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After seeing the end of journey of being as an assistant teacher, I’ve all want to share my blessings that takes me from every chapter has moving within me. This is the part 2 of The tale of assistant teacher.


Love life has moved twice as I’ve reached the mountains. But the roadblock at the end of the road told me to move on. Why was it happened me between being having as an assistant teacher? Was I even told to be a better assistant teacher? Or was it somebody who doesn’t like too much of being noisy adult? I was always talking and talking to myself in a minutes or in an hour. Telling you the truth honestly, some of the lessons I’ve been going through proved my excellence in my journey. I wasn’t noisy as anymore before. I was waiting for someone listening my side of my story. But was it someone who can lean to?


I’ve covered my eyes as I was waiting for my side. I’ve also covered my ears so I won’t listen to the story. When did I stop talking raging nonsense? I’ve full of passion, full of energy and full of hope. All my positive sides wanted telling you I was able telling the truth.


Honestly I wasn’t perfect human as God says in the bible, ‘there is no perfect human in the world.‘ True. But I hope it would allow somebody to tell the truth. All the angels were sending from heaven telling me if I would continue be a humble person. But I didn’t know which one I was suppose to do.


Let me tell you my whole story from the beginning I went through the start of my story:


“The school orientation came over on 10th of June, 2013. And every parent was there to hear from the stories of two teachers, one from preschool who came to teach the preschoolers and one from special education who came to teach special education kids how to handle on their own in the future. And it was a surprise that my bosses told me that they coped with my problems. I did telling them that I’ve had being having with Down syndrome. But they didn’t know with the word of mosaic Down syndrome, trisomy 21. It was a sudden blessing from heaven that I sent here for a mission. And it was all started to be humble from the good beginnings that begun.


I told them that mosaic has two copies of chromosomes is normal and one copy of chromosome has extra set. Which it is why it formed mosaic Down syndrome. Even Dr. Jerome Lejeune discovered before. But holding right there from my chromosome, my knowledge that I learned. I also hope to bring a message to all special parents who helped their special child to grow like I was standing. My two bosses were taking their jobs as school administrator, principal and also being part as an occupational therapist. Then I started to know when will I begin from my job.


The start of classes went by as the school started on 17th of June, every child has own their behavior. Their behavior that my boss told me being part of growing up have to nurturing their talent. Which was it how it handle the special kids? From ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy and even Down syndrome, the four cases I saw from different special kids in the classroom. I’ve learned new things that I discovered. But my world shook at the back of my mind what needs to learn must have extra careful. To set aside, the nutrition month was coming, the month of July. And there was an interns. And an interns from MCU were optometrist graduates. They were here to practice their lives. And so my life henceforth held on.


New things I discovered that those of who having had troubles with extra care must know how to overcome. And new discovery must learn how to cope with the problems in the future. And I learned each of trials or problems may come must confront of all details. And I fell in love looking one intern who was my one of my type. But I didn’t mind to fall in love. Because it gave me a new inspiration. And a new inspiration came to build my character. Those things in life were about to unfold the new secrets of love life.


So the nutrition month came finally over. I’ve enjoyed the feeling of being youth again. My boss turned good friend of mine. He was able to know my feelings and my inner strength. I’ve must confronted all the details that my mom didn’t know. The negative came from my mom’s aura. But my positive aura came bigger and bigger. And so to tell you my story, before the vacation nulled me thinking right now, the month of August also came. It swept my thoughts at the back of my head that the livelihood project I was working on failed to my own hands. But I learned the lessons that I must strived back with my own hands. And my boss was right that I’ve had to move on. But the typhoon swept all the problems came in. As we started to rebuild new school ground, we relocated new higher facility and bigger spaces to fill in. But the problem came in.


As the month of September 2013 came in, we handled our first language of the month (buwan ng wika) supposed to held last month of August. If the typhoon didn’t persisting to trouble with us, then the language of the month didn’t have to occur. The event was successful. Some kid won in the competition and some kid won the hearts in the audience. It really captivated the hearts of many students participated in the event. It was a brilliant idea. But the fact 13th of September came in, I felt I didn’t want to leave the kids alone with someone they really wanted to keep with. I never said that I won’t come back. But I promised that I would go back. As you promised one word, you kept it from your actions. If it failed, you were a failure. But failure sometimes took granted to rebuild the trust.


I went to Toronto attending my sister’s wedding with my family. And it was my first time in my life I felt I didn’t sleep the whole trip. I was scared of a whole trip might falling down like a turbulence in the movie. So I felt right from my shoes and my feet. I felt scared. But God alone never leaves us. He kept me awake instead and enjoyed watching movies. I also played some of tetris game. But the fact I’ve enjoyed, I’ve finished 6 movies in my first trip going to Toronto. My sister’s wedding was beautiful. She was dressed like a beautiful princess. And my new brother came to welcome to our new family, my sister’s husband. So I was happy to meet new family. When will I have my own family? When it will stop that my mom would nagging me all the time? But hey, I was blessed to have with them on my life. Then on the way back to the Philippines, I’ve also finished 7 movies and played a little game of tetris.


On the way back to the Philippines after the storm finished before we came in the territory of Philippines, I was happy to see the students again. I was happy and turned to be a responsible adult. And being part as a special adult, a lot of things turned good and bad news came in. The bad news was when the preschool teacher left us without a notice. But I continued to communicate with her until now. And the good news that I became a full-time assistant teacher in the school being also part in the morning classes with the preschool kids. The kids were happy to see me again.


When the September was over, the October came surprisingly knocking to my new blessing – attending a children’s party who someone in DSAPI praised me as well. Her daughter turned one year old. And I met new parents again who also have special child with Down syndrome. I felt blessing to them. Meeting new parents and a special child felt the same way I was raised by own special parents. Then one special education teacher came over at the start of the month of November, a friend of special education teacher who came from one school they attended the same school. It gave me something that knocked to my senses.


After hearing the truth when my boss was asking me that I’ve had a crush to the special education teacher, it was then pushing to my limitations that I must forget my ex-girlfriend. Having going back with my ex-girlfriend was already hard to push on because she was engaging to married someone else. So the December’s Christmas party came over. The Christmas party was success event. And from at the back of my mind played a lot of imaginations before the 2014 came over. The new life succeeded to me that I’ve had a new job – being as an assistant teacher on my fourth job in my resume. And I was happy that I’ve had regular job already, my first one.


2014 came over at the start of January. It was then I realized that something intuition came again for me. I didn’t mind noticing it. But I was afraid to sense it again. But I forgot how to praise myself having with a regular job. Then the troubles came on the month of February 2014. After my parents heard that I’ve had getting a salary from my regular job, the intuition was right. It was my mistake but new lessons that I learned. I stopped from being what it took from my job. I was afraid to let it go and wanted continuing my mission with the students wanting to see me happy again.


The month of March came in, my emotions came and ate my pride. I didn’t know what happened to me. It started to crumble like a rock falling from the mountain or something it never did happening to my life. It was then my intuitions came over. As I sensed it, the ESP or Extra Sensory Projection (sixth sense) has learned throughout my predictions. Before the retreat was going to start soon, I’ve stopped working with them on my final day on 24th of March. From my conscience, I didn’t want to leave them alone but to prosper with my blessings on them. My mom talked about negative things again. She always wanted to have bringing negative things all the time. It was then that I’ve repelled her negatives into positive notes.


The time I’ve stopped working with my load provider before, my mom scrutinized and if the load business crumbled, where will I get the money always spending to sell the cellphone loads of them. I’ve to repelling them. So I thought my positive notes came true. This was the basic truth. Being having with positive life must learn the conscience the truth of positive notes. After I went through all the problems, no negative thoughts would allow entering at the back of my head. It was then I never hesitated. I stopped hesitating. And I didn’t want believing the negative thoughts.”


This was the tale of assistant teacher part 2. It covered the whole story from Assistant’s desk to Assistant’s corner: Going back around. The additions to the story I’ve added have come to seal the words that I brought it up. Lesson number one is never treat negative thoughts at the back of your head. Lesson number two allows you to remember your good deeds, positive mind and fills your hopes and answers. What will you do if you’ve encounter the same fate that I’ve? Don’t treat the negative. Allow positive flowing to your energy chakra.


The second part of conclusion was brought to the end. “Don’t be afraid of your future is awaiting for you, but allow them to come over for you to experience and endure the problems. Let the future handle you and the prosper won’t hurt you but you learn the blessings come knocking to your heart. Remember this as you guide your life alone in the way of beautiful life.


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Creating Illusions (Thousand Promises)

Creating Illusions (Thousand Promises)

There is someone I am really in love. But the question is, how can I make her to fall in love with me? It may end with a big answer of no. Despite of that, I would encounter more of experiencing being not falling in love again. I fell many times before when I for long to be told, that I want to be falling in love, but it trapped me instead.


For many years since my time being in my high school days, my culinary days in college, my frustration days and my new chapter – being as an assistant teacher. Well, the question now today, when I will start falling in love again? After I broke up with my ex-girlfriend last May 16, the relationship we’ve had torn and broke me into pieces. The mirror didn’t buy the time back into the new frame. Instead, she was interrupted to hold in engagement with her current boyfriend. For me, why would I waste if I don’t want to win her back? It’s her choice anyway.


Back in shattered dreams where I am creating illusions or rather of full of promises. It may be sound weird, but it is insanely true. I may be not a perfect boyfriend. Or I may be not perfect husband if we are married already. Is it suppose to have someone who is worth for you to stay? I mean someone has to use saying to me, “there are many fishes in the sea, try to hook one and one will stay with you longer.” Yes, I may be a sarcastic knowing I could get a girlfriend easier. But the relationship is not worth saying if you are doing your partnership with your boyfriend or girlfriend instead.


Believe me. I’ve been through a lot of challenges before. Now I’ve already encountered once in relationship in once in my life. Being in love isn’t keeping you to be last. Instead, do it on your own shoes. It may fill up a while, but it will take time to create more illusions. Illusions are made to be unreal. Or maybe an isolated one will not coming back to you. Trapped, dazed, or sometimes disoriented, I may be not knowing my partner who is really about her. Is the mirror telling me that she is the one for me?


There are many fishes in the sea.” Yes, that may be true. But somehow, I don’t know how to explain how I can keep only one to find. It’s not easy or difficult to find one. I’ve fallen many times in a mazes before. I’ve tried to keep sending too much of literature poems, countless sonnets or singing songs I’ve been doing in my high school days and my culinary days as well. It may be quite journey for me. But it’s unusual thing to do for all of us.


Maybe there’s a lot of thousand promises to be made in the future. Or maybe there will be a time to say that you have to let it go instead holding back to your past. Sounds related? I don’t experience that way either. It may be counted different, but it may be create a lot of confusion answers. I have a condition being having with Down syndrome. But why’s wrong doing there? Shame, maybe. Or discriminated. Somehow I belong to the society where all singles are here to stay and to date if there’s a chance. Somehow in this quite of unrealistic article I am writing about, it’s about me, my future-girlfriend-to-be-married and my messed and disoriented mind at the back of my head.


I got a lot of answers before. But now, I am aiming to be the best guy for which the girl can afford loving me so much in the future. But then again, there’s a question inside at the back of my head again thinking if there is a chance to prove your partner will be loyal and faithfully for you. But I always follow my heart where I can understand them. They have to understand my condition, but it seems half glass to be filled the water soon. When it says half glass, it may be fill with water full or it could be drink in a same way of creating relationship with your partner.


Thousands of sending sonnets, poems or singing a songs that wasn’t having a tune yet, it may be a hang for a while. But for me, relationship is something you have to have stronger personality. It may bring something different. It’s not in my dictionary either. Instead, I am making love for everybody that I know. My family. My relatives. My friends. My whole extended family. And my life that I am living happily even without creating illusions.


Creating illusions are made for subconscious mind. And subconscious mind sometimes brings different meaning in our lives. It may sound big, but it’s really a small and tiny at the back of your brain telling it may create memories with your loved ones. Or somehow the hope will bring more showering of blessings instead. People hear a lot of interesting stories, but mine is different for the rest of the world. Being having with my condition is not an exceptional. But I am telling you that I have a big heart to fill out my half-glass heart to someone I am waiting to be falling in love again.


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Unwrapped Future


How it feels to be like someone when you are not ready seriously in the world full of doubts and too many questions?


It feels like that I am in the place where you really work with a good environment you have and the community itself really secures you well. Like somebody who is really looking up to you as a good model.


Is it okay for you to work somebody you really don’t like?


It’s up for someone who really have a good heart to a big guy like me.


How is it feels for you that you are different from the rest of the society?


I am not different. Being different is not a big deal in the society. It feels me what I am proud today.


Do you like what you feel today?


Like I said, I am neither different or define as not normal. I just want to live longer being having Down syndrome. This is what I really love to do and I feel not so special I really love.


Thank you and you continue to inspire us for your beautiful message.


It is not about who I am or feels that I am not being different to somebody else. It is who I am making history or maybe a story that feels like to be written about. The story about me is something new in the society. Being as an assistant teacher is a small step for me for success story.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I rarely find one of these days a new partner for me. After I have had relationship with my first fling ex-girlfriend, I felt secured to me where I worked as an assistant teacher in the therapy center and the school I worked. The first thing I know in my life was a burdened heart that was in my chest.


Then I realized it was only hope and fate that chooses me. My heart was terrible before I came working in the school. It was a sudden, like a quick stepping in the world of humanity. Yes, it may be sounds weird but sometimes it works that well. I don’t know what you can call, but sometimes it is written somewhere.


I have said about the article from the last time. The 8 people with Down syndrome who are making history and the Spain’s 1st Down syndrome councilor are great articles to read. It’s really that amazing. But somehow in the point of view in my life thinks that I am coming in the right way. In the past, all I can thought about was a big mistake. Now, I am making my story colorful where I am happily working in the therapy center and the school as an assistant teacher.


Why Assistant’s Desk anyway? Anyone?


Assistant’s Desk is a catch phrase. If there is a teacher’s table, then this article would be another meaning as an Assistant’s Desk. It would be inappropriate if I will use a teacher’s table but I am not teacher yet. But if you could imagine my life is full of imagination is a great opportunity.


The other night, I’ve dreamed my student, Ecko who has Autism. It is not a disease and it is called as a genetically disorder that involves with a curious case. I may don’t have Autism but I have Down syndrome. It is not also a disease. It is also genetically disorder that happens with an extra chromosome and it calls in my case as mosaic trisomy 21 Down syndrome. The part of it takes, the natural way when you are getting older, is where I get my mother’s features throughout the years. That is what mosaic trisomy 21 Down syndrome has.


I have other students who have Autism, different ranges of age. And one of my students is a little girl called Cassy. She is really lovable and fun to study with her. She loves to roam, loves to play and loves to kiss your cheeks. Her case is different from Ecko. Cassy is wonderful kid and have a bright mind at the back of her head. Every time I check about her, her special education teacher Jana always gives an outstanding grade to her when she gets a perfect score. But when she is not in the mood, sometimes she don’t looks so good at her performance.


Every kid with Autism has different characteristics in every aspect in their lives. Two of them are Ecko and Cassy. Ecko has a minimal speech and also goes to Cassy. Both of them are also not looking in eye contacts. Which it means they have to learn and prepare for their brighter future. It is one of a great stories have to be waiting in the future.


Why special children that I choose to handle? Anyone?


It is rare for me to handle for them. It was something that whispered in my ears when I was interviewed by Sir Kirby. And I wasn’t hesitated to answer and I gave my answer as “assistant teacher to special children.” Little did I know was a perfect gift. A good model and as an assistant teacher for them is a big blessing.


God doesn’t make mistakes to create special someone in your life. It is a miracle does miracle in your life. It gives you a perfect condition whenever you ask yourself, “why do I choose to have special kid like this?” It is all about unconditional love, patience and a gift of understanding for little kids with special condition. It is not a BIG MISTAKE, it is a PERFECT GIFT.


And it is something that God gives us a wonderful special children in the first place.


If there is a Science wants to close extra chromosome of Down syndrome, would you agree?


I won’t agree for that. If you are able to choose that, I won’t give another comment. Because God’s gift is sent to us to understand them, just like me. And I won’t be able to write a good article of Assistant’s Desk in the first place.


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Fruitful of Happiness

Page One

It was one of my hardest to cope with challenging chapters – to accept my dilemma to able accept my condition was. Yes, it may be sounds weird and it sounds interesting too.


Question (Itsmikki Studio): What is it like to have condition like me?

My Answer (MA): I really don’t know how to deal Down syndrome, of my story really. But to tell you the truth, I’ve never feels so happy through the years.


IS: If you want to be happen a politician, where do you want to run and why?

MA: If I want to be a politician, I will never run if I may answer that. Next question please.


IS: Why next question, you should be answering my question?

MA: Maybe in my province or where I was been raised, I could be a councilor or lower position. But I would mind helping people who have greater needs.


IS: Okay, let me push to the next question. If you want to be what do you want to grow up, what would you really like to be someday?

MA: I would probably pursuing my dreams both in photography about volcanoes and go and act like an entertainer someday. Because that is what it makes happily I want to go to.


IS: Why?

MA: It is one that I will contribute in the country to able help other with greater needs.


IS: Good luck with that. I hope I will meet you soon.

MA: Thanks.


IS: One more thing, what would you say to fellow readers?

MA: Follow whatever in your heart that says your true happiness, just follow and you can shine for your opportunities.



Itsmikki Studio is one of the pioneering names I can come up with this kind of names and it’s unique. How I found out that this is unique. Hmm…it’s hard to explain. Let me browse you my previous articles and just read the previous articles. It will find out how you really like my articles written well and versed.


Also in my part, ItsMikkiStudio Literature is under the name of Itsmikki Studio. Under the copyrights contained and versed, it is my right duty to comply rules and regulations as of June 2013.


Page Two

One of the challenging roles now I am facing about – being as an assistant teacher. Assistant teacher, whether I like or not, is one of toughest roles I’ve accept in my life. But in that case, I’ve never dream really in my life being as an assistant teacher handling children with special needs or greater needs in short.


What I really about as an assistant teacher? Assisting special children with angelic and charming in their smiles sometimes melts your sadness away each and every day. I feel I am around with them. With energetic they have, I also feel the energetic from them. It may sounds weird but it sounds really fun to work as an assistant teacher.


My dilemma right now is how to juggle my career as a writer, traditional artist, a novelist and being part as an assistant teacher. I also have my part having with my business in cellphone loading almost already in 8 years, one month and five days old.


Doing my part in my happiness is also helping to ease my sadness away. Meaningless that I say, after I broke up with my first fling ex-girlfriend last May 16, it may sounded weird to me but it contributed a reversal psychological answer. That reversal psychological answer was finding something to exchange having a work somewhere else. Because assisting special children found my way to surprise parents, helping them to encourage and catering the greater needs with that condition. My work as an assistant teacher is simply amazing to me.


I like doing right now to write about positive, less opportunity to think about negative issues. But the last time I wrote about negative issue was from the section of Driven News being written last month. So much to say is less than to talk about. I don’t bring up another issue again. It may eat my pride or my positivity sides will be gone to negativity sides.


Aside from being having my first experience with my ex-girlfriend, I’ve realized that it was time to let it go. And she found easily another man just to fall for her. Easy to say for a lady like her, because the last I saw her was her happiness before I broke up with her.


With the withered smile she have had with me before, it was another fruitful evidence in my life that I’ve encountered love life in a short period of time. Hmm…sounds negative to me, but in the other sides, it is normally saying it’s the only life driven after you.


When I entered working with new environment of teaching these smiling special children was simply heavenly and angelic. They are angels to me. Three of kids have Down syndrome and the rest have autism. Hmm…if I am correct or not, some of them have cases I still don’t know up to now to its date today. Hopefully in the future, I will be gladly to help these kind of special children – as an inspiration motivation speaker someday if I may added in my aspiration dreams.


One of my best encounter in my aspiration dreams is coping of my dilemma with a curious case of Down syndrome. I found late when I was in sophomore year in high school. Learning from genetics, it was really hard in the start, now that I learned well throughout the years from my experiences. It is one of my fruitful of happiness years.


“Let it be bygone have to be bygones already. Let go of your sadness years from you. Create new ones and start daily of your activities have positive sides. Don’t be afraid to take your future ahead of you and start practicing by now. And all the answers will wait for you patiently in times of needed. Time will heal and eventually become your blessings.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


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A Big Welcome

Little world with bigger dreams sometimes wondered in your head why I was still doing the right way. Oh yes, the God’s grace is a surprise for me. At this time, it is already 2 months already.


What did I get a such blessing? A heartwarming big welcome new job came in to my world – as an assistant teacher. It was started last two months. Despite my heartbreak with my first fling girlfriend last May 16, I’ve stepped out from my comfort zone and went looking out for a job. It was rainy day. And it was all about heartbreak aches that ruined me.


My girlfriend and I went smoothly in a few days earlier probably before my parents came home from Europe. Until when they came home, they found out that I’ve had my first girlfriend. It was my girlfriend insisted to call me as honey pie. And I’ve answered her with a big yes. It was humid afternoon in May 8 around 3 pm. Then few days later, my parents came home. Instead of a big delight from their eyes, my mom started to speak that we should be getting know each other in my house. Well, it’s literally one of the basic relationship. My sisters’ boyfriends always was at our home when they were really falling in love and talked in hours and hours. Maybe that was a good relationship.


Instead of giving me a big yes, a little days over came disaster. My mom said that I’ve to give up her or maybe she will give up me instead. So I’ve agreed with her. Then it was May 16, 2 pm afternoon. I’ve said to my girlfriend, this time was over. My heart torn a little pieces into thousand broken letters. I’ve assumed that my girlfriend and I’ve to go on a little time between of us. It was then I realized she was really taking me advantage. Despite that I’ve had my special case, and she really knew about me. She really fell in love for the first time in her life. She said to me that I was her a first serious relationship in her life despite of her numerous boyfriends before.


Hmmm…if I could be assuming about her, why would I be afraid to take a risk to have a girlfriend like her. It is something I’ve wanted to feel what society also feels the same relationship.


I’ve attended Nick Vujicic’s day at SM Mall of Asia on May 20, 2013. And that was Monday, after a week of elections. I’ve something to fulfill my day with my excitement. It was then I realized it was also important for me to attend one of coolest person to meet in the world whether you were a disability or not.


Then after a day I’ve attended, I walked in the Stand and Walk Therapy Center / Reaching Our Children for the King Integrated School on the sweetest day of my life. That was May 21, 2013. And it was Tuesday. I’ve sent my few requirements for my resume. And the guy I’ve spoken of was the part-owner of the school. He said to me that I’ve to expect a call from them after a week.


After a week, I’ve expected a good call. It was three days ago that I went for a job searching in SM Megamall job fair. But all the calls I’ve received later on I’ve said to them. I’ve already got a great job. Allaine, their secretary and the youngest staff, called me that I’ve to be there in 1 pm. That was May 27, 2013, Monday morning before the lunch break started. So I’ve got a chill in my bones and nervous that I was. I went there with my best attire I came in. I’ve worn a brown polo shirt with a matching brown pants. So the other part-owner came in and interviewed me. He said that I was in for their team. He gave me a position for assistant teacher for Teacher Jana. Teacher Jana was the special education teacher. And I was her an assistant teacher, a perfect fit for a role to special children.


I was delighted a big smile. I met them with a big heartwarming community. I met wonderful people. Big heart for a small school to start was already a new beginning for me. It was one of my dreams before that I’ve chose this for a job like this. How wonderful dreams may ever come true like this?


Then week after, I’ve started to get in my new job – as an assistant teacher. I came in at the school on June 3, 2013 for starting a half day in the afternoon. But my time card said, I’ve started on June 4, 2013, Tuesday for my new job.


“To begin a new day, it was surprising a heartwarming great job I’ve ever received.”


Yes, I really loved my job. Starting for this day, it was already two months I’ve started my job as an assistant teacher and a livelihood chef where I was cooking in the livelihood section. I was in the livelihood for the whole day. But in the afternoon, I’ve stepped in the classroom and enjoyed with smiling and angelic faces of special children.


“Laugh all the way you can do the best for your students, and it will bring back the laughter at the end of the day.”


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

The New Beginnings



Yes, it is the new beginnings. This is already the Life: New Unveiled already. The book of Life Diary has already closed. And the new book has already open to a new chapter.


I made some excellent progress from this year. After I’ve had applied a passport on my own last January, I also went to an Angels Walk also last January. And the recent 21st Happy Walk held on February 24, 2013, I also went. And the good news on this start of 1st quarter was I already have had a PWD identification card last March.


April was a new beginning also for me. I’ve started to have my own nutrition planning for my ideal weight. In the past years of my life, I’ve always gain some weight and some year I was also thinner. Now, as a mature special adult, my nutrition needs a little extra effort – with a health consultant. I’ve asked someone in the group of DSAPI who was asking for a free service of health assessment.


And the good news was that I lost 17 pounds from original weight of 180 on the last day of March. And now, I weighed 17 pounds lighter from my original weight. Now I am planning to have my own nutrition needs. When it comes to eating habits, I’ve changed my eating habits from bad to good. Which it was that I’ve no longer eating rice since the first day of April. And the way of changing lifestyle was improving for me. I’ve eating vegetables first then the last would be the less meat. So your stomach will cleansing easily from your body when you’re eating vegetables first then the last would be the less meat.


What would happen if you change the routine of eating habits? For example, if you are eating in a buffet, don’t choose the meal first. Always choose the salad routine first, then I’ve always choose the fish. Beef would take you off your stomach in one month to digest. Same goes also for the pork, it would stay for two weeks.


Digestion in your body needs the vegetables first, then the last would be the meat or fish. Fish would really take you off in a matter of days or even hours if you add your activity with 30 minutes of walk.


Okay, I stop right there with my nutrition factors. Let’s move to another subject.


My another subject would be my experiences from my ex-girlfriend. Didn’t I tell you about my past articles about 8 days relationship? And also the article of Not a good relationship?


It happened to me very fast. When some girl was surprisingly wants your answer with a simple yes, you would delivered your mouth to say yes eventually. I’ve dropped my mouth with a word of yes. It started on May 8. And the last day of our relationship have ended on May 16. Yes, so it was exactly 8 days of relationship. It was a bad move from me.


But the truth from my relationship with my ex-girlfriend, this is my confession to my fellow readers. I’m not made for ready in relationship. It was a fluke. Yes, it is sort of a rebound of relationship. Or maybe I was wrong to explain about relationship. She was like a lightning coming from nowhere. There she stood half across to my vision, she said that she really liked me when we were firstly met. Then at first, I was really curious why I’ve ended up saying with an answer of yes.


Maybe I wasn’t delighted to say yes. Instead, I felt with a mixture of overjoyed and reactions of confusion. It was really like a lightning that sparked with a single yes. But in the end of the day of your relationship, for her was hardest to accept that I was really breaking up with her smoothly. No matter many times I’ve said I won’t longer to see you, she always said to me that she needed to confront me if I was really breaking up with her. She was confused. She may end up with me as a friend at the end of the conclusion day. Hmm…it was really hard for her. Because she was a lady.


Before I coped up ending our relationship, I saw a post from directory of listed schools in DSAPI. There was an instant walk-in conclusion at the end of the day of our relationship. I was really hurt for me because I really wanted the relationship to end so soon. My boss said that he posted the day before the elections, May 13 as he said. May 21 was my walk-in applying for anything position I really needed for my new job.


I was really jobless in 8 years from the last time of my real job on November 2005. But my loading business started few months later on the last days of June 2006. The fate went down for me. There was a time for my depression and frustrated. I went back to my dreams focusing to my drawings and writings.


It took me 8 years going to have a job again for this year of 2013. I went to 7 years and 7 months of being jobless and I was stuck in my loading business for almost 7 years. I went ups and downs. None of them I went back on my own. Then I started to grow my hair longer when I was still in depression mood of times.


When I started to cut my long hair 3 years ago, I went back to study again in digital arts – to study about the Adobe After Effects application. I’ve already studied about the basics and advanced of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In Design, Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Flash. And so the story unfolded.


I lost twice of my usb because of twisted fate being as an artist. Because of that, I really need badly the certificate in digital arts. I became impatient. So I jumped into networking band of UNO where I learned from my distant relative about DSAPI. But I only did for that for a purpose – breaking up with my frustrations and depressions.


On the brighter side, blessings started to pour rain from when I joined the 20th Happy Walk last February 2012. Then someone in DSAPI Sibling Group came to invite me becoming a guest speaker in UST for a short inspirational talk. Yes, it was exactly a Monday, November 19, 2012 to be exact as I’ve remembered. Then the christmas party and the thanksgiving party came later when I joined the events.


I was really curious about these kids and adults with Down syndrome. I didn’t know that I wasn’t alone. There was really new for me last year. Many of you didn’t know me and some of you knew me because of my articles I wrote in the past.


Now back where I said from being jobless, one of the two bosses said that I have to expect their call. I sent my first copy of my resume together with other detailed documents last May 18, Tuesday. My fate as a jobless person came surprisingly after a week.


May 24, Monday around 11:45 in the morning, someone was calling from my cellphone. I was playing the facebook application game of Farm Town when someone was calling my cellphone. And so I hurriedly changed my clothes and went there for 10-15 minutes before the time of exact of interview time.


When I was there before 1 pm, my heartbeat pumped so fast and I was really nervous. And there it came a boss who was an occupational therapist going towards me. He was really looking down for me. And in my heart alone was breaking up gently into a slow motion. He came out from the office going to the classroom. Then he came in again for interviewing me. I wasn’t hesitated to ask anything. He said if I could do a job as an assistant teacher and a place where I can cook. But my practices towards culinary, I went off from 8 years. Of course, I have touch some chef’s knife from time to time when I was in the mood wanting to practice again. But in school cooking for the kids, I was really nervous.


He said if I could an inspirational person for the parents, he would really gave me a slot. And there I was really happy. I was an assistant teacher.


Now I’m on my third week of being job as an assistant teacher starting on Monday with real classes on June 17. And I got my half of my salary of the month. I wasn’t really expecting about the salary. What I am aiming for my job is my performance in the school as an assistant teacher, a part-time load retailer / entrepreneur, a supposed-to-be-called writer and a part-time cook at the kitchen. Wrap it into one if I can really make it to a multi-tasking job. Hmm…it was really hard for me on the start.


Once I roll the dice into many times, maybe I will not count the dice anymore if it will fits my job into four descriptions in my life.


And of course, there will be a new page and a new chapter in a few days. This is the end of my first article of my second book – Life: New Unveiled.

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