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Looking forward to what it may seem

but unknowingly in the future to wait

sometimes find me bored to look backwards,

it lacks of me inside at the back of my mind,

although I never find true meaning of what it may find.


I look to your eyes deeper and deeper

but nothing I don’t find suspicious to your mind

you are always seem blank, nothing to read

I’m always say that I can’t go further looking around.


Finding an unusual moving object in faraway,

it may find abstract to me but it’s nothing,

it never crosses at the back of my head

knowing that there are many clues anywhere

whether is it true or not, I lack of true love means.


Withering from the back of my mind

I found losing control of what I was capable of,

it didn’t mind me after all, so easily

or so to amuse something it was really bothering me

but I can’t found anything the way it was used to be.


It may have scars to my chest,

scars that may hard to heal in a long time

scars that it find nothing but pain,

knowing that I’ve seen it all, it shutters me

after all by kicking out of my mind.


I came knocking to your door

but you said it was nothing

I still came knocking to your door again

but you rather stayed alone

whatever may caused a little hard to control.


I saw visions, many kinds of vision

hard to tell it was bigger or smaller

knowing it was something have a detail

inside at the back of my mind

it was really hard to control it.


Pushing back or pulling it away

may find unusual interesting to do

around the visions whatever it may find us

nothing to lose, it’s really nothing there,

but I can’t explain if it’s you or me.


Going back from the beginning,

in the present time may finally solve

a problem to be seen, I finally find

some dream to catch in the future

waiting for me reaching for it.


A hollow block, a huge of explanatory question

an unusual torn of paper, a big pitch black

or it may find nothing I would solve it on my own

knowing there is something to look forward to.




Anticipating to chase a dream is a poem about a man chasing his dream. And his dream might be unfold in the past telling it would be nice to look forward. It’s inevitable experience for him. Unlike me, there’s some complicated situation. It would be nice if it turns to big dream to wait. And not until the end, he found something interesting topic of his life – changing visions of his life.


Day after day, he opened his small box that contains with a dancing girl chiming with a beautiful note. It may finds for him that he may search his love life. But until the end, he find interesting more of himself rather marrying to someone else for his position.


Anticipating to chase a dream is about the tale of dream world between illusion and real world. It has deeper meanings. But I don’t know which one it is. It lacks me to differentiate which one I should prefer to do. But it consists a wonderful poem where you can find more lessons to be found. Now tell me, are you willing to anticipate to chase a dream?




It has been a months for now that I haven’t write a single poem. Although summer is a best time to write more about in literature. Summer is also about pleasure writing in some of my ways. But in the coming months, there will be an added literature of the month. I don’t know which one is new, but it’s an interesting one to read for. You may follow me, read anything or find an interesting topic of any literary works I should be writing about.


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Fiftieth-Ninth Tagalog Quote:


Humahaba ang araw

sa paglingon ko

sa kaliwa’t kanan

na hindi ba

kita minamahal

ng panahon umiikot

sa sandaling nakalimot

nang ako’y iniwan mo.


Nahuhulog ako sa iyo,

nabubulong ko sa iyo

na mahal kita

na kung bakit

ang mundo ay bilog

na sana man

nakalimutan kita

pero di kaya ang

nararamdaman ko.


Pilit ko mabuksan

ang iyong mga mata

tila man nahihilo

na umaakyat

ang damdamin ko

pero ang sandali

ay puwedeng

makalimutan ng lahat.


Pusong naglalaro

pusong nagdurugo

at pusong hilong-hilo

bakit ka lagi pinapaiyak

ang damdamin ko

please lang sana

na lumayo ka na lang.


Araw-araw ko nadarama

gabi-gabi ko napapalingon

na sana maibalik mo ako

sa walang hanggan

at ang mundo

kong naghihintay.


Sixtieth Tagalog Quote:


Maaari ba kita mauwi

kung hindi ang sasabihin

mo sa akin na akala

ko’y tanggap mo

pero hindi pala

dahil may iba ka na naisip.


Sunduin mo na lang

ako sana

pero bakit pala ganoon

tumatakbo ako

pero ika’y lumalayo

at kailan pa rin ako

makikipag-agawan ng

puso may iba na pala.


Sige na, tara na,

puwede na ba tayo,

o ikumpara mo ako

sa panget,

lolokohin ko ba ikaw

pero sana na lang tayo na.


Araw-araw na lang ako


para mapansin kita

pero sablay ako lagi

na hindi ka

tumitingin sa akin.


Sunduin kita, tara na

lilipad na sana tayo

pero ayaw mo pala lumipad

kasi nga takot ka

pala lumipad.


Superman ako

sa panaginip mo,

pero ang lahat ay

hindi totoo

sana nga lang

na sana mamahalin kita

sa puso kong nadarama.


Sige na, goodbye na

ako’y matutulog

at huwag mo ako gisingin

na susunod ako

sa iyong panaginip.




There are two different answers when you need to know about the question. And the question is, “why all the love and hate differs from sadness and happiness?” Sometimes I ask myself too, then I hardly answer some of my questions that I ask. So to say, if you are questioning about your relationship, friendship or something that is related to emotional sides. Well of course, when making some of the deep quotes, poems, or whatsoever you are creating, you will realize how important the emotional sides have something that you are creating. But to tell you honestly, it is not that I am helpless and loveless. The knowledge that I have encounter from my experiences is that I really care about what it really meant to be.


59th Tagalog Quote:


This 59th Tagalog quote is all about pain and suffering quotes. To tell you the truth honestly, it is something that you really feel from your emotional sides. Pain sometimes makes you harder to feel what’s really bothering you about. Well of course, it leads to depression and frustration. But in a wrong way of pain, sometimes it feels out to ease your pain. Pain is always part of our lives. Whether when someone dies, we cry a lot or when we encounter love is teasing us to do the wrong decisions we have. But in this Tagalog quote is about the painful love and suffering that you really encounter from your relationship. Sometimes it takes time from your commitment to your partner. When you see the pain, sometimes it mixes your reaction. So it really might get you to the trap side. And sometimes, it really eases you out from your moment of your day.


60th Tagalog Quote:


This 60th Tagalog quote is all about dreaming of your crush to have relationship with you. But  at the end of your dreams, it was actually a past dreams. Or sometimes we dream in other side of dream sequences. Dream sequences are when part of your subconscious mind feels you the part of reality day. It might be happen or it is already happen in your past. Sometimes I feel the part of this dream quotes. But honestly, it was telling me that I have to follow one of my biggest dreams. Well it’s one to wait worth. And I am so excited what dreams are really meant for me. If not, there are other opportunities that I have to grab. But in this Tagalog quote is something you really have to read it all over again. Because you might discover some of the hidden secrets in your life about relationships and commitments. But did you know this quote is also the song? If you read it carefully, it is really more like a song to me.




Finally when you end the quotes well smoothly and sailing, it is something that I really like about writing. Writing makes me comfortable where I can express one of my feelings each and every day. But somehow, these quotes are worth to read it all over again. So if you’re an avid reader of my quotes, follow my blog and comment what’s in your mind. You can either suggest, or comment. If you don’t have comment, just leave as it is. And this was the first Tagalog quotes that I’ve released already from the fresh. This quotes were made from my cellphone one week ago.

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