Reaching Our Children for the King Integrated School / Stand and Walk Therapy Center

Reaching Our Children for the King Integrated School / Stand and Walk Therapy Center


Stand and Walk Therapy Clinic




Stand and Walk is a specialized outpatient clinic dedicated providing high quality therapy services to children with special needs. The therapists and staff at S&W are committed providing comprehensive, family-centered, multi-disciplinary care in an environment where children can achieve their goals and reach full potential.




The Stand and Walk team of pediatric specialists includes occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech therapists who work closely together to create individualized treatment plans. Therapy is carried out in an atmosphere focused on creativity an fun, where every child can be successful.




Occupational Therapy




Occupational therapists help children with special needs develop and build skills important for independent functioning and success in childhood.




Physical Therapy




Physical therapists identify and treat problems with movement, posture and body position. Physical therapists help children improve physical improvements with special exercises, handling techniques and constant encouragement. They can also assist families with selecting and obtaining appropriate mobility and positioning equipment including wheelchairs, walkers, standers, and orthopedics.




Speech Therapy




Speech therapy focuses on the development of receptive and expressive language, articulation, social communication and social skills in order to create success in a child’s ability to express wants and needs and develop meaningful relationships.




and Visual Therapy








Comprehensive Assessment




The evaluation process at Stand and Walk is specific to each child based on the presenting concern(s). A combination of parent interview, observation of functional performance and standardized assessment is utilized in order to evaluate:


gross motor skills


fine motor skills


receptive and expressive language


handwriting performance


coordination and balance


sensory integration / processing


neuromuscular status


gait analysis


activities of daily living


auditory processing skills


speech production


oral motor skills – articulation


oral motor skills – feeding




Therapeutic Intervention




The evaluation results guide each child’s individual intervention plan. Types of intervention and support include:




occupational therapy


physical therapy


speech and language therapy


sensory integration (SI)


neuro-developmental treatment (NDT)


craniosacral therapy


oral motor therapy


therapeutic listening


interactive metronome


irritable baby management


infant simulation


handwriting support


daily living activities


social skills group


modulation skills group


upper-ex strength and endurance groups


handwriting skills groups




Education and Support




Stand and Walk is dedicated to providing information and support to professionals, parents and caregivers to help children learn and grow. Services might include:




comprehensive expert opinion


professional conferences


regular information sessions for parents


home programming


counseling support






Address: 21 Topaz Street, Cainta Greenpark Village, 1900 Cainta, Rizal


For inquiries, please feel free contact us at 09282397152, 09151975240, 09092109051, 9137517 and 2401810.