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Rico Yan: The magic and the inspiration

Rico Yan: The magic and the inspiration

The only person in my mind the past days was only other than, Rico Yan. He was only the person I could relied to speak of my mind. Whenever I got to speak with him in my dreams, he would made me to wake me up.

My wildest dreams was complicated now that I am still dreaming if I can achieve it. No one will know but the God speaks the truth if I can still join. Somehow along the roads I will fill up to my shoes, there would be a right time to know about the truth.

Rico has someone I knew that we also have common friends. But I will not mention to this article. I am aware what I am writing about anything against negative. The only thoughts at the back of my head are all about positive thoughts and a good vibes also. Nevertheless, I speak from my words.

I really don’t write filipino in articles. Rest as someone of you know me already. But the rest of the society will come and wait what is in my mind. Rico is all about the magic and the inspiration. He was truly the icon in the Philippines.

Now it’s time for me that I also have to move on with my feelings with him. I’ve accepted the things he is no longer with us anymore. But his magic will spread more even more wider and wider. The new generation will also follow him in the time he will remember. Not everyone in the country knows him today. But the inspiration he made for his followers, his fans and to his friends also were all the knowledge he had.

The first time I met him, he was really good looking guy, spiritually and very friendly. And I didn’t know that he was spontaneous that time. He was really a good friend. He came it up and said to me, ‘one day, we will talk about you.’ He said to me that time. But the time he died on March 29, 2002, that was Good Friday. I was really shocked and still in denial. And I couldn’t coped up and I didn’t believe it either. It was rest assure that I led my life through him.

October 4, 2012, two years ago when I finally met Rico Yan’s family and his relatives also. By the time I knew that time last two years. I was really shocked. His male cousin I didn’t know come at the back of my head that I was really shocked.

In times when we were in grief and anger to our hearts, I eventually knew his untimely death. But I didn’t want to bring that issue in this article. It was to prevent some malicious words I would speak of. And I am aware what I am writing about. And I am happy to say that I was his avid fan.

In my work, everyone knew about me and my idol – Rico Yan. I made my acceptance three years ago when I finally moved on that I’ve had a disability being having with Down syndrome. And also it has been two years already that I moved on without him by our sides. He didn’t give up to his life. He only left us to this world to leave his message and said, ‘I would be leaving this world if I’ve served as an inspiration.

Thank you, Rico, for saving my life back then. And thank you that you didn’t give up. Now it is time for me that I would also serve as an inspiration for everybody living today. I would follow you whenever I go. And just what you have said to me, ‘go out and find yourself even better.‘ And the acceptance for me you was inevitable between the two of us. You are a truly inspiration icon. And I will be honor if the time permits me to go after my wildest dreams.

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The nature is challenging us to make it change. But to tell the truth, it’s not the nature is getting mad at us. It is us who put them into danger. Life is all about living things and non-living things. But trees and plants and the nature are our home to build. Nature is raging us to build our living, making us to force to leave in our homeland and rushing to our veins to be able build another home. And yet, of course, nothing we can beat until we make it change. This is our food we use to eat, the oregano leaves.




Oregano leaves can be added in italian flavors or to any kind that can be taste in our dishes. I rather put oregano in spaghetti or bolognese. It can help to digest our stomach with this kind of oregano leaves. Oregano is a rich natural source of vitamin K, an important vitamin that is often overlooked. Did you know that oregano has anti-bacterial properties? You can find oregano oil in many specialty and health food shops for this very reason. Oregano contains thymol and carvacrol, two oils which have remarkable bacteria-fighting power. In fact, researchers recently discovered that oregano is a better treatment for giardia than the prescription drug commonly prescribed to treat the illness. Oregano is high in iron, manganese and other important minerals for health. It’s one of the healthiest and tastiest herbs you can try, so if you haven’t stopped reading yet to run out and buy some. FACT: Oregano is a natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids. And also, oregano means “mountain joy” and is a wonderfully aromatic, flavorful herb popularly uses in Spanish and Mediterranean cooking. Oregano also goes by the name marjoram. It also adds depth and savor to any dish, but goes particularly well with tomatoes, eggplant and any meat. Sprinkle some in your scrambled eggs or salad dressings, too. So try to use in your garden and grow some of these to help and reduce your grocery items.



Rizal lamps


These Rizal lamps are very fortunate we have in our home. This is very antique already. It is because this has been for ages. This is the lamps that Spaniards and Americans used to have these during before and after the World War 1 and pre-occupied age of 19th century. Where you can see this rizal lamps for now? This has been already, I think, one hundred years or more. If you are thinking about these lamps, try to take care of it. Because this is very expensive and not for sale either.


AJ Perez


The painful death of AJ Perez is what unlikable come our sadness tragic news. The news spread it quickly as they continued blessing the family to recover. AJ or Antonello Joseph Sarte Perez died at the age of 18 in a vehicular accident in Panigue, Tarlac in April 17, 2010 around 12:20 am in the morning. That very faithful day made his fans crying and weeping day in the sadness Saturday morning. AJ Perez promises his acting career would go on for his death if he still can portray one of his idols, Rico Yan. But Rico Yan also died at the faithful Good Friday, back in Los Palmas, Palawan on March 29, 2002. His last taping was the episode of Maaalaala Mo Kaya of Tsinelas episode.

Sixtieth-Fifth English Quote:


Friends that is not

breaking apart,

lovers that is not

quarreling apart,

soldiers that is not

fighting apart,

but no else the same

if I’m coming home to you.


Selfish love don’t

bend the time

if only you

can remind me,

what else the same

then tomorrow

never comes to an end,

or should I know

to remember our

good times.


Sinners that is not

saying the truth,

saints that is not

doing to be martyr,

enemies that is not

be backing apart,

but no else the same

if I’m going now.


Selfish love

don’t bend the time,

if only you can

remind me,

what else the same

then tomorrow

never comes to an end,

of should I know

to remember our

good times.


I love you more

than just a lover,

then I should be

going now to be

part ways with you.


Sixtieth-Sixth English Quote:


Tame my mind,

find my name,

don’t forget for who

I am,

believe my faith,

hope will come

and now I join

to another day.


And to find me,

you never come,

run along to

another road,

take my hand,

walk with me

keeping me for a while.


My friend,

my only friend,

you do share with me

and I’m always be

with you,

thinking the last time

we talk,

is our true

friendship over the years.




This is might kind of funny when you are thinking too much of the lyrics and hearing a lot of times everyday that stuck in your mind. Well of course there is no lyrics that can stop you to remember then have to sing all the time. Remember the song of Carly Rae Jepsen who sings her upbeat melody song of Call Me Maybe. That is true, and the funny thing of that song reminds me how I sing this ridiculous song that stuck in my head all the time. When you sing it once, you sing it in double or twice. Or maybe until you remember the song repeatedly everyday, every hour, every minute and every second of everywhere you go. You heard from the radio station, from your iPad tunes, or maybe from your favorite list of pop melody. It’s nothing to beat when you really come to memorize all of this lyrics.


In this series I am writing about the episode of quote poems I made about four months ago. And I’m kind to surprise you that it might stuck in your back of your mind and read this all the time whenever you open my article site. Then of course, you will remember my name. And please, I will  name this to be disclosure since this is my real lyrics from my mind that I have made.


To come with this surprise, in this 65th English quote poem an actually a song poem. Did you see that lines of: “Selfish love don’t bend the time if only you can remind me, what else the same then tomorrow never comes to an end, or should I know to remember our good times.” It really repeated in the second and fourth paragraph of the quote poem. It usually reminds of this song, but it’s an actually a love poem. This is more like an upbeat love song added of a soul flavor. When you sing this, it will soothes your mind to remember. So you will love eventually.


While in 66th quote poem is also part of the song poem. And it has the element of friendship poem that has something to do with the lyrics. Well of course, you will not notice at the start of the tune. When I sing this and I will record this lyrics in the future. And I will make it this the help of music therapist who will come to help me. Aside from that, this song is also dedicated to Rico Yan who really inspired me a lot until now.


Rico reminds me how he talks when he was still alive. And this morning, I shared some of my success story to the audience. The audience there was the special education teachers, the music therapist and some of the founders of the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI in short. And I believe what I can promise to this kids with down syndrome which I can help them in the future. My advocacy now will change the benefits for my own and for the kids also. I met wonderful people. And I met again Rico’s 3rd cousin who was the president of the DSAPI and he is none other than Elmer Lapena. He and Tita Agnes have a child with down syndrome. And there it is, I need to explain this in the future.

Fortieth-Third English Quote:


Loose my pain,

loose my mind,

loose my heartache,

when I need you most

for everything I do.


Come to me closely,

come what may it comes,

and it depends in my heart

to accept and to win.


For behind,

faraway from yesterday,

far from my heart,

far with the days counted by,

it’s for you and for me,

when we are not together,

I’m jealous and

it’s for the unconditional love.


Believe in me,

believe in my faith,

believe in my trust,

but sometimes it may

take a while

to cure you heart a whole.


Fortieth-Fourth English Quote:


I simply put out my pen

in the table and I start

it to write a simple letter

then I say that you would

get out of the house,

and starting all over again.


May I guess,

then you would that’s true,

how would you know

a great guy would date

you in sweet dinner.


Hold me,

shoulder me,

and I sway with you,

dance me,

kiss me,

and I dance with you.


All over and over again,

if it’s you,

if it’s me,

that I surrender my heart

to love you so,

maybe my heart will

sail away with you,

then I will travel with you

in a thousand miles,

and we will die together

even we have white hair.

Fortieth-Fifth English Quote:


Promise me when you are here,

promise me where you will go,

and promise me

how I will love you,

then I go to the promised land.


There is a time when

I think about you,

when I am walking to

the street-lamp park,

and you guess the truth of

how the two lovebirds

fell in love.


Through the white clouds

gazing up in the skies made

me worrying about you,

finding time in a cold

lonely night,

I found a special one

who can love me back,

then I found my heart

belongs to you.


Reaching out to my destiny,

but sometimes it fails me

when you are alone,

I cannot keep my secret alone

so I could tell you,

that my world revolves you

twice in my lifetime.




No matter what I have said, this is how I write about my literature. Today literature would be having three best English quote poems I will release it today. I am revising all my quote poems all from my cellphone that has been stored in a long time. I am really love to writing down this far.


43rd English quote poem is a sweet longest love quote poem I have ever been written in my life. Well of course, this one is newer than it’s look like. This has been dated last February. Maybe it wasn’t for anybody heart who I am in love for. I don’t know why who I will dedicate this for. But I know I will still find a perfect girl who will love me someday.


The 44th English quote poem was all about Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto. I will have no clue why I am adding Claudine here. It is because I am still picturing them together when they were still in the movie of Got 2 Believe. Why? There is no need to have an explanation. It is simply that I don’t want to forget about Rico in the first place. He always still inspires me all my life, if that is a point taken.


And in the 45th English quote poem is all about a promised poem. The scenario there would be the beach. And I have guess two people wants to meet their halfway in their lives. The guy lives in Paris while the girl lives in Hawaii. Yes, there are two different people in different direction, from 12 hours of time zone that is if I am correct. They have simple lives back then, but when they meet in the Philippines for a vacation, two people met in a hotspot destination was in Boracay. After they met, they went back to their countries. Then for about 12 years, two of them met again but not in the Philippines but in Vancouver. The guy was married already but have no kids yet. But the girl is a single mother. She is still looking who did this to her after 12 years. When they found that her child is the guy’s kid. Different lives and different world collided together again in a happy ending story. They have been got married, then later the guy announced that he wasn’t really serious with the marriage in his second girl of his life. He opted out of the marriage and it became divorced. Eventually the kid, the lady and him were giving a lot of time of their family. And that was the happy ending story.

This is not the last time I wrote about my life. Maybe this is my third or fourth. It is not what I think or should go to another topic.


Life makes me dull but there is no limit thinking in the end.


There are some insecurities in my life naming some of them. I probably know what the sibling rivalries really is. But yes, there is some point of view that I cannot agree in my life. In my tenth year of my age, I have never knew that I would have a brother, a baby brother. I have never mention him in the past articles I have said. Maybe I can distinguish whether I can tell or not. But when was 2 years old, life changed so fast. I was in 6th grader already. Maybe I can think so fast, I can talk so fast and type so fast. Many things have really happened in my life. That was the starting point when I grew up as a teenager. Everyone does go in the teenage life. But not with me, it is really different. I have gone some challenges in my life.


I was in sophomore year in high school when I found out I have down syndrome. People in the school is starting to get to know what it really happens to me. Even my former preschool teacher was there to teach again for the high school students. She is the one I am really admired. Well of course, insecurities change so fast. I knew about the love. Love can be either in relationship or friendship. But I cannot let it go for some reasons why I can’t help finding my own answers. I begin to know what is computer really about. All I know when I am still a child. My sister always tell me that I don’t have to use the computer even if I still didn’t know how to use it. But in the school when I was in high school, it taught me very well. Surprises came through there. I have realized some other students has normal lives.They are having an affair after classes. For me, I didn’t go that in the stage. But it’s really unfair why I cannot resist to fall in love. But rather, I fell in love in writing. Writing for me is that I cannot let it go. Maybe if I don’t write an article today, I would not be the best what the world is really offering me about this times.


Down syndrome is different to some others are normal. People teases me. People divulged in different lives. People want to have in their lives. Maybe the world doesn’t need me. That is the questions I have asked myself in the past. But now, what I need in my life is the computer. Writing or typing is much different platform in any field where I can continue and enhance more in literature and the grammar or just to learn more in the field of writing. I didn’t know how to compare myself to others.


What life must come around always go around in your life.


Count every ways in your life whether I am insecure all about. I do envy others. But being envying others is really a sin. So I won’t able that to bother in my life. When my two sisters are still here around after I have graduated in college, I always want to have normal life. But in my resume doesn’t count that I don’t have much in experience. I hated my life in the past during after I have graduated. So much pain and so much hatred is the challenges I have experience in my life. If you can think about me, I would rather to be like you as a photographer, as an artist or as a writer. Photography is what I am dreaming about before I graduate in elementary days. Then during in high school days, I always dream as an artist whether I want to be an actor and a dancer. I didn’t go to glee clubs because some in the school is really expert from that. But I always want to be part in the show business. And during that in college days, I never know what will happen to me if I graduate.


Torn in the world is almost killing me in the end. But whatever I want, it doesn’t come in my way. I am always fighting for my dreams to come in the end. I want to be part of my success story. But for somehow, I cannot feel in the end. Now in the present times, I have encountered or experienced going in the training to be a call center agent. Maybe this is not the dream, it is just the faith I am guessing about in my life. It is not merely that I am dreaming. For somehow, there is always changes. I do want a job or a career that I want. I love my life. I love being myself.


Loving yourself is a gift from God’s blessings that He disguises you.


For some reasons I am giving up, I always want to be a photographer, an artist and a writer. I fight what I want. I am still dreaming in my life. For now in the present times, I am an entrepreneur, a culinary graduate and a dreamer. So if you want to be someone’s else, fight and don’t give up. Also pray for your dreams that might come true. It is not the matter that I want.


I know in this life is always a circus to everyone’s lives. Challenges you always encounter. Then the life must always go in the flow in life span. What I need to accomplish in my life is a camera, a computer, and according what I am planning as an artist.


Dreams can tell your reasons whatever your mind is thinking.


No one on my life interferes in my dreams. But there are some big or little problems come along the way in your life. I lost twice about my usb. The dreams I always want to finish is the school of First Academy of Computer Arts in Buendia Avenue, Makati. I lost every files on it. Now, I have to restart all over again. Maybe my life can make different if I still can continue. My parents are very supportive to me, but for somehow I find it hard to me as a parent if I have a child like them. I always want to have my own family also who can support me. I fight for my dreams. Maybe not that it was meant to be according to my life. I have been stowed away many times before for some insecurities about my sisters and my only brother. It is because they have their own lives. They have work, a financial platform and a caring sibling that can contribute in their life. It is a foolish to me that I can be part of my insecurities. So much to tell and so much to be in pain is part of my life. I know what life can sometimes to be burden. If people know about me more, maybe I can meet them in a person.


Happiness is a positive sign that ages you younger.


Being as a down syndrome adult doesn’t mean that you cannot meet expectations or deadlines in your life. I mean there is no really limit in the world. There is always a limitless to think about it. That is why I create my own nickname or maybe it is already stuck in my mind of itsmikki (Fact: The name Mikki has a birthday and that it is celebrating on 9th of August 2003 in the Saturday afternoon. It started I picked that name when I started liking to play online game: Khan Online. It is what I chose the archer healer, Micko. Then later, the name became in my life span as I grew old that I found out it has the meaning of the happiness coming from the cartoons of Mickey Mouse.) It means that I am a jolly person or maybe that I always smile in my problems. Many people would think that I am still younger. The secret in life is always to be thinking positive all the time. That is always I am doing everyday in my life. I look myself in the mirror thinking if I have an expensive camera, an expensive computer or just a famous person that it was. I am not after the money. I am after my life what would be the outcome in the end of my life. I want to be an inspiration to all parents would thinking that I am still proud what I have achieve and what I accomplish. It is because my inspiration comes from Rico Yan. I have never thought that I could be like this in my life without an inspiration is.


Inspiration comes from the aspect of life when you are evolving from this person.

Thirtieth-Seventh English Quote:


Breathe in,

breathe out,

inhale and exhale,

it has the most of my life

when I need to clean air.


Come forth,

come by,

forward and reverse,

it has to be what I need

to run most of it.


Two hours,

two minutes,

half a hour and a second,

it has to be me

when I need the most

to be alone.


Crawl in,

dodge out,

the space is everywhere,

and I need to be the most

of your love.


I cannot repay the damages

when the heart is broken,

so I hide,

so I clip,

when you get to know me

more than you ask.


Thirtieth-Eighth English Quote:


Angels singing makes me sleepy,

the clouds makes me

drowsy under the sun,

but the world stare us

what they can singing,

the stars blinking

also make me to sleep.


How the world turn us

to an enchanted island,

birds chanting warms my mood,

then I am able to walk

on the sand,

and lying down where

the water catch me to sleep.


Seashells humming in my ears

take me away

to a beautiful island.


The world blink and stare us,

close your eyes,

and tell you go to sleep.


Have a beautiful dream

taking you to your world!




The 37th English quote poem makes me realize how much I am much of a person can ever lived. You see the lines: Come forth, come by, forward and reverse, it has to be what I need to run most of it. It has to be decide where you can run in your lives. But the sense of it cannot pay full of it.


By the way, it is not that I am here always in the literature articles. If it runs out, I would take my chances to create new ones and send it to somebody I want to pick in my cellphone. It was not a clever idea. It has to be something to do with my busybody days. I have been gone in a days last week, since my dad won’t let me use some of the days he wanted it to use. I often borrowed and typed all I want it.


Back to the literature, it is always said that you have to breathe in and breathe out. It means you have to let it go your loved ones or your love life that is. Sometimes you have to give them a space. That is for sure.


In the 18th English quote poem, I particularly wrote this months ago. I mean last year is very emotional year for me. But to move on quietly, I said to let it go for sometimes. Somehow I cry for him, the beloved Rico Yan we loved most. But to tell the truth, we have to indulge in our dreams just to dream about him. Sometimes I asked some of the questions, but he didn’t answer of course. He was gone long ago. I decided to make this one just for him. But I sent this every time I want in my cellphone that is.

Thirtieth-Second English Quote:


Dreams were never been true,

dreams never lasts a second chance,

but you dream your life would be

richer or to be famous,

this is not a life between

of all you want,

and you will notice the world

is reality.


You dream what you want,

yet you don’t think a fair chance,

and I said,

“please give the world waiting

for you and your dream will live on.”


Thirtieth-Third English Quote:


Take me in your ground

for shall I’m not read

leaping my feet to jump,

don’t be, don’t look,

don’t forget to look what

you see through my mind,

and I think what

is right or wrong.


Be still, be stand on my feet,

be born on my way,

do you think this is not

a paradise for you,

think one, think everything

what your mind tells.


So lot to say,

so lot to act,

every way what we move,

every night what we sleep,

but you walk where I go

stop right there and I fully said

don’t follow me anymore,

and you shall bound

to not see me cry,


Hear me, hear me nothing,

and all over again,

can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t cry,

can’t move a muscle,

I fully notice what I have,

an emptiness through my heart

and my mind,

and I’m lack of everything

and seize all my acts

for nothing else.


Thirtieth-Fourth English Quote:


You are what I am,

I am who you are,

if it’s chosen to be one,

one shall claim to me,

and I am who you think

me as your servant.


You think I am fool,

you think I can fall,

you think I can run,

what possible I can do,

a rain of hope never lasts,

a wave of faith never fades,

and a disaster of your

confidence never run to me.


Which it shall proclaim

by my faith,

without love cannot bring

your confidence,

I am like a sun

protecting my loved ones,

and I am like skies

brighten up your day.


And you know how much

I love you,

how much I can take

care of you,

how much it lasts for

every day’s courage of yours.


I surrender myself to you,

you shield my life

away from any danger,

and you are my life,

my endless love.




The 32nd English quote poem is all about the dreams you are fighting for. For my reasons I wrote about this, it is because I believe one of my dreams will achieve but not all of them. But if they achieve in the span of years I want, then it is proclaim my highest achievement besides a high school graduate and a college graduate for culinary arts.


In the 33rd English quote poem, I always tell myself if I act too soon, maybe my dreams are fading away that so fast. Meaning that you cannot push yourself to another level. Face the consequences. Live in the world. Maybe you can tell yourself if you can prove to something you are really living in your dreams. Maybe that is why one of my dreams are still intact in my mind, or for somehow I cannot resist to achieve.


While in the 34th English quote poem, this is a particularly from one of my favorite quote poem I have ever made. Maybe it’s nothing when you can say it is really nothing in particularly. But it is, really. This is 34th English quote poem that I dedicated to Rico Yan. One of my inspirational person in my life is one of my dedication because of him. I owe him with my life today. If I am not here today, probably I am not writing my literature works here and it is not interesting at all when you are reading of this article I have made.

Twentieth-Seventh English Quote:


Perfect stranger is not on my mind,

but you don’t know what

keeps me playing my heart,

and I don’t know why that

I am keep singing in my

bottom of my heart.


Tides from the kisses of

our lovely ones keeps me warm,

the call of my wind chill

to my bones and I don’t know why,,

you fill my emptiness

to a lonely world,

you drag me to your problem

and I tell you why.


Oh please take care of my life

and take me to the heaven’s gate,

oh please open it for me,

and I surrender to my soul,

my endless speaking soul less body.


Tonight is my last day to cry,

and I need your prayers,

oh please give me a chance

saying goodbye,

oh please wait for the moment,

that I am still waiting for you

to lean in my shoulders.


You protect me,

you carry my tears that become the rain,

and the rain is blessing forever

and ever until eternity.


Twentieth-Eighth English Quote:


A simple yes says nothing at all,

never calls a coward in everyday

I soon become like a robin

but I don’t like to be called a loser.


Maybe someday I can move on forward,

you have to be strong

and go on every day’s journey,

I am relieved and I cannot stay

to go on like this anymore.




The 27th English quote poem says there that it always start from your experience. Being doing anything you do good doesn’t make you sense at all, but to tell the truth, this quote poem reminds someone in the real world. I am not saying it’s not good or bad that is meant to say in the middle. Yes of course, I love writing poems, sonnets, songs or maybe writing a story is very strong article. Literature is my department. But I am still not a good writer. I am always remind myself if there is someone reading my article, there is more room for improvements. In this quote poem, it says there it is my experience whether it’s good or bad reason to tell. This is very quite exquisite, if I am right what I am saying.


In the 28th English quote poem says there it’s a short saying quote poem. Not literally I am mention that earlier for someone who is reading to my article. And yes, did I mention anyone in this article. Sometimes it’s for Rico Yan. or someone who is very dearly departed that I really loved her very much. She was not here anymore.


To tell the truth, literature nowadays seems not knowledgeable in some department in your mind. It’s not registering there in your mind that you have to like this. But I am willing to explain more, for somehow. But for the next article I will write about, it will be more interesting aside from what I am writing about my literature department. If there is someone to share any thoughts with me, just leave any comment or anything you want to say.

Eleventh Tagalog Quote:


Naglalakad sa mahabang panahon,

ito ay walang nakikisuyo sa iyo

kung wala ka,

mahabang lakad ko’y patungo sa iyo,

parang bang takbo ng hangin

dumadaan sa akin kung nandito ka.


Ikaw ang ulap ko’y

walang makakapalit,

nais ko maabit ang pangarap,

dito na ako walang makakatalo sa akin,

at hangad ko’y abutin mga pangarap na

muling makakayakap.


Ano pa ba ito’y mahadlang sa akin,

hindi na ba ito’y ang nais mong abutin

kung ano nasa iyo ay nasa akin na rin.


Twelfth Tagalog Quote:


Nandito ako sa lahat ng

nadarama mo sa akin,

pero iisa lang sa isip ko laging ikaw,

sino ang nasa aking puso kung wala ka,

sino ang nasa puso mo’y kung

nasasaktan ng iba.


Tanging ko’y ba dapat

kalimutan ka sa lahat,

hindi na tama ito,

hinding-hindi ako susuko sa laban,

kahit sino man sundalo papatay sa akin,

pag-ibig ang katapat ng

walang hanggang.


Nandito ako sa lahat

ng pinagdadaanan mo sa akin,

muli na ba makakaranas ng masakit

at mahanghang ng salita,

pilit ko limutin

pero sadya nandiyan na yan

sa anumang pag-ibig

iikot sa iyo at sa akin.




This eleventh quote poem tells me a lot everything. This is about the dreams I will have to make in my future. The prophecy may have tell a lot but there is only a few dreams. To tell the truth, I have huge inspirations from Rico Yan. This actor made my life when I saw him for the first time before. But then when he passed away, I became sad. From the span of ten years and still counting up to now, I become a man because of him. I made a lot of improvements. I became how to write well and also dance as well. Of course, I love dancing since my high school days. My favorite music in the past is the only thing I love Back Street Boys. They are pure and energetic songs in their first album. As their age matures, I also mature. With their poise of their music, I begin to love other music as well. Just like Boys2Men, N’Sync and some many to mention songs you want to hear from our generation. It is because of my life depends in music and in the literature as well. I may be not a perfect writer but I love writing literature. Songs in the literature is perfectly my inspiration as well. Rico made his part and so am I. Many people really admired about him. You know Rico in all of your heart, but as an older person as I am tell you the truth, I love him even he is not here anymore with us. If he is still alive up to now, he will be the favorite leading man just like Coco Martin today. Coco Martin, in the other hand, has the same age as me. I didn’t find out quickly but I am really shocked when I heard the truth.


In the 12th quote poem, it tells about me. I wrote this through my experiences although I don’t have girlfriend. It’s about a win-win situation if she still loves you back. The fear is the only doubt that cannot break to my life. If I break that fear, maybe I will have a girlfriend in the future. Who knows? God has plans for me whenever He wants to do in my life. I am always an instrument who have unconditional love all the time. People will admire me if they want to know me.

Twentieth-First English Quote:


Running through the fields

I am running,

walking past through the crowd,

jumping joy I have never felt,

things I would never seen

that I am happy.


When I make my mistakes,

telling someone is not my option,

after you run, I walk

after you walk, I run,

maybe this isn’t chance to give

the world so important,

and the best chance would

be leaving you behind.


Maybe so, maybe not

staring in the night sky

tells me to change,

but it is over now.


Get over, get nothing

staring in the day sky tells me

you have to carry on,

but it’s too late.


This is me

and this is you might going far,

and this is me,

and this is you will be forever in eternity.


Twentieth-Second English Quote:


The loneliness inside of you

kept me warm

in the middle of the night,

the words I said

didn’t affect you but I realized,

it’s not perfect

in this cruel world and I said.


It’s the beginning of new life

with peace and hope,

but the loneliness is still

inside of me,

and I am crying

underneath of my pillows,

but I won’t forget about it.


It’s sooner than I thought

be the selfish person I am be.


It’s you that I remember

and I am lonely

in this lonely planet,

and I am foolish lonely man

inside of your heart,

I decide to leave

and go for the journey,

and I will remember we used

to be friends after we met

that day during the summer days,

the day we met and I won’t forget,

and this time I won’t be lonely person,

in fact I have learned the value

of love and honesty

between two of us.




In this 21st quote poem I wrote about are two people I am mentioning here. Well there is no specifically person that is. But when I have always thought the two person would be is in my mind. Maybe it could be Rico Yan or someone I am have to mention. It could be yours in your mind. What else it could be? I promise or I never doubt it would happen like me instead. I have often dream about Rico Yan. Last night in fact, I have never get a chance to sleep well. It is because today is the fourth of May. The earlier article about the Numbers of Rico Yan is really something special in his birthday and his death anniversary in this special day of fourth day of May. I don’t know about this. But I am also a Chinese descendant from my mother’s side. In fact in my father’s side is very rich in family tree.


And in the 22nd quote poem is about me and against the person I am talking about. Not literally a person I am talking to, it is that in my dreams whenever I have often dream about this girl. It keeps repeating and repeating in my subconscious mind. This is about years already. It is because I am still single and clueless if I get a chance to get married someday. For instance I get to married one day, that this girl is literally a lucky person she will marry me. Why? Normally I don’t say about this, it is because that I have down syndrome. It doesn’t prove anything about that. It is because in my mind when will I get marry to a girl like her. She is so lucky to me. I can cook. I can wash the car. I love kids I can take of. I also love animals I really love to take care. And the nature of course is what I love most. Especially I am an everybody’s friend. She is must not to be jealous about me. It is because I find myself too much in preoccupied manners. I am not sure though.

The moment I write about this today, I have never know that this day has something to do with his birthday and his death anniversary. 4th of May, the days after Rico’s birthday has turned him 37 years old last 14th of March which it is already 314 days before his birthday begins again for next year. Then it comes for another number and that his death anniversary lies on 29th of March. Which it is very odd and already 329 days before his death anniversary will mark 11th death anniversary next year. That is really an odd for me.


329 days before his 11th death anniversary lies next year and also has 314 days before his 38 years old that will turn next year in his birthday on March 14 if he is still alive until now. I keep recording the facts that numbers are not that as a matter of fact. But instead, it keeps me reminding his birthday and death anniversary the same for this day. If I get wrong, then you calculate in your calculator. If I am right, then it has nothing to do more to say and to specify.


The reason why I am posting this article today, it is because I am more like a writer and number reader if I have to guess. Well, that is nothing keeps me going that far.

Thirteenth English Quote:


Another day has come,

another hour has pass,

another minutes stays,

can we promise the day

it shall not mend,

can we go the other way

we all go,

as it speaks into my mind,

as it listens to my heart,

it breaks me when I lose you.


You run away with your pride,

you walk a thousand miles,

you stay here by my side,

are we good to stay here,

are we kind to the hearts,

or are we mend to build a home,

it speaks to my mouth,

it touches your heart so calmly,

and I will be walking forever

until I find you.


Break me gently,

I hold my breath but not too hard,

wish I could stay,

wish I could tell,

the life is mystery here

without you,

and I am going to your home

for I am sleeping in

you heart that barely speaking.


Fourteenth English Quote:


Here I am lonely and sad,

please come with me and

I take you to my heaven,

heaven tells me if I am in love,

but right now I must take your love

in my heart and everlasting one.


One time shall empty my loneliness

and I take the time

for I am lonely and sad,

I take that word,

take my heart into love

and use nobody to hurt,

take me instead coming to your home.


Every road has a problem,

every one of them has smaller or bigger,

take me into your road and

I will walk to your path.


Every brick of a house built

a bigger problem

and I don’t want to build

my own life to a bigger problem.






The thirteenth English quote poem I wrote it is really another special to Rico Yan. Therefore, I use that many times to send someone who has a problem. I don’t know why people are afraid to ask me, but instead I ask them if I can send this to their cellphone.


The fourteenth English quote poem I wrote it is based in my experience every time I fall for my problems. It is either big or small. Whether you don’t have one problem, there is always a problem in every corner of your life.

Ninth Tagalog Quote:


Kahit mainit minsan kumukulo,

kahit malamig minsan nagyeyelo,

kahit abo minsan naging buhangin,

tayo’y hindi agawan ng mundo

may mali o tama.


Nagluluksa pag may namamatay,

natutukso pag may nakikipaglaro,

nagkakasakit pag may mali nagagawa,

tayo’y hindi may nalulugar sa ating

puso kapag nasira sa isang tao.


Maraming bulaklak napupusuhan,

maraming tisyu napapaiyak,

maraming hangin napatulala,

kung ang bagay ay may kasalanan,

tayo mismo ay may nagagawa

hindi dapat nangyari

ay mismong minsan may tama o mali.


Tenth Tagalog Quote:


Hindi ba sinabi ko sa iyo’y

ako ay muli magbabago,

hindi na sinabi ko na muli

ako ay babangon,

hindi ba sinabi ko ito

ay maraming pangako,

pangako man o hindi,

parang tukso lamang o parang hindi,

parang bang nahihilo ako paikot ng ikot.


Sino may sabi na mahal kita

pagkat hindi naging tayo,

sino may sabi na tabihan kita

pagkat wala tayong relasyon,

at sino nagsabi na muli aakyat

ako ng ligaw sa iyo,

hindi ka ba natutuwa nangyayari

sa paligid mo,

hindi ka ba naniniwala sa sakit

mga sinabi mo,

pero ako lamang at hindi ikaw,

puro na lang mga araw mo

ay bilang puro pangako.


Ito ay hindi nagsabi sa akin o sa iyo,

na muli magbabago ang araw o gabi.




Ninth Tagalog quote poem said to be that this is meant for Rico Yan. I am not really sure though it is really heart-breaking for me to tell you about this. Anyway it is not then end of literature. There are more stored in my cellphone inbox anyway. To tell about the truth, I have really miss Mr. Dimples, Rico Yan. He is very kind, down-to-earth and very one person who I have really admired for. He is also gentle and never shouts to anyone. One thing I should never forget from him is his killing smile.


And in the Tenth Tagalog quote poem, it is really for him also. Rico is very special person who I am looking for always aside from my departed aunt. I really miss you, Rico.

First English Quote:


My world turns to a reversal

weird dream,

but it completely takes me back,

what you desire,

it’ is not necessarily what

you know.


To an ordinary world,

you have to count backwards,

when you step forward,

you have to take bonus stage.


It is least to get mistake,

but it is five to six out of ten,

you get to believe,

the highest gratitude

is your debts.


How many times you get out

alive perfectly,

in the weird dream,

do count your blessings,

and you wake up in

a busy reality world again

and again.


Second English Quote:


Sweet days and sweet nights,

the night falls to my eyes

to look in the stars,

and the day falls to my eyes

when I am sleep.


Anger gives me to cry

when I see the rainy days,

depressed gives me quivering

in the night when

I am all alone,

all the days and nights

I really can’t control all

my emotions.


The last day of summer felt on me,

the last day of rainy felt on

my weak side,

then I shout all my voice

from my lungs,

I scream all my emotions to list

in my notes whenever I am about

been leaving out in the

world we have.


Third English Quote:


In the middle of the day,

I find someone who is really

to take care of me,

but all of a sudden,

I soon realize you are

somebody wants to fall in

love with someone.


Soon I walk in the middle

heat of the day,

I suddenly feel the intense

inside of me,

and I won’t explain a single detail,

to be burden about you.


And I really jump high

to a building,

so I can fly and

I cannot expect,

then there it was you

standing behind me,

holding me before I jump,

you are still in love with me,

and my press of my chest

to breathe.


I love you unconditionally,

I hold you indefinitely,

and I kiss you undeniably.




First English quote poem tells me about the dreams in your life. When you are thinking something to get plan, you have always thinking about what you really desire. For example, when you need to get out in a job, you have to think twice saving your bank account to have to get a business all done. I don’t know what I am saying, but here in my back of my mind tells me that you need to prioritize first things first. And the preparations will get in to the flow of your desired business.


The second quote poem tells about a couple, not a married type but a boyfriend and girlfriend type relationship. When you are thinking undeniable, you will think about her or him. I felt the same way and almost in a level of friendship, but not in a relationship. Soon I really realize things are getting seriously when you are hurting someone. That is the moment I have to stop loving what I need to prioritize about her.


And the third quote poem is another commemorative poem for me. The thing you need to remember is your loved ones who passed away already that makes you so special about it. And the first thing I remembered is about Rico Yan and my aunt who passed away last year on the day of 23rd of June 2011. I have really missed about her and I felt the same way when Rico also died on the 29th of March 2002, Good Friday.

Fourth Tagalog Quote:


Naaalaala kita’y walang hanggan,

t’wing naiisipan ko’y nasa

loob mo ng puso ko,

lumalaban na sa t’wing


sumasakdal naiipit ang puso ko’y

laging madarama ang lahat,

t’wing lumalayo pinipilit ko’y

lumalapit na kay tagal,

ang tagal ng walang hanggang

sa kabilang mundo ko’y

bumabalot na lungkot,

piling ko sana maging masaya

pag nariyan ka sa tabi ko

namamatay ako sa pag-ibig.


Fifth Tagalog Quote:


Nagdurugo ang isip ko,

nagmamanhid ang puso ko,

nagwawala ang kalooban ko,

nasa isip ko’y tumatanaw,

nasa puso’y laging wala,

at nasa kalooban ko’y nasasaktan.


Hindi na ba mawawala ang

sumpa ng pag-ibig,

kung ika’y laging narito,

papaano na ang kalayaan ng

isip ko parating nasa puso ko.


Lumilinaw mga mata ko,

nakikinig mga tenga ko,

nagsasalita ang bibig ko,

nasa puso ko’y tumatanaw,

nasa isip ko’y laging wala,

nasa akin na aking kalooban.


Hindi na ba nasusuko,

hindi na ba lumalaban,

nasa aking mga sumpa,

wala na akong pag-asa.


Ikaw at ako’y ang katapusan.


Sixth Tagalog Quote:


Kung ika’y ang nagsinungaling

sa akin,

bakit pa nagmula ang away

sa pagitan ng nagmamahal,

mula ba ito’y nagkakainisan

sa iyong minamahal,

isusuko ba ito’y walang hanggan

sa mundong mula sa isip,

hindi na ba ito’y babalik,

hindi na ba ito’y nagmumula,

at baka ibabalik ang nagwawakas

sa pinagmulan ng may minamahal.


Bakit ba nasasakal ako’y nalilito,

bakit ba masakit aminin

na ika’y mahal ko.


Muling magbabago sa ating nakaraan,

sana’y pakinggan mo ako

na hindi puro pangarap,

sana’y laging magbigayan,

sana’y marunong magmahalan,

at sana’y laging nariyan ka sa tabi ko.


Mahal ko ay ikaw kaibigan,

mahal ko ay aking may minamahal.


Ikaw ay aking bugtong mahal ko

at wala ng iba pa may nasasaktan

sa puso’y may pangarap.


Tanging hiling ko’y

mahalin mo ang sarili at

ibang may nagdinaramdam

sa buhay ng ibang mahal mo.




The fourth and sixth Tagalog quote poem are much different meanings. The fourth quote poem tells me something that I can hold on to relationship, but it always fail all the time. And the sixth quote poem I wrote about, it has the meaning to itself. Meaning that I always have to go strong all the time even there is a higher or lower expectations of what we have relationship. The fifth quote poem is about Rico Yan who admired all the time through the endless times. This is about him when I am thinking him sometimes, then I write the endless times about him. All these three quote poems are also made in my stored cellphone inbox. So if there’s any questions about it, feel free to ask.

Four years has passed since I have applied in Telus in Market Market, Taguig. That was then how I was transformed today. I realized people is not rich in knowledge. People I met through back then but now, times are changed. Well of course, I have now high expectations. What I have seen myself in the past is already past. Don’t tell anyone who can make rule of that.


The year of 2008 that I have applied in my first contact center. It’s because my friend referred me to work there. I was so eager that time, but times changed so fast. When it comes to an interview, I always fail in the instant in the eye of the interviewer. I don’t know what to expect and what I have to answer. So here I am, eager again to apply after four years.


Last year was very painful to me. I don’t like the company, and yet it was very scam to me. And I don’t want to mention the name because it was the multi-level marketing company to me.


Back where I am going to say, I have returned from my bad deeds doing good deeds this year. I have applied several contact centers now. The first one I have try was Transcom. I didn’t work me well from there. After a day, I also failed in Startek. Then it came the Stream Global, Sitel, TRG, NCO, Aegis and Convergys. Eight contact centers. What shall I say? They are the contact centers I already tried to apply. Maybe the luck wasn’t for me. I always want to try but I am willing to train dutifully. And then again, maybe somehow, I need more practice in my grammar when I am talking. It is different when it comes to writing and typing to speaking the words clearly. And it is a matter of fact what I am saying.


High expectations from this year I don’t want to forecast but I am willing to say it. Benefits are important for me. The rice allowance, the transportation, the medical and the physical fitness are important benefits for me. If there is none that contact center needs for me, it’s really fine for me. What I need is to gain from an experience from a contact center. So what I am trying to say, I have to fulfill my dreams here first before encountering many problems in the future. Meaning I have to try anything that comes from my heart desires.


Dreams I want to visit the places are Boracay, Camarines Sur, Bicol region, Leyte (of course that is where my hometown used from my grandparents, my father’s parents), Cebu, Iloilo and Bacolod. Well if that deserves me, it will wait for me. Then I have to dream more about building foundation. Three things I should do for my foundation: building livelihood projects where people fail to get a job, sustain their financial needs and building a foundation program for down syndrome project fro intervention and speech therapy. I always want that way to help them. In that way, Rico Yan will always look at me here. And I will be always have a big hand for everybody’s needs.


Today it is a different path for me than leading somewhere I don’t really belong. What I need to know, dreams are here for me. Many changes will await for me.

I’m talking about my past times in computer and yes, its’ my favorite since the technology came in our world. And about the food, it’s not the price you are asking for me. But hey, whatever comes around always come around again. This time, I will talking about both theme of food and computers. And it is sincere I am asking here in my article. Kindly continue you are reading my article.


In the earlier part of my college years since June 2000, I was supposed to be enrolled in UP Baguio ever since I want to go in show business after this kind of series went ballistic. For sure, you never know what it feels like yesterday when you bump some other guy’s boyfriend or girlfriend. Back when I was saying, I have enrolled two schools. One was Maria Montessori College which was near in our home in Quezon City and the other one was very popular if you know what I mean, the Center for Culinary Arts, Katipunan. yes, it was very expensive school you ever thought in any culinary school here in the Philippines. If I may mention anything, that year of 2000 was half of million pesos you have to enroll yourself. Unlike any other popping out courses around here in Metro Manila was cheaper than I thought.


Yes, CCA was the first renowned culinary school since it opened in the year of 1998, two years before I went in the year of 2000. It was new back then. That was the two years later when I got in. And my mother was telling about this to me every time in dinner or lunch. I have no option but force myself to go in my 75% passing grade in my entrance exams in CCA. It was very lucky for me to go in an expensive culinary school. I have bumped many celebrities or cousins of celebrities. Like Danica Sotto and Diego Castro, they were my classmates I was moved to another batch after I failed in product identification 2 subject in the class twice already. Danica Sotto was Vic Sotto’s daughter and now married to the basketball player. And the other one was Diego Castro, the newscaster anchor Angelo Castro Jr.’s son and cousin to Rico Yan. I didn’t know what to do in the first place. Then I thought myself and said to myself, “Hey, I am not here in the place who have time to interview them. They were my batch mates after all.” You have to be friends with them. I joined them because it’s almost time to get in the right place not to fail 3rd time in breakfast class. Eggs were so burden to me that time.


Then again, I proved myself to gain confidence to graduate with them. And I have even a batch mate who has cousin to Rico Yan and Agot Isidro. Who knows that show business is really waiting for me until now. Maybe so or maybe not it will come to me. The answers will show later on. During that year of 2002 and 2003 of both summers, I joined and took dancing classes with my younger brother in the year of 2002. Then I forced myself to go back in the year alone of 2003 by myself. Dance really served me that time. I swayed a lot and moved like Michael Jackson. I love dancing until now. If Michael Jackson was still alive, he would read this article I am writing about and he made me today as a dancer.


Three years after I was so devastated about my culinary career, I took no one to blame but myself. Maybe I am so immature that time, it is because, I, myself, don’t want to move like that for an easy scenario. I showed myself I also love to draw. Since the sixth grade, I have already loved drawing advanced botany plants, human organs inside of our body and also the zoology. Science for me is my bridge to draw in Arts, to be in my inspiration. Later in high school, I also loved Biology, Chemistry then the last, Physics. The father of all Science was Physics. Hahaha, I still remember although my mind is still sharp in Economics, Science, Art and Literature. Then later, I also admired the History in any kind of form of any countries. Of course, I didn’t know what to do.


In the same year alone, I acquired to learn how to draw basic drawings like this manga stuff called the drawing Japanese. Later, I also want to learn the Western drawings if I have time to improve more. Because there are more rooms for improvement all in our lives. Computer now becomes my favorite toy, to enhance typing skill and not because of that, I also loved to play games before. But now, I am a semi-retired confessed gamer. Half a little I still want to play and half of it I want to be serious in my life to get back on the track. Playing everyday won’t solve away from your stress. Think freely and you will discover something interesting. That is always I have in my mind.


In this kind of my favorite year is the Year of the Dragon, the year of 2012. Up to now, I really don’t believe the Mayan calendar stuff. Because God created us, living and non-living things no matter what your religion you are and has different names of the name of God, He still above created us. I begin to love this year, I don’t know why. Something wish or dream will happen waiting for me this year. And I don’t know what month will come in or any day has to wait for me. Because food is not always my favorite, I always look up in nutrition first before your stomach will getting have much for pain. The computers in this technology helps you a lot. If there is really nothing, this kind of writing an article is not existed anymore. Computer and food is really something for me now because of the technology pass. I even love it, then you have to cherish it.

First Tagalog Quote:


Munting mundo lumiliit,

sa natatanaw nararamdaman ko,

laging may problema,

laging may alam ang katabi o kaharap mo.


Nasa isip ko’y laging may duda,



laging may tanong sa isip.


Sana’y sa isang araw,

naiisipan ko parating may umiiyak

at may tuwa sa kalooban.


Tunay ba ito’y mundo gumagalaw

o sarili mo lamang laging nakatanim na galit,

binubuksan ko ito sa walang dahilan.


Utang na loob ko’y walang alam,

at ito’y walang dahilan na ang kapalit

ay buhay natin.


Second Tagalog Quote:


Sa isip ko’y laging

ika’y laging nararamdaman,

sa isip ko’y ika’y laging umiikot,

at sa isip ko’y

laging tuwa ng buhay ko.


Bakit ba parati na lang

na siya lang may dahilan,

bakit ba puno na lang

na siya lang nasa puso ko,

walang wakas sa isang gabi

na hindi kita makita.


Punung-puno ang mga iyak ko

sa isang gabi laging umuulan,

punung-puno ang mga tawa ko

sa isang laging umaaraw,

na sana lang makita

ang tamis ng ngiti mo.


Sundan mo ang iyong tibok

na walang kaparehas,

namumuno na lang

ang iba nauunahan,

ikaw at walang iba

ikaw na walang hanggan at

ikaw ang nasa puso ko laging nagmamahal.


Third Tagalog Quote:


Tinatawa kita pero wala ka diyan,

nang naramdaman ko’y ito

galing sa iyo,

binahagi mo sa akin ang araw mo,

lalo pang lumuluha ang aking iyak

na sana ika’y makapiling ko.


Araw o gabi,

magpakailanman na di magbabago

sa aking puso ko,

kumikintab ang bituin nasa langit,

lubha ko’y masaya makasama ka sa tabi ko.


Bawat ngayong o susunod na araw,

maligaya ka’y tumatalon,

masaya ka’y sumasayaw,

ito ay walang manhid sa sarili ko,

dinaramdam ko ang puso ko nasa iyo.


Piling ko pinilit mo ako mahalin kita,

piling ko piniliit sa iyong puso naglalaro

pero hihigit pa ang puso’t isipan natin,

tayo’y magsasama sa mahabang

panahon at magpakailanman.




These three particular Tagalog quotes came from my cellphone. And I want you to know that these three really part of my journey reminding how life is good about us. And I have really never forget Rico Yan who really inspires me a lot during his time. For him, I bring this three quotes are different meaning. Every time I read in my cellphone and send someone I can share is helping me a lot to cure my sadness away. It is because no matter what I am down, I always look up to Rico who already left us ten years ago in the day of Good Friday, March 29, 2002. Not even once I want to forget him, it is always I think of him in my heart that beauty in life is very important for us.

Last three weeks and five days ago, I have had this training in Ortigas. Of course, I want to have more income to work my English fluently. But then it came another start from my cousin, I never knew about her in the start. But she gave me a signal to go there if there will be a future for me — in call center industry.


I have never thought my life will be different if my dreams will not working with me. So I said to myself that I need something to do in my life. No matter what my dreams is telling me, then I have to work on my own. Not somebody is stealing my dreams away.


My inspirations comes in different forms in my life. First, I have never thought I could never dance so well in the present times. I’m thankfully for Michael Jackson who inspires me a lot. Through these years, my eagerness is exploding like there is a superhero wants to kill me. Second if I wasn’t good enough to get exploring my talents, I would never been drawing in arts as well. I have started as an artist drawing in science facts like biologically skin, plants whether it’s living or non-living things.


Changing in my life doesn’t count in different shape of human. It is a God’s given talent. I may be not good in writing or typing like this in shape of paragraph. So if you are telling me I’m not perfect, I am type of a guy who would never give up that still catching my own dreams. My dreams should be building a foundation program first for the children who are down syndrome like me. That inspires me a lot from Rico Yan. When Rico is still alive up to now, he would be looking me up and wants to be part of my program.


Fifteen years before I started to write in sonnets and poems, but right now I may be not a good writer. I am still improving on my own. If there is someone to help me, that’s also good. 10th of December 1998 is my debut that I have my own collection in writing of sonnets and poems. So it started. Through these years, I have never stop writing because it still keeps me going on. Now that I’m a poet, I’m pursuing myself to be a good writer someday. My old blog I started many years, I deleted them already. it is because I stop already back then. And after that, I begin to fall in love again with this kind of environment, to write again.


After Rico Yan and Michael Jackson as my lifetime inspirations, I am also looking to Walt Disney, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. It is because I am not also as an artist, I also want to be part of writing my own inspirations from them. Jack Kirby writes a lot when Stan Lee drew a thousand artwork that time, now have had already top-billed movies. Which is that I want my own homeland to grow more in animation here in the Philippines. An animation studio and a music production is what I want to improve for the Philippines. We have many talent pools here in our country, where else you want to go if you want to go in Hollywood. I always want to look positive in our country. And I am a proud Filipino, that is. After that, I am also looking for inspiration to Coco Martin. He is so good in his acting. If Rico is still alive, he would be working with Coco in show business.

I still remembered way back during I was in high school before. About this second year high school or sophomore year, never one told me that I was different to everyone. I just want to know that I am extraordinary person with extraordinary talents like this our beloved idol, Rico Yan. Nevertheless, but it’s a yes.


The year 1996 when Rico Yan was already in the show business. I was 15 years old back then. Rico was 21 years old. During that time, I have hooked in this classic tale of literature, the Robin Hood times. People said to me talking like I am never born in this world before. Then I said myself that I have to stand in my own feet. Once in biology class during 1998, our biology teacher told me that never one in the class thought what in the world I was doing in high school. Never in my age that people passed in high school. So I stood in the class, then she told me that I have made this genetically rare disease, a down syndrome. I have never thought that easily. It is easy to other people rarely to reach the opportunity like me. But I held my fingers tight, then after I came home from the school. My mind was different and I came inside my parents’ room. Then I asked them why does on earth nobody told me that I have had this kind of genetically rare disease or down syndrome. My sisters never brought it up this issue inside the car when we were going home or going to the school every school days. I said to myself and why?


The year from 1996 to 1998 changed me everyday and everywhere. I have never thought how I shared my life about this. The year was so special about me. The year of 1996 when Rico Yan was already in show business. And the year about my adolescence changed me that time. Rico had already made three movies during 1996 and named them as Radio Romance, Ama, Ina, Anak (Father, Mother and Child) and Madrasta (Second Wife). Rico also made in television series in numerous series like Mara Clara as Derek, Maaalaala Mo Kaya as Dante in the episode of Valentines Card, Sine Siyete as the same name in the episode of Roses and Tracy, Star Drama Presents as Carlo in the episode of Rico and as Ricky in a Saturday afternoon series that spanned about in June 15, 1996 up to February 13, 1999.


The most lovable movie Rico made into the movies was Got 2 Believe with Claudine Barrreto as his partner when he portrayed as Lorenz, the photographer. I’m sure everyone can remember his movie as well. High school years was my primary years to me but when Rico was in his sensational break in the year of 1994 up to 2002.


The most inspirational move Rico made was in to show business, helping people with his killing look, and every time he has a birthday, he would celebrate in his most sharing life back then in his foundation. But my story continues after he died.


After hearing from the news Rico died in 29th of March 2002 and that was Good Friday in Los Palmas, Palawan together with Marvin Agustin and Dominic Ochoa, I still never forgot that coming from the news I heard in television. Rico shocked my world, and so devastated to me that time. I was inspired by many inspirational walks of life including him. But he was the impact of my life where I had to grabbing my opportunity to graduate in the same year Rico died. I graduated in 4th of July 2003, that’s Friday in Pasay where the graduation rites held. Being as a honor of a culinary graduate, I finally took myself as a college graduate in only 2 years culinary course. I never did satisfied my performance back then. It is because what my mom said and what my mom always want.


2002 was a dreadful year to everyone. But still I am getting inspiration from him, the first and foremost of my life. If I give my inspirational life, my dreams will not be going far as it could. I always want to get a foundation dreams last year, that sparks my favorite aunt died last June 23, 2011. It’s not the same dreams I have in the past. It came to my mind that I always want to grab any opportunity where I want. But my parents refused anything to help me. I said to myself that I won’t give up no matter what problems or challenge will come. It’s already there in my mind everyday I want to build foundation program for the kids who have down syndrome just like I am.


And I finally accepted myself that I am different person to everyone I could tell. When people doesn’t want me, it’s fine for me. I recently joined in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc. or DSAPI and I have to become a member in the future. I have even celebrated with the kids who have down syndrome last 19th of February 2012 (my birthday, yey!) where the Happy Walk held at Skydome, SM North EDSA The Block. So I am proud what I accomplish. Then I will continue to fight for my dreams to achieve. Many people will shock to me after I am posting this. If there is any questions, just let me know.


This is my inspiration who Rico Yan I’m really looking for. Thank you for giving us an inspiration and I will still follow your heart and follow my dreams as well. I’m forever with you eternally.

Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan or simply as Rico Yan was so special to me when he entered my world before. When I was still in high school in 1996, I was so awe with his looks, his first Master commercial. Then I thought I said to my mom back then just to buy me some Master facial and the deodorant. Up to now, I am still using the facial and the deodorant.


The moment I was still in high school, I was so amazed with his act in Ama, Ina, Anak where Angelica Panganiban was also in the movie. He portrayed as Dennis. I still remembered well where the child star Angelica have had shooting inside the Philam Homes inside the Sta. Rita Church. We were attending the mass there before. So I though that would be the end for him. I saw him several times in ‘Sang Linggo Na Po Sila during when Danny Javier, Buboy Garovillo and Jim Paredes were the hosts in the noontime show before. Their little funny acts including the Kabayong Bundat version was really funny and fascinating for me and the audience as well. So, the world spoke to me and I loved his acts. He inspires me a lot. Because of that, with my own signature dance craze like Michael Jackson, he also became my matinee idol that time. So to speak but yes.


After I graduated in high school in March 2000, during that time I already going to enter the college in Center for Culinary Arts in June. I met Rico’s cousin, Mia Yan and Diego Castro. I didn’t know much of Rico that time. Maybe I was so awe with his killing smile including his dimples. What I really mean was he is really handsome, talented and an everybody’s friend just like me. I was startruck when I saw him, maybe I was dillydallying. But I was hurried that time. So for 10 minutes I chatted with him and shook my hand to his hand. I trembled with my mind. Then I really liked that time. And I missed him so much.


After a year, a sudden news came in during the holy week that time he died in March 29, 2003, Saturday. I was so sad and furious who did this, then I knew coming into my mind. It was a bangungot (or a nightmare) that killed him. So the lost came to me, our beloved Rico Yan passed away.


Now 10 years after, Rico Yan remains in my heart. He is very loyal in every fans he have had. I love Rico Yan wherever you are now. I still remember you the way you smile, you act, you dance and you create the wholesome of your image.



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