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Here are the portfolio pictures you can see including my varieties of my drawings and photographed pictures. Some of them are known are my works. Don’t think that I am capable of copying pictures and other composite pictures. What I am showing here is my true talent.




I am young poet since the birth of my debut making a poem way back in 10th of December, 1998 in Thursday afternoon. Since that day, it embarks my journey to become a better poet someday. Now in 14th year of anniversary in 10th of December, I will bring more excitement and enthusiastic experience to come.


In the summer of 2006 after my mild headache became my migraine, I stopped eating chocolates and with mayonnaise and some of the eggs, of course. It’s the sudden choice what I have made my decision to shift my career in different direction. I started to scrapping out my sketch pad and drew at the start. In the start, it looked crazy and stupid I am. But in the longer period of time, I have improved a lot of drawings and doodling of characters. That was the time I became instantly as a character designer and also made a longer version of my drawings come out alive in a new story as well. Three unpublished books The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice has been stopped because of my studying in digital arts and to improve more in writing as well. The infamous alchemist story Alphabed is also unfinished since it is started during my stay in digital art school in August to October 2010 as well. And the last infamous game-epic element story The Legend of Fora is also remained unfinished the same time I am making Alphabed. This is not the only these novel stories, game stories and anime stories I have started to finish yet. Because there are whole lot more of interesting stories that will unfold your mind blowing to read all of these. This will be including to my new home site Itsmikki Studio to open back what I have been started unfinished as well. e a lot in writing as well. My infamous Japanese story Negaza is also unfinished that has been started since 2009. Now I am already have more 750+ working title books that have to be chosen from range of character designs I have to make in background stories as well. 


I am also proclaimed a self-addicted quote writer since the start of 2009. I didn’t know where to begin and suddenly to begin writing down some important quotes I have written in the facebook status as well. As a semi-retired, confessed and addicted gamer, the name of Mikki90 started in 9th of August, 2003 of Saturday morning. I have  instantly went to the internet game station and registered in Khan Online (the hard-core game online). Since then, I have never stopped playing the Khan Online game. Before that, I also played other online games as well such as Ragnarok Online, Ran Online, Tantra, Flyff, Perfect World and some few to mention. Always in the beginning that I have never stopped playing games. But in the middle of midst of typhoon Ondoy, I stopped thinking to play the online games. Since then, I have enjoyed of my days selling loads of the customer’s cellphone (since that is my load business also part back in 26th of June, 2006 of Monday morning after went to Megamall in the weekend).


Then I am also an anime lover who watches some of my favorite anime series. Being also a music lover doesn’t contradicting in my field of making character designs, writing stories and writing in literary works. I am also happen to be also in love of writing of songs. I have never stop dreaming as a multi-tasker all the same time. To think I am capable of that, I have never imagine that in my whole life. But I am wondering as a new whole level in the competition as well. And I am certified graduate in culinary arts having with my culinary certificate as well. That is another story which I am also happen to be a nutritionist chef which it really conflicts my time in multi-task dreams as well.


A reminder for fellow readers:


(1) Do not attempt to copy of my drawings under any supervision.

(2) Any terms of violation have the rights to the owner to my drawings.

(3) Any under of violating of these laws, I am strictly report you being as a plagiarism or any malicious act.