Loving a sports is always an enthusiasm activity to in our routine lives. Somehow I exchange them to write it down instead playing some indoor or outdoor games as well. One example is the NBA. I love watching NBA (or National Basketball Association) all the time before and until now. What are my favorite teams in my generation. Our living legend is Michael Jordan, the greatest all-time basketball player in the NBA franchise history. Somehow I always look in the mirror whether I will watch some basketball games or not.


Every day we don’t have newspaper in our gate, my parents decided to leave on buying a copy in case of they wanted to buy. But I, for myself, cannot live without newspaper. Reading a newspaper is somehow my reading material. When I read some articles, I read sometimes in the headline news, the entertainment news, the sport news and of course, the important is the business section as well. Without a business cannot limit yourself having an income or a fixed salary net as well.


I am talking about today, the NBA team legends today. The NBA team dynasties I will explain furthermore in the details. Who can forget the Boston Celtics in the old-time team before until now. But added from that, the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs are the leaders in the championship titles. Remember how the Boston Celtics proved they are worth of the team, which it’s because they have had already 17 winning titles. And one  championship title from LA Lakers would become the second team that has also the same winning titles in NBA history. Of course, I love LA Lakers and Chicago Bulls. And who could forget our favorite player in my generation as well? Only Michael Jordan is the person can achieved and led Chicago Bulls in winning two three-peat championship titles.


According to my review about NBA, it is all started in June 6, 1946, the BAA (Basketball Association of America) league only has 16 teams before. The America Hockey League president Maurice Podoloff  was appointed to be president of BAA, becoming the first person to lead two leagues at the same moment. Well, the first 11 teams were Washington Capitols, Philadelphia Warriors, New York Knicks, Providence Steamrollers, Boston Celtics, Toronto Huskies in the Eastern Division and Chicago Stags, St. Louis Bombers, Cleveland Rebels, Detroit Falcons, Pittsburgh Ironmen in the Western Division as well. In their first seaon of BAA, Philadelphia Warriors (also known today as Golden State Warriors) belted the first championship title in 1947. Their players Howie Dallmar, Jerry Fleishman, Joe Fulks, Matt Goukas, Art Hillhouse, Ralph Kaplowitz, John Murphy, Angelo Musi, Petey Rosenberg, Jerry Rullo, George Senesky and Fred Sheffield led Warriors to have championship title against Chicago Stags in 1947. This is the first team that have won through BAA and NBA history as well. As you know that these guys held their winning standing with 35 wins and 25 losses against the Chicago Stags with 39 wins and 22 losses. Also that scoring leader of the year was Joe Fulks, the legendary player who has 1,389 points and 25 assists as well. Howie Dallmar held the first record in assisting with 104. They really played that team though it’s a small league in the past. The league has no rebounds that time, or either of the three point contest as well, and blocks and steals in the first place. Edward Gottlieb became the first coach that led Warriors in their first championship title.


But time in 1948, the league downsizes to 8 teams left remaining and have 48 playing games. They are Philadelphia Warriors, New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Providence Steamrollers, St. Louis Bombers, Baltimore Bullets, Chicago Stags and Washington Capitols. That year, Baltimore Bullets (also known as Washington Wizards) have won also their first championship against the challenging Philadelphia Warriors. In Baltimore Bullets roster, John Abramovic, Mike Bloom, Herm Fuetsch, Elmer Gainer, Kleggie Hermsen, Paul Hoffman, Buddy Jeannette, Johnny Jorgensen, Herm Klotz, Grady Lewis, Chet McNabb, Carl Meinhold, Chick Reiser, Irv Rotheberg, Jerry Rullo, Dick Schulz, Paul Seymour and Connie Simmons led Bullets in their 1948 championship title. Although the league has only 48 playing games that year, they still managed to get the scoring leader and the assist leader as well. Kleggie Hermsen has scoring 575 points and Buddy Jeannette delivered 70 assists in 48 games where he also played as a team coach.


The following year of Basketball Association of America 1948-1949 season, the third team that won in Basketball Association of America was none other than the Minneapolis Lakers or known as Los Angeles Lakers today. It was the Lakers who have the best team in BAA league with their players, Don Carlson, Arnie Ferrin, Normie Glick, Bud Grant, Bob Harrison, Billy Hassett, Tony Jaros, Slater Martin, George Mikan, Vern Mikkelsen, Jim Pollard, Herm Schaefer, Gene Stump and Paul Walther. The BAA third season has resumed back to original 60 playing games with the added teams were Minneapolis Lakers, Rochester Royals, Fort Wayne Pistons and Indianapolis Jets. George Mikan was selected the scoring leader of Lakers with 1,698 points  became the first Lakers player who held with 218 assists.


On August 3, 1949, the BAA ended with their league and have to merge with NBL, creating the National Basketball Association or also to be known as NBA today. It was sad for the BAA to leave in their league but to created another league together with NBL at the start. From what I have read in the internet, this has to be gone through the famous NBA today.


The following year with the successful NBA has formed and created in the first season of NBA 1949-1950, Minneapolis Lakers once again challenged other teams with the 7 added teams in a contest of 17 NBA teams. Indianapolis Olympians, Anderson Packers, Sheboygan Redskins, Waterloo Hawks, Denver Nuggets, Syracuse Nationals and Tri-Cities Blackhawks were 7 added teams in NBA league that Minneapolis Lakers became the first in NBA champion and second title after BAA league with 51 wins and 17 lose. George Mikan again snatched 1,865 points that became the Lakers scoring leader and Jim Pollard with his best 252 assists in the 60 regular games.


The NBA second season 1950-1951, the NBA teams downsized again with 11 teams with 66 playing games. In a NBA second season contest, the seconded seed Rochester Royals (also known as Sacramento Kings) in Western Division contested the championship title to a win against New York Knicks. Royals has 41 wins and 27 loses in second NBA season. Their roster Arnie Risen, Bob Davies, Jack Coleman, Bobby Wanzer, Arnie Johnson, Bill Calhoun, Red Holzman, Pep Saul, Paul Noel, Joe McNamee and Ed Mikan led the Royals, the NBA champion in 1951. Royals became the fourth team to gain 4th champion in NBA and BAA history. Arnie Risen became the scoring leader in Royals with 1,077 points and held 798 rebounds. Bob Davies has best 287 assists. Les Harrison was the coach that led his team in championship title.


The BAA franchise team Minneapolis Lakers captured the three-peat championship titles in 1952, 1953 and 1954 and became the first team to win third, fourth and fifth in their three championship titles against New York Knicks (in 1952 and 1953) and Syracuse Nationals. George Mikan scorched 4,271 points and grabbed 2,901 rebounds in back-to-back three seasons in NBA 1952, 1953 and 1954. Slater Martin saved the Lakers’ camp in assists that recorded him with 752 assists in three seasons leading the Lakers in championship titles. John Kundla led the Lakers to another three peat back-to-back championship titles in 1952, 1953 and 1954 that he also became coach.


The following year in sixth season of NBA 1954-1955, Syracuse Nationals answered back and captured the championship title in 1955. Nationals have beated the Fort Wayne Pistons (also known as Detroit Pistons) in the sixth season. The Nationals roster: Dolph Schayes, Paul Seymour, Red Rocha, Red Kerr, Earl Lloyd, George King, Billy Kenville, Dick Farley, Jim Tucker, Wally Osterkorn, Bill Gabor, Jackie Moore and Connie Simmons did their performance as a team in 1955. Dolph Schayes drained 1,333 points and boosted in 887 rebounds. Earl Lloyd spawned his all-time assists with 491. And Al Cervi did his best as the coach together with the Syracuse Nationals.


Philadelphia Warriors bounced back in NBA when they became again as the championship team in 1955-1956. Warriors scoring leader Paul Azirin came to rescue with his team mates Neil Johnston, Joe Graboski, Jack George, Tom Gola, Ernie Beck, George Dempsey, Walt Davis, Larry Hennessy, Jackie Moore and Bob Schafer. Along with Warriors coach George Senesky (who became the coach of the year), Paul Azirin scorched 1,741 points in his 72 games, Neil Johnston delivered 872 rebounds and Jack George dished out with 457 assists. Warriors became the second team that led to two championship titles after the NBA leader Minneapolis Lakers in championsip titles.


Boston Celtics in their part started their journey with the legendary coach Red Auerbach. Celtics won their first championship title in 1957. Together with the Celtics players, Bill Sharman, Bob Cousy, Tom Heinsohn, Jim Loscutoff, Bill Russell, Jack Nichols, Frank Ramsey, Dick Hemric, Arnie Risen, Andy Philip, Lou Tsioropoulos and Togo Palazzi became their part in Boston Celtics history. Bill Sharman showered 1,413 points, Bill Russell bombed out in rebounds with 943 and Bob Cousy delivered assists with 478. Celtics delivery with Russell and Cousy did their best in NBA league.


St. Louis Hawks grabbed their first championship title in 1958 which they beat the best Eastern division team Boston Celtics. Bob Pettit led in scoring and rebounding for the Hawks with 1,719 points and grabbed 1,216 rebounds in 70 playing games. With the help of Hawks, Cliff Hagan, Ed Macauley, Slater Martin, Chuck Share, Jack McMahon, Win Wilfong, Jack Coleman, Med Park, Walt Davis, Frank Selvy, Red Morrison and Worthy Patterson also did their team work for the Hawks. Jack McMahon also delivered his all time best with 333 assists.


Boston Celtics returned in 1959-1960 that they captured their eight championship titles until 1965-1966. Celtics became the first team with eighth championship titles under their coach, Red Auerbach. Sharman, Havlicek, Cousy, Heinsohn, Russell, Ramsey and Jones have all did their same way to become the best team leaders in NBA. Bill Sharman led as the scoring leader in 1959-1960 with 1,466 points, Bill Russell bombed out the rebounds with 1,612 and Bob Cousy with 557  assists. Tom Heinsohn did his all time career in 1960-1961 with his best 1,629 ponts, Bill Russell again bombed rebounds with 1,778 and Bob Cousy again dished out the assists with 715. Tom Heinsohn led again in scoring in 1961-1962 and 1962-1963 with 3,241 points. Sam Jones led Celtics in scoring title leader in 1962-1963, 1964-1965 and 1965-1966 with 5,146 points. John Havlicek came in to step as one-time scoring leader in Celtics with 1,595 points in 1963-1964. Bill Russell did all-time in rebounds where he proved he is the best rebounder in NBA league from 1961-1962 to 1965-1966 with 11,088 rebounds. Bob Cousy delivered 1,686 assists from 1960-1961 to 1962-1963. KC Jones exchanged his all time 1,347 best assists with Bob Cousy in 1963-1964 to 1965-1966.  And Red Auerbach gave 9 championship titles before he retired from NBA in 1965-1966.


Philadelpha 76ERS or Sixers (formerly known as the Syracuse Nationals), became the best for Wilt Chamberlain to arrive in the team besting in scoring, rebounding and assisting. Alex Hannum was the coach for the 76ERS. Chamberlain bolted 1,956 points, bombed 1,957 rebounds and delivered 640 assists in NBA season 1966-1967.


Boston Celtics returned to capture again for their 10th and 11th championship title in 1967-1968 and 1968-1969. Bill Russell led in rebounding and played his part as coach-player that he led the Celtics in 10th and 11th championship title with 2,935 rebounds. John Havlicek drained 3,471 points and dished out assists with 825.


New York Knicks became the 9th team in NBA winning the championship title in 1969-1970. Red Holzman did his best as the coach for the Knicks with 60 wins and 22 losses in 82 games. Knicks roster: Willis Reed, Walt Frazier, Dick Barnett, Dave DeBusschere, Bill Bradley, Cazzie Russell, Dave Stallworth, Mike Riordan, Nate Bowman, Bill Hosket, John Warren and Don May came to play to winning team New York Knicks. Willis Reed led in scoring and rebounding in Knicks with 1,755 points and 1,126 rebounds. Walt Frazier dished his all time career in 629 assists. Reed, Frazier, Barnett and DeBusschere led the Knicks team to their 1st championship title.


Milwaukee Bucks in their NBA franchise team became the 10th team to win the championship title in 1970-1971 with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Oscar Robertson, Bob Dandridge and Jon McGlocklin with their coach of the year Larry Costello. Greg Smith, Bob Boozer, Lucius Allen, Dick Cunningham, Gary Freeman, McCoy McLemore, Bill Zopf, Jeff Webb, Marv Winkler  and Bob Greacen played their part as the Bucks celebrated their first championship title. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar exploded his scoring title in Bucks with 2,596 points together with his astounding 1,311 rebounds. In Oscar Robertson‘s play, he dished out 668 assists in 81 playing games.


Los Angeles Lakers (formerly known as Minneapolis Lakers) returned in their NBA championship title in 1971-1972 to capture their 6th title in NBA league after Boston Celtics with their 9 championship titles. Bill Sharman, as the formerly Boston Celtics star who also part in his Boston champion, led the Lakers back to the NBA league and became the coach for the Lakers team. Gail Goodrich delivered 2,127 points in his scoring leader of Lakers. Wilt Chamberlain pulled up his best all time rebounds in Lakers with the best 1,572 rebounds. And Jerry West took control in assists as the Lakers assist leader delivered with 747. Along in the Lakers roster were Jim McMillian, Happy Hairston, Flynn Robinson, Pat Riley, Leroy Ellis, John Trapp, Elgin Baylor, Jim Cleamons and Keith Erickson.


New York Knicks returned again and captured their 2nd championship in the NBA 24th season in 1972-1973. In their line-up, Walt Frazier, Bill Bradley, Dave DeBusschere and Earl Monroe were the Knicks key players with also in their team were Willis Reed, Phil Jackson, Dean Meminger, Henry Bibby, Dick Barnett, John Gianelli, Tom Riker, Harthorne Wingo and Luther Rackley. (NOTE: Phil Jackson is the first coach to have 11 championship titles to his name surpassing Red Auerbach‘s 9 championship titles.) Walt Frazier gave his best performance with 1,648 points leading the Knicks team and delivering 461 assists. Dave DeBusschere grabbed his performance for 787 rebounds.


Boston Celtics did it again for their winning championship in 1973-1974 bringing up the 12th championship title. Somehow this Boston Celtics are proven to be the best team in the NBA league. Tom Heinson did his job as a Celtics coach bringing their 12th title where he also retired from the same team as well. John Havlicek together with Dave Cowens and Jo Jo White came to team up their success bringing their team into a success story. Havlicek, Cowens and White contributed the most points for the team. Havlicek catapulted some 1,716 points, Cowens brought the team with 1,257 rebounds and White delivered 448 assists in Celtics. Cowens also slammed some 101 blocks for his 80 playing games, the added statistics in the board as well. In White‘s performance of 82 games, he snatched 105 steals, also been added in statistics as well. Along with their team mates were Paul Silas, Don Nelson, Don Chaney, Paul Westphal, Steve Kuberski, Art Williams, Hank Finkel, Phil Hankinson and Steve Downing.


Golden State Warriors (formerly as Philadelphia Warriors) went back to snatch their 3rd championship title together with the Warriors coach Al Attles in 1974-1975 beating Washington Bullets. Warriors improved in 48 wins and 34 loses in NBA standings as the Western conference champion. Rick Barry was the key player bringing their team into championship with 2,450 points, 492 assists and 228 steals in 80 regular games. Clifford Ray grabbed 870 rebounds among the Warriors players. Together in the team were Jamaal Wilkes, Butch Beard, Charles Johnson, Clifford Ray, Derrek Dickey, Phil Smith, Jeff Mullins, George Johnson, Charles Dudley, Steve Bracey, Frank Kendrick and Bill Bridges contributed the Warriors in their winning performance as the 1st team grabbed in BAA league.


Tom Heinson, the coach behind the Boston Celtics, snatched again for their winning performance in their 13th championship title in 1975-1976, NBA’s 27th season. Celtics finished their job beating the Phoenix Suns in NBA league in the NBA Finals 1975-1976. Jo Jo White, Dave Cowens, Charlie Scott and John Havlicek contributed the most points in the Celtics team. White contributed the most points with 1,552, delivered 445 assists and have 107 steals in 82 regular games. Cowens powered the rebounding in Celtics with the most 1,246 rebounds along with Paul Silas in his 1,025 rebounds as well. Along with some team mates were Don Nelson, Glenn McDonald, Kevin Stacom, Steve Kuberski, Jim Ard, Tom Boswell, Jerome Anderson and Ed Searcy.


Portland Trail Blazers coach Jack Ramsay scorched their first ever championship title and became the 11th team earning a championship title in 1976-1977 season, NBA’s 28th season. The Blazers rallied with 49 wins and 33 losses in a regular season. They knocked down the Chicago Bulls in first round, tumbled the Denver Nuggets as they clinched the conference seed and won a Western conference against Los Angeles Lakers. They earned their spot against the Philadelphia 76ERS and won their first championship title. Maurice Lucas, Bill Walton and Lionel Hollins contributed the most points for the Blazers. Lucas rallied with 1,599 points leading in scoring, Hollins held up with the most 313 assists and have 166 steals and Walton swapped down some 211 blocks in his 65 regular games that also made him the rebounding leader in Blazers. With the help of team mates were Bob Gross, Larry Steele, Dave Twardzik, Herm Gilliam, Johnny Davis, Lloyd Neal, Robin Jones, Wally Walker, Corky Calhoun and Clyde Mayes also contributed to help their team to first champion title.


Dave Motta, the coach behind of Washington Bullets (formerly as Baltimore Bullets and also known as Washington Wizards), also gained their first championship title after Trail Blazers and also became 12th team earning a championship title in 1977-1978. The Bullets has 44 wins and 38 loses in a regular season. They surprised the Atlanta Hawks earning their spot and moved to Conference semifinals. When they beat San Antonio Spurs in semifinals, they moved clinching Eastern conference winner against Philadelphia 76ERS. And they won against Seattle Supersonics in the NBA Finals 1977-1978. Five great players from the Bullets team contributed in most of the points, blocks, steals, rebounds and assists. They were Elvin Hayes with the most 1,598 points, also has 159 blocks in 81 regular games, and powered with 1,075 rebounds. Bob Dandridge was the steals leader with 101 and Tom Henderson brought with the most 406 assists. With the help of Kevin Grevey, Mitch Kupchak, Larry Wright, Wes Unseld, Phil Chenier, Greg Ballard, Charles Johnson, Joe Pace and Phil Walker contributed helping Bullets to their first championship victory title.


Lenny Wilkens, a former St. Louis Hawks (also known as Atlanta Hawks) player has 17,772 points, 5,030 rebounds and 7,211 assists, led Seattle Supersonics to their first championship title as a coach after Washington Bullets and Portland Trail Blazers in 1978-1979, NBA’s 30th season. Seattle Supersonics became the 13th team capturing their first championship title. Wilkens led the Supersonics with the impressive 52 wins and 30 losses after showdown against Washington Bullets as the reigning champion last year. Gus Williams led as a scoring team leader with the most 1,457 points and also has 158 steals in 76 regular games. John Johnson rescued and led in assist team leader with the most 358 assists. Jack Sikma showed down with his impressive 1,013 rebounds as the rebound team leader. Dennis Johnson led as many blocks with the impressive 97 blocks. Also in the Supersonics team were Fred Brown, Lonnie Shelton, Paul Silas, Wally Walker, Tom LaGarde, Joe Hassett, Dick Snyder, Dennis Awtrey, Lars Hansen and Jackie Robinson.


Jack McKinney led the Los Angeles Lakers as the team got 10 wins and 4 loses before giving his term as a coach to Paul Westhead. Westhead did his performance job as the Los Angeles Lakers caught up with an impressive 7th championship title in 1979-1980. With the entry of Magic Johnson as a rookie, he contributed 187 steals and shot with the .226 in 3-point range percentage. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar brought the Lakers with the impressive 2,034 points, 280 blocks and grabbed 886 rebounds. He was also named as the MVP award of the year making him six-time recording some of the points in NBA history. Norm Nixon led in assists as the assist team leader with 642 assists. Jamaal Wilkes, Norm Nixon and Magic Johnson contributed with the some of the points as well in the Lakers roster. Along in Lakers roster were Jim Chones, Spencer Haywood, Michael Cooper, Mark Landsberger, Don Ford, Brad Holland, Marty Byrnes, Ollie Mack, Ron Boone, Kenny Carr and Butch Lee. The 3-point shooting was also introduced as the added statistics in the NBA League.


Bill Fitch became the 4th head coach of the team Boston Celtics won again in their remarkable success with 14th franchise championship title against the Houston Rockets in the NBA Finals 1980-1981. With the entry of Kevin McHale as a rookie and Larry Bird as a sophomore player in Boston Celtics that made Larry Bird as the scoring team leader with 1,741 points and has 161 steals in his 82 regular games. Bird also grabbed with the most 895 rebounds. Robert Parish powered in blocks making him as the block team leader in Celtics with 214 blocks. Tiny Archibald also played his part as the assist team leader with the most 618 assists in his 72 regular games. Chris Ford was the improved Celtics player with the most 3-point percentage in the 3-point range and has .330 3 point percentage in the field. Along with the Celtics roster were Cedric Maxwell, Rick Robey, Gerald Henderson, ML Carr, Eric Fernsten, Terry Duerod and Wayne Kreklow.


Paul Westhead, led the Los Angeles Lakers in 7 wins and 4 loses before Pat Riley came in to rescue to coach the Los Angeles Lakers that made them into another 8th championship title in 1981-1982. Lakers finished with 57 wins and 25 loses in NBA standings as the Western conference winner against the Eastern conference winner Philadelphia 76ERS. Lakers have swept Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurs in 4-0 wins in Conference Semifinals and Western Conference Finals respectively. Kareem Abdul Jabbar lost to MVP contest to Moses Malone of Houston Rockets. But he gave his performance with 1,818 points as the team scoring leader and slammed 207 blocks. Magic Johnson became the most improved player as he contributed the Lakers team with the impressive 3rd leading scorer of the team. Johnson has 1,447 points, 208 steals, 743 assists and 751 rebounds. Norm Nixon has the most 3-point percentage in the field with .250. Aside from the Lakers roster were Jamaal Wilkes, Michael Cooper, Bob McAdoo, Mitch Kupchak, Mark Landsberger, Kurt Rambis, Eddie Jordan, Mike McGee, Jim Brewer, Kevin McKenna and Clay Johnson.


Philadelphia 76ERS returned in 1982-1983 when they grabbed their 3rd championship title making them the 2nd team has three championship titles that is also tied with Golden State Warriors. Billy Cunningham led the 76ERS team as their head coach with the best 65 wins against their 17 loses. Cunningham was the former player of Philadelphia 76ERS and eventually led his team to their 3rd championship title. 76ERS swept New Yock Knicks in the Semifinals and beat Milwaukee Bucks to gain as the Eastern Conference winner against the Western Conference winner Los Angeles Lakers. Moses Malone finally won his first championship title together with 76ERS. He led in team scoring, team blocks and team rebounds. Malone has 1,908 points, 157 blocks and 1,194 rebounds. Together with Julius Erving, Andrew Toney and Maurice Cheeks, Erving is best with 3rd scoring leader for the 76ERS. Andrew Toney has the best 3-point percentage in the field with .289. And Maurice Cheeks dished out 543 assists for making the 76ERS chemistry. In 76ERS roster line-up were Bobby Jones, Clint Richardson, Franklin Edwards, Marc Iavaroni, Earl Cureton, Russ Schoene, Clemon Johnson, Reggie Johnson, Mark McNamara and JJ Anderson.


KC Jones, the former player of Boston Celtics‘ 8 championship in his name, came forward to coach the Boston Celtics in another remarkable 15th franchise championship title against the Los Angeles Lakers in NBA Finals 1983-1984. Larry Bird once again became the second time around winning the championship title. Bird controlled 1,908 points, saved the ball for 144 steals and the assist team leader with 520 assists. His rivalry with Magic Johnson contested points in NBA Finals. Robert Parish was the team rebounder for the Celtics team with 857. Kevin McHale slammed 126 blocks that he also held the highest 3-point percentage with .333. Together with Bird, Parish and McHale were Dennis Johnson, Cedric Maxwell, Gerald Henderson, Danny Ainge, Scott Wedman, Quinn Buckner, ML Carr, Greg Kite and Carlos Clark.


Once again Los Angeles Lakers contested with Boston Celtics in a showdown of championship titles. Los Angeles Lakers head coach Pat Riley improved to their NBA standings with 62 wins and 20 loses. The Lakers edges the Celtics in NBA Finals 1984-1985 with four wins and two loses in order to win their 9th championship title. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once again lost to the MVP contest to Larry Bird of Boston Celtics. Abdul-Jabbar got an impressive team scoring leader with 1,735 points, powered in 162 blocks and led 622 rebounds. Magic Johnson once again claimed his team steals leader and team assists team leader with 113 and 968 respectively. Byron Scott has best in the 3-point percentage in the field with .433. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, Magic Johnson and Byron Scott were the key players of the Los Angeles Lakers. Along with the Lakers roster were Mike McGee, Michael Cooper, Bob McAdoo, Larry Spriggs, Kurt Rambis, Jamaal Wilkes, Mitch Kupchak, Ronnie Lester, Chuck Nevitt and Earl Jones.


When Boston Celtics lost to Los Angeles Lakers last year, Boston Celtics head coach KC Jones and his team once again captured their 16th championship title in NBA Finals 1986-1987 against the Houston Rockets. Jones rallied the Chicago Bulls, led by the scoring leader Orlando Woolwidge and the soon-to-be famous player Michael Jordan in his sophomore year in Chicago Bulls, in the Eastern Conference First Round. Celtics rampaged Atlanta Hawks in Semifinals and swept Milwaukee Bucks to capture their Eastern conference title. When they confronted Houston Rockets in NBA Finals, they won their championship title again for their cruising 16th championship. Larry Bird once again became the MVP award having with his outstanding play in his 82 regular games with 2,115 points, 166 steals, 557 assists, 805 rebounds and his improving 3-point percentage in the field with .423. Kevin McHale delivered with his performance as team block leader with 134 blocks. With his team mates were Robert Parish, Dennis Johnson, Danny Ainge, Scott Wedman, Bill Walton, Jerry Sichting, Rick Carlisle, Sam Vincent, David Thirdkill, Greg Kite and Sly Williams.


Los Angeles Lakers head coach Pat Riley have had his team cruised to their head-to-head two championship victory titles in NBA Finals 1986-1987 and 1987-1988 having their 10th and 11th championship title. Magic Johnson led his team with his performance cruising his 1,909 points, delivering 977 assists and having 138 steals in 1986-1987. AC Green boosted his rebounding skills as the team rebounding leader with 615 rebounds. James Worthy, Byron Scott and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar also delivered 1,594 points, 1,397 points and 1,366 points respectively. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar became the Lakers block leader with 97 blocks. Byron Scott also improved as the team 3-point leader with his .436 3-point percentage in the field shooting 65 out of 149 3-point field. But Michael Cooper also has his 3-point percentage in the field with .385 shooting 89 out of 231 3-point field. Together in Lakers team were Kurt Rambis, Mychal Thompson, Wes Matthews, Frank Brickowski, Adrian Branch and Mike Smrek.


In their second championship title in 1987-1988, Los Angeles Lakers star Byron Scott led in team scoring leader with his performance 1,754 points, 155 steals and with his 3-point percentage .346 in the field shooting 62 out of 179 in 3-point field. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once became again as the Lakers team block leader with 92 blocks. Magic Johnson delivered his all time best team assist leader with his performance 858 assists. AC Green led as the team rebound leader with 710 rebounds.


Chuck Daly, the head coach of Detroit Pistons (formerly as Fort Wayne Pistons), returned in NBA Finals for their second time and captured their second championship title in 1988-1989. Pistons became the . Pistons star Isiah Thomas scorched 1,458 points as the team scoring leader also with 133 steals and 663 assists. Bill Laimbeer bounced 776 rebounds as the team rebound leader that also has grabbed 100 blocks as the team block leader in 81 regular games. Joe Dumars shooted 14 out of 29 shots in 3-point percentage field with .483 as their 3-point team leader. Along with their team mate Pistons star Vinnie Johnson contributed 1,130 points as the fourth key star player of Detroit Pistons. With their championship team mates were Adrian Dantley, Dennis Rodman, Mark Aguirre, James Edwards, Rick Mahorn, John Salley, Micheal Williams, John Long, Fennis Dembo, Darryl Dawkins, Jim Rowinski, Pace Mannion and Steve Harris.


Detroit Pistons returned in NBA 1989-1990 after second championship grabbing again their third championship claiming their third championship title. Chuck Daly and the Pistons rallied with their best performance 59 wins and 23 loses claiming their Central Division winner and Eastern Conference winner. Pistons became the third team that tied with Philadelphia 76ERS and Golden State Warriors having three championship titles. Isiah Thomas, the team scoring leader, gave a rocketing 1,492 points, scratching some 765 assists as their team assist leader and 139 steals as their team steal leader. Bill Laimbeer once again stumbled and got 780 rebounds as their team rebound leader. Joe Dumars shot 22 out of 55 in 3-point in the field having his best .400 3-point percentage in the field. James Edwards and Mark Aguirre also contributed 1,189 and 1,099 points respectively in Detroit Pistons. John Salley astounded in the blocks by grabbing some 153 blocks as the team block leader. Along side with the Pistons team were Vinnie Johnson, Dennis Rodman, William Bedford,Gerald Henderson, Dave Greenwood, Scott Hastings, Stan Kimbrough and Ralph Lewis.


Michael Jordan and his team mates Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant and BJ Armstrong brought Chicago Bulls come alive as the 14th team has reached the NBA Finals and won their first championship title in 1990-1991. The head coach of Bulls, Phil Jackson, became the first coach for the Bulls to reach and cruise their first championship title. Also Michael Jordan became again as the 2nd Most Valuable Player award as he shot 2,580 points and had 223 steals to achieve his 2nd Most Valuable Player award. Scottie Pippen the team block leader as he powered 93 blocks. Horace Grant grabbed 659 rebounds to become as the team rebound player. And BJ Armstrong came strong shooting 15 out of 30 3-point in the field with .500 3-point percentage in the field. Along side with the Bulls roster were Bill Cartwright, John Paxson, Stacey King, Craig Hodges, Cliff Levington, Will Perdue, Dennis Hopson and Scott Williams.


Chicago Bulls came stronger again with their head coach Phil Jackson capturing their second championship title in NBA Finals 1991-1992 beating Portland Trail Blazers. Bulls became the sixth team capturing their second championship in a second victory. Bulls swept Miami Heat with three wins in Eastern First Round by advancing to the Semifinals. When they beat New York Knicks in the do or die match in Semifinals, they advanced to in Eastern Conference Finals. Jordan and his team mates rallied the Cleveland Cavaliers and won that they became again as the Eastern Conference winner. Michael Jordan delivered 2,404 points as their team scoring leader and added 182 steals as the team steals leader. Scottie Pippen came strong again as he powered in the floor with 572 assists as the new team assists leader. Horace Grant came unbelievable grabbing the all-time rebounds with 807 taking Pippen’s place last year as the new team rebound leader. Will Perdue came unexpected as the new 3-point percentage leader in 3-point in the field with .500. Along with the Bulls team mates were BJ Armstrong, John Paxson, Cliff Levington, Craig Hodges, Scott Williams, Bob Hansen, Mark Randall, Rory Sparrow, Dennis Hopson and Chuck Nevitt.


Phil Jackson celebrated again in Chicago Bulls performance as the third team reached with three championships in their three-peat victories aside along with the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant and BJ Armstrong came celebrating their third championship in 1992-1993 before Michael Jordan retired from basketball career. With 57 wins and 25 losses in regular season, Michael Jordan came best with 2,541 points and the highlighted with 221 steals becoming again as the team scoring leader and the team steals leader. Scottie Pippen delivered with 507 assists as the team assists leader. Horace Grant powered in the team with 729 rebounds gaining again as the team rebound leader. BJ Armstrong returned as team 3-point scoring percentage leader with .453 shooting 63 out of 139 3-point in the field. With Scott Williams, Stacey King, Trent Tucker, Bill Cartwright, Will Perdue, John Paxson, Rodney McGray, Corey Williams, Darrell Walker, Ed Nealy, Joe Courtney, Jo Jo English and Ricky Blanton came to help Chicago Bull‘s three-peat performance victory titles.


Houston Rockets stepped up in the challenge with head coach Rudy Tomjanovich cruising their first championship title victory as the 15th team snatched a championship title in 1993-1994. Hakeem Olajuwon stepped up as the new Most Valuable Player of the NBA regular season as he powered as the team scoring leader, team blocks leader, team steals leader, team rebounds leader and team 3-point percentage leader with 2,184 points, 297 blocks, 128 steals, 955 rebounds and .421 3-point percentage in the field. Vernon Maxwell powered on the floor as the team assists leader with 380 assists. Otis Thorpe and Vernon Maxwell also delivered in the scoring paint with 1,149 and 1,023 points respectively. Along side with Houston Rockets team were Kenny Smith, Robert Horry, Mario Ellie, Sam Cassell, Scott Brooks, Carl Herrera, Matt Bullard, Eric Riley, Richard Petruska, Chris Jent, Larry Robinson and Earl Cureton as the help and assistance of the team.


When Michael Jordan returned in NBA late in the season of 1994-1995 coming from his first retirement , Houston Rockets once again proved snatching their second championship title and becoming eighth team with two championship titles. Michael Jordan played 17 regular games as the Chicago Bulls came alive and finished as the third spot in Central Division with 47 wins and 35 loses. Jordan has 457 points in the field and a remarkable 3-point percentage in the field with .500. Houston Rockets placed third spot in Midwest Division and rallied in a do or die game against Utah Jazz with 3 wins and 2 loses in Western Conference First Round. Rockets rallied again in Semifinals as the champion team beat in a seven games series against Phoenix Suns with 4 wins and 3 loses. As the Rockets advanced to the Western Conference Finals, they gave their best and beat San Antonio Spurs with 4 wins and 2 loses. Houston Rockets became the second time Western Conference winner and swept Orlando Magic in NBA Finals 1994-1995. Hakeem Olajuwon powered in the Rockets as the team scoring leader, team blocks leader, team steals leader and team rebounds leader with 2,005 points, 242 blocks, 133 steals and 775 rebounds. Sam Cassell took in charge as the new team assists leader with 405. And Kenny Smith also took in charge in 3-point percentage field as the new team 3-point percentage leader with .429 shooting 142 out of 331 in 3-point percentage in the field. Along with Olajuwon, Cassell and Smith in Rockets team were Vernon Maxwell, Clyde Drexler, Mario Elie, Robert Horry, Otis Thorpe, Carl Herrera, Pete Chilcutt, Chucky Brown, Tim Breaux, Scott Brooks, Tracy Murray, Zan Tabak, Adrian Caldwell and Charles Jones.


Chicago Bulls got stronger that they improved to 72 wins and 10 loses snatching fourth championship title victory over Seattle Supersonics in NBA Finals 50th season 1995-1996. Bulls became the only third team leader in NBA history having their four championship titles. Boston Celtics led with 16 championship titles and Los Angeles Lakers with 11 championship titles. With added Steve Kerr in the Chicago Bulls line-up since 1993-1994 and acquired Dennis Rodman from San Antonio Spurs and former two-time Detroit Pistons champion player and the sophomore rookie Toni Kukoc, Chicago Bulls became the undisputed third team becoming to have fourth championship title. Michael Jordan led as the team scoring leader with 2,491 points and as the team steals leader with 180. Michael Jordan became 4-time Most Valuable Player award in 82 regular games behind Kareem Abdul Jabbar with 6-time Most Valuable Player award of all-time NBA history. Jordan scorched 2,491 points and 180 steals as the team scoring leader and team steals leader. Scottie Pippen also contributed 1,496 points and delivered 452 assists as the team assists leader. Luc Longley slashed in every window as the new team blocks leader with 84 blocks. Dennis Rodman powered in the court with all-time best 952 rebounds as the team rebound leader. Steve Kerr gave his performance in 3-point percentage field with .515 shooting 122 out of 237 in the 3-point field. And Toni Kukoc as the third leading scorer gave 1,065 points as the sophomore forward in Chicago Bulls team. Along side with Bulls roster were Ron Harper, Bill Wennington, Jud Buechler, Dickey Simpkins, Randy Brown, Jason Caffey, James Edwards, John Salley and Jack Haley.


Head coach Phil Jackson and his Chicago Bulls returned in 1996-1997 coming from fourth championship title bounced back as they grabbed fifth championship title in NBA history. Chicago Bulls has now 5 championship titles behind the second leader Los Angeles Lakers‘ 11 championship titles. Bulls have swept Washington Bullets in First Round, took over control over Atlanta Hawks in Eastern Conference Semifinals and Miami Heat in Eastern Conference Finals. And they faced Utah Jazz in NBA Finals 1996-1997 and became their fifth championship title. Returning to the line-up were Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoc, Steve Kerr, Dennis Rodman and Luc Longley with their added in the line-up was Robert Parish, a former three-time Boston Celtics champion player who joined Chicago Bulls for his 20th season at the age of 43 before his retirement in the team earning him the fourth champion player from 3-time Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen exchanged in scoring board with 2,431 and 1,656 points respectively. Luc Longley powered as the team blocks leader with 66 blocks. Scottie Pippen returned from Jordan‘s favor as the new team steals leader with 154 steals in 82 regular games and rescued the ball with 467 assists as the team assists leader. Dennis Rodman powered back as the team rebounds leader with 883 rebounds. Steve Kerr placed again as the team 3-point percentage leader with .464 shooting 110 out of 237 in the 3-point shooting range. And Toni Kukoc became their team third scoring leader with 754 points. In Bulls line-up were Jason Caffey, Ron Harper, Randy Brown, Bill Wennington, Jud Buechler, Dickey Simpkins, Bison Dele and Matt Steigenga. Robert Parish finally reached his retirement age with his all-time best 23,334 points, 14,715 rebounds, 2,361 blocks, 2,180 assists, 1,219 steals and 1,611 playing games.


With the astounding Chicago Bulls beat Utah Jazz in NBA Finals 1997-1998, Chicago Bulls clinched their sixth championship title. Head coach Phil Jackson have had already six championship titles in his name after the Boston Celtics head coach Red Auerbach‘s 9 championship titles. From the returning line-up were Michael Jordan, Toni Kukoc, Scottie Pippen, Luc Longley, Steve Kerr and Dennis Rodman. Michael Jordan once again claimed his Most Valuable Player award that became his fifth, one shy award from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Jordan finished with 2,357 points and 141 steals as the team scoring leader and team steals leader. Toni Kukoc came in team second scoring leader with 984 points and team 314 assists as the team assists leader. Dennis Rodman pulled back the all-time best 1,201 rebounds as the team rebound leader. Luc Longley proved his best blocker for the Bulls with 62 blocks. And Steve Kerr hanged time with his 3-point performance in percentage with .438 in 3-point shooting range in the field. Along side with the Bulls roster were Ron Harper, Scott Burrell, Randy Brown, Jason Caffey, Jud Buechler, Bill Wennington, Joe Kleine, Dickey Simpkins, Rusty LaRue, Keith Booth and David Vaughn. Michael Jordan announced his second retirement at his age of 34.


After 49 seasons of NBA and 3 seasons of BAA, almost every team has seen been a third lock-out and shortened in 50 games that is started in February 5, 1999. Some of the players were retired and some of the new players came in like Vince Carter of Toronto Raptors that is started this season of 1998-1999. San Antonio Spurs became the 16th team clinching their first championship in NBA franchise history in 1998-1999. With 37 wins and 13 loses under their head coach Gregg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs stampeded Minnesota Timberwolves in Western Conference First Round and swept two teams in Western Conference Semifinals and Western Conference Finals teams Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers respectively. Spurs never looked back and won their first ever championship title in 1998-1999 beating New York Knicks. Tim Duncan led as the team scoring leader with 1,084 points in his sophomore year, as the team blocks leader with 126 blocks, the team assists leader with 121 assists and team rebounds leader with 571 rebounds. Mario Elie, a former 2-time Houston Rockets champion player joined in San Antonio Spurs, made as the team 3-point percentage leader with .374 shooting 40 out of 107 3-point shooting range in the field. Steve Kerr also joined as the 3-time Chicago Bulls champion player to become championship title with San Antonio Spurs. Among the team best players, David Robinson, Sean Elliott and Avery Johnson were there. With the best bench players were Jaren Jackson, Malik Rose, Antonio Daniels, Jerome Kersey, Will Perdue, Gerard King, Andrew Gaze and Brandon Williams.


Phil Jackson returned in NBA to coach the Los Angeles Lakers. With the added best players in the NBA champions were Ron Harper from Chicago Bulls being as the 3-time champion player and Robert Horry of Houston Rockets of 2-time champion player. Los Angeles Lakers grabbed their 12th championship title. Shaquille O’Neal powered in the court as the team scoring leader shooting 2,344 points, slammed 239 blocks as the team blocks leader and grabbed 1,078 rebounds as the team rebounds leader. Kobe Bryant led as the team steals leaders with 106 steals and team assists leader with 323 assists. Glen Rice became the team 3-point percentage leader shooting 84 out of 229 with .367 3-point percentage in the field. With the help of Rick Fox, Derek Fisher, AC Green, Brian Shaw, Devean George, Travis Knight, John Salley, Tyronn Lue, John Celestand and Sam Jacobson, the Lakers went smoothly for their 12th championship title in NBA 54th season 1999-2000.


Coming from 12th championship title, Los Angeles Lakers returned to the NBA Finals 2000-2001 capturing their 13th championship title with the head coach Phil Jackson‘s 2nd championship title with the Lakers and 6 championship titles with the Chicago Bulls. Los Angeles Lakers rallied and beat Philadelphia 76ERS to earn their 13th championship title behind the Boston Celtics‘ 16th championship title victories earned in NBA Finals 1957, 1959-1966, 1968-1969, 1974, 1976, 1981, 1984 and 1986. Shaquille O’Neal once again proved to be team scoring leader with 2,125 points, slammed 204 blocks and grabbed 940 rebounds. Kobe Bryant came in second scoring leader with 1,938 points, having with 114 steals as the team steals leader and 338 assists as the team assists leader. Derek Fisher came to replace as the team 3-point percentage player with .397 shooting 25 out of 63 3-point shooting range from the field. Horace Grant, a former 3-time Chicago Bulls champion player, joined in Lakers roster. Along Fisher, Bryant and O’Neal were Isaiah Rider, Brian Shaw, Robert Horry, Ron Harper, Mike Penberthy, Devean George, Mark Madsen, Tyronn Lue, Greg Foster and Stanislav Medvedenko.


After cruising again with two championship title victories, Los Angeles Lakers answered back with Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics three-peat performance championship titles. Michael Jordan returned again coming from his second retirement when he joined the Washington Wizards. He finished with 1,375 points, 310 assists, 339 rebounds and 85 steals. They won again in NBA Finals 2001-2002 reaching their 14th championship title with the return line-up, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Derek Fisher, Rick Fox and Robert Horry. Lakers Head coach Phil Jackson tied with Red Auerbach‘s 9 championship title victories earning him as the Zen master. Kobe Bryant gained his team scoring leader that replaced Shaquille O’Neal as the scoring leaders in the Lakers with 2,019 points. Bryant was also the team steals leader earning him with 118 steals and team assists leader with 438 assists. Shaquille O’Neal powered in rebounds and blocks as the team rebounds leader and team blocks leader with 715 rebounds and 137 blocks respectively. Derek Fisher came in third scoring leader for the Lakers with 786 which he gave his performance as the team 3-point percentage leader with .413 shooting 144 out of 349 3-point shooting range from the field. Along with the Lakers roster were Devean George, Lindsey Hunter, Samaki Walker, Stanislav Medvedenko, Mitch Richmond, Brian Shaw, Mark Madsen, Jelani McCoy, Joe Crispin and Mike Penberthy.


Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal ended the controversies where O’Neal was headed in Miami Heat and Bryant took control for the Los Angeles Lakers. Gregg Popovich and his San Antonio Spurs returned in NBA Finals 2002-2003 earning their 2nd championship title victory. Spurs were now the 9th team clinching their championship title victory since the lock-out season in 1998-1999. Michael Jordan finally announced his third retirement and finished with 1,640 points, 497 rebounds, 311 assists and 123 steals with the Washington Wizards. Jordan finished his all-time 32,292 points, 6,672 rebounds, 5,633 assists, 2,514 steals and 893 blocks in his career in his Chicago Bulls number 23. Sophomore rookie Tony Parker rescued the Spurs from the regular season with their best 60 wins and 22 loses under Spurs head coach Popovich. Tim Duncan bested as the team scoring leader with 1,884 points, slammed all-time high 237 blocks and powered 1,043 rebounds in the court. Tony Parker finished as team second leading scorer with 1,269 points and team assists leader with 432 assists. Bruce Bowen became the team 3-point percentage leader with .441 shooting 101 out of 229 3-point shooting range from the field. Along side with Duncan, Bowen and Parker were Stephen Jackson, Malik Rose, David Robinson, Manu Ginobili, Steve Smith, Steve Kerr, Kevin Willis, Speedy Claxton, Danny Ferry, Devin Brown, Anthony Goldwire and Mengke Bateer to help their 2nd championship title.


As the original bad boys of NBA’s Detroit Pistons long gone in NBA Finals finally achieved their quest capturing their 3rd championship title victory under the head coach Larry Brown in 2003-2004. Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton, Taysahun Prince and Ben Wallace cruised their 1st ever championship title each among of them. Detroit Pistons became the sixth team with three championship titles together with Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ERS. Richard Hamilton and Chauncey Billups exchanged in the scoring board shooting 1,375 and 1,318 points respectively. Ben Wallace powered in the board with all-time best 1,006 rebounds as the team rebounds leader, slammed the all-time best 246 blocks as the team blocks leader and as the team steals leader with 143 steals. Chauncey Billups rallied in the court as the team assists leader with 446 assists and also made as the team 3-point percentage leader with .388 shooting 130 out of 335 3-point shooting range from the field. Along with the Pistons roster were Corliss Williamson, Mehmet Okur, Elden Campbell, Rasheed Wallace, Chucky Atkins, Bob Sura, Mike James, Lindsey Hunter, Darvin Ham, Zeljko Rebraca, Darko Milicic, Tremaine Fowlkes and Hubert Davis.


Returning to the NBA Finals 2004-2005 were San Antonio Spurs beating down the last champion Detroit Pistons cruising for their third championship title victory together with Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ERS. Head coach Gregg Popovich and the returning line-up Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Bruce Bowen and Robert Horry cruised their championship title without a NBA Finals lose together with Chicago Bulls earning them as the seventh team best in the NBA franchise history. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili contributed as the team scoring leaders with 1,342, 1,331 and 1,186 points respectively. Duncan was also as a team blocks leader with 174 blocks and team rebounds leader with 732 rebounds. Parker was team assists leader with 491 assists. Ginobili was the team steals leader with 119 steals. Bruce Bowen cruised as the team 3-point percentage leader with .403 shooting 102 out of 253 3-point shooting range from the field. With Spurs roster were Brent Barry, Devin Brown, Beno Udrih, Rasho Nesterovic, Malik Rose, Tony Massenburq, Nazr Mohammed, Glenn Robinson, Mike Wilks, Sean Marks, Dion Glover and Linton Johnson.


In the start of NBA’s 60th season 2005-2006, the 17th newly champion Miami Heat came forward rallying over Dallas Mavericks with their head coach Pat Riley. Heat players Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O’Neal and Antoine Walker contributed the most points for their team capturing their first championship title. Dwyane Wade came the best team scoring leader shooting 2,040 points, team assists leader with 503 assists and team steals leader with 146 steals. Udonis Haslem helped in the court by grabbing 634 rebounds as their team rebounds leader. Alonzo Mourning came to help the team with the all-time best team blocks leader with 173 blocks earning his first championship. And James Posey earned as the team 3-point percentage leader with .403 shooting 117 out of 290 3-point shooting range from the field. Shaquille O’Neal cruised his career with four championship title victories along with Los Angeles Lakers‘ 3 championship title victories earning him as the fourth. Gary Payton, former as Seattle Supersonics player, also earned his first championship title. Along with the Heat roster were Jason Williams, Jason Kapono, Wayne Simien, Derek Anderson, Michael Doleac, Gerald Fitch, Dorell Wright, Earl Barron and Matt Walsh.


Coming from San Antonio Spurs‘ best championship performance of three championship titles, San Antonio Spurs went and rallied again reaching their fourth championship title making them as the fourth team advancing to the NBA franchise history behind Chicago Bulls with six championship title victories. Spurs head coach Greg Popovich, and his key players Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Bruce Bowen, Robert Horry and the added player Michael Finley, the former Dallas Mavericks player rallied their fourth championship title in NBA Finals 2006-2007 sweeping Cleveland Cavaliers. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili contributed most of the points in the team scoring 1,599, 1,429 and 1,240 points respectively. Duncan delivered from the board as the team blocks leader with 190 blocks and powered 846 rebounds as the team rebounds leader. Ginobili played the entire court as the team steals leader with 109 steals. Parker, on the hand, finished with 420 assists as the team assists leader. Brent Barry shot. 446 as the team 3-point percentage leader shooting down in the corner with 128 out of 287 3-point shooting range from the field. Along in the Spurs roster were Bruce Bowen, Francisco Elson, Fabricio Oberto, Beno Udrih, Matt Bonner, Jacque Vaughn, James White, Eric Williams, Jackie Butler and Melvin Ely.


Boston Celtics returned in NBA Finals 2007-2008 with the head coach Doc Rivers, a retired player from the teams he played in Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Clippers, New York Knicks and San Antonio Spurs. Celtics finished with the strong performance 66 wins against 16 loses. Celtics contested with the Los Angeles Lakers in NBA Finals 2007-2008 in the fashion 4 wins against 2 loses. With the new line-up of Boston Celtics were Kevin Garnett a former player of Minnesota Timberwolves, Ray Allen a former player of Seattle Supersonics, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo. Paul Pierce gained as the team scoring leader with the all-time best 1,570 points. Kevin Garnett came stronger as he grabbed as the team rebounds leader with 655 rebounds. Rajon Rondo delivered his performance as the team assists leader with 393 assists and as the team steals leader with 129 steals. Kendrick Perkins powered in the boards slamming 114 blocks as the team blocks leader. Sam Cassell, a former 2-time Houston Rockets champion player, joined in Boston Celtics earning his 3rd championship title together with the Boston Celtics earning as the team 3-point percentage leader with .409 shooting 9 out of 22 3-point shooting range from the field. Together with the Celtics players were Eddie House, James Posey, Kendrick Perkins, Tony Allen, Leon Powe, Glen Davis, Brian Scalabrine, PJ Brown, Scot Pollard and Gabe Pruitt.


Kobe Bryant of Los Angeles Lakers finally achieved his dreams as the loyalist of Los Angeles Lakers came stronger in NBA Finals 2008-2009 reaching his fourth championship title and the Los Angeles Lakers with 15th championship title. The head coach of Lakers, Phil Jackson, has finally surpassed Red Auerbach‘s 9 championship titles of Boston Celtics with 10 championship titles under his coaching skills with Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. With the returning players in Los Angeles Lakers were Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher. Added to the Lakers roster was Pau Gasol from the Memphis Grizzlies. Kobe Bryant powered for the Lakers as the team scoring leader with 2,201 points and as the team assists leader with 399 assists. Pau Gasol rescued the Lakers as the team second scoring leader with 1,528 points and grabbed as the team rebounds leader with 780 rebounds. Trevor Ariza, the team fifth scoring leader, controlled in the court as the team steals leader with 137 steals. Lamar Odom holded in the board as the team blocks leader with 98 blocks. And Derek Fisher, as the team 3-point percentage leader, shot 120 out of 302 shots from 3-point shooting range from the field with .397. With the rest of Lakers roster were Andrew Bynum, Sasha Vujacic, Jordan Farmar, Luke Walton (son of Bill Walton), Vladimir Radmanovic, Josh Powell, Didier Ilunga-Mbenga, Shannon Brown, Chris Mihm, Adam Morrison and Sun Yue.


Phil Jackson of 6-time Chicago Bulls head coach, earned his 5th championship title with the Los Angeles Lakers. As the Los Angeles Lakers reached their 16th championship title, a one-shy championship title away from the Boston Celtics‘ 17 championship titles, in NBA Finals 64th season 2009-2010. Lakers improved in the NBA standings with 57 wins against 25 loses. With the returning line-up of Los Angeles Lakers were Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher. Kobe Bryant, as the team scoring leader, came stronger in shooting range with 1,970 points, delivering the Lakers as the team assists leader with 365 assists and as the team steals leader with 113 steals. Lamar Odom powered in the boards as the team rebounds leader with 802 rebounds. Pau Gasol powered in the boards as the team blocks leader with 113 blocks. And Josh Powell shot 7 out of 16 3-point shooting range from the field with .438 as the team 3-point percentage leader. With the Lakers strongmen were Metta World Peace, Shannon Brown, Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vujacic, Didier Ilunga-Mbenga, Adam Morrison and Luke Walton.


The new surprising champion of NBA Finals 2010-2011 was the first time champion Dallas Mavericks with the head coach Rick Carlisle, a former one-time champion player of Boston Celtics in 1985-1986. Dallas Mavericks was the 18th team winning their championship title beating the Miami Heat. Dirk Nowitski powered in the court floor becoming the team scoring leader with 1,681 points. Tyson Chandler, a former Charlotte Bobcats player joined Dallas Mavericks, snatched the balls becoming as team rebounds leader with 692 rebounds and slammed the ball away as the team blocks leader with 80 blocks. Jason Kidd, a former Phoenix Suns player and New Jersey Nets (also known as Brooklyn Nets) player, returned in Dallas Mavericks as a team assists leader with 655 assists and as the team steals leader with 134 steals. Caron Butler led in 3-point shooting range as the team 3-point percentage leader with 28 out of 65 3-point shooting range from the field. Jason Terry and Shawn Marion also contributed the points for the Mavericks with 1,293 and 999 points respectively. With the Mavericks roster were DeShawn Stevenson, Brendan Haywood, Rodrique Beaubois, Peja Stojakovic, Ian Mahinmi, Brian Cardinal, Corey Brewer, Dominique Jones, Sasha Pavlovic, Alexis Ajinca and Steve Novak.


The lost team Miami Heat last year against the Dallas Mavericks finally reached their destiny as they clinched second championship title with the head coach Erik Spoelstra, the half Filipino and half American in NBA Finals 2011-2012. NBA have had almost the fourth lock-out season that started in 25th of December, 2011, the Christmas day. Spoelstra have had his first coach winning his team Miami Heat to the NBA Finals 2011-2012. With the added best player LeBron James of Cleveland Cavaliers joined the Miami Heat last year. LeBron James, the team scoring leader, scorched 1,683 points also grabbing in the board as the all-time team rebounds leader with 492 rebounds, delivering the ball in the field as the team assists leader with 387 assists and controlling the ball in the court as the team steals leader with 115 steals. LeBron James became again as the Most Valuable Player award for his 3 awards. Joel Anthony swapped away the balls as the team blocks leader with 84 blocks. Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh also contributed in the scoring paint with 1,082 and 1,025 points respectively. Chris Bosh recently joined the Miami Heat in 2010-2011 season from his former team Toronto Raptors. Mike Miller scorched the 3-point shooting ranger as the team 3-point percentage leader shooting 53 out of 117 in 3-point shooting range from the field with .453. Along with Miami Heat roster were Norris Cole, Udonis Haslem, Shane Battier, James Jones, Dexter Pittman, Terrel Harris, Ronny Turiaf, Juwan Howard, Eddy Curry and Mickell Gladness.


Who will be take the NBA dynasty to continue in the NBA Finals 2012-2013? With the Boston Celtics‘ 17 champion titles, Los Angeles Lakers‘ 16 championship titles, Chicago Bulls‘ 6 champion titles or San Antonio Spurs‘ 4 champion titles, among them who will take the 2012-2013 championship title? Or another 19th NBA team will take the championship title? Or one of 3-time champions Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers or Detroit Pistons will take their 4th championship title aside with the San Antonio Spurs? Or one of two 2-time champions New York Knicks, Houston Rockets or Miami Heat will take their 3rd championship title aside with the Warriors, 76ers or Pistons?


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