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There is always a new height of new achievement. But sometimes there is always a pending dream still on your way to achieve. Looking forward to a pending dream somehow stop me for a while. I know it’s kind of hard. All the hardest part you always work for sometimes it falls to your knees. Well it somehow gets on a wrong turn.


I see a lot of positive sides of this year of 2014. I got my new barangay clearance and a cedula. And I am still way waiting for my renewed NBI clearance to get it on a few days left. It is somehow getting me stuck on my work. This work as an assistant teacher is really below the minimum salary I could get. But the experience gets me a roller coaster. Somehow I can’t imagine how things should not be lighter or heavier. It never breaks in the bank at the back of my head although it says to my mind that I should get another business, or an extra income, or to get another job perhaps.


2014 is always a new door for me. And I was starting to get on try-out practice last three weeks ago in bowling and cricket training. The first sport I’ve had trying on bowling was okay. But the bowling for me costed me highly not anticipating on my wallet. It really costed me that much aside from the golf I’ve always want to go back also. Because on my age, I should be now practicing my diet into maximizing exercise where I can get physical practice. But on the other side, cricket training was one tough ball-and-bat game like one in baseball or softball games.


Then another came to my place. It was one my closest to my dreams I should save more money for my own business in the future. Getting to open a new bank account as soon my financial basis is above 30 minimum or to 50, maximum already. Sooner or later, I should make more photo messages, create more greeting cards, quote books, make more a lot money from my freshest ideas. No one should get to my imagination but I am. Because on the way to my wildest dreams is getting on entertainment industry.


Entertainment industry is closer one of my goals as to film-making, animating, getting a new line of business or to create more stories as well for either television series, movies or in animation too. But so far, this is one I’ve been looking for a new heights.


And I can’t imagine how closer I am to, or maybe I am too curious what I am doing right now assisting children at the school where I am enjoying to my status to my work. But the problems are getting bigger. The financial problems are still on my shoulders. The expenses are also there. Maximize my potential skills are somehow exercising me as well. Maybe I should start to get on my own capital from my cellphone loading business to create another capital. But it seems reckless to me. Should I get to take a risk? Or should I not to get a risk? Somehow I always tell myself that my birthday is getting nearer and nearer. And I’m also getting old.


I’ve been locked to my wildest dreams up to now whether I like to go in or go out chasing another unexpected dream to create more financial basis. Hmm…it’s really hard to expect from me or to anybody else. And also speaking for entertainment industry, I should be saving also to build my own house in the future. I might want to hold on my wildest dreams just to enjoy what I am doing right now at the school where I am working.


Right now, I am planning to retire at least the age of 55. And I am starting to plan make business as late or make it worse it can happen in scenario. But the hindrance being having with Down syndrome is not labeling me anymore. I should be act like a normal person looking forward to a new heights.


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As life went on to another stage, another scenario and another life book chapters, I was looking forward to a brighter days. But I will tell you how I am lucky where I am going to the right path today. Soon but not so sooner, it will take time to me leading my new future. Probably I am not looking for a work in entertainment industry but staying good working here in the school as an assistant teacher. Well probably, it might knock my doors if I can go to entertainment industry or maybe I will go modeling career instead. But I am assuming that I still have a work in school.


Seven months that I was working as an assistant teacher already. It was meant for me to follow my own dreams whether I shall not breaking my promises as a dancer, as an artist, as a photographer and as a writer too. I may sound an ambitious person, but I am as well as an optimistic and limitless person who have dreams to follow on my own.


Let me a recap in the past three years already from 2011. I was beginning to accept my condition having with my disability. July 15, 2011 was the beginning to open my eyes I was able to hear some networkers (who were working in multi-level marketing companies such as 1Bro, VMobile, Forever Living, UNO, etc.) calling themselves as an abnormal. But their term to call themselves as an abnormal, they were referring to become successful and rich people. It was against all odds when I lasted working with UNO days from June to October 2011. Then after a few months later, I also joined to another networking company the defunct VMobile for selling their load products indicating that they were still recruiting some people to add their money to go rich. What can you do if you are selling those load products? But mine was different.


After I went back to my old provider in July 2012, the D-Loads. VMobile gave me an another lesson never to go back to the networking days. Because I heard some millionaire in VMobile referring to some mongee as ngongo (ngongo means as in english as an inappropriate term for speaking verbally to Down syndrome and other disabilities as well). He was a selfless person who was using a word deriving from as a shortcut from mongoloid. Ouch!


The time I was already subsiding my life going back to reality. I’ve attended my first seminar of Early Intervention Seminar in August 2012 who was then the wife of a president of DSAPI introduced to some new parents in the seminar as well. I was shocked when new parents was amazed from I became today as a high-functional intellectual disability person. To tell the truth, all of these blessings kept coming in for me, I was always to accept what was right from wrong. Whenever it was wrong, I’ve never made to accept it. Rather I’ve accepted the right blessings coming for me.


Hence, the new membership identification card was made during the Christmas party 2012. I became a member of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI. My angels told me that I have to fixed my life today. And so also, I made a new historical date to my name that I’ve decided to becoming a special adult advocate for Down syndrome. But before the Christmas party, I was also invited by an UST student president who I talked my first short inspirational speech in their school. To become a new special advocate, I was aware that this was the track helping myself in a brighter future.


Last February 2012 was my first Happy Walk to attend the event and was also my birthday. But my second Happy Walk 2013 was even getting to know in a community better and better. Some new parents had to meet me. And I was amazed someone finally recognized my talent in writing an article here in my studio as well. I became also as an aspirant to many parents who have had their special child with Down syndrome just like me. I was working alone independently without a knowledge my parents knew about me. But at the end of the day, I told them honestly where I was going to this place.


Last year was a huge blessings from me. When I’ve applied in many applications from NBI clearance, passport, police clearance, my first PWD identification card and a medical certificate. And I didn’t know along the way that this was my girlfriend proved me that I have to push myself having to get a work ahead. Even if I did, then it probably both of us have had to decide to go back in any ways of living to work. My ex-girlfriend right now don’t have work. But I didn’t know myself either that I became a regular to the school where I was working as an assistant teacher.


The next thing it is approved for this year of 2014, I will becoming to sign a contract for having another year extension to my work hopefully as a productivity person as well. And to this day very moment, last two days I have had a tryout in bowling of Special Olympics hoping I will compete someday in Special Olympics. But I am determining to have my way of my path to success growth of my life.


That was my part accepting my condition having with mosaic Down syndrome. It doesn’t take me who I am, but I am happy for what I am today. Having part of this society makes me challenging. What challenges are telling me today, they are for my future, present and the past. What past is already past? I’ve been in denial stage before. And now I’m ready for my blessings to come moving forward for me.


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Long before Rico Yan came in entertainment world, I didn’t know who I was today. Despite my disability being having with Down syndrome was not a hindrance to me anymore. But to tell you the truth, I have many troubles came when I was a kid.


1981 was a year when I came in. Pope John Paul II was having giving a mass in Quezon Memorial Circle when the time I was born already. But my parents gave me a nickname through Pope John Paul II and my real name came from my grandfather’s name and also from my father’s name also. To decide what was given to my life, I was also given to change the world in times of needed and supported. So I was given to be born here in the world to make it happen bigger.


And bigger opportunities when Rico Yan came around in 1994. I’ve remembered when he came in Master Eskinol commercial, his own very first commercial have ever been made. The longer it waited the opportunities, he also landed on his three film projects and two television appearances in 1996. That was his achievements. But my achievements wasn’t change the year of 1994.


It was the year 1994 that I turned a teenager. And when Rico smiled every angle at his commercial, I also smiled back on the mirror changing my opportunities if I could be also a model. Or if the time will come for me to grab an opportunity. It set my goals.


My dreams before was to become a photographer when I was still in elementary graduation. “If I become a photographer someday, I would get a glimpse to picture the scene of Mt. Mayon in Bicol where I love the area. It gives a beauty scenario,” that was at the back of my head when I said to myself.


Across at the back of my head, my high school dreams has changed through times of desperation what really my dreams were telling me about. Then I decided to tell my school mates, my classmates and my teachers that I will enter entertainment industry someday to become an actor. It was my biggest dreams that set in my mind way back before. It was all because I owe from Rico Yan who really me inspired so much in spite that I have disability. But a disability that I have before was a hindrance. My parents told me several times that I couldn’t entered in universities like University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas or in De La Salle University in Taft Avenue. But the dreams shattered to me when my parents told me that I won’t lasted graduating in my course I really liked was music in UST, theatre arts in UP or any courses in DLSU.


People have changed through times. And I didn’t know what to do. So I always gave doubts and fears inside at the back of my head thinking I wasn’t able coping my own problems. Because that time I was having a hard time on myself in denial stage before.


When I entered college in the year of 2000, my course was culinary arts and I studied in Center for Culinary Arts or CCA. It was a pioneering school who caters students studying in the field of baking or culinary. And at that time, I’ve had a few classmates who was also been a celebrities naming Danica Sotto and Diego Castro. They were my batch mates before. Diego was a son of late anchor man of ABS-CBN, Angelo Castro Jr. and cousin to Rico Yan.


Aside from them, I also have friends with cousin of Agot Isidro, Aljur Abrenica, Heart Evangelista and Rico Yan‘s female cousin. What else that I came in a reality? These cousins of celebrities, I was been blessed to have with them. Although I don’t want to name their names here in an article I am writing, it is about a privacy. Somehow I look myself in the mirror thinking at the back of my head if I could enter in entertainment industry someday and the question is, “when if the time comes?”


So I gave up my dreaming my goals to become an actor, a singer and a dancer. I was frustrated and depressed because of a hindrance that I have a disability. Knowing Rico Yan was not here anymore because when I heard the news that he died peacefully in his sleep in 29th of March, 2002. The news came viral everywhere around the nation. And so the followers and fans of Rico Yan have been giving their love for Rico. But my sides remained calm and peacefully.


Nine years later, it was already 2011. I’ve had a dreams recurring every night thinking at the back of my head because of him. Then one day when I posted some important to do was to set important details each and every day I have. The bad news came when I felt something strange inside of me. But the intentions were not in bad shape. Instead, my cousin invited me in networking in UNO. Literally I joined with her. I’ve lasted five months in multi-level marketing or networking in UNO from June to October 2011. But the acceptance was been made during I was working. So I thought myself having to know that I could do this on my own independent ways of earning.


Out of frustrations and depressions, I broke the chain and accepted who I was to be because of my disability. That kind of work of networking gave me a chills to my bones and my flesh. It was the time I’ve accepted my disability during July of 2011. Then later when I only lasted in October. I’ve joined and searched my genealogy roots both sides of my father and my mother’s sides. Knowing my side of my father, I was surprised when I was related to Pilar Pilapil, Dingdong Avanzado and Mark Bautista because they were all descendants of Veloso. Because I was also a descendant of Veloso clan. Wow, that was unimaginable thoughts inside at the back of my head.


Then at first, my dreams were coming back to me. So I’ve decided to bring my dreams again this time when I will enter the limelight of entertainment industry. With the likes of Danica Sotto, Diego Castro, Pilar Pilapil, Dingdong Avanzado and Mark Bautista, when will I become one of them at the back of my head?


At the end at the back of my head, I’ve remembered that I also have relatives who entered in entertainment industry. My two uncles Danny Javier and Dyords Javier were in entertainment industry. Danny Javier retired from the entertainment industry already, but his sibling Dyords Javier was still in the entertainment industry. So I make a classic move that I will become one of them, but on my definition to make my own name instead.


One year ago I joined with Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, or DSAPI, on January 2012. Then I also joined in their annual walk event of the year, the 20th Happy Walk, in The Block, SM North EDSA on 19th of February, 2012, the day of my birthday. I was enjoying walking with someone that I also have a disability being having with Down syndrome. Having with a disability was not a hindrance to me anymore. Instead, all I want to become is to make my own name whether the dreams is still leading me in the right choice or decisions that I have.


Then I became a member last December 2012 where I got my first membership identification card. And to top of that, I also have experiences to speak in the audience who invited to come over in University of Santo Tomas to speak a short inspirational talk about me. The students, the school organizations and the teachers were applauded at my first short inspirational talk. But I was nervous that time. Maybe I have to speak again in the future.


But the blessings didn’t stop pouring down this year of 2013. I got my passport on my own applying in Megamall in January 2013. That was also the month I got my NBI clearance and my police clearance as well. So to decide what I was going to do – was to apply again in the next few months. But the 24th Angels Walk came when I joined and supported the autism awareness month last January 2013. It was my first support with the organization I joined. I saw one of UST who invited me last November 2012. And then at the back of my head, I’ve realized it was important for me already attending those events every year.


Then the 21st Happy Walk also came in last February 2013. It was my second Happy Walk I’ve joined. To added, there was one parent who came over to me and said, “I read your blog and I am one of your follower reading one of your article posts. Good job! Continue to inspire us.” At the back of my head, it was barely one year old of my studio site already. My studio debuted on 16th of March, 2012 where I posted my two articles at that time. Then a facebook page came later on 4th of July, 2012. I guessed that I put the dates on historical dates.


It came upon across at the back of my head when I also applied my first PWD identification card last 19th of March, 2013. I also knew why I chose the date because I loved to remember the dates I was putting in historical dates. But then at the height of my depression again during of April 2013, I was hesitated to go out and not looked for another job. Because despite I already completed the requirements including my medical certification. This was already the time if I want to have a girlfriend or not. So the dreams might occurred that I wasn’t able coping it one of my problems.


Then it came the month of May 2013. When my parents traveled to Europe for their vacation, that was the time I’ve had a girlfriend. But then, it was someone who also liked Rico Yan. From her, I didn’t know how to figure out what went wrong from me and from her. I’ve ended up a guy accepting a relationship with my girlfriend. And she was the one asking my hand to have relationship with her. Then I said, “yes.” Soon when it lasted only eight days of our relationship on the day of 16th of May. Our relationship ended eight days of relationship from 8th to 16th of May. Then I was not glad it was not over yet.


When I saw Nick Vujicic for the first time in Music Hall, Mall of Asia, I was surprised what Nick looked like. Because after all, he had no limbs of pairs of legs and arms. And to my surprise, that involved my life I also have a disability. And being having a disability was not a hindrance to me anymore. That was when 20th of May, 2013 happened.


A the height of desperation of cooling our relationship with my ex-girlfriend, all I wanted was to go back with her someday. So I walked in a job of the school on the day of 21st of May. On the seventh day of going back, I was hired already. Knowing myself in a different pattern, I’ve landed on my fourth job with a different job description – as an assistant teacher.


Fast-forwarded to this present day, I’ve accepted a chance to look forward getting to know what it will become for me in the year of 2014. Today is a final day of 2013 and tomorrow is a new day of 2014. I’ve so much to tell looking forward of 2014. What if I walk-in again in different job description? Will it become my job? To tell you the truth, this job of being as an assistant teacher I never chose about of this job. Instead the job looked for me surprisingly. So the words were not scripted but it was a fate for me when I followed my grandmother’s footsteps to become as an assistant teacher.


My lessons I have learned for this year of 2013 was honoring my job so beautifully, getting to know what the surroundings would like to know me better and the world had a place for me to look forward. No matter how small dreams can be, sometimes it can be a bigger opportunity would like to be. When you know how small dreams can act, it can also set bigger dreams in exchange of your place. This was how Rico Yan changed me from time I was depressed and frustrated to have a better job, positive outlook in life, happiness and optimistic when looking forward to future with positive thoughts.


What about you? How Rico Yan would change your life?


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If there was no success, there was no overnight of dreaming for success.


This is a year-end special article all about me from the beginning of 2013 until this month of December. What can you do for success if you can do for your hardworking? Yes, then you have to believe in yourself and not anybody could replace but your story as well is deserving more.


Let me rewind you to the past of January 2013 where I tell my story:


Starting from January 2013:

Applying requirements, joining advocacy in special education


This month was my success getting my second NBI clearance for my future employment. But I was planning to think which job would prefer to get me on the first place. Should I continue get a career ahead for call center career? Or should I continue where I start in my culinary career? My place for a job seeking opportunities was ahead for me already. But to think of it at the back of my head, I should scratch for all job descriptions: animator, writer, chef / cook, call center or entertainment industry. There were all my opportunities which one I should prefer.


After two weeks of January, my parents forced to apply for my passport alone. And so I did applying for passport applications. But the requirements narrowed down to my plans: NBI clearance, police clearance and passport. All of my validation identifications were been shown off for my next plan: get a job ahead before going to Toronto in September.


I did all my requirements doing my job applications. But the questionable was getting where I should start. So I joined supporting Angels Walk 2013, where I also joined the side of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI, where a thousand of autism groups and various schools also have joined the said event in Mall of Asia, Music Hall in Pasay City. This was the 24th Angels Walk for ASP or Autism Society of the Philippines who parents, educators, students and thousand of autism angels were there for the said event. And I was happy supporting for their group.


All of my happiness poured down my promising career: writing while getting a job or writing when I’m already in success.


February 2013:

2nd Happy Walk, celebrating month, Philippines’ Down syndrome awareness


This month was also my big celebration and my promising birthdays to come in many years. So to said, but it was also an excitement for every words I will write. But the success wasn’t over. So I joined the 21st Happy Walk in The Block, SM North EDSA in Quezon City of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI awareness event.


My blessings poured down to my birthday month, my birth month of February. I still clearly remembered when Pope John Paul II came to Manila for the first time 32 years ago. I was born on 19th of February, the day when Pope John Paul II was having a mass in Quezon Memorial Center, Quezon City. So the history said it was from February 17-21 when Pope John Paul II’s visit in Manila. So that explained how the world was looking for Pope John Paul II for his papal sainthood.


And it was also for Philippines’ Down syndrome awareness event for the whole nation. My dad first joined with me last year in 20th Happy Walk on the day of my birthday, 19th of February which it was introduced me to a few parents. And I met the couple, the children and their son with Down syndrome which it was the Lapena family. It was my first experience meeting with someone like me like Jeremy was, And I was happy that I joined the DSAPI family.


March 2013:

Applying for 1st PWD identification card, 3rd prom, meeting the showman of GMA channel


This was also the third month of my success. March has explained my various blessings I’ve done so far for this year of 2013. Because this was my first official that I’ve had my first PWD identification card or Persons With Disability. But that was when I’ve applied on 19th of March, a month after of my birthday. I chose the date because it was my first time applying for my PWD id.


Then it came before the application of PWD identification card was my third experience of prom date. And it was my first experience for having date with someone else and not from my relatives whom I really have had a good time. Guess what whom I dated with? It was Antonio and Juan Luna’s great granddaughter whom I dated with. And I was lucky to have date the famous Luna in the Philippines history. What I have to tell that I need to say? It was the best experience of prom date in my life.


And the first celebrity that I saw this year was none other of a famous showman in GMA channel, German Moreno. Kuya Germs when they said a name to him. And it was my pleasure to meet a person from a different channel. Because I was glued watching all ABS-CBN shows from morning to evening. But I didn’t notice that I can do it. And so my experience having a picture with him was a pleasure for me.


April-May 2013:

Depression looking for a job, first relationship, watched Nick Vujicic, looking for a job


This months of April and May of 2013 was a depression months for me. All I thought at the back of my head was either looking for a girlfriend or a job description unable to look for. But the words scripted from at the back of my head has said to me, “when can I start working so soon, so I could have a relationship with somebody else I really want to date with?” It was my first thoughts that crossed at the back of my head and without even noticing it, I looked depressed for a whole month.


After a month, I came to visit Rico Yan for a fourth time last 5th of May. Then it came upon that I met my first fling relationship with someone else. Two girls that I met. One of them was a former special education teacher and one of them was a housemaid who was working for taking care of a child and look taking care of the house. It crossed at the back of my head that I was first to say I’ve accepted her for having relationship with someone else. And she was the first person who asked my hand to have relationship with her. It is normally for a guy who is asking for a relationship to a girl. But the opposite came upon the two worlds between of us.


My ex-girlfriend and I were only lasted eight (8) days of relationship. And I was formerly taking off my relationship with her. But my heart felt for her so sorry. But at the end of the day, on the 20th of May, I watched Nick Vujicic’s concert also in Mall of Asia, Music Hall in Pasay City. It was my pleasure to have experience watching someone who was also have a disability. Nick Vujicic was born without limbs of arms and legs. And I have had my third inspiration coming from him.


Then after a day that my ex-girlfriend was formally underestimated in our relationship, I went anywhere near our village looking for a job. So I went for my first walk-in job inside of Cainta Greenpark Village that was also near my home in Cainta. And the interview wasn’t my first. But I did passing my first application resume to the employer. But my intentions came crossing thrice at the back of my head. I should also applied to other opportunities: writer in newspaper, call center job and entertainment industry job where I went to Megamall on 23rd of May. I sent many job applications to various employers from newspaper jobs, call center jobs and entertainment industry jobs as well.


Fews day after on 27th of May, the call was unexpected I’ve answered from my cellphone around 11 in the morning. The secretary have said that I have to come around 1 in the afternoon. So I changed myself in a better suit of applying a job. When I met two of my bosses before, I was nervous and feeling annoying on my first interview of the year. Then around after 15 to 20 minutes of waiting, one of two bosses interviewed me and I passed the interview evaluation.


For continuation of Year-End Special: Story about success, love life and work in a next article, there will be a set of month stories to unfold for a second part of Year-End Special: Story about success, love life and work.


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They were unknown celebrities everywhere I go. Once I step on the entertainment industry, it must be my calling for me to get in. Maybe that was why I’ve had several pictures I saw from them.


One from GMA channel I saw, before when my grandparents’ had celebrating their 65th anniversary last March 30, 2013, was none other than German Moreno. German Moreno I knew in my life. I’ve watched his That’s Entertainment television show before. I was glued watching too many shows when I was a kid.


Celebrities of 2013

Celebrities of 2013


The only celebrities I’ve remembered from That’s Entertainment was from Monday group: Francis Magalona, Lotlot de Leon, Isabel Granada, Ruffa Gutierrez, Aiko Melendez, Carmina Villaroel, Ian Veneracion, Isko Moreno and Assunta de Rossi; from Tuesday group: Rita Avila, Billy Joe Crawford, Donna Cruz, Jean Garcia, Maricar de Mesa, Ara Mina, Dingdong Avanzado, Jessa Zaragoza, Janno Gibbs, Manilyn Reynes, Ana Roces, Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes; from Wednesday group: Rachel Alejandro, Jojo Alejar, Sharmaine Arnaiz, Sheryl Cruz, Sunshine Cruz, Karla Estrada, Jennifer Mendoza and Romnick Sarmienta; from Thursday group: Harlene Bautista (sister of Herbert Bautista), Keempee de Leon, Vina Morales, Lea Salonga, Smokey Manoloto and Jennifer Sevilla; and from Friday group: Sunshine Dizon, Kier Legaspi, Glydel Mercado, Kristine Paner, Donita Rose and Cris Villanueva. They were only 42 celebrities I knew from That’s Entertainment and the rest of the cast of That’s Entertainment. I didn’t know much of some their fame in the entertainment industry.


Only the remaining names I knew in the entertainment industry were Francis Magalona who died from Leukemia in March 6, 2009, Ruffa Gutierrez, Carmina Villaroel, Assunta de Rossi, Billy Crawford, Ara Mina, Janno Gibbs, Judy Ann Santos, Gladys Reyes, Karla Estrada, Vina Morales and Donita Rose. They were those celebrities I knew that was still in the entertainment industry. If you are correct and I am wrong, just state the reason why I should put their name here that is still active in the entertainment industry.


Also Leo Martinez I also saw from my glimpse. It was one early morning around 6:30 am. Leo dropped and parked his car near the tricycle terminal in Cainta Greenpark Village where I was cleaning the school premises.


And other celebrities like Angel Aquino, Xyriel Manabat, Sofia Millares and Ina Feleo I had seen in this year of 2013.


I saw Angel Aquino twice already but I didn’t have a chance to get glimpse picturing with her. It was long time ago when I first saw her in Southwoods hosting some of an event. Sofia and Xyriel visited the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines for their guest appearances that DSAPI invited them to come for their numbers. But I got a chance to have picture with them also.


The only celebrities that I didn’t have pictures were Angel Aquino and Ina Feleo. Once in a blue moon, those celebrities came into my eyes. And I said to myself, “they were too many celebrities I saw this year of 2013. But sometimes it is a calling for me when will I enter the entertainment industry.


Then again, I’ve ask myself again, “when will the light of entertainment industry will come to me? Is this a calling to me?” I’ve asked too many questions every day at the front of the mirror. Setting aside from photographer, an artist, a writer, a dancer and an entrepreneur from my everyday I always do, there are many chances that I will get to enter the entertainment industry. And one question is when?


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Can an assistant teacher become a teacher?


In some many ways, it’s a yes. But in a few ways, it’s not compared to few professional licensed teachers. I’ve asked some that I knew already. “Can really they become good teachers?” Hmm…a lot of says that it might be a consider as an assistant teacher becoming teacher so soon.


I may be a not a good teacher, but I pray that I might be a good teacher in the future. It’s not one of my dreams that considers my field as a teacher. In fact, before I come in this fate, being as a teacher is really a tough profession in the country. Some it says that it’s hard and some it says that it’s commonly they do in everyday tasks.


Checking the papers if it’s complete, scoring if the student gets a high score, checking the student’s performance, listing the student’s punctuality and some many more to mention are not big deal to me. But in some ways, some professional licensed teachers can really do some everyday in their lives. I mean that I haven’t see my grandmother checking the paper’s scores if it’s good or bad. Whenever I have heard my mom’s stories about her mom as well was a teacher, even though I don’t remember Lola Betty at her age coming from her school just to check the attendance.


It was her age that mattered the most. But it seems that I am lost in the middle of nowhere. I have some classmates who become teachers as well. My classmate during fourth grade really topped in the class and graduated in San Beda College and moved up to teach students in Xavier school in San Juan. And the other classmate I have had was during my fourth year high school. He was a valedictorian and was now a teacher where we’ve had graduating in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo.


Who may never know that I may be as an assistant teacher in the first place?” It says in my facebook timeline that I’ve posted a comment about as a teacher as well. It was last year’s post around June 2012. It may sounds weird but I could tell I really post it about the comment exchange. Hmm…that sounds really interesting.


I didn’t have education degree taking up in the college, but the only thing I’ve really remembered was graduating college certificate in culinary arts. I’ve never took any kind of college degree yet. If I ever take a college degree, I may be an honor to do that as well.


Since this is the part of my day that I become as an assistant teacher, almost two months, one week and still counting. My boss says that I have potential becoming as a teacher. I have always dream to become one of my goals before is to portray as a teacher in entertainment industry. But it seems it’s not easy to become portraying someone else. The fate chooses me as an assistant teacher, and I am proud of what I have accomplish my goals so far.


To think one of my goals today, it is change already. In my dreams alone before, I choose that I have to follow my dreams to become as an entertainer in the entertainment industry. It is to become dancer, singer maybe and an actor as well. If I am lucky, I will be leading as a producer, scriptwriter or as a director as well. You can’t go if you can’t complete the production before you come up some of the directing movies as well. To become one, you have to go as one of the below positions in the entertainment industry. Plus you will get have to gain the knowledge.


That is one of my biggest aspirations before. Now it’s change. I hope I can be the one to become as a good role model, a good leader, a motivational speaker or maybe as an ambassador as well. Being as a tough can’t beat all the odds itself. You have to become one good role model. Hmm…it is really hard to say than acting alone.


Sometimes in reality, what it really tells me that I still have to follow my aspiration dreams. Or maybe both if I need to attain what is my happiness tells me about. When I follow my dreams, I always tell myself that I have to be strong as a horse steadily riding to your dreams. In the past, that was one of my problems when I have had in my denial stage of what my condition controlled me most. Somehow, I held to my problems and then later I realized that I was wrong. The last minute I couldn’t tell is myself.


My pride sometimes eats yourself the whole when you don’t know and you are starting to panic all the times. Eventually later, I studied what was my wrong about and what was my right attitude should be. And I said myself, ‘hey, I could do this better.’ Things when I usually do is writing what is best should have.


It sets in the east when the sun rises to wake you up. You should know that the beautiful day will start a new day itself. And somehow at the end of the day, you learn a valuable lessons in your life. Before you go to sleep, you pray for the beautiful day to come again. That’s when miracle sometimes does everything change for you. Make a habit and form a positivity in your life.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Why the Korean Pop comes alive

Cassette tapes

Cassette tapes

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys

The boy band and the girl band back in early 1990’s and early 2000’s comes alive. Those times were the time of American boy bands and girl bands. One of my favorite boy bands during my time was Backstreet Boys, Boys II Men, and some other to mention. Well occasionally, I have some their studio albums. And during that time, you have to buy the cassette tapes, neither the VCD nor the DVD exists that time.


People nowadays listen to the Korean Pop, but the American dream and European dream hopes to bring back the boy band and girl band to come back alive. One of them was One Direction. One Direction consists five men in the group. They were Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. All of them were graduated in X-Factor singing contest in the television hit series.


In fact, the boy bands and the girl bands are keeping down in the ground before. During the early 1940’s and 1950’s were the classy ones. From the barbershop music to this generation’s music has evolve already. I give you some examples. Do you remember The Osmonds, The Jackson 5, The Beatles, and The Monkees? Who have the music background before? Them. Michael Jackson kicked a lot from his sensational signatures during he was still alive. Beside from his sensational signature Moon Walk, anybody could make a new move. Dancing sensation comes from him and also Bobby Brown and Elvis Presley made their own dancing moves.


Where are the boy bands come from? Boy bands come from naturally in 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s. And the first ones was that I have mentioned above in 1960’s. Well of course, not everyone knows exactly what and where does that it come from. Even if you have a talent, many have shapes in life.


In 1970’s and 1980’s, sensational boy bands came alive again. This time, Menudo, New Edition and New Kids on the Block came alive with their own moves and own hit songs. New Edition consisted of six men. They were Ronnie DeVoe, Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill. Bobby Brown was one of the famous who have made his own moves that sparked in entertainment industry with the dancing sensation.


New Kids on the Block launched their stardom during their height in their success in 1984 to 1994. With the members of New Kids on the Block, they were Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight and Joey McIntyre. And the past members of New Kids on the Block were Mark Wahlberg and Jamie Kelly. Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre and Mark Wahlberg still continued their legacy until early 2000’s. But Mark Wahlberg, now an actor, is still working on his part in the entertainment industry. While Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre were kept their feet in the entertainment industry until early 2000’s.


But the word of “boy bands” was not introduced in the past. It didn’t imprint at the back of our head. So I think this is the perfect article that can combine with the title of Why the Korean Pop comes alive. Boy bands have been introduced in 1990’s. If you were 1990’s baby or 1980’s baby, you would probably loved to hear some of the songs of Boys 2 Men, Take That, All-4-One, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Boyzone, 98 Degrees, The Moffatts, Hanson and Westlife.


Boys II Men consisted of five men before, now three men, and were born in 1988. They were Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris. With the past members were Michael McCary and Marc Nelson. Take That consisted of five men and were born in 1990 up to 1996. But they came back in 2005 up to the present. They were Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and sensational Robbie Williams. Take That and Boys II Men are still alive up to the present. All-4-One consisted of four men and were born in 1993. They were Jamie Jones, Delious Kennedy, Alfred Nevarez and Tony Borowiak. Backstreet Boys consisted five men and were born in 1993. They were AJ MCLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Brian Litrell. *NYSNC consisted of five men and were born in 1995 and lasted until 2002. They were Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez and Lance Bass. The group dismantled in 2002 after Justin Timberlake came apart in his own studio album, while the others stayed in the entertainment industry.


Boyzone consisted of five men, now only four men and were born in 1993 up to 2000. And they were initially coming back in 2007. They were Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham, Ronan Keating, Shane Lynch and their past member Stephen Gately. 98 Degrees consisted of four men and were born in 1996 up to 2005. And they also came back in 2012. They were Nick Lachey, Justin Jeffre, Jeff Timmons and Drew Lachey. Nick Lachey have been linked to Jessica Simpson then later separated. The Moffatts consisted of four young siblings and were born in 1990 until 2001. Then later it came back, and stopped again the same year of 2012. They were Scott Moffatt, Clint Moffatt, Bob Moffatt and Dave Moffatt. Hanson consisted of three Hanson siblings and were born in 1992 up to the present times. They were Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson and Zac Hanson. And Westlife consisted of five men and were born in 1998. Then they stopped in the year of 2012. They were Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily, Shane Filan and Brian McFadden.


Ten boy bands that I’ve been mentioned were in my time. They were the successful boy bands. Although some all female-group also came alive. Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child were also born in 1990’s. Spice Girls consisted of five girls and were born in 1994 and stopped in 2000. Then they came back in 2007 and stopped again in 2008. But they reappeared again and stopped in the same of year 2012. They were Geri Halliwell, Melanie Chrisholm, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown and Victoria Beckham. But the Destiny’s Child was the first introduced in 1990’s and formally have had six past members. They were born in 1990 and stopped in 2006. They were Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. The six past members were LaTavia Robinson, LeToya Luckett, Farrah Franklin, Tamar Davis, Nikki Taylor and Nina Taylor.


Year of new generation that entered in 2000, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and Westlife dominated the early 2000’s. Then it came Jonas Brothers, A1 and Blue. Blue began in 2000 and stopped in 2005. Then they came back in 2009. They were Antony Costa, Duncan James, Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe. A1 began in 1998 and stopped in 2002. Then they once returned again in 2009. They were Mark Read, Ben Adams and Christian Ingebrigsten and their former member Paul Marazzi. Jonas Brothers consisted of three young siblings that started in 2005 and ended in 2011. They were Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas. Then they came back together again in 2012. They were also associated with Demi Lovato. Simple Plan is now considered the new boy band that they started in 1999 until to the present times. They were Pierre Bouvier, Sebastian Lefebvre, David Desrosiers, Chuck Comeau and Jeff Stinco.


Along the road in the entertainment world, the Taiwanese boy band F4 became a top selling artists in 2000’s from the successful hit TV series, Meteor Garden that sparked around the world. Here comes the new generation, One Direction, The Wanted and Big Time Rush brought boy bands alive again and kicked the entire world. One Direction came from the reality singing TV contest, the X-Factor. They started in 2010 and still dominated in the entertainment world. The Wanted also brought boy band world in the entertainment world. The Wanted consisted five men and started in 2009. They were Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes. And Big Time Rush also came in the entertainment world as the new 2010’s boy bands had been introduced. They started in 2009 and they were Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson.


Normally we understand the feeling of boy bands fever in this generation. Where did it start? It came from The Monkees, one of the first boy band in the entertainment history. And it came a big fever for the younger audience today. A lot of girls screaming their names, and a new breed of artists came and brought the boy band fever. The reason, why the Korean Pop comes alive? It have been a fever. A lot of new artists of this generation. And I think only two all-female groups I’ve really like from Korean Pop. And that was 2NE1 and Girls Generation. And the rest of the Korean Pop invasion in the entertainment world came kicking the Philippine shore since 2003. And there was a radio inside your room and banging your room so loudly with Korean pop songs. I didn’t mean that I don’t like them. It’s just that I’m a not-so-good writer, but loves writing what I have knowledge in the entertainment world.


One of the successful boy bands New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys combined their success and launched in 2012 where they held NKOTBSB concerts around the world including the Philippines. Backstreet Boys held the number one boy band group in the entertainment world with $130 million dollars and they were in 20 years already in the entertainment world. Kevin Richardson came back strong with them. And so the Korean pop sensational groups came in the radar such as Super Junior, Big Bang, TVXQ, U-KISS, 2PM, Arashi and SM*SH. It was originally that Korean Pop groups started in late 2000’s when the F4 group introduced the entertainment world with Asian sensational groups.


2NE1 consisted with four females and started in 2009. They were CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy. Dara was formerly working in the Philippines and have joined 2NE1 for their successful all female group. And Girls’ Generation started and paved way in the Philippines air waves when they started in 2007. They were Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun.


After all, Korean Pop comes alive kicking and popping out in your heads. While the American all-male group and all-female groups have been materializing the entertainment world again. Why others have failed in their stardom? Only The Moffatts split up because of the word of “boy band“. While other all-male groups, Backstreet Boys, Jackson 5, Hanson, New Kids on the Block, Boyzone and Take That lasted their groups in years.


So are you in? Or out?

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye

Girls' Generation

Girls’ Generation



First screenplay made



Prince Duke  – is the prince of all princes of Duckingham Kingdom. He never gets his pride down not to get marrying with Princess Alexa.


Princess Alexa – the glamorous, beautiful princess ever lived in Duckingham Kingdom. She always gets what she wants and needs to be order according to her assistant, Ofhelia.


Pargo – servant and the only trusted assistant to both of Prince Duke and Princess Alexa. He serves for the kingdom for almost 40 years already. He never gets down of his orders from any of his trusted services from Prince Duke and Princess Alexa.


Ofhelia – assistant and servant to Princess Alexa who gets to serve her only friend, the princess of Duckingham, Princess Alexa. She is the only one who can receives orders from the supreme court, the king and queen of Duckingham.


Screenplay written:


“Missing a lot of impossible things makes worrying me

but it can’t be done what you can think of,

who make shall be complete of my boredom

when I can’t think one single moment,

is that you, Pargo?”


“Oh please, just imagine

if I can mistake it again

but not once, it simply takes me twice already

or you doom already when you done thrice.”


“Pargo, what should I call you thou

to complete me, make me horrible feelings.

Here it comes, the princess of all beauty feelings,

Princess Alexa, where did you go?”


“I am here to pick something you

should not forget, but my burden heart

just never forget what I shall call you,

a miserable, foolish man who ever doubt

calling me a mischievous and terrible lady,

how can he blaming all along?”


“Princess Alexa, it is not you who

makes all of this, this is not the part

you are running all about the things

you can make it again and again.”


“You, Ofhelia, I shall not thou

to remember this day that you

cannot enter my kingdom again.

You shall seek the sorrow of my

heart and I have never tell this

in my whole life,

to be princess like this

dreaming to wait marrying a

man to be married with me.

I shall never see you again, Ofhelia.”


“Here comes, the knight of shining armor,

the one and only, Prince Duke.”


“Pargo, my friend, where are

thou is my Princess Alexa?”


“She is not in the mood to talk

to you because she is not

satisfying what she looks for you,

Look how miserable you are.”


“ME, I’m Prince Duke,

prince of all kingdoms here

in the Duckingham Kingdom,

and how dare you speak to

the prince I am talking to.

You dare not to control

any kind of words to me.”


“Pargo, go out and tell Ofhelia

not to disturb Princess Alexa

anymore because Prince Duke

is here already and he needs

to examine what he needs

to see his lady.”




This is only a dry run what I really like to write about. Well, of course, everybody knows William Shakespeare. I like of his stage plays almost any kinds of his screen plays. But what I like about the most is Merchant of Venice. It is very funny and very comic way you can read of. But I want something readers would love reading my studio site, ItsmikkiStudio. As I am part of my love of writings, I could always what to achieve someday. Maybe a screenplay writer, or a producer, or a director, an actor maybe I can act because I am always dreaming I want to enter the entertainment industry. Entertainment industry is where I want to enter and have able to work everybody in any giant networks. Maybe GMA-7 or ABS-CBN could possibly hire me. But I almost lost the count the years I want to enter badly. But in the good side is that I am not good enough to write all about the screenplay. I could be the creative writer. Or maybe a dancer who could always wanting to dance everyday. Dancing, by the way, is one of my talents and one way to express to dance to be able to squeeze your performance very well.


One of another I write about are English Literature, Filipino Literature and less written Spanish Literature. Well mostly, I really like writing more often this way. I have tons of writings before. And I think I have to find a way to get it from my best friend’s house where I keep it almost a decade now. And for now, this is my first time that I try the screenplay about my untitled screenplay act. There are only four characters in the story, Ofhelia, Pargo, Prince Duke and Princess Alexa. Well it’s not finish yet. Because without a protagonist in the story wouldn’t be a good story. I also love making villians or protagonists. Besides, making comics is also hardest way to achievement in my life. I already have a thousand characters that I have made it already. It is drawn already, have their background check and haven’t put it together in a compilation good story. Although it is more a production set. And my biggest aspiration dreams in my life is that I would to put a first production studio in the Philippines. Because North America two countries and other countries have it own already. What could entertainment industry do the same way do? And I believe each of the dreamers have their dreams. But their unique ideas can’t bought by anyone.


Anyone have their ideas? Tell me your aspiration dreams.

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