We Tell The Story: A Musical

We Tell The Story: A Musical

The musical play was amazing. It was perfectly beautiful. Although I didn’t understand at first, I realized it has something added amazingly in the musical play. We Tell The Story: A Musical was simply catchy musical play.


The lead role was Marian Reyes, a friend of mine in the organization in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines Support Sibling Group. The younger role was her sister, Andy. Both of them were talented. At first, I also want to become a singer, an actor and a dreamer. When I was still in high school, my dreams becoming as an actor failed at my first sight. It shattered. It was the glass that have never been going back in one mirror again.


But unlike in the reality, this was the second time I watched a musical play. Back before during my high school years, I watched the first musical show – Wizard of Oz. And what didn’t I miss of the musical show? It was Antoinette Taus who played as Dorothy in the story of musical show. Both Aiza Seguerra and Antoinette Taus who played for the role of Dorothy, but it was Antoinette I saw singing in the show. It was after 15 years already.


The story was unfolded amazingly. I thought at first the character Marian playing. It seems the other cast have been a problem in vocal phone in their neck. I rarely seen nearly. It was purely inevitable. Her sultry singing voice was one that I’ve been hearing for almost 18 years old ago. What I’ve really like for the girls? A beautiful voice. Singing like that could perfectly fit for my lyrics if I want making her to stardom. Well I don’t have recording studio. Normally I write songs from my heart and experiences. Then at the peak of my career, it was already 14 years, 3 months and 10 days when I’ve starting to write my very first poem. Back then, I was simply a high school student and created my home honing one of my talents.


Other of my talents could be dancing and acting. I’ve already acted once before in the skit play during my elementary days. I’ve portrayed as a soldier in the skit play of Magellan and Lapu-Lapu. There it was, all of my schoolmates were laughing at me. For somehow, they didn’t know what I became successful later in my life.


Marian and Andy were good singers. And what I’ve really like? The voice. Hmm…if I were a scriptwriter for the play, I would probably created wonderful songs. And maybe it will become successful. I’ve remembered that I’ve organized my first successful get-together for my elementary friends. I’ve brought 10 or almost 11 friends of mine back three years ago. Maybe this career was good enough for me.


The story of We Tell The Story: A Musical was a masterpiece. It wasn’t like Beauty and the Beast, or Princess Ariel in the Little Mermaid. Or maybe it wasn’t like any other classical stories. The concept for this story was perfect. It was the lady who wanted to rescue the man she really loved. And at the end of the day, she grew loved by her foster parents. And her foster parents didn’t want her to go to the heaven’s place where her man to be married was there. As she entered the heaven’s garden, she exercised the guy’s leg who can’t walk. So she thought if she could spared her life from her man to be loved. But the black god who have black powers, he said to the girl, “don’t dare to compare your life to the man you’ve really love. Instead, give a chance to kill him.” But the girl can’t killed him, so she spared her life to exchange the man return in the earth. And at the end of the story was a good ending.


And what did I see at the end of the play? Claire dela Fuentes. Why? Her son was the director of the play of We Tell The Story: A Musical. And I’ve said to myself that I’ve failed getting a photograph of Claire dela Fuentes. Instead I’ve enjoyed so much of they play. Other who attended the play were Charm Reyes and her brother Charles and Tin Nicholas.


So I’ve said that this musical play was a success hit. It still runs in Friday, 8 p.m. and Saturday for 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. slot. They still have three musical dates in UP Manila, CAC Theater. Hurry up and watch a musical show.