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Ride a Bicycle

When there is a person really wants to learn something new, it will value the living of its life. But somehow along the way, I never think at the back of my mind would be possible looking for some new lesson in life. This Philippines should learn how to cope many problems whether it’s political, entertainment, sports or any kind of division would they be. Why would you learn?


I put it out three words – ride a bicycle. No matter how far you go, you see the glimpse of running limitless blue skies above. No matter how small distance you walk, you always force yourself riding in an air. In a thick mostly clouds above would form a little oxygen, hydrogen that may float you in the air. But you can’t have the wings unless you become like a bird, an eagle or some aviary to fly around the globe. How is it high you achieve your goals? For me, it’s limitless. No matter how smaller they are, medium they may be announce or bigger goal reaching out to their achievement, it is how you step moving forward and not moving backwards.


Stepping or moving backwards means you have need to rearrange yourself a bit of complaining. You always want to be what you want to be. You always seem carelessness. But you are always frustrating yourself that you cannot do. Sometimes, it’s how you control your emotions may be. But in a free will of content of your life is possible to change. Stepping or moving forward means you are ready to face conquering new problem, a trial may await for you. Some positive note along the way in your life has come your valuable lesson you have from your heart.


Ride a Bicycle is a form of my little project. But somehow it may be a little detail that you will leave here. If you have comment, suggestion or anything that you have in your mind, please feel free to adapt new idea. I’ll be thinking to form little project this year. Maybe so, if it succeed, time will frame new idea hoping some people what’s a form having with Ride a Bicycle project.


I need people to start this a little project. If you have a moment from your free time, just leave a message, suggestion or anything has common at the back of your mind.


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I had been traveling outside of the Philippines many times in my life. I went already in Canada where the places I’ve been through already like Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver as well. That was only the time during when I was a kid. Also in United States I had been through already like in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Orlando and Miami as well. But that was the time I was only a kid back then. To realize because of that, I do want to fly in other countries as alone. But being as an independent person, I wouldn’t do that because I was still afraid losing on my own.


Later in my life, I also went to other countries during my teen years like Taiwan. It was purely a business trip with my father there in Taiwan. But the remembrance I went to were Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. The only thing I went to some of the places before. I also want to discover some other places in the Philippines. There are thousand tourism spots around in the Philippines. We went already in Ilocos region during my high school years where we visited the Laoag of Ilocos Norte, Batac of Ilocos Sur and Baguio of course. They were the places I’ve been through already. But to tell you, I am more like a science geek guy who wants to take pictures of volcanoes. My dreams before was to be a volcano photographer. I wish I want to do that more now that I have a low quality gadget which it’s the camera cellphone.


Camera cellphone is all that I have in my life. It will turn four years old this coming of December, the birth of Christmas. So to ask and so to say. But I didn’t know what to do with the dreams I have. I want to go in Bicol to picturing Mt. Mayon where my first story started in trilogy comic novel books The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice. Then to some of the Philippines I also want to travel like in Camarines Sur. And the hometown of my family name in Leyte also I want to visit in the future, the Javier, Leyte.


Cebu was also the part of my lineage of my father’s side where my relatives were living there. Aside from that, the Negros Occidental’s city of Bacolod I also want to visit because of the sugar plantation. I was sure there were still living business in Bacolod. Aside from Bacolod and Cebu I want to visit, name other places of the Philippines I want to visit. The Davao City of Davao province is also in my list to visit where other of my relatives were also living there. One of the best places I want to visit are Palawan and Boracay.


Of course, I forgot to tell you that I’ve been to Puerto Galera in Mindoro. That was the time I was already in my adult age. Fear of these times I might get to lose interest traveling around the world is your homeland. The Philippines is very rich in tourism spots where you can count the countless spots in the Philippines. I like Philippines very much and I hope to go around the nation as well. 

This is one thing I should like to do before I can do achieving other things in my life. Without it, it must be other concerns which I can lend my hands to help them. And of course, affiliations or someone will lend their hands to help me as well. There are many things I would achieve in my life, so I would give my advocate to this children before I can do things for me.


1. Affiliation


I still don’t have affiliation yet which it is why I want to put some therapies for the down syndrome children, to help them, to educate them and to nourish their knowledge. So they would help themselves for their parents to be proud of them. I am still not a member yet in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines (or DSAPI). But I acknowledge them to welcome me in their association as well. Well of course, I am proud for what I am now for being to be educated in a special school. I learned everything almost in the school. But of course, I also need to help other parents to help their children with special needs. Because in the first place, what I can do to accomplish if I cannot help the parents without my help. So I thought this during I was in multi-level marketing and left the company without they are noticing about it.


Last year was a change for me when I entered the multi-level marketing company which I decided to change my fate. But that fate doesn’t prove anything to be worth it. I said to them I never said never to quit. Instead of that, I promise to do something most important that can change me somehow. That is because I realize I am now responsible person with special needs also. In the first place, I don’t allow bad things to do in my life in the future. But I am willing to help the parents of their children with special needs. Myself alone can afford also to their needs in terms of helping them. It will secure my life in the future to have knowledge with the parents.


2. Accompanying


This is where I want to start to be someone who will be accompanying me in the first place. When I found out my lineage from both sides of my parents. My father’s side is where I am focusing to know their roots better. I realize things are different when you meet someone. Meeting to both of sides from my parents is where I start to learn about my family roots. My mother’s side are partly Chinese which their great grandfather is a half Chinese. And to my father’s side are partly Portuguese. It is that I learn so much from my father’s side. My relatives are so welcome to be in touch in the social network of facebook. When I learned about some part who are politicians and show business as well. I will not name them here in my special article.


3. Assistance


If the things are getting to plan, I need to put my schedule between my spared time and my busy time also. Being with to assist is also hard to know about. Being care and temporarily under responsibility is also what I am afraid of. But to think of that, it is not my type of duty. I am willing to pay my responsibility to look for the things.


4. Responsibilities


I know this is the hard for the decisions to make. Being responsibility in the first place is very challenging for me. To make it this straight-hand, I would like to oblige myself to be a better person inside and out. Of course, “with great powers comes with responsibility” is the famous quote from the Spiderman movie. To mean of that, you really need to focus what you need are accompanying, assistance and affiliating to be somewhat you really take care of the situation. No one in the first place can create a new foundation program.


5. Teaching and Parenting


Teaching and parenting are the same. When you are at home, you take care of them and to help them with their special needs. At school, the teachers are the second parents. They need to teach the children with special needs of their inabilities to do like how to read the book properly, how to speak properly and other to mention programs to be needed in a foundation program.


6. Volunteering


If the country needs a job you can do about, you can also look for another option in your life and that is volunteering will come in the situation of down syndrome foundation program. Without it, you cannot build for another foundation. But being that, there are numbers of parents who have children with special needs such as autism and other disabilities that have to be concern about. People nowadays don’t have jobs, this is the place you will need to teach, to assist, to help and to parenting their special needs. Program like this you all need have to do is cooperation.


7. Fundraising


I don’t have money to raise for the unfortunate people. But to tell you that, this is the perfect time to tell about the fundraising. Fundraising is all about in-kind donations and money that operate the foundation program for the special needs. I, myself, of course have also the special needs to be concern. But to tell you that, there are many kinds of fundraising. There are many things you need to know about. You can tell your friends by telling them to buy the tickets. And the tickets will eventually to raise the fundraising for the people who are in special needs.


8. Knowledge


You don’t have to be intelligent to become in order to help other people’s needs. My experiences are the key to explain what the knowledges can learn from and for the parents and the children with special needs. Knowledge can be the key to help the children when and where their children is having their difficulties to learn. I don’t want to be alone in this world without knowledge. Hungry to learn is always I think about to feed my knowledge goes up. When I don’t do anything, sometimes my mind is doing some idle. And I don’t want to be like that in the first place.


9. Cooperating


All things are sometimes difficult, when the child is doing something wrong. The child is learning wrong also. You need to be cooperating their special needs in the first place. Cooperating with the special children is very hard task to do. All you need with them is to be patience all the time. Without patience, you will eventually falling into parts of your problems.




In my two years of existence, my parents are looking for the things that I have to learn. I don’t know why in the first place they need me to go to the hospital or somewhere I can learn to walk and to talk. They are pushing hard for me to learn. When they put in the first school Cupertino, I eventually learned from the teachers that I can able to talk properly. Yet the therapies are too much expensive for my parents to learn. They transferred me to a better school which the preschool teachers personally taught me some valuable things in life. After a long four years, I eventually entered first grade in 1989. The long journey I have had there was very personally trainable for me. I learned how to deal with the people now. Eventually I learned how to speak properly with the words I have to speak.


In 1996, I was supposed to be in high school already the year of 1995 but it came a tragic for me. I got an incident from the jeep bumping my shoulder bones to break. That is why I entered high school with sixth graders. I, alone, became the last and only seventh grader in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. It was a heartbreak for me. But I learned more in my sophomore year when I found out that I have down syndrome from our biology  teacher who also became my second parent. The biology teacher is my classmate’s mother, which it sometimes I went to their house when the time I stowed away from home. Eventually I became a better person. I learned from home economics which until now I am still applied my basic knowledge to stitch my pants and some other clothes to stitch. Well of course, that doesn’t end there. That time, I didn’t accept myself that I have down syndrome. It is very hard for me to learn things I can cope from the lessons in school.


March 2000, the month of graduation of high school, my school offered to my dad to be a guest speaker in the graduation. My dad told everything that I am proud to be as a Montessorian. Believe me if you are there, you will be also giving a loud applause from the audience that our valedictorian didn’t give any of appreciation. Instead they audience gave a loud applause when they called my name. Everyone in the audience including my elementary friends were also there for me. I became the first person to graduate without the honors but to bring the school’s name to have the first special person to graduate in the school in the first place. I entered later in two schools to go for the entrance exams. The first one came with a highest 88 in my entire life. I didn’t accept it because I followed my sister’s advice to go in culinary school instead the passing grade of 75. Which it reminded my hardship of my entire life.


The three years in culinary school in Center for Culinary Arts is very hard task to do. Because that’s my highest dreams when I was still in high school years. I delivered all I got to promise just to finish the term from my school. With the 8 months leave of absence during supposed to be 2 year culinary years, it expanded to 3 years to stay in culinary school. The standards there are very strict. But I learned I can study how to cook properly in the kitchen as well. I can’t believe in the first place that I achieved in the difficult times before. I made some many friends in culinary school with the celebrities like Danica Sotto and Diego Castro (first cousin to Rico Yan). I didn’t learn how exactly what my world looks life when I finally graduated from the college. I felt empty and embracing some loneliness.


I have encountered how to date with the girl and how to be in love in the first place. It is the reasons why I have down syndrome in the first place. Eight years exactly after my graduation, my life is so miserable. In the kitchen I didn’t know how to handle my emotional and my eagerness to talk with somebody. I even can’t resisted to talk someone I really need to. Of course, being with down syndrome is unacceptable for me. But last year, I realized I was wrong. I found that the courage I have is to find the perfect people with special needs also. That is when I learned the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines through my relatives. During that time, I was in multi-level marketing or networking. I didn’t need to go rich just to help other people. You only have to be in your own needs. When I finally encountered people of Down Syndrome of the Philippines this February 2012, the founder of the organization finally amazed with my abilities I have. I can offer many things for the people’s needs. This year is a turn-around for me. All I need to do is focus for my dreams to wait for me and to be able in order of my plans to achieve.


The foundation program doesn’t need a perfect condition. All I need is to help with my desire dreams to help other parents of their children with special needs. And of course, one of dreams will change my world to achieve.

This is not the last time I wrote about my life. Maybe this is my third or fourth. It is not what I think or should go to another topic.


Life makes me dull but there is no limit thinking in the end.


There are some insecurities in my life naming some of them. I probably know what the sibling rivalries really is. But yes, there is some point of view that I cannot agree in my life. In my tenth year of my age, I have never knew that I would have a brother, a baby brother. I have never mention him in the past articles I have said. Maybe I can distinguish whether I can tell or not. But when was 2 years old, life changed so fast. I was in 6th grader already. Maybe I can think so fast, I can talk so fast and type so fast. Many things have really happened in my life. That was the starting point when I grew up as a teenager. Everyone does go in the teenage life. But not with me, it is really different. I have gone some challenges in my life.


I was in sophomore year in high school when I found out I have down syndrome. People in the school is starting to get to know what it really happens to me. Even my former preschool teacher was there to teach again for the high school students. She is the one I am really admired. Well of course, insecurities change so fast. I knew about the love. Love can be either in relationship or friendship. But I cannot let it go for some reasons why I can’t help finding my own answers. I begin to know what is computer really about. All I know when I am still a child. My sister always tell me that I don’t have to use the computer even if I still didn’t know how to use it. But in the school when I was in high school, it taught me very well. Surprises came through there. I have realized some other students has normal lives.They are having an affair after classes. For me, I didn’t go that in the stage. But it’s really unfair why I cannot resist to fall in love. But rather, I fell in love in writing. Writing for me is that I cannot let it go. Maybe if I don’t write an article today, I would not be the best what the world is really offering me about this times.


Down syndrome is different to some others are normal. People teases me. People divulged in different lives. People want to have in their lives. Maybe the world doesn’t need me. That is the questions I have asked myself in the past. But now, what I need in my life is the computer. Writing or typing is much different platform in any field where I can continue and enhance more in literature and the grammar or just to learn more in the field of writing. I didn’t know how to compare myself to others.


What life must come around always go around in your life.


Count every ways in your life whether I am insecure all about. I do envy others. But being envying others is really a sin. So I won’t able that to bother in my life. When my two sisters are still here around after I have graduated in college, I always want to have normal life. But in my resume doesn’t count that I don’t have much in experience. I hated my life in the past during after I have graduated. So much pain and so much hatred is the challenges I have experience in my life. If you can think about me, I would rather to be like you as a photographer, as an artist or as a writer. Photography is what I am dreaming about before I graduate in elementary days. Then during in high school days, I always dream as an artist whether I want to be an actor and a dancer. I didn’t go to glee clubs because some in the school is really expert from that. But I always want to be part in the show business. And during that in college days, I never know what will happen to me if I graduate.


Torn in the world is almost killing me in the end. But whatever I want, it doesn’t come in my way. I am always fighting for my dreams to come in the end. I want to be part of my success story. But for somehow, I cannot feel in the end. Now in the present times, I have encountered or experienced going in the training to be a call center agent. Maybe this is not the dream, it is just the faith I am guessing about in my life. It is not merely that I am dreaming. For somehow, there is always changes. I do want a job or a career that I want. I love my life. I love being myself.


Loving yourself is a gift from God’s blessings that He disguises you.


For some reasons I am giving up, I always want to be a photographer, an artist and a writer. I fight what I want. I am still dreaming in my life. For now in the present times, I am an entrepreneur, a culinary graduate and a dreamer. So if you want to be someone’s else, fight and don’t give up. Also pray for your dreams that might come true. It is not the matter that I want.


I know in this life is always a circus to everyone’s lives. Challenges you always encounter. Then the life must always go in the flow in life span. What I need to accomplish in my life is a camera, a computer, and according what I am planning as an artist.


Dreams can tell your reasons whatever your mind is thinking.


No one on my life interferes in my dreams. But there are some big or little problems come along the way in your life. I lost twice about my usb. The dreams I always want to finish is the school of First Academy of Computer Arts in Buendia Avenue, Makati. I lost every files on it. Now, I have to restart all over again. Maybe my life can make different if I still can continue. My parents are very supportive to me, but for somehow I find it hard to me as a parent if I have a child like them. I always want to have my own family also who can support me. I fight for my dreams. Maybe not that it was meant to be according to my life. I have been stowed away many times before for some insecurities about my sisters and my only brother. It is because they have their own lives. They have work, a financial platform and a caring sibling that can contribute in their life. It is a foolish to me that I can be part of my insecurities. So much to tell and so much to be in pain is part of my life. I know what life can sometimes to be burden. If people know about me more, maybe I can meet them in a person.


Happiness is a positive sign that ages you younger.


Being as a down syndrome adult doesn’t mean that you cannot meet expectations or deadlines in your life. I mean there is no really limit in the world. There is always a limitless to think about it. That is why I create my own nickname or maybe it is already stuck in my mind of itsmikki (Fact: The name Mikki has a birthday and that it is celebrating on 9th of August 2003 in the Saturday afternoon. It started I picked that name when I started liking to play online game: Khan Online. It is what I chose the archer healer, Micko. Then later, the name became in my life span as I grew old that I found out it has the meaning of the happiness coming from the cartoons of Mickey Mouse.) It means that I am a jolly person or maybe that I always smile in my problems. Many people would think that I am still younger. The secret in life is always to be thinking positive all the time. That is always I am doing everyday in my life. I look myself in the mirror thinking if I have an expensive camera, an expensive computer or just a famous person that it was. I am not after the money. I am after my life what would be the outcome in the end of my life. I want to be an inspiration to all parents would thinking that I am still proud what I have achieve and what I accomplish. It is because my inspiration comes from Rico Yan. I have never thought that I could be like this in my life without an inspiration is.


Inspiration comes from the aspect of life when you are evolving from this person.

Some people intended to say mongee instead of mongoloid in some of establishment buildings. But many of them have said abnormal. Isn’t that obvious they are killing one of us? They are insulting us. Now I know that I don’t want to be part of them.


I remember one of the multi-level marketing company that many of the leaders used to call them as abnormal. Because some of point of view, I want to have them in their necks. But I leave to them. Already! Yep, some of them they want to get richer than have killing their prides in their neck. I will name two multi-level marketing companies: one of them is UNO (or Unlimited Networking of Opportunities) and the other one is VMobile Technology Inc. They are using the term of abnormal (in UNO) and mongee (in VMobile). I am so ashamed for some of my schoolmates are still intact with that word where I want to be part of them. But I already forgot them calling someone is insulting the entire race of Mongolia and to be part of that.


In the other side of the story, yes in fact, I am supposed to say that words. That is who I am. I will forgive them if they forgive me in the first place. It’s the lessons I have learned for the past months I joined but to declined in their offer. I won’t tolerate them. But I will leave them in the hands of pure fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters or relatives who have their kid has a down syndrome. They didn’t know what to do. I shall not do this in my article, but I am already doing writing down here in the article as well. This is a matter of fact of my side of my insensitivity. What done is already done.


For other reasons, people want to know that their kid has the same responsibility just like me. Many of down syndrome kids or adults who don’t have the ability to speak like I do. People forget the unconditional love. They only care for themselves, for loving money instead of their relative or family. I also don’t know why many people are still going hopes in the money of others. When someone is reading my article, I am sure some of you or someone will get to mention will like to join my forces. But I will pray for the people who want to change their minds. As long I am still alive and standing with the only one voice writing this article, it is because I am who I am. I have down syndrome. And I will not tolerate people who tolerates others. I will leave them in the name of justice and to God also.


I love in the name of the Father. I obey Him. In fact, I won’t use some names calling other names to the people. In fact, I am still not a perfect writer. I want to tell other people who have to educate to themselves. What will happen if you judge the wrong person? It happens to me every time. When they call me I am look like younger, I say I am really older to them. I accepted myself already last year. In the past, it was really hard to make decision whether I will accept or not for myself only. But I already did. Many times, people around looking for someone who wants to get grudge. I don’t want to get angry, because it will become immature side of me. It doesn’t matter if I like myself or not. Maybe it is the time to decide who do you want to look for.


I have joined in the association group last February 2012 which it’s Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc. or DSAPI if that it’s called. I turned older when I joined them to become more mature. Many of the parents, sisters, brothers or relatives are surprised because of me. I don’t know why. It was because I already accepted myself in this year of the dragon. My favorite aunt used to call me, “anak (ormy child).” But she’s my aunt who passed away since 23rd of June 2011. She gave me some coloring set since I loved to draw and pencil my drawings. She also loved my literature works which it kept in my best friend’s house. Then just before the month she died, she told me once. She said, “look for your brighter future that can hold with your success. I only can guide you if you help for yourself. Remember if you don’t do good, I will not guide you. Write whatever you can. Cook whatever you can. Or maybe what’s in your heart will lead to your future. Always follow your heart to decide. And always fight for it.”


And she also said to me, “take care of yourself, my favorite nephew. Don’t forget about me, and always pray for your journey. I have plans for you in the future if you do good well. I will leave to you that you need to tell your mom to help in the future plans in Negros Occidental in Himamaylan. Don’t forget the one you have to tell.”


I once feel every time I go to sleep, she is always reminding all the time. It’s because I haven’t tell mom about the future plans in Negros Occidental in Himamaylan. But I always want to go there. I only have to be careful. My dream places to go: Leyte, Cebu, Bohol, Bicol and Bacolod, and of course is the Boracay. I haven’t go the places I want to go. I don’t want to leave the Philippines behind my back. I want to save the last place to live here in our home. I want to save my family. And I want my sisters to go back here. I need them to be with me, what else I can go for. This is only dreams I am waiting for. And I will fight even it’s my last breath to fight for. If I only have time to tell them, I only want to have courage to do that. And I only want to get the family back they way it used to be even they have their own families. It is because I love them very much.


My will to survive is to be with my family forever and ever.

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