Maybe I am expecting too much that I am expecting less. Hahaha! Don’t worry, I guess this is my first blog entry. So much to say, so much less. Don’t worry, I will update my blog entry once I am in.


The reason WHY?


People didn’t know about me. I’m an usual guys who wants to go mixing the real world. If people don’t know about me, that is okay for me. I guess this is much to get careless to say. I’m an average person who plays a lot games before. From Ragnarok, Tantra and some to mention of some online games, but  what I am really hooked in the last online game is the Flyff Online. The Perfect World is much careless from the the real world. Then I realize that I am not able to continue to play, it is because I am too much careless. Working is much important than playing in the computer. So I guess it is important to work than playing.


You know what, I am taking this up in the higher expectations. The last fifteen days, I have been in training to improve more on grammar. So I guess I am not a good writer, but I will do my best whatever I will do. The thing I have back of my mind is that I cannot say the word but I will say once I am logging in.