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ROCK Integrated School

ROCK Integrated School


The school sets to our new home in 21 Topaz Street, Cainta Greenpark Village, 1900 Cainta, Rizal, Philippines.


The story:

It’s been four months already since I’ve joined as one of the staff in the school being as an assistant teacher. Otherwise, I will still be unemployed. Last May 13, 2013 after the elections, my boss posted some status in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines that there was an opening job. I took a chance after I broke up recently with my ex-girlfriend last May 16. My heart was saddened. And so I’ve tried my luck upon walking in the school where my second boss has said, “please take time and we’ll call you back as soon as possible. Give one week.” So I’ve waited that long. That was May 20. After a few days, the secretary called me in my cellphone which it was 4 year old already turning 5 this December. I’ve to go back within an hour.


So I’ve instantly dressed up for an interview. Upon entering in the therapy center right next to the school, my heart stopped and felt if I was nervous back then. There was another new face. And it was my boss. He interviewed me. And sudden with a surprise, I’ve got a new job as an assistant teacher to special children.


This kind of job made me surprisingly performing very well. I woke up around 4 in the morning and done my tasks to finish before heading to my work. The school started around 7:30 in the morning. After a long day, I’ve walked home around 5 or 6 mostly depend if I’ve more job to work on.


The special education took upon me. I’ve never realized that my heart felt for this position as an assistant teacher. Special education really taught me well throughout my education before. I’ve been studied in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo for 12 years already since 1988 to 2000. Then I’ve moved and studied in Center for Culinary Arts in 2000 to 2003. Without noticing it, some of my jobs really deprived me as well. I didn’t know how to stand with my attitude and my behavior as well.


After going numerous jobs in a paper, I’ve landed as an assistant teacher and started last June 1, 2013.The school started on June 17. But it was so sad that we’ve to transfer to a new location but it was a bigger facility to hold number of students and clients.


After returning from my vacation that I’ve to attend my sister’s wedding this September, the school sparked in my head and I’ve to say that I need to help this school from a new beginning, new location and new school year. I’ve been happy when my two bosses caught me with a big wide smile. It’s time to gain, to share and to tell the story. This Reaching Our Children for the King (ROCK) Integrated School is open for mainstreaming, regular students and special education for all ages.


For more inquiries and questions, feel free to call or text at these numbers 0928-2397152, 0909-2109051 and 0915-1975240. We are happy to accept incoming and transferred students.



Down Syndrome / Autism / ADHD


What to do when your special child is having his or her first day of the school?


Normally when I’ve had my first day of my job at the preschool in the morning and in the afternoon, every kid had their first cry at the school. Like when I was young and we’ve been had in our ways crying in their first day of school. Hmm…if I only had to remember if I was really crying back then during my youth as my toddler years. Or maybe not.


We’ve had many occasions for our little kids with ADHD, Autism and mostly my part, Down syndrome. I’ve had handling special kids most in Autism and Down syndrome. I’ve never had experiencing kids with ADHD. Sometimes they are really talkative, runs so fast, or unable to comply your actions as every with ADHD. I don’t know why kids are like this days. I’ve never had experience with this occasions.


Not to mention, mostly some kids with Autism, they really have a behavior of crying so loud many times or laughing all the times in the class. Some how, my attitude to them is perfect. I have a long patience. I’ve never had been in my life handling this before other than my jobs. During back before my previous three jobs were culinary career, then shifted to digital career where I began to like drawing in traditional.


And then the unexpected move to my career, assisting the special children with special needs was an unusual job I’ve never have. But I am overwhelm with this job. I love my job taking care of these kind of children. Being as a role model to them, I also learn how to cope many cases towards of Autism and ADHD. But kids with special needs of ADHD, they are also awesome. Their unique of intelligence is way different. Also goes the kids with special needs of Autism, they also have unique intelligence.


Kids with different types of special needs whether it is Down syndrome, Autism and ADHD, they have their unique intelligence. I’ve discover from them and learn from them how they are really behave in a quite occasionally behavior. My boss would tell me how to manage their behavior properly. Or else I may have troubles with the parents of this special child with special needs. I wouldn’t do that for a purpose. My main goal for special children with special needs is to have a determination, long patience, and a preparation to have good performance towards their entire school year.


When the school has to move in the large vicinity house, everything is going back to places. First day of school again because of the large establishment of the school has begin anything from the scratch. Later I’ve found out that these children have shorter patience when they notice their school is different from before, but a large establishment.


Children in different ages, and also different school platforms whether it’s private or public, make sure if the school is ready to have your child have the system for accepting the special child. Or otherwise, your child might transfer again in a better school. Inquire, or better yet, ask your friends, relatives or close family ties that you know the school is ready to accept special child with special needs. Because the special children has the accountability of the school have.


What my parents did it to me when I have had my first day at school before?


Normally, my parents would sent me to a better school that owned the first prestigious special needs, it was the Cupertino for Special Children. That was where they sent me when I was a little toddler back then. They have had to put me gone through occupational therapy, physical therapy and the largest part of the therapy I’ve been through was speech therapy. There were three therapies back then. The ABA therapy was the part of occupational therapy, according to what my boss said it to me.


After I’ve had my first day at Cupertino, I’ve gone perfectly well for my physical therapy. Then it was time to move again to a new school, St. Vincent School in West Avenue, Quezon City. My parents didn’t like the performance the school platform for me because the school wasn’t ready to take me seriously in the school. Because I was the only special child entering in a public school. I was transferred again to a new and better school, Montessori Children Haus Inc and Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo where they were really accepting me as a better student.


Advice to the new parents having their special child with special needs sending to the first day of their first school, try to organize things if they are really accepting special child with special needs. If they haven’t and don’t want it, later on they will tell you that they are not ready to accept the special child with special needs. Normally with the type of the schools with that has different school platform they have and follow their rules and regulations.


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The M word

The M word

The M word

There are many words in the world that you should not know to mention such as the N word in American countries, the R word also in America or in any countries as well and the bad habit of the M word for all over the world.


Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI talked about the past rumors of the M word. It was a ridiculous for most of the educated and uneducated people in the entire of the Philippines or in short of Filipinos. We, Filipinos, don”t want to hear such a horrible words. Bullying, in fact, was almost everywhere.


When I was a kid, I can hear some of my school mates or some of my classmates calling me the “sped” word. It means in English dictionary as “retarded.” Shame of those new words as well. But the time I grew up in high school, I learned that I have, in fact, as a down syndrome. Little did I know that the world needed to know a little lessons to be careful what you have to call your neighbors a bad names.


There are mostly discriminative cases in the world. Like bullying, for example, is mostly some of the cases in the school involved or in the public cases. In the Philippines alone, there are many homeless or they shall be called as the alien outsiders. They are many shanty homes in the wide areas in Manila, Quezon City and some of the places I know about. I didn’t know about this when I’ve graduated in college where I studied in culinary arts.


After I joined the organization a year ago last February 2012 in the event of DSAPI, the 20th Happy Walk. I celebrated my birthday during that day. I was enjoying the whole program from the start to finish. But I wish that my mom would join next time in 22nd Happy Walk next year in February 2014. I became a member last December 2012. And the rain of blessings poured me from last year to this year. I’ve enjoyed my stay in UST where I was a guest speaker for special education of hopeful graduates to become a special education teacher.


I, like myself, don’t have experience of much about of special education course in any kind of schools. But I’ve recently joined as a teacher where I’ve been working in Cainta Greenpark Village, Reaching Our Children for the King or R.O.C.K. Integrated School. Yesterday was my first day of work in the school. My strengths as a teacher would be in the field of Arts, Music, Science and History. But my highest attainment in my life was able to graduate in a certificate in culinary arts.


This wasn’t in my dream list to become a teacher. And as a teacher as well was a noble profession in any kind of jobs in the field as well. When you need to become one, you need a serious job. This is my small steps in success in my life today.


Back to the issue of the M word where you should not say to any kind of serious in-demand cases that sought in this generation. Pardon me for this back log cases. There were many cases before. I’ve heard from the E-Boy television series in ABS-CBN saying that the kid was calling the M word to another kid. But that was unjustly timed scripting from the scriptwriter. Excuse me, scriptwriter, next time you should be carefully what to use the exact word. And of course the R word or the A word also, don’t also include in the script.


There was also one case from Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago where she called politicians as the M word. Excuse me, madam, but you are not supposed to call the politicians the M word, the A word or the R word. It’s abusive behavior if you are speaking in the public television and the whole nation as well.


And the last offensive behavior came from the so-called social network, the Facebook. Excuse me, Mark Zuckerburg, but you are allowing these people not to use the abusive words such as the N word, the A word, the R word, the M word or any kind of abusive words that wasn’t allowed to use in the social platform network.


Last two weeks ago, the DSAPI organization again was gaining some noise from this situations. Don’t use the M word for your business. Excuse me, moderators of your business of Monggi Productions. Please allow me to shout the names of your business. The name you are using is outrageous beyond the borders already. The M word whether is spell in short cut names, or any kind of unfamiliar names are just impurity in our organization. Your business of your productions are not exempted in this society. The names who owned this company were Pepe Fernandez, Em Pong, Bern Rodil, Mykk You, Jessie Brian Nardo and Erik Lauron Cupino. Sorry to call out your names because your business is not exempted.


I am not sensitive as the others as well. But I was a victim before. And now, I become a victim again for your own cause. Drop your business. Or so God will forgive you if you arrange the name drop from your business. Your materials and your jobs are not exempted also because you are allowing yourself to use the name of the short cut names.


The Philippines government and the society should know about this. Don’t allow yourself others to be a victim about this. I, myself, was always a victim about this M word. When somebody was telling a story about “ngongo,” I’ve heard it was also an abusive behavior. Because I’ve passed the stage from there.


Allow me to say this. “Don’t do to others if you are not doing any good behavior to others as well.” Mainly because some of the uneducated and educated society should know about this example. If you are really sorry for your behavior, do it in an appropriate good manners and good conducts.


And for the last time, this world should know about this good example from this country of how many cases were not resolved in any kind of matters. As in, any means necessarily, don’t do anything bad manners.




There are many kinds of bullying today although it’s one of the hardest to cope where one person have been a victim and one person is a bully. In this topic, bullying is one that I have to discuss.


Bully means a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller of weaker people. (Reference:


I was once, or not only once that I was a victim before. My life was different from before to this present. Although there were times that I didn’t know about myself either. Many others in my school called me as sped. I was intimidated about them. But I came home and told my parents what was sped all about. Until it came in my high school years that I learned what was sped all about. It was also referring as retarded. Others called me as mongoloid. It wasn’t really not nice when people didn’t know the person was really being having with a special condition.


Oh, and I forgot one thing, I am a special adult. And I’m now in my early 30’s. Many people differed me as a different from them. They were right. But telling them to be a honest person, being having with special condition of Down syndrome really makes me special from the rest of the society. Being having with that doesn’t make concern with any person I am dealing to. I have best friends and I have a good community to remain good for them. Although in my school before really treated me like them as a normal person. They knew about me being having with my special condition.


Why I was being helpless before? It was that I didn’t know about myself. All I did was playing and horsing around the house. I played sounds. I rushed things whenever I was happy. And my favorite toy before was lego. Building piece by piece into the car, plane, truck or even a house if it can do. As I turned to become teenager and knew that I have Down syndrome. It kept me darkest years in my life before knowing that I was denying my condition. But now, I stood for correction and accepted the fact that I have Down syndrome. Being having with my condition really makes me stronger enough to stand on my own.


I was petrified when someone called me the ‘m’ word, ‘s’ word or ‘r’ word. But then I was horrified when I became helpless. But to tell you honestly when someone called the wrong word for the nobody, you shouldn’t to use the words. Or the law will catch you for having you to sentence in a community service. And I was too harmless when it comes to people.


Okay, let me give you a straight important lessons you should learn:

1. Don’t tell the special children / special adult the way they act of your wrong behavior. It means you’re having a hard to them.

2. Don’t use the inappropriate words towards to them. Or better yet, refrain to use the words.

3. Treat them with good guidance and give them importance that they are special people.

4. Love them unconditionally.

5. Feel them like you are a brother, a sister, a friend or even a parent whenever they have problems.

6. Treat them good whenever they are in a public.

7. Trust them with all you can do to them.

8. Focus on their strengths and you may find lessons when you really love them.

9. Special children are like any kind of people with disability. Treat them with good care.

10. If they are lost in their way, guide them in a good way.

11. When they are bully from someone, rescue them in a good way.


Other concerns of bullying may also occur in other people such as the cyber bullying. I remembered last year when the girl was accused as the word of “amalayer.” The guy behind from the video was none other than who lived near in Cainta. And I believed that girl was our distant relative in my father’s side. It was wrong between third party. The one who accused of “a” word and the guy who was behind the video. It was highly recommended not doing this anymore. Although uploading your video may cause the person’s pride and you may consider to drop your uploading video. So you might not get also into trouble.


One of the bullying issues that I’ve encountered was when there was the multi-level marketing companies or may call it, networking. They were all saying abnormal for themselves as if they were wanting to get rich. Bullying or being as a bully makes sense. We are all humans. And we make mistakes. So if we unite in ourselves, you will know each other as if you are treating as a friends.

Addiction vs. Discipline

Mobile Phone Evolution

Mobile Phone Evolution

There are many reasons why I am writing about Addiction vs. Discipline. This is to provide children have to avoid addiction in every aspects of life: television, computers, technology, facebook, peer and sports. Well first of all, this is not one of my hard writing topics. This is one have to challenge parents to provide their child or children to help or to keep addiction away just to have activities. And I have one common goal for the children, be more responsible at early age.


1. Television


Who would forget the television is number one addiction? Well first of all, when I was a child, when there was no parents inside the house. I was given a freedom to watch a television series in weekends. But to tell you honestly, I watched television series every night when I was a child. I was very addictive.


Problem: When the child or children have been obsessed watching television series at earliest age as one to three years old, your child or children could have attempt to open the television set. There is still a cure for watching too much of television series.


Solution: Activities you need to teach the child or children: Give them a time with heart and compassionate conversation. Engage them to play board games for an hour.


2. Computers


This is the second hardest addiction that can’t avoid from the children. When I was younger, there was an Atari games, console games such as Family Computer or any kind of games that can distract for the children. But when it entered the 1990’s, everything has changed. The Playstation and Playstation 2 have been already introduced to the society and so the world have been looking forward in the game society. And so the computer lan games have been also introduced such as Warcraft, Counterstrike and among others. In 2000’s, Playstation 3, and other console games have been predicted creating a massive multi-player online role playing game or MMORPG. Ragnarok Online have been launched the first years in 2000’s. And so the other online game fanatics have been offered young audience to play. What’s the use for playing games? And Facebook also have been introduced in America 8 years ago or maybe 9 or 10 years already. I’ve had been watching some of my friends in America who have accounts a very long time ago. And so I thought writing about an article about this. When I’ve graduated from college, I became addicted in computer online games. Since then, it haven’t been stopped me playing online games or console games. But I’ve rarely playing games for now. Because I’ve learned my lessons. And I’ve stopped playing online games and console games since 2009.


Problem: Is your child or children have been obsessed playing computer games or online games? If yes, there’s still a cure for an addiction in games. If your answer is no, then your child is not engaged in computer games.


Solution: Give them a heart-to-heart conversation. Don’t give them a separate solution. Give them an activity in the house, a household chores. Or engage them in the physical activity where you can see them. Give a physical activity to teach them and practice it for one hour. Or you can teach them in one hour mental activity such as “What is this called?”,  “Picture This”, or any kind mental activity you might teach interesting for your child or children. Give them a responsibility time for their needs.


3. Technology / cellphone


There are lot of technology you can equip in your house. It’s either gadgets or cellphone. The first cellphone have been introduced in the society was 1973. The first hand-held Motorola have been a wide experience for everyone who have this a long time ago. But did you know that hand-pocket mobile that it was introduced from walkie-talkie? Hmm…well first of all, cellphones are made to have communication for emergency or to have communicating long distance. So what it’s purpose having this topic for this Addiction vs. Discipline? The purposes are have to keep away from children and to avoid them playing in their hands. Gadgets and cellphones are the same technology built from man-made. My first cellphone I’ve received before was Nokia 6110 back during my college years. I wasn’t tech-savvy type of person. To tell you the truth, I’ve got been hooked and addicted playing games also in the cellphone. It wasn’t that bad or good. But honestly, my cellphone now was Nokia Classic 3120 and I’m looking to buy my own cellphone in the future. Because I normally have cellphone where I got from the gifts in Christmas or in my birthday.


Problem: Is your child or children have been obsessed in technology or cellphones? Playing technology inside your child’s room might be a problem for you. So I’ve decide to put a solution for this topic.


Solution: Give them a schedule to use their appropriate needs in spite of conversation. Sometimes when communicating in each other may cause a conflict. And give a lot of time to them whenever they need you for a special occasion.


4. Facebook


What is more concern of facebook? Sometimes children have been exposed in social media network of Facebook. In terms and conditions sometimes they break rules and regulations. Exactly four years and three months ago when I have my facebook account, I didn’t notice that sometimes this social media network could be really resourceful. But sometimes, it exceeds your overusing the time despite your busy schedule. Facebook places third or fourth in my life. Because when you need something emotional, you chat or communicate with your loved ones. And not for the games you’ve really want to play. In my studies about facebook, in Malaysia the rate of children have accounts of this have been exposed in their earliest age. Before, I’ve also got hooked and addicted in facebook. Not because of the social media network, but I’ve rather play facebook browser games (or application games).


Problem: Do you want to have facebook account for your child? Does it really intervene with your child or children of this facebook? Maybe yes or maybe not. In this issue of Addiction vs. Discipline, parents will find interesting about this topic I’ve bring.


Solution: Give them a schedule about using terms and conditions of the facebook account. Never give them whole day to use the facebook account for a long time. If they overuse the time, give them a priority of physical activities, heart-to-heart conversation and household chores. Don’t give them an exceeding time (or extra hours). If they are going to the internet shop just to use facebook, give them an exact money for their food money and transportation money. Sometimes an exceeding money may trigger in their time to use in the internet shop.


Advices: Give them a schedule to get what they’re really need. Computers places second-hand. And sometimes, reading a book in the library may give them a time. Or researching in the library may give them an extra intelligence.


5. Peer


Sometimes in life when you’re exposed in environment, you intended to have communicate and exchanged notes with a new friend or a new group of friends. Choose wisely to your friends. Of course, the number one rule in life was” don’t talk to strangers when you don’t know them.” I have good friends back in elementary, high school and college. Well everyone knew really about me especially just because being having with Down syndrome was not an excuse. I wanted to have a normal life back then. But I’ve realized family places first in your life. In reality when the child or children don’t have parents, they were the ones who can lean to talk to. 


Problem: Does your child have a peer of friends? Does your child wanting to go out regularly at nights or days? Does your child have poorly education in school? Well this is a perfect opportunity to share here in the article of Addiction vs. Discipline.


Solution: Arrive early at home. Advice them to stay at home and study comes first in your education. If you have give them a good time for education, give also their time in household chores and limited time in television. Give them a schedule in weekends. Don’t scold them. Give them a heart-to-heart conversation when they really need a communication. Give them a curfew time so they will understand the time when they grow up.


Advices: Schedule them in a guidance counselor, a child psychologist doctor or relatives to go to. They will find time in their school and relatives.


THE MAIN GOAL: Your child or children will learn the discipline at the end of the day. Then they will realize when they grow old. They will remember your advices. Somehow I’ve really learned much from my parents. And parents are the gifts from above. They are the ones who will guide you throughout your life. Despite being having with Down syndrome I have, I’ve really learned my lessons when I was still a kid. Throughout my life, somehow along the road gave my best from them.

There are many confessions to be discuss from my experiences. Or better yet, somehow I feel to express out of my experiences from before up to now. Well, there are many topics that I will be discussing about bullying, temptations and something bothering you since your childhood. My number one is bullying. I’ve always get beat up from my bullies. But since my childhood becomes a little blurry. One of my classmates that were bullies before became my friends. We ended up some child issues that we ended up fixing our problems in our own.


What can I do when somebody picks up a problem and bullying you?


Well, that’s a fact of a problem. Bullying in my life before took a little problem for me. Honestly from my experiences after we have fought a little problem, our homeroom teacher told me once before and said, “no matter what you have been fighting for, please shake your hands gently and sincerely.” Yes, I sometimes take that seriously. But I sometimes offend the person for somehow reasons why. But at the end of the day, we became friends as well. My elementary classmates were very pleasing personalities towards to me. Because they knew that I was a special child student inside the classroom. In fact, I didn’t know that I have had Down syndrome. Until I learned, during my sophomore year (second-year high school), the issue of Down syndrome. In the first place, I have should know that I have to tell the person that I have the case. Whenever I get to disclose the problems, we become friends.


Fast-forwarding to the present, it was last year when I got a chance to have a call center training with other normal people around me. It was my relative (who in my father’s side was relatively helping me a lot) who invited me to come and see if I can pass the training. During that month of February 2012, I got curious about the Down syndrome awareness for the month. And I did celebrating my birthday during the Happy Walk 2012. There it was, I never noticed that I enjoyed the show. I saw some of the special children around me besides me. And there it was none of my feelings. My feelings towards the society somehow I’ve already overcome the bullying factor. Little by little, the society already accepted the feeling I have inside. Then little thoughts at the back of my head have said, “everything is possible.” And after I’ve joined the networking for only five months during June to October 2011. I’ve said to myself that I’ve never quit when there was a problems to myself. In other words, always look for opportunities and open your doors to overcome your problems.


What can I do when I have temptations? How do I overcome?


There are many temptations in our lives including when your special child is tempting something not to do really bad temptations. There were many incidents in my life. I have said to myself that I won’t do it anymore in the future and control your temptations. Well said for me. But to tell you honestly, it is really hard to break the temptations.


1. Games / Technology


I am not still aware why the technology comes first in our education. But the community where we are seeing the temptations really hard to control, and somehow I might overcome it already. During after my years I finished the college life in 2003, it was already there in front of my eyes. I hardly controlled myself playing Ragnarok during that time in 2002. And I have said it that it was really hard tempting to play it again. I played 3-4 hours daily before in online games. There were times that I overplayed the console games for hours not doing anything. Somehow my mind have said that I really didn’t want doing the household chores before. It was really bad for me back then. Awful and hard to control were not meant to break. But until I learned the issue that I have to grow up and be responsible in my life. Maybe that was the reason why game creators and animators were creating the society for being miserable and have poor conditions in health.


Lessons to be learned: discipline and be responsible


2. Television


Cartoons are always there anywhere and everywhere. That also includes the shows from morning, afternoon and evening. Speaking of television evolution, the first channel I hooked on before was Animax. Yes, I loved animation so much. But I didn’t learn anything from the television. What you learn from the television was the language and other to mention issues. Honestly, I become aware about the shows from morning to evening. Whenever you are not watching, please refrain doing something while you are watching. Yes, this is an issue of temptation. But I learned the fact that I have to be responsible for the time and family issues. I always broke the family issues before. But somehow, I managed to fix my own problems. You see that you have to follow your parents’ decisions. Because whenever there’s a household chore to do, finish that part. Then do some routine of physical activities. Physical activities would develop your body to find your exercise everyday.


Lessons to be learned: time management and physical activities


3. Bad deeds


There are always comparisons of temptations between games, technology and television. But somehow when you are watching not good, always tell your child or special child not to do this. Because bad deeds are always finding in your punishments. And punishments have consequences. I learned from this issues numerously in my life. And at the end of the day, you will realize how important that you have to change your actions and be responsible for your deeds. When you find some good deeds, that is the way how to get rid of bad deeds.


Lessons to be learned: attitude, actions to be learned and be responsible


Overcoming the problems somehow finds your way how to become success someday. And I find this issues very clearly and precise. And years that I practice this issues makes me how to handle the issues. And being having with Down syndrome or any genetically disorder you have will find your way how to become behaving yourselves. Because this is what I look myself every time I confront myself in the mirror. And the problems that I see is where I learn from my confessions.

Special child issues

I am not a parent although I am already three decades old. But to tell you the truth, being despite having with Down syndrome in my life is not an issue. I have hard decisions to make, but sometimes I look forward to be better person the outcome I am. Here are some my issues whether you have encounter this already in your special child.

1. Hard to break the tantrums issues.


Yes, this is a little expected issue for me. When I was a child, I always wanted for my parents to have attention for me. I have two older sisters and a younger sister before our younger brother is born. Well, to tell you honestly, my parents were too worrying about me how I would be become better person inside and out. I always have had a tantrums before. When I saw something I really wanted, my parents sometimes punished for some reasons why. But throughout my years, when I became an adult already and have had having a little problem about the tantrums. Even before when I was around 23 or 24, I became more impatient and immature. And my older sisters always told me that I have to grow up even my parents were not here all the time.


How can I cope with the tantrum issues?


In my matured age today does completely me change so fast. Yes, I am turning 32 next week. But the deep inside of my heart, I have always tell myself that I don’t have worrying myself anymore. Because I change in times of maturity age and to become responsibility. Being responsibility in your special child takes years to practice to him or herself. For example, if I want something really bad to buy, I can wait and earn it from my money. I really don’t look anymore to my parents as an issue. And I’ve already surpassing the age that I don’t do tantrums anymore.


How do I overcome the tantrum issues?


When I start looking for a partner, or somehow I begin to realize that I am getting older. Other people the way they see me, they intend to look you if you are responsible enough. And yes, I already overcome the tantrums already when I know that it is more immaturely and irresponsible. Being as a disciplined and responsible special adult I am today, I always look to a brighter issues. Particularly, the positivity makes me that I am happy.

2. Hard to break the crying issues.


There is always an issue about this problems. When your child is always crying, he or she needs your attention to help him or her. For example, when your special child doesn’t want to go to the school. There’s a reason an issue going on. Talk to the teacher or the guidance counselor. Or better yet talk to your pediatrician doctor. When I was a teenager, my parents always wanted me to change. They needed me going to the doctor, possibly the psychologist doctor. I always have had a conversation with Dr. Banaag. Dr. Banaag’s office was in Medical City. But back before, the Medical City I knew was near the Richmonde hotel area. My father’s friend was a doctor also. He always asked for me if I was okay to talk to the doctor. And yes, there was a lot issues fighting about the bullies and worrying about my grades. I cried a lot in nights.


How do I overcome the crying issues?


Well, it is really hard to break not to cry. Especially the times when someone in your relatives happened so fast, someone passed away. That was a natural crying. But the crying issue to your special child that was always crying. It was because he or she doesn’t know yet how to understand the crying issues. For me, I overcome this issue a long time ago. It carries to the genetic effect when your child does something wrong or you punish him or her.

3. Hard to break the irresponsible issues.

irresponsible special child

This is one hard to break the irresponsible issues. Well of course, the stage of being irresponsible makes you worrying a lot when your special child doesn’t know you perfectly. Let me give you a straight example. When your special child was attached watching the television series he or she used to watch all the time, then you turned off the television set. The chances was your special child will turning on the television again. Don’t punish the special child. Give a lots of patience, unconditional love and understanding. I hardly break this a lot. But honestly being irresponsible sometimes takes years to practice also. I practice this issue until now. Well, there is no perfect human in the world.

Human stages

Happy Walk is starting soon on February 24, 13 days remaining to be exact. And I’m bringing to another social active of my site. And hopefully something will change soon. Let me explain about this. About a year ago, it was so hard to find an organization that was exactly can suit for me. If you haven’t notice what you are reading, it’s just me. I have curious case and it wasn’t so serious about it. But according in life, we are also humans. And humans are sometimes special. And that being having special is what we called born is disability. I have Down syndrome as I have saying this all over time I want it to say. I am bored for sometimes I can’t do anything really special. But being having special sometimes takes me to another level. And that level of course is where I am belong. I’m not belong some people really don’t care about us. But you know me better not to be judging about us.


I am born in this world not knowing more about me. It is about the people and the special people with special needs. Special children and special adults with special needs sometimes takes time to heal around the society and to accept the fact we are also humans. And dearly, I am beginning to understand the word, the life. Life has different stages. And stages we are speaking about is the human evolution. Let me give you examples:


1. Baby / toddlers stage


When babies are born in this world, we decide to put them with care, understand, love and sincerity. Caring them is one we look challenges as you are being as a parent. Understand them is one we have to know them better as a baby or a toddler.


In this world, I am born in the world not knowing I can’t walk or talk at the age of 2 years. My parents have said that to me when I was in high school up to now. Well, they decided visiting the doctor what was really happening about me. And dearly that year 1983, the hospitals before were not that as an advanced hospitals back then. Well, of course, in this present times, we always look our children growing up with care and understand. Love and sincere is also the elements that we have to look our babies or toddlers. And I can’t remembered everything when I was young baby. So sometimes, I try asking my parents what my life is really about before.


2. Growing child stage (4-12)


As a parent, we always make proud them as we always want for the best. But sometimes, when we are mad, we blame the children for their own mistakes not doing again. As for the special conditions for the special child, we put them in sincere, love, care and understand. We always bring unconditional love for them.


I always asked myself for some reasons why I couldn’t remembered the things in my life back before. It was dark, mushed and pitched-black. Maybe it tells me not to look after my past, but to move forward positively. My family and I used traveling when I was a child. We often went to Los Angeles, Calgary, Vancouver and some places visited in North America. The only I remembered was the People Power during President Ferdinand Marcos was stepping down during the month I was celebrating. One week after, it was really historical. One event after event came forward. And for somehow reasons why, one happiness event I couldn’t remembered anything. It was really pitched-black at the back of my mind. According from my sisters and my parents, they really loved me as they were really comforting me that much. I sometimes gave a look for them as if they wanted to give me something. But I didn’t receive anything. Instead, I have received their unconditional love, sincere, care and understanding. It was the best I could received before.


Around when I was 12 years old, it was the during the age stage of my life I could remembered some of the things I was doing. Back before, I was wearing an eyeglasses with my pants up in my tummy. For somehow, I really looked like a nerd. Going to the school everyday, my classmates always teased me a lot what I was wearing about. And the school children also looked at me. It was a feeling that I was a star in the school. That was during my 4th grade. And my classmates always told me that I was always a mischief kid back then. I have used to play around the classroom. Listening was somehow my distraction. Maybe at home when I was young, the people around me used seeing me always happy as I always visited my father’s work. And that time, my father’s work was 2 minutes walk away from our home. It was really that close. It was just that in front of our house.


When you realized something different to your special child, you sometimes thought what you could bringing up the special child under your care. In my age before, I stopped, looked, listened, played and sometimes horsed around of the house. Yes, life before was really about the happiness. And sometimes happiness broke when I was given punishment. And that punishment sometimes healed me through the years. I’ve used to have tantrums before. And one tantrum I didn’t remembered when I was still a child.


3. Teenage stage(13-19)


Growing up a teenager in your house sometimes have had their own world. This is what we called adolescence. And adolescence sometimes takes time of being having responsibility and discipline under your care, supervision and understanding. Supervising them as you always want to guide them with good manners. Sometimes I have used following my parents’ orders. I brought a lot of issues before when I was still a teenager because sometimes in life took place knowing your life before. You saw your child going to their room and sometimes didn’t want to open conversation with you. Because you always do something busy in your life.

gothic girl


Well, in that case, I share something about from me. I’ve used fighting with bullies before but we ended as good friends as well. My parents was always going up to my school from Quezon City where they were working. And my school was in Antipolo. Whenever there was a reason going up, sometimes there was an issue about me and my involved classmate’s parents. I didn’t remember anything really before. Sometimes, I always took up studying as a not-serious education for me. But well, I continued my life was something different from all the children.


And there it was one event in my school, that was during my sophomore year (second-year high school). During the recess before our subject Biology started, I was happy that day. As our Biology teacher came inside the classroom, she discussed about the genetics. And during that an hour class, she pointed me to stand up. She have asked me something about the genetics, for some reasons why, maybe I was scolded. Instead, she asked me, “Well, did you know you have Down syndrome?” All of my classmates looked at me and stared as if I knew something about me. Well, some of them really knew about me, but not all took seriously looking at me. One of my classmate was always have a paper, a pencil and an marker making something to draw. He was an comic artist as I could looked at him. Then I answered, “No, ma’am, I don’t know.” Then she asked me to sit down. Then the rest of an hour discussion of Down syndrome made me mysteriously. What was Down syndrome really about and took place on me? Was she talking about if I knew coming from my parents? Did my siblings know about this? What about my relatives? Do they know about me? I asked too many questions in myself. So upon I rode a car inside with my bags inside the trunk, the driver and I never talked about myself. It was clearly that I have my own mind thinking the way teenagers thought about. I waited patiently that afternoon  waiting for my sisters to ride in the car. Then at the moment, they rode in the car after minutes the school bell in Assumption Antipolo rang. At night we came and the dinner was over. I went to my parents’ room and asked them if they knew about the Down syndrome stuff. Then the rest followed at the end of the day.


I have a questions about me, for somehow reasons the answers are not meant to be answer. So in the long run of my life after so many years, it finally answers to my questions. Being despite having with Down syndrome doesn’t mean you have to stop and quit your battles right now. You have to fight along with your dreams to your special child. And sometimes dreams could happen after he or she grows up well knowing about his or her self about the conditions. Also being having with disability also don’t make you have to stop. Keep dreaming. And sometimes dreams always build on their own decisions and chances to grow potentially.

4. Adult stage (20-59)


Sometimes in life, some children quit at the prime time in their lives and look already for a job to help family’s needs. I see some of the teenagers right now in their lives. Somehow, why they are quitting and looking on their own lives? And some others are looking to get married right after their high school and settle their own family. I am still single and proud what I have now. If I may looking for a partner, time will come. Some others are still in their prime time who are looking for their career. They are taking up what they have in their dreams. Some dreams are always there, and some others are not meant for you.


Back to the topics I am telling about, special children are no longer to be called. They are now consider as special adults as I am now. I’m already three decades old and counting. I am still waiting when I can prove I can live on my own self. But it considers that I am still living under my parents’ house. Somehow, I provide some of the things can be buy in the house, and they return something for my financial benefits. Well not anything can be buy for your special adults. And I miss so much of my childhood friends during my elementary days. Well, some cases like I do have difficult finding a perfect job. Instead I work on my money to grow. For somehow, I realize in the long-run is something have to be exchange. My parents are already in their age for their retirement work. And I don’t have stable financial income and beneficial needs. I always look up from my parents. Sometimes, I have considering to look after myself.


Many of you might be shocking reading my article. Well of course, anyone does making on their lives. At the age after their college, they are really looking for the job need for their own income sometimes to help family’s needs or need to build your stable financial. I find difficult in each and every form of shape in life. Well, it’s not easy or difficult to find a job, but you have to keep dreaming your best to be best dreams.


5. Retirement age (60+)


This is a bonus stage for everyone who gets old. The more years has to stay, the better it stays in your age. Well not everyone I know are already in the heaven, but some of few I know. I hope I will get old too if I can make it and also have children on my own. One of my relative in Bay, Laguna has also Down syndrome in my father’s side to his mother’s side. I mean my grandmother’s relatives. And somehow I want to help him, it’s just something I can help for return. Because in the world needs help from your hands.


I am not that old yet, I am still young and single. I am three decades old already. As a matter of fact, I am enjoying the stage I am now. I am doing whatever it supposes to be enjoying. Writing a lot, doing a lot and sometimes, take time being having responsibility and discipline. Despite my case is not seriously have illness, I wish it won’t happen for me having an illness. If it happens, I won’t get old. In the world with hopes and wishes sometimes it takes your time to understand the situation of your special adult or special children that was. I knew one person when I was still training hoping to be better in training sessions to be better call center agent. Why I enter in training session to become call center agent? Simple. I won’t work enough for a serious condition I have. Barely I can keep myself healthy in a way of living life. I want to improve more better than anybody could achieve. People like us sometimes takes years to understand the situation we have.


These are five of human evolution. For somehow, I want something that can relate for something to understand. I always write about literature, sports, entertainment and sometimes, education, and among others. This is much different article I write about. If I may bring up something to be discuss, it would be hard for me write about anything. So instead, I follow my instincts what I should have to write. People are who looking something to be different, try anything that could be possible. Blessings sometimes takes time in a day, month or a year to come. It does have a different shapes. But not along with the knowledge I have. Because this is what I have in my knowledge and I decide something to have sharing you about I have.

I have difficulties before I come up writing down one of my experiences. Each of my experiences will tell you how your special child surpass through like challenges can come up with.


What if your special child running away and end up going back to you again?


I did this many times before. Although being an independent special adult I am now today, this gives me a wild answer. I don’t know how I overcome right now. Each time I recall one of my experiences before, I really don’t how to explain this. But to tell you the truth, it comes out naturally for me. Yes, I tried many times before. This one little experience when I was getting to know myself more. There was one night before. My parents scolded me for a reason why in the first place I was still living with them in a first place. Back then, I even didn’t know myself that much as I do. I didn’t know in the first place what is Down syndrome. Not until I learned back when I was in sophomore year (or second year high school), the Biology teacher taught us in one branch of Science which it was the Genetics she came up with. With trisomy 21, I even didn’t know in the first place that was genetically gene disorder. Or somewhat called as down syndrome. So I realized I have some issues with other special children I met in the association. Parents with their special child with special needs came up to my point that he was having problem the same way I do before. I found this problem by solving my own. It was last year that I learned from an organization.


It was exactly that I have in my mind. In the streets in Manila from the place we used to live Quezon City before, I even didn’t know to do with 100 pesos before. I’ve managed to pay 5 people out of 100 pesos. But I didn’t receive the change of money. So the jeepney driver stopped by at the end of his journey said that it was the time I have to go down. I didn’t know where I was going to. By the time I’ve reached in Makati area, the area I’ve used to go before with my family, I went to. So I was dressed like a student. With brown pants and white polo shirt without logo on my shirt, I was hiding myself under a loose white polo shirt. The staff inside the shop came out from the area and saw somebody sleeping outside the shop. The shop I was sleeping in the street was my father’s running business before, the car repairing shop. He said to me that I have to leave. But then, the roaming town official guard (barangay officer in other words) came towards to me. He was beating me with his black wooden stick (the baton). Then as he grabbed my loose white polo shirt off my head, that was the time the staff noticed me already. He said to me that I was a son of the owner’s shop. Then the barangay officer left. The staff let me in through the shop.


It wasn’t my first experience that I was beaten up by barangay officer. I’ve beaten up before by the bullies before in the school. I did several times this before. Including when I walked away from the house to go looking after the girl I’ve used to fall in love. That was the time when I was in college. I knew at this time I already knew my curious case.


This is my first time I bring up with about my experiences to confess about who I am before and now. The truth slips out. And I guess the answer to the question I bring up. You have to know the limitations of the special child. Somehow he or she will cry about your advices not to walk away again. You have to know that every special child or special adult I am now has feelings or emotional state of their own. My lesson here is not to do it again. Because I learn so much of my experiences before. What I did wrong is absolutely wrong.


What if your special child gets tantrums all the time if he or she don’t get the things he or she wants?


This is the perfect opportunity I want to answer on my own question I bring up. Yes, I get a lot of tantrums before until I learn something I want to discuss with.


When your special child gets annoying about his or her sibling, it simply he or she is jealous about the attention that your another child has own things to take care. I’ve even notice that to myself. I’m always envy or jealous about that. Including before when the technology was introduced in the society, the computer was owned by my sister. I simply messed up with my sister, She sometimes scolded for a reason not to touch her things. Then she said to me if time comes, she would allow me to teach how to use the computer. But I guess I learned on my own through computer lessons in the school. Eventually after high school, I’ve notice myself that I can use computer for long hours. Not to mention that I used to be a computer addict before. I played console games, online games and Lan games. Every kind of game in the world I knew before, I used to play outside of our house playing online games through the business I have before. And the business my mom gave me was cellphone loading business. Which is until now, I still have that kind of business. I’ve been running the business for six years and seven months already.


Until I’ve discovered one of my talents which I grow my opportunities to come. I’ve been a lot of tantrums before. But I guess I’ve overcome up already before I am already a special adult with a certain age. Certain age means that I am much more mature, more thinking to solve of my problems and more responsible of what my actions do. And the things I don’t have before is to have my own computer. I’ve gain my blessings that I have now. Except I don’t want to download a game or something that it would distract me. Computer games are the distractions in your life. Whether you like to move him or her outside of the house, he or she would definitely get a tantrum. Except to the people who are still young and a stage to move on.


For me, tantrums are no longer new to me. I’ve get a lot of lessons to learn before. It’s the best example I have to answer the question I bring up with.

What is Down syndrome? Down syndrome is a mental retardation to some of us. Not many but to the 1:1000 ratio of every 100 parents have their child with Down syndrome. It is sometimes a malformation. Some of the kids I saw before have difficult with speaking straight. But I can talk straight. Why? I also don’t know why in the first place that I talk so fast. Maybe God gives me a special medication, to message every parent with their special children that I can be an inspiration for each and every special child in the world. I never know that the world is huge for us, especially the world now has seven billion of human population. That includes the human deaths in seven billion. But in the count of population today is four billion and still counting.


Dr. John L. H. Down, an English physician, first discovered the syndrome in 19th century where he described to mongoloids (now as Down syndrome) to some of his patients with the same cases. With a difficult to read, sometimes a difficult to speak or different cases that includes the case. It was during Jose Rizal’s time if I may recalled. Dr. Down tolerates people not to burden the children with special needs. In some of few cases I have read, he didn’t realize what was the cause of Down syndrome. Unusual as he may recalled for the case. But he saw the same symptoms where he studied the conditions. Other kids with the same case before died earlier at the age of 10. As the generation passed, Dr. Down now didn’t know the life span of Down syndrome today will be living up to their lifestyle of other humans also.


Jose Rizal was in the world already during Dr. Down on June 19, 1861 while his mother conceived bearing him on November 18, 1828. Rizal died on December 30, 1896 on the same year Dr. Down died on October 7, 1896. Rizal died in a young age of 35 while Dr. Down died in old age of 67 years old. Abraham Lincoln on the other part was already in the world on February 12, 1809 and died on April 15, 1865 at the age of 56 years. Lincoln was the past of Dr. Down and Rizal was the during Dr. Down’s life. Emilio Aguinaldo was also in the world of Dr. Down when he born on March 22, 1969 and died in a old age of 94 years when he died on February 6, 1964. Three of the greatest names, Rizal, Aguinaldo and Lincoln were living during Dr. Down’s life.


How I overcome Down syndrome? It was when I was in second year high school at the age of 16. Barely enough I didn’t know my schoolmates and some of my classmates teased me as abnormal. Not knowing at the start of my life, it was part of my growing up. People really didn’t like me before. I was little curious when I was young. I was very talkative, dancing and shouting names as if I don’t care to some people. I don’t mind them because I was happy at that time. Not until when I entered high school, people were now curious looking at me around the school. Little they knew about me, they were defining me as a successful person in the future if I overcome. Then in the Biology when our Science teacher taught about genetics. And Down syndrome have discussed in the class along with the other genetic problems in human lives. And there she was pointing me as if I knew the Down syndrome case I have had. I did coming home after classes. As I came tumbling and didn’t care about chores and studies, I bothered my parents. I asked them why I did having Down syndrome partly in my life.


There was a times that my world would driven me out a little cause. Dismantling my mind would become a disaster or maybe I should forget myself and denying all the time. My feet trembles and my eyes soaks full of tears that night. I banged my head sometimes to the wall. I kept denying and denying. Until later of my life during 2011, my cousin invited me in some kind of business she was doing. I was, on the other hand, having my cellphone loading business. During my peak before in my loading business, I was now curious if I took a chance getting a job. And I’ve entered multi-level marketing or such as networking business. I’ve discovered that I have potential. And little by little, every seminar I’ve listened many times. The word of abnormal came out every time the speaker spoke many times. And I seized that very day when I finally nearly stopped doing the mlm business. After leaving the business in October 2011, I finally took and wore off my last medicine I was taking. It was the last powdered vitamin C medicine I swallowed in my throat and drank with water. Without knowing it, I’ve discovered along the road with my family roots both in my father’s side and my mother’s side. Both sides were rich in history. And I came from a middle-class family. Without building myself having Down syndrome, I finally learned to accept who I was. The lessons I have learned is to be better among the rest of population either in Philippines or the entire planet as well.


Fourteen years I kept denying myself having Down syndrome was the sin I kept myself for that too long for me. Then I realized that I was more blessed. Keeping me by my parents with an attitude, the ethics, the gesture and everything kept me stronger along the road of journey I was in. So here I am, more happiness and more likely to receive more blessings although I’m a bit of surprised of generation today. I am even more aware of what road I will taking in the next chapter. Since I love science, literature, history, elementary math, music, arts and dancing, I’m even surprising parents with their children with special needs. Other people little they know about me begin to ask, “How do you overcome Down syndrome?” And I simply answer their questions in this kind of article I am writing about me, Dr. Down’s discovery and the life within the world.


I’ve just to rephrase just a little quote about this: “Life is success in every shape of the world” to “Life corners the world with every and each success in each of human living in this world.”

Hungry for learning knowledge is what the kids can do in their preschool. But in this generation, it needs a lot of attention away from their technologies. In the past, we only have a typewriter, an old version of computer with an Atari game, the telephone that can clicks off and on and some other old stuff you can use. It was like Total Recall when you are watching in the television. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the action star before. And the bust off boxing champ Rocky would knock down his challenger out of the ring. Sylvester Stallone was there also. And until the generation of 1980’s was explosive movies in our time.


Name other stuff of that. But that topic isn’t supposed to be tell and share the story. We are talking about my favorite subjects. Yes, of course, the inevitable favorite subjects I would like to tell about in details.




This is all about the details you can count from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and so forth. Kids should learn the basic math first. Well, in my age, I learned how to compute the simple way back when I was in fifth grade or somewhere in fourth grade. My grades way back in preschool and from first grade to third grade was very bad. I’ve never learned anything. All I did before, all I think was to play and play and acted all around the school. Goofing around was what I have never imagined in myself when I was a child. Yes, of course, I began to love the Mathematics in fourth grade or fifth grade. But it was all the effort I learned about the Math.


You have never imagined in my situation when I went through I was in seventh grade. I was merely only and one seventh grade way back before. Why all of the schools cut off the seventh grade? If they haven’t implement the K-12 system in our country, the schools are more efficiently teaching children about their seventh grade. Seventh grade is the step closer your child should learn more in the school rather jumping or advancing to first year high school. It is not a typical way for the Filipinos to jump or advance their kid to learn in elementary.


When I entered the high school, all of my sixth grade classmates became instantly my classmates in high school. Because if I haven’t joined in the seventh grade, I would probably knowing all of the Montessorians should have seventh grade. Look at in the OB Montessori, they have had the seventh grade system. Miriam College and Assumption Antipolo students also have their seventh grade system. What I learned from school was to obtain and to absorb the knowledge we need it to learn. Algebra in our freshman year was that I didn’t know how to compute very well. Then I have to go to my father and to be teach at home. Same goes in Geometry in sophomore year, Trigonometry in junior year and Calculus in senior year were all that I took from the high school math. They were all difficult to learn. What I found later in life, this high school math are very crucial and need when you reach in college or later in your life, just like in animation.




Without a history in every aspect in every corner of the world, we won’t learning from our planet earth. That is why the Science place in our minds to feed about the nature of our history in planet earth. From anatomy, zoology, genetics, botany and some other branches of Science are to mention what you need it to learn. From the start of our lives, we know Adam and Eve are the first people have been living in the planet earth. But these scientists are wanting to debate with the biblical facts are wrong. It is to think if we live longer, we would have the first humans living in the planet. Let me give you an example, it is all about the planet of the apes. People find it wrong, but somehow in idealistic makes nothing to believe. You choose to believe. But I always remind myself that we have once first people roaming in the planet by our father and mother are Adam and Eve.


I didn’t know what to think first. Back where I am talking about the Science. It became my first favorite subject back when I was in fourth grade. I learned so much from our homeroom teacher who also playing the role as a Science teacher. She thought the wonderful facts of Science. From the plants, animals and some facts of everything in Science. My mind was like a geek before. With the pants up in my stomach and eyeglasses, my classmates almost thought that I was changed or transformed from anything. They were wrong. Because it did my transformation when I got electrocution back before the fourth grade. I eventually touched the broken wire of florescent lamp and my feet were touching in the ground. That was what happened to me. After that, I began falling in love about Science.


It continued when I reached seventh grade when our Science teacher told me to study all over again with the sixth graders. I was so lucky back then. Because in fact I was only seventh grade, I have to take sixth grade Science all over again. That is when it sparked passing the grade of above 80. I was not intelligent in every subject that was. What is the most important? The most important was you to learn more about Science. That was where I found myself having down syndrome from our Biology teacher when she told me that I have had that. When I came home, I eventually asked my parents what are the down syndrome features looked like. It’s not their decision to let me know in high school. It was only that I have to discover my own adventures. Of course, in high school Science was different from elementary. In freshman year, we have General Science and elective subject of Earth Science. Then in other parts of high school are  Biology in sophomore year, Chemistry in junior year and Physics of senior year of high school. Physics was the father of all Science. Just any case, you never think that way.


Language – English and Filipino


All of us have to learn the basic of hi, hello and ethics of the social world. That is where we need to learn from our school. English was all I have to learn about verbs and spellings. They are the basics of both English and Filipino. Filipino is our language in the Philippines. After I have graduated in college, I suddenly knew about the different dialects of Filipino language. That is where I have to focus about our society. First of all, I only know the basic Visayan dialect in Visayas. And of course, the dialects of Filipino are suppose to be learn. Well of course, English is the primarily subject in our school aside from Filipino. I still learn to study all over again in any case I need to restudy again.


English language is the basic and primary language in any kind of any countries. What is there more are French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and some other languages as well. We also need to learn the basic language in other countries. Good thing for us, we are enrich of the basic languages in our country are Spanish, Chinese, English and Filipino. The lineage, of course, in our country are primarily Spanish and English before. Then we have to adopt the other languages as well. Because I know some businessmen come from China, where we have had the richest people were Chinese. Few of them I think, but mostly I meet are some in the middle or in the poor. We don’t know the facts anyway. But this isn’t my favorite subject back in elementary. It became my favorite subject when I reached sophomore year. Literature became my favorite subject when it came around in my life during I was in junior year. Loving a girl is another perfect example to show your expression yourself in English Literature. I created some of the poems, sonnets, songs and even in stories I was writing about. Literature became the example in each corner of our life. If we didn’t learn the language and literature in the first place, what language are we talking about? That is why it comes first in our mind.


History – Philippines and among others


If Science is place in our center of our lives, we all need to write down the history of our lives. That is where the literature comes in also. For you need to know about European history, you have to resource yourself with an encyclopedia books. If we need to know the Philippines, then we have to travel some of the historic cities also in our country. For example, I had been in Ilocos region where I learned the facts of the Philippine history. The former dictator in our country, President Ferdinand Marcos, was all about the learnings of discipline. I knew for his existence that we have to learn our society back in shape. But there are really some dirty corrupted politicians in the first place. But we have to know about then. From my existence, the only I remembered our presidents were Ferdinand Marcos, Corazon Aquino, Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Benigno Aquino III. And the only president in our relative were Sergio Osmena from the Cebu islands and Emilio Aguinaldo from Cavite.


I will name of the presidents in order: Emilio Aguinaldo, Manuel L. Quezon, Jose P. Laurel, Sergio Osmena, Manuel Roxas, Elpidio Quirino, Ramon Magsaysay, Carlos P. Garcia, Diosdado Macapagal, Ferdinand Marcos, Corazon C. Aquino, Fidel V. Ramos, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (daughter of Diosdado Macapagal) and the 15th president, Benigno C. Aquino III (son of the late senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. and Corazon C. Aquino).


Music, Arts and Home Economics


These are the last favorite subjects to obtain and learn it all over again. Music place in every detail in my life. It is because without it, I won’t learn the history and the language in the first place. If you are singing Korean song, you don’t know how to sing properly. That is where you have to learn the language. And for the Arts, it involved with Science. It was the first subject I learned how to draw the scientific in our body or for example of the Acacia tree. Well of course the last subject was Home Economics. I learned how to sew the torn clothes and other basic in our home. If I am alone in other countries, I won’t staying for depression and frustration if it will happen for me that. But I learned already how to become stronger just in any case you are alone in the house. Basic and advanced culinary skills was the only I learned from the culinary school where I attended my college. I really finished the college certificate so I can achieved my dreams before. Because without college certificate, I won’t learn anything from the basic culinary in the kitchen. What else you can’t learn if you want badly how to cook? Home Economics was the basic education in home and culinary came in second when you need to learn how to cook or boil the soup and simmer. Maybe it was learnings I have absorbed from the schools I came from.

Student’s Life

Student is the best years that we have to study during our preschool years, elementary years, high school years (or middle school years in some other countries) and college years. Of course, you don’t want to miss the vocational years or master in degree years also. Studying for most of all us are very important. Let me get straight for the point of view.


Studying means (1) the application of the mind to the acquisition of knowledge, as by reading, investigation, or reflection, (2) the cultivation of a particular branch of learning, science or art, (3) a personal effort to gain knowledge, (4) something studied or to be studied and (5) a research or a detailed examination and analysis of a subject, phenomenon, etc.


Knowledge means (1) acquaintance with faces, truths or principles, as from study or investigation, (2) familiarity or conversance, as with a particular subject or branch of learning, (3) acquaintance or familiarity gained by sight, experience or report, (4) the fact or state of knowing, the perception of fact or truth, clear and certain mental apprehension and (5) awareness, as of a fact or circumstance.




When we were kids, we study to grow our knowledge in school such as mathematics, science, history and language as well. When we exquisite our knowledge, we opt to be sharing our knowledge to others. If commit to be a leader, it always been a knowledge that the student in fact is studying at home and at school as well. Many others are quitting to study because of the financial problems or as “I don’t want to go school” attitude. Simply ask them why they are not going to school with this simple questions: “Why do you want in the first place don’t want to go to the school” or “Do you want to transfer to other school?”


Other kids are scared to go to the school because of the family values. We share our knowledge to our children. For my age, I am already 31 years old writing down this article. I have finished going to the culinary college at my age of 19. But to tell you, in fact, many children in the Philippines I see in this generation skipping two preschool years and skipping one year of grade school. That will be the outcome of 7 years to learn in the preschool and elementary. When you sum up with the high school years, it will be total of 11 years. When I graduated from culinary college, I am already at the age of 22 years. It’s not the age competition or the age bracket is matter of. Education is the basic knowledge we have to learn from school.


Some others when they are learning from home, somehow in my ideas, suffering from family values as well. When you put to the school’s knowledge, you gain some of the important facts. For example, I went going back to my vocational course of digital because I want to gain some knowledge more of the commercial or animation facts as well. Students nowadays are sometimes going to the internet cafe after their school hours and not reporting to their parents about their failure grades. In fact, computer today are very educational programs. But do not tend the generation’s fault because of the internet age as well.


I do not blame for the internet age. In fact, I was lack of knowledge when I heard some of the schools today have computer courses in high school elective subjects. I don’t assuring to be gain but to go back instead to learn the process of education.


Failures in my life before: (1) I am not of the top average class, in fact I am under average student when I am still in elementary days, (2) back from the preschool years, my parents wanted to learn the education in writing and speaking in the language form, and (3) in high school years, my only one subject is below 80. So that means I am not that intelligent person as the average others are.


Tips for student’s life: (1) keep an eye for your child going to the school and wait for them to go inside, (2) after the school bell rings, (thanks for this generation) ask them in the cellphone where they are now and what time are they coming and (3) open up with a conversation with your child doing his or her best at the school. You might know that some of the children I see in the street going to the internet cafes nowadays. Sometimes, they ended chatting and chatting in the mall knowing their time is already up. You have also to catch up with this generation as well I do the same. But then again, I am extraordinary person with down syndrome. With this abilities to writing down an article is the best way to achieve in every person’s knowledge.


Cultivating the books is still the best way to create the student’s life for each of the parents today. It is one of the way to opt our children to read books. When your child is full in knowledge, create a short quiz for him or her. And let him or her answer if the item on the paper is correct. Somehow it doesn’t want me to do that. In my past studies, I did that already. And I asked some of my  friends if I can pass the quiz as well. Maybe somehow it doesn’t want to create a new way of life. Normally I study every day until now even I am in adult already. I always tell myself to study hard. If the children are hungry for knowledge to learn, and I am always find the way to do that and apply for my own studies as well. Studying is not that hard enough, it’s just have to be patience when you are studying. It makes no sense if your stomach is empty, let your body needs an attention to the food you eat. And go back as well to study again.


On my part, it doesn’t contrary to be that way. For my knowledge to create this article, it really evolves me and involves me the way I am studying anything I can absorb of any knowledge as well. Just ask me a comment if what your mind tells you about and I will answer the best answer I can do.

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