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Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw

Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw

When I saw this television series of Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw in ABS-CBN, I have started the show since the beginning. And it was so great although it had 63 episodes. It was not floppy, but I loved the series so much. Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw or You’re All I Need have started since January 21, 2013. And it will end so soon on April 19, 2013 with 63 episodes.


The top 3 stars of the series were Anne Curtis who played as Ruth Manrique, Kris Aquino as Roxanne Manrique-Dagohoy and Robin Padilla as Gregorio “Bogs” Dagohoy. Kris have two other shows in ABS-CBN, Kris TV and Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4. Anne Curtis on the other hand was in the show of It’s Showtime after the series of Be Careful With My Heart in noontime series. Both actresses were busy in the set. They were seem happily doing the series. Although I loved Kris Aquino so much, this has nothing to do in her controversies here in my article.


Along in the series were Tirso Cruz III playing as Rodrigo Manrique, Gloria Sevilla as Esther Dagohoy, Ian Veneracion as Redentor “Red” Manrique / Hawkeye, Smokey Manoloto as Pogi Kho, Emilio Garcia as Loro, Karla Estrada as Apple Puno, Laureen Uy as Esmy, Miles Ocampo as Precious Dagohoy, Marco Gumabao as Ian and Xyriel Manabat as Cherish Dagohoy. The extending cast in the series were Melissa Mendez as Dina Manrique, Kevin Viard as Gunther Armansi, Tetchie Agbayani as Luisa, Efren Reyes as Ernesto Cruz, Jeffrey Santos as Popoy Almonte, Diane Medina as Sonia, Troy Montero as Aldrich Matias, Guji Lorenzana as Mario, Nick Lizaso as Menandro Matias, Pocholo Montes, Matthew Padilla, Paulo Serrano and Johnny Revilla. The special participation in the series were Daniel Padilla as Young Bogs, Trina Legaspi as young Roxanne, Carlo Lacana as young Red, Alexandra Macanan as young Ruth and Lito Pimentel as Nestor Dagohoy.


It all started when Ruth wanted to go the New York but she gave herself a bright idea by making her fault to steal money from her family. So she decided to kidnap herself and let Manrique family to pay the ransom. But Ruth was cornered by Bogs who caught her at the end of the river. Bogs have never thought Ruth was a sister of Roxanne and daughter of the company of security agency. Rodrigo blamed Ruth when he saw his own daughter to see her just like that. But Roxanne have never realized that Rodrigo would come to see Ruth in the police station.


Ruth was released in the police station the next day, but Rodrigo have accepted the condition Ruth wanted to go to New York to pursue her modeling career. After Ruth did something bad to her family, she did something wrong to Bogs that she got the police badge. So Bogs was persistent when he went to the boxing gym if he can get the police badge from Ruth. Ruth said no and they met again in the bar. So when Ruth and Bogs have met in the bar, they went to Tagaytay where she wanted to have dinner somewhere there in Tagaytay. Bogs never thought Ruth was prettier so he could date Ruth. And at the end of the night, Ruth decided to sleep in the hammock where she needed to sleep for a night. Bogs can’t resisted to protect her because he saw some men wanting to seduce Ruth. So he also stayed with Ruth. After a night, Bogs have returned Ruth to her home. And Bogs have started to recognize something have happened twenty years ago when he saw Rodrigo from the robbery shootout in the bank. Bogs’ father was a security guard in the bank. They thought Nelson was behind of the robbery shootout. It was Rodrigo who put out the bag with money and escaped with the money.


After Rodrigo and Bogs have met in the security company, Rodrigo wanted Bogs out of the building. As soon as Ruth left the Philippines going to New York, Bogs have never thought he could fall in love to Ruth. So Ruth asked to her sister Roxanne to see after Bogs. She could get falling in love to Bogs again, but Ruth never thought Roxanne could also fall in love with the same man they loved. When Roxanne almost got lost and have problems with her car in Antipolo, Roxanne have asked Bogs to come over and helped her in her car problems. So Bogs came over when he saw a group a men trying to harass Roxanne and trying to seduce her. But Bogs came to the rescue and finally helped Roxanne out of her car problems. Now the big question was, can Roxanne tell her sister that she was ready to fall in love with Bogs? But she was afraid to tell her. Bogs have courted Roxanne the entire year. But Ruth secretly went home to the Philippines when she saw Roxanne and Bogs in the church. Bogs was trying to convince Roxanne to marry him for the rest of his life. However, Rodrigo didn’t want Roxanne to be part of Bogs’ life. So he blamed Roxanne to go away and be part of her life away from Manrique’s family. Ruth and Rodrigo saw Roxanne and Bogs’ wedding in their own ways just to see if Roxanne was okay with Bogs.


Ruth was dismayed about Bogs. Because she still felt in love with Bogs but Bogs chose Roxanne to marry instead of her. So Ruth went back to New York and continued her modeling career. Ruth have may lost and Gunther, Ruth’s friend have saw Ruth in pain. So Ruth have decided to leave the Philippines in her back. Gunther have decided to change Ruth’s name to Ruthy Enriquez. And Ruth have fell in love in her modeling career. Ruth have lost home already and tried to survive on her own. But Ruth didn’t know that Red was father to her. So Red sent money to Ruth whenever Ruth have had problems in money. Soon after Ruth have recovered from her modeling career, everyone in the Philippines have also passed their own problems.


Bogs and Roxanne have raised two children on their own and the two girls was conceived from Roxanne have been given birth to them. They were Cherish and Precious. As soon Precious and Cherish were happily with their parents Bogs and Roxanne. It was the time Roxanne have felt terrible ill in herself. So she decided to look for a doctor what was really happened to Roxanne. Then Roxanne have found that she have a cancer and it was already in 3rd stage. Nobody knew about her illness but Roxanne’s mother who have the same illness that have passed on her. As the cancer grew in Roxanne’s body, Bogs have found the illness to Roxanne and Apple didn’t know what to do with her best friend Roxanne.


Roxanne have no contacts from her family. With her father, brother or even to Roxanne’s niece, Ruth have didn’t know about where she could get Ruth’s number. Rodrigo on the other part knew Roxanne’s illness. He kept the secret. But Red was mumming about the illness wealth when Rodrigo didn’t know what Red was up to his company. When Apple have finally got Ruth’s number from Rodrigo’s office, Precious have a ways to contact Ruth just to inform Ruth that Roxanne was having illness all along.


Both families have seen each other again, but now they were seeing Roxanne was having pain in her stomach. Bogs have no way to run, but asked Rodrigo to take care Roxanne going to China. Rodrigo have accepted but he also wanted to go to the China with her daughter. But his attorney have said that he wasn’t ready to go to China because he have recently a mild stroke. Ruth was in exchange to come over and take care of her sister.


When the incident happened in the helicopter, they crashed in the ocean. Ruth survived from the crash and so Roxanne was. But Roxanne kept her life in secret when she was helped of Filipino friend Luisa. Luisa have practiced her medicines to cure Roxanne away from the Manrique and Dagohoy’s family. Bogs in the other hand was helpless and tried to search Roxanne in his extended trip. But when China dropped Bogs’ stay in China, they have decided Bogs to depart from China to the Philippines. Soon as Ruth recovered from her trauma and from the hospital, she took over to take care of Roxanne’s children. Ruth have decided not to go back in New York instead she took her father Rodrigo and Roxanne’s children, Precious and Cherish. Lola Esther have nothing to say to Ruth but she wanted Ruth to keep away from Roxanne’s children with her.


Rodrigo and his grandchildren Precious and Cherish have finally reunited and reconciled after years he wanted to see his grandchildren badly enough to see them. He became too tired to speak ill from his daughter that he didn’t know that Roxanne was still alive. As Cherish have struck with illness, Bogs have finally came home and wanted to see Cherish in his sight. He would never did it again after he searched Roxanne in his entire life just to look after her. But Bogs now claimed he wouldn’t leave his family on his back.


But then Rodrigo have found the acts of criminal when he saw records of Red who have been stealing guns from his company and and also stealing cash transactions from the company. Rodrigo have never felt bad of his own son. So he pulled his testimony and changed it to Cherish and Precious whenever it happened to him again. Soon Red was on his own thinking and blaming Roxanne was part of their own family. Roxanne was the only daughter Rodrigo wanted in his life. Although Rodrigo claimed Roxanne was the best daughter he could have and run the company smoothly. But the destiny have changed when Roxanne have married to Bogs and have own children. Bogs and Roxanne bought a new house a long time ago before their children came in their lives. Both of them have struggled from the financial problems just to help their own children Precious and Cherish.


Now Roxanne was gone, Roxanne have paid the remaining balance of the house expenses from her insurance money and Bogs didn’t know all along that Roxanne did it for the best for their daughters. Bogs didn’t want Roxanne to have pride of herself just to pay house’s remaining loan. Now Bogs have remaining days just to look after the justice he really wanted. He didn’t kill for a purpose with his back-up police. But instead he looked for a justice to look after clearing his father’s name.


All the months have gone by, Ruth have convinced herself giving a chance to prove her heart again with Bogs. But Precious didn’t know that her auntie have relationship with Bogs before. Roxanne returned to the Philippines with Luisa just to see Precious and Cherish in perfect condition and in their birthday party. Roxanne saw her daughters happily together with Bogs and Ruth. Rodrigo played as a king in the birthday party and Cherish and Precious played both as princesses in birthday party. Both Manrique family and Dagohoy family didn’t know Roxanne return and as if she was still alive. On the other hand, Red was kidnapped, beaten and kept away from Manrique family of what which Red claimed all the money for his own and for his daughter Ruth.


Rodrigo and Red have the same problems on their own in the family. Rodrigo have stolen 10 million pesos and claimed that he won the money from the sweepstakes office. And Red on the other hand, have stolen many of security equipment from their security owned company. Red have pulled many money from the company which he stolen from employees’ salary and transactions have made. When Red and Colonel Matias have decided to drop Rodrigo, Red have things to settled to Colonel Matias. He killed his own boss of the mafia group. And Red have escaped from his justice he could owned his money together with his daughter Ruth. When Ruth have put all the blame for the mess, Red went to Dagohoy’s house and told Ruth that he was a father to him. Ruth didn’t want to believe but she all wanted to hear from her father Rodrigo.


Of all the mess have made, Rodrigo have decided to tell Ruth the honest answer that Red was a father to Ruth. And Ruth believed when Rodrigo have started to cry. Red on the other hand walked away from the mansion. Rodrigo have put the security company with a help to Colonel Matias which it led to a mess.Then Precious have seen Ruth was crying together with Bogs. With a lot of problems have torn, Ruth have reconciled faster as she accepted Red as her father. Precious got in trouble when she got a car accident. As soon as Roxanne have heard, it was time that Apple and Pogi have discovered Roxanne was still alive in a bus terminal going away from her family.


And at the end, Roxanne didn’t know what to do with her reconciliation with her family after she saw Precious got in car accident. Ruth on other hand have saw Roxanne was fine actually from her illness before. Now the both families have considered Precious to look after. Their problems were between Roxanne, Ruth, Bogs and Red. Bogs and Roxanne’s problem was how to keep Precious in perfect condition. Red on the other hand was running away from the justice. And Roxanne and Ruth have different point of views in their family what to do. But Rodrigo was now telling if he could accepted Bogs in his whole heart before anything happens in the family.




In my opinion in this television series of Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw or You’re All I Need, this story was different no other stories it could happened. And I was right Roxanne would survived from the helicopter accident after Ruth was also survived. What I have seen the series from the beginning to the end, it was the inevitable events that could ever happened. It was Filipino favorite classy moves. From which where the character died comes alive in the next episodes. It was also I have been watching the series of Apoy sa Dagat where Rebecca thought could died. Anne Curtis and Kris Aquino were amazingly talented actresses playing their roles. When I saw Anne for the second time she could acting after she played in the series of Dyosa in 2008 to 2009. I already loved her at the start of her career.


With a good chemistry and good story of this television series, for me it was approved. The characters were highly recommended for the audience. Although I hate to admit whatever the rate for the television series is not considered to me, it is good for me. The chemistry between Kris and Robin have been partially fine for me that they have been together again for their acting. They were paired in the movie before. And now they were paired together again in the televisions series together with Anne Curtis.


Maybe I consider Anne Curtis as my top favorite actress in my list. If I have a good story and a good script story, I would consider Anne to play one of my main characters in my story of The Legendary of Fireice.

Kahit Konting Pagtingin

Kahit Konting Pagtingin

Kahit Konting Pagtingin or Just One Glance have replaced the top-rating show Aryana in one of the best shows in ABS-CBN. Although it gave a shorten period of the television series, it had 53 episodes that it will end tomorrow. Kahit Konting Pagtingin stars Angeline Quinto plays as Aurora Cantada, Sam Milby plays as Adam Ledesma and Paulo Avelino plays as Lance Ledesma. All of three stars have gone in a successful projects. Angeline firstly acted in the movie of Born to Love You with leading man Coco Martin. Then she gave her breakthrough acting in her first television series of Kahit Konting Pagtingin. While Paulo came from the successful television series of Walang Hanggan that had ended in February 14, 2013.


The supporting cast of the television series were Joonee Gamboa who played as Don Arturo Ledesma, Mylene Dizon as Nerisssa Ledesma-Dimagiba, John Lapus as Milo Santiago, Tommy Abuel as Val Cantada, James Blanco as Jacob Dimagiba, Jordan Herrera as Ivan, Snooky Serna as Faye Ledesma, Alexandra Macanan as Giselle Ledesma, Jon Lucas as Eugene Cantada and Lance Angelo Lucido as Peter. Also part of the television series were Ahron Villena as Eric Ledesma, Bianca Manalo as Mabel Romero, Lloyd Samartino as Philip Ledesma, Coco Martin as the bus passenger and Precious Lara Quigaman as Olga.


In the start of the series, Aurora Cantada was working in the bar where she met drunk man, Eric Ledesma. But despite Eric doesn’t want to ruin his life, he told his girlfriend that he would marrying someone’s else if he saw the first girl in his sight. But he saw Aurora and they exchanged conversation. Eric gave something precious for him to Aurora and Aurora refused to accept the gift. They left the bar in a while. But along the road, Aurora and Eric got in a car accident. Eric died in a car accident while Aurora have survived in the car accident. She woke in a car accident and saw Don Arturo in the hospital. She explained Don Arturo that she wasn’t a girlfriend of Eric. Despite she refused, Don Arturo held his chest and almost gave a mild stroke.


Aurora was given a second chance to live and met Don Arturo in the hospital. So in return, Aurora finally confirmed that she wasn’t able to refuse the conditions. As Aurora came with Don Arturo in his home, she saw the huge mansion in her life thinking what she would do for her family living in the shanty homes. As Aurora almost got a shower in the comfort room, she almost sat on Adam’s body in the sauna but Adam have seen Aurora in the sauna. When Aurora came out of the sauna, she also bumped Lance on her way when Lance and Aurora fell on the floor.


Aurora quickly got up from Lance. And Don Arturo came inside the comfort room and saw Lance, Adam and Aurora. He had introduced Aurora to his sons Lance and Adam. Along from the series, Aurora have never thought Eric has two other brothers. So in a glance, Lance gave a heartwarming welcome to Aurora to Ledesma Family. And Adam didn’t believe that Eric chose Aurora to have wedded. So Adam gave orders to his investigators to investigate Aurora’s background. But Lance gave Aurora a chance to meet the Ledesma family and even in a glance, Lance gave something that Aurora would get a chance to Lance.


But when Aurora was trapped in investigation, she explained to Lance that she would do anything for her family. Aurora lost a job, but eventually Lance gave a second chance for Aurora to get in the Ledesma’s family again. In spite of all decisions, Nerissa have never chose Aurora to be part of Ledesma’s family. Faye also didn’t like Aurora’s intentions to be part of the family. But when Adam got sick, Aurora have had a chance to play as a caregiver in the family. She would even cared for Don Arturo and especially to Adam who have been sick lately. While Adam have been sick for a week, Lance and Jacob took a chances to take over the company while Adam was away from his work.


When Adam finally got up from his sickness from his two weeks absence from his work, he returned to his work and found out that he had finally living up with Aurora. He may never got revived from his sickness, but Aurora did all her best just to cure Adam’s sickness. When Peter showed up in Ledesma’s family, he pointed Adam and Lance as his father but Don Arturo didn’t know what to do with the boy in the family. Instead Aurora came to the rescue and played as Peter’s mother. But Peter loved Aurora so much as it turned around, Peter called Aurora as his mother and Lance and Adam turned as his fathers. Faye also didn’t know about the fact of the boy’s history.


Since Eric have may been gone so long, Aurora’s background have finally revealed when Nerissa showed up with the fake relationship between Aurora and Eric. Nerissa have told Mabel Romero from New York that Eric have already died. In return, Mabel returned home in the Philippines just to provide the news from the Ledesma’s family. When Don Arturo and his family have chances to meet up with other guests and relatives in Eric’s funeral. Nerissa had introduced Mabel to the Ledesma’s family. Don Arturo have found Aurora was a fake person who was having relationship with Eric. So he gave Aurora to get out of his family.


Back where Aurora was living with her brother Eugene and her father Val, Val have reacted in Aurora’s story and showed what was really going wrong in Ledesma’s family. As soon as it reconciled between Aurora and Ledesma’s family, Aurora returned to the Ledesma’s family when Peter really needed Aurora in his side. Don Arturo have forgiven Aurora in all of consciences Aurora have got in. And Faye may have never forgotten of Aurora’s feelings when Aurora gave a puppy to Faye. Faye have a soft spot in dogs but Nerissa didn’t like dogs in the family.


When it troubled between Lance, Adam and Aurora, both brothers have found out that they were both falling in love to Aurora. But Lance was even persistent to get Aurora’s heart. When Lance and Adam got in a trouble, Don Arturo have seen his sons fighting and caused an almost stroke again. Both brothers took their father in the hospital. As they reconciled at the hospital, both of them were already calm and peace in their voices. Instead Adam would take over as CEO in their company, Adam would take Don Arturo in United States to look for a recovery process.


Adam have even felt his feelings to Aurora when Lance got serious this time around with Aurora. He got Aurora in one surprising event that he would wanted Aurora to be wedded as his bride. But Aurora have said yes. So the news have spread including where Adam and Don Arturo was in United States for a fast recovery. Aurora also found that Nerissa have troubles with Jacob. Jacob was having an affair with Jinky. And Jinky was one of Aurora’s friends in the shanty homes. So Aurora reported a problem to Lance and the news have gone in to United States where Don Arturo was having a fast recovery. In the long of period of time, Adam and Don Arturo came home in the Philippines and surprised Aurora.


What would happened in the ending later in the television series and for the tomorrow’s final episode? Is Adam finally telling his interest to Aurora? What would happened in Nerissa’s plans to Aurora when she gave orders to Ivan to dispatch Aurora soon? Find out later and tomorrow’s ending.




In my opinion, Adam would finally showing up for interest to Aurora. But Lance have still on his way to win Aurora’s heart. And Nerissa would end up in jail and she will accuse of all company’s problems. Don Arturo on his part would finally give Aurora and Lance a blessings where Eric is happy to see his brother Lance getting married with Aurora. I’ve never thought this television series gave a wonderful series in 2013. Angeline’s acting was a powerful move for her. Although some of the critics have saying that this series is a flop. But I’ve say that this series, I would give 7.7 out of 10 a thumb mark for this series. I write for my way. And I don’t write negative write-ups. I only write ups with a good stories. No matter what stories will come out is still a story. Angeline’s second acting in her career may have been a surprising audience to look forward in another project. And I hope Angeline, Sam and Paulo would do the same thing for other projects.

New shows are unpredictable to watch. After Walang Hanggan, Aryana and Princess and I review articles I wrote, here comes another a new line of television shows: Juan dela Cruz (John of the Cross), Apoy sa Dagat (Fire at Sea), Kahit Konting Pagtingin (Just One Glance), Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw (You’re All I Need) and May Isang Pangarap (One Dream).

Juan dela Cruz or John of the Cross mainly casted by the prince of primetime, Coco Martin as portraying with the same title and Erich Gonzales as Rosario. And the supporting characters were Albert Martinez, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Joel Torre, Gina Pareno, William Lorenzo, Lotlot de Leon, Arron Villaflor, Neil Coleta, John Medina and Louise Abuel. Albert came from breath-taking successful teen drama, Princess and I series. While Lotlot de Leon and Neil Coleta were also added to the series after working with Ella Cruz’s Aryana series. The guest cast were added such as Mylene Dizon, Jaime Fabregas and Izzy Canillo. Izzy played as the young Juan in the television series.

Juan Dela Cruz

Coco Martin

Apoy sa Dagat or Fire at Sea mainly casted by Angelica Panganiban, Diether Ocampo and Piolo Pascual. Angelica played two characters in series as Serena and Rebecca. And the added supporting characters were Angel Aquino, Aiko Melendez, Melai Cantiveros, Sylvia Sanchez, Perla Bautista, Liza Lorena, Natasha Cabrera, Eric Fructuoso, Regine Angeles, Alizon Andres, Rico Barrera, Zeppi Borromeo, Moi Marcampo and Bryan Santos. The guest cast in the beginning included Nikki Gil, Empress Schuck, Patrick Garcia and Christian Vasquez.

Apoy Sa Dagat

Angelica Panganiban, Diether Ocampo and Piolo Pascual

Kahit Konting Pagtingin or Just One Glance was the first series Angeline Quinto mainly casted along with Sam Milby and Paulo Avelino. Paulo Avelino came from the successful drama series of Walang Hanggan with the main characters, Julia Montes and Coco Martin. Along with Angeline, Paulo and Sam were John Lapus, Bangs Garcia, James Blanco, Ahron Villena, Jordan Herrera, Snooky Serna, Mylene Dizon, Alexandra Macanan, Aljhon Lucas, Tommy Abuel and Joonee Gamboa as the supporting characters. Angeline played as Aurora Natividad while Paulo and Sam were siblings in the series as Lance and Adam Ledesma, respectively.

Kahit Konting Pagtingin

Paulo Avelino, Angeline Quinto and Sam Milby

Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw or You’re All I Need comprised by the best actors in the Philippines as Kris Aquino, Anne Curtis and Robin Padilla playing in the television series. It was much awaited comeback role for Robin and Kris getting together after several years in the movie. Anne Curtis played as Ruth Manrique as the rich girl planning to kidnapping herself from her family. Along in the series, Kris played as Ruth’s sister, Roxanne. And Gregorio “Bogs” Dagohoy played by Robin Padilla as a police detective. Additional cast were Xyriel Manabat, Tirso Cruz III, Ian Veneracion, Karla Estrada, Miles Ocampo, Marco Gumabao, Emilio Garcia, Richard Yap, Kevin Viard, Smokey Manoloto, Guji Lorenzana, Gloria Sevilla, Laureen Uy, Melissa Mendez and Jun Hidalgo. Playing in the few roles in the series were Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo played as young Bogs and young Roxanne. Lito Pimentel and Alexandra Macanan were also the guest cast in the beginning.

Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw

Anne Curtis, Robin Padilla, Kris Aquino and Xyriel Manabat

May Isang Pangarap or One Dream was sung by Angeline Quinto when she won in one of the contests before. Then it mainly casted by Vina Morales, Carmina Villaruel, Larah Claire Sabroso and Julia Klarisse Base. Both Larah and Julia came also in the contest that they were both chosen to be cast in the television series. Along with the main characters were supporting characters such as Rico Blanco, Valerie Concepcion, Dennis Padilla, Sharmaine Buencamino, Bembol Roco and Gloria Diaz.

May Isang Pangarap

Larah Claire Sabroso and Julia Klarisse Base

Princess and I TV series

Princess and I mainly casted by the best actors and actresses in Philippine TV series in ABS-CBN. It was surprisingly catch in all television viewers including the young today. The main characters were Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, Khalil Ramos, Albert Martinez and Gretchen Barretto. The supporting characters were Dominic Ochoa, Sharmaine Suarez, Nina Dolino, Yayo Aguila, Beverly Sandejo, Bianca Casado, Sofia Andres, Shey Bustamente, Ketchup Eusebio and Simon Ibarra.


Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

Kathryn Bernardo played the main character as Areeyah “Mikay” Wangchuck as the long-lost princess who was adopted by her adoptive family. Dominic Ochoa played as Mikay’s father as Dinoy Maghirang and Karen Timbol as Stella Maghirang (Dinoy’s wife) were the adoptive parents to Mikay. Along with Dinoy and Stella were Bianca, played by Bianca Casado and Dindi, played by Sofia Andres as Mikay’s stepsisters. Princess and I is still running from April 16, 2012 making 190 episodes. Hopefully if I am correct, and I think the series would be longer as usual. But the final game between Team Jao and Team Gino in the basketball really surprised to young generation to attract them.


In the story, King Anand Wangchuck, played as Albert Martinez married Queen Isabel Wangchuck, played by Precious Lara Quigaman, the Filipina doctor who persuaded to get married. Queen Isabel and King Anand separated in different vehicles. As the car crashed down from the slopes, Queen Isabel lost her life and Esmeralda, played by Sharmaine Suarez, got Queen Isabel’s child Princess Areeyah. Then she went home in Philippines to adopt Areeyah as her own child. Without a doubt, another accident came to Esmeralda when the explosion came in the street. Esmeralda lost Princess Areeyah and Dinoy got Areeyah out of nowhere and came home.


Without a doubt, Stella raised a family for two children but Dinoy came an idea to adopt Areeyah and called her Mikay Maghirang instead. The lost princess came in adoptive family. Dinoy raised Mikay well in his hands and Stella really didn’t like Mikay so much because of the luck giving to them. Dinoy on his part did his best to raise the long lost princess Mikay. Along the way of Mikay’s childhood, she met Kiko Salamat in the street. Mikay thought of Kiko’s weirdness about the Science. But as the time grew old, Mikay and Kiko became best friends ever since and Mikay didn’t know as they grew. Kiko began to fall in love to his best friend Mikay. Mikay won her lottery ticket trip to Yangdon, the fictional country of Bhutan. Mikay’s stepsister Dindi really wanted her to keep continuing to dream the dreams as Mikay hoped to go around the world.


In Yangdon, Mikay met Dasho Jao Ripoche played by Enrique Gil. Dasho Jao was annnoying and disturbing character at the start. But Mikay insisted Jao to picture her a lot because Mikay’s stepsister and adoptive father Dinoy wanted her to keep happy. Because of Mikay’s antics of weirdness, she found and bumped to King Anand wishing to tour around Yangdon. Without a doubt, King Anand ordered Jao to tour Mikay around the country. But the mistake happened when Mikay lost her camera in the slopes of mountain in one of the tree branches. Mikay really don’t have hope when she lost her camera. But her fellow Filipina came to the rescue and gave additional camera to her to keep the memories around the Yangdon. As Mikay left Yangdon, the adventure have already started between Mikay and Gino in the university.


Mikay promised to graduate in the university for her adoptive father Dinoy. Kiko and Mikay went together to the university as they discovered the university was huge. She met her frowning face stepsister Bianca who wants Mikay out of the family’s picture in the university. Mikay found a job being as a hotdog mascot in suit and began getting her job so well. When her mascot suit got fire, Gino surprisingly carried Mikay in his arms and threw Mikay to the pond of fountain water. Thus their hatred began between Mikay and Gino, played by Daniel Padilla. And so the chapter folded, Gino and Mikay were starting to have a conversation each other. Then came in the scene of Dasho Jao visiting his old friend Gino where he could started to know where Mikay really lives. Mikay and Gino fought about the quarrels. Kiko somehow pissed about Bianca and found Gino was on Mikay’s way. Gino startled to unlike Kiko, Mikay’s best friend. But Dasho Jao and Gino found out the same person they were talking was only one person and that was Mikay. They never thought they liked Mikay so much. King Anand, on the other hand, searched for his clues where to find Princess Areeyah.


As the story folded again, Bianca and Stella began starting to like Mikay after Mikay explained she was good to them. She found Bianca where Bianca supposed not to be found but found by Mikay. Bianca gave apologies to Mikay and eventually Stella welcomed Mikay to their family. Gino and Jao started serenading Mikay around her house, her job and being a student in the university. Both of them were persuasive to get Mikay’s heart. But Kiko surprisingly told Mikay that he also fell in love with his best friend. Mikay lost her best friend instead being as a boyfriend-girlfirend material. But in the end, Mikay welcomed Kiko back to her arms as best friends. Han, played by Ketchup Eusebio, wanted Jao keep away troubles for getting Mikay’s heart. He also wanted to return the camera back to Mikay but he surprisingly was a timid person. He mesmerized Mikay’s smile and poise from the camera pictures.


Then Ashi Behati Ripoche, played by Gretchen Barretto, came to the scene as she was to fetch Jao in the Philippines and arrived. She thought Jao would join her going home in Yangdon, but eventually saw Mikay again in her eyes. The last time she saw Mikay when Mikay visited Yangdon. She really hated Mikay so much and so Dorji, played by RS Francisco, as Ashi Behati’s current secretary. Ashi gave orders to Jao to meet Mikay again in their dinner while Mikay was Filipina tutor to Jao speaking Filipino well. Soon King Anand also followed and came to the scene. King Anand’s purpose was to find his long-lost princess, his child. He ordered Jao. Eventually Mikay helped Jao’s intentions to find a princess living in the Philippines. Gino also helped Jao and Mikay to find a princess. As the plot grew thicker, Yin Hwan Di was ordered by Ashi Behati to go in the Philippines. She ordered Yin to search the long-lost princess before King Anand does. But when Mikay saw her employer’s mother Esmeralda beginning to remember Mikay’s face a long time ago. With Kiko’s intentions along the road, Kiko found his father liking to the music. Kiko secretly worked with his father away from Kiko’s mother, Des Salamat, played by Yayo Aguila. He worked with his father Ambet Salamat, played by Roemet Camanag. Then in the end, Anna and Ellen, played by Beverly Salviejo and Frances Ignacio respectively, thought Des really thinking what Kiko was playing about. She found Ambet and Kiko that led to another mess of troubles. Kiko stayed a long with his father than choosing his mother Des.


Without a doubt, Kiko’s frustrations came from his heart and began to liking and dating Mikay’s sister, Dindi. He looked after Dindi away from his best friend Jonas de Ocampo, played by Young JV. Because Kiko knew Jonas was a playboy dating girls in the university. When Vicky, played by Shey Bustamente, found her mother’s intentions about Mikay’s resemblance to a long-lost princess. She remembered Mikay well and tried to follow Dinoy to have a conversation. Dinoy and Esmeralda argued about Mikay being as a long-lost princess but Dinoy asked Esmeralda away as he was promised to tell his adoptive daughter Mikay about the truth of herself. Without thinking a long time, Dinoy told to King Anand that Mikay was the girl they were talking about the long-lost princess Areeyah. Mikay didn’t accept the offer becoming a princess after she was hardworking and juggling her work and studies. Vicky wouldn’t allow Mikay to mix studies and work, but Mikay was persuaded.


Dasho Jao and Ashi Behati firstly came in Yangdon, then came with Princess Areeyah and King Anand. Mikay thought she would never see her family again back home in the Philippines. She learned Yangdon language, history and the people of Yangdon. Eventually, she also fell in love with the Yangdonese. Gino, on the other hand, wanted to follow Mikay in Yangdon, but his parents, Alicia Dela Rosa, played by Marina Benipayo and Edward, played by Jong Cuenco, insisted Gino to follow his heart to take a vacation away from work. Gino eventually came in Yangdon and hardly knowing anyone recognizing him as Dasho Yuan Rinpoche. Gino didn’t know what the monks were telling him as Dasho Yuan. In the competition of Mikay’s heart, Dasho Kim played by Joseph Marco, Dasho Rio played by Piero Vergara, Dasho Pema played by John Manalo, Dasho Samdrup played by Yves Flores, Dasho Chopel played by Alec Dungo, Dasho Arden played by Justin Gonzales, Dasho Boochan played by Joe Vargas, Dasho Randel played by Bryan Santos, Dasho Pelden played by Phytos Kyriacou and Dasho Kinley played by Jaco Benin were out to compete in all competition activities.


One of the Dasho thought Gino was also playing as Dasho but Nagaiel, played by Simon Ibarra, said Gino is also long-lost Dasho Yuan, the son who shared with Dasho Jao’s father. Gino and Jao competes in Mikay’s heart. Eventually Gino, in the end, didn’t win and so Jao won Mikay’s heart. Yin who discovered Gino lost on his way and hurted his leg much. She knew Gino so much of Dasho Yuan. Yin was always telling Gino to keep a promise to meet the princess in person. And soon as Gino entered the palace with Yin, Yin escalated and grew her voice as she pointed Ashi Behati to kill Princess Areeyah’s mother, Queen Isabel, sixteen years ago. King Anand ordered to arrest Ashi Behati along with Jao as they were the part of the Eastern Yangdon. She was the antagonist from the start to the end making hating King Anand and Princess Areeyah to order to claim the throne away from King Anand and Princes Areeyah.


Eventually a trial began to Ashi Behati and Jao, King Anand ordered them to go out of the kingdom. Ashi was killed by the soldiers ordered by King Anand and Dasho Jao was putting out of Yangdon to Philippines. Gino found Mikay so strange and so sad. He wanted Mikay so happy in his side. But when he thought, he even told King Anand to go home in the Philippines to have Christmas with Mikay’s adoptive family. Mikay rejoined with Dinoy, Stella, Bianca and Dindi. Then Gino and Vicky came with Mikay. Vicky became secretary to Mikay after their relationship before as the worker and employer. Salve, played by Ces Quesada, recovered Jao’s wounds and eventually Jao woke up from a nightmare. Jao dreamed about Ashi Behati was killed. Then from a nightmare, Jao seemed relentless and changed his attitude towards his brother Gino and true love Princess Areeyah. Salve posed as Jao’s aunt who wanted the girls away from Jao as she doesn’t want Jao to be hurting again.


Could Gino and Jao reunited again as brothers? What will happen in the ending if Mikay chooses Gino over Jao? Will the ending have a good ending? Stay tune and read a lot more about Princess and I synopsis.

Aryana TV series

Aryana is a mermaid story based on Channel 2 series. It starred Ella Cruz as the main character of the main title. She was the young teenager who was been locked as a mermaid. Paul Salas on the other part, was Aryana’s best friend Marlon as Aryana’s neighbor. Along with the cast were Pokwang, Dominic Roque, Francis Magundayao, Michelle Vito, Tonton Gutierrez, Desiree del Valle, Laurice Guillen, Bianca Manalo, Tetchie Agbayani, Louise Abuel, Giselle Toengi, Lotlot de Leon and Lander Vera Perez. Pokwang’s character was Aryana’s mother Ofelia Capuyao. And Tonton Gutierrez played as Aryana’s father Victor Mendez.


On the contrary part of the television series, Aryana paved way on its high-performance by comedians and veteran actors as Laurice Guillen joined the cast. Laurice also played in her part as Aryana’s grandmother Elnora Mendez. Elnora was Victor’s mother. In the beginning, Victor threw the bomb, playing by the fishermen near the sea, to the sea. Aryana’s fate turned ugly. Neil Coleta played as Aryana’s uncle Andoy and brother to Ofelia. And Aryana’s grandmother played by Rustica Carpio’s Antonia Capuyao. It really turned uglier and uglier in the start as the story tamed and twisted the whole story. You may didn’t know where to start the show. As I saw on the start, it practically amazed me by the comedian Pokwang who plays as mother to Ella Cruz’s character. Somehow, it didn’t amazed me on the start. But when it was playing on the television, the series was much different than the Diyosa played by Anne Curtis as the mermaid story before.


Aryana, the successful mermaid story after Diyosa also in the prime-time series, run from May 7, 2012 until it ends on January 25, 2012 with 189 episodes. Dominic Roque played as Hubert Francisco who became Aryana’s suitor. Francis Magundayao also joined the cast and played as Ian Alejandro. Ian also became Aryana’s suitor later in 2nd half of the story. Michelle Vito played as Megan Mendez. Megan was stepsister to Aryana’s character. Desiree del Valle played as the princess of the sea of the character of Neptuna. Tetchie Agbayani also played in the mermaid story as the Queen Hiyasmin, mother of Neptuna. Neptuna cursed Aryana as her daughter replacing after her own daughter died in the bomb that threw by Victor away from the fishermen. Neptuna returned Aryana to Ofelia as a baby. When Aryana is turning fourteen, she will became a half-mermaid and half-human from the pearls Queen Hiyasmin will giving to her.


Hubert became the first suitor to Aryana as Aryana entered in her new school. Thus, Megan and Aryana engaged to a fight between their same-style bags. Megan blamed Aryana that she was getting the wrong bag. Then the swimming instructor or physical education teacher, played by Bianca Manalo as Carlina Suarez, came between two students Aryana and Megan. In the start, Aryana didn’t know that she had a mermaid powers, the water. She used as her protection every time someone was angry to her. It emerged her attitude that she thought she could hurt someone else. Afterwards, Aryana learned Megan’s surname was also her surname thinking that they were sisters. Ofelia learned that Victor was the father to Megan and she didn’t know Megan was Victor’s daughter. The fate began Aryana’s character turning like a cloud. Aryana joined the swimming team where Megan was also the swimmer when Carlina asked her to join. Ofelia accepted her daughter’s promise to make her happy.


Megan’s two best friends, played by Noemi Oineza as Chelsea Montes and Celine Lim as Trisha Reyes, tamed and turned ugly to Aryana as they despised Aryana so much. Aryana topped every subject when Megan learned Aryana became the top honor every quarter in the school even in the swimming team, Aryana excelled ahead of Megan’s honorable talents. Megan’s mischief became unweary and tricked all she wanted to blame and teased Aryana to be put her out of the school. In the swimming competition, Aryana won in the inter-school competition where Megan was furious to Aryana. Hubert, on his part, wanted Aryana to be his first boyfriend aside from Marlon who also wants to be part of Aryana’s life. Marlon and Aryana became best friends when they were young. Marlon’s mother, played by Lotlot de Leon as Rosita Salvador, was Ofelia’s best neighbor. Ofelia and Antonia built and run an animal shop around the block where they rented a space and a residential around Rosita’s building. Hubert’s mother played by Mel Kimura as Ibiang Francisco knew Aryana’s life from the day they were living near the sea as the vagrants. Ibiang and Hubert thought they could protect Aryana until Aryana’s family learned the secret between the Francisco’s family and Capuyao’s family.


Aryana became a mermaid away from the sea, the day Aryana turned fourteen (14) years old. Andoy, Antonia and Aryana’s mother Ofelia didn’t know what to do Aryana’s cursed as a mermaid. Aryana became a mermaid when she was playing as one of the princess in Santacruzan festival. Turning that she can’t going to school anymore, Hubert visited Aryana every time he sneaked out from the house. Carlina, on her part, didn’t know what to do with swimming team without Aryana in her roster. Every time she visited Aryana’s place, Andoy lied every time Carlina asked Aryana’s condition. But on the other part of the ugly story, Andoy fell in love to Carlina as he didn’t know who he will choose between his family or his heart to Carlina.


As the first half of the story nearly ends, the new characters came in. Ian Alejandro, played by Francis Magundayao, was rescued by Aryana when he fell out from the boat. Megan began thinking about Ian who was lost and anger after his mother died. Ian’s father, played by Lander Vera Perez as Rick Alejandro, found out that his son thought was going to die in the sea. Ian didn’t know how to swim and drown in the sea. Without knowing it, Ian’s mind saw a glimpse of a girl trying to rescue him. As the plot thickens, Ian played as the transferred student who also became Aryana, Hubert and Megan’s classmate. And oh, one more thing, I forgot one character. Aryana’s best friend in the school, played by Eunice Lagusad as Bebet Teves.


Ian joined the dancing class for the theatre performance as he was the best dancer in the school. Rick didn’t know that his son was also a dancer. When Bebet insisted Aryana to join in the dancing class and not the swimming contest anymore. Aryana became a student again in the school as she got the pearls from Queen Hiyasmin that can changed to human. Neptuna tempted to get Aryana’s attention to become as her daughter again after what happened to her daughter’s death from the bomb that threw by Victor. Neptuna once became a human when she visited the school before when the inter-school competition was held. She hugged Aryana but Ofelia was scared to Neptuna after what happened to the sea.


Aryana and Ian became partners in the dancing class every after classes ended in the day. Bebet didn’t know about the love quarrel between Ian and Hubert. They began forgetting Aryana becoming what to choose between them. She already lost Marlon every time her best friend rescued Aryana out of her problems. But the story began uglier when the fish-like creature man tried getting Aryana’s pearls to return to the sea. Neptuna and the fish-like creature man became partners in terms getting Aryana and the pearls carrying Aryana’s neck. So the plot thickens and thickens. Victor learned Aryana was his daughter when Ofelia and Aryana convincing him to believe that Aryana was his daughter. Victor saw Aryana’s transformation from human to a mermaid when Aryana stripped the necklace of magic pearls. Victor also convinced his mother to come in Capuyao’s residence to believe Aryana was also part of their family. When Elnora saw Aryana’s transformation, she believed that her grand daughter Megan would be a disaster to Aryana. Stella Cervantes, Victor’s wife played by Giselle Toengi, was trying to comfort her daughter Megan when Victor introduced Aryana in his family. Stella and Megan teamed up and didn’t know what to do.


After Victor introduced Aryana to his family, Megan realized his father trying to manipulate Aryana is stealing Megan’s father away from her. But Stella insisted Megan to keep spying Aryana. Along in Aryana’s journey, she was in deep trouble keeping her secret to Victor’s family. When Megan learned Aryana was a mermaid, her ideas began massively ugly. While in the mall, Megan and Aryana was supposed to buy Megan’s ideas. But to Aryana’s attention, she lost Megan out of her sight. Megan ordered Aryana to go to the basement where Megan’s real father, played by Richard Quan as Jason, was playing nasty to Aryana. Jason was attempting to steal around Aryana’s neck of necklace with pearl. The security guard shouted all the way from the top. Jason quickly came out to the chase and went home without getting the pearls. Aryana’s life began in jeopardy after she lost her necklace with magic pearl that kept her out of mermaid to human. When Megan found Aryana in one corner, she kept picture of Aryana’s real identity being as a mermaid.


Chelsea and Tricia, Megan’s friends, teased Megan a lot what happened to the necklace that has magic pearl. But Hubert came out in nowhere and grabbed Megan’s cellphone while having a conversation with her mother Stella. Hubert threw Megan’s phone to the swimming pool and eventually Megan didn’t upload the video what Aryana became as a mermaid. Hubert, Ian and Marlon were now protecting Aryana out of trouble after what happened to Aryana’s transformation to mermaid. Hubert carried Aryana to his house where Ibiang saw Aryana in mermaid. She instantly gave Hubert a permission to give Aryana granting to live within her house. Megan kept the necklace with the magic pearl in her hands. and later Stella found they can use it against Ofelia and Aryana’s hope to win Victor’s heart.


Soon after chasing with the police to find a mermaid in the city of Metro Manila, Marlon, Ian and Hubert were trapped with Aryana. Eventually Elnora learned that the necklace belongs to Aryana was in hands of Megan. Stella personally have grudged to her in-law and pushed from the stairs. Elnora went in comatose after she was rushed to the hospital. Victor and Ofelia tried to pursue where Aryana could lead. But in the wrong direction, Ofelia finally decided putting Aryana out of their lives in the sea. Aryana rejoined with the mermaids and fish-like creature men including Queen Hiyasmin and Neptuna. Queen Hiyasmin gave her word to the mermaids to keep Aryana to them. But one nasty fish-like creature threw a rock to Aryana’s head and it caused a little misunderstanding between humans and fantasy mermaids and fantasy fish-like creature men.


What would happen if Aryana becomes human again? Is she will rejoin with her real parents Ofelia, Victor, Andoy, Carlina, Antonia? Or is she will be with the mermaids forever? The curse is not lifted yet to her. Ian, Marlon and Hubert were up to doing something good for Aryana to go back. The ending will end soon in January 25, Friday.The conclusion of the story will reveal after the story nearly ends.

Richard Gomez went back to ABS-CBN when he played as the protector in 100 Days to Heaven. Dawn Zulueta in her part played as Magdalena in her last television series of Mula Sa Puso (From The Heart) that hits last year. Coco Martin also played as a young protector where Richard Gomez also played in 100 Days to Heaven. Julia gave her breakthrough role when she played as Clara in Mara Clara (2010) to reprising back from the original Mara Clara that ran from August 17, 1992 to February 14,  1997.


Mara Clara (1992) have had 1,209 episodes when Judy Ann Santos portrayed as Mara and Gladys Reyes as Clara. Together with Coco Martin in a new television series, Walang Hanggan (or Infinity), Julia and Coco gives the television audience the outstanding television series in this year of 2012. Together in the cast of Walang Hanggan are Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, Helen Gamboa, Susan Roces, Paulo Avelino, Melissa Ricks, Joem Bascon, Rita Avila and Noni Buencamino.


Walang Hanggan


Coco played here as Daniel Guidotti (Daniel Cardenas-Montenegro in earlier part of the season), Julia as Katerina Alcantara-Montenegro, Dawn as Emily Guidotti (Emilia Cardenas) and Richard as Marco Montenegro. The story revolves from Marco and Emily, and to Katerina and Daniel. At first, Emilia worked as a maid in Montenegro’s house. When Marco returned from his land, he didn’t know that Emilia was carrying a baby. Later on, Margaret (played by Helen Gamboa) wanted to keep Emilia away from Marco at the start. When Emilia gave her first baby boy Daniel, Margaret kept Daniel away from Emilia. Later on, Emilia has sent to the jail because Margaret accused everything to Emilia. But Henya or Virginia Cruz (played by Susan Roces), kept Daniel on her hands just to raise of her grandson. Margaret didn’t know what to do of her evil plots against Emilia.


After so many years, Emilia was given by a parole and went eventually in Italy just to work as a maid. She married the Italian and even the thoughts of her husband became ill and have passed away. While in the Philippines, Daniel grew up with Henya. When Daniel met Katerina, they played and became as the love pairs of Walang Hanggan. Katerina and Daniel found the infinity ring in the middle of nowhere. That was the supposed engagement ring when Marco and Emilia have to become newly-weds before, but eventually Margaret found the way to provoke their relationship away. As Daniel and Katerina went deeper to their relationship, Daniel offered Katerina the infinity ring just to become their friendship to a relationship. Nathaniel “Nathan” Montenegro (played as Paulo Avelino), son of Marco and Jane Bonifacio-Montenegro (played by Rita Avila and later as Jean Bonifacio by Eula Valdez), and Tomas Alcantara (played by Joem Bascon) plotted to kill Daniel to keep away from Katerina. Nathan stabbed Daniel, then Daniel kept alive as he was discovered by Emilia in the road.


As the story goes on, Daniel has been alive with Emilia in Italy when they lived for about a year. Then Daniel found out that Katerina has forced to marry Nathan. Nathan played a lot just to keep Katerina in his part. Patricia “Johanna Montengero” Bonifacio (played by Melissa Ricks), in her part, has been falling in love to Daniel before they have met in hacienda. Daniel and Emily went back to Philippines just to promote their winery business. Daniel runs the winery business with her biological mother Emily. When Daniel found out that Emily was actually his mother, he accepted her despite Margaret broke their lives before. Margaret with her evil plots made miserable between lives of Daniel, Katerina, Emily and Marco. But Emily have started to make buying the shares of Montenegro company when Margaret thought it’s all about the winery business.


Soon as Daniel and Emily have reconciled Marco, and Marco started to think Daniel was his also a son between Marco and Emily. But Jane on her part, she started to have doubts about her husband Marco if Marco allowed to leave her. Marco didn’t insisting but to take Daniels’ DNA test. Emily have been starting to doubt about his assistant Miguel what was the real plot around her and Daniel’s winery business. Just before the incident happened, Jane and Emily went to the airport going to Cebu. Emily took the private plane but the flight was canceling her to leave and Jane took the threat that Miguel Ramos (played by Noni Buencamino) planted the bomb where Jane was supposed to fly. As the flight left with Jane, the private plane just took off then exploded near the shore. Daniel was even been thought a threat when Miguel gave his warning to his one of his men has been detained.


Daniel later was released in the jail by bringing him out just to clear to his name. Emily accused Margaret for her wrong-doings and eventually Marco despised her mother Margaret by doing wrong-doings. Marco was even still in love with Emily even though Jane was gone already. But Marco robbed all Emily’s money just to leave out the company together with Tomas. Tomas finally have paid off Daniel from his debts and decided to work on his own just to buy Guidotti franchise. One year later after Jane has been died, this was been Jean Bonifacio (an alter-ego of Eula Valdez’s character on Rita Avila’s Jane Bonifacio-Montenegro) coming in the scene. Marco and Emily have decided to get marry in a meantime. Emily and Daniel lost their assets to their winery business of Guidotti’s winery and have been transfered to a small house together with Henya. The scenes were getting intense as Jean sending some black flowers first to Daniel, Emily and later on to Katerina as well.


Miguel was nowhere to be found and yet, Emily and Daniel has not been stopping investigating about Miguel’s nowhere. Johanna and Tomas went back in each other as well as they grudged about Daniel. Katerina on her part wanted to give divorce from Nathan but Nathan refused to take divorce papers and instead he played as if he didn’t taking medication pills. Jean replaced and reprised her role as she replaced her alter-ego character Jane’s place at the Bonifacio bank. Daniel have been investigated the black lily flowers about who is really behind the name of black lily. When Daniel found Jean was in the flower shop, Jean said she was not the one who are keep sending black lily flowers to them. Daniel and Nathan have fought again for Katerina’s heart making Katerina wanting to make a divorce papers. Daniel wanted Katerina to go back with him. Instead Katerina has been forced kidnapping by her own brother Tomas and Tomas kept her in the safety place where anybody could see her. What will happen if Daniel has discover from Tomas and Johanna keeping Katerina in a safety place?

remembrance of things awry

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