born. This is a precise example. When Filipino leaves for something better future in the foreign land, we always have to learn the culture, the history and the economy as well in the futile of foreign land. When we give our hopes for the Philippines, I always remember that there are more treasures for us. It is because my example of treasure is the land of the Philippines. There are thousand opportunities in the Philippines not knowing some of few or many people are seeking leaving the country. Thinking that I will build some you want to be success. You don’t need to own a land just to operate the company. Always seek in the bottom first. When you are in the below, you are scouting the area and learn from your improvements as well. And I always fight what is right opportunity for me is. Because there are the possible things it will come for you eventually. And believing in your dreams is very important when you are seeking.


Dreams are sometimes more than imagination just to speculate more widening in your horizons as well. People I find are very extra careful from there. People I look sometimes are not that quite easy. But somehow I find it hard to believe that many doctors today are seeking to do a job as a nurses rather nursing a patient in your office. Few people I know in my life, yet they are still seeking a job in other countries as well. When I am dreaming for something bad to happen, I don’t want to wake up but instead I tell them not to do the wrong-doing activities in life as well. Fighting a dreams is very important. Because now I already know what to do in my life and that is because the internet lives in our generation. Writing is my passion and advocate in my life. Knowing that I am going back to blogging as well is the first place I remember in the past years I have. Literature is also important for me and the language comes in the first place of literature as well. I am doing this for what my decisions are. Sometimes I find occasionally the dreams are really opening the opportunities to come. Because I live in dreams as well and I believe.


(Note: I am writing this for my experiences and learnings in my life when I am going to get a job as well. You might do the same I will do.)

Business or work 2

Business is the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce while the work is the place where one engages in such activity. (Reference from Webster dictionary.)


Somehow when business wants in your place, I place my bet in living as well. In fact during my stay now in business, I’ve been working hard to regain what I lost last year. But then again, when you start in a small business. Always find a place you have to commit yourself to income your money. Money is always the root for working hard. Money always invest in a small way of living interest, investment, time and management somehow.


Look at myself, I do not know how to say this neither how I will explain this. Business is all matters you can grow your interests and investments as well. I didn’t study in some business courses in some college or universities. From I know that I learn from networking, business is all your price in your mind and passion. When you create one business, then you should know how to leverage this as well. For example, the fast food chain Jollibee started along time ago in 1978 where Tony Tan Caktiong, the president and the CEO of Jollibee, built in a small commercial space in Quezon City. Business started with a small investment in a franchise business. That is where it blooms and starts to create the leverage of franchise as well. Now the Jollibee has thousand outlets around the globe and around the nation as well.


Jollibee is always for the example for us, the Filipino-Chinese genuine who created million of jobs today. Business is always a matter of price when you need to know the leverage of the business.  When you know the simple math, simple economics and simple history, you can create your own way of business. Like I don’t have much more experience that long. But in a culinary world, somehow you need to know also the value of culinary business. There are many kinds of business as well. When you go in and once you step in a business world, you already are the entrepreneur. Then it will becoming you later as an businessman as well.


There are two kinds of business: the franchising and the multi-level marketing. Both of them need of leverage. When it comes to a business knowledge, then you have to learn on your own. I really didn’t study of this but gained the knowledge when I was in networking company. But to tell you the networking is related  to as multi-level marketing. I really am not offending the word of networking, besides all of the businesses sometimes comes from the multi-level marketing. Well most of them, and least that I know is none. All kinds of business comes from multi-level marketing. Marketing your ideas is the main ingredient in the business. When you build them, then you share with the employees you are creating the employment jobs as well. How the Filipino-Chinese clans do this all the time? Well of course, mostly that I know about the Chinese is that they are economic-minded and very hands on their business. No Chinese in the history don’t do that way to serve as an employee. Well of course I come to offend you, then I am so sorry about that.


Multi-level marketing is a marketing strategy in which the sales force that is really personally generating the money (from wikipedia) in the first place. Then some of the sales in which they recruit, somehow it manages the distributors, retailers and a multiple levels of knowledge as well. I didn’t copy all the words from the wikipedia. Somehow in the field of business I know, marketing is very important in the business. You recruit the jobs and let them to study in their own works. Then if they didn’t know in the first place, you have to supervise them as well. In the contact center world, without supervisors and quality assurance officers, sometimes the customer service representative (or CSR) or the technical service representative (or TSR) didn’t know what to do.


So in my opinion, if they didn’t learn in the first place, they won’t get promotion ahead and they won’t get a higher wages. Marketing a representative is the same in multi-level marketing or somehow I realize if I get wrong ideas as well. Studying in your work is the best practice to gain the marketing knowledge. Without it, you cannot learn from your own. But sometimes I know in contact centers may be some harsh for you. But let me give you a straight answer of this, practice with your language before entering in contact center as well. Of course, nobody in the field is very compensative in the language. I like the idea going in the contact center in the first place. But somehow, my idea going in sometimes improves more of my practice in english as well.


Franchising is also the same in the business field. When you leverage some of your ideas, you need to know where you can profit them in the good hands of the ownership as well. Then you need to branch out the supervisors, branch managers and some of that I have back of my head can’t remember the positions in franchising as well. You have to meet the expectations and the deadlines as well. Well of course, I have been in culinary world when I start as a chef in the first place. The knowledge in food sometimes you can learn more also in the marketing as well. Without knowledge, you cannot learn from anything ideas you can learn about. Fresh ideas are more important tasks to learn. First thing first, when you need to branch out the franchising business. This is the important idea. You really have to go in the area if this is very marketable in the area as well. Look around first when there are many people in the public. See it first in the public whether it’s school children, offices or business as well. When you know about the fresh ideas. Then you can go ahead to franchise the place you can put it your franchising area as well. Then again, I didn’t learn this from entrepreneurship certificate as well. I learned this from the culinary school where I studied the aspects of being as chef and as entrepreneur as well.


Investment is also the four ideas of business in the field. Without investing a money in the field, you cannot create more generating fund incomes, net incomes and as well in the profits. Then again, I didn’t get to experience of this idea. But I learned this from networking. Networking knowledge is very helpful to me. But somehow I am applying to gain more in the knowledge as well. Investing money is the hardest to gain in the market. Somehow you loses some stocks and shares. Then you have to look again with something you can gain for. Losing a money is not win-win situation. In the stock markets, some investors always seek of this important ideas as well.


In the first place, these fresh ideas of mine can’t prove some much more about it. But I leaned from my experiences and gained the knowledge as well. Without writing of this article somehow didn’t get in my way. I want them to have written and unique bold ideas that I have. I do not go to the management courses, entrepreneurship courses, business courses or neither some of other courses as well. I gain this knowledge from multi-level marketing. But then again, I study them in my own knowledge in the internet and real life experiences as well. I didn’t own the ideas. Somehow my uniqueness gets nothing but a simple ideas that I have.


Working in the business is different from what I have study. Somehow their differences can tell you. Working in recruitment agency somehow can track you to get a job whether it’s local or abroad. But let me remind of you when you are in abroad, don’t think that this is too easy to grab the opportunities. Think thrice. Always learn and study the benefits of working in the overseas jobs. When you are already in the new area or location, study first their language. This is the best example like in the contact center world. Always study their language at the start. When you know how to use them, use them properly. Do not use in inappropriate words in some words they are shouting about. Share with your story with their employer if they have time to open the conversation. Somehow in the Middle East countries when I chat some of my relatives, friends or someone new, I always encounter that they are finding too hard to explain in their employer as well. Easy for to say, but to act a nicely conversation is my least example.


Working alone in the overseas is very hard to explain. My relatives once told me that life working alone without a family in the overseas countries somehow is the hardest you can achieve. But to gain their knowledge and experiences can improve your livelihood as well. Always solve in your own problems. When you are thinking something is very bad, do not attempt to go suicide. Always ask for the consultation from your friends or relatives in the area as well. But my ideas aren’t speculating in the field of working alone in the country. I always ask myself whenever I am happy, I have to stay and believe in the religion as well. Without believing yourself that you cannot do somehow it can creates you a depression feelings or emotions. Also in the part of working in the business is not bad idea to make your own move if you are eager to learn. Remember when we are still children, we are always hungry for education. Now we are grown-up adults. I am always saying this to myself. No matter how old I am, I will still learn the value of learning knowledge, the history, economic or some fields in my back of my head as well. You can still learn on your own when your supervisors are always there or your bosses in your work. Work in your time. Work with your related knowledge that you are in the field.


In my age, I do not ask money from my parents. I said myself that if I ask for money, I will consult and find an advices from them. They are still your parents. Somehow the strolling away is not a good idea to prove that you can depend in your life. That is because many people are doing the same mistakes. I do not say all of them and I am just saying some many people. Well of course, when asking for money, open up with a small conversation and branch out your ideas to your parents. Allow yourself first to explain, then you allow them to answer back once you are finished. Somehow in my experiences with my parents are very hard to reach. Of course, my parents are still working in their early 60s. When they comes in a retirement age, you need to adjust a little bit in your life. Then in my opinion again, I am just extraordinary special person with an ability to write this article and have to come up with some issues as well. I have down syndrome. And I do not have sickness. It’s the ability to control your emotional and physical out of being an adult down syndrome as well. It’s in fact, I always know that I am happy what I am doing. Loving yourself is the best practice before loving to others is an example. But too much of loving yourself sometimes can hurt other people. Always ask for the price of the knowledge whether it’s business or work you are entering before you are graduating in high school or college as well.

Business or work

I have to discuss my experiences about my business and the work in my field I am going tell about. First of all, I am no ordinary man inside and out, but to feel in deeper thoughts what I have in my mind. This is the case about the business or work.


Business is all about getting regular’s occupation, profession or trade. While work is activity working on earning income of an employment. For my experience, I have been working less than the original six months term. It’s an usual for me since I don’t get the idea of hardworking. For my case I have down syndrome, it’s different taking less or more in the field I want. But what I get is that I am choosing the right path for me to build my confidence.


Business is all investing money or stocks that you have invest in the past. You get to earn extra income in working daily basis. But the sad news in the Philippines, many Filipinos are working abroad to work their living income to return to their respective families. Aside what I see in the downfall economic crisis, President Noynoy Aquino did his best for us. He is running to improve our country better, not as telling we are enjoying the ride of economy. What are we doing? We rally in the front of the offices instead working on our economic investments. That’s right. Foreign investors or businessmen is always go inside for our country to invest a business and build jobs for us. Then what are we returning for President Aquino is the concerns we have today.


I doubt there’s still millions of jobless out there. Without a job, we have no future. Business is all matter of doing purposes to produce more economic increase. We indulge our lifestyles in eating, sports or all the matters of above. We know that our country needs more improvement. When we have President Marcos in the past, what he did only is for the disciplining the countrymen and led a thousands of infrastructure roads. That is the time I have understand what he accomplished for us, for the FIlipino and for our countrymen.


Tourism is one of the biggest assets we have in our country. We invest the place and turn into gigantic deals of corporations or companies that turns like in Boracay, the favorite destination. We have Romblon, Cebu and other Visayas provinces as well. What we have here in the Philippines is our biggest investments.


Of course, that is the time of the meaning of work will go in. I have said the true meaning of work. This time, I let to explain furthermore about the work. Working for the abroad is a sacrifice job. We leave our beloved ones alone in their relatives or families. We tend to forget sometimes to say happy birthday to our sons, daughters and even to our parents. But alone working in other country is very sad for me. I didn’t have experience yet working in other countries, but I have feel on them of pressure and hardworking. The purpose of working is to increase our extra income in Middle East. The extra income is somewhere in hardest category. I do not to offend some OFWs out there or to tell that I am so worrying about them.


While some others here in the Philippines, people enjoy in our lifestyle. Going to the shopping mall, going somewhere to relax and some activities we are doing in our society. We also enjoy eating and of course, we also have to get in fitness. Without fitness, you can’t do the job properly. I have been traveled in Laoag before with my family. That was the time I was still teenager. I’ve indulged in so many activities during my teenage years. I played golf and even playing what I really want. But some other point, I really like writing in literary poems, sonnets or songs. Sometimes I also dance for my fitness health. Our parents works so hard for us. They work very hard for us to live and to eat properly. If we don’t have parents, we don’t have future.


Looking in the street sometimes I look at them unhappy. I feel their feelings without going in the school and play all the time. Sometimes, they work for themselves for their parents or some involved crimes they are in. In our childhood and teenage years, we always have to be hungry. Hungry to learn is educating ourselves for a better future. We might know that he or she will be a politician, or maybe a doctor or a teacher as well. Education is very important. When we finish school, we are hungry to work. But where are we now is to work.


Working in the restaurant as a janitor is not bad, or working as a police to serve protection for us isn’t bad either. In the mall, we see food servers that they are serving us. It isn’t bad either. All kinds of job or profession have sort of meanings of this. Working for our families is to feed our children. Without food, we are not getting knowledge to learn. What we have left in the society world is to build more work.


Of course being as a district lawyer is not bad as well. But going inside of being corruption is the mistake for each lawmaker in the country. That’s right. President Aquino did is to erase some corruption in the Philippines. Our economy is to indulge in ourselves. There are many kinds of work and business in our country. I hate to tell this. But I like more in tourism and agriculture. We have many destinations in the Philippines. We have Baguio, Tagaytay or Boracay, the destinations are always invested in their own directions. Many of us are waiting for the chance to get be paid. I am not the type of person who never gives up. I always fight for the dreams that are real. Sometimes imagination is the best key to dream ourselves in the situation dreaming to be businessman or doctor or teacher.


Speaking as a nurse, of course, is to assisting patients in the hospital or to help people in needs. Lot of people needs medication. Doctors in our country sometimes go out for a country and work as a nurse. In their case, sometimes I understand their situation. But I realize of how many professional teachers, doctors, nurses and other profession is very important for our country’s needs. What we need is to practice more in other professions instead.


In my field, what I really the most is to write in literary works that includes short stories, novel stories, poems, sonnets or songs. Because it’s my hobby that turns around as my talents. It’s not profession what I have. It’s the only way I can earn for my living aside for my load business. In the past, I learned my lessons as well. I even went to networking company just to chitchat all the time. What my mistakes is that I do not work my leverage as well. But because of that, I tend to go back in my loading business and continue in my dreams. No matter what the small chances sometimes grows bigger. I work in shorter period but in the same way, I earn money of selling loads of people’s load in their cellphone. It’s not big deal, that’s the small chances getting bigger. And also about that in the past, I find myself as a different to other people. That is because I haven’t accept myself that I really have down syndrome. Being having with down syndrome is not smaller chances for me. I go for the bigger questions and I have to answer smaller chances that can grow bigger.


In the world of economy crisis, we are always hungry for the work we have, or what we have business in our hands. You have just to be proud what you have. And do not always to prove yourself as an unworthy person. You are blessed with talent. And I always tell myself no matter what bigger problems I will face about, I am still conquering them. But because of that, I always have what I got. Be happy and contented what I have. And always remind myself that I am no ordinary adult, but to face the world with the down syndrome that I have and I am proud of it.

Today is my 6th anniversary year that I have load business already. But last year is very dreadful. Because I held off my load business for about for four months already. But coming from the shell, I conquered and went back to go to load business again.

To tell the truth, being as an entrepreneur is all makes sense. It’s very hard on the start of the beginning of career. I went out to look a job which I am desperately need an extra income. But I came late start from it. After graduating culinary certificate in Center for Culinary Arts (or CCA, that is), my mother’s friend offered me for a job near St. Jude Nursing School in Sampaloc, Manila. It is very wide at the start, but in my knowledge has to apply somewhere in my culinary skills.

After two months of being hardworking days, my mother’s friend said it’s time go because the business has to go on his own. It’s never been mine. It is his. And he said that I would find one eventually. Then another in mom’s community continued to bless me as I got an opportunity to work in Sacocina Catering which Ignacio sisters are owned. But the family troubles on them where I found out in their office in Marikina. That field of work consisted 12 hours a day to work from Monday to Friday. From 6 AM to 6 PM is very dreadful at first. I woke up early morning at 3. Then I have to get bath and eat a little breakfast. Then I’m off around 4 in the morning which I made in the service around more than 5 earlier in the morning. Then we went straight in Robinson Fairview to go the work.

It’s very hard for me to get in the job. After battling the hours day and night, I often went restless sleeping at nights. During that time, I became more obsessed playing online games at very early morning around 1:30 or 2 in the morning. But days are different quite exactly. Obsessed playing games and working 12 hours became my routine that time. Eventually I gave up playing online games the three years ago. It’s very skeptical for me not playing anymore, but it’s hard for me to let it go.

Then I shifted to load business late in June 2006. My mom and I went to SM Megamall in convention center around that time. We saw the load business she is offering to me. Then I said yes and I would take it. It’s a granted wish for me at the start since I love online games. No matter where I go, I also bring my load business to use it for the games. But it stopped me playing three years ago.

At the height of 6 years in load business, I instantly never gave up. I want this badly for my future. I gave up my playing habits just to go on my business. Eventually I went to digital school two years ago because of what I want for my second career. Then I thought myself that I want to be as an entrepreneur after all. Being as an entrepreneur is a bad move for me that time. Because I never think entrepreneur that time. I only think of myself and my career.

As I understand my situation as an entrepreneur, I will come back blogging myself again in this kind of situation. With the help of load business, I am now stable low income entrepreneur. When it happens to become more in the future, I will open also my freelancing in writing and for my career in digital age as well. I am not as late as ever. So if you want to start working as an entrepreneur, do it seriously and you will become successful as me. I am never satisfied before. But I am more matured, responsible and somewhat, a little serious this time.

For now, I am officially have my own domain name. And from this day, I will clear my thoughts. I will be becoming more as a freelance blog writer plus my multi-tasking jobs: digital / traditional artist, fantasy writer and as a photographer. I never imagine this way I am continuing my dreams to take it over my life. This is not about my experiences. This is all about as an entrepreneur’s dreams I want to be.

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