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Life has boring to know what depths are meaning to use for us. Without a penny in our pocket, why can’t we feed to ourselves or to our children? Without earning will be hard to feed for our stomach needs. But nevertheless, the job will suit for our needs to fill it in.


It always aimed for me to get a job in the past. Now that I’ve mention a job, it always have the main source we could get for our needs – to pay for our bills, to pay the rent, to buy grocery needs to fill our stomach needs and to buy what we need to have in our daily basis. But it’s also can use for the leisure creating the source we can enjoy for ourselves. Just a little will hurt your pocket, but too much will cause a headache when paying the bill on the wrong note.


Last two years, I spent saving all my money to get have a business in the future. But having with a cellphone loading business wasn’t an effort to save all my centavos in my pocket. I’ve searched from the newspaper, job website, talking to someone if I could get in or maybe some a drive campaign that I would be a volunteer. Nevertheless, it always counted on my serving basis of money – without a money to earn.


Two years have changed me as well. Two years have seen my future. And two years have crossed my mind what I’ve been doing right now. Well, of course, it is always be a countless times seeking for a right opportunity – to find a job. Earning money from a job will help increase your mood, thus also creating income from your job. I’ve had been naughty for sometimes in the past. Lurking my money to waste was all my concerns. Diving for collections served me right to have lessons to learn. But not the leisure that I’ve had before. Leisure have been bought for me – buying magazine collection, book collection, music collection and other things from what my imagination thought me up well.


I’ve guessed that I was wrong. It was always that I didn’t know what is right and what is wrong. Deserving to know to have a job is a must. I’ve seen people going in and going out from their job in their routine of 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Like a rat race, you’ve been chasing like a gold mine on your job. Putting your health on risk is also number one priority. But mention to yourself that money could buy a lot of things. But not for putting yourself in danger might ask your thoughts to rethink what is going on for your pocket needs.


Love your job. Love your partner. Love your boss. Or love your dog at least to keep at the back of your mind that taking care of things are all means necessarily. People will forget how gold mine could check on your deposit slip, your paycheck or from your bank account. How high can you save your money? How seldom you spend your money on your leisure time? Does have you to be having a good time with your money? In the real society, money can buy anything. But money sometimes can be a root of evil when you use it for a wrongdoings you have at the back of your mind.


Let me check your job routine:

1. You always check your kid, your partner and your pet to have least to eat their meal. After that, you are going to your work.

2. At work, you always have time to get arguments with your boss.

3. Or at work, you always have to spend your partner hallucinating with all brainstorming ideas all day.

4. Or at work, you always have at least at the back of your mind thinking all the good promotion you are doing for a day.

5. And after work, you are punching your timecard to get it out quickly and rush your home to cook a meal for your kid, your partner and your pet as well.

6. Then at the end of the day, you spend your time checking how money is used the whole day at your journal expenses through the year.

7. You, at least, do this everyday and every night. 


But if you’re unemployed but you are a boss, this is what happens to your job routine:

1. You go off early from your bed mostly early than at your normal time.

2. You check your kid if it’s sleeping and the assignment is already done.

3. You cook ahead. You feed your pet. You wash your car. And you do a lot of things by multi-tasking.

4. Before going to your job, you check your belongings so you wont’ come back again to your house.

5. When you are at work as a boss, you check your employees as if they are doing performance well.

6. You praise the employee by making it how far does it go to pay at the end of the day.

7. When at the field, you mention your day what looks like in the meeting.

8. You meet your client, your friend or your someone who has been looking for you through the years.

9. After work as a boss, you come home earlier at least saying, “I’m home.”

10. Your kid is always happy. Your pet is always ask for playing or for feeding the pet.

11. Then at the end of the day, you spend your time checking how money does it good from your pocket in your journal expenses through the year.

12. You, at least, do this every weekend. Because your partner is always doing the part-time as your financial partner of the family.


Why would bothering if you can’t buy some thing you like? If there’s none, there’s always a catch at the end of the day.


Synchronizing your job might be good to change for your daily needs. And picking a job and a good place will also enhance how many points you get for your job purposes. But feel free if you ask me. I’ve been jobless for about 7 years and 7 months. But at least I’ve maintained 10 months already, my longest employment from me resume. Right now, I am in one month vacation before starting to a new job already that will start on the month of May. What else makes me new? Grabbing an opportunity having a job will definitely solve your problems in financial. But how many can it take? It would definitely take you many years for achieving the longest time.


Don’t patronize yourself getting pumping your job in 12 hours, just at least grab 8-10 hours of working. Health is most important for your wealth needs. But don’t force yourself in a little disaster you’re making from your graveyard shift.~Referring to call center career.


Building a new team consists how many foundations you will build. New little favors can make turn you patience, determination and a will of burned desire to get your team to be done.~Referring to networking career.


Highlighting your day with a best performance will help increasing your production in a day. But never dream letting down of your partners, as always saying that there is nobody will leaving you behind but help each other is like a mighty team.~Referring to business career.


Saving lives are most important. But never underestimate the life worth saves your day. But if your patience runs out, the life you are taking will have deal with entering the heaven’s path.~Referring to medicine career.


Mighty as a rock and a distance of helping is worth taking your day to lend. But never dream of bigger opportunity helping your enemy’s path by crossing a boundary.~Referring to lawmaker and lawyer career.


Kids are helpless at home when they need knowledge. But at the end of the day, the kids are full of energy helping themselves to study more and to reward a better opportunity from their parents.~Referring to teaching profession career.


As a foundation builds at the center of attraction, the visitor also attracts from a view of an eagle. But the view of beautiful angle must have a beautiful career ahead of them.~Referring to architect and interior designer career.


Never underestimate with the word, phrase, or an adjective that uses an appropriate meaning. Because without it, it never holds a true meaning of a purpose story.~Referring to journalism career.


The art of savior could have been good. But the art sometimes is underestimate of an naked eye. What about the nude art? It is not a simply art, but sometimes other is mistaking giving a wrong perspective mind.~Referring to artist career.


Mind the business of protecting the citizen’s needs. But the traffic also comes with a different directions. Sometimes there’s a whole lot mess if you don’t discipline the nation.~Referring to police, security and high professional career.


Having a faith profession in your life sometimes have a full of knowledge. But sometimes taking a sin won’t comfort us. Asking forgiveness is an act of contrition. But don’t let yourself doubt even more.~Referring to priesthood, sainthood and sisterhood career.


Firing a lot of determination will prove your quick response. But it costs a lot of sweat and confidence having your dish to taste it better.~Referring to chef and baker career.


If I miss some job career to quote the message, just leave or give a comment below this article. I respond to this article.


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The triumphant all over the nation of Philippines have become a new era of new generation. People have started to march for the freedom of our nation. When our 10th President Ferdinand Marcos was still our president during his presidency at the height of all his power, he declared martial law in 1972 to prolong his presidency during his time up to the very end of martial law that was ended in 1981. It wasn’t the first time we have had a martial law in our country. In fact, a long time ago before we had World War I and World War II, we already have experienced our grandfathers and grandmothers in their time having a different era of 19th century.


Martial law was declared on August 30, 1896 when Governor General Ramon Blanco was ready to localize the rebellion. It was a tyranny for all of us. And yet, that time was very painful just to get up for our voices. Third president of our Philippines was Jose P. Laurel came in second in 1944. The martial was then to becoming effectively immediately on September 23, 1944. It was because the existence of state of the war back then. 3rd President Jose P. Laurel did all he can to prevent our Philippines away from danger. Then the crucial of our during time and third martial law was the 10th President Ferdinand Marcos. President Marcos did also the similar proclamations when it released during September 21, 1972 from the 3rd President Jose P. Laurel did exactly after 28 years. The tyranny didn’t last for President Marcos for almost 9 years to be exact. That year was the last year for lifting up when I was born in the same year of 1981.


Maria Corazon Sumulong Cojuangco was the sixth child of Jose Cojuangco when she have born on 25h of January 1933 in Panigui, Tarlac. She married Benigno Aquino Jr., son of the late Speaker Benigno Aquino Sr. and a grandson of General Sevillano Aquino. The couple have five children, four girls and one boy: Maria Elena, Aurora Corazon, Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III, Victoria Elisa and Kristina Bernadette or most known as Kris Aquino. Cory had difficulty living her life when she and her husband, Ninoy moved to Concepcion, Tarlac in 1955. Ninoy Aquino soon became the youngest governor in the country and eventually became the youngest senator ever elected in the Senate of the Philippines in 1967. During her husband’s political career, she remained as the plain housewife for her kids raising up well in Tarlac. The later, they moved to Quezon City. Then later, Ninoy Aquino was then touted as a strong candidate against Ferdinand Marcos to reelect in 1973 elections. Later, President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law on September 21, 1972 on the day of Thursday. Marcos abolished the existing 1935 Constitution allowing him to remain in his office as the 10th president having 20 years already in the public office. No one in the Philippines became the longest president but only Ferdinand Marcos the only president who became the first president serving the country in 20 years.


Despite of Ninoy’s arrival in 21st of August, 1983 on the day of Sunday, the late Senator has been assassinated in the Manila International Airport and has been shot and died in the airport. Corazon Aquino returned to the Philippines from United States just a few days later when she heard her husband has been assassinated in the airport. She led her husband’s funeral procession with more then two million joining in the procession. Later the plain housewife of Ninoy Aquino became active and visible in many as much of various demonstrations during Marcos regime. Salvador Laurel has only convinced to run as the vice-president along with the plain housewife of Ninoy Aquino in November 1985 when President Marcos shocked the nation by announcing on the television that he will hold snap presidential elections in February 1986.


The snap election came and held in 7th of February 1986 on the day of Friday by President Marcos called. After weeks of tension and disputed election, Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and General Fidel V. Ramos surprised and shocked the nation and the whole wide world when they announced cutting their alliance with the President Ferdinand Marcos. Enrile and Ramos believed Aquino was the real winner in the snap presidential election in February 22, 1986, the day of Saturday. Finally upon the distraction from Ferdinand Marcos, he realized he was driven out of the presidential elections when Corazon Aquino was formally and peacefully proclaimed as the new 11th president of the Philippines on 25th of February, 1986 of the day of Tuesday. It was the historic event of which has been known and remembered as the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution.


11th President Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino reformed the economic management in 1986, and also have had to resolve with the agrarian reform. From her last two years in public office in up to 1992, she and her administration also faced the several calamities that hit in the country. Among one of the first calamity hit in the Philippines was the 1990 Luzon earthquake killing 1,600 people and the following year of 1991 was 1991 volcanic activity of the dormant volcano Mt. Pinatubo which was the predominant volcanoes that hit as the second largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century. Then Fidel V. Ramos became the 12th president and successor to Corazon Aquino’s presidency when she left the public office on 30th of June 1992, the day of Tuesday. Since then, she returned in her normal life again as the housewife.


On 24th of March, 2008, Aquino’s family announced that Corazon has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer or simply as a colon cancer that hasn’t been studied in the country. Later, she died peacefully at the Makati Medical Center on 1st of August, 2009, on the Saturday morning around 3:18 am.


What I know about Maria Corazon Sumulong Cojuangco-Aquino is that she gives 100% serving as the 11th president in our nation for a change. The nation now today couldn’t be as happy we have. I believe that if Ninoy is still alive. He would done that for the sake of our Philippines, but it turned up as a historic event. I was five years old when President Aquino has proclaimed the 11th president when I was in United States with my family. And of course, I want to go back in the Philippines that time. The people power revolution really came from a dramatic event in the Philippines. If President Marcos didn’t declare the snap elections in November 1985, he would be old enough to die in the public office and it was really hard for any of one officer would replace from the public office. Anyway this article would mark as the remembrance for President Corazon Aquino tomorrow but I would to publish it today. It is 3 years of death anniversary already for we have to celebrate for our beloved 11th president of the Philippines.

13 is not the unlucky number for me. It’s not that crazy, but for somehow I believe that number has something to do a magical whimsical power. Obviously when are heard of going to 13 years, is that sounds crazy for you? I believe it not. There are many details around for that number.


13 is a smallest number between 12 and 14 with eight letters in its name out in English. The numbers 13 through 19 is the ages of teenagers.  Why bothering in the first place of the number 13? In speech although for some people, it confused that it is sometimes mistaken are 13 and 30. (Like this movie: 13 going 30) Whenever it happens, it is unusually for me saying this word, however in other people’s minds, the numbers sometimes is contrasting such as 13, 14 and 15 as well. Some others say that lunar-solar calendars are sometimes called there’s a 13th month. Which it is approximately 12.41 lunations per solar year, and there is true months, plus a smaller and some portentous somehow.


In the way of tradition, if you think some 12 apostles in a last supper together with Jesus, that number 13 is usually the lucky number bringing the luck every time it passes. Why do you think about that way? Simple, I have auntie who falls her birthday in the day of 13, and also my grandmother’s birthday also falls to the number 13 as well. Who can make it fact if there is a real superstitious behind the 13?


Friday the 13th is a date considered that is bringing bad luck in western superstition. Although some of them aren’t real, because numbers somehow for me doesn’t concern me well. One of folklorists said that there is no written evidence for a Friday the 13th superstition before the 19th century. One person died whose name is Henry Sutherland Edwards who died on a Friday the 13th of November. Who could thought of that thing deserving in the place being is already written.


From the name of Frigga is the name of Norse goddess for whom Friday is named, and triskaidekaphobia means the fear of the number thirteen as well or paraskevidekatriaphobia, a concatenation of the Greek words Parekevi meaning “Friday.”


There are some many sources well in the meaning of the Friday the 13th which it’s hardly to explain in numerology. The movie of Friday the 13th is an American horror franchise that consists of eleven slasher films, a television show, novels, comic books, video games and merchandise. The franchise is mainly based on the fictional character of Jason Voorhees, who drowned at Camp Crystal as a boy due to the negligence of the teenage counselors. Decades later, the lake is rumored to be “cursed” and is the setting for a series of mass murders. Jason is featured in all of the films, either as the killer or as the motivation for the killings. The original film was written by Victor Miller, and was produced and directed by Sean S. Cunningham, later films brought in others for these positions. There are 12 series of this movie which has made first on 1980, a year before I came born in this world.


Friday the 13th films:

Friday the 13th (May 9, 1980)

Friday the 13th Part 2 (April 30, 1981)

Friday the 13th Part 3 (August 13, 1982 and May 13, 1983 “re-released”)

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (April 13, 1984)

Friday the 13th: A New beginning (March 22, 1985)

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (August 1, 1986)

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (May 13, 1988)

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (July 28, 1989)

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (August 13, 1993)

Jason X (April 26, 2002)

Freddy vs. Jason (August 15, 2003)

Friday the 13th (February 13, 2009)


(Notes: Source from,,


For me, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in this numerology series although I admit the films are kind of horror flicks. When I saw first watching that movie, it doesn’t me scared the second time or even how many times you watched in the television, or in the movie channels as well. Friday the 13th is a common name for some folklores stories athough some of the numbers are mistaken an unlucky number. 13 is not a unlucky number, for me it is a lucky number. What will you do if you see in the building without a 13th floor in the building? Be honest with me. Count one to hundred. When you surpass the number 13, you can’t say adding some 13, 14, 15 or so forth numbers are. The 13 is somewhat a sum of 4 which it’s very typical number of a word meaning love for me. You can’t determine which it’s the love word. Any kind of 4 letter words has a meaning of the sum of 13. Which I’m paranoid in this numerology, sometimes I sum the total of 13. You have to add together the numbers of 1 plus 3 that is equally of 4. I am not pretty sure if you are doing this. But practically in my life, it wasn’t just the same number for anything. And who could forget the Mayan calendar that it is said this year 2012 would bring some unanswered questions to give us a distraction from natural disasters. But in my case, it’s not that theory I just made up above. For somehow reasons why, I do not allow entertaining some bluffs of the 13 in my mind. Because that is what is supposed to some superstitions you are believing. Which it is why this is a perfect article you can read about it.

Fact: Rizal’s birthday, 19th of June, 1861, lies on the day of Wednesday .

This is how we have to celebrate Jose Rizal’s birthday today on June 19, 1861. But what I know about Jose Rizal? He should be our hero for our country. Maybe I am mistaking by which some of the historians didn’t accept his works. His propaganda works of Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo is purely dedicated for the Filipinos today. If I am in his place, I would probably do the same thing he do for the beloved Philippines. We are fighting for our freedom and true blood of Southeast Asian country as a Filipino.

I really loved Jose Rizal’s writings. Probably those who can’t read his novels are differently from our language. During his time, his writings were in Spanish language that time, thus his novels became Spanish as well.

I would love to fall in love in Spanish era. During their times, our generation wouldn’t better than his generation. I will be walking in the hacienda. Hacienda was his parents’ business back then. Knowing his literature, I am surely dedicate to be part of the Philippines literature as as well. Aside from the literature I am love to fall in love is William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is one the best writer in his time. Thus, his generation passed. So as Jose Rizal’s generation also passed. Many people predicted many outcomes will happen again in the future. But true democracy is what we have here as our freedom. Freedom for our Philippines to be open as one of a kind will be surely granted in other countries as well.

Who could forget Lea Salonga, our sensation internation superstar in her time? Lea contributed her time in broadway hits, Miss Saigon. And why could we say that Little Mermaid is her time also. Now we have our little Jessica Sanchez is rising her occasion as the one of our beloved promising singer today. From what she achieved as only runner-up in American Idol 10. She will be captured in our hearts today. Jessica, you are still the champion in American Idol. As you can see, your world surprises us as a Filipino. Jose Rizal contributed his part, so are you also. We will be having a new sensation in our days of our lives.

When saying about things is also our part of our culture, to be honest, proud and dedicated Filipinos we are now today. We bring our hopes and faiths that thousand Filipinos are marching to serve our Philippines today. And who could forget Ferdinand Magellan who discovered the Philippines that we have today. If he didn’t discover us, we would be like another country to have a burden democracy in other countries that is now today. People are very understandable and consideration for our talents. We, Filipinos, are still young and hunger for our glory. We accept the losses. In the next battle, we stand up again and fight for our dreams what we have now. Don’t be afraid as we have now. To be part of our archipelago of Philippines, we are still hoping that our nation will rise again occasionally. President Noynoy Aquino have working on his part, then what are we doing now. Is that the Philippines we are looking now? Jose Rizal have once said, “nasa kabataan ang pag-asa.”

It is true what Rizal said in the past that he is looking for us to change and be part of our nation history. We are united as one, and as the one nation stands for, we are the Filipinos would change if PNoy do his part. We could change also. People are different now. No matter what we stand now, no matter what richer or poorer we are. We are still better nation in the Asian History. Ferdinand Marcos also did his part to change our nation changed. As he is exiled, I understand why he left us to change more in the history events. Rizal, in his part, he would love to change our nation to change also. Corazon Aquino also did her part to have revolutionized the People Power that time.

And I am born during 1981, the depicted time that Marcos lifted up Martial Law for Pope John Paul II was here. Times changed when Ninoy Aquino was assassinated. People would believe that Marcos did is for the discipline. If we did not follow, we would be killed in other times of reign of other countries. I love the Philippines from above to bottom. If I were in Jose Rizal’s time, I would fight for our freedom to change. Change that we have now, a modern and technology age.

As one rising not so good writer, I would do the same as for Jose Rizal of his time. And I will do my best one of promising land we have now. I am fighting for the good dreams will be follow, and no matter what small things are to come. There are always new doors to open for me to change the Philippines society. This is how I am today and how I am proud as a different person. As having down syndrome in my life, I accept any challenges to come and I will do the same as Jose Rizal in his time.

Biography from Wikipedia:

José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda (June 19, 1861 – December 30, 1896), was a Filipino polymath, patriot and the most prominent advocate for reform in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era. He is regarded as the foremost Filipino patriot and is listed as one of the national heroes of the Philippines by the National Heroes Committee. His execution by the Spanish in 1896, a date marked annually as Rizal Day, a Philippine national holiday, was one of the causes of the Philippine Revolution. Rizal was born to a rich family in Calamba, Laguna and was the seventh of eleven children. He attended the Ateneo Municipal de Manila, earning a Bachelor of Arts, and enrolled in medicine at the University of Santo Tomas. He continued his studies at the Universidad Central de Madrid in Madrid, Spain, earning the degree of Licentiate in Medicine. He also attended the University of Paris and earned a second doctorate at the University of Heidelberg. Rizal was a polyglot conversant in twenty-two languages. He was a prolific poet, essayist, diarist, correspondent, and novelist whose most famous works were his two novels, Noli me Tangere and El filibusterismo. These social commentaries on Spanish rule formed the nucleus of literature that inspired peaceful reformists and armed revolutionaries alike. As a political figure, José Rizal was the founder of La Liga Filipina, a civic organization that subsequently gave birth to the Katipunan led by Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo. He was a proponent of achieving Philippine self-government peacefully through institutional reform rather than through violent revolution, although he would support “violent means” as a last resort. Rizal believed that the only justification for national liberation and self-government is the restoration of the dignity of the people, saying “Why independence, if the slaves of today will be the tyrants of tomorrow?” The general consensus among Rizal scholars is that his execution by the Spanish helped to bring about the Philippine Revolution.

Family of Jose P. Rizal:

His parents, Francisco Engracio Rizal Mercado y Alejandro (1818–1897) and Teodora Alonso Realonda de Quintos, were prosperous farmers who were granted lease of a hacienda and an accompanying rice farm by the Dominicans. Rizal was the seventh child of their eleven children namely: Saturnina (Neneng) (1850–1913), Paciano (1851–1930), Narcisa (Sisa) (1852–1939), Olimpia, Lucia (1857–1919), María (Biang) (1859–1945), José Protasio (1861–1896), Concepción (Concha) (1862–1865), Josefa (Panggoy) (1865–1945), Trinidad (1868–1951) and Soledad (Choleng) (1870–1929).

“No one else makes standing alone in your way.”


Considering my literature is on top of my interests and hobbies, the music is also part of my life. Well in that case, I have to tell about more the music department what I have in my back of my head. Where shall I begin? Oh and of course, it started way back from 1984’s famous Thriller by Michael Jackson, and still never that I forgot about that. The way he moves is that how I dance and move well in his signature dance moves. He evolved from generation to another generation. Not anybody knows how to dance it, but everybody will never forget the Michael Jackson’s moonwalk signature dance.


And from other part of my life, there is also my favorite music and that will be the New Kids on the Block that sparks in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s. And one of my favorite all-time boy band is Backstreet Boys where they also have signature dance song, Get Down, from their firs album released. Everyone makes favorite in every song of each music artist. What I really like about it is how to compose them very well. I have really admire the music industry, for somehow I also want to be expose in the show business. But it didn’t come to me after all, because what I stand corrected and what I believe. Maybe someday, it will come to me. For sure, that it was hard to believe.


Back to the topic, music is everywhere. Boy band sparks way back in 1970’s where the Beach Boys is also want of the boy band favorites. Well, if you can how you track them somehow. But I don’t know if that’s what clicks to anybody else. The evolution of music industry from 1970’s to 1980’s are really somehow supreme in the top of their music charts. Name one of the bands of all time, the Beatles or the dance sensation group Abba, there are some many favorite artists of all time. But mine is different.


Who could forget the song of Like A Virgin by Madonna that also sparks from 1980’s? And the favorites artist of 1990’s rendition song of On Bended Knee by Boys2Men also sparks in the chart list. But the evolution of trend music is already changing. There is a a K-Pop rendition where some of the Korean groups are starting invading in our ears whether is in television or music station. But I don’t want to discriminate them. They are Asians just like us, the Filipinos. Koreans and Filipinos stands for their feet making way for the Hollywood somehow.


The music sensational American Idol series is very exceptional show to me. The likes of Jasmine Trias and Thia Megia were passed in top 12 in the competition but in the lastest American Idol season 11 of our own, Jessica Sanchez is already in top 3. We hope she can win for us. She will be the first Filipino-Mexican who could win in the American Idol competition. I really love the way she sings for her sultry and emotional voice.


From generation to generation, music becomes part of my growth aside making songs in my literature department. I have no secrets to tell, but you have to keep your hope and patience when it comes you really love what you are doing. Music to my life depends what kind of music to my emotional mood. It can be rock, R&B, sentimental or it can be anything. For somehow, the music stuck to my life no matter what it can bend the time for me.

During the year of 1981, there is really many changes in the world, where Pope John Paul II paid his first visit here in the Philippines on 17th to 21st of February 1981. In United States where Ronald Reagan became the 40th president of the United States of America or USA. Boston Celtics bagged 14th championship title with the key players of Larry Bird, Robert Parish and Kevin McHale. Major League Baseball on the other hand went for the strike on 12th of June 1981. Then also in the year of 1981, MTV came in our world that created on the day of 1st day of August 1981. There were all reports I have read in the whole internet earlier.


But in the same way, I came in the world on 19th of February during the same year he paid for his first visit. My nickname was chosen when Pope John Paul II was around that time. I’ve never knew that before. So here and now, the world was already changed. The technology came in our lives, the generation changed and the life well was also changed somehow. This is how I look to the promising career I have. I don’t want to be pretending what I want to be, but to look forward where I can accomplish my goals.


Few years back then, I still didn’t accept myself as a down syndrome I have and how I became looking like this in the present times. To have down syndrome was very hard to accept during that time. My schoolmates and some of my classmates teased me a lot that time where and when I wasn’t in myself. I am born not knowing what I have before. I said to myself if this was real or not. That is when I was in second year (or sophomore year that was supposed to be call), I have realized something my parents didn’t tell me during the time I have had in my mind absence that includes also my sisters and my brother. I didn’t know with my brother either that well because somehow he didn’t understand my life back then. He didn’t know me well that much. I had finished my culinary status during my college life in the year of 2003.


I sought myself before too much of distraction that sometimes it became a blur to me. I can’t imagined how my life looks like before and how many times I changed so fast after my college years. And yes, the college was very tough situation. No one wants in my age that time to really manage finishing your college to be your career. And I know I feel somebody to stand in your feet. Starting to look in the mirror makes me weary and crazy sometimes. My simples just showed up if I was in love or stress at night. In my life, I have something to change. Challenges juggles me all the time up to now. But keep forwarding is sometimes very hard to reach because you don’t know the future lies on you. Nothing stops me for thinking what I am writing today because it’s already past midnight and I should go to sleep by now.


So maybe if you want to know my life diary what it is looks like, then continue to read it when I post another life diary I have whether it is emotional or not.

Last three weeks and five days ago, I have had this training in Ortigas. Of course, I want to have more income to work my English fluently. But then it came another start from my cousin, I never knew about her in the start. But she gave me a signal to go there if there will be a future for me — in call center industry.


I have never thought my life will be different if my dreams will not working with me. So I said to myself that I need something to do in my life. No matter what my dreams is telling me, then I have to work on my own. Not somebody is stealing my dreams away.


My inspirations comes in different forms in my life. First, I have never thought I could never dance so well in the present times. I’m thankfully for Michael Jackson who inspires me a lot. Through these years, my eagerness is exploding like there is a superhero wants to kill me. Second if I wasn’t good enough to get exploring my talents, I would never been drawing in arts as well. I have started as an artist drawing in science facts like biologically skin, plants whether it’s living or non-living things.


Changing in my life doesn’t count in different shape of human. It is a God’s given talent. I may be not good in writing or typing like this in shape of paragraph. So if you are telling me I’m not perfect, I am type of a guy who would never give up that still catching my own dreams. My dreams should be building a foundation program first for the children who are down syndrome like me. That inspires me a lot from Rico Yan. When Rico is still alive up to now, he would be looking me up and wants to be part of my program.


Fifteen years before I started to write in sonnets and poems, but right now I may be not a good writer. I am still improving on my own. If there is someone to help me, that’s also good. 10th of December 1998 is my debut that I have my own collection in writing of sonnets and poems. So it started. Through these years, I have never stop writing because it still keeps me going on. Now that I’m a poet, I’m pursuing myself to be a good writer someday. My old blog I started many years, I deleted them already. it is because I stop already back then. And after that, I begin to fall in love again with this kind of environment, to write again.


After Rico Yan and Michael Jackson as my lifetime inspirations, I am also looking to Walt Disney, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. It is because I am not also as an artist, I also want to be part of writing my own inspirations from them. Jack Kirby writes a lot when Stan Lee drew a thousand artwork that time, now have had already top-billed movies. Which is that I want my own homeland to grow more in animation here in the Philippines. An animation studio and a music production is what I want to improve for the Philippines. We have many talent pools here in our country, where else you want to go if you want to go in Hollywood. I always want to look positive in our country. And I am a proud Filipino, that is. After that, I am also looking for inspiration to Coco Martin. He is so good in his acting. If Rico is still alive, he would be working with Coco in show business.

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