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Ride a Bicycle

When there is a person really wants to learn something new, it will value the living of its life. But somehow along the way, I never think at the back of my mind would be possible looking for some new lesson in life. This Philippines should learn how to cope many problems whether it’s political, entertainment, sports or any kind of division would they be. Why would you learn?


I put it out three words – ride a bicycle. No matter how far you go, you see the glimpse of running limitless blue skies above. No matter how small distance you walk, you always force yourself riding in an air. In a thick mostly clouds above would form a little oxygen, hydrogen that may float you in the air. But you can’t have the wings unless you become like a bird, an eagle or some aviary to fly around the globe. How is it high you achieve your goals? For me, it’s limitless. No matter how smaller they are, medium they may be announce or bigger goal reaching out to their achievement, it is how you step moving forward and not moving backwards.


Stepping or moving backwards means you have need to rearrange yourself a bit of complaining. You always want to be what you want to be. You always seem carelessness. But you are always frustrating yourself that you cannot do. Sometimes, it’s how you control your emotions may be. But in a free will of content of your life is possible to change. Stepping or moving forward means you are ready to face conquering new problem, a trial may await for you. Some positive note along the way in your life has come your valuable lesson you have from your heart.


Ride a Bicycle is a form of my little project. But somehow it may be a little detail that you will leave here. If you have comment, suggestion or anything that you have in your mind, please feel free to adapt new idea. I’ll be thinking to form little project this year. Maybe so, if it succeed, time will frame new idea hoping some people what’s a form having with Ride a Bicycle project.


I need people to start this a little project. If you have a moment from your free time, just leave a message, suggestion or anything has common at the back of your mind.


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The world shows how we care for each and every of us. And I, included here, will also know how I am learning through all the stages I’ve been through. Determination shows me how I am really going to my dreams. Dreams are not that away from me. Although there are many clues in my life today that is showing in this year of 2014, and all that I am going to do is acting to my knowledge and learn how to get there in that stage.


More each and every day I see myself in the distant future. If I am not here today, I wouldn’t be going ahead  to my dreams. But sometimes I also need how life is also important to our daily lives. Appreciation is all I need where I can stand on my own. And sometimes when I feel lonely, all I need is to pray in few minutes or more and ask what is hidden in my confession prayers. Prayers are also important for each problems we have in life. We need a lot intentionally prayers through intercession.


Too much asking from God sometimes doesn’t give right away in your place. Praying in a long time-frame will have a process and it has to be constant for you to understand. It don’t give in and also it doesn’t count how many reasons or chances will have to go in your place. If you have too many reasons in your life and you want it right away. That doesn’t count. It gives a long sacrifice and silence when you are giving yourself with Him above.


Build an foundation in your place is also part of growing up in your life. Acceptance is one of the building processes to believe in yourself and it’s also part of growing matured of your life. It doesn’t count the way you can say that you’ve move on already. Acceptance is also part of growing who you are right now. Building yourself to other’s shoes doesn’t build you up. It has to be you. Don’t count or don’t rely to others. Help yourself. And always be conscious what you are doing good choices and replace it from bad choices you have in your life.


Today what I have now is a foundation of yourself to build up your character. When you find yourself in the distant future, trust with your life and submit yourself to Him above. Confidence needs a lot of practice and it takes time to have patience in your life. When you don’t have them both, then you are not ready to face conquering your fears and doubts. Racing through your life, when you are in trials or problems you are right now, gives you more to understand in your situation. I may be not a perfect person, but says the Lord that you are perfect to Him because you know of yourself than any person knows you well. He alone knows what you are doing and what you give back the situation you are in. Because the bigger confidence you have now with Him above, you believe in yourself to Him.


Every life is about changing everyday and night. It has special meanings in occasions. It don’t bring good or bad karma in your life. But it says that you underestimate it your own self. Believe it more to Him and it begins to believe it in your self. Every challenge in your life is a temporary shelf life. Don’t bring yourself to hatred. Hatred may bring you to frustration, depression or even in trouble times in your life.


Every life is new when you face yourself near the future. You cannot see yourself in the future if you are not doing it actively. Unless sacrifice some things you don’t have like gadgets or something that is valuable for you. When you enter your life in second life, all the things you have now are temporary things in your life.


Every life is new when you know the dreams are waiting for you. It doesn’t create the shortcomings. It creates new imaginations or a cloud of full dreams above your wildest imaginations. It also creates your confidence, acceptance, appreciation and determination in your life. Because when you believe for yourself. You adore your life even more better and you will guide even bigger dreams to fill in your own shoes.




Every Life is New is the second anniversary article this year 2014. It also marks the 493rd year of Philippines history since March 16, 1521. This is also the third book covering new chapters, new series, new wisdom quotes and there will be a lot new articles coming this year.


The new second series Assistant’s corner will starting soon after it ended from the first series Assistant’s desk with 13 pages in its first chapter. Also the second series of Living in my own shoes being as Down syndrome  will also starting soon after it ended from the first series Living being as Down syndrome with 10 pages in its first chapter. Living in my own shoes being as Down syndrome will tackle more interesting topics and new experiences that it will take place bringing back the life before when I am still in denial stage.


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Things are not easy or difficult today. After delivering 1,000 sets of poems, sonnets, songs, poem stories and even quotes, they were already infinite numbers already that I made into this date.


What’s 15 years now?


15 years now is my anniversary today. And December 10, 1998 was the day that set me into a bigger dreams today and have had bigger responsibility to make a studio name.


What’s the original name before?


The original name were Cobalt 27 and Excess 48. But I’ve made my studio name before in before moving into another new platform, is my new home today and has different pattern levels from But I’ve managed to write few articles before in blogspot. Then after, I’ve shut it down and let it cool for 9 years. Then last year March 16, 2012 was my first month of writing down the articles. And I was still remembered what I wrote for my first article called, Expecting the unreal world. The article was shown related to the introduction thus I also released World of employment for the second article I’ve also made for the day.


What’s a small step turns into bigger dreams?


A small step to my dreams before was making airwaves to have getting into entertainment industry in the Philippines. But my small step now turns now into bigger dreams. And the bigger news is that I’m also aiming worldwide if I make to be on top of publishing house and create my own version of writing a set of stories, quotes and literature poems, sonnets and also making into songs.


Other my bigger dreams are helping the Down syndrome awareness around the world, making the disability to have work into their lives and helping hands with other countries which they don’t have sufficient food in their country. What’s a goal? The goal is getting to be an ambassador. That’s a bigger idea and a dream already.


What’s next blessing will come?


I don’t know which blessing will come, but I have to wait. It’s worth to wait and wait but not getting to jump into conclusions that I know already what will it come. So I decide to wait instead.


In the nutshell:


Itsmikki Studio celebrates every January 1. But the anniversary date is on December 10. The facebook page said it was on July 4, 2012. And so the history will remain continue making new pages and new chapters.


ItsMikkiStudio Literature also sets on December 10 when the day sets opening new stories, new pages and new literary works where it begins a new chapters and it is also opening a new books. Itsmikki Studio: First book is already done. But the Itsmikki Studio: Second book is still ongoing.


What’s new?


I’ll release the new sets of literary quotes soon next year. And I hope you will wait for me to read more of my quote stories and also the quote poems.


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Why Down syndrome

Somewhat in 1985-1988 Passport Picture

Somewhat in 1985-1988 Passport Picture

What is Down syndrome? Normally the new parents are asking the same question why do they have their child have with Down syndrome. There are normally two copies of 21 chromosomes on each side, one copy from a male and one copy from a female. But the genetic studies, there are three copies of 21 chromosomes.


Well in this article, I will bring you one topic, not less or more subjects.


Why Down syndrome?


I may be living as a normal to everyone. But to tell you the truth, no one seems to know me that I also have Down syndrome. Three copies of Down syndrome. It was called mosaic trisomy 21 Down syndrome. And that’s where I begin to fight over my case in the past years. Because I was in denial stage that time. Now in the terms you didn’t notice, mosaic trisomy 21 Down syndrome is a slightly chances to have change through the years.


Pure trisomy 21 or full trisomy 21 is the presence of an extra number 21 chromosome, the error or misdivision of chromosomes occurs in the egg or sperm cell that becomes the zygote. Because this error was at the very beginning of development, every cell that comes from this zygote will have an extra number 21 chromosome.


Mosaic trisomy 21 is the error or misdivision occurs after fertilization at some point during early cell division. Because of this, people with mosaic Down syndrome have two cell lines – one with the normal chromosomes, and one with an extra number 21.”

(Researched in


Little did I know in my life, I realized that I wasn’t a sophisticated one. I rather to be called also one of the living factor in this little world called earth. I may be not boasting you to tell you this, but I would like to share what I decide to write this article about me, my life with being Down syndrome.


It’s not a big deal to have being with Down syndrome. I’ve discovered when I was in sophomore year in high school. The science teacher pointed out that I have had the case of Down syndrome. Little did I know that I didn’t know back before. I was having a little dilemma if I really have being what it takes to have Down syndrome.


So I came home and told my parents if I really have had on it. And yes from their mouths, then the world somehow devoured on me. I didn’t know all the time. I was in sixth grade or maybe in fifth grade when I began shifting to recall my memories. My voice somehow changed me as well. But the copies of Down syndrome didn’t get on my way.


Upon entering my college years before, my world began shifting again. This time, I told my batch mates if they were really know what was really like to have a friend with Down syndrome. One batch to another batch, I found one batch that I could really stayed and graduated with them. One of them became my best friend.


After the years it really came to my life that I have to accepted who I was. Then I found one group who among the parents have their child or adult with Down syndrome. It was an instant change that I have to join. It was one of my best endeavors when I realized that I wasn’t alone all the while. Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI was already in 20 years of service.


I joined 20th Happy Walk last February 2012, the first Happy Walk I’ve ever joined. But the community there somehow I knew was little that time. But my eagerness to come out somehow changed me again. Well I’m sort of talkative. But not as always, I’ve always want to talk. There is a dilemma again.


Let’s forward for this topic today. I have a job today. After seven years and seven months searching the job database in the nation of Philippines, I realized that I was a high functional Down syndrome, according to what my boss told me about it. It may be weird for you to hear, but I am aware what would be your reactions look like. My jobs before was different before. I began all my three jobs only lasted two months. None of them kept me in their service. Was it because of being competitive in the first place? They should treated me as one of them, not as a different from others.


Living with being Down syndrome is not difficult to handle with. In the community where I joined, new parents came closer to me. They have had even congratulated me for what I was being accomplished as one of the different from others. After living in 32 years, I finally cried for who I was to be. And it was my first time I discovered that I have potential in my career. I may be not perfect one, but as a gifted one, who have potential career ahead of time. Wish I could have my long life in more coming years of life.


The community where I joined and the work where I worked were the only treasure circle of friends I really trusted. I have never doubt them to become my friends. I may have few friends who were closer to me, but they were really closer to me. Among them in the small crowd of big population of 95 million Filipinos around the nation were really nice to me. It was nice to write, but sooner I will bring more articles to enjoy you will be reading.


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This is my walkthrough achievements where you can see my latest and old achievements I have made it so far. Each day and each night, I make some new and some old must have throw it away that it doesn’t achieve so far. But I deserved what I got from my life. Maybe a yes if it’s worth it, but if it’s a no, then it’s not worth it. Somehow along the road, I find lessons that I have to learn. You have to earn it through experiences you can get. Just like when you are playing an role playing game, you can select the character and choose the road of pilgrimage of your character.


Hmm…it really sounds like a game if you really want it to make so interesting. But here in the walkthrough you can read, it is about me and my success stories. Well some of small and some of big successful stories may have come in your ears to hear and eyes to read it.




1. My first acting experience


Maybe this was a little chance when I got an acting debut back in my elementary days. Well of course, acting was little curious for me. Yes, we always have had a program back in our elementary days. I played as a small role and that was a soldier that my classmates have had a skit play about Ferdinand Magellan and Lapu-Lapu. And I’ve really remembered that. As I was slowly staring in the audience dying like if I was care. The audience really gave us a winning masterpiece. So I did my best. (This was when I was still in fifth grade.)


2. My first dancing experience


Also back in my elementary days when I have had a chance to dance with my classmates in front of my schoolmates. We didn’t have a studio or theatre back then. So I’ve really had a chance to dance. Practicing to dance was a hard for me in the start. But along the road, I’ve learned the tactics and techniques how to dance very well. (This was when I was still in sixth grade.)


3. My talent in drawing


Of course, anybody have a chance to draw in a sketch pad. But not from me, I don’t have a skill in drawing. Ever since I was in elementary, I drew a lot of Science drawings from plants, animals or human that made me encountering with a pencil and a paper. So I did an amazingly idea when I showed it to my Science teacher. Then she surprised when she gave me a perfect score in I.W. (or individual work). Somehow I’ve managed my grades well in Science but I’ve always failed other than academic subjects. Somehow I wasn’t able to get attention to my other talents was. (This was when I was still in sixth grade.)


4. Dance number in my grandparents’ reunion


Along the road when I’ve learned how to dance, my maturity in dancing improved a little. But I wasn’t having serious dance number. Me and my cousins did a dance number before. And I thought having dancing in front of my relatives was giving me a chance to prove that I don’t have stage fright. Well some of my cousins also gave me a chance to have a solo flight back then, I was little curious and I did my best. (This was when it happened during March 29, 1998.)


5. Love for literature


Soon after I’ve fell in love in acting, dancing and drawing, I’ve also encountered writing in literature. It gave me a passionate to do some poems, songs and sonnets. Back then, my grammar and sentences didn’t improve so much. Because I was able to get some lessons how to write well. But I did my best. Although my first poem was dated back in December 10, 1998 and that was Thursday. Somehow I’ve remembered carefully how I can write properly. It has to be simple. That was how my mother always said to me that it has to be on you how you to write. (This was when I was still in junior year high school of 1998.)


6. Graduating colors in high school


I was little confused, complicated, dazed and eager to graduate during my senior year in high school. Along the road I’ve accomplished, it was very thankful for me that I really did my best as a student. It was very sad story for me that I’ve to graduate during my senior year in high school. But it was a good chapter for me. My improvements have had me so far that I finally got managing to graduate colors in high school. High school was very hard to graduate in that level. Every subject you have to learn whether it’s elective or not, you have to do it by your own or by help from your parents or relatives. High school is important in education. So if you don’t get in high school, you wouldn’t get college career. My highest grade in high school as far as I’m concerned was Economics with an average of 88. I was very proud of it. Because I wasn’t get an attention to any other of my subjects. I was able to have finish on time. All of subjects were on the line of 8 except for one subject, the High School Math: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. It was really hard but it was important subject when you entered in college. It’s either you go in engineering, animation, or any related course, it is always there as a college math. You have to deal with it and have to challenge. And somehow I’ve managed to get a high school diploma through my hardship of working in my subjects. In graduation ceremony, I got an outstanding ovation from the audience because of my father’s speech. He was a guest speaker for my high school graduation ceremony. I was very happy that I’ve really enjoyed studying in high school. (This was when I was still senior year in high school of 2000 graduation year.)


7. Dancing for the first and second time in AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo


Why dancing again? But I was getting a culinary degree in college. I’ve faced my challenges. In fact, I did two times already in the year of Summer 2002 and Summer 2003. Before I’ve graduated in Center for Culinary Arts, I’ve asked my parents if I can study and take dancing lessons in Airdance in Quezon Avenue beside the National Bookstore branch. So they did me registering in dance lessons. At first, I have had with my brother in 2002. It was a great experience. But somehow on next Summer 2003, he didn’t join but I forced to continue my habits in dancing. And so I did continuing. I’ve managed to dance in a whole crowd for the first and second time in AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo. Our dance teacher was formerly member of Philippine All-Star dance group. (This was when I learned how to dance prettily well in Summer 2002 and Summer 2003.)


8. Graduating colors in Center for Culinary Arts


Maybe it gave me a span of years to finish a culinary certificate in Center for Culinary Arts. About when I started on May 2000, I gave a little fresh start to get a summer cooking classes before going in a college in Center for Culinary Arts. And I got a passing grade of 75. Well to cut the story in short, I’ve given a two colleges to get into. One was Montessori College near our home and one was in Center for Culinary Arts. Both of them have given a passing grades to me. But in Montessori College, I’ve got a highest score of 88. No wonder I can beat the scorer. I wasn’t an intelligent person but I’ve given as a smart-thinking person. So I’ve graduated in CCA on July 4, 2003, Friday afternoon. (This was when I was 22 years old in the year of 2003.)


9. Accepted being having with Down syndrome


It was so many years to cut in short. I’ve given a chance to think what would my life be in the future? To cut in short, I’ve always denied and denied of what I have being with Down syndrome. So in fact, I’ve a given opportunity to get out of the shell of my story. I saw a wide crowd. They were saying, “abnormal ba kayo kung yayaman kayo? (Are you abnormal if you are given as a rich person?)” This was when I started going out in networking job. But I’ve realized they were wrong. Being as a rich person makes you so wrong. Communication tool is a powerful tool to use in a good way, but not in a bad way. But along the way, I’ve discovered my both family roots from my father and my mother’s side. Both of them have had a rich history in family roots. So I’ve decide to step backward to push forward in a good direction. I’ve found Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or to cut in short, DSAPI. It was in my father’s side where one relative’s friend was a volunteer of DSAPI in Davao Chapter. And later, I’ve joined in February 2012, the 20 years of celebration of Happy Walk. It was my first time to join in an organization. And so I did my best to cut my negative sides of my life being having with Down syndrome. But it was already 2 years already that I was ready to accept it with my heart whole-heartedly.


10. First delivering short inspirational speech in UST, Alberto Magnus Bldg.


It was a greater experience I’ve ever had in my life. And it was my first time that I spoke clearly and slowly in my first delivering short inspirational speech in University of Santo Tomas, Alberto Magnus Building on November 19, 2012 in Monday morning. I was thankful I’ve had a given chance to speak in a crowd. But I barely knew anyone in the crowd except for the one who invited me in UST grounds, it was Jennica Gan. I’ve never had a good time of this experience. To cut in short, it was a blessing.


11. First of firsts


I’ve had a first organization ID card in December 2012 when I became a part of DSAPI. It was my first. After that, I’ve also got a first postal ID that I got since September 26, 2012, Wednesday afternoon. And after that, I’ve also got my first PWD ID card last March 19, 2013. It was first of everything. But getting a NBI clearance was the second time already. But I’ve managed to get my first police clearance last January 2013. And it was also my first time I’ve got applying my own getting a passport last January. Like I’ve said, it was first of the first of everything.


12. Third memorable prom of the year


Being at my age of 32 years of age doesn’t mean you were old already. And it was my first experience to have a partner as a not relative, but an occasionally part was having with a La Salle partner. Past of my two prom experiences was also my part of my life. But this was the greatest adventure. I’ve even had a date with a distant relative of Juan Luna and Antonio Luna. Because her name was Luna. Like I’ve said, it was a great third memorable prom of the year and in my life.


The main goal of my achievements is one remaining goal in my life. I have to get into the entertainment industry as an artist. Despite I’ve being with Down syndrome is not an excuse, but to share in the Philippines that I also have a talents in acting and dancing. If I were given a chance to sing, maybe I’ve to take a vocal training. These 12 facts of me is a great honor to tell you that this have to be honest feelings as a writer. Like I’ve said in the past articles, I’m not a good writer but I love to write. Because writing proves me having with a passionate to write.

Happy 1st studio year anniversary!


Since I haven’t post an article a few days ago. Since this is my first anniversary article, I would take note as a different version for this year. There will be a few adjustments. But in the same way, there will be another set of quote poems soon.


I’ve made 78 English quote poems (English quotes 1-35), 54 Tagalog quote poems (Tagalog quotes 1-26), Sunday Sonnets I-III, 3 short stories (A Sailor’s Code, Road to America Chapter 1 and Winter Islands), 8 Spanish quote poems (Spanish quotes 1-4) and 3 songs (Halfway Around The World, The Sunset and The Girl I Love, and Valentines 101) that made it published already.


Then I’ve made some progressed stories of my own life diary, from Insensitive Side of Me 1-5, 29 chapter life diaries: A Day to Remember, Another Challenge, Anticipated World, Back to Workspace, Bag of hope and faith, Best examples to learn, Changing lives, Civilized world, Computer and food, Difficulty finding a job, Enchanted, First Appearance, Friends that can last, Generations, High Expectations, How I overcome Down syndrome, Learn from confessions 1-2, Learn from experiences, Lessons in love life, Living and accepting, Love and Tragedy, Memorable moments, My 2nd Happy Walk, Passing grades through challenges, Resolution for 2013, Return in Neverland, Series that I watch and World of employment.


And I’ve added some elements for my studio articles such as Business (Where to start to have Business), Entertainment (What I know about Alodia Gosiengfiao, What I know about Britney Spears, What I know about Coco Martin, What I know about Jodi Santa Maria, What I know about Rico Yan and What I know about Toni Gonzaga“) Law article (Freedom of Speech), Music article (Music to my life), Specific article (What I know about President Corazon Aquino) and Tribute article for Rico Yan (Lifetime inspirations, My inspiration for Rico Yan, Numbers of Rico Yan and Special Remembrance for Rico Yan), Education articles (Favorite Subjects, Human Stages and Special child issues) Relationship article (Commitment) and Television article (Aryana, New line of TV shows, Princess and I, and Walang Hanggan “Infinity)


So far I’ve made progressive last year and I’ve made 180 articles. And I topped some of the best comments I’ve received from 19 articles out of 180 articles. The most comments of my articles were A Dog’s Life and NBA Dynasties with 12 comments and 1 like each article. And the most likes of my article was Why writing becomes addictive with 10 likes.


Each time I write an article has making progressively. And last year’s views were 2,840 page views. The last thing I know that my page views this year goes up with 3,098 views. It becomes accurately progressive for me. And I know for the world has to know that I am an exquisite writer. I’m not as good writer as you are. But to tell you honestly, I prefer much to be call as to love write whole-heartedly.


In the beginning, I wrote and I published. But I was diminished. So I stopped 10 years from which I became too much of words to express. And I don’t know much of the SEO, or page ranks either in the beginning of my life. Yes, I’ve become interested to return last year as I regularly write some of the articles I want to publish. Maybe if you are much conscious of your writing, then you will notice it has something that has to change a little improvements in my studio. I have had blog before in nearly 11 years from now. It had nearly 100 article posts. But along the way, I’ve stopped. So I’ve deleted. After numerous of breakdowns, depressions and frustrations came in to my life in the span of 10 years, and so I’ve said that it was time to go back writing again. So my first article was Expecting the unreal world and published on March 16, 2012, a year ago already.


And did you know that day was also the birthday of discovery of the Philippines? And so I think about. And it is so memorable. Like I do mostly in my life is write and write everyday, even in my diaries or store quotes from my cellphones. Those are the most improvements of my life. But the real birth of my addictive in writing was on December 10, 1998 with my first poem. So I’ve remembered and so the history lived on. Philippines turned 492 years old already last March 16, 2013. I also love history, entertainment, sports and some what I want to write about, a limitless in the universal language of English.


And the last favorable I write about is me. I love exchanging and sharing my point views of my life. Although being having with Down syndrome is exceptional, I am deeply in love to girls’ heart. But honestly, none of them become my girlfriend. Only crushes I mostly admire because of them. That is where I put my inspiration in writing and pursue what I’ve to become. People should know someday that my studio will grow bigger and mature in the future.

An interview

Here’s my introduction. It has been a year now, and the countdown starts now. We have 16 days left as you don’t know. This studio began a year ago, on March 16, 2012, Friday afternoon. Of course, you don’t know this either of the trivia I will be giving out. It was the same day when Ferdinand Magellan found the Philippines on March 16, 1521, on a Sunday afternoon where he fought Lapu-Lapu on a Mactan Island in Cebu province. Philippines now have 491 years old when it discovered by Magellan. As you know, nobody knew when was the day Magellan and Lapu-Lapu fought. Look at the picture where you saw these two gentlemen fought for their pride and courage. Lapu-Lapu, on the other side, gave an outstanding award in his tribe. And you didn’t know that time, he was Datu Lapu-Lapu as we spoke about the historic date.


This February celebrants have gone a number who celebrated this month, including me of course as I turned three decades and two years old. Shakira‘s birthday lies on February 2. John Pratts, Heart Evangelista and Kris Aquino lies on February 14. Both Paris Hilton and Denise Richards lies on February 17. While I am having to celebrate my birthday with Empress Schuck on February 19. Rihanna and Cindy Crawford lies on February 20. Jennifer Love Hewitt lies on February 21. Drew Barrymore lies on February 22. Dakota Fanning lies on February 23. Who would expect to have birthday this month? Because we are all May babies, not to mention June babies or July babies if you are premature babies.


Now let me give straight to the topic article for today. It is not about the literature I am writing for today. But honestly, I write who I really am. And giving literature from day-to-day gives more basic information around the world. And I have 32 followers here in my studio. Plus I also have 12 twitter followers. (Note: I am only using twitter for my studio posts that is posting for today’s articles.) No wonder I already have 14 new followers for this month of February. To tell the truth, I am no magician. It really sparks my day if it happens I am posting about my literature side. Maybe I am too much posting about: “What I know about…“, “Entertainment articles“, “Movie articles“, “Education articles“, and other articles to mention. My attention to this studio is writing about literature and short stories. But I stop writing about short stories which it reminds me some of my friends have said to me, “I usually don’t write short stories because it might get caught in plagiarism.” Well of course, I believe on that ethic. Many of you should know about this shortcomings. Otherwise, it might stop you writing your blog.


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) ~ An interview with the entrepreneur of ItmikkiStudio


Why did you call this as studio instead blog? Normally I don’t call this as blog section. If you are writing to a newspaper section, that’s an newspaper article. Mostly freelance writers in newspaper articles writes about their section. And I realize that I have to put some different section here in my studio instead calling blog. Blog is freely writing your article and your wisdom stays on your mind.


When did you start writing? Oh yes, this comes a long time ago. When I was a kid, I usually write phrases and short-broken word phrases such as, “give damn the writing”, “believe me you wrong are person,” or “me shout you can.” Literally I wrote anything when I was a kid. But my relative who my uncle was a writer now in the newspaper. He was the one pursuing his dreams as a journalism writer. But on the other side, I also come from my love of writing. Nobody knew what I was doing when I was still a kid. Honestly, I didn’t know how to use grammar and spelling marks. I learned afterwards I’ve graduated in college. I’ve had poor remarks in my English way back when I was in elementary, high school and college. It got my tongue out as I bit it. So I thought learn some more when you advanced your age to another level. I was not a whiz kid, a nerd or a summa cum laude honor. But I have different path. I have with special needs, or to be called having with Down syndrome.


Why did you choose Mikki and where did it come from? The name of Mikki derived from a character word from Khan Online, Micko. Micko was an archer-healer. She was responsible to heal the party’s needs health points or HP. She uses the mana point or MP to heal health points’ player. I have had a long run playing the Khan Online for almost three years. After the deteriorating hardcore online game fell in 2006, I finally reached Level 144. I wasn’t giving an attention to my life before. It was all about the games. So every time I used another online game in another hardcore online game Perfect World. I’ve used the name numerous times. But after that, that word stuck in my head as if that was my nickname. Let me give a straight answer. Yes, it has a meaning. Mikki, in American dictionary is Mickey Mouse, which I derived the name from happiness. That is why I come up a beautiful name and create the name.


Where did you start writing literature? I began writing literature when I was in high school. Reading Hardy Boys was my first aspiration books I learned how to read during my elementary days. Then later I adapted to learn how to make sonnets, songs and poems during my junior year. Junior year was my biggest happiness stage when I learned how to make poem. It was dated back on December 10, 1998, Thursday lunch afternoon when I was making my first poem. But that a thousand literary works I wrote about have kept through the years. It was really hidden. And I will get it somehow in my friend’s house. But half way across there, the journey really began last year as I came my first come back after 10 years of silence of not writing down a single poem or a sonnet.


What are your hobbies and interests? And why? My original hobbies are dancing, singing, acting if I want it to and drawing. Normally during my peak years, I drew about more than five hundred characters just making it to one hardcore comic book. But at the back of my head tells me that I have to write it down different stories. So whenever I combine them in a good book, it comes out an epic fight between two, three or four characters. Making a story gives a little to exercise your mind to have brainstorming, researching and manipulating your mind to create a good story. Somehow I am still undergoing some of my pending work projects about my publishing house. And I am planning to invest my ideas to a reality work. And my current interests now are writing, volunteering to speak in the public or to help special children and activities to attend some of my articles to work on.


What makes you inspire to write? And where does it come from? I write and I love. Because the real transformation of me becomes a little attention. I want to become a writer. Honestly, I am not a good writer and just an average writer who loves to write everyday your daily life. My goal before was becoming a new poet in 21st generation. But now it comes a little curvy to my road inspiration. I want it to be a different. I want to become an animator, an artist, a writer and a poet. Well it comes from the books I read from Hardy Boys. Then it comes from William Shakespeare and Emily Browning. From animation and as an artist, there is a lot of inspirational people I look up to. I look from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. And I also look from Michael Jackson who loves to dance. That’s where I learn the basic steps of dancing, his signature moon-walk dance.


Do you want to have publish your works to somebody else? It depends if he or she agrees on my terms and conditions. Normally I want to try doing my own way. If it becomes success, then it would have more production to my rate of making stories, quotes, sonnets, songs and poems. I am still dreaming to have as an aspiration building a production studio, publishing studio and sooner if Philippines will agree to this, making a success of own film and production studio. Just like when I see some studios in North America countries and other countries as well. In this way, a lot of Filipinos will come out making new films, new animations and new channels for the better’s economy. I love who I am becoming like an American dream. That is why I am making it to a Filipino dream.


What makes you busy for a daily life? I come out often two or three times in a month for spending a little from my expenses. Normally my business comes first. But when it comes to a reality is God first. Then second place comes family. In third place is my business. Fourth is my retirement. And fifth comes last making my own family. If I break my busy cycle, then I won’t able achieving anything.


Do you have facebook page and twitter account? Yes, I have a facebook page. It’s called ItsmikkiStudio. Just type the whole words in a search bar and it will come out. You will receive and follow what I am doing in my facebook page. It same goes to my twitter account where my facebook page is attach to my twitter account.


Do you plan to get an interview from anybody else? Of course, if there’s an interview. I would come up my best answers to give answer. I am usually afraid getting an interview.


Why? Well, it’s because I don’t give a trust and confidence to myself. Maybe that’s why I put myself in danger answering in not of my condition.


Are you ready to enter show business or politics? In show business, it’s a yes. And in politics, maybe.


Why maybe in politics? Politics is an area for the floor of lawmakers who are aware making it doing good. And some others want to have a power in money. Money sometimes to me is an evil doer. You can do anything in your money if you are rich. So there’s a corruption going on the Philippines and some other countries as well.


Why yes in show business? It was one of my high school dreams. I might get a chance working my own money to grow, to create more projects, help foundation to grow, build businesses and help for unfortunate people. Show business is my area to response one of my dreams. Which it’s actually I am aiming to make film and production studio here in the Philippines.


Wow, you have many dreams. Did you achieve anything? Not yet, but I am planning to make it real someday according to my dream sequences. I dream of this while I am sleeping. Some people considers it boring and not achievable.


Thank you for having an interview with you. Do you have anything to share with your followers? Oh, yes. Please always follow me in my facebook and my twitter account. Both have same contents in ItsmikkiStudio. Just follow and enjoy reading my articles and literary works. And please support me for having cause of foundation in the future.


Until next time.

Down syndrome awareness

Pictures from Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI

Halloween Party 2012

Froggy costume kid with Down syndrome

Halloween DSAPI

Teenager in costume with Down syndrome

Halloween DSAPI000

Me and Jeremy’s sister

Halloween DSAPI001

Adette de la Paz and kids with Down syndrome contestants

Halloween DSAPI002

Jeremy with Down syndrome and his sister Sarah

Halloween DSAPI003

Agnes in Mario costume

Halloween DSAPI004Me with Down syndrome and Agnes (Jeremy’s mother)

Halloween DSAPI005

Clara with Down syndrome

Halloween DSAPI006

Clara and I with Down syndrome

Halloween DSAPI007

Kid with Down syndrome

Halloween DSAPI008

Kid with Down syndrome

Halloween DSAPI009

Me and kid with Down syndrome

Halloween DSAPI010Teenage with Down syndrome in costume

Halloween DSAPI011Me, Kuya Rey and Sibling Support Group

Halloween DSAPI012

PWD Thanksgiving Party 2012

Teenager with Down syndrome

PWD Thanksgiving000

Marian painting kid with Down syndrome

PWD Thanksgiving001

Part 2 Painting session with Marian

PWD Thanksgiving002

Art session of kids with Down syndrome

PWD Thanksgiving003

Art session of kid with Down syndrome

PWD Thanksgiving004

Painting session of teenager with Down syndrome

PWD Thanksgiving005

Smiling kid with Down syndrome in Art session

PWD Thanksgiving006

Kid with Down syndrome on top of his father

PWD Thanksgiving007

Eating time! Kid with Down syndrome

PWD Thanksgiving008

Art session! Teenager with Down syndrome

PWD Thanksgiving009

After art session, painting session of teenager with Down syndrome

PWD Thanksgiving010

Drinking time, kid with Down syndrome sitting on the sidewalk

PWD Thanksgiving011

Kid with Down syndrome

PWD Thanksgiving012

Eating time, kid with Down syndrome

PWD Thanksgiving013

About Me

PWD Thanksgiving Party 2012

PWD Thanksgiving

Happy Walk 2012
my dad and I

I’ve joined Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines around the time Happy Walk 1 year ago. This with me was my dad. He came with me to celebrate my birthday during the Happy Walk 2012. And I was happy that I belonged here in DSAPI society. And I am proud who I am and what I have accomplish so far. In one of my DSAPi closest friends was Jennica Gan who invited me to talk in their school in University of Santo Tomas or UST Campus, Alberto Magnus Building, College of Education. It was my first time to give short inspiration talk about Down syndrome awareness about me last November 19, 2012, Monday around 10 am in the morning.

Jennica and I

Jennica and me from Angels Walk 2013

Return in Neverland

The story started a long time ago. But this story wasn’t all about Peter Pan and the Neverland. It was all about me. It was dreamy for me. Every night I sleep makes me still remembering the monkey bars and the swimming pool. Now each time it breaks my dreams, it become real for me.


I wasn’t able to walk. I wasn’t able to talk. And I wasn’t able to have motors like this kind of writing and typing articles. All I need to hear is a fictional story from my story. I am born in this world without knowing myself and my background. I wasn’t able to have a conversation to anybody else. Just as I started to walk and talk when I got an early intervention for every special child. In the world where there is a place have no perfect parents and no perfect child, God gave a talented special child. And that special child was later very talkative and at least, happy all the time.


When he turned two years old, his parents have found that their first-born baby boy has Down syndrome. The doctor couldn’t explained how he got the special case. Through his years, this baby boy turned a handsome boy. And that dearly handsome boy turned almost 8 years old as he entered the world of adventures. He entered 1st grade of his life. Then another 2nd grade, he passed without knowing himself yet. In another event of laughter and sadness, the teacher would gave up to this child. But no matter what happened, it turned great. When he entered 4th grade, one by one of his memories gained momentarily. He could remembered how Science built in knowledge and how to count in Mathematics from Addition to Division. He also loved to dance, loved to draw and loved to write. As he grew his talents, he graduated not in honors, but in loyalty and special award when he finished elementary in his school in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. But the incident happened to him unexpectedly. He thought he couldn’t finishing his studies in his life. All he wanted was to finish college at least.


Then he entered high school at his age of 14 years old for his freshman year. He now loved his subjects more than three subjects: Science, Arts and Music. It turned out that he also loved History. And the great history around the world was now seeking his knowledge. But he also loved watching sports, cartoons, and mostly important how to win the heart of a girl. Because he watched mostly from the love stories and read some of his favorite books, Hardy Boys. Each month it passed because of his knowledge became wider and wider for him. Knowing truthfully and honestly, this teenage male didn’t know that he have had Down syndrome when he was sophomore year (second-year high school). He was confused, frustrated and depressed. But he gave a fight finishing of his studies.


As he reached junior high (third-year high school), he now also liked Literature when he began to write a faithful day. It was Thursday afternoon lunch break, December 10, 1998. He wrote a poem. His first very poem wasn’t published in the school paper. He became frustrated and gave a fight again in his life. He wrote a thousand songs, sonnets and poems of his life. Then at the moment, he had a wider dreams to become like William Shakespeare and Emily Browning. He also liked how imagining the world will change in the future to become one of the brightest stars in television. He wanted to be an actor, a dancer and maybe a singer. All of his dreams will wait for him.


Until he graduated from high school in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo, the first batch that graduated in high school. He and his classmates challenged in a next huge chapter, the college life. He gave two passing exams in Maria Montessori College and Center for Culinary Arts (in short, CCA). His grade from MMC was 88 but his grade in CCA was 75. He now thought entering culinary course rather entering in Hotel and Restaurant Management, both in fields of cooking courses. In his back of his head thought he could entering music course in University of Santo Tomas (in short, UST) or theater arts in University of the Philippines, Baguio (in short, UP). But he didn’t get of his two university schools out of 4 schools of his choice. Maybe it was a fate for him.


He gave another fight of his life when after his leave of absence during his college years. He went to courses that could gaining him a little experiences for cooking. When he came back in the culinary school, he finished and gave a fight. He attended a graduation ceremony in July 4, 2003 graduating in his certificate of culinary course. His years went down after his graduation. His dreams dived inside the ocean and waiting to arise from the ocean someday. He attended dancing school in Airdance in 2002 and 2003 during his college years. But it couldn’t waited for him for his dreams.


Impatient he was and irresponsible, he lost his interests going back to his culinary life. Instead, he was addicted playing online games, browser games and other stuff of platform games. He only thought becoming as an animator. So he entered in First Academy of Computer Arts (in short, FACA) taking up his second course of digital arts. He now learned how to draw basic drawings. Because he restarted his hobbies making a lot of effort. He went back to his interests: dancing, writing and drawing in the field of Arts, Literature and Music. But his fate of his dreams doesn’t stop him right there. As the years went by, he broke his silence. His female cousin invited him entering networking in Unlimited Networking of Opportunities (or in short, UNO). He was familiarizing the products, gave a big shot if he could selling products. It didn’t work well for him. Stopping after five months gave a little break for him in October 2011. He was thinking joining in another networking group of VMobile, later on February 2012. He joined the Happy Walk 2012 in his birthday.


He thought he could helping out of his dreams with an advocacy for special children and for the unfortunate people having to get a job or business. His wisdom of his writing makes him proudly. He also entered two training courses in 2012. One was computer call center agent training and basic steps computer courses. He completed his two training courses and might used for the future references. He now achieved his faith for his achievements. His first-delivered speech, he spoke for a hundred educators, teachers and special education students for his speech in Alberto Magnus Building, College of Education, University of Santo Tomas (UST) last November 19, 2012. And recently he received his first visit in Cupertino as the guest judge for their dessert competition last February 15, 2013.


This special adult now achieved his achievements awaiting for his dreams to having working in show business and entertainment industry. He might give a shot for his dreams as an animator, a writer, a poet, a dancer, an entrepreneur, an actor and a dreamer. He has now a loading business and a member in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines (in short DSAPI) last December 2012.


Returning in Neverland from where he started how as an special child in Cupertino, he showed his best of his life. Being like as a Peter Pan in a fictional story, this special adult achieves everything. As he believes everything is possible, he truly awaits for his next achievements of his life.

Celebrity crushes

Somehow I get a little information about the girl I really fall in love. Maybe one or two I might get a guess. But to tell you the truth honestly, I have a celebrity crushes before. My first celebrity crush way back when I was in elementary days was none other than, Antoinette Taus. Of course, it is good that you really look for the girl you really want to see her personally. But it takes guts and somehow I lose the way to get a chance to have conversation with Antoinette Taus. Both of us were Montessorians. But Antoinette back before was attending OB Montessori in San Juan. And I was attending Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo or simply called as MISA. It was that name before, but it stood out the name without the Antipolo word. Now it is called as Montessori Integrated School or in short as MIS. Looks like I am having a hard time looking for my background. But then again, this was called about me and my celebrity crushes.


Yes, I did have two dozen crushes before from elementary until college with a numerous crushes I have had hidden in my privacy life. Well I don’t want to spill the names. Someone will get hurt, someone will get personally to mention the crushes I have. Personally in my life got nothing to be achieved. Somehow I always got hurt when somebody knew about this. Yes, I got hurt someone’s else also. But honestly, they were happily for now.


After I have graduated from the school I’ve been attended in MISA, children of Francis Magalona was enrolled in the same school I was attending to. Name four of his children today were famous today. They were Maxene Magalona, Saab Magalona, Frank Magalona and Elmo Magalona. Both boys were good in singing like their father was. And Saab did have the same birthday with Maxene. And I was mentioning them in my school before I was attending. Honestly, I really didn’t know Maxene’s siblings before until today I knew already.


Back to the topic I was mentioning Antoinette, I firstly saw her before during my college. Both of us were graduating the same year of 2000. And I didn’t know that she was attending Ateneo de Manila University in Katipunan area. Barely I knew about her, to tell you the truth, it was the same fate I saw her. It was all because it happened so fast. I was having a lunch in Pad Thai restaurant behind the Shakey’s restaurant in Katipunan area. Little I knew, I saw her across about two tables away. She was so beautiful personally, but I didn’t get a chance to ask her politely or asked for her autograph. During before, the cellphone wasn’t introduced in the society. Only some in the society have had less in the population having a cellphone during the year I was attending college. So I decided to keep it myself. Maybe a little less knew in my life that I saw an actress before. Then it was a reality when you were out of high school years.


I’ve had been in Antipolo for 11 years of studying from elementary and high school. Although it wasn’t hard or easy for me, it was easily that I have coped with my problems. I didn’t know much of reality before. Because I have had in my mind I was in 6th grade graduating for 3rd commencement exercises in 1994. Well a few notices changed so fast, I got a little incident about this. I was bumped by this jeepney breaking a little in my shoulder joint. Then after that, I wasn’t able to move or enrolled to another school. None of the public schools before have had 7th grade. I was the last and only 7th grader in elementary. All of my classmates were all 6th graders. I was a little bit surprised that I have had advantages from them. Knowing that I repeatedly studying the same subjects I have had it before. So much to say and so much to express were all the advantages before. The disadvantages in reality, all public schools here in the Philippines surprisingly don’t have 7th grade.


What are the disadvantages? It’s literally simple and precisely argument among the families here in the Philippines. Not all families can’t afford to have children studying in 7th grade, so instead jumping to high school. Just like an intelligent student was accelerated. Even so, they don’t have disadvantages.


And the advantages, what are the qualities students looking for the school? It’s more of education in the country. Now the government were acting to have the K-12 education. Not all schools can adapt that. For me, it was more than you were keeping ready to study before entering the high school. That’s the advantage for me, and I can’t argue for other student body that is. Because normally, I have curious study of being having with Down syndrome. And I’ve accepted the truth. Accepting for itself welcomes the society makes so easy staying in positivity.


I was saying a little more of an introduction about Antoinette Taus. She was in the year I was in. 1981. She was a Virgo and I was between in Aquarius and Pisces. It was a little less or more having you to introduce her. And yes, the last time I saw her around was in The Voice singing talent-show.


Moving fast-forward in the a little early of 2000’s, I have had a little crushes back when I was in college. They were Danica Sotto and Nina Girado, the soul siren. Danica and I went to same school attending to the culinary school in Katipunan, it was Center for Culinary Arts, or in short CCA. But it was short back then when we were together. I got ahead graduating in culinary school and Danica graduated. So much to say or something I really didn’t remember anything. And Nina Girado, she was in Katipunan area before. She was attending in Miriam College she was studying. I saw her too back then. But the society in Katipunan area leveled me up. What I mean was a little introduction in a reality. And I was curious what I was thinking at the back of my head.


After a year I graduated from the culinary school, I felt depleted or nothing to feels empty to be inspired of. I have had no current celebrity crush in the years I was not in the mood. It was depressing years. From 2004 to 2009, I was a little in stage of frustration, depression and a mixed of little emotions I have had. Maybe a little social anxiety have stopped me there. I wasn’t in the mood not working anymore in my culinary experiences. I have stopped practicing I have skills in culinary. Instead, I got more addicted more in computer. I little did more interested in drawing and writing. Somehow I lost in my tracks thinking if I was able to go back what I was doing in my life. Then a little television addict came into my life that was started five years ago. It was 2008. Back then, I was also lost somewhere in that middle of the year 2008. I was now focus in drawing and writing. I thought writing makes me different. And at the back of my head, I saw a beautiful multi-media artist, Toni Gonzaga. Her skills into hosting, singing and acting made her different other than artists in the entertainment industry. And I got an awesome taste of her. It was beginning that I really liked her.


Well I really didn’t have much of her music studio albums. Only two studio albums I have had it before. It was Nikki Valdez and Antoinette Taus. Two of them were my crushes. Well of course, I got a chance having a taste to have autograph with Nikki Valdez. She was also in singing. What makes it different? I like girls who are in singing or acting in the same of the entertainment industry. Even so, I like more girls who were not so seriously. But Nikki almost left in the showbiz because she was married to the man she loved. That was why even a little fading away like a autumn passing through another season. Toni is a total package I want it having an autograph with her and also having with a photograph. I saw numerous celebrities before. But I was shocked when I saw big names like John Lloyd Cruz, Sarah Geronimo, Mark Bautista, Senator Jinggoy Estrada, Danny Javier and among others. Of course, Danny Javier was related in our family tree. Danny was my father’s first cousin. So much to speak, but to tell you the truth honestly, some of my lineage in my father’s side was getting to know importantly. Not that I knew Mark Bautista, Dingdong Avanzado and Pilar Pilapil were among my relatives in my father’s lineage of huge clan we have had.


I guessed I have had my emotional sides again. With mixed reactions I have right now is unquestionable. And of course, it was my first time I have paid my first visit to one of my huge inspirations was none other, Rico Yan. I have visited him last October 2012. And little I knew about him, I also knew him for a long time. Since the beginning he have had huge commercial he was in, I began let my mom to buy me that product. And of course, I got excited to use the product. And at the end of the long run, he became my huge inspiration after he died in Los Palmas in the day of Good Friday, 2002. It is exactly 11 years for now. And everyone are planning to celebrate Rico’s birthday on March 14, and the day he died on March 29. And it is Good Friday again for this year. I became shocked and grief having hearing him died. And the part of my life became torn and depressed. But life has to move on although he is already gone.


Back to the topics of celebrity crushes I am saying, Toni is now my ultimate celebrity crush. Every time I see her in commercial, it is more than asking her to go out with me although she is engage with Director Paul Soriano. Well, it takes many years achieving a goal marrying your partner. Being having a celebrity status sometimes takes a hiatus. Some of celebrity I know have hiatus already. I become too much obsess wanting to work with the entertainment industry as an actor, a dancer or something else I want to work related in entertainment industry. Right now, I am doing the same thing I am used loving from my heart as a writer, a poet and a justified citizen listening to the government and topics under the clouds, a limitless.


Aside Toni Gonzaga I have celebrity crushes for today’s generation, they are Julia Montes, Anne Curtis and Angelica Panganiban. Hahaha, that is not perfect for me waiting patiently when I will be marrying a partner in the future. Because despite having Down syndrome doesn’t stop me there. I don’t want to hide anymore but to accept it whole-heartedly. And it might come for me a big break in the future. It is that they are beautiful humans in the human society. And the human society is a perfect conversation to talk about but not having to create an issue. Making an issue breaks gently as a controversial issue. Hmm, if it makes true for that. In my conditions, somehow a little road for me is waiting patiently where I can find a suitable partner for me. Because I believe someday a time will calling me to marry a girl for me. And I am not in a hurry to get a partner in my life. So much to say and so much to ask doesn’t respond me there, but normally it is who you are and the character you are right now.


Among the new shows I watch in a television for now are May Isang Pangarap, Kahit Konting Pagtingin, Juan Dela Cruz, Ina Kapatid Anak and Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw in the afternoon and night respectively in the channel shows I am watching. And starting on Monday, the new show Apoy Sa Dagat will starting right after Ina Kapatid Anak. And of course, the well-most loved series I always watched was Be Careful With My Heart. The synopsis I am writing about Be Careful With My Heart is still unfinished because the loved program I am watching is still on the run. Hopefully Sir Chief and Maya will get married soon. Because I am waiting Sir Chief will have a chance to kiss Maya’s hand to kiss or in the cheeks, or the most I want it to be happen is a kiss in lips. That is exactly what I have in my mind. Jodi Santa Maria is playing her character as Maya and Richard Yap is the leading man in the longest running daytime morning series Be Careful With My Heart series as Richard. And the climax is not still there. Because when the climax reaches, that’s the end of the story in the end.


I don’t know about within the cast I know in ABS-CBN. Since the part of my life before was all shows watching from my childhood. The only shows I was watching before was less in the defunct name of ABC-5 (now as TV-5 that Manny Pangilinan bought the network) and GMA-7. It was Love Stories in ABC-5 and cartoon shows in GMA-7 I only watched it before. And the starting point gives me turning around is Channel 2 or also known as ABS-CBN I’ve been watching for a long time in my life. Although I knew little names in GMA-7 were my friends working already in GMA-7 network or sister companies that network bought and built. But I won’t name them here in my article I am writing about my celebrity crushes.

Back when I was in elementary days, I always walked out in the door and banging the doors every classroom. It really kept me busying to get an attention to other grade schoolers. Our school in Antipolo doesn’t have high school yet. So I hope that I will be discussing what do you want to hear from me.


My first favorite hobby back when I was still a child was writing. Doodling or drawing on the counterpart of my life also represents me. What I like in my life is something I have to do different from other children. I didn’t know myself that the fact I always begin is writing. I kept one notes from my bible. Paraphrasing a group of words is what I consider my slowest improvements through all years I keep writing. Then in other part, I always thought that I was the slowest student in the class. I didn’t know my talents back when I was a young student. I lack of skills and improvements. Because I didn’t know later in my high school years that I was having a little problem in my life was challenging being having with Down syndrome.


I was getting more an attention to my classmates, picking a fight against my fellow male classmates. Then later in my life we became friends. Surely if your child was getting an attention from school, maybe the school administrator was trying to contact you in cellphone or maybe in landline or office line. That is why in the first place maybe it’s the way I get more attention to my parents. I was envious because of my siblings or other relatives. Then it comes to the point today I’ve really challenging myself not to be envious to other people. Sometimes I got jealous too. Jealousy and envious are both sins. Well it matters to me mostly today.


From going to the school everyday before, it was exactly one hour traveling time from our place to Antipolo. That time we lived around in Quezon City then going to Antipolo City about one hour or less, or maybe it depended in traffic time. From the time I woke up around 5 past in the morning, I usually went on my own to the bathroom, brushing my teeth, getting dress already after taking a bath. Afterwards I really got to have my things to get ready before getting to the school. During my high school life, I’ve discovered that I’ve been taking the time seriously being as an punctual student. I was never a serious student wanting to finish all subjects to be that good. I still got lower grades lower than the passing mark. This wasn’t like Ateneo or La Salle or any schools I’ve been attending to go to the school. We have line of 9, line of 8 and line of 7. That was the time I’ve remembered when I was in high school and elementary days.


I was hoping to get higher grades in high school with all my subjects should be line of 8. The final year or the senior year high school was the hopeful year you’ve always wanted to go to the college level. I was curious and challenged. I didn’t get a chance to have entrance exams like in University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, La Salle University or other university schools to be named. But I’ve landed more passing two entrance exams in Montessori College and Center for Culinary Arts. I was even surprised getting a grade of 88 in Montessori College nearby from our home. The university I’ve supposed to get in was less 5 minutes away walking from our home. But my sister said the university I was getting in was more difficult to cope it. So I’ve really challenged myself to choose culinary certificate in Center for Culinary Arts.


Instead going to a normal university, I’ve landed going every morning classes to CCA if there was a morning classes and every afternoon classes if there was an afternoon classes. Life in university or college was really that hard. You can’t imagined how tough I was getting a good grades in college days. The school directress in college and my mother talked about my grades. I was coping to get a good grades in Applied Mathematics or Entrepreneurship subjects. Both subjects were dropped. I was grinning my teeth hoping to pass the school. Instead, I clung to my hopeful prayers hoping to graduate. Then they wanted me to stay in the school as long I’ve completed my attendance. I’ve completed my attendance in college.


After I got out from the college and graduated, I was entering another chapter in my life. Being a unemployed graduate from college, I’ve seen a lot of troubles ahead. Being having with Down syndrome, it was hard to cope in my life. With a lot of challenges I’ve been through was the hardest to see a job and have employed to somebody else. Because what is more important today, that is I’ve already accept who I am and why do I have Down syndrome.


Yes, I am more exceptional and extraordinary. I’ve remembered in my life when I was in high school. The highest grade I’ve ever gotten was Economics with the grade of 88. Maybe if I was in Ateneo or any kind of schools I’ve been attending, it would be B+. I don’t know about the grading system in any other schools. But my favorite subjects back when I was in Grade 4 to 6 was Basic Math and Science. I’ve never got a chance to glimpse to be interested in other subjects. But with a little improvement in my life back when I was in high school, I grew more interested in other subjects. I began to like Literature, History, Arts and Music. Then later in final or senior year, I grew more interested in Economics. That was why my grade in Economics was an average grade. I never knew in my life in other subjects I grow interested.


But still if I wasn’t able to meet my expectations, I wouldn’t done with this writing in my own domain name in the internet. Someone in the organization I’ve met was the person who has a child with the same condition I have. I couldn’t believed all the blessings pouring on me. Maybe if I wasn’t able to find an organization, I wouldn’t find who I was today or I never got to accepted myself. Being having with Down syndrome is not an issue. It is a gift that God chooses me to use it. He chooses me to be an instrument. And as an instrument, I will be able to message every and each parents with children who has special needs like I am today. With every article I will write is something to be important that you have to know is me. Nothing matters. No barriers like exceptional, because I am proud who I am today and the next generation will follow to know about me.

What is Down syndrome? Down syndrome is a mental retardation to some of us. Not many but to the 1:1000 ratio of every 100 parents have their child with Down syndrome. It is sometimes a malformation. Some of the kids I saw before have difficult with speaking straight. But I can talk straight. Why? I also don’t know why in the first place that I talk so fast. Maybe God gives me a special medication, to message every parent with their special children that I can be an inspiration for each and every special child in the world. I never know that the world is huge for us, especially the world now has seven billion of human population. That includes the human deaths in seven billion. But in the count of population today is four billion and still counting.


Dr. John L. H. Down, an English physician, first discovered the syndrome in 19th century where he described to mongoloids (now as Down syndrome) to some of his patients with the same cases. With a difficult to read, sometimes a difficult to speak or different cases that includes the case. It was during Jose Rizal’s time if I may recalled. Dr. Down tolerates people not to burden the children with special needs. In some of few cases I have read, he didn’t realize what was the cause of Down syndrome. Unusual as he may recalled for the case. But he saw the same symptoms where he studied the conditions. Other kids with the same case before died earlier at the age of 10. As the generation passed, Dr. Down now didn’t know the life span of Down syndrome today will be living up to their lifestyle of other humans also.


Jose Rizal was in the world already during Dr. Down on June 19, 1861 while his mother conceived bearing him on November 18, 1828. Rizal died on December 30, 1896 on the same year Dr. Down died on October 7, 1896. Rizal died in a young age of 35 while Dr. Down died in old age of 67 years old. Abraham Lincoln on the other part was already in the world on February 12, 1809 and died on April 15, 1865 at the age of 56 years. Lincoln was the past of Dr. Down and Rizal was the during Dr. Down’s life. Emilio Aguinaldo was also in the world of Dr. Down when he born on March 22, 1969 and died in a old age of 94 years when he died on February 6, 1964. Three of the greatest names, Rizal, Aguinaldo and Lincoln were living during Dr. Down’s life.


How I overcome Down syndrome? It was when I was in second year high school at the age of 16. Barely enough I didn’t know my schoolmates and some of my classmates teased me as abnormal. Not knowing at the start of my life, it was part of my growing up. People really didn’t like me before. I was little curious when I was young. I was very talkative, dancing and shouting names as if I don’t care to some people. I don’t mind them because I was happy at that time. Not until when I entered high school, people were now curious looking at me around the school. Little they knew about me, they were defining me as a successful person in the future if I overcome. Then in the Biology when our Science teacher taught about genetics. And Down syndrome have discussed in the class along with the other genetic problems in human lives. And there she was pointing me as if I knew the Down syndrome case I have had. I did coming home after classes. As I came tumbling and didn’t care about chores and studies, I bothered my parents. I asked them why I did having Down syndrome partly in my life.


There was a times that my world would driven me out a little cause. Dismantling my mind would become a disaster or maybe I should forget myself and denying all the time. My feet trembles and my eyes soaks full of tears that night. I banged my head sometimes to the wall. I kept denying and denying. Until later of my life during 2011, my cousin invited me in some kind of business she was doing. I was, on the other hand, having my cellphone loading business. During my peak before in my loading business, I was now curious if I took a chance getting a job. And I’ve entered multi-level marketing or such as networking business. I’ve discovered that I have potential. And little by little, every seminar I’ve listened many times. The word of abnormal came out every time the speaker spoke many times. And I seized that very day when I finally nearly stopped doing the mlm business. After leaving the business in October 2011, I finally took and wore off my last medicine I was taking. It was the last powdered vitamin C medicine I swallowed in my throat and drank with water. Without knowing it, I’ve discovered along the road with my family roots both in my father’s side and my mother’s side. Both sides were rich in history. And I came from a middle-class family. Without building myself having Down syndrome, I finally learned to accept who I was. The lessons I have learned is to be better among the rest of population either in Philippines or the entire planet as well.


Fourteen years I kept denying myself having Down syndrome was the sin I kept myself for that too long for me. Then I realized that I was more blessed. Keeping me by my parents with an attitude, the ethics, the gesture and everything kept me stronger along the road of journey I was in. So here I am, more happiness and more likely to receive more blessings although I’m a bit of surprised of generation today. I am even more aware of what road I will taking in the next chapter. Since I love science, literature, history, elementary math, music, arts and dancing, I’m even surprising parents with their children with special needs. Other people little they know about me begin to ask, “How do you overcome Down syndrome?” And I simply answer their questions in this kind of article I am writing about me, Dr. Down’s discovery and the life within the world.


I’ve just to rephrase just a little quote about this: “Life is success in every shape of the world” to “Life corners the world with every and each success in each of human living in this world.”

Hungry for learning knowledge is what the kids can do in their preschool. But in this generation, it needs a lot of attention away from their technologies. In the past, we only have a typewriter, an old version of computer with an Atari game, the telephone that can clicks off and on and some other old stuff you can use. It was like Total Recall when you are watching in the television. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the action star before. And the bust off boxing champ Rocky would knock down his challenger out of the ring. Sylvester Stallone was there also. And until the generation of 1980’s was explosive movies in our time.


Name other stuff of that. But that topic isn’t supposed to be tell and share the story. We are talking about my favorite subjects. Yes, of course, the inevitable favorite subjects I would like to tell about in details.




This is all about the details you can count from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and so forth. Kids should learn the basic math first. Well, in my age, I learned how to compute the simple way back when I was in fifth grade or somewhere in fourth grade. My grades way back in preschool and from first grade to third grade was very bad. I’ve never learned anything. All I did before, all I think was to play and play and acted all around the school. Goofing around was what I have never imagined in myself when I was a child. Yes, of course, I began to love the Mathematics in fourth grade or fifth grade. But it was all the effort I learned about the Math.


You have never imagined in my situation when I went through I was in seventh grade. I was merely only and one seventh grade way back before. Why all of the schools cut off the seventh grade? If they haven’t implement the K-12 system in our country, the schools are more efficiently teaching children about their seventh grade. Seventh grade is the step closer your child should learn more in the school rather jumping or advancing to first year high school. It is not a typical way for the Filipinos to jump or advance their kid to learn in elementary.


When I entered the high school, all of my sixth grade classmates became instantly my classmates in high school. Because if I haven’t joined in the seventh grade, I would probably knowing all of the Montessorians should have seventh grade. Look at in the OB Montessori, they have had the seventh grade system. Miriam College and Assumption Antipolo students also have their seventh grade system. What I learned from school was to obtain and to absorb the knowledge we need it to learn. Algebra in our freshman year was that I didn’t know how to compute very well. Then I have to go to my father and to be teach at home. Same goes in Geometry in sophomore year, Trigonometry in junior year and Calculus in senior year were all that I took from the high school math. They were all difficult to learn. What I found later in life, this high school math are very crucial and need when you reach in college or later in your life, just like in animation.




Without a history in every aspect in every corner of the world, we won’t learning from our planet earth. That is why the Science place in our minds to feed about the nature of our history in planet earth. From anatomy, zoology, genetics, botany and some other branches of Science are to mention what you need it to learn. From the start of our lives, we know Adam and Eve are the first people have been living in the planet earth. But these scientists are wanting to debate with the biblical facts are wrong. It is to think if we live longer, we would have the first humans living in the planet. Let me give you an example, it is all about the planet of the apes. People find it wrong, but somehow in idealistic makes nothing to believe. You choose to believe. But I always remind myself that we have once first people roaming in the planet by our father and mother are Adam and Eve.


I didn’t know what to think first. Back where I am talking about the Science. It became my first favorite subject back when I was in fourth grade. I learned so much from our homeroom teacher who also playing the role as a Science teacher. She thought the wonderful facts of Science. From the plants, animals and some facts of everything in Science. My mind was like a geek before. With the pants up in my stomach and eyeglasses, my classmates almost thought that I was changed or transformed from anything. They were wrong. Because it did my transformation when I got electrocution back before the fourth grade. I eventually touched the broken wire of florescent lamp and my feet were touching in the ground. That was what happened to me. After that, I began falling in love about Science.


It continued when I reached seventh grade when our Science teacher told me to study all over again with the sixth graders. I was so lucky back then. Because in fact I was only seventh grade, I have to take sixth grade Science all over again. That is when it sparked passing the grade of above 80. I was not intelligent in every subject that was. What is the most important? The most important was you to learn more about Science. That was where I found myself having down syndrome from our Biology teacher when she told me that I have had that. When I came home, I eventually asked my parents what are the down syndrome features looked like. It’s not their decision to let me know in high school. It was only that I have to discover my own adventures. Of course, in high school Science was different from elementary. In freshman year, we have General Science and elective subject of Earth Science. Then in other parts of high school are  Biology in sophomore year, Chemistry in junior year and Physics of senior year of high school. Physics was the father of all Science. Just any case, you never think that way.


Language – English and Filipino


All of us have to learn the basic of hi, hello and ethics of the social world. That is where we need to learn from our school. English was all I have to learn about verbs and spellings. They are the basics of both English and Filipino. Filipino is our language in the Philippines. After I have graduated in college, I suddenly knew about the different dialects of Filipino language. That is where I have to focus about our society. First of all, I only know the basic Visayan dialect in Visayas. And of course, the dialects of Filipino are suppose to be learn. Well of course, English is the primarily subject in our school aside from Filipino. I still learn to study all over again in any case I need to restudy again.


English language is the basic and primary language in any kind of any countries. What is there more are French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and some other languages as well. We also need to learn the basic language in other countries. Good thing for us, we are enrich of the basic languages in our country are Spanish, Chinese, English and Filipino. The lineage, of course, in our country are primarily Spanish and English before. Then we have to adopt the other languages as well. Because I know some businessmen come from China, where we have had the richest people were Chinese. Few of them I think, but mostly I meet are some in the middle or in the poor. We don’t know the facts anyway. But this isn’t my favorite subject back in elementary. It became my favorite subject when I reached sophomore year. Literature became my favorite subject when it came around in my life during I was in junior year. Loving a girl is another perfect example to show your expression yourself in English Literature. I created some of the poems, sonnets, songs and even in stories I was writing about. Literature became the example in each corner of our life. If we didn’t learn the language and literature in the first place, what language are we talking about? That is why it comes first in our mind.


History – Philippines and among others


If Science is place in our center of our lives, we all need to write down the history of our lives. That is where the literature comes in also. For you need to know about European history, you have to resource yourself with an encyclopedia books. If we need to know the Philippines, then we have to travel some of the historic cities also in our country. For example, I had been in Ilocos region where I learned the facts of the Philippine history. The former dictator in our country, President Ferdinand Marcos, was all about the learnings of discipline. I knew for his existence that we have to learn our society back in shape. But there are really some dirty corrupted politicians in the first place. But we have to know about then. From my existence, the only I remembered our presidents were Ferdinand Marcos, Corazon Aquino, Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Benigno Aquino III. And the only president in our relative were Sergio Osmena from the Cebu islands and Emilio Aguinaldo from Cavite.


I will name of the presidents in order: Emilio Aguinaldo, Manuel L. Quezon, Jose P. Laurel, Sergio Osmena, Manuel Roxas, Elpidio Quirino, Ramon Magsaysay, Carlos P. Garcia, Diosdado Macapagal, Ferdinand Marcos, Corazon C. Aquino, Fidel V. Ramos, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (daughter of Diosdado Macapagal) and the 15th president, Benigno C. Aquino III (son of the late senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. and Corazon C. Aquino).


Music, Arts and Home Economics


These are the last favorite subjects to obtain and learn it all over again. Music place in every detail in my life. It is because without it, I won’t learn the history and the language in the first place. If you are singing Korean song, you don’t know how to sing properly. That is where you have to learn the language. And for the Arts, it involved with Science. It was the first subject I learned how to draw the scientific in our body or for example of the Acacia tree. Well of course the last subject was Home Economics. I learned how to sew the torn clothes and other basic in our home. If I am alone in other countries, I won’t staying for depression and frustration if it will happen for me that. But I learned already how to become stronger just in any case you are alone in the house. Basic and advanced culinary skills was the only I learned from the culinary school where I attended my college. I really finished the college certificate so I can achieved my dreams before. Because without college certificate, I won’t learn anything from the basic culinary in the kitchen. What else you can’t learn if you want badly how to cook? Home Economics was the basic education in home and culinary came in second when you need to learn how to cook or boil the soup and simmer. Maybe it was learnings I have absorbed from the schools I came from.

I had been traveling outside of the Philippines many times in my life. I went already in Canada where the places I’ve been through already like Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver as well. That was only the time during when I was a kid. Also in United States I had been through already like in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Orlando and Miami as well. But that was the time I was only a kid back then. To realize because of that, I do want to fly in other countries as alone. But being as an independent person, I wouldn’t do that because I was still afraid losing on my own.


Later in my life, I also went to other countries during my teen years like Taiwan. It was purely a business trip with my father there in Taiwan. But the remembrance I went to were Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. The only thing I went to some of the places before. I also want to discover some other places in the Philippines. There are thousand tourism spots around in the Philippines. We went already in Ilocos region during my high school years where we visited the Laoag of Ilocos Norte, Batac of Ilocos Sur and Baguio of course. They were the places I’ve been through already. But to tell you, I am more like a science geek guy who wants to take pictures of volcanoes. My dreams before was to be a volcano photographer. I wish I want to do that more now that I have a low quality gadget which it’s the camera cellphone.


Camera cellphone is all that I have in my life. It will turn four years old this coming of December, the birth of Christmas. So to ask and so to say. But I didn’t know what to do with the dreams I have. I want to go in Bicol to picturing Mt. Mayon where my first story started in trilogy comic novel books The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice. Then to some of the Philippines I also want to travel like in Camarines Sur. And the hometown of my family name in Leyte also I want to visit in the future, the Javier, Leyte.


Cebu was also the part of my lineage of my father’s side where my relatives were living there. Aside from that, the Negros Occidental’s city of Bacolod I also want to visit because of the sugar plantation. I was sure there were still living business in Bacolod. Aside from Bacolod and Cebu I want to visit, name other places of the Philippines I want to visit. The Davao City of Davao province is also in my list to visit where other of my relatives were also living there. One of the best places I want to visit are Palawan and Boracay.


Of course, I forgot to tell you that I’ve been to Puerto Galera in Mindoro. That was the time I was already in my adult age. Fear of these times I might get to lose interest traveling around the world is your homeland. The Philippines is very rich in tourism spots where you can count the countless spots in the Philippines. I like Philippines very much and I hope to go around the nation as well. 

Many others have their own way to be in loved, few of them created their ways not to be in loved. Besides who will thought if I can continue to love a girl. Admiration is the only thing I can imagine when I think that I am really in love for her. Yes, for entire of my life I don’t have a single love in my life. Only my family I am thinking about, but what about else the love I can find for the real girl I really love. Somehow I don’t have a single girlfriend since my birth. Of course, everyone knows that being as puppy love is only you can imagine of to be in love for something else. What will I tell you is about my love life during I met a two dozens of girls? But none of them became my girlfriend. It’s hugely a crush only. Yes, admiration and appreciation is the only thing I can think about her. I love her no matter what. Since I have been talking about my love life, I suggest that you have stay relax there and read my article as the story goes on.


The first crush I have had in my entire life was during when I was in fifth grade. Of course, there was a puppy love again. Too much of watching television sometimes read my thoughts that when will I have my own girlfriend. But somehow that too much of watching television didn’t learn me well. I have had a first crush in fifth grade. I was dying to have a girlfriend back then. But you see, this is not about the crush. It’s about the love I am seeking for the girl. When I entered the sixth grade, all it became was also a failure. Of course prior to have a crush is not the sin you are making. It’s the only admiration and appreciation you are seeking for the girl you really love. And I, of course, was a male. Can’t you rub your eyes if you want to be falling in love with this girl? Of course not. But to tell you that this is not the first time. In face, there are many second chances. But third chances sometimes won’t accept the love you are making. Here are the tips that you need to know from me:

1. Do not look in her eyes unless you know what to say to her

2. Do not afraid to open conversation that you have crush for her

and finally 3. Find something you really like to know about her.


I realized there were many ways to be fall in love with this girl, but somehow I became not hearing too much of attention not to fall for this girl. Then I thought myself that was the only I failed to make some impression for her. I tried anything just to show my talents. I created how to be like her, but somehow it didn’t me prove that much. Then I realized it’s the last time I do this on my own. About this when I entered the seventh grade, my elementary friends were my classmates. But another set of schoolmates became also my classmates. My original batch of elementary friends already graduated from the sixth grade and advanced to their own to high school. This was not my first time I heard about the seventh graders. But to tell you, being as a alone and the only one seventh grade in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo became the history itself. Because I was the last and only seventh grader who graduated there in elementary. All of them went to several schools. But the fate was changed when I entered the seventh grade. Some of my schoolmates were teasing me as a mongoloid back when I was in elementary. To be realized that somehow amazed me during the time I have never noticed about that.


Since during that time became unchanged, one of the honored students became my crush. Then I thought about her middle name. It was that I am not the only one who have and my family of maiden’s name. My mother’s name carried in my name. So I thought whether I want to be falling in love of her. I started to make a change. My other subjects improved. But the three main subjects Filipino, English and history were still unchanged and unimproved. Also my remaining subjects were one by one changing through the school year quarters. My grade in Science and the basic elementary Mathematics was improved although I have still remaining to learn from the school. What about you when you are intelligent? For my perspective point of view, when you have lower grades doesn’t mean your life is over for your scholarship means. I really came from the lower grades of my subjects. When you are fighting to be improved, you still have to be continue. And always remain to be calm and be respected for other classmates you have. Do not afraid to lose in the battle when you have lower improvements in life. There are many lessons in life that needed to be change. Somehow I realized from my opinion. Do you have them when I still have that? Maybe or maybe not.


In high school, my life changed so fast dramatically. I became not to be worried about my love life and school life as well. Love was not the only you can enjoyed in your life but to reminded you need it to be change. Life was not cruel. Life, in fact, are challenges in life that you need to be learn in the future when you are facing them. I have sacrificed anything just to study back when I was in high school. Besides, life was nothing if the world is tumbling around you. So to ask and so to say.


Freshman year, the new beginning of life in high school, became my part of my life. New chapter was opened and new contents were about to be unfolded. I began to fall in love more in Science, the deeper inside of me rushed my life was. But to think of it, I have never imagined  I could find another love of my life. One by one, or maybe two became my crushes. I long forgotten their names but in the literary works I have had still recorded their names. To be falling n love was not my first option. But rather, I chose to live away from my love life. Then about in sophomore year, I became unknown and been mystery in my life. Back from the days my school mates and my classmates bullied me all the time. I stood from my pain and hatred. I became how to be proud I was today when I found out that I really have had a down syndrome. It’s not the sickness you know. It is rather hard to explain if you continue to read my other posted articles. To tell you the truth, I never imagined in my life to continue this way. The way our biology teacher told us about the genetics. This kind of trisomy 21 was deeper inside of me, then it came the down syndrome teachings from my biology teacher. Since then, I never looked back in the past. Instead I will create the things that will be my future to be change. When I know to be happen that way, I realize there are nothing really happen in my life.


Junior year and senior year, the prom came into my life. The first one was the junior year prom. I have dated someone else in my relatives. Then my mother chose my younger auntie to be dated there. I was of course, excited to dance with her in the dance floor. With her beautiful eyes and beautiful smile, I looked her dazzling smile killing my classmates to dance with her. Of course, I was chosen as the best dressed man there. But I have never chosen to be a king for the night. It was okay for me that night since I learned somehow not to be nominated anyway. If I were be nominated, I would probably ended up all of my school mates and classmates to choose me as the king for the prom nights. That was the classic movie tales. But this was the true-noted story I have been ever told. Life was again a cruel for me. Senior year of course became my challenging years because it became our last year of staying in high school.


Years from the past learned me very well. That senior year, I have tried to date one of the freshman year in high school. Then again, her parents knew about my mother. Hopefully it won’t be the last for me. But eventually I didn’t continue to date her after all. It’s because I was afraid too much of commitment of falling in love to a girl. It was my first try. And she knew that I have had a crush on her. About to graduated from high school, entering in college was very challenging for me also that year of 2000. It was difficult for me to change after leaving the school behind my back. But to admit, I have lost interests going back to that school again. Because despite we were living in Quezon City, that school was in Antipolo. And also that year, I noticed that Maxene Magalona entered the Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo about her sophomore year from her former school of Assumption Antipolo. All of the Magalona siblings were transferred to Montessori Integrated School to study. Name all of them. They were Maxene, Frank, Saab, Elmo and Arkin Magalona, the five out of eight children of late master rapper Francis Magalona. They were all there to study. But to think of imagining of that, of all things Francis chose the school where I was studying. Of course, I didn’t mention to you that they were a lot things happen in the school. The remembrance of the second generation of Gimik were there. The likes of the original cast were there to shoot for their school part. But that was the only Saturdays they chose to shoot there since it has no school hours. I still remembered that.


During my high school years, I have noticed that I changed so well because Rico Yan became my huge inspiration since then and now. After college years were also bitter to leave in the school. I was already old to enter again in the school because the history were not meant to be change but to learn hard ways from your knowledge and experiences. Torn from my love life and school life was a bitter for me. But to tell you the truth, it challenges our life to learn in our ways. What could you imagine if you cannot leave your doings in the past? Probably it won’t be happen for anything else to be change.


If I don’t change for the better, somehow I look myself in the mirror when will my last from the fate of what I really love. During before I was in elementary, I already wanted to be a volcano photographer picturing every volcanoes in the world. In fact until now, Science becomes a role for me to study. If I didn’t manage to found out that I have down syndrome. I would end probably in some special school until today. Nobody in the history graduated in college that you really acknowledged your school before. I really love to teach some children but teaching is not my field. I have other things I can teach, but to teach instead the uneducated people about the down syndrome knowledge I really have in my mind.

This is one thing I should like to do before I can do achieving other things in my life. Without it, it must be other concerns which I can lend my hands to help them. And of course, affiliations or someone will lend their hands to help me as well. There are many things I would achieve in my life, so I would give my advocate to this children before I can do things for me.


1. Affiliation


I still don’t have affiliation yet which it is why I want to put some therapies for the down syndrome children, to help them, to educate them and to nourish their knowledge. So they would help themselves for their parents to be proud of them. I am still not a member yet in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines (or DSAPI). But I acknowledge them to welcome me in their association as well. Well of course, I am proud for what I am now for being to be educated in a special school. I learned everything almost in the school. But of course, I also need to help other parents to help their children with special needs. Because in the first place, what I can do to accomplish if I cannot help the parents without my help. So I thought this during I was in multi-level marketing and left the company without they are noticing about it.


Last year was a change for me when I entered the multi-level marketing company which I decided to change my fate. But that fate doesn’t prove anything to be worth it. I said to them I never said never to quit. Instead of that, I promise to do something most important that can change me somehow. That is because I realize I am now responsible person with special needs also. In the first place, I don’t allow bad things to do in my life in the future. But I am willing to help the parents of their children with special needs. Myself alone can afford also to their needs in terms of helping them. It will secure my life in the future to have knowledge with the parents.


2. Accompanying


This is where I want to start to be someone who will be accompanying me in the first place. When I found out my lineage from both sides of my parents. My father’s side is where I am focusing to know their roots better. I realize things are different when you meet someone. Meeting to both of sides from my parents is where I start to learn about my family roots. My mother’s side are partly Chinese which their great grandfather is a half Chinese. And to my father’s side are partly Portuguese. It is that I learn so much from my father’s side. My relatives are so welcome to be in touch in the social network of facebook. When I learned about some part who are politicians and show business as well. I will not name them here in my special article.


3. Assistance


If the things are getting to plan, I need to put my schedule between my spared time and my busy time also. Being with to assist is also hard to know about. Being care and temporarily under responsibility is also what I am afraid of. But to think of that, it is not my type of duty. I am willing to pay my responsibility to look for the things.


4. Responsibilities


I know this is the hard for the decisions to make. Being responsibility in the first place is very challenging for me. To make it this straight-hand, I would like to oblige myself to be a better person inside and out. Of course, “with great powers comes with responsibility” is the famous quote from the Spiderman movie. To mean of that, you really need to focus what you need are accompanying, assistance and affiliating to be somewhat you really take care of the situation. No one in the first place can create a new foundation program.


5. Teaching and Parenting


Teaching and parenting are the same. When you are at home, you take care of them and to help them with their special needs. At school, the teachers are the second parents. They need to teach the children with special needs of their inabilities to do like how to read the book properly, how to speak properly and other to mention programs to be needed in a foundation program.


6. Volunteering


If the country needs a job you can do about, you can also look for another option in your life and that is volunteering will come in the situation of down syndrome foundation program. Without it, you cannot build for another foundation. But being that, there are numbers of parents who have children with special needs such as autism and other disabilities that have to be concern about. People nowadays don’t have jobs, this is the place you will need to teach, to assist, to help and to parenting their special needs. Program like this you all need have to do is cooperation.


7. Fundraising


I don’t have money to raise for the unfortunate people. But to tell you that, this is the perfect time to tell about the fundraising. Fundraising is all about in-kind donations and money that operate the foundation program for the special needs. I, myself, of course have also the special needs to be concern. But to tell you that, there are many kinds of fundraising. There are many things you need to know about. You can tell your friends by telling them to buy the tickets. And the tickets will eventually to raise the fundraising for the people who are in special needs.


8. Knowledge


You don’t have to be intelligent to become in order to help other people’s needs. My experiences are the key to explain what the knowledges can learn from and for the parents and the children with special needs. Knowledge can be the key to help the children when and where their children is having their difficulties to learn. I don’t want to be alone in this world without knowledge. Hungry to learn is always I think about to feed my knowledge goes up. When I don’t do anything, sometimes my mind is doing some idle. And I don’t want to be like that in the first place.


9. Cooperating


All things are sometimes difficult, when the child is doing something wrong. The child is learning wrong also. You need to be cooperating their special needs in the first place. Cooperating with the special children is very hard task to do. All you need with them is to be patience all the time. Without patience, you will eventually falling into parts of your problems.




In my two years of existence, my parents are looking for the things that I have to learn. I don’t know why in the first place they need me to go to the hospital or somewhere I can learn to walk and to talk. They are pushing hard for me to learn. When they put in the first school Cupertino, I eventually learned from the teachers that I can able to talk properly. Yet the therapies are too much expensive for my parents to learn. They transferred me to a better school which the preschool teachers personally taught me some valuable things in life. After a long four years, I eventually entered first grade in 1989. The long journey I have had there was very personally trainable for me. I learned how to deal with the people now. Eventually I learned how to speak properly with the words I have to speak.


In 1996, I was supposed to be in high school already the year of 1995 but it came a tragic for me. I got an incident from the jeep bumping my shoulder bones to break. That is why I entered high school with sixth graders. I, alone, became the last and only seventh grader in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. It was a heartbreak for me. But I learned more in my sophomore year when I found out that I have down syndrome from our biology  teacher who also became my second parent. The biology teacher is my classmate’s mother, which it sometimes I went to their house when the time I stowed away from home. Eventually I became a better person. I learned from home economics which until now I am still applied my basic knowledge to stitch my pants and some other clothes to stitch. Well of course, that doesn’t end there. That time, I didn’t accept myself that I have down syndrome. It is very hard for me to learn things I can cope from the lessons in school.


March 2000, the month of graduation of high school, my school offered to my dad to be a guest speaker in the graduation. My dad told everything that I am proud to be as a Montessorian. Believe me if you are there, you will be also giving a loud applause from the audience that our valedictorian didn’t give any of appreciation. Instead they audience gave a loud applause when they called my name. Everyone in the audience including my elementary friends were also there for me. I became the first person to graduate without the honors but to bring the school’s name to have the first special person to graduate in the school in the first place. I entered later in two schools to go for the entrance exams. The first one came with a highest 88 in my entire life. I didn’t accept it because I followed my sister’s advice to go in culinary school instead the passing grade of 75. Which it reminded my hardship of my entire life.


The three years in culinary school in Center for Culinary Arts is very hard task to do. Because that’s my highest dreams when I was still in high school years. I delivered all I got to promise just to finish the term from my school. With the 8 months leave of absence during supposed to be 2 year culinary years, it expanded to 3 years to stay in culinary school. The standards there are very strict. But I learned I can study how to cook properly in the kitchen as well. I can’t believe in the first place that I achieved in the difficult times before. I made some many friends in culinary school with the celebrities like Danica Sotto and Diego Castro (first cousin to Rico Yan). I didn’t learn how exactly what my world looks life when I finally graduated from the college. I felt empty and embracing some loneliness.


I have encountered how to date with the girl and how to be in love in the first place. It is the reasons why I have down syndrome in the first place. Eight years exactly after my graduation, my life is so miserable. In the kitchen I didn’t know how to handle my emotional and my eagerness to talk with somebody. I even can’t resisted to talk someone I really need to. Of course, being with down syndrome is unacceptable for me. But last year, I realized I was wrong. I found that the courage I have is to find the perfect people with special needs also. That is when I learned the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines through my relatives. During that time, I was in multi-level marketing or networking. I didn’t need to go rich just to help other people. You only have to be in your own needs. When I finally encountered people of Down Syndrome of the Philippines this February 2012, the founder of the organization finally amazed with my abilities I have. I can offer many things for the people’s needs. This year is a turn-around for me. All I need to do is focus for my dreams to wait for me and to be able in order of my plans to achieve.


The foundation program doesn’t need a perfect condition. All I need is to help with my desire dreams to help other parents of their children with special needs. And of course, one of dreams will change my world to achieve.

Many have come in my way when there are many things are said to be done. I use to say that there has been a new discovery for me. Anything else that can be the same for me. Just two weeks ago, I just found that my real great ancient grandfather was Don Dionisio Veloso, Don Eduardo Veloso’s youngest son. Then after from that, Don Vidal Veloso was at least my great ancient grandfather. No matter what I said great ancient a numerous times, it’s still the same. Ever Don Diego Veloso have set foot in the Philippines as our great Portuguese trader who has been part of us as our greatest great grandfather, this life has been part for us.


I have said in the previous article Family Tree: Veloso, there are many times we have been discovered new names in our lives. Many few old names are there in our family tree. Half blood for something you can hear like Osmena, the famous 4th President Sergio Osmena who restored the Commonwealth era after World War I. Philippines 4th President Sergio Osmena runs for the presidency from 1st August, 1944 to 28th of May, 1946. There are been famous in our lives. Then one name popped out from our family roots from Don Dionisio Veloso was Clemencia Osmena. And I think that is one of great grandmother of Sergio Osmena who has linked for us. I may not been know for about these things. But I really like to know what really happened in the past. I really like and love the history, any kind of history. And I think that I have been follow my fate for us to know from here.


Things are like different. And sometimes the names from our generations changed so far. We are linked to some names we don’t know. For something like Pilapil, Avanzado, Serrano or something ends up like Javier, for example. There are some oldest Portuguese names like Bonifacio, Calixto, Carlos, Fatima, Feliciano, Felipe, Fortunato, Hugo, Joaquim, Lia, Luciano, Lurdes (Lourdes), Marcelino, Maria, Mariano, Neves (Nieves), Priscila (Priscilla), Raymundo, Santiago, Severino, Tomas, Torres, Vera and Xavier (Javier). And the adopted name Rizal was nowhere to be found when I found that Mercado family also came from Portugal. Many names in our Philippine history have various names such as Apolinario Mabini, Juan Felipe, Jose Rizal and among others are based from Portugal. Spain and Portugal are neighbor counties in the Europe.


In our generations, there are thousands of adopted family names where Maghirang, Magbanua and among others are already our adopted Filipino names. Spanish names or Portuguese names were practically their usage of their names. But Veloso stayed the same as our family name really come from the Portugal. The various names are really important for our generations already. Since this has been our valuable names, like my name also came from the origin country. Greek, for example, has my name Simeon for it. It derives Simeon as the word of style means pillar. And I really love the history means have to say anything written from any kind of shape of history. But to those who love to know your family names, then you are already love to know your family names really are. Osmena and Javier are partly common in Portugal history and Philippines history as well. Since this is the first time I know the lineage of my family roots from my father’s side. I really thought my father’s side has been large sums of names. From what I thought from the start, this has been the beginning of new life as well.


The Chinese clans were the same as the Portuguese clans. But Chinese are huge population from anywhere you go. Xian or Sian, for example, are huge part of roles of our lives as well. Because they are also my lineage names from my mother’s name. What I really like about in my life is to discover more in your family name? What are the mixed-races family looks like? Let me give you an example. Here’s the weird part. You have part of Portuguese, part of Australian, part of Chinese and part of America blood. What else the bloods come from your family name? This is really weird but it’s the truth coming from our names as well. But I love it since I don’t realize at the first time I have been born from the very beginning of my life. Well, that’s the part of the end of the story. It’s almost midnight anyway.

I always think happy, always laugh at own risk and always goofing around. That is me and I like to be. I don’t pretend to anyone else that you can tell me. Because of what it matters to me, I always be happy for you and happy for everyone as well. This is how I would like to explain where, when and why did I get the name of Mikki. Let me explain about my life first before telling you the secret behind the name of this.


It always started as a crying baby since it started my life before. I couldn’t spoke too much of my time. I couldn’t walked too much of distraction. It is because what my characteristics are been unrevealing today. I spoke too much of phrases. I was stow away many times. Yet no matter it was before, now I am triumph my own problems. This is what it feels like to be a happiness person. I was a kid with down syndrome at the age of my birth. My parents wondered why and my two sisters as well. Dazing off from my face, it really looks like that there are something really matter for me. My eyes are very slant as chinese eyes. But to think what it is, so my parents took me under their care. And they brought me to our family doctor in Makati Medical Center and also from Capitol Medical Center.


It is always so bright as the sun glares me in my eyes. Barely I cannot see how they react what will I become for their future. Then my parents kept me in therapies, the speech therapy and the physical therapy. They paid a laboratory test for me to find out why my features are all about. Then they found about my karyotype. (Karyotype is the characteristic chromosome complement of a eukaryote species. The preparation and study of karyotypes is part of cytogenetics. In normal diploid organisms, autosomal chromosomes are present in two copies. They are homologous, from the parents, which should not be confused with replicated chromosomes that are identical. There may, or may be, be sex chromosomes. Polyploid cells have multiple copies of chromosomes and haploid cells have single copies. The study of whole sets of chromosomes is sometimes known as karyology.) Then they found that I have down syndrome. (Down syndrome, Down’s syndrome or trisomy 21 is a chromosomal disorder caused by the presence of all or part of an extra 21st chomosome.  Down syndrome or DS is the most common cause of mental retardation and malformation in a newborn. It occurs because of the presence of an extra chomosome. It is named after Dr. John Langdon H. Down.)


Years after I was a child, no matter I am born bringing joyful and energetic experience of laughter. So much free to move and so much loved to be enjoy sometimes brought them in a new life with me. As I grew up, no matter what the constant changes I have then I will face on my own fears. They brought me to Disneyland, the joy of bringing of excitement and eager to see a lot of happiness memories. Then I thought today that how come I didn’t remember them all. I was mere child before, because of the experience of happiness. Yet I still lack of my own knowledge. My grades and my performance somehow graduated from the first school I went in is Cupertino. Yes, I enjoyed much of the experiences is. But I was taught in Ateneo de Manila University to swim together with the swimming instructor which he was my cousin. I sought after when I asked my parents why the difference I could make from any other normal children. My behavior sometimes was crazy. Day in and day out, somehow I managed to be freely thinking of no worries. A child must portray to be example of excitement and laughter. People have had said that no matter the problems are, sometimes it loses in the sight and goes back a little to remember. But there were the times I was still a child.


The moment I was aware from my sight after the incident of electrocution. My parents rushed me to the hospital and said that I was important to them. So I succeeded on my own. Then the only I remembered during the times, there was an old lady and said to me, “How old are you?” I answered back, “10.” With her abruptly voice said, “you are acting like a 2 year old child, my dear. Respect the peace of the house of the Lord.” I was shocked when she said that to me. Yes, of course in fact, that’s the only one I can remember that I have to change. From that moment of my life, my life changed rapidly when I got into fourth grade. I was wearing everyday with the pants up on my belly and there it was that I have eyeglasses. Thinking my classmates thought that I was transformed easily. It’s because they didn’t know the truth the incident happened during the summer.


I fell in love in the subject of Science. And I fell in love with the Science teacher that I have to pursued about what I really like in the future. Until now, I am still thinking about her. Then to think about that, my life changed again when I reached fifth grade. The time I already have no glasses and I regained the sight I could remember my elementary friends until today. They were my first friends I have in my life. Enemies that I have transformed them to be friends with me. I became the social person at the age of 12 years old. The year of my life rapidly improved my lifetime before. I was so happy that I met them. I was not worried that I haven’t met some of my elementary friends from first grade to third grade and even my preschool days. What is really makes me happy that I remember and care about of them.


Before moving to sixth grade, I have had my first crush that she knew already when we met again in our get together party before. She knew along right on the spot we made fun to ourselves. Then about I was at the stage of teenage years. The life changed me again. I also became falling in love with the subjects of arts and music as well. But no matter what I am happy about is that I am really special person inside and out. I found that I have skills in drawing. Back then when I was in seventh grade (I’m the only one remaining seventh grade back in elementary days), I often too found another I admired about. It’s because of my valedictorian classmate who became my admiration. She reminded how can I love her so much. Instead that, I failed to capture her heart for me. The trust for us remained unknown and silent. I was curious what the intelligence person could have in their minds. Thinking in their place, I would probably end up as the top of the class. But I always remained the bottom of the class. But still, I was still happy of that.


After moving to high school years in freshman year, my subjects became too much of attention for me. I gained myself as a top student in the class. To be a confidence person is how we are special people about. But sometimes, my life couldn’t handle of much situation in every aspects of my life. Momentarily when I found out that my Biology teacher said that I have down syndrome when I reached in sophomore year. I came off from the school with my three sisters and walked directly to my parents. They said to me that I have down syndrome. It wasn’t fate that my life is so cruel. I didn’t manage to control my emotions are. I cried every night just to make up how the world managed to keep me alive. I already made some attempt to go suicide. Then my sister rescued me from the moment she said, “it’s not that good you go die, because you eventually go to hell.” Then I realized when my sister did saying to me. I was still curious, confused and dazed off of my life. Too much attention what would my life become in the part of my college years.


Before I was stepped out of high school years, the principal of the school and also the owner of the school have had said that my father wanted to be the guest speaker for the graduation rites. My father that I am proud because of him. He really made me so special for my family. Against all odds and problems through my life since the time of my birth, my preschool days, my elementary days and my high school days, my father explained how the school transformed to become a better person and become how to be called as a special person. All of my siblings went to the same school I went in preschool. Then I never thought cried, confused and excited at the same time I was about to graduate in high school. When my name was called, all of the people in the auditorium applauded to the reaction of my father’s speech. They gave a loud applause giving me the best student and improved student in the school. Because that was made so special my father told me that I really am a special person with down syndrome in my life.


After graduating from high school, the tests given during summer. I was given where to choose the university, college or wherever I can choose a school. I asked my mother that I always wanted to join in University of the Philippines in Baguio. Because of that, I was inspired by this one person and that was Rico Yan. It seems my mother didn’t want to go in her school just for me. Instead, my parents enrolled in the nearest college, and that is Montessori College. Eventually I got a high score of 88. My sister said to me that it was lucky to know the knowledge of high school and elementary years. But I rather chosen of culinary certificate in Center of Culinary Arts. From that very moment, I made some friends what to choose from the good and the bad ones. I jumped to another batch where I became friends of Diego Castro and Danica Sotto. But it didn’t matter to stay there because of that, I jumped to another batch again. This time, I joined in the batch of hopefuls that my grades have to manage to stay 3.0 average or above. Rarely in occasionally came not stronger to me. It’s because I jumped to another batch. I left the school for about 8 months just to study well in culinary knowledge. Somehow it really surprised me that I surpassed my third attempt in the Breakfast  course. I was happy that I succeeded. Then I enjoyed the rest years staying in culinary college.


To me, my goal before college is about to finish the college. That is my biggest dreams that ever achieved when I graduated in Center for Culinary Arts. So much to say that is eventually a calling for me to achieve. And I have never mentioned that I was happy all the time during my high school and college days. It is because I already achieved from the defeat of loss not to continue. I struggled from my problems and yet I approved them they were wrong about me. I faced all the challenges before, even the mightiest problems or merely like a small ant’s problems. I was happy and because I defeated the loss of sadness and have to carry on my shoulders with an exact strength I have. Which it is why I built the name of happiness in my life.


But the life carried me on after college. I lost one job to another job. Two months from my first job, then another came of three months contract of my second job that I lost again. After the third job lasted again for two months, my strength faded away. It seems my life deserted my happiness away. I was defeated by the sorrow and sadness through my years before. Then I thought that it was first time I held my first business and that is the cellphone loading business back in the year of 2006. My hopeful prayers answered me that time. It’s because I want to earn the experience of having a business. I was careless many times, somehow I spent some of my money playing in the internet online games. My mother scolded me many times, but ever since it became to my life that I have to stand up for reasons why.


After the brutal of 5 years of losing pain, hatred, confused and didn’t know what to do. Just like Sam in the movie of I Am Sam, I was confused whatever it takes in my life. I managed to get up last year and fought along the way just to prove I wasn’t worthy. I am worthy person that in fact I am extraordinary special person with talented skills. I joined the bandwagon of networking or multi-level marketing business last year. It changed my life so much. The verse of Jeremiah 29:11 said, “For I know the plans that I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give a future with hope.” Then another from the bible I really liked about is the Philippians 4:6 said, “Do not worry about anything, but in all prayers ask God for what you need, always asking Him with a thankful heart.” Two of the bible verses came stronger my faith and my hope with God is very exceptional for me. I was drained in the sorrowful and sadness years before, but now I gained much of my experiences and teachings from the knowledge I have had.


One of my mother’s friend said to me that I was really a special person with a kind heart. Not to weak people, but to make happiness for them is somehow my motto in my life. But I couldn’t care what I am saying. It’s because the last year is the biggest lessons I have to stand. Right before my aunt died, she came in my dreams and said, “Do not worry, my child, for I am here with you and eventually I will lead you to a brighter future to your prosperous life.” I asked myself why my aunt said that to me. Because until now, I couldn’t care much of myself and I know she is right beside of me thinking what I am doing good for somehow. I betray my own self to sorrow and sadness before. But now, I enjoy most of my life just to see how much of happiness would bring me back this year.


Oh yes, I remember now. The meaning of the name of Mikki doesn’t me end to write here. Mikki is the root word of happiness, or in the meaning of Mickey Mouse. I have minus the letters of -ckey and add with -kki. Then it delivers the name of Mikki. And how it begins with the name of that? I will show you of another story behind that.


Aside from playing addicted games of Ragnarok inspired me somehow after my college years. I am hooked in playing games of Ragnarok. Thus it came the hardcore online gaming called Khan Online and later it became, Khan Siberia. It was released by this Korean online game platform in Korea. They launched here in the Philippines about August 2003. I was still playing Ragnarok that time in the internet cafe. So the moment this cute and beautiful young lady stepped right beside me and said, “Want to care playing this game?” With my smirk on my face then I said, “Yes.” At the first glance of my stare, I was curious at her face. Her body curves a lot to me and I thought wanting to play the game. At home, I registered in the registration form of Khan Online. Somehow I couldn’t much thinking of unique name. Then I saw one beautiful character in the site and that was the Micko. The character Micko portrayed as the archer and the healer as well in the gaming platform. Then I renamed it into Mikki90. Somehow my character reached the built of characteristics of the character as well. The stamina, the agility, the intelligence and the mana itself increases rapidly every time I played the character. Then I joined in the guild clan called Renaissance. Somehow they saw me with my unique skills of the guild. I was addicted every time I logged in. Even the times I was about to go to the job, I woke up around 2 am in the morning and logged in. After one hour and a half, I closed the computer. Then I planned myself with a better bath and a better scent. That was the time I became addicted. Then it came to my life of having a load business during the month of June 2006. I used the business for the purpose to build the character’s statistics have to shoot up. Eventually the ranking in intelligence, I became in the list thinking that I have to heal more of other’s characters such as assassin, knight, cleric, and fellow healer-archer as well.


It is how it became the known of history of the name of Mikki. After that, I continued to use the name for as well. The dominant art site became the field of interest made my way to become an artist and also being part as a writer. Struggling by own history, I used many times in Flyff Online game, Perfect World and other few online games that I played in the past. But in Flyff Online game is my last online game I’ve ever played before then I semi-retired quitting to play the games. Somehow it returned the favors of the name, I kindly like the name of Mikki since the very beginning of 9th day of August, 2003 and that was Saturday afternoon, I still remembered up today. The name of Mikki struck to my head sometimes. Somehow I used that name to protect of my real identity is. Then it stuck through my whole life. Thus it became my second nickname because of me real name. I know it’s kindly hard to explain. But I don’t want to mention too much of my details about my profile. Since then, the name Mikki deserves the spot for me and has the meaning for me.


That is because I am so happy for my own success and I finally accepted my fate last year with the down syndrome I have is because of the name of Mikki. Mikki means so much to me. All the time I hear about the nickname I create is to make fun of myself to be a happy person. And I assume that is the goal of my life. The real elements of my site is very simple: artistic, unique and easy-to-read stories. It has always to be there with Art and Literature, Literature (English, Filipino and Spanish Literatures), Short Stories, Love Stories and other stories will have to unfold the real elements of the site of Itsmikki Studio. Why did I add the certain features of News article (business, entertainment, history, music, news, science, sports and technology) Other articles (agriculture, book, education, family, fashion, food, game, garden, holiday, movie, relationship, television and travel) and Special articles (family tree, Insensitive side of me series and wish list)? It’s because I want you to explore about feature articles I did some of my researching tools (including websites and other resources). And about that, I also added Life diary for you to recognize me as well knowing me better that I am really an extraordinary person with talented skills in writing, drawing and picturing as well. I really have down syndrome. No matter what sides you are looking at my face, it’s because I do have characteristics of down syndrome. And I am so happy that I will enjoy about this features as well. This is really what my future will unfold about my talents.


This is the another journey of my another story together with my site Itsmikki Studio.

What is the difference between art and literature?


The difference for me is the best examples of Jack Kirby writing for his drawing workshops, then Stan Lee came in to help. Basically, it’s really different at the start. I may be too excited for this to work it out. Since I am also an artist, that is why I am promoting my site different from others. Being in literature to mix up in arts is the best way to conceptualize how your story will flow in the art making.


Art means the quality, production, expression or realm of what is beautiful, or of more than ordinary significance while literature means the writing regarded as having permanent worth through intrinsic excellence. (Through the dictionary as my reference.)


Without art and literature have no life telling how you can be manage a studio without a concept. Somehow I am running as a one-man show here in my studio site as well. The real concept here in Itsmikki Studio is to mix arts and literature. That is why I am putting some of my efforts to add some elements in my site as well. There’s literature category which it falls for my english literature, filipino literature, short-story article and spanish literature. Since my profound talents is more in literature and arts as well. I may add some elements for this.


Well some of my studio contains a lot of expressive articles such as news articles (business, history articles, music article, news, science article, specific article, sports articles, technology and my tribute article for Rico Yan), special article (family tree, my small project of my autobiography Insensitive side of me, remembering her, another small category of special article and wish list), and another element of other articles (agriculture articles, book articles, education articles, family articles, fashion articles, food articles, game articles, garden articles, holiday articles, movie articles, relationship articles, television articles and travel articles as well).


It sounds serious to me. Well in the first place, I wouldn’t think of this way if I cannot name as the studio writer. Since the name of my site Itsmikki Studio: An inspirational studio writer is serious that I am taking my part. This might be sounds like a running CNN, or somewhat social writer to me. In the first place, I am never to dream to this in my life. In fact, my interpretation in field of arts and literature is very conceptual. But what I mean is to follow my heart. No matter what the smaller challenges will come to me, whether failures are coming in is that I will accept the defeat or loss. Because that’s the nature of this reality. No matter how you are greater, you are always winning in your dreams. No one can take my dreams alone. So in fact, I’ve never imagine that I have my own laptop. I never ask my parents to give me something to return. This in fact is already my fate, or destiny that is called.


Dreams can really wait for me. Although the journey of my literature started when I was high school student. I was terrified and shaking in the classroom. Without trembling in my feet, I started to grab a pen and start writing a poem in my one-arm desk chair. That was Thursday lunch time. After the day it was, it all began a long time ago since the birth of literature of 10th of December 1998. Well most of it, I really love literature that it starts my whole life. Imagine this, I couldn’t talk of much when I am 2 years old. My parents, of course, are worried of me. I cannot write of much longer sentences. In this reality life, yes I do have down syndrome. I do have developmental problems when I am still a kid. That’s where it all begins at my earlier life. I’ve been through therapies: including reading, writing, talking and anything you can think of therapy. Until today, I’m imagining my life what will be exact moment if I cannot control my life today.


Arts is a perfect talent for me. And it started before my life discovered as a down syndrome teenager. I am so special about this. It always referring to my head whether I have to continue about this. I was going in to the 4th grade, months ago I came from an incident of electrocution. That was summer. My parents explained this to me, so I have to tell you a short story of my life. After a bicycle fun from Quezon Memorial Circle, we went home but it’s still dark that time. It was still Corazon Aquino period of her presidency. Then it came for me without knowing about it. I stepped in a cold and wet area when I plugged in the charging florescent lights. It is still somehow, a big hit that time. With some charging lights, you can still plug everywhere you can charge. But I held the plug metal to the wall and poof, my parents carried me to the hospital. That was the time of my first incident.


Before jumping to another story, I sat this to table sitting beside another classmate of mine. We shared the desk-table which it only occupied two persons with something you can keep the things inside the desk-table. Then our homeroom teacher is also our Science teacher. I became in love in Science as well. Without knowing how to study well, I learned eventually on my own through the teaching of our teacher. After two years when I was about to graduate in elementary in sixth grade, many of my classmates really amazed of me. I became sociable and very reliable to society as well. Because of that, I instantly knew how to draw well in Science projects. I draw a lot in advanced drawings. In fact, I realized that I am born talented in arts.


Before graduating in sixth grade, I am supposed to go in high school already at the age of 13. But another in my life came unexpected, I have to cross in the road with my half-asleep mind and half conscious mind as well. And bam, I was hit by this transportation (jeepney) that breaks a little in my shoulder bone. Then I was rushed to the hospital again for the second time. This time is the road accident. I even didn’t know why but somehow I managed to survive. It is because my angels and the saints inside my mind telling that I have to go back in real world. I still have unfinished business. I have to do something serious for my life though. It comes to my mind that I’ve really graduated in sixth grade, but to moved as lone seventh grader.


(True facts of education: In America alone, they have the education system which they have also eighth grade then coming in high school as ninth grade, tenth grade, eleventh grade and twelfth grade which are suppose to name as freshman, sophomore, junior and senior high as well. That’s why also the Philippines have to follow the good education as well in America. Which I believe many talented students will shine in their own of talents.)


Well of course, it happened already for me. Then little I know, I started to like basic mathematics in elementary, but in high school math won’t applying in my head. I am more like a Science-art-history-literature geek. But my average grades that time improves a lot. I’ve never made to the top of the list although I am an improved special student that time. So here I am, full of surprises to wait. I am still eager to work for my site although it lacks of my articles in different categories and semi-categories as well. I might never be a great writer, but I am willing to change to society to follow the dreams to make. Dreams are really important when your career might be shifting or changing courses as well. I like writing of course. During my college years and after that, I’ve never imagine to write this a not perfect article. Although I realize I can still manage to study again in literature more of it and the history as well.


Of course, arts and literature are my semi-realistic life. When you write something, then you have to write something different in your site same as my other elements have added in my site as well. I may never know what life will be coming for me. When you hear something different and this is the one. Although I am no ordinary person, I am the extraordinary special person who happens to be that I have down syndrome. With this special skills and talents I have, this is only way to express and to be inspired as an inspirational studio writer.


Kindly like my page as well in my facebook page: More surprises will come in my site as well to wait.

Family Tree: Javier

What I know about Javier? The journey started in 1914 when my great grandfather Daniel Falcon Javier, a former teacher and principal of Cebu Normal School in early 1900s, came in the land of Bugho, Leyte. Little did I know that he was great grandfather. But I don’t know much of his background. And I even didn’t interview my grandfather who is the son of Daniel F. Javier.

I guess that I have to write an article according to the Philippine history as well. I may be not a historian, but I have little extra idea in my back of my head to write about Javier history. It seems my grandfather is a native in Consolacion, Sogod, Southern Leyte. He may be having a little weird explanation sometimes because I am also happen to be Javier in my blood. And it is that I’m Javier as well. I’ve never gone to the province yet. But if the financial goes well in the future, I might go there as well. And until now, I’m still unregistered voter. And I want to register in Javier, Leyte. But I have been residing in Manila for almost three decades since my birth.

You may know Danny Javier, the singer in Apo Hiking Society. I know him well although every time that my grandmother has to celebrate her birthday or my grandfather’s birthday, usually they come in my grandparents’ house just to celebrate. Because their Danny’s parents were already in heaven. His compositions Show Me A Smile (1976), Pumapatak Ng Ulan (1978), Kaibigan (1978), Kabilugan ng Buwan (1980), Di Na Natuto (1988), Paano (1991), Just A Smile Away (1991) and Isang Dangkal (1999) contributed the songs in the part of Apo Hiking Society. Well Jim Paredes and Buboy Garavillo was in the part also. Although some few years back, the Apo Hiking Society somehow already retired in 2010. From what I have heard in my relatives, but I don’t know sure if they will come back to perform once again. It’s very taking so long in many years since they have started in 1969 during their peak of Marcos regime. Well, that’s my uncle I am talking about.

Also in the part of my family tree of Javier is Dyords Javier. He is Danny’s younger brother. What I know about him? He is very funny comedian that plays a lot of mischief way back in his Ateneo days. His famous acts are also in the show business although their family have very active whether it’s sports, politics or entertainment. And I even don’t know about him as well in the past. What I write is surely you can come up with your article as well.

Dyords and Danny were brothers. Although they are my uncles, it came to my life when I met them during my high school years. I wasn’t very active in school but some in very beginning, I become very sociable as well. But I am not as a social climber. I knew them at the very start when I met them through my grandparents. They are family as well. Without knowing it, I may not discover myself either I am having down syndrome.

Andok’s is the franchise business that my uncle talks about in the business although now he is serving as a mayor in Javier, Leyte as well. Andok is short of Leonardo Javier, Sr. who happens also to be my grandfather. He is the brother that our grandfather I am talking about. My name is written in my grandfather’s name. Well mostly some of the looks, I don’t have idea as well.

The only I know in the family tree in Javier is about us. Including in the part of Javier history is the family that runs the Fernwood Garden. The De Veyra family who happens to be their grandmother is part of Javier tradition as well. I may not saying all the details furthermore it there happens to be something I don’t like to share about. Because they are my relatives. I know my limitations as a writer that writing sometimes inflicts with some controversies. But, from myself, I’m only part of what I need to know in family tree as well.

Insensitive side of me 4

If I am looking myself in the mirror, sometimes I rarely talk to myself. Most of the time I talk in my room. Even I sing mostly some from my lyrics that cannot found anywhere. I just made up with that. Somehow I find myself as a different person. Of course, being down syndrome I have, I don’t see myself as a wrong person. Even now, I am proud what I am today.


I was raised up well with my mom. The time I’ve been in the children hospital, I remembered one thing there in my childhood memories is to draw the sun. Somehow I followed. My mom sent me to the special school Cupertino. I also remembered there was a swimming pool and a monkey bar playground nearby if I could still remember. Because things of happiness sometimes brings hope to our children. From my educated life, I am now an officially graduated culinary student taking up culinary certificate in culinary school.


Being time in my school, most of my time I spent somehow in my classroom rather to be someone in the class. Sometimes during break time and lunch time, I found my playing time. Somehow I ended up beating up my classmate as well. But I always ended up as a winner. Because my classmate didn’t know that I have down syndrome during the time in elementary days. After moving up before to fourth grade, I instantly changed with some of my features in my life. I found interesting when I saw some of my pictures. I was wearing a pants that was already in my stomach and I have nerdy glasses as well. I may look as a nerdy personality, somehow my classmates don’t know how to react about me. During that time, our homeroom teacher teaches a lot of Science. That was the time I am encountering to fall in love in Science in the first place.


Science became my favorite subject during fourth grade until high school even until to the present times. If I don’t find myself in the place I don’t know myself as a down syndrome, I’ve end up in the jail not knowing that I already do a crime. Somehow I picture that to myself. That is because in our home, we are complete happy family. I have three sisters and that time, I was a only child of being have a down syndrome and also a brother at the same time. My sisters knows me very well when they studied in Antipolo along to go to the school. I found out when I asked my parents why I am with my sisters all the time going up in Antipolo. It is because of me. If they love me, I love them back. My eldest sister is three years older than me and the following sister is two years older than me also. Then I am in the middle child when my younger brother is born 10 years younger than me. And there is one sister of three years younger than me.


I find awkward in my family. How can they handle my problems when I need them? Sometimes I find alone in my room growing up that I already have my mind growing up as a teenager. Many times before, my brother was in my parents’ room because of the aircon. Now he is more fondly to put on the aircon because we have different rooms. I, alone, in my room don’t have one. I wish I also have that one, but I don’t want to use it. I use it when my friends or relatives are here. Sometimes aircon is a little bit of expensive in the electricity aside from ironing the clothes, the running refrigerator and the use of washing machine.


I’ve graduated in the special school called Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo (now it’s called Montessori Integrated School and why they are dropping the name of Antipolo from the school name). It’s the same school where the showbiz Magalonas went to study in. After I have graduated in the high school, I’ve instantly know that my school have Magalonas. Saab, Maxene and Elmo went there to study. As the nicest person showbiz career Francis Magalona always came for the parent-teacher meeting. My teachers told me about that whenever I visited the school often in a year. After taking up in culinary in culinary school, my mind went ballistic after my boss told me in the job I went in Sacocina Catering, in Teletech Fairview. I didn’t know what to do. I found hard time coping up to find a better solution to get a job.


During my years without having a real job with 6 regular months, I’ve never reached that stage. I always found myself in a capacity of 2-3 months job. Within of 2003-2004, I found myself ending up addicting of playing games instead going to the job. I’ve find hard time during that time. I was lost and interacted a lot of unusual things to do in life. Not until I learned my mom found a solution during 2006. My mindset was in the games and writing in literature which it’s poetry. Many times I stood up, I fell sometimes to my knees and crawled back to get back to my own feet to stand up. My mom and I went to a convention in Megamall. She applied me to get a load business which it’s until now I have that in my life. Being coping with my problems, sometimes I find hard time again between games and load business. I’ve always used my money to play in the internet games and enroll my money interacting in the game. Instead of staying at home doing some household chores, during some of my free time I went to internet cafe.


Now I learned the valuable lessons in life after a year, my mom enrolled me in a digital career hoping I would like to draw some of my concept characters I am drawing about my character designing. After I stopped again, we have financial problems. My parents found hard to buy me a new computer to continue my project to finish and to get a certificate in digital school. I failed many times. And I felt nothing to do but a helpless and confused what to do. After we transferred to a new location, I lost my valuable usb which it kept my school projects. Now I lost my second valuable usb again later last year which I don’t have really to trust someone who can prove to be your friend. She lost my usb, then I think that she can use it for her own. Because I have the best deals in my life.


Lessons sometimes I prove nothing. I fail all the time in the school when I am still in elementary, high school, college and digital school that I go to. My plans went fail. No matter what I despair about my life, I am clinging to my old problems. Old problems that I cannot to leave it alone in the past.


When my grades sometimes are in line of 7, sometimes one of my subjects is on line 8. I have never get in line of 9. Because I am not intelligent person as you are. When I finished high school, I found that one alone subject is in line of 7. All of my subjects were in the line of 8 except one. If I could bring my promising career, my parents would be proud of me. Instead, my dad delivered his speech during my graduation ceremony in high school. All of the people were proud of me and I earned their trust. Somehow I lost the trust when I went in college.


I was happy in culinary school knowing I would continue more in literature. Despite I like food, I like more Science and literature as well. Because without knowing to study in Science, I would not end up in culinary school as well. Despite my career went different ways. I always follow my heart to follow, even the wildest dreams hard to reach it. If there is one thing in my life that would change me is how to create the world knowing me better in my field of writing in literature. Whether they don’t know how to read it, read it again. Because I alone don’t easily give up. And I fight what is wrong and what is right.


To follow you heart is to follow your dreams. And there is one inspirational quote I have found, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. – Albert Schweitzer.” It’s hard to believe but that is why I am following and catching up in the society to follow me. If there is one life to give, then you have fight for your dreams to follow. I always know how hard battles there are, no matter what smaller problems they have. Or even biggest problem you will have is that you have to face it alone and you have fear to control it. If your fears is eating you, then yourself alone sometimes feels you the same way. I love what I am doing it. In fact, I always try to find another way to create to kill the boredom. Boredom kills your free time to do anything. I don’t want to be part of that way. I know what I am doing. I know what is right and I know what is wrong. Values that you learn in life whether in school, church activities or in no matter where you are going. People will interact with you once you open up your story and share with them.


Sharing your success story sometimes achieves to a person’s desire. I lost my rhythm when I don’t know where to get my life back on it. But I realize that life is very important to us. I’m sharing my story here in this article that I learn most of my life about my education, my broken mindset and failures in life. Again, being having a down syndrome is not a big deal anymore in fact I am proud of what I have now. And I don’t regretting anything else that I’ve done in my life in the past. People will be talking about me in case you see me in person. And I wish to share this in public if my life proves to be that way. Always follow your heart and if something is in your way, fight for it and don’t give up. Get back yourself in shape. And if you tell me something that I forget, in next article I write more specific issue topics in my life.

Culinary to Digital

Something different when I first came in Center for Culinary Arts, the first school I am proudly a graduate. But then it comes in my mind if I can continue my life back then. I was often dreaming what my world looked like in a fast forward in time.


If I am thinking that I would be like a chef, I would thinking cooking some dishes I have to carry out the dish to the customer. But then, life in the kitchen is sometimes harder than I am expecting it. It comes worrying for me at the start. But in a long run, it always end in a easier job. But before that, I become a dreamer. A dreamer that I am always dreaming to finish it.


Back in the high school days during my junior high, I spent in the classroom alone eating out my lunch meal. Sometimes I learned that anybody could be in the cafeteria. But my mom always gave me lunch money if I became hungry that I was. Of course, she knows about where my money will go. I always have to buy again a music cassette tape or Hardy Boys book. Back in the days, I spent in my room reading Hardy Boys books or listening to the music in my own radio. Spending in the night always worried all the the time. But somehow, I found myself a lonely person in the world. I didn’t know anybody else in the school yard. But yet, I always found myself together with the school mates rather with my classmates. I laughed with them. Sometimes I joked around them. And somehow I teased them if I could be their a more than friends was.


Love is another word meaning in our lives. Yet another journey of chapter is about to open. But I didn’t open the days when I was in junior high. I became desperately becoming what I always watched in the television local series is to become an actor, or maybe a singer, or just a simple dancer. I always danced inside my room sweating a lot in times always listening to the music. I enjoyed myself so much. I didn’t care less in the world but to laugh about my problems in the school.


Then later around in 10th of December of 1998, the day of Thursday inside the classroom, I was all alone thinking about my crushes in some year levels in high school and grade school. So despair I needed to be someone in my life. About your age around 17 years old, all of our classmates are 2 or 3 years younger than me. When they looked around me, sometimes I felt  someone I need to be care and understanding in my life. Then I wrote my first poem on that day of Thursday. And I have copied in another blank sheet of paper. So I sent some of literary works to my crushes even my classmate that I have crush on her also.


My dreams before is to graduate in college, willing hopefully to enter some prestigious schools like University of Philippines or La Salle that was. But when it came to my mind, I always found out that I am different and have a little difficulties in my life. I stood wrong. But I always believed what I have accomplished so far in my life.


Fast forward in my life, I took two schools to enroll. Two among of them were Montessori College near in our place to live and Center for Culinary Arts. I passed the entrance tests in both schools. But I eventually got the passing grade of 75. I want you to know that I am no ordinary teenager. But in the school I took the test was eventually higher than 75. It was 88. Then my eldest sister told me that two among of us have passed in the entrance exams. Because what I learned in high school tests, quizzes and home works, I am officially not so great student, but I did my best to all of them. And so, I have entered in Center for Culinary Arts in no time.


Before that time, I also took short courses to pass in the college exams in Center for Culinary Arts. My friends there also became my friends in facebook. One or five of them became my friends. That is another story. What I am telling is about my life back in college days. The grade standards are very much different from Ateneo, Center for Culinary Arts and in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. I have never seen grades of 1.0 to 3.0 grading system. When I saw that, my jaw dropped low and so I closed with my excitement mouth as well. I have never knew that I have more friends in college days. Everyone became my friends in the college community and that is because the school campus is much smaller than my previous school was.


During my college days, two of my batch mates I knew is the celebrity profiles: one is the son of late newscaster anchorman Angelo Reyes and the only daughter of Vic Sotto. What I saw them is very high profile of them. Until I met the fourth batch I have joined and graduated with them. Some of them knew my profile background is. One of them also became my best friend. And when I thought that, I saw myself in the picture whether I have to continue in culinary life. It is because I also enjoyed during that times writing down my literary works of sonnets or poems in my spared time. But I thought myself that I really enjoyed with the batch mates I have joined. Before I have joined in 4th batch, I took mostly in my time leaving of absence, or LOA that is, in about eight (8) months. I went back to short courses again but in Maya Kitchen as well in Makati area. During that time, I have learned commuting walking in the street or going to the mall to catch to watch a movie.


Surprisingly my life is beautiful in college days. I love my college life than in high school days. I spent more talking with my elementary friends in the past until now. We strengthen our relationship in friends as well. As you know that my mom’s friend said in my life that I am an everybody’s friend. I can become your friend if I would like to meet you. Back in the topic I am talking about is to become more person I was.


After in college days, my life became miserable. I became more addicted in games. I often went to internet cafes just to play games. Just because of that, I always remind myself that I am always different to anybody else. And during that time, I didn’t accept that I have down syndrome. Many have believe and some of them knows that I will accomplish some of my dreams. And of course, my dreams is accomplished being as a college graduate. But I forget about that I have to look for a job.


Just because that I am out of school, I always find myself have to do something in my life. I continued my life to write and to write, just to improve my improvements in writing. I never became a school writer back in high school days. Just because my classmate didn’t enter my poem in the school paper doesn’t mean there are always winning in life. And I always reminded myself that there is always a chance in the future to be better writer I am. For what I believe, I always find some other solutions in later in life.


Then I asked my mom if I can shifted to culinary to digital life. She said yes if she could afford for me one more time. It is because I created a mess in my room. I have tons of drawings and writings everywhere in my desk. Sometimes our maid has to clean it for my room when I wasn’t around. That time, I doubled check when I arrived from work. I always checked if my drawings is still there. My literary works is still there also and the stuff I have made so much mess. My story became longer and longer when I firstly wrote about the comic novel book The Anthology of Firelava I have never been finished.With some of fifteen characters I have made.I am finally entered the digital school in October 2006. My life has been so serious of it, but my mind sometimes shifted again to go back playing in online game world.


My life before is so messed and so addicted in online game world as well. And I have never finished my career in digital world if I could get a certificate in First Academy of Computer Arts. Until now, I am still dreaming to finish it. But my usb got lost in my cousin’s cousin. Just because of that, I have never been needed to restart what I am doing. I want her to repay for what she is lost dearly about my school projects that was.I worked that hard just to compiled some of my portfolio. But to think of it, vengeance or revenge is not my doing.I leave that in the name of a law. I will accuse her to return it. If not, she must repay my tuition fees again that I have to study all over again. I will never stop dreaming to finish in that school. For somehow, I lost my conscience not to do that. I have always reminded myself not to do that. If I do that, problems are getting that bigger. And my conscience about it would never been the same that I am happy in most of my lfie.


This is where I start before as a culinary nutritionist, now I am starting to reboot in a better way of living is to finish the digital age of my life. I am now an officially not-so-good writer in my own site of Itsmikki Studio. And aside of that, I will continue to rebuild what I have to reboot my system in stories I have left in my usb. And I will still fight to improve in my life. And there are more in the road that is waiting for me. That is how to become a successful person and as a different person (referring that I have down syndrome) that I am now today.

What I know about Veloso? It is said the oldest family tree that ever set foot in the Philippines according from Gracielle Veloso’s writings. But from my part, I am also part of the history. Given to any facts, only 20- 40 years is given to create another generation. From 1596 to up to date today, there are 10-15 generations already. I am not sure the exact generations what I write earlier. Because I haven’t some of them in real time.

My father’s father is our grandfather Veloso. About the entire of our given name, I am also a given name from his name. But because of that as a 2nd generation, my parents also gave my nickname from Pope John Paul II. I am never realize where to begin. To begin from Veloso generation, my grandfather is already going to be 86 years. I know he is already old. And he has already great grandchildren from 3 generations already. It’s all started from nine children, I think. I never get a chance to interview him. From what I am standing today, I want also to be part of history. Given the facts that Sergio Osmena is 4th president of the Philippines, it’s also our relative. I never get chance to interview some of other Veloso I met. But because Osmena is relatively to our side of Veloso.

One thing I didn’t know in my life when I was in high school. When our aunt (wife of the owner of Andok’s) died around 1997 or 1998 that is, I found out that I never saw some politicians before. Stood beside me, Jinggoy Estrada about one foot away, I stared a while and caught in a little misact I do. I stepped out and saw other politicians and celebrities as well. And I didn’t know that the owner of Andok’s is actually first cousin to my father. Amazed that I am so nothing afraid of. But I am not sure what I am talking about. This has nothing to do that I am talking boastfully, but to realize that I am also part of their lives.

Aside from the owner of Andok’s is Danny Javier, his brother and another sibling, Dyords Javier, also their brother. I never thought also in my life. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. It is that I am talking myself or the blog itself I am writing about. This is insane and whatever that is, I never want to conclude other names as well. Then last year, I am amazed again. I have never meet Dingdong Avanzado in my entire life. He is also part of Veloso. It is because it is in his middle initial. Then last two months, another one appeared. It’s Pilar Pilapil this time. Popping one by one like a popcorn, I don’t know what to realize or to amaze. It’s not normal for me anymore. As if my lungs want to burst like a popping balloon, but I have to calm down.

From what I have known, people everywhere might also be Veloso, because of population of the family tree that was. And of course, our family tree is also bigger. I have no regrets in my life regretting my grandfather’s legacy. But I have to continue my grandfather’s name. I never get a thesis either when I was in college. Because that is another story of my own. Knowing, of course, would be exciting is what I am expecting the next years of my life.

And if I would have loving a wife, I would probably want to have two to three children. Of course, there would be another junior and a daughter. It’s nothing particular I am against the RH bill. But protecting the RH bill is hopeless. Only God knows what we are doing for our children. And children is a blessing from above. No matter what I am doing, please let me give the love I need. But I never want to be hurry, time will come for me. And that is the only hope and patience will do.

From History: Velosos in the Philippines by Gracielle Veloso

The Veloso in the Philippines had traced its roots from Diego Veloso in the 16th century. He was known brave Portuguese explorer and trader in Asia. Diego was the great great grandfather of Don Eduardo Veloso of Cebu, the father of five (5) children, namely: Don Mariano, Dona Petrona, Fr. Rafael, Fr. Marcos and Don Dionisio.

Don Mariano married Carmen Rojas del Rosario and had 5 children: Don Maximo, Fr. Ambrosio, Dona Agustina, Don Gabino (Consul to Portugal and Ambassador to Venezuela) and Don Catalino (first lawyer of Cebu). Dona Petrona Veloso, unmarried, was awarded title of Marquesa by the king of Spain for her valuable donations and services to the church. The third son, Fr. Rafael Veloso was a missionary priest while the fourth son, Fr. Marcos Veloso also a priest, sired a son who migrated to Quezon province. The youngest, Don Dionisio Veloso married Evangelista Bautista had six (6) children: Don Juan, Don Esocolastico Jose, Don Antonio, Don Vidal, Dona Celedonia and Don Guillermo.

Don Diego was an explorer from Portugal, who along with Blas Ruiz, were the first Europeans to ever set foot in Laos. Veloso’s journey to Laos started in Cambodia.

In Cambodia, Veloso met and befriended King Satha of Lovek and Blas Ruiz de Hernan Gonzalez of Spain. When Lovek was invaded by Ayutthaya, Satha overthrown by his son and nobles who allowed Ayutthaya to take control, forcing Veloso to flee to the Portuguese colony of Melaka, the place where he began his adventure in Southeast Asia.

Eventually Veloso returned with Ruiz, who had fled to the Spanish colony of the Philippines, to Lovek. When they arrived, they learned Satha had fled to Lan Xang, an empire centered in modern-day Laos and consisting of Isan, Stun Treng, and small areas of Southern China and Vietnam.

Veloso and Ruiz decided to journey to Laos and bring back Satha to restore his reign over Lovek. They arrived in Vientiane, Lan Xiang’s administrative capital, the the summer of 1596. They were met with a procession showing off the city’s immense wealth consisting of Asian elephants, gold, jewels, silk, exotic snakes, bouquets of tropical flowers, chanting monks, Buddhist treasures and relics, music and beautiful women. Veloso and Ruiz were also received with a great feast. But while they were in Vientiane, they learned Satha had died from an illness he caught on his way from Cambodia to Laos. Saddened and angered by the news, Veloso and Ruiz returned to Lovek and started a rebellion to put one of Satha’s political allies on the throne and free Cambodia from Ayutthaya.

They managed to drive out Ayutthaya forces from parts of Cambodia and create a new state but led the new Cambodian state into a brief period of chaos. Eventually Veloso returned to Melaka. It is not sure whether he died there, Portugal, or somewhere else.

Remembering her

When I was a little child, my parents brought us to their home. And I don’t know where this place of their home is. That was the time we were so young. And I only remembered when I grew up. The time I was to remember after I turned 12 years old. Memories of my childhood didn’t concern me well.


But the time I was too careless and hopeless, that was the time Tita Gwen was there for me. She even went home for vacation here in the Philippines. She even bought me a Prang set, a coloring set. That was the priceless I have today. But it turned out to be washing away by typhoon Ondoy. She was happy and kind. Parati siyang makulit sa akin siya. Minsan nga humihingi pa ako ng dagdag. But she told me if she could do it.


I also remembered when I showed her my literature, written in my hands. She even liked it. Medyo lang hindi pa masyado maganda sulat ko sa wikang English. But eventually it turned to be good as well. I love her very much. She even remembered me if I can cook at her. Then I was about to think something I could do it. But she is gone as well today. Sobrang na miss ko na siya. I think to myself if I can cook a dish just to show how I am proud nephew she ever have. 


I also remembered we use to e-mail each other in Spanish translated words. Because I know how I really love the Spanish language. And I really do want to learn about much of it. This is a chance to prove how the world is worth waiting for. Minsan nga, sinasabihan niya ako na that I have to continue what I love the most. But my parents always denied what is my passion really is. They even didn’t know what to do with me. But instead, I gave back what the happiness for them. Because of what I have down syndrome, and I think Tita Gwen knows a lot better about me.


For those who will read this blog article, please remind that Tita Gwen’s last wishes is to reconcile other Sian-Torres relatives. And that’s what she wants us for the best for the future. Everyone has already forgiven in the past. Others are forgotten and forgiven. Sayang nga lang hindi na kumpleto magkakapatid. But I will try my best to reconcile all the Sian-Torres relatives that is. No matter what the problems are, we are still one big family, after all. But I know it’s hard to explain all the details. Pero tayo-tayo lang ang natitira nasa clan natin, bakit pa natin sisirain? I hope everyone will get reconcile soon before any disaster will come for us.


You are the only one who makes us smile. You already have had grandchildren from Victor and Gwynette. We miss you, Tita Gwen. And I know how the great smile you give us smile. I still continue to remember you. And I will follow my heart is. Now I finally accepted what I have now today, as a happy man who have down syndrome. You are the one who strengthen my heart. And I know no matter where you are going, I know you are still there guiding me. Sana magkita tayo pag magkakasama-sama na tayo diyan. But I know that is still far away for my journey is. And please keep my heart and my health to stay shape. I will make sure everyone will reconcile in the future.


Happy 1st death anniversary, Tita Gwen! You are still my favorite aunt. I love you, Tita Gwen!

Many of us have abilities to learn, many of us can’t do what other people can. But no matter what I do, I force myself to learn some what I want. So it is not easy to say, that I couldn’t help it or to resist it. When I was teenager back then, I used to watch Love Notes in Channel 5. Then some of the programs I used to watch some X-Men, Thundercats, GI Joe and some of boys toys I have. What I really like to play the most is the toy of Lego. Building some race cars, battleships, buildings and some others I can build. Well, most of the children’s toys I used to learn.

My parents didn’t tell me that I have down syndrome when I was a kid. Well, I learned most of it from my high school who the Biology teacher told me about it. The Biology teacher told me about. When I came home, I became clueless and furious about it. I even asked my parents if I have had that down syndrome. Through the years, I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t deny it either. It is disturbing fact that I have down syndrome. Kids just like me can’t write even what I am doing now. In fact, I am blessed. Blessed that I got my nickname from Pope John Paul II and my real name came from my grandfather who my father’s father was. I didn’t know what to do.

Am I talented? Yes, definitely. I can even dance or even singing what I was. I discovered that I can’t find my voice perfectly from my ears. Every time I play the music tape in the radio, I couldn’t sing that time. Not until, I found my voice when I joined in the catholic community where the PDCC Singles was. I found this sultry voice she is singing. Then I am about exploring my singing ability can’t find the situation that I have down syndrome as well. How insensitive I was back then?

People hated me so much when I was a kid. My schoolmates teased me a lot, that also came from my classmates. But they were told to shut up by our homeroom teacher. Because the homeroom teacher knew about me. I used to fight with bullies back when I was 1st grader to 3rd grader. I even want to do then often bullying me instead. My life back then is very abnormal. If I ask the past could redo it for me, I can’t go in the future what I am now today.

The future lies on me, what I have abilities can do and can help other kids who do have down syndrome just like me. But I cannot offer to change the world to see just like me. I love what I have now. But still, I want to work on my own and be proud what it can offer to me the next time.

As the world changes so fast, so the generation was. My generation before don’t have computers back then. Only the typewriter can do to type some of the novels before. Then the computer generates last 20th century. As the time grows old, so the things also changes. We have now a cellphone, an iPod and some gadgets we have now. So the lifestyle today also changes. But when I see some lifestyle today, I am particularly want to ride today. When I was still in elementary, I used to want to be photographer after that. I can picture that from my cellphone, but what I want is really the expensive Nikon or Canon camera. So when I am new in the places I want to go, I want to picture it then I blog it. Maybe I am not so perfect writer. I have some things to write so far.

When I was still in high school, I also want to be a dancer, singer or even I want to act. I asked my mom if I can enroll in UP so I can study in UP Baguio in theatre arts. But eventually I landed in culinary arts in Center for Culinary Arts. I met so many wonderful friends there. Everybody is very pleased to me every time I meet some new batch mates or even schoolmates that was. I do have a celebrity classmate but I don’t want to mention her. Because she is already married and have two kids already. In my age, I am so eager every time I meet new girl. The girl I want her to be my girlfriend. But then I ask myself if I can do for her to love me. In other words, I eat some of my words before I say it to her. Two girls were involved in my life. One was during my high school and one was in college. Or maybe I did it mention already in my past blog articles.

 I love what I can do to myself. I love to watch, to draw, to fool around or to beg some money before I can go somewhere else I can go. Maybe I ask my mom again if I can do have an extra income job. Last year was very dreadful to me. I spent so many money in the UNOnetworking company (or multi level marketing company that was supposed to call) where I did want to invite some people to get involve in the business. The job is very difficult to handle. Because not all the people want to go to involve in the business. People doesn’t know what to do, so I am desperate to go rich also. I asked myself to God then I let it go already. I stopped working since I never showed up to my uplines that was. Stupid move for me that was. Then I joined myself in another networking company which it’s VMobile. I didn’t join because of the leveraging. I join because my load business before is very unusual unstable. So I joined and everyday I asked myself if I can managed to earn some money.

Eventually my load business today is now stable and now I am happy. I can enjoy more in my free time. Well of course, I am usually more in less playing and more writing. Since writing becomes my hobby. Back the day when I was in the high school, I asked some of the girls which it’s my schoolmates if I can give them my sonnets or poems back then. Sonnets back then was very famous because I love it so much more. But the time fades when I enter the college days. But I still continue what my hobby of writing tells me to do. I even still send my sonnets and poems to some of my batch mates. My batch mates said to me why I am still doing here in culinary. Then I said that I want to continue and to graduate on it. Eventually I am culinary graduate with culinary certificate. It was supposed to be a diploma certificate but I continued to study without grading me in the school. That was what happened to me during culinary days.

My life today is not serious to talking about. It is because it is back to normal. My load business is back to normal. I have money. But I am dead serious to get another extra income base. Which it is I got passed the interview last February that eventually I moved to a English training test before becoming of a call center agent. This is what the call center companies need to learn that I am capable to work with them. What they didn’t know I can do more the best that I can do. Interviewers are so competitive when it comes to my answers. I have neutralized American accent but I don’t get why they are fuming with my th or p or f pronunciations about it. They should learn that I can do that more better. It is becoming not my habit. I have wide tongue that I have down syndrome characteristics have. What they should know me better is my capable to do the job. I love to competitive to be better person.

Why the world wants to be more better person when I want to be become better person. I know I am different. But because of that, I already accepted it. My aunt who passed away knew about me. And I love her. But because of that, I always think of her. No wonder if she could see me writing this blog article just to show some respect. I love to describe what is the best.

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