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As life went on to another stage, another scenario and another life book chapters, I was looking forward to a brighter days. But I will tell you how I am lucky where I am going to the right path today. Soon but not so sooner, it will take time to me leading my new future. Probably I am not looking for a work in entertainment industry but staying good working here in the school as an assistant teacher. Well probably, it might knock my doors if I can go to entertainment industry or maybe I will go modeling career instead. But I am assuming that I still have a work in school.


Seven months that I was working as an assistant teacher already. It was meant for me to follow my own dreams whether I shall not breaking my promises as a dancer, as an artist, as a photographer and as a writer too. I may sound an ambitious person, but I am as well as an optimistic and limitless person who have dreams to follow on my own.


Let me a recap in the past three years already from 2011. I was beginning to accept my condition having with my disability. July 15, 2011 was the beginning to open my eyes I was able to hear some networkers (who were working in multi-level marketing companies such as 1Bro, VMobile, Forever Living, UNO, etc.) calling themselves as an abnormal. But their term to call themselves as an abnormal, they were referring to become successful and rich people. It was against all odds when I lasted working with UNO days from June to October 2011. Then after a few months later, I also joined to another networking company the defunct VMobile for selling their load products indicating that they were still recruiting some people to add their money to go rich. What can you do if you are selling those load products? But mine was different.


After I went back to my old provider in July 2012, the D-Loads. VMobile gave me an another lesson never to go back to the networking days. Because I heard some millionaire in VMobile referring to some mongee as ngongo (ngongo means as in english as an inappropriate term for speaking verbally to Down syndrome and other disabilities as well). He was a selfless person who was using a word deriving from as a shortcut from mongoloid. Ouch!


The time I was already subsiding my life going back to reality. I’ve attended my first seminar of Early Intervention Seminar in August 2012 who was then the wife of a president of DSAPI introduced to some new parents in the seminar as well. I was shocked when new parents was amazed from I became today as a high-functional intellectual disability person. To tell the truth, all of these blessings kept coming in for me, I was always to accept what was right from wrong. Whenever it was wrong, I’ve never made to accept it. Rather I’ve accepted the right blessings coming for me.


Hence, the new membership identification card was made during the Christmas party 2012. I became a member of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI. My angels told me that I have to fixed my life today. And so also, I made a new historical date to my name that I’ve decided to becoming a special adult advocate for Down syndrome. But before the Christmas party, I was also invited by an UST student president who I talked my first short inspirational speech in their school. To become a new special advocate, I was aware that this was the track helping myself in a brighter future.


Last February 2012 was my first Happy Walk to attend the event and was also my birthday. But my second Happy Walk 2013 was even getting to know in a community better and better. Some new parents had to meet me. And I was amazed someone finally recognized my talent in writing an article here in my studio as well. I became also as an aspirant to many parents who have had their special child with Down syndrome just like me. I was working alone independently without a knowledge my parents knew about me. But at the end of the day, I told them honestly where I was going to this place.


Last year was a huge blessings from me. When I’ve applied in many applications from NBI clearance, passport, police clearance, my first PWD identification card and a medical certificate. And I didn’t know along the way that this was my girlfriend proved me that I have to push myself having to get a work ahead. Even if I did, then it probably both of us have had to decide to go back in any ways of living to work. My ex-girlfriend right now don’t have work. But I didn’t know myself either that I became a regular to the school where I was working as an assistant teacher.


The next thing it is approved for this year of 2014, I will becoming to sign a contract for having another year extension to my work hopefully as a productivity person as well. And to this day very moment, last two days I have had a tryout in bowling of Special Olympics hoping I will compete someday in Special Olympics. But I am determining to have my way of my path to success growth of my life.


That was my part accepting my condition having with mosaic Down syndrome. It doesn’t take me who I am, but I am happy for what I am today. Having part of this society makes me challenging. What challenges are telling me today, they are for my future, present and the past. What past is already past? I’ve been in denial stage before. And now I’m ready for my blessings to come moving forward for me.


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It seems that I’ve been working five months already and going on regular basis the next month. I don’t know what happens next. But I presume I like my job better than my profession job before. Although I didn’t realize at the start I could work at school, well I know the best place where I can I work.


Assistant teacher

Assistant teacher


People will imagine how I feel like independent special adult like Paolo Javier, last night I’ve been watched in youtube.com. It feels like that I am enjoying much of my own. Whether it’s not difficult job or no way other around, I will still seeking a new better future on my own. I misjudged my abilities. And so I was afraid to take it during my college days. And that abilities will enhance more improvements along the way in my life. People recognize me as a better person. And I feel like I really belong in a society.


Discrimination comes always around. Discounts varies in price description through transportation. The government always come in arguments in the supreme court. The natural disaster last month in Bohol was a disaster. And I hope along way in my road will open more chapters to come. I didn’t strive on my own as my parents raised me well. They put my feet together. No matter what lifestyle changes through the years, I will still keeping my own feet to walk or to run in a long road.


Next Happy Walk 2014 on February will depend how I will carry my own life today. Last Happy Walk 2012 was an introduction to me. It was new for me back then. This year, Happy Walk 2013 made a few adjustments in my life. I was keeping my feet on the ground and still walked on my own independently. So I was happy along the road seeking more happiness days to come.


And yet, I found a job consistently being as an assistant teacher. Well, I am not licensed teacher. I am not sure that I can do my 100% performance. But I will keep holding my attitude low and my profile also. So to speak, nowadays I have to be careful raising my own independently.


No one interferes me but somehow God knows better than I. He will keep companying me throughout my life.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


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The Author 2

The Author 2

I find interesting some to write some new article this time. And how would I describe this? It’s inevitable when you find some good friends. But somehow along the road, I find so amusing in my life. Life fills my day. And day fills my hope, happiness and fruitfully. Nevertheless, my friends I have is still intact with me. Whenever I need them, I just call them.


Nineteen years to be exact before I found that I have Down syndrome. I was in sixth grade. My friends I used to have with them were still my friends. One of my friends in my peer became one of third gender, but I don’t want to ruin his name. He was still my friend. And other one of my friends found out that I have had a crush on her when we were in get together party. It was bad. It turned ugly. But still, I still found no reasons to friend with her again. She is still my friend although she knows already about me.


I’ve had few enemies but none of them became enemies in the end. All of them became my friends instead. How did I do it? The answer was that I didn’t know how I ended doing it. Creating conversation to get it start somehow gave me a signal. And it will become giving a second chance.


Six years after, my high school was over. Then the college entered in my life. It fulfilled my destiny to graduate again after. That was ten years ago on July 4, 2003. About then, I realized how good friends were good company to have with. I didn’t encourage myself to hang out and drink all boozes in the bar. Well I wasn’t like that. I am homebody instead. And I was playing computer games. That was the time I charged myself in many ways. And that many ways ruined my life after two years. It wasn’t a fate. But I rather chosen a field to force alone instead.


Then eight years after, today is 2013. A fate has begin a new beginning. After I realized that I’ve had to accept my condition with Down syndrome two years ago, exactly on July 15, 2011. It was when I joined networking company with my cousin. But I didn’t want to bring the name of my cousin. It might ruin her reputation. But thanks to her, I’ve finally accepted of who I was.


I’ve joined in a Happy Walk last February 2012 and it was my first. I’ve found out that I wasn’t alone. Down syndrome for me was not new for me anymore. Instead it opened my eyes for me to find out that fate was chosen me. I began to have followers, new friends and new job as well. My mirror shattered and it replaced a new mirror to look my new self.


My new self sets to conquer new heights beginning to open new pages. Somehow new pages has already opening a new chapter as well. Barely five months now that I have a job. And that job I took. Sacrifices have been made. I’ve sacrificed my love life. I’ve had my first experience to have a girlfriend last May. But it only took me for 8 days to realize that girl wasn’t choosing for me as well. I didn’t have time to argue with her. Instead, my girlfriend became my first friend to have last to have conversation with her.


What would you do if you have problems with your friends? Or rather, what would to expect to teach your friend that you have a condition? Isn’t bad to tell your friend? How many? Or few?


Somehow along way of too many questions crosses in my mind. I don’t mind to answer them all. I have to look myself in a new mirror. And that new mirror teaches me how to be environment friendly with friends as well. I don’t need many to have friends. Few friends were closer to know me. And some of them have similar cases aside from me. And it is always telling me that life needs friend to have company with. And with company as well will teach you along the way of your life.


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Why Down syndrome

Somewhat in 1985-1988 Passport Picture

Somewhat in 1985-1988 Passport Picture

What is Down syndrome? Normally the new parents are asking the same question why do they have their child have with Down syndrome. There are normally two copies of 21 chromosomes on each side, one copy from a male and one copy from a female. But the genetic studies, there are three copies of 21 chromosomes.


Well in this article, I will bring you one topic, not less or more subjects.


Why Down syndrome?


I may be living as a normal to everyone. But to tell you the truth, no one seems to know me that I also have Down syndrome. Three copies of Down syndrome. It was called mosaic trisomy 21 Down syndrome. And that’s where I begin to fight over my case in the past years. Because I was in denial stage that time. Now in the terms you didn’t notice, mosaic trisomy 21 Down syndrome is a slightly chances to have change through the years.


Pure trisomy 21 or full trisomy 21 is the presence of an extra number 21 chromosome, the error or misdivision of chromosomes occurs in the egg or sperm cell that becomes the zygote. Because this error was at the very beginning of development, every cell that comes from this zygote will have an extra number 21 chromosome.


Mosaic trisomy 21 is the error or misdivision occurs after fertilization at some point during early cell division. Because of this, people with mosaic Down syndrome have two cell lines – one with the normal chromosomes, and one with an extra number 21.”

(Researched in http://downsyndrome.about.com/od/whatcausesdownsyndrome/a/mosaic_ro.htm)


Little did I know in my life, I realized that I wasn’t a sophisticated one. I rather to be called also one of the living factor in this little world called earth. I may be not boasting you to tell you this, but I would like to share what I decide to write this article about me, my life with being Down syndrome.


It’s not a big deal to have being with Down syndrome. I’ve discovered when I was in sophomore year in high school. The science teacher pointed out that I have had the case of Down syndrome. Little did I know that I didn’t know back before. I was having a little dilemma if I really have being what it takes to have Down syndrome.


So I came home and told my parents if I really have had on it. And yes from their mouths, then the world somehow devoured on me. I didn’t know all the time. I was in sixth grade or maybe in fifth grade when I began shifting to recall my memories. My voice somehow changed me as well. But the copies of Down syndrome didn’t get on my way.


Upon entering my college years before, my world began shifting again. This time, I told my batch mates if they were really know what was really like to have a friend with Down syndrome. One batch to another batch, I found one batch that I could really stayed and graduated with them. One of them became my best friend.


After the years it really came to my life that I have to accepted who I was. Then I found one group who among the parents have their child or adult with Down syndrome. It was an instant change that I have to join. It was one of my best endeavors when I realized that I wasn’t alone all the while. Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI was already in 20 years of service.


I joined 20th Happy Walk last February 2012, the first Happy Walk I’ve ever joined. But the community there somehow I knew was little that time. But my eagerness to come out somehow changed me again. Well I’m sort of talkative. But not as always, I’ve always want to talk. There is a dilemma again.


Let’s forward for this topic today. I have a job today. After seven years and seven months searching the job database in the nation of Philippines, I realized that I was a high functional Down syndrome, according to what my boss told me about it. It may be weird for you to hear, but I am aware what would be your reactions look like. My jobs before was different before. I began all my three jobs only lasted two months. None of them kept me in their service. Was it because of being competitive in the first place? They should treated me as one of them, not as a different from others.


Living with being Down syndrome is not difficult to handle with. In the community where I joined, new parents came closer to me. They have had even congratulated me for what I was being accomplished as one of the different from others. After living in 32 years, I finally cried for who I was to be. And it was my first time I discovered that I have potential in my career. I may be not perfect one, but as a gifted one, who have potential career ahead of time. Wish I could have my long life in more coming years of life.


The community where I joined and the work where I worked were the only treasure circle of friends I really trusted. I have never doubt them to become my friends. I may have few friends who were closer to me, but they were really closer to me. Among them in the small crowd of big population of 95 million Filipinos around the nation were really nice to me. It was nice to write, but sooner I will bring more articles to enjoy you will be reading.


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This article was not about the Enchanted movie in the theatres. The word Enchanted claims at the back of my head is a prom about being having Down syndrome with their La Salle partners. Let me give you first an introduction for my past two proms I have it before.


I have had my first prom when I was in my junior year. It was a junior prom and it was a month of February during that time. And I have had nothing to do asking a girl. So I was afraid not coming to the junior prom. Instead not going to the junior prom, my mom asked some of my relatives and it was my beautiful auntie who was a year younger than me. Then I thought I would came after all in junior prom. Our venue was in Walang Hagdanan restaurant in Antipolo. And I was quite remembering that place. I was with my auntie when I came down in our blue Pajero car that time.


As we came down to the car, we looked for our seats to sit on. Well I really looked fabulous. Then it came to my attention I was wearing that time. I have had with a black necktie, white polo long shirt and my dad’s americana coat. Then I have said if this was okay. Those times, technology in computers were less technology and also the cellphone numbers. But it came to my mind where I can find a camera. Finally after we introduced to my classmates, all of my male classmates were amazed of me because I brought a beautiful and petite lady in our prom night. That was Saturday. And of course, I wouldn’t forgot that I won a best dressed man. If we were on the prom set that night a little earlier, we could have an early bird awardees. So I thought and be the man I was going to be.


After a year, here it goes again. A prom night has arrived again. This time was 2000, our graduating year and the senior prom has come. Glittering in the night with beautiful stars was the brightest evening we ever had. The bad news was that I didn’t bring my prom partner who I have had dated her during my junior prom to my senior prom. Because of the conflict schedule came in good terms, it was turn of her sibling that I have dated with. Her younger sister whom I think was four or five years younger than me. And during that night, we haven’t done chatting each other. And my partner, whom was my auntie, asked and said, “can we go now?” I gasped, gave a sigh and said, “yes.” Then at that moment I realized my auntie didn’t enjoy that night. So I came home a little earlier because we didn’t enjoy that night. It was miserable and teary for me. I’ve never had to say, “I am sorry or a simply gesture of ‘thank you’.” After two days have gone, I came back to school to attend my classes. All of my classmates gave a nod and one of them said, “what happened during the prom night we enjoyed?


At the back of my head thought and said, “it would come better if I have a guts asking my crush in her freshman year start of the school.” But it didn’t happen quickly and it was like a disappearing of a bubble. Then I guessed it was a senior prom. And what was the memorable that year 2000? Instead of our valedictorian in our class gave a loud applause, it gave an outstanding standing ovation inside the entire theatre hall. It was when I stepped in the stage when I received my high school diploma. Being having with Down syndrome really made proud of who I was. And of course, nothing beats me like a simple gesture of “thank you and you’re welcome.”


It was during the hot and timid day around 2 in the afternoon. I was last checking my facebook and at the seconds in the clock stopped me what I was doing. I ran off to the comfort room to take a bath because of the hot weather today. Then it came for me a fresh bath for the second time of a day. I completed dressing my clothes. After that, it was when I left my home around 3 in the afternoon. I rode a taxi going to the venue where I was supposed to go to. Then I thought it might be a lucky day for me. And I thought I remembered the past two days if I cannot come. One of my close friends in the organization have asked me to go to the Enchanted prom where with special children above their age goes with prettiest girls and handsomest men. I was excited last night. And at the same time, my mind was blanked about what I was going to say to my partner.


And our maid have said to me if I might have a partner whom she was 60 years old already. I dare I can do that. But it was her joke. Then at the same moment when I came at the venue, I gave a long sigh and a long pause of my breath. Then I loosed out from my breath. Was I relaxing too much? Or was I stressing about what I am going to say? And at the start of the program nearly started, I thought I will be having partner with another special adult. Then it came along with prettiest girls and handsomest men in an hour. I posed a strike pose in the photo booth. And I might get a lucky shot with my cutest and wacky shots.


Then I met a few prettiest girls in the Enchanted prom night. Among them I met was the indian girl I really liked the most. It was merely that I might fall in love to her. Her looks being as another native makes me an awe for me. Then I thought she will be my partner. Instead one of the prettiest girls I rarely picked came to me. Her name was Ricci. This girl was stunningly beautiful. And I might get also attractive to her. Whatever my mind ran off to, it was like there was running horses around the white clouds telling me if I can ask her number. Then I did nearly before the prom night ended. And I got a chance to meet the indian girl, it was actually her name, Rashmi.

Enchanted prom night

Enchanted prom night

Enchanted prom night

Enchanted prom night

Enchanted prom night

Enchanted prom night

To tell you the truth honestly, this was the best prom night I have enjoyed so far although this was my third prom I went to. My last senior prom was during my senior year, the year of 2000, the graduating year. It was sadly for me not seeing some of my classmates anymore. But it was a challenging role for me to give a kick start career. For unlikely reasons, why I couldn’t landed a good stable and financial job for almost 13 years? It was the denial stage that I held for myself being having with Down syndrome. Keeping that was a mortal sin I have ever had. Thinking in the past years of my life, I’ve realized it was time to let it go and accepted the conditions whatever I have had. 2011 was the good start of my another chapter although there were some bad pages and good pages in my life.


Let me give you a straight answers at the back of my head. The bad pages were that I have joined in the networking job deals, the networking or in another term of multi-level marketing. But I’ve learned my lessons. The good pages I was talking about the knowledge of the product description. Selling products maybe have a little effort work for me. But I’ve decided not going to the company again after 5 months of staying there nothing to do. Giving a hard-knock at the back of my head was my best lessons I’ve ever had. And the other good pages I’ve found out was that I studied about my both family roots in my father’s side and my mother’s side. It was that really great. Meeting with some good community makes you more comfortable. And having the most of my entire life came back one by one of my memories.


The reason why I found this interesting organization of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines? It was another chapter have entered in my life. Giving a whole new blessings came towards to me. February 2012, the month of my birthday and the month of joining the Happy Walk, were among the blessings I’ve received. After a year, this was the most blessing I’ve received most of my life. To enjoy, to live, to breathe, to be happy all the time and to have a positive life are the most important ingredients in my life. This kind of organization to join is worth of all happiness you will receive.


What do I wish for my birthday last month? Simple. But you have to work your wishes together with strong prayers you have to pray. Well, I am going to say it. I just want following one of my dreams. The last wish I’ve received was the camera cellphone. But I am looking towards to buy a 50 grand pesos expensive camera. For going to work of one of my dreams, I am looking for my brighter dreams. Nothing becomes impossible in your life is believing in yourself 100%.


Let me give you a trivia. What is the name of the famous school where Francis Magalona’s children attend? And there is only one answer. It is Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. The same school I went to where his children attended the same school I was in.


Having Enchanted in my life was the most memorable of my life. Being having with Down syndrome was not exempted in the society. It has no barriers and there are no boundaries. One of that I honor myself being having with Down syndrome simply gives me an excitement to bring. Meeting a new partner and having to meet new breed of prettiest girls in the planet are simply Enchanting me.

Enchanted prom night

Enchanted prom night

Return in Neverland

The story started a long time ago. But this story wasn’t all about Peter Pan and the Neverland. It was all about me. It was dreamy for me. Every night I sleep makes me still remembering the monkey bars and the swimming pool. Now each time it breaks my dreams, it become real for me.


I wasn’t able to walk. I wasn’t able to talk. And I wasn’t able to have motors like this kind of writing and typing articles. All I need to hear is a fictional story from my story. I am born in this world without knowing myself and my background. I wasn’t able to have a conversation to anybody else. Just as I started to walk and talk when I got an early intervention for every special child. In the world where there is a place have no perfect parents and no perfect child, God gave a talented special child. And that special child was later very talkative and at least, happy all the time.


When he turned two years old, his parents have found that their first-born baby boy has Down syndrome. The doctor couldn’t explained how he got the special case. Through his years, this baby boy turned a handsome boy. And that dearly handsome boy turned almost 8 years old as he entered the world of adventures. He entered 1st grade of his life. Then another 2nd grade, he passed without knowing himself yet. In another event of laughter and sadness, the teacher would gave up to this child. But no matter what happened, it turned great. When he entered 4th grade, one by one of his memories gained momentarily. He could remembered how Science built in knowledge and how to count in Mathematics from Addition to Division. He also loved to dance, loved to draw and loved to write. As he grew his talents, he graduated not in honors, but in loyalty and special award when he finished elementary in his school in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. But the incident happened to him unexpectedly. He thought he couldn’t finishing his studies in his life. All he wanted was to finish college at least.


Then he entered high school at his age of 14 years old for his freshman year. He now loved his subjects more than three subjects: Science, Arts and Music. It turned out that he also loved History. And the great history around the world was now seeking his knowledge. But he also loved watching sports, cartoons, and mostly important how to win the heart of a girl. Because he watched mostly from the love stories and read some of his favorite books, Hardy Boys. Each month it passed because of his knowledge became wider and wider for him. Knowing truthfully and honestly, this teenage male didn’t know that he have had Down syndrome when he was sophomore year (second-year high school). He was confused, frustrated and depressed. But he gave a fight finishing of his studies.


As he reached junior high (third-year high school), he now also liked Literature when he began to write a faithful day. It was Thursday afternoon lunch break, December 10, 1998. He wrote a poem. His first very poem wasn’t published in the school paper. He became frustrated and gave a fight again in his life. He wrote a thousand songs, sonnets and poems of his life. Then at the moment, he had a wider dreams to become like William Shakespeare and Emily Browning. He also liked how imagining the world will change in the future to become one of the brightest stars in television. He wanted to be an actor, a dancer and maybe a singer. All of his dreams will wait for him.


Until he graduated from high school in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo, the first batch that graduated in high school. He and his classmates challenged in a next huge chapter, the college life. He gave two passing exams in Maria Montessori College and Center for Culinary Arts (in short, CCA). His grade from MMC was 88 but his grade in CCA was 75. He now thought entering culinary course rather entering in Hotel and Restaurant Management, both in fields of cooking courses. In his back of his head thought he could entering music course in University of Santo Tomas (in short, UST) or theater arts in University of the Philippines, Baguio (in short, UP). But he didn’t get of his two university schools out of 4 schools of his choice. Maybe it was a fate for him.


He gave another fight of his life when after his leave of absence during his college years. He went to courses that could gaining him a little experiences for cooking. When he came back in the culinary school, he finished and gave a fight. He attended a graduation ceremony in July 4, 2003 graduating in his certificate of culinary course. His years went down after his graduation. His dreams dived inside the ocean and waiting to arise from the ocean someday. He attended dancing school in Airdance in 2002 and 2003 during his college years. But it couldn’t waited for him for his dreams.


Impatient he was and irresponsible, he lost his interests going back to his culinary life. Instead, he was addicted playing online games, browser games and other stuff of platform games. He only thought becoming as an animator. So he entered in First Academy of Computer Arts (in short, FACA) taking up his second course of digital arts. He now learned how to draw basic drawings. Because he restarted his hobbies making a lot of effort. He went back to his interests: dancing, writing and drawing in the field of Arts, Literature and Music. But his fate of his dreams doesn’t stop him right there. As the years went by, he broke his silence. His female cousin invited him entering networking in Unlimited Networking of Opportunities (or in short, UNO). He was familiarizing the products, gave a big shot if he could selling products. It didn’t work well for him. Stopping after five months gave a little break for him in October 2011. He was thinking joining in another networking group of VMobile, later on February 2012. He joined the Happy Walk 2012 in his birthday.


He thought he could helping out of his dreams with an advocacy for special children and for the unfortunate people having to get a job or business. His wisdom of his writing makes him proudly. He also entered two training courses in 2012. One was computer call center agent training and basic steps computer courses. He completed his two training courses and might used for the future references. He now achieved his faith for his achievements. His first-delivered speech, he spoke for a hundred educators, teachers and special education students for his speech in Alberto Magnus Building, College of Education, University of Santo Tomas (UST) last November 19, 2012. And recently he received his first visit in Cupertino as the guest judge for their dessert competition last February 15, 2013.


This special adult now achieved his achievements awaiting for his dreams to having working in show business and entertainment industry. He might give a shot for his dreams as an animator, a writer, a poet, a dancer, an entrepreneur, an actor and a dreamer. He has now a loading business and a member in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines (in short DSAPI) last December 2012.


Returning in Neverland from where he started how as an special child in Cupertino, he showed his best of his life. Being like as a Peter Pan in a fictional story, this special adult achieves everything. As he believes everything is possible, he truly awaits for his next achievements of his life.

Human stages

Happy Walk is starting soon on February 24, 13 days remaining to be exact. And I’m bringing to another social active of my site. And hopefully something will change soon. Let me explain about this. About a year ago, it was so hard to find an organization that was exactly can suit for me. If you haven’t notice what you are reading, it’s just me. I have curious case and it wasn’t so serious about it. But according in life, we are also humans. And humans are sometimes special. And that being having special is what we called born is disability. I have Down syndrome as I have saying this all over time I want it to say. I am bored for sometimes I can’t do anything really special. But being having special sometimes takes me to another level. And that level of course is where I am belong. I’m not belong some people really don’t care about us. But you know me better not to be judging about us.


I am born in this world not knowing more about me. It is about the people and the special people with special needs. Special children and special adults with special needs sometimes takes time to heal around the society and to accept the fact we are also humans. And dearly, I am beginning to understand the word, the life. Life has different stages. And stages we are speaking about is the human evolution. Let me give you examples:


1. Baby / toddlers stage


When babies are born in this world, we decide to put them with care, understand, love and sincerity. Caring them is one we look challenges as you are being as a parent. Understand them is one we have to know them better as a baby or a toddler.


In this world, I am born in the world not knowing I can’t walk or talk at the age of 2 years. My parents have said that to me when I was in high school up to now. Well, they decided visiting the doctor what was really happening about me. And dearly that year 1983, the hospitals before were not that as an advanced hospitals back then. Well, of course, in this present times, we always look our children growing up with care and understand. Love and sincere is also the elements that we have to look our babies or toddlers. And I can’t remembered everything when I was young baby. So sometimes, I try asking my parents what my life is really about before.


2. Growing child stage (4-12)


As a parent, we always make proud them as we always want for the best. But sometimes, when we are mad, we blame the children for their own mistakes not doing again. As for the special conditions for the special child, we put them in sincere, love, care and understand. We always bring unconditional love for them.


I always asked myself for some reasons why I couldn’t remembered the things in my life back before. It was dark, mushed and pitched-black. Maybe it tells me not to look after my past, but to move forward positively. My family and I used traveling when I was a child. We often went to Los Angeles, Calgary, Vancouver and some places visited in North America. The only I remembered was the People Power during President Ferdinand Marcos was stepping down during the month I was celebrating. One week after, it was really historical. One event after event came forward. And for somehow reasons why, one happiness event I couldn’t remembered anything. It was really pitched-black at the back of my mind. According from my sisters and my parents, they really loved me as they were really comforting me that much. I sometimes gave a look for them as if they wanted to give me something. But I didn’t receive anything. Instead, I have received their unconditional love, sincere, care and understanding. It was the best I could received before.


Around when I was 12 years old, it was the during the age stage of my life I could remembered some of the things I was doing. Back before, I was wearing an eyeglasses with my pants up in my tummy. For somehow, I really looked like a nerd. Going to the school everyday, my classmates always teased me a lot what I was wearing about. And the school children also looked at me. It was a feeling that I was a star in the school. That was during my 4th grade. And my classmates always told me that I was always a mischief kid back then. I have used to play around the classroom. Listening was somehow my distraction. Maybe at home when I was young, the people around me used seeing me always happy as I always visited my father’s work. And that time, my father’s work was 2 minutes walk away from our home. It was really that close. It was just that in front of our house.


When you realized something different to your special child, you sometimes thought what you could bringing up the special child under your care. In my age before, I stopped, looked, listened, played and sometimes horsed around of the house. Yes, life before was really about the happiness. And sometimes happiness broke when I was given punishment. And that punishment sometimes healed me through the years. I’ve used to have tantrums before. And one tantrum I didn’t remembered when I was still a child.


3. Teenage stage(13-19)


Growing up a teenager in your house sometimes have had their own world. This is what we called adolescence. And adolescence sometimes takes time of being having responsibility and discipline under your care, supervision and understanding. Supervising them as you always want to guide them with good manners. Sometimes I have used following my parents’ orders. I brought a lot of issues before when I was still a teenager because sometimes in life took place knowing your life before. You saw your child going to their room and sometimes didn’t want to open conversation with you. Because you always do something busy in your life.

gothic girl


Well, in that case, I share something about from me. I’ve used fighting with bullies before but we ended as good friends as well. My parents was always going up to my school from Quezon City where they were working. And my school was in Antipolo. Whenever there was a reason going up, sometimes there was an issue about me and my involved classmate’s parents. I didn’t remember anything really before. Sometimes, I always took up studying as a not-serious education for me. But well, I continued my life was something different from all the children.


And there it was one event in my school, that was during my sophomore year (second-year high school). During the recess before our subject Biology started, I was happy that day. As our Biology teacher came inside the classroom, she discussed about the genetics. And during that an hour class, she pointed me to stand up. She have asked me something about the genetics, for some reasons why, maybe I was scolded. Instead, she asked me, “Well, did you know you have Down syndrome?” All of my classmates looked at me and stared as if I knew something about me. Well, some of them really knew about me, but not all took seriously looking at me. One of my classmate was always have a paper, a pencil and an marker making something to draw. He was an comic artist as I could looked at him. Then I answered, “No, ma’am, I don’t know.” Then she asked me to sit down. Then the rest of an hour discussion of Down syndrome made me mysteriously. What was Down syndrome really about and took place on me? Was she talking about if I knew coming from my parents? Did my siblings know about this? What about my relatives? Do they know about me? I asked too many questions in myself. So upon I rode a car inside with my bags inside the trunk, the driver and I never talked about myself. It was clearly that I have my own mind thinking the way teenagers thought about. I waited patiently that afternoon  waiting for my sisters to ride in the car. Then at the moment, they rode in the car after minutes the school bell in Assumption Antipolo rang. At night we came and the dinner was over. I went to my parents’ room and asked them if they knew about the Down syndrome stuff. Then the rest followed at the end of the day.


I have a questions about me, for somehow reasons the answers are not meant to be answer. So in the long run of my life after so many years, it finally answers to my questions. Being despite having with Down syndrome doesn’t mean you have to stop and quit your battles right now. You have to fight along with your dreams to your special child. And sometimes dreams could happen after he or she grows up well knowing about his or her self about the conditions. Also being having with disability also don’t make you have to stop. Keep dreaming. And sometimes dreams always build on their own decisions and chances to grow potentially.

4. Adult stage (20-59)


Sometimes in life, some children quit at the prime time in their lives and look already for a job to help family’s needs. I see some of the teenagers right now in their lives. Somehow, why they are quitting and looking on their own lives? And some others are looking to get married right after their high school and settle their own family. I am still single and proud what I have now. If I may looking for a partner, time will come. Some others are still in their prime time who are looking for their career. They are taking up what they have in their dreams. Some dreams are always there, and some others are not meant for you.


Back to the topics I am telling about, special children are no longer to be called. They are now consider as special adults as I am now. I’m already three decades old and counting. I am still waiting when I can prove I can live on my own self. But it considers that I am still living under my parents’ house. Somehow, I provide some of the things can be buy in the house, and they return something for my financial benefits. Well not anything can be buy for your special adults. And I miss so much of my childhood friends during my elementary days. Well, some cases like I do have difficult finding a perfect job. Instead I work on my money to grow. For somehow, I realize in the long-run is something have to be exchange. My parents are already in their age for their retirement work. And I don’t have stable financial income and beneficial needs. I always look up from my parents. Sometimes, I have considering to look after myself.


Many of you might be shocking reading my article. Well of course, anyone does making on their lives. At the age after their college, they are really looking for the job need for their own income sometimes to help family’s needs or need to build your stable financial. I find difficult in each and every form of shape in life. Well, it’s not easy or difficult to find a job, but you have to keep dreaming your best to be best dreams.


5. Retirement age (60+)


This is a bonus stage for everyone who gets old. The more years has to stay, the better it stays in your age. Well not everyone I know are already in the heaven, but some of few I know. I hope I will get old too if I can make it and also have children on my own. One of my relative in Bay, Laguna has also Down syndrome in my father’s side to his mother’s side. I mean my grandmother’s relatives. And somehow I want to help him, it’s just something I can help for return. Because in the world needs help from your hands.


I am not that old yet, I am still young and single. I am three decades old already. As a matter of fact, I am enjoying the stage I am now. I am doing whatever it supposes to be enjoying. Writing a lot, doing a lot and sometimes, take time being having responsibility and discipline. Despite my case is not seriously have illness, I wish it won’t happen for me having an illness. If it happens, I won’t get old. In the world with hopes and wishes sometimes it takes your time to understand the situation of your special adult or special children that was. I knew one person when I was still training hoping to be better in training sessions to be better call center agent. Why I enter in training session to become call center agent? Simple. I won’t work enough for a serious condition I have. Barely I can keep myself healthy in a way of living life. I want to improve more better than anybody could achieve. People like us sometimes takes years to understand the situation we have.


These are five of human evolution. For somehow, I want something that can relate for something to understand. I always write about literature, sports, entertainment and sometimes, education, and among others. This is much different article I write about. If I may bring up something to be discuss, it would be hard for me write about anything. So instead, I follow my instincts what I should have to write. People are who looking something to be different, try anything that could be possible. Blessings sometimes takes time in a day, month or a year to come. It does have a different shapes. But not along with the knowledge I have. Because this is what I have in my knowledge and I decide something to have sharing you about I have.

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