What is the meaning of Down Syndrome?


Down syndrome or DS is the most common cause of mental retardation and malformation in a newborn. It occurs because of the presence of an extra chromosome. It was first described in 1866 by Dr. John L.H. Down (1828-1896) an English Physician. Down syndrome occurs about once in every 800 births. It is estimated that about 6,000 children are born with DS each year in the United States.


About John Langdon Haydon Down (18 November, 1828 – 7 October 1896)


John Langdon Haydon Down was born in Torpoint, Cornwall. He was descended on his father’s side from an Irish family, his great-great grandfather having been Protestant bishop of Derry. His sister’s daughters eventually married into the Adrian, Darwin, and Keynes families. John Down went to local schools including the Devonport Classical and Mathematical School. At age of 14, he was apprenticed to his father, the village apothecary at Anthony St. Jacob’s. The vicar gave him a present of Arnott’s Physics which made him determined to take up a scientific career. At the age of 18, he went to London where he got a post working for a surgeon in the Whitechapel Road where he had to bleed patients, extract teeth, wash bottles and dispense drugs. Later he entered the pharmaceutical laboratory in Bloomsbury Square and won the prize for organic chemistry. He also met Michael Faraday and helped him with his work on gases.


In 1866, he wrotye a paper entitled “Observations  on the Ethnic Classification of Idiots” in which he put forward the theory that it was possible to classify different types of conditions by ethnic characteristics. He listed several types including the Ethiopian type. He is most famous for his classification of what is known as Down syndrome, named after him, but which he classified as the Mongolian type of Idiot. As a result, Down syndrome was also known as Mongolism and people with Down syndrome referred to as Mongoloids.


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Karyotype or from the Greek word, karyon, or kernel, seed or nucleus, is the number and appearance of chromosomes in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell. The term is also used for the complete set of chromosomes in a species, or an individual organism.


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Causes and symptoms of Down syndrome:

Babies with Down syndrome tend to be overly quiet, less responsive, with weak, floppy muscles. Furthermore, a number of physical signs may be present.


  • Flat appearing face
  • Small head
  • Flat bridge of the nose
  • Smaller than normal, low-set nose
  • Small mouth, which causes the tongue to stick out and to appear overly large
  • Upward slanting eyes
  • Extra folds of skin located at the inside corner of each eye, near the nose (called epicanthal folds)
  • Rounded cheeks
  • Small, misshapen ears
  • Small, wide hands
  • An unusual, deep crease across the center of the palm (called a simian crease)
  • A malformed fifth finger
  • A wide space between the big and the second toes
  • Unusual creases on the soles of the feet
  • Overly-flexible joints (sometimes referred to as being double-jointed)
  • Shorter than normal height.


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Down syndrome stages I’ve been through:


– It happened to me when I was a child. I’ve been not talking much of my 2 years since birth neither I can walk.

– Speech therapies I’ve been through for some I’ve been not talking very much at the age of my early childhood stages.

– Physical therapies: not walking since the start of my birth.

– Physical therapies and speech therapies have been through my childhood days.

– I entered in a special school Cupertino and graduated from moving away from the special school.

– I remembered that I was taught in Philippine Children hospital to color and to teach what is the things important.

– I entered Montessori Children Haus, Inc. in Panay Avenue, Quezon City and graduated there in special school.

– I entered Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo in 1988 and graduated elementary in 1996 and graduated in high school in 2000. I’ve been applauded and respected by some of my school mates and my elementary friends there.

– I entered Center for Culinary Arts, Katipunan in front of Ateneo de Manila University and beside Kostka school, Quezon City and graduated with culinary certificate in July 2003.

– I entered several speech therapies since elementary and high school just to improve my english language and filipino language.

– I entered once in Ateneo de Manila University high school during summer before entering in third year high school.

– Recently I entered again in speech therapy to speak clearly about the english language in free call center training last 29th of February to 13th of March 2012 in People2Outsource.


Unique skills I have (or abilities)

– My favorite sports is golf.

– I love to write, to draw, to dance and to sing.

– My favorite color is red and blue.

– My Chinese new year is metal Rooster in 1981.


Advices that you can free to do:


– Find something educating tools like ABC decks and numbers deck you can teach them when they are free to do.

– Watch the kids in an educating channels since their hearing is very knowledgeable to most of the problems of your kids.

– Read them a book especially if they love to hear some children books.

– Find a time to bond with your down syndrome child to open in your open conversation.

– Teach them with your language and practice them to walk them everyday (this is for the babies with down syndrome).

– Find a time with your children in the age bracket of teenage to do some activities.