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I was bad writing my sentences when I was young as a child. I had always pretending to be as a writer when I was a kid. In the past when I was younger from range of five years old to seven years old, I began writing. But my words were longer to cut in phrases, sometimes in difficult writing when I was a kid. My speech was also poor and it was delayed. But being having with Down syndrome wasn’t difficult for me because I knew in my heart time will come, heal and to accept my condition. And so I did.


Whenever I always saw comics, I always thought also to become a comic artist. And I always wanted to become an artist when I was a kid. But things were different when I was a kid and when I was a teenager back then. But I didn’t know how difficult I triumphantly did what I can do for this years. When two years ago, my writing began calling to write it again. And somehow I did. The last twelve years ago, I also began to write in different social platform, blogger.com. But the site wasn’t improved during that time and so my writing also.


I never thought I can do this to write and to write until I always practice everyday just to memorize how small details can make bigger picture creating more structure sentences. But the picture there when I was a teenager when I started to write poetry, my classmate who was always have been topped in the school. She always had been intelligent in our class. But I’ve had to say that she was better than me writing those sentences good and structured. I didn’t want to make arguments. But sad to say, I lost my many entries to be included in the school paper. But she was the head of the school paper during that time.


Our valedictorian was always being as a top class in our school. But he was near in top 3 in the class when other of my high school classmates were my formerly school mates before. I was alone in seventh grade but somehow I never thought I can have chance writing was all of my accomplishments.


My motivation to my writing is continuously improving but somehow it’s not always have to be perfect hundred percent. It is always been 8 out of 10 rate. Because there are more rooms to improve my writing skills. But my proficiency in filipino somehow also have been in 7 out of 10 rate. I always have to compete my writing to my past days. And what I always see around is my inspiration in my bank at the back of my head. I didn’t know much of english writing when I was young. And I didn’t see much of myself in the past. From now what I am writing.


My motivation is always everywhere. I’ve been getting a lot to inspire me. I’ve always watch some english movies, english television shows and some english books to improve my writing. But I’ve never thought that this writing is how I motivate myself.


When the times are not right, somehow I skid myself in a piece of paper and start to write in an empty paper with a pen or a pencil. And I thought at the back of my head would be making easier, but it was also difficult to structure the sentence. What I did the last two years, I’ve attended again in call center training which my english would become improved. I did completing the 100 hours of call center training and gained the certificate of call center training instead going in call center career.


It was supposed for me going in call center because of my certificate. But I said to our english instructor that this training would benefited me for my english to become better. And so I did. After few days, that was why I decided to put back my studio to name it after my game online character name, Mikki and also after my youtube account, itsmikki. It was decided to put the name of Itsmikki Studio in the social platform, wordpress.com, because someone was recommended me to use the platform. And so I did. And later that year, I also put up my facebook page and name it the same, Itsmikki Studio.


There are many reasons I motivate myself to write. One was when my first love I sent my letter before sending to Illinois, the state of United States of America. And then I began also been in love writing when I entered in high school writing in poetry first. And I never thought that I can also have been in love writing in songs, stories and at the end, practicing to write in quotes also. What is my motivation? My motivation is how I write to my life and this is my testimony.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.


Difficult finding a better job

Of all the interviews I’ve encountered before was all that I was thinking about doubts and fears. Maybe it wasn’t my intention to get in. I have had 12 interviews last year nothing to beat my fears before. Maybe I already overcome my fears in the past. It wasn’t not that difficult. Or it wasn’t that much more easy. I’ve visited nine contact centers and none of them was accepting me. But I considered my business as my biggest asset. Without doing in life may not realize to me what I am doing lately. But I decide to put up some more business to create more of my financial. I really don’t have financial basis aside from the business I am doing for almost six years and seven months. But I really want something different to work it out. Since my loading business is doing well, I might try another business to put it up. So I won’t get bored enough to work my loading business. I lose some of my money before because of the networking deals. I guess I learn something from the networking deals. So I am planning to decide what business to put up with a little capital I have. None that I want the networking to get it back. But I want to grow my money to be leveraging.


What should I do? Should I go for convenience store to put it up? Or should I go for another way of way of living? A way of living means a lot of me now than before. Since this is hard to decide and I don’t want to get burden easily. It is because I want to impress my parents and of course sooner, I want to settle my own family. It is not that easy or hard. Everyday I have been thinking the money when it will grow. Money, money, money, it always that I am thinking about. Hahaha! I am more like the financial adviser in The Incredibles. Maybe the world is looking for a talent, and I hope I would get to apply for my talent. Maybe it won’t work for me.


I guessed the last time I was in the interview, maybe I hoped to get in to the job. It wasn’t getting me through there. I have more road to improve in my life. My skills to speak in English isn’t that good enough applying in a contact center. Maybe I will try more better more in the future. See if I can do it again. I have complete papers for now, but instead I want something to face it in the future.


Being having with Down syndrome is not an issue for me just to work somewhere. In the last 14 years, it was really hard to cope for me to work somewhere else. It was always an issue for me all the time before. But right now with the right attitude and right time makes more comfortable. Should I go to look working in a fast-food restaurant like in McDonalds? Or maybe should I go looking for a job in the mall? There are many options in my back of my head, but I don’t know which one I would pick.


There are days that you would fill in for your life. But I never think that anymore. I usually have in my head what is best for me. What if in your life must always go for a better life? And I am not type of a person who would always spending more money than you are earning more. I always need to earn for my living life. And the earnings would always pick for a certain day to spend just a little. And I am not that rich either. The way of earning in life must always where you always strive to earn. And earning a trust means a way of earning your life better. I hope in the future will always find me to look for a better job. And better job means a better earnings.


I’ve been a lot of jobs before. From the work I’ve been working as an assistant cook, a line cook, cook, sales assistant to load retailer. Working in my field right now as an entrepreneur, this is the hardest job I take in as a load retailer. It’s always been a hardest for me ever since in my life. Without an earning somehow makes me a little poorer to earn. Sometimes I’m earning 30 pesos a day from my loading business. But when the jackpot day comes, there is a certain day that makes me earning of 50 pesos a day. This is very much of lower income I have earn everyday. Just like when you are working your food cart business, this is much more like you are having a business. And nothing beats to earn money makes a difficult finding a job just to get in. When you are earning in the job, you don’t think that much of an income.


Nowadays you can’t think of 10 thousand of bucks you can earn that quickly in your job’s income. Sometimes in your everyday job takes a lot of patience and understanding. Without lots of patience makes you more inconsistent in the job. And inconsistency makes you invaluable in your job. I guess I won’t have to think that anymore. Maybe it’s not for me finding a job. There will be a time and a place that will take me putting me in a job someday.

Sa buhay natin minsan mali ang akala ay madali lang pala. Pero sa kasaysayan ng ating Pilipinas, hindi dapat ito binabalewahan. Sa trabaho kung malaki kinikita mo, kinakaltas minsan ito sa sahod mo sa gastos ng SSS at iba pang benepisyo ng iyong pinapasukan na kumpanya.


Bawat Pilipino sa mundo ay maraming aspekto sa buhay. Minsan madali, misan mahirap at minsan naman ay kuntento na sa buhay kinakaharap mo. Kung ako ang tatanungin mo, hindi dapat ito iniitindi ng ganoon ka simple sa buhay. Dapat nga ikaw ay nagtatrabaho at nagbibigay sa pamilya. Sa sitwasyon ko naman, hindi ako anak ng mayaman at hindi din anak sa mahirap. Nasa kalagitnaan kami sa buhay namin ngayon. Super blessed kami ika nga. Dahil sa pinapakita ko parating nakangiti, baka yun pa ang blessed binigay sa akin ng Diyos.


Sa pagnenegosyo sa cellphone loading ko, mahirap sa umpisa kumita. Pero sanay na ako sa umpisa na mahirap. Walang negosyo hindi puwedeng madali, lahat ng negosyo minsan pinagdadaanan sa mahirap. Kung makikita mo sa mga SM malls, minsan sa buhay mo ba nakikita mo si Henry Sy nagbubukas ng pintuan ng mall. Hindi ba hindi. Siyempre may guwardiya na magbubukas sa iyo. Kung idadaan natin sa mahirap, parang wala na imposible sa buhay natin. Pero dapat maniwala sa kasabihan na, “All things are possible.” Kung maniniwala ka ng maniniwala habang buhay, maniniwala ka din sa sarili mo. Walang madali at walang mahirap. Lahat ito ay may punto sa mahirap at sa madali lamang.


Kung pag-uuspan natin maghanap-buhay, siguro malaking pinagdadaanan ko na diyan mula dati hanggang ngayon. Nag te-training ako sa contact center training yun nakaraan na buwan ng Marso. Masaya ako at nakapag training din sa wakas. Maraming din natutunan ako at nagkakaraon ako ng matitinong tao puwede mo ikasama mo sa buhay. Hindi kasi lahat ng tao, parehas-parehas sa pagtingin mo. Minsan nga ako pinagsabihan ng mongee o kaya ng mongoloid. Kasi hindi alam ng tao na meron pala ako yun, ako hindi nasasaktan dahil alam ko. Nakakaramdam din ako ng pighati minsan sa mga kagaya ko. Pero sinabihan mo ng ibang tao yun ay meron palang kapatid o anak o kamag-anak, magagalit siyempre sa iyo dahil meron din na down syndrome. So dapat mag ingat-ingatan natin din.


Ang mga negosyo at hanap buhay ay parehas lang ang tingin ko kung babasehan ito sa mga dapat hanapin sa ating kapaligiran. Basta may takot ka sa Diyos at naniniwala ka sa sarili mo, malayo mararating mo kagaya ko. Nagpapasalamat na rin ako na may mabuti akong pamilya at mabuti may kapatid ako at mabuti din mga kamag-anak nakikilala ko sa buhay nito.

Four years has passed since I have applied in Telus in Market Market, Taguig. That was then how I was transformed today. I realized people is not rich in knowledge. People I met through back then but now, times are changed. Well of course, I have now high expectations. What I have seen myself in the past is already past. Don’t tell anyone who can make rule of that.


The year of 2008 that I have applied in my first contact center. It’s because my friend referred me to work there. I was so eager that time, but times changed so fast. When it comes to an interview, I always fail in the instant in the eye of the interviewer. I don’t know what to expect and what I have to answer. So here I am, eager again to apply after four years.


Last year was very painful to me. I don’t like the company, and yet it was very scam to me. And I don’t want to mention the name because it was the multi-level marketing company to me.


Back where I am going to say, I have returned from my bad deeds doing good deeds this year. I have applied several contact centers now. The first one I have try was Transcom. I didn’t work me well from there. After a day, I also failed in Startek. Then it came the Stream Global, Sitel, TRG, NCO, Aegis and Convergys. Eight contact centers. What shall I say? They are the contact centers I already tried to apply. Maybe the luck wasn’t for me. I always want to try but I am willing to train dutifully. And then again, maybe somehow, I need more practice in my grammar when I am talking. It is different when it comes to writing and typing to speaking the words clearly. And it is a matter of fact what I am saying.


High expectations from this year I don’t want to forecast but I am willing to say it. Benefits are important for me. The rice allowance, the transportation, the medical and the physical fitness are important benefits for me. If there is none that contact center needs for me, it’s really fine for me. What I need is to gain from an experience from a contact center. So what I am trying to say, I have to fulfill my dreams here first before encountering many problems in the future. Meaning I have to try anything that comes from my heart desires.


Dreams I want to visit the places are Boracay, Camarines Sur, Bicol region, Leyte (of course that is where my hometown used from my grandparents, my father’s parents), Cebu, Iloilo and Bacolod. Well if that deserves me, it will wait for me. Then I have to dream more about building foundation. Three things I should do for my foundation: building livelihood projects where people fail to get a job, sustain their financial needs and building a foundation program for down syndrome project fro intervention and speech therapy. I always want that way to help them. In that way, Rico Yan will always look at me here. And I will be always have a big hand for everybody’s needs.


Today it is a different path for me than leading somewhere I don’t really belong. What I need to know, dreams are here for me. Many changes will await for me.

Another challenge

Some people laugh so hard and some people cry a little. Well it depends on a person who is tending to think that way. But who knows, a little maybe or less.


Sunday afternoon, dazing off in the sun makes me more bored during this time of a day. The sun blocks in my blinds of my windows, and of course while I am typing of this article, I think what will happen to me in the coming days. I still have no work and staying at home handles my pressure about my cellphone loading business. There is no way I am giving up about my career and my dreams. Knowing my heart makes me more desire to get a foundation program for the children who have down syndrome just like me. Interviewers are somehow discriminating me to some of my past interviews during I was still working in the field of culinary. Hey no, I am not giving up yet.


And of course, I want to challenge for me to work in another industry, the call center industry. Business People Outsourcing or BPO can make me that to challenge. In my first try back four years ago, this contact center referred by my friend. But it failed me to impress in the interviewer in my first try. Well the luck wasn’t there for me. And then again, after that year, it is already 2012, the year of the dragon. I have had a chance to go in again this year. With seven different contact centers I was going in, the chance was not on me. After this holy week or during the holy week, I will try applying again in the contact center. And of course, a lot of courage and confidence will have to build my personality. Year of the dragon was I am hoping to get a job for me.


In every perspective point of view, people find failing in the field where they want to keep repeating to get a job there. You don’t have to stick one company you want to apply. Allow yourself to try other jobs as well. Never get afraid from them. When you are applying, you need to ask prayers from your family, friends and relatives to pray for you. Then when you are doing that, make sure you are not in a hurry to get in a job right away. Don’t be an overconfidence person, just relax your mind. I am not that kind of a person of that way. But I don’t know what people needs to be do working. There is a lot of options. You can go build a foundation program, build your business, go and look for the work or maybe have a partnership what your friend has a business.


I’m tired of running backwards and in circles. Doing that will make me more unstoppable during my life. I lost my usb twice already. The first one lost the way when we transferred from house to house. And then the other and second one, you hope you will not to lend your usb to anyone else. It may be your friend is doing some nasty towards to you. People like them do not know the word to think about giving back, instead they won’t slip right away under your nose. It is a nasty habit they are doing and it’s a bad attitude for me. My dreams in my second usb still have my responsible to get back on the track. Whether it’s a business or a work, I will do anything to get a new job.

Work and its technology

People nowadays are merely wanting to grab new gadgets, just as a fact everywhere in the world is vastly improving.


In Singapore, the most-renowned technology country that has more 10,000 IT graduates are working here around the world among its workers belong to another nations, but among them as a Filipino were not in the same situation. Just look about the OFW workers, caregivers are rarely seen in the area from one place to another place. But in my case, people in America are suitable to grab iPads, Windows and Apple application gadgets as well.


In the Southeast Asia, the number one growth of technology country is what we called in the Philippines area. People are after the new gadgets including the camera figures in the stores. In fact, when I see this thousand of businesses, I meet some people are getting into their passion of growth in photography. Photography are the sensible hobbies that can interact to the picture how they feel and how they act in their way of fashion. It can be use in the weddings, or many events as well.


Lack of knowledge is not a common anymore to anybody else. But merely in my ideas when the most areas have no really a technology, the areas where the poor are living. Their growth of their technology do not have in the remote areas in the Philippines and other countries as well.


The number growth of work today if I may recall, contact centers are somehow very useful for everyone. Philippines become now a giant contact center in the world in term of BPO or Business People Outsourcing. America is now ranking in second. Frankly, I don’t want to say this but it’s the truth said.


Call centers or contact centers now offers various of gadgets as promos whenever people want to work in the specific area in the specific promos. Like this in Accenture, they offer gadgets. Maybe I am not perfect to say this, so my thoughts is cleared.


However, in the schools of density of students like in La Salle also offers new technology. Students are now carrying tablets instead carrying the books. If I describe the other schools, school without technology cannot catch up with this generation. But if the government or the officials in the school can implement this, students now aware want to grab this opportunity to study well in the class and have performed perfectly in the time of the class.


The most priority in life now has more technology whether you are home, on the road, in the school, public or anywhere you can carry your utility as your network. Times like this, people are more useful carrying their technology tools. When it’s snatch, it’s already gone. They they have to buy another one for the replacement of lost item they have.


News are not given anywhere, but as I describe around the world is inevitable nowadays, the work and its technology.

World of employment

Today I will talking about the world of employment. Yes of course, everybody knows how to work well in your job.


Since I wasn’t get in the interviews the last two days, it wasn’t get enough to get in. The first endorsement came last Wednesday in Transcom, I didn’t get in the job well. Of course, my best answer did well in the group interview in one-by-one situation. And the first critical question came into me: if you are given as a invincible, what will you do in a day? Of course, I remembered my answer and my answer goes to: “If I am given as an invincible guy, I would do anything as a normal person to do anything, going to the mall and have pleasure what all you want.” I guess my first day in interview didn’t get me in the job well.


The second interview yesterday in Startek came, it was all my best I did with my answer. The second critical question came in: what will you in a day if you are in the place of president? Then I said, “I will change the diplomacy, change the government rules and have everyone get a chance to get a job. So everyone outside the Philippines get a chance to have a job in the country, help the tourism and the economy as well.” I did all my best to get in, but I guess I didn’t do well for me.


But I still have two more endorsements to do in my wish list bucket: one in Makati which it’s the Visaya Knowledge Process Outsourcing or VKPO and the other one is in Quezon City where the Stream Global Services is located. I have to go out in Tuesday going in Makati, so if there’s a luck for me, I will do my best to answer properly and introduce as well.

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